Hamilton County-Cincinnati Public Safety

System Name: Hamilton County-Cincinnati Public Safety
Location: Cincinnati, KY OH
County: 2 Counties
System Type: Project 25 Phase I
System Voice: APCO-25 Common Air Interface Exclusive
System ID: Sysid: 316 WACN: BEE08
Last Updated: October 7, 2016, 9:49 am CDT   [Updated General Trunked System Information]

Sites and Frequencies

Red (c) are control channel capable frequencies
RFSS Site Name County Freqs
1 (1) 001 (1) Hamilton Co Simulcast Hamilton, OH 851.250851.5375852.2375852.735852.8125852.850853.150


Mutual Aid/Intersystem
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
6303fDAW 1Area Wide - 1Interop
64040DAW 2Area Wide - 2Interop
65041DAW 3Area Wide - 3Interop
66042DAW 4Area Wide - 4Interop
67043DAW 5Area Wide - 5Interop
68044DAW 6Area Wide - 6Interop
69045DAW 7Area Wide - 7Interop
70046DAW 8Area Wide - 8Interop
71047DAW 9Area Wide - 9Interop
72048DAW 10Area Wide - 10Interop
73049DAW 11Area Wide - 11Interop
7404aDAW 12Area Wide - 12Interop
7504bDAW 13Area Wide - 13Interop
7604cDAW 14Area Wide - 14Interop
7704dDAW 15Area Wide - 15Interop
7804eDAW 16Area Wide - 16Interop
7904fDAW 17Area Wide - 17Interop
80050DAW 18Area Wide - 18Interop
81051DAW 19Area Wide - 19Interop
82052DAW 20Area Wide - 20Interop
83053DAW 21Area Wide - 21Interop
84054DAW 22Area Wide - 22Interop
85055DAW 23Area Wide - 23Interop
86056DAW 24Area Wide - 24Interop
87057DAW 25Area Wide - 25Interop
88058DAW 26Area Wide - 26Interop
119077DRED CROSS 1Cincinnati Area Chapter [Hamilton County]Interop
120078DRED CROSS 2Cincinnati Area Chapter [Hamilton County]Interop
121079DRED CROSS 3Cincinnati Area Chapter [Hamilton County]Interop
2230dfDGCHM EGreater Cincinnati Hazmat - EastInterop
2240e0DGCHM WGreater Cincinnati Hazmat - WestInterop
2250e1DGCHM ALLGreater Cincinnati Hazmat - All CallInterop
322142DSHF & FDSheriff & FireInterop
374176DUSAR 1Urban Search and RescueInterop
375177DUSAR 2Urban Search and RescueInterop
376178DUSAR 3Urban Search and RescueInterop
5001f4DMA 1Mutual Aid - 1Interop
5011f5DMA 2Mutual Aid - 2Interop
5021f6DMA 3Mutual Aid - 3Interop
5031f7DMA 4Mutual Aid - 4Interop
5041f8DMA 5Mutual Aid - 5Interop
5051f9DMA 6Mutual Aid - 6Interop
5061faDMA 7Mutual Aid - 7Interop
5071fbDMA 8Mutual Aid - 8Interop
512200DMA 9Mutual Aid - 9Interop
514202DMA 11Mutual Aid - 11Interop
515203DMA 12Mutual Aid - 12Interop
516204DMA 13Mutual Aid - 13Interop
517205DMA 14Mutual Aid - 14Interop
518206DMA 15Mutual Aid - 15Interop
519207DMA 16Mutual Aid - 16Interop
520208DMA 17Mutual Aid - 17Interop
521209DMA 18Mutual Aid - 18Interop
52220aDMA 19Mutual Aid - 19Interop
52320bDMA 20Mutual Aid - 20Interop
52420cDMA 21Mutual Aid - 21Interop
52520dDMA 22Mutual Aid - 22Interop
