System Name: Fairfax County
Location: Fairfax, VA
County: 2 Counties
System Type: Project 25 Phase II
System Voice: APCO-25 Common Air Interface Exclusive
System ID: Sysid: 3C9 WACN: BEE00
Last Updated: April 8, 2024, 19:50 pm UTC   [Updated 2 talkgroups for Fire]

Sites and Frequencies

Red (c) are control channel capable frequencies
RFSS Site Name County Freqs
1 (1) 002 (2) Simulcast Fairfax 854.1375854.2625854.2875855.2625855.3875855.9625855.9875


DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
132552dDFfx Coord D1Coordination D1Interop
132652eDFfx Coord D6Coordination D6Interop
132752fDFfx Coord D2Coordination D2Interop
1328530DFfx Coord D7Coordination D7Interop
1329531DFfx Coord D3Coordination D3Interop
1330532DFfx Coord D8Coordination D8Interop
1331533DFfx Coord D4Coordination D4Interop
1333535DFfx Coord D5Coordination D5Interop
53801504DEFfx Coord D9Coordination D9Interop
53811505DEFfx Coord D10Coordination D10Interop
53821506DEFfx Coord D11Coordination D11Interop
53831507DEFfx Coord D12Coordination D12Interop
53841508DEFfx Coord D13Coordination D13Interop
53851509DEFfx Coord D14Coordination D14Interop
5386150aDEFfx Coord D15Coordination D15Interop
5387150bDEFfx Coord D16Coordination D16Interop
Emergency Management
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
10223feDFfx OEM 1Emergency Management 1Emergency Ops
1024400DFfx OEM 2Emergency Management 2Emergency Ops

Unknown talkgroups:
43M - (Encrypted)
44D - PD/FD Interop (Encrypted)
44E - PD/FD Interop (Encrypted)

DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
1000aDFCFD DTMF AlertDTMF AlertingData
1200cDFCFD AVDAutomatic Voice DispatchFire Dispatch
1044414DFCFD FMTA 1FMTA 1Fire-Tac
1046416DFCFD FMTA 2FMTA 2Fire-Tac
1048418DFCFD FMTA 3FMTA 3Fire-Tac
110344fDFCFD 4B Resp 14B/42B Response 1Fire-Tac
1105451DFCFD 4C Int14C Inter 1 (response channel for interstate highway calls)Fire-Tac
1107453DFCFD 4D In104D Incident 10Fire-Tac
1109455DFCFD 4E Cmd 114E Command 11Fire-Tac
1111457DFCFD 4F In124F Incident 12Fire-Tac
1113459DFCFD 4G In134G Incident 13Fire-Tac
111545bDFCFD 4H In204H Incident 20Fire-Tac
111745dDFCFD 4I Cmd 214I Command 21Fire-Tac
111945fDFCFD 4J In224J Incident 22Fire-Tac
1121461DFCFD 4K In234K Incident 23Fire-Tac
1124464DFCFD 45G45G Systems 4Fire-Tac
1125465DFCFD 49B49B Fairfax HospitalHospital
1126466DFCFD AircareAircareFire-Tac
1127467DFCFD 45I45I EventFire-Tac
1129469DFCFD 49I49I Fort Belvoir Community HospitalHospital
113046aDFCFD 49K MEDCOM249K RHCC MEDCOM 2 Hospital
113346dDFCFD 41B41B Response 2Fire-Tac
1145479DFCFD 41H/41L41H/41L Great Falls 1Fire-Tac
114747bDFCFD 41I/41M41I/41M Great Falls 2Fire-Tac
114947dDFCFD 41J41J Great Falls 3 (Mutual Aid with Arlington)Fire-Tac
115147fDFCFD 41K41K Great Falls 4 (Mutual Aid with Arlington)Fire-Tac
1153481DFCFD 42C42C Incident 50Fire-Tac
1157485DFCFD 45C45C Systems Branch HeadquartersFire-Tac
1159487DFCFD 45D45D Systems 1Fire-Tac
1161489DFCFD 45E45E Systems 2Fire-Tac
116348bDFCFD 45F45F Systems 3Fire-Tac
116548dDFCFD 42J42J Technical Rescue Operations Team 1Fire-Tac
