Lancaster County-Wide Communications (LCWC)

System Name: Lancaster County-Wide Communications (LCWC)
Location: Lancaster County, PA
County: 2 Counties
System Type: Project 25 Phase I
System Voice: APCO-25 Common Air Interface Exclusive
System ID: Sysid: D66 WACN: 92763
Last Updated: January 20, 2024, 01:08 am UTC   [Updated encryption settings for 1 talkgroups for Fire / EMS]
System Notes

This system is coming online in late 2014 and early 2015.  Please click the link for -->this thread<-- for more information.

Sites and Frequencies

Red (c) are control channel capable frequencies
RFSS Site Name County Freqs
1 (1) 001 (1) Central Simulcast Lancaster 476.0125c476.0875c476.275c476.350c476.5375c476.6125c476.800c
1 (1) 002 (2) Northeast Simulcast Lancaster 476.1625c476.425c476.6875c477.1375c477.2875c477.400c477.550c
1 (1) 003 (3) Northwest Simulcast Lancaster 478.075c478.150c478.3375c478.4125c478.600c478.7875c478.8625c
1 (1) 004 (4) South Simulcast Lancaster 476.4625c476.725c477.3625c477.6625c477.8125c477.925c 
1 (1) 005 (5) COW (Portable site) Lancaster 476.050c476.575c477.100c477.625c   
1 (1) 006 (6) Atglen Chester 453.275c453.8375c460.300c460.550c   


DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
10003e8DConstable NWConstables NWLaw Talk
10013e9DConstable NEConstables NELaw Talk
10023eaDConstab CentralConstables CentralLaw Talk
10033ebDConstab SouthConstables SouthLaw Talk
10103f2DCoroner 1Coroner 1Law Tac
10113f3DCoroner 2Coroner 2Law Tac
10123f4DECoroner PrivCoroner PrivateLaw Tac
1120460DProb/Par 1 Adult Probation and Parole 1 Law Tac
1121461DProb/Par 2Adult Probation and Parole 2Law Tac
1122462DProb/Par PrvAdult Probation and Parole privateLaw Tac
3001bb9DEPD South DspSouth Police DispatchLaw Dispatch
3002bbaDEPD NW DispNorthwest Police DispatchLaw Dispatch
3003bbbDEPD NE DispNortheast Police DispatchLaw Dispatch
3004bbcDEPD Metro DisMetro Police DispatchLaw Dispatch
3005bbdDEPD City 1Lancaster City PD 1Law Dispatch
3006bbeDEPD City 2Lancaster City PD 2Law Tac
3007bbfDEPD Tac 7Police Tac 7Law Tac
3008bc0DEPD Tac 8Police Tac 8Law Tac
3009bc1DEPD Tac 9Police Tac 9Law Tac
3010bc2DEPD Tac 10Police Tac 10Law Tac
3011bc3DEPD Tac 11Police Tac 11Law Tac
3053bedDECo DetectiveCounty Detectives PrivateLaw Talk
3060bf4DENW PrivateNorthwest Police PrivateLaw Talk
3061bf5DENE PrivateNortheast Police PrivateLaw Talk
3062bf6DECentral PrivCentral Police PrivateLaw Talk
3063bf7DESouth PrivatSouth Police PrivateLaw Talk
3070bfeDEPD12 privatePD12 private - Lancaster County SheriffsLaw Talk
3075c03DEPD14 privatePD14 private - County Parks Department RangersLaw Talk
3080c08DEPD16 privatePD16 private - Manor Twp PDLaw Talk
3085c0dDEPD17 privatePD17 private - Millersville Boro PDLaw Talk
3090c12DEPD19 privatePD19 private - E Hempfield Twp PDLaw Talk
3095c17DEPD21 privatePD21 private - Strasburg Borough PDLaw Talk
3100c1cDEPD23 privatePD23 private - Southern Regional PDLaw Talk
3105c21DEPD24 privatePD24 private - Elizabethtown Borough PDLaw Talk
3110c26DEPD25 privatePD25 private - Lititz Borough PDLaw Talk
3115c2bDEPD26 privatePD26 private - West Lampeter Township PDLaw Talk
3120c30DEPD27 privatePD27 private - Susquehanna Regional PDLaw Talk
3125c35DEPD28 privatePD28 private - Quarryville Borough PDLaw Talk
3130c3aDEPD33 privatePD33 private - Mount Joy Borough PDLaw Talk
3135c3fDEPD34 privatePD34 private - Manheim Borough PDLaw Talk
3140c44DEPD35 privatePD35 private - Northwest Regional PDLaw Talk