52620eDMA 23Mutual Aid - 23Interop
52720fDMA 24Mutual Aid - 24Interop
528210DMA 25Mutual Aid - 25Interop
529211DMA 26Mutual Aid - 26 Boone County DNR River OPSInterop
530212DCOMM CTRComm Center all county broadcasts, possibly AW-6Interop
532214DINTEROP ACBAgencies outside Hamilton County can make All County Broadcasts on the system.Interop
33115815bDCOAST GUARDU.S. Coast GuardInterop
331698191DCMA 01Cincinnati Mutual AidInterop
331708192DCMA 02Cincinnati Mutual AidInterop
331718193DCMA 03Cincinnati Mutual AidInterop
331728194DCMA 04Cincinnati Mutual AidInterop
331738195DCMA 05Cincinnati Mutual AidInterop
331748196DCMA 06Cincinnati Mutual AidInterop
331758197DCMA 07Cincinnati Mutual AidInterop
331768198DCMA 08Cincinnati Mutual AidInterop
331778199DCMA 09Cincinnati Mutual AidInterop
33178819aDCMA 10Cincinnati Mutual AidInterop
33179819bDCMA 11Cincinnati Mutual AidInterop
33180819cDCMA 12Cincinnati Mutual AidInterop
33181819dDCMA 13Cincinnati Mutual AidInterop
33182819eDCMA 14Cincinnati Mutual AidInterop
33183819fDCMA 15Cincinnati Mutual AidInterop
3318481a0DCMA 16Cincinnati Mutual AidInterop
3319681acDACB-CITYWDAll County Broadcasts to Cincinnati unitsInterop

Hamilton County Fire Dispatching is split into an East/West division with Interstate 75 being the dividing line. They do not dispatch for Amberley Village.

DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
1001DFD EASTEast Sector - Fire Dispatch East (mullticast on 460.500)Fire Dispatch
2002DFD WESTWest Sector - Fire Dispatch West (multicast on 460.300)Fire Dispatch
3003DFD ALLAll County Fire DispatchFire Dispatch
4004DFD VALLEYValley Sector - Fire Dispatch (patched with 158.760)Fire Dispatch
5005DFD SPARESpare - Backup DispatchFire Dispatch
6006DFG1Fireground - 1Fire-Tac
7007DFG2Fireground - 2Fire-Tac
8008DFG3Fireground - 3Fire-Tac
9009DFG4Fireground - 4Fire-Tac
1000aDFG5Fireground - 5Fire-Tac
1100bDFG6Fireground - 6Fire-Tac
1200cDFG7Fireground - 7Fire-Tac
1300dDFG8Fireground - 8Fire-Tac
1400eDFG9Fireground - 9Fire-Tac
1500fDFG10Fireground - 10Fire-Tac
16010DFG11Fireground - 11 (used as MAYDAY 1)Fire-Tac
17011DFG12Fireground - 12Fire-Tac
18012DFG13Fireground - 13Fire-Tac
19013DFG14Fireground - 14Fire-Tac
20014DFG15Fireground - 15Fire-Tac
21015DFG16Fireground - 16Fire-Tac
22016DFG17Fireground - 17Fire-Tac
23017DFG18Fireground - 18Fire-Tac
24018DFG19Fireground - 19Fire-Tac
25019DFG20Fireground - 20Fire-Tac
2601aDFG21Fireground - 21Fire-Tac
2701bDFG22Fireground - 22Fire-Tac
2801cDFG23Fireground - 23Fire-Tac
2901dDFG24Fireground - 24 Storm Plan Dispatch WestFire-Tac
3001eDFG25Fireground - 25 Storm Plan Dispatch EastFire-Tac
3101fDFG26Fireground - 26Fire-Tac
32020DFG27Fireground - 27 (used as MAYDAY 2)Fire-Tac
33021DFD ADMINFire AdministrationFire-Talk