116748fDEFCFD 42K42K Technical Rescue Operations Team 2EFire-Tac
1169491DFCFD 43B43B Response 3Fire-Tac
1171493DFCFD 43C43C Interstate 3Fire-Tac
1173495DFCFD 43D43D Incident 62Fire-Tac
1175497DFCFD 43E43E Incident 63Fire-Tac
1177499DFCFD 43F43F Incident 64Fire-Tac
117949bDFCFD 43G43G Incident 65Fire-Tac
118149dDFCFD 42D42D Incident 51Fire-Tac
11854a1DFCFD 45H45H InspectorsFire-Tac
11874a3DEFCFD 1187EncEncryptedFire-Tac
11934a9DFCFD 49C49C Mount Vernon HospitalHospital
11954abDFCFD 49E49E Reston HospitalHospital
11974adDFCFD 49F49F Springfield HealthplexHospital
11994afDFCFD 49G49G Inova Emergency Room - Fairfax CityHospital
12014b1DFCFD 49H49H Inova Emergency Room - RestonHospital
12034b3DFCFD 49-2B49-2B Children's National Medical CenterHospital
12054b5DFCFD 49D49D Fair Oaks HospitalHospital
12074b7DEFCFD 46C46C Training 1EFire-Tac
12094b9DEFCFD 46D46D Training 2EFire-Tac
12114bbDEFCFD 46E46E Training 3EFire-Tac
12134bdDEFCFD 46F46F Training 4EFire-Tac
12174c1DFCFD 42G42G Hazmat 1Fire-Tac
12194c3DFCFD 42E42E Incident 52Fire-Tac
12214c5DFCFD 42F42F Incident 53Fire-Tac
12234c7DFCFD 42H42H Hazmat 2Fire-Tac
12254c9DEFCFD 42I42I Hazmat 3EFire-Tac
12274cbDFCFD 43H43H Incident 66Fire-Tac
12294cdDFCFD 43I43I Incident 67Fire-Tac
12314cfDFCFD 43J43J Incident 68Fire-Tac
1285505DFCFD 47L47LFire-Tac
1287507DFCFD 47M47M Fairfax City PreventionFire-Tac
1288508DFCFD 47I47IFire-Tac
1289509DFCFD 47J47J Fairfax City OpsFire-Tac
129150bDEFCFD 1291EncEncryptedFire-Tac
129350dDFCFD 47C47C Fairfax City Event (also Fairfax City PD Ch. 6)Fire-Tac
129450eDEFCFD 47K47K Fairfax City TrainingFire-Tac
1351547DFCFD 43K43K Incident 69Fire-Tac
1353549DFCFD 42L42L Marine 1Fire-Tac
135554bDFCFD 42M42M Marine 2Fire-Tac
135654cDEFCFD 43L43L E Incident 70Fire-Tac
1411583DFCFD MrshH1Charles County - Marshall Hall 1Interop
1412584DFCFD MrshH2Charles County - Marshall Hall 2Interop
1413585DFCFD Charl PatchCharles County PatchInterop
15195efDFCFD 4A Disp4A/41A/42A/43A/44A/45A/46A/47A DispatchFire Dispatch
15215f1DFCFD 41C41C Inter 2Fire-Tac
15235f3DFCFD 41D41D Incident 30Fire-Tac
15255f5DFCFD 41E41E Command 31Fire-Tac
15275f7DFCFD 41F41F Incident 32Fire-Tac
15295f9DFCFD 41G41G Incident 33Fire-Tac
15355ffDEFCFD 46G46G Battalion 1EFire-Tac
1536600DEFCFD 46H46H Battalion 2EFire-Tac
1537601DEFCFD 46I46I Battalion 3EFire-Tac
1538602DEFCFD 46J46J Battalion 4EFire-Tac
1539603DEFCFD 46K46K Battalion 5EFire-Tac
1540604DEFCFD 46L46L Battalion 6EFire-Tac
1541605DEFCFD 46M46M Battalion 7EFire-Tac
54251531DFCFD 49J LortHlt49J Lorton HealthPlexHospital
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
10013e9DFCPD HQ DispHeadquarters Dispatch Law Dispatch
10023eaDEFCPD MotrOp1Motorcycle Ops 1Law Tac
10033ebDFCPD HQ Ops1Headquarters Ops 1Law Tac
10043ecDFCPD MotrOp2Motorcycle Ops 2Law Tac
10063eeDFCPD MotrOp3Motorcycle Ops 3Law Tac
10073efDEFCPD MotrOp4Motorcycle Ops 4Law Tac
10113f3DEFCPD 1011 EncEncryptedLaw Tac
10173f9DFCPD SIRSSIRSInterop
10183faDFCPD NVRegGangTFNorthern Virginia Regional Gang Task ForceLaw Tac
