E-Comm NGRP / CREST HRO Multizone

Talkgroup Categories Report
Category Name County Lat Lon Range
Ecomm Techs 000
BC Ambulance Service Area Wide 000
BC Ambulance Service Area 1Greater Vancouver 000
BC Ambulance Service Area 2Greater Vancouver 000
BC Ambulance Service Area 3Greater Vancouver 000
Delta Fire and Emergency Services DepartmentGreater Vancouver 000
New Westminster Fire DepartmentGreater Vancouver 000
North Shore Fire DepartmentsGreater Vancouver 000
Port Moody Fire DepartmentGreater Vancouver 000
Richmond Fire Rescue DepartmentGreater Vancouver 000
Surrey Fire DepartmentGreater Vancouver 000
Vancouver Fire Rescue ServiceGreater Vancouver 000
Coquitlam Fire DepartmentGreater Vancouver 000
Abbotsford Police DepartmentFraser Valley 000
New Westminster Police ServiceGreater Vancouver 000
Port Moody Police DepartmentGreater Vancouver 000
RCMP CoquitlamGreater Vancouver 000
RCMP White RockGreater Vancouver 000
RCMP LangleyFraser Valley 000
RCMP North VancouverGreater Vancouver 000
RCMP RichmondGreater Vancouver 000
RCMP Ridge MeadowsGreater Vancouver 000
RCMP SurreyGreater Vancouver 000
Delta Police DepartmentGreater Vancouver 000
RCMP BurnabyGreater Vancouver 000
RCMP FreewayGreater Vancouver 000
West Vancouver Police DepartmentGreater Vancouver 000
Vancouver Police DepartmentGreater Vancouver 000
Mutual Aid 000
Commonly Used Patch 49.08191-123.394460
Metro Vancouver Transit PoliceGreater Vancouver 49.08191-123.394460
Coast Mountain Bus Company (CMBC)Greater Vancouver 000
White Rock Fire DepartmentGreater Vancouver 49.08191-123.394460
Port Coquitlam Fire RescueGreater Vancouver 49.08191-123.394460
Langley Township Fire DepartmentGreater Vancouver 49.08191-123.394460
BC Conservation Officer Service 49.08191-123.394460
Greater Vancouver / Fraser Valley (E-Comm) 49.08191-123.394460
Greater Victoria (CREST)Capital 49.08191-123.394460
Core Area Police DepartmentsCapital 49.08191-123.394460
Unviersity of VictoriaCapital 000
CREST TechsCapital 000
Mutual Aid (Greater Victoria)Capital 48.48451-123.407930
Victoria City Bylaw ServicesCapital 49.08191-123.394460
Core Area Fire DepartmentsCapital 49.08191-123.394460
Canadian Forces Base EsquimaltCapital 49.08191-123.394460
Saanich Penninsula Area Fire DepartmentsCapital 49.08191-123.394460
BC Emergency Health ServicesCapital 49.08191-123.394460
Westshore / Juan de Fuca Area Fire DepartmentsCapital 49.08191-123.394460
BC TransitCapital 49.08191-123.394460
Integrated Road Safety Unit (IRSU)Capital 49.08191-123.394460
Westshore / Juan de Fuca Area RCMPCapital 48.419-123.60820
Saanich Penninsula Area RCMPCapital 49.08191-123.394460
Abbotsford Fire-Rescue 000
St. John AmbulanceCapital 48.52136-123.4138530