34022DDISASTER NETDisaster Net (All Hospitals)Hospital
4171a1DDATA-FD EASTUsed to transmit data for the MDCsData
4181a2DDATA-FD WESTUsed to transmit data for the MDCsData
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
51033DLE EASTLaw enforcement dispatch - EastLaw Dispatch
52034DLE WESTLaw enforcement dispatch - WestLaw Dispatch
53035DLE CENTLaw enforcement dispatch - CentralLaw Dispatch
54036DLE SPARESpare DispatchLaw Dispatch
57039DLE TAG EASTLaw Enforcement TAG - EastLaw Tac
5803aDLE TAG WESTLaw Enforcement TAG - westLaw Tac
5903bDLE TAG CENTLaw Enforcement TAG - CentralLaw Tac
9005aDINQUIRYInquiry/Teletype "Channel 3"Law Talk
134086DBAILIFF-1BailiffLaw Talk
135087DBAILIFF-2BaliffLaw Talk
136088DBAILIFF-3BailiffLaw Talk
297129DERENU1RENU CH 1 (multi-agency)Law Tac
29812aDERENU2RENU CH 2 (multi-agency)Law Tac
29912bDERENU3RENU CH 3 (multi-agency)Law Tac
31813eDSHF ADMINSheriff - AdministrationLaw Talk
31913fDESHF CIS OCDSheriff CIS OCDLaw Tac
320140DSHF CIS 1Sheriff - Criminal Investigation Section 1Law Talk
321141DSHF CIS 2Sheriff - Criminal Investigation Section 2Law Talk
323143DSHF TAC1Sheriff - Tac-1Law Tac
324144DSHF TAC2Sheriff - Tac-2Law Tac
325145DSHF SPEVTSheriff - Special EventsLaw Talk
326146DDetectivesDetectivesLaw Talk
34915dDESHR SRT 1Sheriff SRT 1Law Talk
35015eDSHF SRT 2Sheriff SRT 2Law Tac
35115fDSHF SRT 3Sheriff SRT 3Law Tac
393189DCOURT HOLDCourt Holding Deputies - 800 Broadway BuidlingLaw Talk
39418aDCOURT SVCCourt Services Deputies - Courthouse SecurityLaw Talk
39518bDJAIL 3Hamilton County Justice Center (CJC)Corrections
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
327688000DMAIN DISPCincinnati Fire DispatchFire Dispatch
327698001DMAIN AUXCincinnati Fire Auxiliary DispatchFire Dispatch
327778009DDATA-CFD Used to transmit data for the MDCsData
32778800aDCOMMAND BCommand BFire-Tac
32779800bDSTAGING BStaging BFire-Tac
32780800cDCOMMAND CCommand CFire-Tac
32781800dDSTAGING CStaging CFire-Tac
32782800eDCOMMAND DCommand DFire-Tac
32783800fDSTAGING DStaging DFire-Tac
327848010DEMSEMS TacticalEMS-Tac
327858011DFREEWAYFreeway IncidentsEMS-Tac
327868012DCOMMAND ECommand EFire-Tac
327878013DSTAGING EStaging EFire-Tac
327888014DMAJOR MEDMajor Medical IncidentsEMS-Tac
327898015DCOMMAND FCommand FFire-Tac
327908016DSTAGING FStaging FFire-Tac
327918017DCOMMAND GCommand GFire-Tac
327928018DSTAGING GStaging GFire-Tac
327938019DCOMMAND HCommand HFire-Tac
32794801aDSTAGING HStaging HFire-Tac
32795801bDCOMMAND ICommand IFire-Tac
32796801cDSTAGING IStaging IFire-Tac
32797801dDUC HOSP 1UC Hospital 1Hospital
32798801eDUC HOSP 2UC Hospital 2Hospital
32799801fDCHILDRENS1Childrens Hospital 1Hospital
328008020DCHILDRENS2Childrens Hospital 2Hospital
328018021DPOLICE FGPolice Fireground Multi-Tac