10203fcDEFCPD Gang UnitGang UnitLaw Tac
10213fdDEFCPD LincolnUnitLincoln UnitLaw Tac
1025401DEFCPD Narc UnitNarcotics UnitLaw Tac
1027403DFCPD AcademyAcademyLaw Talk
1029405DEFCPD RangeAcademy - RangeLaw Talk
1031407DEFCPD Track 6Academy - Track 6Law Talk
1042412DEFCPD 1042 EncEncryptedLaw Tac
1043413DEFCPD Trng 1Academy - Training 1Law Talk
1045415DEFCPD Trng 2Academy - Training 2Law Talk
1047417DFCPD Trng 3Academy - Training 3Law Talk
105341dDFCPD MV Disp2 Mount Vernon Dispatch Law Dispatch
105541fDEFCPD MV Ops1Mount Vernon Ops 1Law Tac
1057421DEFCPD MV Ops2Mount Vernon Ops 2Law Tac
1059423DFCPD FR Disp6 Franconia DispatchLaw Dispatch
1061425DEFCPD FR Ops1Franconia Ops 1Law Tac
1063427DEFCPD FR Ops2Franconia Ops 2Law Tac
1065429DFCPD WS Disp7 West Springfield Dispatch Law Dispatch
106742bDEFCPD WS Ops1West Springfield Ops 1Law Tac
106942dDEFCPD WS Ops2West Springfield Ops 2Law Tac
107142fDFCPD MS Disp4 Mason DispatchLaw Dispatch
1073431DEFCPD MS Ops1Mason Ops 1Law Tac
1075433DEFCPD MS Ops2Mason Ops 2Law Tac
1077435DFCPD MC Disp3 McLean DispatchLaw Dispatch
1079437DEFCPD MC Ops1McLean Ops 1Law Tac
1081439DEFCPD MC Ops2McLean Ops 2Law Tac
108343bDFCPD RE Disp5 Reston DispatchLaw Dispatch
108543dDEFCPD RE Ops1Reston Ops 1Law Tac
108743fDEFCPD RE Ops2Reston Ops 2Law Tac
1089441DFCPD FO Disp8 Fair Oaks DispatchLaw Dispatch
1091443DEFCPD FO Ops1Fair Oaks Ops 1Law Tac
1093445DEFCPD FO Ops2Fair Oaks Ops 2Law Tac
1095447DFCPD SU Disp1 Sully DispatchLaw Dispatch
1097449DEFCPD SU Ops1Sully Ops 1Law Tac
109944bDEFCPD SU Ops2Sully Ops 2Law Tac
12774fdDEFCPD ACAnimal ControlLaw Tac
140457cDFCPD FtB PchMount Vernon/Franconia Patch to Fort BelvoirLaw Dispatch
54241530DEFCPD TysonsUrbanTysons Urban TeamLaw Tac
54741562DeFCPD SurvSurveillanceLaw Tac
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
12334d1DFfx ADC OpsAdult Detention Center Ops (also Fire 47G)Corrections
12354d3DEFfx ADC Tac1Adult Detention Center Tac 1Corrections
12374d5DEFfx ADC Tac2Adult Detention Center Tac 2Corrections
12394d7DEFfx ADC LogAdult Detention Center LogisticsCorrections
12414d9DEFfx ADC DiagAdult Detention Center DiagCorrections
12454ddDEFfx ADC TrnsAdult Detention Center TransportationCorrections
12474dfDFfx AIB OpsAlternative Incarceration Branch Ops (also Fire 47H)Corrections
12484e0DFfx AIB PLSAlternative Incarceration Branch Project LifesaverCorrections
12494e1DEFfx AIB Tac1Alternative Incarceration Branch Tac 1Corrections
12514e3DEFfx AIB Tac2Alternative Incarceration Branch Tac 2Corrections
12534e5DEFfx AIB CLFAlternative Incarceration Branch Community Labor ForceCorrections
12574e9DFfx Cts OpsCourts OpsLaw Talk
12594ebDEFfx Cts Tac1Courts Tac 1Law Talk
12614edDEFfx Cts JDRCourts Juvenile/Domestic RelationsLaw Talk
12634efDEFfx Cts CircCourts Circuit CourtLaw Talk
12654f1DEFfx Cts SATCourts SATLaw Talk
12674f3DEFfx Cts SecCourts Security (also Fire 47I)Law Talk
12694f5DEFfx Cts Tac2Courts Tac 2Law Talk
12714f7DEFfx Cts CiviCourts CivilLaw Talk
12734f9DEFfx Cts GenDCourts General DistrictLaw Talk
