E-Comm NGRP / CREST HRO Multizone

Site: Mutual Aid

Unique DB ID: 25126
County: Systemwide

Talkgroup Category Location Data

No Location Data Available


DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
50091391DEPOL 16Police Mutual Aid 16Interop
50171399DEPOL 15Police Mutual Aid 15Interop
503013a6DEEmerg SvcsEmergency Services - Air 1, Air 2, Dog Units and ERT (Zulu) Units Law Dispatch
504113b1DECANAMCan/Am Border Enforcement (RCMP, APD and CBP)Law Tac
55291599DEGRC TAC 1GRC TAC 1Interop
5530159aDEGRC TAC 2GRC TAC 2Interop
5531159bDEGRC TAC 3GRC TAC 3Interop
5532159cDEGRC TAC 4GRC TAC 4Interop
611317e1DEFIRE BOATFire Mutual Aid Fire BoatsInterop
69201b08DECR AbbotsfordCombined Response - AbbotsfordInterop
69211b09DECR BurnabyCombined Response - BurnabyInterop
69221b0aDECR CoquitlamCombined Response - CoquitlamInterop
69231b0bDECR DeltaCombined Response - DeltaInterop
69241b0cDECR LangleyCombined Response - LangleyInterop
69251b0dDECR New WestminstCombined Response - New WestminsterInterop
69261b0eDECR North ShoreCombined Response - North ShoreInterop
69271b0fDECR Port MoodyCombined Response - Port MoodyInterop
69281b10DECR Ridge MeadowsCombined Response - Ridge MeadowsInterop
69291b11DECR RichmondCombined Response - RichmondInterop
69301b12DECR SurreyCombined Response - SurreyInterop
69311b13DECR VancouverCombined Response - VancouverInterop
69331b15DECR White RockCombined Response - White RockInterop
69361b18DECR 2nd Narrows BCombined Response - 2nd Narrows BridgeInterop
69371b19DECR Alex Fraser BCombined Response - Alex Fraser BridgeInterop
69381b1aDECR Arthor Laing Combined Response - Arthor Laing BridgeInterop
69391b1bDECR Golden Ears BCombined Response - Golden Ears BridgeInterop
69401b1cDECR Knight StreetCombined Response - Knight Street BridgeInterop
69411b1dDECR Lions Gate BrCombined Response - Lions Gate BridgeInterop
69421b1eDECR MarineCombined Response - MarineInterop
69431b1fDECR Massey TunnelCombined Response - Massey TunnelInterop
69441b20DECR Oak Street BrCombined Response - Oak Street BridgeInterop
69451b21DECR Pattullo BridCombined Response - Pattullo BridgeInterop
69461b22DECR Port Mann BriCombined Response - Port Mann BridgeInterop
69471b23DECR Pitt River BrCombined Response - Pitt River BridgeInterop
69481b24DECR TransitCombined Response - TransitInterop
69491b25DECR YVRCombined Response - YVRInterop
69521b28DEPFA-1PFA-1 (Mutual Aid/Special Events)Interop
69531b29DEPFA-2PFA-2 (Mutual Aid/Special Events)Interop
69541b2aDEPFA-3PFA-3 (Mutual Aid/Special Events)Interop
69551b2bDEPFA-4PFA-4 (Mutual Aid/Special Events)Interop
69561b2cDEPFA-5PFA-5 (Mutual Aid/Special Events)Interop
69571b2dDEPFA-6PFA-6 (Mutual Aid/Special Events)Interop
69581b2eDEPFA-7PFA-7 (Mutual Aid/Special Events)Interop
69591b2fDEPFA-8PFA-8 (Mutual Aid/Special Events)Interop
69601b30DEPFA-9PFA-9 (Mutual Aid/Special Events)Interop
69611b31DEPFA-10PFA-10 (Mutual Aid/Special Events)Interop