3145c49DEPD39 privatePD39 private - West Hempfield Township PDLaw Talk
3150c4eDEPD42 privatePD42 private - Lancaster City PDLaw Talk
3155c53DEPD43 privatePD43 private - Christiana Borough PDLaw Talk
3160c58DEPD48 privatePD48 private - East Lampeter Township PDLaw Talk
3165c5dDEPD51 privatePD51 private - Manheim Township PDLaw Talk
3170c62DEPD62 privatePD62 private - Columbia Borough PDLaw Talk
3175c67DEPD72 privatePD72 private - Akron Borough PDLaw Talk
3180c6cDEPD78 privatePD78 private - East Cocalico Twp PDLaw Talk
3185c71DEPD79 privatePD79 private - East Earl Twp PDLaw Talk
3190c76DEPD82 privatePD82 private - Ephrata Borough PD (also covers Ephrata Twp)Law Talk
3195c7bDEPD84 privatePD84 private - New Holland Borough PD (also covers Earl Twp)Law Talk
3200c80DEPD86 privatePD86 private - Northern Lancaster Co Regional PoliceLaw Talk
3205c85DEPD88 privatePD88 private - W Earl Twp PDLaw Talk
3210c8aDEPD93 privatePD93 private - Millersville University PoliceLaw Talk
3211c8bDMlrsvle U PDMillersville University Public SafetyLaw Dispatch
3215c8fDEPD94 privatePD94 private - Franklin & Marshal College Public SafetyLaw Talk
3216c90DF&M Colg PDFranklin & Marshal College Public SafetyLaw Dispatch
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
20017d1DFireEMS A NWFire/EMS "Alpha" (Northwest Response & Command)Fire Dispatch
20027d2DFireEMS Ops2Fire/EMS Ops 2Fire-Tac
20037d3DFireEMS Ops3Fire/EMS Ops 3Fire-Tac
20047d4DFireEMS Ops4Fire/EMS Ops 4Fire-Tac
20057d5DFireEMS B NEFire/EMS "Bravo" (Northeast Response & Command)Fire Dispatch
20067d6DFireEMS Ops6Fire/EMS Ops 6Fire-Tac
20077d7DFireEMS Ops7Fire/EMS Ops 7Fire-Tac
20087d8DFireEMS Ops8Fire/EMS Ops 8Fire-Tac
20097d9DFireEMS C SoFire/EMS "Charlie" (City & South, Response & Command) Fire Dispatch
20107daDFireEMS Op10Fire/EMS Ops 10Fire-Tac
20117dbDFireEMS Op11Fire/EMS Ops 11Fire-Tac
20127dcDFireEMS Op12Fire/EMS Ops 12Fire-Tac
20227e6DFP Ops 2Fire Police Ops 2Fire-Talk
20237e7DFP Ops 3Fire Police Ops 3Fire-Talk
20247e8DFP Ops 4Fire Police Ops 4Fire-Talk
20267eaDFP Ops 6Fire Police Ops 6Fire-Talk
20277ebDFP Ops 7Fire Police Ops 7Fire-Talk
20287ecDFP Ops 8Fire Police Ops 8Fire-Talk
20307eeDFP Ops 10Fire Police Ops 10Fire-Talk
20317efDFP Ops 11Fire Police Ops 11Fire-Talk
20327f0DFP Ops 12Fire Police Ops 12Fire-Talk
20407f8DEMS TransprtEMS TransportEMS-Talk
22208acDFD02 HazmatFD02 Private - HazMat 2Fire-Talk
22218adDFD03 MrtndalFD03 Private - Martindale FCFire-Talk
22228aeDFD05 StrasbgFD05 Private - Strasburg FC #1Fire-Talk
22238afDFD07 MntvleFD07 Private - Mountville FC #1Fire-Talk
22248b0DEFD10 PioneerFD10 Private - Pioneer FCFire-Talk
22258b1DFD11 AdamtwnFD11 Private - Adamstown FC No 1Fire-Talk
22268b2DFD12 AkronFD12 Private - Akron VFCFire-Talk
22278b3DFD13 DenverFD13 Private - Denver FCFire-Talk
22288b4DFD14 DurlachFD14 Private - Durlach & Mt. Airy Fire CompanyFire-Talk
22298b5DFD15 EphrataFD15 Private - Ephrata Pioneer FCFire-Talk
22308b6DFD16 LincolnFD16 Private - Lincoln FCFire-Talk
22318b7DFD17-1 ReamsFD17-1 Private - Reamstown FC #1Fire-Talk
22328b8DFD17-2 SmokeFD17-2 Private - Smokestown FC #1Fire-Talk
22338b9DFD17-3 StevnFD17-3 Private - Stevens FCFire-Talk
22348baDFD18 ReinhldFD18 Private - Reinholds FCFire-Talk
22358bbDFD19 SchoenFD19 Private - Schoeneck Fire CompanyFire-Talk
22368bcDFD20 ManheimFD20 Private - Manheim Township Fire & RescueFire-Talk
22378bdDFD21 BrickerFD21 Private - Brickerville FCFire-Talk
22388beDFD22 BrunnerFD22 Private - Brunnerville FCFire-Talk