328028022DMAYDAY EMSEmergency CommunicationsFire-Tac
328038023DMAYDAY BEmergency CommunicationsFire-Tac
328048024DEVENT FIRE 1Event Fire 1Fire-Talk
328058025DEVENT FIRE 2Event Fire 2Fire-Talk
328068026DEVENT FIRE 3Event Fire 3Fire-Talk
328078027DEVENT FIRE 4Event Fire 4Fire-Talk
328088028DEVENT FIRE 5Event Fire 5Fire-Talk
328098029DCFD PREVFire prevention bureauFire-Talk
32810802aDLUNKEN APCFD-CPD common @ Lunken AirportMulti-Tac
32813802dDCFD CMD 3Cincinnati Fire Command 3Fire-Tac
328178031DECFD ARSONFire InvestigationsFire-Talk
32826803aDCFD TRNGCFD trainingFire-Talk
328338041DMAYDAY CMAYDAY CFire-Tac
328348042DMAYDAY DMAYDAY DFire-Tac
328358043DMAYDAY EMAYDAY EFire-Tac
328368044DMAYDAY FMAYDAY FFire-Tac
328378045DMAYDAY GMAYDAY GFire-Tac
328388046DMAYDAY HMAYDAY HFire-Tac
328398047DMAYDAY IMAYDAY IFire-Tac
328408048DMAYDAY JMAYDAY JFire-Tac
32844804cDSOC TAC 1SOC TAC 1Fire-Tac
32845804dDSOC TAC 2SOC TAC 2Fire-Tac
32846804eDSOC TAC 3SOC TAC 3Fire-Tac
32847804fDSOC TAC 4SOC TAC 4Fire-Tac
328488050DSOC TAC 5SOC TAC 5Fire-Tac
328558057DALL CALL EMSAll Call EMSEMS-Tac
328568058DALL CALL BAll Call BFire-Tac
328578059DALL CALL CAll Call CFire-Tac
32858805aDALL CALL DAll Call DFire-Tac
32859805bDALL CALL EAll Call EFire-Tac
32860805cDALL CALL FAll Call FFire-Tac
32861805dDALL CALL GAll Call GFire-Tac
32862805eDALL CALL HAll Call HFire-Tac
32863805fDALL CALL IAll Call IFire-Tac
32911808fDTRIAGE ATriage A EMS-Tac
329128090DTRIAGE BTriage BEMS-Tac
329138091DTRIAGE CTriage CEMS-Tac
329148092DTRIAGE DTriage DEMS-Tac
329158093DTRIAGE ETriage EEMS-Tac
329168094DTRIAGE FTriage FEMS-Tac
329178095DTRIAGE GTriage GEMS-Tac
329188096DTRIAGE HTriage HEMS-Tac
329198097DTRIAGE ITriage IEMS-Tac
329208098DTREAT ATreatment AEMS-Tac
329218099DTREAT BTreatment BEMS-Tac
32922809aDTREAT CTreatment CEMS-Tac
32923809bDTREAT DTreatment DEMS-Tac
32924809cDTREAT ETreatment EEMS-Tac
32925809dDTREAT FTreatment FEMS-Tac
32926809eDTREAT GTreatment GEMS-Tac
32927809fDTREAT HTreatment HEMS-Tac
3292880a0DTREAT ITreatment IEMS-Tac
3300080e8DTRANS ATransport AEMS-Tac
3300180e9DTRANS BTransport BEMS-Tac
3300280eaDTRANS CTransport CEMS-Tac
3300380ebDTRANS DTransport DEMS-Tac
3300480ecDTRANS ETransport EEMS-Tac
3300580edDTRANS FTransport FEMS-Tac
3300680eeDTRANS GTransport GEMS-Tac
3300780efDTRANS HTransport HEMS-Tac
3300880f0DTRANS ITransport IEMS-Tac
3301880faDTRAINING 1Training 1Fire-Tac
3301980fbDTRAINING 2Training 2Fire-Tac
3302080fcDTRAINING 3Training 3Fire-Tac
3302180fdDTRAINING 4Training 4Fire-Tac
3302280feDTRAINING 5Training 5Fire-Tac
3302380ffDTRAINING 6Training 6Fire-Tac
330248100DTRAINING 7Training 7Fire-Tac
33034810aDTRAINING 8Training 8Fire-Tac
33035810bDTRAINING 9Training 9Fire-Tac
33036810cDTRAINING 10Training 10Fire-Tac