69621b32DEPFA-11PFA-11 (Mutual Aid/Special Events)Interop
69631b33DEPFA-12PFA-12 (Mutual Aid/Special Events)Interop
69641b34DEPFA-13PFA-13 (Mutual Aid/Special Events)Interop
69681b38DEPOL COM 1Police Command 1Interop
69691b39DEPOL COM 2Police Command 2Interop
69701b3aDEPOL COM 3Police Command 3Interop
69711b3bDEPOL COM 4Police Command 4Interop
69721b3cDEPOL COM 5Police Command 5Interop
69731b3dDEPOL COM 6Police Command 6Interop
69741b3eDEPOL COM 7Police Command 7Interop
69751b3fDEPOL COM 8Police Command 8Interop
69761b40DEPOL COM 9Police Command 9Interop
69771b41DEPOL COM 10Police Command 10Interop
69781b42DEPOL COM 11Police Command 11Interop
69791b43DEPOL COM 12Police Command 12Interop
69801b44DEPOL COM 13Police Command 13Interop
69811b45DEPOL COM 14Police Command 14Interop
69841b48DEPOL 1Police Mutual Aid Tac 1Interop
69851b49DEPOL 2Police Mutual Aid Tac 2Interop
69861b4aDEPOL 3Police Mutual Aid Tac 3Interop
69871b4bDEPOL 4Police Mutual Aid Tac 4Interop
69881b4cDEPOL 5Police Mutual Aid Tac 5Interop
69891b4dDEPOL 6Police Mutual Aid Tac 6Interop
69901b4eDEPOL 7Police Mutual Aid Tac 7Interop
69911b4fDEPOL 8Police Mutual Aid Tac 8Interop
69921b50DEPOL 9Police Mutual Aid Tac 9Interop
69931b51DEPOL 10Police Mutual Aid Tac 10Interop
69941b52DEPOL 11Police Mutual Aid Tac 11Interop
69951b53DEPOL 12Police Mutual Aid Tac 12Interop
69961b54DEPOL 13Police Mutual Aid Tac 13Interop
69971b55DEPOL 14Police Mutual Aid Tac 14Interop
70001b58DEFMA TAC 13 AFire Mutual Aid Tac 13 AInterop
70011b59DEFMA TAC 13 BFire Mutual Aid Tac 13 BInterop
70021b5aDEFMA TAC 13 CFire Mutual Aid Tac 13 CInterop
70031b5bDEFMA TAC 13 DFire Mutual Aid Tac 13 DInterop
70041b5cDEFMA TAC 13 EFire Mutual Aid Tac 13 EInterop
70051b5dDEFMA TAC 13 FFire Mutual Aid Tac 13 FInterop
70061b5eDEFMA TAC 13 GFire Mutual Aid Tac 13 GInterop
70071b5fDEFMA TAC 13 HFire Mutual Aid Tac 13 HInterop
70081b60DEFMA TAC 13 JFire Mutual Aid Tac 13 JInterop
70091b61DEFMA TAC 13 KFire Mutual Aid Tac 13 KInterop
70101b62DEFMA TAC 13 LFire Mutual Aid Tac 13 LInterop
70111b63DEFMA TAC 13 MFire Mutual Aid Tac 13 MInterop
70121b64DEFMA TAC 13 NFire Mutual Aid Tac 13 NInterop
70131b65DEFMA TAC 13 PFire Mutual Aid Tac 13 PInterop
70161b68DEFMA TAC 14 AFire Mutual Aid Tac 14 AInterop
70171b69DEFMA TAC 14 BFire Mutual Aid Tac 14 BInterop
70181b6aDEFMA TAC 14 CFire Mutual Aid Tac 14 CInterop
70191b6bDEFMA TAC 14 DFire Mutual Aid Tac 14 DInterop
70201b6cDEFMA TAC 14 EFire Mutual Aid Tac 14 EInterop
70211b6dDEFMA TAC 14 FFire Mutual Aid Tac 14 FInterop
70221b6eDEFMA TAC 14 GFire Mutual Aid Tac 14 GInterop
70231b6fDEFMA TAC 14 HFire Mutual Aid Tac 14 HInterop
70241b70DEFMA TAC 14 JFire Mutual Aid Tac 14 JInterop
70251b71DEFMA TAC 14 KFire Mutual Aid Tac 14 KInterop
70261b72DEFMA TAC 14 LFire Mutual Aid Tac 14 LInterop
70271b73DEFMA TAC 14 MFire Mutual Aid Tac 14 MInterop
70281b74DEFMA TAC 14 NFire Mutual Aid Tac 14 NInterop
70291b75DEFMA TAC 14 PFire Mutual Aid Tac 14 PInterop