22398bfDFD23 E PeterFD23 Private - East Petersburg FC No 1Fire-Talk
22408c0DFD24 RothsvlFD24 Private - Rothsville VFCFire-Talk
22418c1DFD25 LititzFD25 Private - Lititz FC No 1Fire-Talk
22428c2DFD26 ManHopeFD26 Private - Manheim Hope No 1 Hose CompanyFire-Talk
22438c3DFD27 MastersFD27 Private - Mastersonville FCFire-Talk
22448c4DFD28 PenrynFD28 Private - Penryn FC No 1Fire-Talk
22458c5DFD29 W EarlFD29 Private - West Earl FCFire-Talk
22468c6DFD30 WeaverlFD30 Private - Weaverland Valley FDFire-Talk
22478c7DFD31 BarevilFD31 Private - Bareville FCFire-Talk
22488c8DEFD32 FivepntFD32 Private - Fivepointville FCFire-Talk
22498c9DFD33 BwmnsvlFD33 Private - Bowmansville FCFire-Talk
22508caDEFD34 CaernrvFD34 Private - CaernarvonFire-Talk
22518cbDFD35 FarmersFD35 Private - Farmersville Fire CompanyFire-Talk
22528ccDFD39 GrdSpotFD39 Private - Garden Spot Fire & RescueFire-Talk
22538cdDFD41 BirdHndFD41 Private - Bird-in-Hand FCFire-Talk
22548ceDFD42 GapFD42 Private - Gap FCFire-Talk
22558cfDFD43 GordonvFD43 Private - Gordonville FCFire-Talk
22568d0DFD44 IntrcrsFD44 Private - Intercourse FCFire-Talk
22578d1DFD45 KinzerFD45 Private - Kinzer FCFire-Talk
22588d2DFD47 ParLeamFD47 Private - Paradise Leaman Place FCFire-Talk
22598d3DFD48 RonksFD48 Private - Ronks VFCFire-Talk
22608d4DEFD49 W HorseFD49 Private - White Horse Salisbury Twp Fire and AmbulanceFire-Talk
22618d5DFD50 WillowFD50 Private - Willow Street FCFire-Talk
22628d6DFD51 BartFD51 Private - Bart Twp FCFire-Talk
22638d7DFD52 ChrisFD52 Private - Christiana Fire CompanyFire-Talk
22648d8DFD53 ConstgaFD53 Private - Conestoga FCFire-Talk
22658d9DFD54 LampetrFD54 Private - Lampeter FCFire-Talk
22668daDFD55 N DanvFD55 Private - New Danville FCFire-Talk
22678dbDFD57 QvilleFD57 Private - Quarryville FCFire-Talk
22688dcDFD58 RawlinsFD58 Private - Rawlinsville VFCFire-Talk
22698ddDFD59 ReftonFD59 Private - Refton FCFire-Talk
22708deDFD60 W WilloFD60 Private - West Willow FCFire-Talk
22718dfDFD61 U LeackFD61 Private - Upper Leacock FCFire-Talk
22728e0DFD62 WitmerFD62 Private - Witmer Fire Protective AssociationFire-Talk
22738e1DFD63 LafayetFD63 Private - Lafayette Fire CompanyFire-Talk
22748e2DFD64 LanCityFD64 Private - Lancaster City FDFire-Talk
22758e3DFD66 LancTwpFD66 Private - Lancaster Township VFDFire-Talk
22768e4DFD67 RoherstFD67 Private - Rohrerstown Fire CompanyFire-Talk
22778e5DFD69 HmpfldFD69 Private - Hempfield FCFire-Talk
22788e6DFD70 RheemsFD70 Private - Rheems Fire DepartmentFire-Talk
22798e7DFD71 BainbrgFD71 Private - Bainbridge FCFire-Talk
22808e8DFD74 EtownFD74 Private - Elizabethtown FDFire-Talk
22818e9DFD75 Mt JoyFD75 Private - Mount Joy FDFire-Talk
22828eaDFD76 W HempFD76 Private - West Hempfield Fire & RescueFire-Talk
22838ebDFD79 MaytownFD79 Private - Maytown East Donegal Twp FDFire-Talk
22848ecDFD80 ColumbiFD80 Private - Columbia Borough Fire DepartmentFire-Talk
22858edDFD89 FultonFD89 Private - Robert Fulton Volunteer Fire CompanyFire-Talk
22868eeDFD90 BluRockFD90 Private - Blue Rock Fire & RescueFire-Talk
22878efDFD93 MtJ FFCFD93 Private - Mount Joy Township Forest Fire CrewFire-Talk
22888f0DFD94 MC SARFD94 Private - Middle Creek Search & RescueFire-Talk
22898f1DFD95 KeyWildFD95 Private - Keystone Wildfire CrewFire-Talk
22908f2DFD96 WESTFD96 Private - Wilderness Emergency Search Team (WEST)Fire-Talk
22918f3DFD97 LanARFFFD97 Private - Lancaster Airport FC (ACRFF)Fire-Talk
