Lancaster County-Wide Communications (LCWC)

Site: Fire / EMS

Unique DB ID: 21279
County: Lancaster

Talkgroup Category Location Data

Latitude: 40.0200 Longitude: -76.3000 Range: 24 Type: Defined Coverage


DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
20017d1DFireEMS A NWFire/EMS "Alpha" (Northwest Response & Command)Fire Dispatch
20027d2DFireEMS Ops2Fire/EMS Ops 2Fire-Tac
20037d3DFireEMS Ops3Fire/EMS Ops 3Fire-Tac
20047d4DFireEMS Ops4Fire/EMS Ops 4Fire-Tac
20057d5DFireEMS B NEFire/EMS "Bravo" (Northeast Response & Command)Fire Dispatch
20067d6DFireEMS Ops6Fire/EMS Ops 6Fire-Tac
20077d7DFireEMS Ops7Fire/EMS Ops 7Fire-Tac
20087d8DFireEMS Ops8Fire/EMS Ops 8Fire-Tac
20097d9DFireEMS C SoFire/EMS "Charlie" (City & South, Response & Command) Fire Dispatch
20107daDFireEMS Op10Fire/EMS Ops 10Fire-Tac
20117dbDFireEMS Op11Fire/EMS Ops 11Fire-Tac
20127dcDFireEMS Op12Fire/EMS Ops 12Fire-Tac
20227e6DFP Ops 2Fire Police Ops 2Fire-Talk
20237e7DFP Ops 3Fire Police Ops 3Fire-Talk
20247e8DFP Ops 4Fire Police Ops 4Fire-Talk
20267eaDFP Ops 6Fire Police Ops 6Fire-Talk
20277ebDFP Ops 7Fire Police Ops 7Fire-Talk
20287ecDFP Ops 8Fire Police Ops 8Fire-Talk
20307eeDFP Ops 10Fire Police Ops 10Fire-Talk
20317efDFP Ops 11Fire Police Ops 11Fire-Talk
20327f0DFP Ops 12Fire Police Ops 12Fire-Talk
20407f8DEMS TransprtEMS TransportEMS-Talk
22208acDFD02 HazmatFD02 Private - HazMat 2Fire-Talk
22218adDFD03 MrtndalFD03 Private - Martindale FCFire-Talk
22228aeDFD05 StrasbgFD05 Private - Strasburg FC #1Fire-Talk
22238afDFD07 MntvleFD07 Private - Mountville FC #1Fire-Talk
22248b0DEFD10 PioneerFD10 Private - Pioneer FCFire-Talk
22258b1DFD11 AdamtwnFD11 Private - Adamstown FC No 1Fire-Talk
22268b2DFD12 AkronFD12 Private - Akron VFCFire-Talk
22278b3DFD13 DenverFD13 Private - Denver FCFire-Talk
22288b4DFD14 DurlachFD14 Private - Durlach & Mt. Airy Fire CompanyFire-Talk
22298b5DFD15 EphrataFD15 Private - Ephrata Pioneer FCFire-Talk
22308b6DFD16 LincolnFD16 Private - Lincoln FCFire-Talk
22318b7DFD17-1 ReamsFD17-1 Private - Reamstown FC #1Fire-Talk
22328b8DFD17-2 SmokeFD17-2 Private - Smokestown FC #1Fire-Talk
22338b9DFD17-3 StevnFD17-3 Private - Stevens FCFire-Talk
22348baDFD18 ReinhldFD18 Private - Reinholds FCFire-Talk
22358bbDFD19 SchoenFD19 Private - Schoeneck Fire CompanyFire-Talk
22368bcDFD20 ManheimFD20 Private - Manheim Township Fire & RescueFire-Talk
22378bdDFD21 BrickerFD21 Private - Brickerville FCFire-Talk
22388beDFD22 BrunnerFD22 Private - Brunnerville FCFire-Talk
22398bfDFD23 E PeterFD23 Private - East Petersburg FC No 1Fire-Talk
22408c0DFD24 RothsvlFD24 Private - Rothsville VFCFire-Talk
22418c1DFD25 LititzFD25 Private - Lititz FC No 1Fire-Talk