33037810dDTRAINING 11Training 11Fire-Tac
33038810eDTRAINING 12Training 12Fire-Tac
33039810fDTRAINING 13Training 13Fire-Tac
330408110DTRAINING 14Training 14Fire-Tac
330498119DREHAB BRehab BEMS-Tac
33050811aDREHAB CRehab CEMS-Tac
33051811bDREHAB D Rehab DEMS-Tac
33052811cDREHAB ERehab EEMS-Tac
33053811dDREHAB FRehab FEMS-Tac
33054811eDREHAB GRehab GEMS-Tac
33055811fDREHAB HRehab HEMS-Tac
330568120DREHAB IRehab IEMS-Tac
330798137DB TAC 1B TAC 1Fire-Tac
330808138DB TAC 2B TAC 2Fire-Tac
330818139DB TAC 3B TAC 3Fire-Tac
33082813aDB TAC 4B TAC 4Fire-Tac
33083813bDB TAC 5B TAC 5Fire-Tac
33084813cDC TAC 1C TAC 1Fire-Tac
33085813dDC TAC 2C TAC 2Fire-Tac
33086813eDC TAC 3C TAC 3Fire-Tac
33087813fDC TAC 4C TAC 4Fire-Tac
330888140DC TAC 5C TAC 5Fire-Tac
33133816dDD TAC 1D TAC 1Fire-Tac
33134816eDD TAC 2D TAC 2Fire-Tac
33135816fDD TAC 3D TAC 3Fire-Tac
331368170DD TAC 4D TAC 4Fire-Tac
3318581a1DE TAC 1E TAC 1Fire-Tac
3318681a2DE TAC 2E TAC 2Fire-Tac
3318781a3DE TAC 3E TAC 3Fire-Tac
3318881a4DE TAC 4E TAC 4Fire-Tac
3318981a5DE TAC 5E TAC 5Fire-Tac
3319081a6DF TAC 1F TAC 1Fire-Tac
3319181a7DF TAC 2F TAC 2Fire-Tac
3319281a8DF TAC 3F TAC 3Fire-Tac
3319381a9DF TAC 4F TAC 4Fire-Tac
3319481aaDF TAC 5F TAC 5Fire-Tac
3319581abDD TAC 5D TAC 5Fire-Tac
3320781b7DG TAC 1G TAC 1Fire-Tac
3320881b8DG TAC 2G TAC 2Fire-Tac
3320981b9DG TAC 3G TAC 3Fire-Tac
3321081baDG TAC 4G TAC 4Fire-Tac
3321181bbDG TAC 5G TAC 5Fire-Tac
3321281bcDH TAC 1H TAC 1Fire-Tac
3321381bdDH TAC 2H TAC 2Fire-Tac
3321481beDH TAC 3H TAC 3Fire-Tac
3321581bfDH TAC 4H TAC 4Fire-Tac
3321681c0DH TAC 5H TAC 5Fire-Tac
3324581ddDI TAC 1I TAC 1Fire-Tac
3324681deDI TAC 2I TAC 2Fire-Tac
3324781dfDI TAC 3I TAC 3Fire-Tac
3324881e0DI TAC 4I TAC 4Fire-Tac
3324981e1DI TAC 5I TAC 5Fire-Tac
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
328188032DCPD DIST 1ACPD District 1 DispatchLaw Dispatch
328198033DCPD DIST 2ACPD District 2 DispatchLaw Dispatch
328208034DCPD DIST 3ACPD District 3 DispatchLaw Dispatch
328218035DCPD DIST 4ACPD District 4 DispatchLaw Dispatch
328228036DCPD DIST 5ACPD District 5 DispatchLaw Dispatch
328238037DCPD RESV 6AReserved For Future District 6Law Dispatch
328258039DPARKING ENFParking enforcementLaw Talk
32827803bDPK METER INQParking enforcementLaw Talk
32828803cDECPD INQCPD inquiry ("Ch. 16")Law Talk
328498051DECPD DIST 1BCPD District 1 car to carLaw Talk
328508052DECPD DIST 2BCPD District 2 car to carLaw Talk
328518053DECPD DIST 3BCPD District 3 car to carLaw Talk
328528054DECPD DIST 4BCPD District 4 car to carLaw Talk
328538055DECPD DIST 5BCPD District 5 car to carLaw Talk
328548056DECPD RESV 6BReserved For Future District 6Law Talk
328658061DECPD DIST 1CCPD District 1 tacticalLaw Tac
328668062DECPD DIST 2CCPD District 2 tacticalLaw Tac