22938f5DEEMS01 EC BLSEMS01 Private - Ephrata Community Ambulance (BLS)EMS-Talk
22948f6DEMS04 EC ALSEMS04 Private - Ephrata Community Hospital Medic Units (ALS)EMS-Talk
22958f7DEEMS06 LEMSAEMS06 Private - Lancaster EMS (LEMSA)EMS-Talk
22968f8DEMS09 ReinhdEMS09 Private - Reinholds AmbulanceEMS-Talk
22978f9DEMS17 ReamtnEMS17 Private - Reamstown AmbulanceEMS-Talk
22988faDEMS21 BrickrEMS21 Private - Brickerville AmbulanceEMS-Talk
22998fbDEMS24 RothsEMS24 Private - Rothsville AmbulanceEMS-Talk
23008fcDEMS36 5PntsEMS36 Private - Fivepointville AmbulanceEMS-Talk
23018fdDEMS37 NewHolEMS37 Private - New Holland AmbulanceEMS-Talk
23028feDEMS38 LeolaEMS38 Private - Leola AmbulanceEMS-Talk
23038ffDEMS43 GordnvEMS43 Private - Gordonville AmbulanceEMS-Talk
2304900DEMS46 ChrstnEMS46 Private - Christiana AmbulanceEMS-Talk
2305901DEMS49 WH EMSEMS49 Private - White Horse Salisbury Twp Fire & Ambulance (EMS side)EMS-Talk
2306902DEMS53 ConstgEMS53 Private - Conestoga AmbulanceEMS-Talk
2307903DEMS77 SVEMSEMS77 Private - Susquehanna Valley EMSEMS-Talk
2308904DEMS82 ManhmEMS82 Private - Manheim Twp AmbulanceEMS-Talk
2309905DEMS85 WarwicEMS85 Private - Warwick AmbulanceEMS-Talk
2310906DEMS86 NWEMSEMS86 Private - Northwest EMSEMS-Talk
2311907DEMS88 WakeflEMS88 Private - Wakefield AmbulanceEMS-Talk
2312908DQRS08 ColumbQRS08 Private - Columbia QRS 8EMS-Talk
2313909DQRS73 FMColgQRS73 Private - Franklin and Marshall QRS 73EMS-Talk
2901b55DEMedical CmndMedical CommandEMS-Talk
2905b59DEECH ER 1Ephrata Community Hospital ER 1Hospital
2906b5aDEECH ER 2Ephrata Community Hospital ER 2 Hospital
2907b5bDECH PrivateEphrata Community Hospital PrivateHospital
2915b63DEHLH ERHeart of Lancaster Hospital ERHospital
2916b64DHLH PrivateHeart of Lancaster Hospital PrivateHospital
2925b6dDELGH ER 1Lancaster General Hospital ER 1Hospital
2926b6eDELGH ER 2Lancaster General Hospital ER 2Hospital
2927b6fDLGH PrivateLancaster General Hospital PrivateHospital
2930b72DELRMC ERLancaster Regional Medical Center ER 1Hospital
2931b73DLRMC PrivateLancaster Regional Medical Center PrivateHospital
2935b77DEWBH ERWomens & Babies Hospital ERHospital
2936b78DWBH PrivateWomens & Babies Hospital PrivateHospital
4701125dDDispatchP25 Tone/Voice PagingFire Dispatch
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
1030406DCoWide ComndCountywide CommandInterop
1031407DCoWide PubSfCountywide Public SafetyInterop
1032408DCoWide PubWkCountywide Public WorksInterop
1033409DCoWide Ops 7Countywide Ops 7Interop
103440aDCoWide Ops 8Countywide Ops 8Interop
103540bDCoWide Ops 9Countywide Ops 9Interop
103640cDCoWide Ops10Countywide Ops 10Interop
103740dDCoWide Ops11Countywide Ops 11Interop
103840eDCoWide Ops12Countywide Ops 12Interop
103940fDCoWide Ops13Countywide Ops 13Interop
1040410DCoWide Ops14Countywide Ops 14Interop
1041411DCoWide Ops15Countywide Ops 15Interop
1057421DEvent 7AEvent 7AInterop
1058422DEvent 8AEvent 8AInterop
1059423DEvent 9BEvent 9BInterop
1060424DEvent 10BEvent 10BInterop
1061425DEvent 11CEvent 11CInterop
1062426DEvent 12CEvent 12CInterop
3050beaDECo Encrypt 1Encrypt 1 (Multiagency)Multi-Tac
3051bebDECo Encrypt 2Encrypt 2 (Multiagency)Multi-Tac
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
10203fcDFacilities County FacilitiesPublic Works
107042eDFacilities 1Facilities Management 1Public Works
107142fDFacilities 2Facilities Management 2Public Works
1072430DFacilities PFacilities Management PrivatePublic Works
1080438DParks 1Parks 1Public Works
1081439DParks 2Parks 2 - Fac ManagementPublic Works
