Fairfax County

Site: Fire

Unique DB ID: 17074
County: Fairfax

Unknown talkgroups:
43M - (Encrypted)
44D - PD/FD Interop (Encrypted)
44E - PD/FD Interop (Encrypted)

Talkgroup Category Location Data

Latitude: 38.8310 Longitude: -77.2847 Range: 16.5 Type: Defined Coverage


DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
1000aDFCFD DTMF AlertDTMF AlertingData
1200cDFCFD AVDAutomatic Voice DispatchFire Dispatch
1044414DFCFD FMTA 1FMTA 1Fire-Tac
1046416DFCFD FMTA 2FMTA 2Fire-Tac
1048418DFCFD FMTA 3FMTA 3Fire-Tac
110344fDFCFD 4B Resp 14B/42B Response 1Fire-Tac
1105451DFCFD 4C Int14C Inter 1 (response channel for interstate highway calls)Fire-Tac
1107453DFCFD 4D In104D Incident 10Fire-Tac
1109455DFCFD 4E Cmd 114E Command 11Fire-Tac
1111457DFCFD 4F In124F Incident 12Fire-Tac
1113459DFCFD 4G In134G Incident 13Fire-Tac
111545bDFCFD 4H In204H Incident 20Fire-Tac
111745dDFCFD 4I Cmd 214I Command 21Fire-Tac
111945fDFCFD 4J In224J Incident 22Fire-Tac
1121461DFCFD 4K In234K Incident 23Fire-Tac
1124464DFCFD 45G45G Systems 4Fire-Tac
1125465DFCFD 49B49B Fairfax HospitalHospital
1126466DFCFD AircareAircareFire-Tac
1127467DFCFD 45I45I EventFire-Tac
1129469DFCFD 49I49I Fort Belvoir Community HospitalHospital
113046aDFCFD 49K MEDCOM249K RHCC MEDCOM 2 Hospital
113346dDFCFD 41B41B Response 2Fire-Tac
1145479DFCFD 41H/41L41H/41L Great Falls 1Fire-Tac
114747bDFCFD 41I/41M41I/41M Great Falls 2Fire-Tac
114947dDFCFD 41J41J Great Falls 3 (Mutual Aid with Arlington)Fire-Tac
115147fDFCFD 41K41K Great Falls 4 (Mutual Aid with Arlington)Fire-Tac
1153481DFCFD 42C42C Incident 50Fire-Tac
1157485DFCFD 45C45C Systems Branch HeadquartersFire-Tac
1159487DFCFD 45D45D Systems 1Fire-Tac
1161489DFCFD 45E45E Systems 2Fire-Tac
116348bDFCFD 45F45F Systems 3Fire-Tac
116548dDFCFD 42J42J Technical Rescue Operations Team 1Fire-Tac
116748fDEFCFD 42K42K Technical Rescue Operations Team 2EFire-Tac
1169491DFCFD 43B43B Response 3Fire-Tac
1171493DFCFD 43C43C Interstate 3Fire-Tac
1173495DFCFD 43D43D Incident 62Fire-Tac
1175497DFCFD 43E43E Incident 63Fire-Tac
1177499DFCFD 43F43F Incident 64Fire-Tac
117949bDFCFD 43G43G Incident 65Fire-Tac
118149dDFCFD 42D42D Incident 51Fire-Tac
11854a1DFCFD 45H45H InspectorsFire-Tac
11874a3DEFCFD 1187EncEncryptedFire-Tac
11934a9DFCFD 49C49C Mount Vernon HospitalHospital
11954abDFCFD 49E49E Reston HospitalHospital
11974adDFCFD 49F49F Springfield HealthplexHospital
11994afDFCFD 49G49G Inova Emergency Room - Fairfax CityHospital
12014b1DFCFD 49H49H Inova Emergency Room - RestonHospital
12034b3DFCFD 49-2B49-2B Children's National Medical CenterHospital
12054b5DFCFD 49D49D Fair Oaks HospitalHospital
12074b7DEFCFD 46C46C Training 1EFire-Tac
12094b9DEFCFD 46D46D Training 2EFire-Tac
12114bbDEFCFD 46E46E Training 3EFire-Tac
12134bdDEFCFD 46F46F Training 4EFire-Tac
12174c1DFCFD 42G42G Hazmat 1Fire-Tac
12194c3DFCFD 42E42E Incident 52Fire-Tac
12214c5DFCFD 42F42F Incident 53Fire-Tac
12234c7DFCFD 42H42H Hazmat 2Fire-Tac
12254c9DEFCFD 42I42I Hazmat 3EFire-Tac
12274cbDFCFD 43H43H Incident 66Fire-Tac
12294cdDFCFD 43I43I Incident 67Fire-Tac
12314cfDFCFD 43J43J Incident 68Fire-Tac
1285505DFCFD 47L47LFire-Tac
1287507DFCFD 47M47M Fairfax City PreventionFire-Tac
1288508DFCFD 47I47IFire-Tac
1289509DFCFD 47J47J Fairfax City OpsFire-Tac
129150bDEFCFD 1291EncEncryptedFire-Tac
129350dDFCFD 47C47C Fairfax City Event (also Fairfax City PD Ch. 6)Fire-Tac
129450eDEFCFD 47K47K Fairfax City TrainingFire-Tac
1351547DFCFD 43K43K Incident 69Fire-Tac
1353549DFCFD 42L42L Marine 1Fire-Tac
135554bDFCFD 42M42M Marine 2Fire-Tac
135654cDEFCFD 43L43L E Incident 70Fire-Tac
1411583DFCFD MrshH1Charles County - Marshall Hall 1Interop
1412584DFCFD MrshH2Charles County - Marshall Hall 2Interop
1413585DFCFD Charl PatchCharles County PatchInterop
15195efDFCFD 4A Disp4A/41A/42A/43A/44A/45A/46A/47A DispatchFire Dispatch
15215f1DFCFD 41C41C Inter 2Fire-Tac
15235f3DFCFD 41D41D Incident 30Fire-Tac
15255f5DFCFD 41E41E Command 31Fire-Tac
15275f7DFCFD 41F41F Incident 32Fire-Tac
15295f9DFCFD 41G41G Incident 33Fire-Tac
15355ffDEFCFD 46G46G Battalion 1EFire-Tac
1536600DEFCFD 46H46H Battalion 2EFire-Tac
1537601DEFCFD 46I46I Battalion 3EFire-Tac
1538602DEFCFD 46J46J Battalion 4EFire-Tac
1539603DEFCFD 46K46K Battalion 5EFire-Tac
1540604DEFCFD 46L46L Battalion 6EFire-Tac
1541605DEFCFD 46M46M Battalion 7EFire-Tac
54251531DFCFD 49J LortHlt49J Lorton HealthPlexHospital