328678063DECPD DIST 3CCPD District 3 tacticalLaw Tac
328688064DECPD DIST 4CCPD District 4 tacticalLaw Tac
328698065DECPD DIST 5CCPD District 5 tacticalLaw Tac
328708066DECPD RESV 6CReserved For Future District 6Law Tac
328818071DEEVENT-P1Cincinnati PD special eventsLaw Talk
328828072DEEVENT-P2Cincinnati PD special eventsLaw Talk
328838073DEEVENT-P3Cincinnati PD special eventsLaw Talk
328848074DEEVENT-P4Cincinnati PD special eventsLaw Talk
328858075DEEVENT-P5Cincinnati PD special eventsLaw Talk
328868076DEEVENT-P6Cincinnati PD special eventsLaw Talk
328878077DEEVENT-P7Cincinnati PD special eventsLaw Talk
328888078DEEVENT-P8Cincinnati PD special eventsLaw Talk
328978081DEPATINV 1Cincinnati PD patrol investigationsLaw Talk
328988082DEPATINV 2Cincinnati PD patrol investigationsLaw Talk
328998083DEPATINV 3Cincinnati PD patrol investigationsLaw Talk
329008084DEPATINV 4Cincinnati PD patrol investigationsLaw Talk
329018085DEPATINV 5Cincinnati PD patrol investigations Law Talk
329028086DESSS 1CPD Special Services SectionLaw Talk
329038087DESSS 2CPD Special Services SectionLaw Talk
329048088DEYSSYouth Services Section [school resource]Law Talk
3292980a1DECPD TRNG 1Cincinnati PD training (e)Law Talk
3293080a2DECPD TRNG 2Cincinnati PD training (e)Law Talk
3293180a3DECPD TRNG 3Cincinnati PD training (e)Law Talk
3293280a4DECPD TRNG 4Cincinnati PD training (e)Law Talk
3293380a5DECPD TRNG 5Cincinnati PD training (e)Law Talk
3293480a6DECPD TRNG 6Cincinnati PD training (e)Law Talk
3293580a7DECPD TRNG 7Cincinnati PD training (e)Law Talk
3293680a8DECPD TRNG 8Cincinnati PD training (e)Law Talk
330578121DECPD SWAT 1Cincinnati Police - SWAT OperationsLaw Tac
330588122DECPD SWAT 2Cincinnati Police - SWAT OperationsLaw Tac
330598123DECPD SWAT 3Cincinnati Police - SWAT OperationsLaw Tac
330608124DECPD SWAT 4Cincinnati Police - SWAT OperationsLaw Tac
330618125DECPD SWAT 5Cincinnati Police - SWAT OperationsLaw Tac
330628126DECPD SWAT TRGCincinnati Police - SWAT TrainingLaw Tac
330898141DETAC 1ACPD tactical 1A (e)Law Tac
330908142DETAC 2ACPD tactical 2A (e)Law Tac
330918143DETAC 3ACPD tactical 3A (e)Law Tac
330928144DETAC 4ACPD tactical 4A (e)Law Tac
330938145DETAC 5ACPD tactical 5A (e)Law Tac
330948146DETAC 6ACPD tactical 6A (e)Law Tac
330978149DERESV IReserveLaw Talk
33098814aDERESV JReserveLaw Talk
331058151DOH KY 1Ohio-Kentucky interopInterop
331068152DOH KY 2Ohio-Kentucky interopInterop
331078153DOH KY 3Ohio-Kentucky interopInterop
331088154DOH KY 4Ohio-Kentucky interopInterop
331098155DOH KY 5Ohio-Kentucky interopInterop
331108156DOH KY 6Ohio-Kentucky interopInterop
331118157DOH KY 7Ohio-Kentucky interopInterop
331128158DOH KY 8Ohio-Kentucky interopInterop
331138159DOH KY 9Ohio-Kentucky interopInterop