108243aDParks PrivatParks PrivatePublic Works
1140474DTraining 1Training 1Public Works
1141475DTraining 2Training 2Public Works
1142476DTraining 3Training 3Public Works
1143477DTraining 4Training 4Public Works
County Public Safety Dept
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
110044cDPSTC 1Public Safety Training Center 1Public Works
110144dDPSTC 2Public Safety Training Center 2 - Facilities ManagementPublic Works
110244eDPSTC PrivatePublic Safety Training Center PrivatePublic Works
113046aDLCWC 1LCWC 1Public Works
113146bDLCWC 2LCWC 2Public Works
113246cDELCWC PrivateLCWC PrivatePublic Works
115047eDLCEMA 1LCEMA 1Emergency Ops
115147fDLCEMA 2LCEMA 2Emergency Ops
1152480DELCEMA PrivatLCEMA PrivateEmergency Ops
1153481DEMA/PW NWEMA NorthwestEmergency Ops
1154482DEMA/PW NEEMA NortheastEmergency Ops
1155483DEMA/PW SouthEMA SouthEmergency Ops
1156484DEMA/PW CentEMA CentralEmergency Ops
3900f3cDPeach BottomPeach BottomEmergency Ops
3901f3dDThree Mile IThree Mile IslandEmergency Ops
County Corrections
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
1090442DPrison 1 OpsPrison 1 - OperationsCorrections
1091443DPrison 2 MntPrison 2 - Facilities ManagementCorrections
1092444DEPrison PrivPrison PrivateCorrections
1093445DPrison TransPrison TransportCorrections
1110456DYIC 1 OpsYouth Intervention Center 1Corrections
1111457DYIC 2 MaintYouth Intervention Center 2 - Facilities ManagementCorrections
1112458DYIC PrivateYouth Intervention Center PrivateCorrections
1113459DYIC TransprtYouth Intervention Center TransportCorrections
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
4220107cDAdamstownAdamstown BoroPublic Works
4221107dDAdamstown PSAdamstown Boro PSInterop
4222107eDAdamstownPW1Adamstown Boro PW1Public Works
4223107fDAdamstownPW2Adamstown Boro PW2Public Works
42301086DAkron BoroAkron BoroPublic Works
42311087DAkron PSAkron Boro PSInterop
42321088DAkron PW1Akron Boro PW1Public Works
42331089DAkron PW2Akron Boro PW2Public Works
4000fa0DBart TwpBart TwpPublic Works
4001fa1DBart Twp PSBart Twp PSInterop
4002fa2DBart Twp PW1Bart Twp PW1Public Works
4003fa3DBart Twp PW2Bart Twp PW2Public Works
42401090DBrecknockBrecknock TwpPublic Works
42411091DBrecknock PSBrecknock Twp PSInterop
42421092DBrecknockPW1Brecknock Twp PW1Public Works
42431093DBrecknockPW2Brecknock Twp PW2Public Works
4250109aDCaernarvon Caernarvon TwpPublic Works
4251109bDCaernarvonPSCaernarvon Twp PSInterop
4252109cDCaernarv PW1Caernarvon Twp PW1Public Works
4253109dDCaernarv PW2Caernarvon Twp PW2Public Works
426010a4DChristianaChristiana BoroPublic Works
426110a5DChristianaPSChristiana Boro PSInterop
426210a6DChrstianaPW1Christiana Boro PW1Public Works
426310a7DChrstianaPW2Christiana Boro PW2Public Works
427010aeDClay TwpClay TwpPublic Works
427110afDClay Twp PSClay Twp PSInterop
427210b0DClay Twp PW1Clay Twp PW1Public Works
427310b1DClay Twp PW2Clay Twp PW2Public Works
428010b8DColerain TwpColerain TwpPublic Works
428110b9DColerain PSColerain Twp PSInterop
428210baDColerain PW1Colerain Twp PW1Public Works
428310bbDColerain PW2Colerain Twp PW2Public Works
4010faaDColumbia BorColumbia BoroPublic Works
4011fabDColumbia PSColumbia Boro PSInterop
4012facDColumbia PW1Columbia Boro PW1Public Works
4013fadDColumbia PW2Columbia Boro PW2Public Works
429010c2DConestogaConestoga TwpPublic Works
429110c3DConestoga PSConestoga Twp PSInterop
429210c4DConestogaPW1Conestoga Twp PW1Public Works