12764fcDEFfx Cts SysCourts SystemsLaw Talk
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
1335537DFCPS Sec CommandSecurity CommandSecurity
1336538DEFCPS Sec Ops 2Security Ops 2Security
1337539DFCPS Sec MainSecurity MainSecurity
133853aDFCPS Sec Ops 1Security Ops 1Security
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
1281501DFfx MotProjTMotorola Project TeamPublic Works
1283503DFfx RadioShpRadio ShopPublic Works
132352bDFfx MotProjTMotorola Project TeamPublic Works
1433599DFfx JuvDMainJuvenile Detention MainCorrections
143559bDFfx JuvDTac1Juvenile Detention Tac 1Corrections
143759dDFfx JuvDTac2Juvenile Detention Tac 2Corrections
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
129550fDFfxCityPD 1 Disp1 Police Dispatch/Ops (also Fire 47D)Law Dispatch
1297511DEFfxCityPD 2 Ops12 Police Ops 1 (Regional Interop - shared countywide)Law Tac
1299513DEFfxCityPD 3 Ops23 Police Ops 2 (Internal Ops)Law Tac
1301515DFfxCityPD 4 Ops34 Police Ops 3 (Internal Ops)Law Tac
1303517DEFfxCityPD 5 SWAT5 Police SWAT (shared countywide)Law Tac
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
1305519DVienna PD DispPolice DispatchLaw Dispatch
130751bDEVienna PD Ops 1Police Ops 1Law Tac
130951dDEVienna PD Ops 2Police Ops 2Law Tac
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
131151fDHern PD DispPolice DispatchLaw Dispatch
1313521DEHern PD Ops 1Police Ops 1Law Tac
1315523DEHern PD Ops 2Police Ops 2Law Tac
1317525DEHern PD Ops 3Police Ops 3Law Tac
1319527DHern PD Ops 4Police Ops 4Law Tac
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
1041411DVSP Fairfax1Virginia State Police Fairfax 1 PatchLaw Dispatch
1049419DVSP Fairfax2Virginia State Police Fairfax 2 Patch Law Dispatch
105241cDVSP Fairfax3Virginia State Police Fairfax 3 PatchLaw Dispatch
1321529DMWAA PD BackupMetropolitian Washington Airports Authority Police BackupLaw Dispatch
1363553DFallsChurchPDFalls Church Police (backup)Law Dispatch
137055aDMPD SurveillanceMetropolitan Police SurveillanceLaw Tac
1400578DFfx FBI 1FBI 1Interop
140257aDFfx DCIO 2DC Interop 2Interop
141958bDFfx DCIO 1DC Interop 1Interop
1552610DNVCC PDNorthern Virginia Community College Police (backup)Law Dispatch
1553611DNVCC PD AltNorthern Virginia Community College Police Alternate (backup)Law Tac
53771501DFfx PSAP MAPublic Safety Answering Point Mutual AidInterop
54101522DFfx-Arl InOpFairfax-Arlington InteropInterop
54291535DFfx MtrPoolTechsMotor Pool TechsPublic Works
Prince William Backup
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
143959fDPWPD AdminPolice AdminLaw Tac
14415a1DPWPD East 1Police East 1Law Dispatch
14435a3DPWPD East 2Police East 2Law Dispatch
14495a9DPWFD 5A DispFire 5A DispatchFire Dispatch
14515abDPWFD 5B Resp 1Fire 5B Response 1Fire-Tac
George Mason University
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
14595b3DGMU Dispatch 1Dispatch 1Law Dispatch
14605b4DGMU Dispatch 2Dispatch 2Law Dispatch
155160fDEGMU Ops 1Ops 1Law Tac
1554612DEGMU Ops 2Ops 2Law Tac
1555613DGMU Spec EventsSpecial EventsLaw Tac