33114815aDOH KY 10Ohio-Kentucky interopInterop
33116815cDCVG PDGreater Cincinnati International Airport PD interopLaw Talk
33117815dDBOONE COBoone County KY interopInterop
33118815eDCAMPBELL COCampbell County KY interopInterop
33119815fDKENTON COKenton County KY interopInterop
331208160DCOVINGTONCovington KY interopInterop
331218161DVIP (COP)Citizens on PatrolLaw Talk
331228162DCPUB SCHCincinnati Public SchoolsLaw Talk
331238163DCIS DESKCriminal Investigations Section (e)Law Talk
331378171DERESV 01CPD Reserved For Future Use (e)Law Talk
331388172DERESV 02CPD Reserved For Future Use (e)Law Talk
331398173DERESV 03CPD Reserved For Future Use (e)Law Talk
331408174DERESV 04CPD Reserved For Future Use (e)Law Talk
331418175DERESV 05CPD Reserved For Future Use (e)Law Talk
331428176DERESV 06CPD Reserved For Future Use (e)Law Talk
331438177DERESV 07CPD Reserved For Future Use (e)Law Talk
331448178DERESV 08CPD Reserved For Future Use (e)Law Talk
331458179DERESV 09CPD Reserved For Future Use (e)Law Talk
33146817aDERESV 10CPD Reserved For Future Use (e)Law Talk
33147817bDERESV 11CPD Reserved For Future Use (e)Law Talk
33148817cDERESV 12CPD Reserved For Future Use (e)Law Talk
33149817dDERESV 13CPD Reserved For Future Use (e)Law Talk
33150817eDERESV 14CPD Reserved For Future Use (e)Law Talk
33151817fDERESV 15CPD Reserved For Future Use (e)Law Talk
331528180DERESV 16CPD Reserved For Future Use (e)Law Talk
331538181DESPARE 01CPD Spare For Future Use (e)Law Talk
331548182DESPARE 02CPD Spare For Future Use (e)Law Talk
331558183DESPARE 03CPD Spare For Future Use (e)Law Talk
331568184DESPARE 04CPD Spare For Future Use (e)Law Talk
331578185DESPARE 05CPD Spare For Future Use (e)Law Talk
331588186DESPARE 06CPD Spare For Future Use (e)Law Talk
331598187DESPARE 07CPD Spare For Future Use (e)Law Talk
331608188DESPARE 08CPD Spare For Future Use (e)Law Talk
331618189DESPARE 09CPD Spare For Future Use (e)Law Talk
33162818aDESPARE 10CPD Spare For Future Use (e)Law Talk
33163818bDESPARE 11CPD Spare For Future Use (e)Law Talk
33164818cDESPARE 12CPD Spare For Future Use (e)Law Talk
33165818dDESPARE 13CPD Spare For Future Use (e)Law Talk
33166818eDESPARE 14CPD Spare For Future Use (e)Law Talk
33167818fDESPARE 15CPD Spare For Future Use (e)Law Talk
331688190DESPARE 16CPD Spare For Future Use (e)Law Talk
Cincinnati Local Government
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
3322381c7DRAD TEAMCincinnati Radio TechniciansMulti-Talk
3322681caDFORESTRY ACincinnati Parks Department - ForestryPublic Works
3322781cbDRECREATIONCincinnati Recreation Commission (CRC)Public Works
3322981cdDSANITATIONCincinnati Public Works - Sanitation OperationsPublic Works
3323081ceDSTREETSCincinnati Street DepartmentPublic Works