429310c5DConestogaPW2Conestoga Twp PW2Public Works
4020fb4DConoy TwpConoy TwpPublic Works
4021fb5DConoy Twp PSConoy Twp PSInterop
4022fb6DConoy PW1Conoy Twp PW1Public Works
4023fb7DConoy PW2Conoy Twp PW2Public Works
430010ccDDenver BoroDenver BoroPublic Works
430110cdDDenver PSDenver Boro PSInterop
430210ceDDenver PW1 Denver Boro PW1Public Works
430310cfDDenver PW2Denver Boro PW2Public Works
4030fbeDDrumore TwpDrumore TwpPublic Works
4031fbfDDrumore PSDrumore Twp PSInterop
4032fc0DDrumore PW1Drumore Twp PW1Public Works
4033fc1DDrumore PW2Drumore Twp PW2Public Works
432010e0DE CocalicoE Cocalico TwpPublic Works
432110e1DE CocalicoPSE Cocalico Twp PSInterop
432210e2DECocalicoPW1E Cocalico Twp PW1Public Works
432310e3DECocalicoPW2E Cocalico Twp PW2Public Works
4040fc8DE Donegal TwE Donegal TwpPublic Works
4041fc9DE Donegal PSE Donegal Twp PSInterop
4042fcaDEDonegal PW1E Donegal Twp PW1Public Works
4043fcbDEDonegal PW2E Donegal Twp PW2Public Works
433010eaDE DrumoreE Drumore TwpPublic Works
433110ebDE Drumore PSE Drumore Twp PSInterop
433210ecDE DrumorePW1E Drumore Twp PW1Public Works
433310edDE DrumorePW2E Drumore Twp PW2Public Works
4050fd2DE Earl TwpE Earl TwpPublic Works
4051fd3DE Earl PSE Earl Twp PSInterop
4052fd4DE Earl PW1E Earl Twp PW1Public Works
4053fd5DE Earl PW2E Earl Twp PW2Public Works
434010f4DE Hemp TwpE Hempfield TwpPublic Works
434110f5DE Hemp PSE Hempfield Twp PSInterop
434210f6DE Hemp PW1E Hempfield Twp PW1Public Works
434310f7DE Hemp PW2E Hempfield Twp PW2Public Works
435010feDE Lamp TwpE Lampeter TwpPublic Works
435110ffDE Lamp PSE Lampeter Twp PSInterop
43521100DE Lamp PW1E Lampeter Twp PW1Public Works
43531101DE Lamp PW2E Lampeter Twp PW2Public Works
43601108DE Pete BoroE Petersburg BoroPublic Works
43611109DE Pete Boro E Petersburg Boro PSInterop
4362110aDE Pete PW1E Petersburg Boro PW1Public Works
4363110bDE Pete PW2E Petersburg Boro PW2Public Works
431010d6DEarl TwpEarl TwpPublic Works
431110d7DEarl Twp PSEarl Twp PSInterop
431210d8DEarl Twp PW1Earl Twp PW1Public Works
431310d9DEarl Twp PW2Earl Twp PW2Public Works
43701112DEden TwpEden TwpPublic Works
43711113DEden Twp PSEden Twp PSInterop
43721114DEden Twp PW1Eden Twp PW1Public Works
43731115DEden Twp PW2Eden Twp PW2Public Works
4380111cDElizabethTwpElizabeth TwpPublic Works
4381111dDElizabeth PSElizabeth Twp PSInterop
4382111eDElizabethPW1Elizabeth Twp PW1Public Works
4383111fDElizabethPW2Elizabeth Twp PW2Public Works
4060fdcDEtown BoroElizabethtown BoroPublic Works
4061fddDEtown PSElizabethtown Boro PSInterop
4062fdeDEtown PW1Elizabethtown Boro PW1Public Works
4063fdfDEtown PW2Elizabethtown Boro PW2Public Works
43901126DEphrata BoroEphrata BoroPublic Works
43911127DEphrataB PSEphrata Boro PSInterop
43921128DEphrataB PW1Ephrata Boro PW1Public Works
43931129DEphrataB PW2Ephrata Boro PW2Public Works
4070fe6DEphrata TwpEphrata TwpPublic Works
4071fe7DEphrata T PSEphrata Twp PSInterop
4072fe8DEphrataT PW1Ephrata Twp PW1Public Works
4073fe9DEphrataT PW2Ephrata Twp PW2Public Works
4080ff0DFulton TwpFulton TwpPublic Works
4081ff1DFulton PSFulton Twp PSInterop
4082ff2DFulton PW1Fulton Twp PW1Public Works
4083ff3DFulton PW2Fulton Twp PW2Public Works
44001130DLancsterCityLancaster CityPublic Works
44011131DLanc City PSLancaster City PSInterop
44021132DLancCity PW1Lancaster City PW1Public Works
44031133DLancCity PW2Lancaster City PW2Public Works
4410113aDLancster TwpLancaster TwpPublic Works
4411113bDLanc Twp PSLancaster Twp PSInterop