22428c2DFD26 ManHopeFD26 Private - Manheim Hope No 1 Hose CompanyFire-Talk
22438c3DFD27 MastersFD27 Private - Mastersonville FCFire-Talk
22448c4DFD28 PenrynFD28 Private - Penryn FC No 1Fire-Talk
22458c5DFD29 W EarlFD29 Private - West Earl FCFire-Talk
22468c6DFD30 WeaverlFD30 Private - Weaverland Valley FDFire-Talk
22478c7DFD31 BarevilFD31 Private - Bareville FCFire-Talk
22488c8DEFD32 FivepntFD32 Private - Fivepointville FCFire-Talk
22498c9DFD33 BwmnsvlFD33 Private - Bowmansville FCFire-Talk
22508caDEFD34 CaernrvFD34 Private - CaernarvonFire-Talk
22518cbDFD35 FarmersFD35 Private - Farmersville Fire CompanyFire-Talk
22528ccDFD39 GrdSpotFD39 Private - Garden Spot Fire & RescueFire-Talk
22538cdDFD41 BirdHndFD41 Private - Bird-in-Hand FCFire-Talk
22548ceDFD42 GapFD42 Private - Gap FCFire-Talk
22558cfDFD43 GordonvFD43 Private - Gordonville FCFire-Talk
22568d0DFD44 IntrcrsFD44 Private - Intercourse FCFire-Talk
22578d1DFD45 KinzerFD45 Private - Kinzer FCFire-Talk
22588d2DFD47 ParLeamFD47 Private - Paradise Leaman Place FCFire-Talk
22598d3DFD48 RonksFD48 Private - Ronks VFCFire-Talk
22608d4DEFD49 W HorseFD49 Private - White Horse Salisbury Twp Fire and AmbulanceFire-Talk
22618d5DFD50 WillowFD50 Private - Willow Street FCFire-Talk
22628d6DFD51 BartFD51 Private - Bart Twp FCFire-Talk
22638d7DFD52 ChrisFD52 Private - Christiana Fire CompanyFire-Talk
22648d8DFD53 ConstgaFD53 Private - Conestoga FCFire-Talk
22658d9DFD54 LampetrFD54 Private - Lampeter FCFire-Talk
22668daDFD55 N DanvFD55 Private - New Danville FCFire-Talk
22678dbDFD57 QvilleFD57 Private - Quarryville FCFire-Talk
22688dcDFD58 RawlinsFD58 Private - Rawlinsville VFCFire-Talk
22698ddDFD59 ReftonFD59 Private - Refton FCFire-Talk
22708deDFD60 W WilloFD60 Private - West Willow FCFire-Talk
22718dfDFD61 U LeackFD61 Private - Upper Leacock FCFire-Talk
22728e0DFD62 WitmerFD62 Private - Witmer Fire Protective AssociationFire-Talk
22738e1DFD63 LafayetFD63 Private - Lafayette Fire CompanyFire-Talk
22748e2DFD64 LanCityFD64 Private - Lancaster City FDFire-Talk
22758e3DFD66 LancTwpFD66 Private - Lancaster Township VFDFire-Talk
22768e4DFD67 RoherstFD67 Private - Rohrerstown Fire CompanyFire-Talk
22778e5DFD69 HmpfldFD69 Private - Hempfield FCFire-Talk
22788e6DFD70 RheemsFD70 Private - Rheems Fire DepartmentFire-Talk
22798e7DFD71 BainbrgFD71 Private - Bainbridge FCFire-Talk
22808e8DFD74 EtownFD74 Private - Elizabethtown FDFire-Talk
22818e9DEFD75 Mt JoyFD75 Private - Mount Joy FDFire-Talk
22828eaDFD76 W HempFD76 Private - West Hempfield Fire & RescueFire-Talk
22838ebDFD79 MaytownFD79 Private - Maytown East Donegal Twp FDFire-Talk
22848ecDFD80 ColumbiFD80 Private - Columbia Borough Fire DepartmentFire-Talk
22858edDFD89 FultonFD89 Private - Robert Fulton Volunteer Fire CompanyFire-Talk