4412113cDLanc Twp PW1Lancaster Twp PW1Public Works
4413113dDLanc Twp PW2Lancaster Twp PW2Public Works
44201144DLeacock TwpLeacock TwpPublic Works
44211145DLeacock PSLeacock Twp PSInterop
44221146DLeacock PW1Leacock Twp PW1Public Works
44231147DLeacock PW2Leacock Twp PW2Public Works
4090ffaDLititz BoroLititz BoroPublic Works
4091ffbDLititz PSLititz Boro PSInterop
4092ffcDLititz PW1Lititz Boro PW1Public Works
4093ffdDLititzPW2 Lititz Boro PW2Public Works
41001004DLittle Brit Little Britain TwpPublic Works
41011005DLit Brit PSLittle Britain Twp PSInterop
41021006DLit Brit PW1Little Britain Twp PW1Public Works
41031007DLit Brit PW2Little Britain Twp PW2Public Works
4430114eDManheim BoroManheim BoroPublic Works
4431114fDManheim B PSManheim Boro PSInterop
44321150DManheimB PW1Manheim Boro PW1Public Works
44331151DManheimB PW2Manheim Boro PW2Public Works
44401158DManheim TwpManheim TwpPublic Works
44411159DManheim T PSManheim Twp PSInterop
4442115aDManheimT PW1Manheim Twp PW1Public Works
4443115bDManheimT PW2Manheim Twp PW2Public Works
44501162DManor TwpManor TwpPublic Works
44511163DManor Twp PSManor Twp PSInterop
44521164DManorTwp PW1Manor Twp PW1Public Works
44531165DManorTwp PW2Manor Twp PW2Public Works
4460116cDMarietta BorMarietta BoroPublic Works
4461116dDMariettaB PSMarietta Boro PSInterop
4462116eDMariettaBPW1Marietta Boro PW1Public Works
4463116fDMariettaBPW2Marietta Boro PW2Public Works
41201018DMartic TwpMartic TwpPublic Works
41211019DMartic PSMartic Twp PSInterop
4122101aDMartic PW1Martic Twp PW1Public Works
4123101bDMartic PW2Martic Twp PW2Public Works
44701176DM-ville BoroMillersville BoroPublic Works
44711177DM-ville PSMillersville Boro PSInterop
44721178DM-ville PW1Millersville Boro PW1Public Works
44731179DM-ville PW2Millersville Boro PW2Public Works
44801180DMtville BoroMountville BoroPublic Works
44811181DMtville B PSMountville Boro PSInterop
44821182DMtvilleB PW1Mountville Boro PW1Public Works
44831183DMtvilleB PW2Mountville Boro PW2Public Works
41301022DMt Joy BoroMt Joy BoroPublic Works
41311023DMt Joy B PSMt Joy Boro PSInterop
41321024DMt Joy B PW1Mt Joy Boro PW1Public Works
41331025DMt Joy B PW2Mt Joy Boro PW2Public Works
4140102cDMt Joy TwpMt Joy TwpPublic Works
4141102dDMt Joy T PSMt Joy Twp PSInterop
4142102eDMt Joy T PW1Mt Joy Twp PW1Public Works
4143102fDMt Joy T PW2Mt Joy Twp PW2Public Works
4490118aDNew Holland New Holland BoroPublic Works
4491118bDNew Holnd PSNew Holland Boro PSInterop
4492118cDNewHolnd PW1New Holland Boro PW1Public Works
4493118dDNewHolnd PW2New Holland Boro PW2Public Works
45001194DParadise TwpParadise TwpPublic Works
45011195DParadise PSParadise Twp PSInterop
45021196DParadise PW1Paradise Twp PW1Public Works
45031197DParadise PW2Paradise Twp PW2Public Works
4510119eDPenn TwpPenn TwpPublic Works
4511119fDPenn Twp PSPenn Twp PSInterop
451211a0DPenn Twp PW1Penn Twp PW1Public Works
451311a1DPenn Twp PW2Penn Twp PW2Public Works
452011a8DPequea TwpPequea TwpPublic Works
452111a9DPequea T PSPequea Twp PSInterop
452211aaDPequea T PW1Pequea Twp PW1Public Works
452311abDPequea T PW2Pequea Twp PW2Public Works
453111b3DProvidencePSProvidence PSInterop
453211b4DProvidnc PW1Providence PW1Public Works
453311b5DProvidncPW2Providence PW2Public Works
453011b2DProvidence TProvidence TwpPublic Works
41501036DQville BoroQuarryville BoroPublic Works
41511037DQville PSQuarryville Boro PSInterop
41521038DQville PW1Quarryville Boro PW1Public Works
41531039DQville PW2Quarryville Boro PW2Public Works