22868eeDFD90 BluRockFD90 Private - Blue Rock Fire & RescueFire-Talk
22878efDFD93 MtJ FFCFD93 Private - Mount Joy Township Forest Fire CrewFire-Talk
22888f0DFD94 MC SARFD94 Private - Middle Creek Search & RescueFire-Talk
22898f1DFD95 KeyWildFD95 Private - Keystone Wildfire CrewFire-Talk
22908f2DFD96 WESTFD96 Private - Wilderness Emergency Search Team (WEST)Fire-Talk
22918f3DFD97 LanARFFFD97 Private - Lancaster Airport FC (ACRFF)Fire-Talk
22938f5DEEMS01 EC BLSEMS01 Private - Ephrata Community Ambulance (BLS)EMS-Talk
22948f6DEMS04 EC ALSEMS04 Private - Ephrata Community Hospital Medic Units (ALS)EMS-Talk
22958f7DEEMS06 LEMSAEMS06 Private - Lancaster EMS (LEMSA)EMS-Talk
22968f8DEMS09 ReinhdEMS09 Private - Reinholds AmbulanceEMS-Talk
22978f9DEMS17 ReamtnEMS17 Private - Reamstown AmbulanceEMS-Talk
22988faDEMS21 BrickrEMS21 Private - Brickerville AmbulanceEMS-Talk
22998fbDEMS24 RothsEMS24 Private - Rothsville AmbulanceEMS-Talk
23008fcDEMS36 5PntsEMS36 Private - Fivepointville AmbulanceEMS-Talk
23018fdDEMS37 NewHolEMS37 Private - New Holland AmbulanceEMS-Talk
23028feDEMS38 LeolaEMS38 Private - Leola AmbulanceEMS-Talk
23038ffDEMS43 GordnvEMS43 Private - Gordonville AmbulanceEMS-Talk
2304900DEMS46 ChrstnEMS46 Private - Christiana AmbulanceEMS-Talk
2305901DEMS49 WH EMSEMS49 Private - White Horse Salisbury Twp Fire & Ambulance (EMS side)EMS-Talk
2306902DEMS53 ConstgEMS53 Private - Conestoga AmbulanceEMS-Talk
2307903DEMS77 SVEMSEMS77 Private - Susquehanna Valley EMSEMS-Talk
2308904DEMS82 ManhmEMS82 Private - Manheim Twp AmbulanceEMS-Talk
2309905DEMS85 WarwicEMS85 Private - Warwick AmbulanceEMS-Talk
2310906DEMS86 NWEMSEMS86 Private - Northwest EMSEMS-Talk
2311907DEMS88 WakeflEMS88 Private - Wakefield AmbulanceEMS-Talk
2312908DQRS08 ColumbQRS08 Private - Columbia QRS 8EMS-Talk
2313909DQRS73 FMColgQRS73 Private - Franklin and Marshall QRS 73EMS-Talk
2901b55DEMedical CmndMedical CommandEMS-Talk
2905b59DEECH ER 1Ephrata Community Hospital ER 1Hospital
2906b5aDEECH ER 2Ephrata Community Hospital ER 2 Hospital
2907b5bDECH PrivateEphrata Community Hospital PrivateHospital
2915b63DEHLH ERHeart of Lancaster Hospital ERHospital
2916b64DHLH PrivateHeart of Lancaster Hospital PrivateHospital
2925b6dDELGH ER 1Lancaster General Hospital ER 1Hospital
2926b6eDELGH ER 2Lancaster General Hospital ER 2Hospital
2927b6fDLGH PrivateLancaster General Hospital PrivateHospital
2930b72DELRMC ERLancaster Regional Medical Center ER 1Hospital
2931b73DLRMC PrivateLancaster Regional Medical Center PrivateHospital
2935b77DEWBH ERWomens & Babies Hospital ERHospital
2936b78DWBH PrivateWomens & Babies Hospital PrivateHospital
4701125dDDispatchP25 Tone/Voice PagingFire Dispatch