41601040DRapho TwpRapho TwpPublic Works
41611041DRapho Twp PSRapho Twp PSInterop
41621042DRapho PW1Rapho Twp PW1Public Works
41631043DRapho PW2Rapho Twp PW2Public Works
454011bcDSadsbury TwpSadsbury TwpPublic Works
454111bdDSadsbury PSSadsbury Twp PSInterop
454211beDSadsbury PW1Sadsbury Twp PW1Public Works
454311bfDSadsbury PW2Sadsbury Twp PW2Public Works
4170104aDSalisbury TSalisbury TwpPublic Works
4171104bDSalisbury PSSalisbury Twp PSInterop
4172104cDSalisburyPW1Salisbury Twp PW1Public Works
4173104dDSalisburyPW2SalisburyTwp PW2Public Works
41801054DStrasburgStrasburg BoroPublic Works
41811055DStrasburg PSStrasburg Boro PSInterop
41821056DStrasburgPW1Strasburg Boro PW1Public Works
41831057DStrasburgPW2Strasburg Boro PW2Public Works
455011c6DStrasburgTwPStrasburg TwpPublic Works
455111c7DStrasbrgT PSStrasburg Twp PSInterop
455211c8DStrasbrgTPW1Strasburg Twp PW1Public Works
455311c9DStrasbrgTPW2Strasburg Twp PW2Public Works
456011d0DTerre Hill BTerre Hill BoroPublic Works
456111d1DTerreHill PSTerre Hill Boro PSInterop
456211d2DTerreHillPW1Terre Hill Boro PW1Public Works
456311d3DTerreHillPW2Terre Hill Boro PW2Public Works
457011daDUp LeacockUpper Leacock TwpPublic Works
457111dbDUp LeacockPSUpper Leacock Twp PSInterop
457211dcDUpLeacockPW1Upper Leacock Twp PW1Public Works
457311ddDUpLeacockPW2Upper Leacock Twp PW2Public Works
459011eeDW Cocalico TW Cocalico TwpPublic Works
459111efDW Cocal PSW Cocalico Twp PSInterop
459211f0DW Cocal PW1W Cocalico Twp PW1Public Works
459311f1DW Cocal PW2W Cocalico Twp PW2Public Works
460011f8DW Donegal TwW Donegal TwpPublic Works
460111f9DW Donegal PSW Donegal Twp PSInterop
460211faDWDonegal PW1W Donegal Twp PW1Public Works
460311fbDWDonegal PW2W Donegal Twp PW2Public Works
46101202DW Earl TwpW Earl TwpPublic Works
46111203DWEarl Twp PSW Earl Twp PSInterop
46121204DWEarlTwpPW1W Earl Twp PW1Public Works
46131205DWEarlTwpPW2W Earl Twp PW2Public Works
4620120cDW Hempfield W Hempfield TwpPublic Works
4621120dDW HempTwp PSW Hempfield Twp PSInterop
4622120eDW HempTwpPW1W Hempfield Twp PW1Public Works
4623120fDW HempTwpPW2W Hempfield Twp PW2Public Works
46301216DW Lampeter TW Lampeter TwpPublic Works
46311217DW LampTwp PSW Lampeter Twp PSInterop
46321218DW LampTwpPW1W Lampeter Twp PW1Public Works
46331219DW LampTwpPW2W Lampeter Twp PW2Public Works
458011e4DWarwick TwpWarwick TwpPublic Works
458111e5DWarwick PSWarwick Twp PSInterop
458211e6DWarwickPW1Warwick Twp PW1Public Works
458311e7DWarwickPW2Warwick Twp PW2Public Works
Cell on Wheels System
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
12014b1DCOW 1 SysWdCOW 1 System-widePublic Works
12024b2DCOW 2 SysWdCOW 2 System-widePublic Works
12034b3DCOW 3 SysWdCOW 3 System-widePublic Works
12044b4DCOW 4 SysWdCOW 4 System-widePublic Works
12054b5DCOW 5 SysWdCOW 5 System-widePublic Works
12064b6DCOW 6 SysWdCOW 6 System-widePublic Works
12074b7DCOW 7 SysWdCOW 7 System-widePublic Works
12084b8DECOW 8 SysWdCOW 8 System-wide SecurePublic Works
12114bbDCOW 1 LocalCOW 1 LocalPublic Works
12124bcDCOW 2 LocalCOW 2 LocalPublic Works
12134bdDCOW 3 LocalCOW 3 LocalPublic Works
12144beDCOW 4 LocalCOW 4 LocalPublic Works
12154bfDCOW 5 LocalCOW 5 LocalPublic Works
12164c0DCOW 6 LocalCOW 6 LocalPublic Works
12174c1DCOW 7 LocalCOW 7 LocalPublic Works
12184c2DECOW 8 Local COW 8 Local SecurePublic Works
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
100064DRadio TestCoverage Testing TeamsPublic Works