Suburban Police - Central Sector
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
128080DARLN POLArlington Heights PDLaw Talk
1890bdDELMW POLElmwood Place PDLaw Talk
2050cdDEVEN POLEvendale PDLaw Talk
2140d6DFORESTPK PDForest Park PDLaw Talk
2170d9DGLENDALE PDGlendale PDLaw Talk
2290e5DGREENHILLSPDGreenhills PDLaw Talk
2470f7DLINC POLLincoln Hghts PDLaw Talk
2500faDLOCK POLLockland PDLaw Talk
31513bDSHRN POLSharonville PDLaw Talk
352160DSPRNGDALE PDSpringdale PDLaw Talk
355163DSPTP POLSpringfield Twp PDLaw Talk
358166DSTBN POLSt Bernard PD 1Law Talk
38317fDWOODLAWN PDWoodlawn PDLaw Talk
386182DWYOM POLWyomingLaw Talk
Local Government - Central Sector
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
130082DARLN SVCArlington Heights 2Public Works
1910bfDELMW SVCElmwood Place ServicePublic Works
2070cfDEVENDALE 2Evendale 2Public Works
2160d8DFORESTPK 2Forest Park 2Public Works
2180daDGLENDALE 2Glendale 2Fire-Talk
2310e7DGREENHILLS 2Greenhills 2Public Works
2490f9DLINCOLN H 2Lincoln Hgts 2Public Works
2520fcDLOCKLANDSVCLockland - Service ChannelPublic Works
31713dDSHRNVLLE DPWSharonville DPWPublic Works
354162DSPRNGDALE 2Springdale 2Public Works
357165DSprngfldTwp Springfield Twp 2Public Works
360168DStBernard 2St Bernard 2Public Works
Suburban Fire - East Sector
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
12207aDATFD-1Anderson Township 1Fire-Talk
12307bDATFD-2Anderson Township 2Fire-Talk
13808aDBLUE ASH FDBlue Ash FDFire-Talk
2060ceDEVENDALE FDEvendale FDFire-Talk
2130d5DL MIAMI FDLittle Miami Fire & RescueFire-Talk
2190dbDGLENDALE FDGlendale FDFire-Talk
2210ddDGOLFMANOR FDGolf Manor FDFire-Talk
2220deDGMF 2Golf Manor FD 2Fire-Talk
2480f8DLINCOLN H FDLincoln Heights FDFire-Talk
2510fbDLOCKLANE FDLockland FDFire-Talk
260104DMARIEMONTFD1Mariemont FDFire-Talk
261105DMARIEMONTFD2Mariemont FD 2Fire-Talk
276114DMILFORD FD1Milford FDFire-Talk
277115DMIL FD2Milford FDFire-Talk
279117DMONTGMERY FDMontgomery FDFire-Talk
31613cDSHRNVLLE FDSharonville FDFire-Talk
353161DSPRNGDALE FDSpringdale FDFire-Talk
36516dDSYCAMORE FD1Sycamore FD 1Fire-Talk
36616eDSYCAMORE FD2Sycamore FD 2Fire-Talk
372174DTERRACEPKFD1Terrace Park FD 1Fire-Talk
373175DTERRACEPKFD2Terrace Park FD 2Fire-Talk
384180DWOODLAWN FD1Woodlawn FD 1Fire-Talk
385181DWOODLAWN FD2Woodlawn FD 2Fire-Talk
387183DWYOMING FD1Wyoming FD 1Fire-Talk
388184DWYOMING FD2Wyoming FD 2Fire-Talk
Suburban Police - East Sector
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
137089DBLUE POLBlue Ash PDLaw Talk
13908bDBLUE ASH 2Blue Ash 2Law Talk
2110d3DFAIRFAX PDFairfax PDLaw Talk
2120d4DFAIRFAX 2Fairfax 2Law Talk
2200dcDGOLF POLGolf Manor PD 2Law Talk
2380eeDINDNHLL PD1Indian Hill RangersLaw Talk
2390efDINDNHLL PD2Indian Hill RangersLaw Talk
256100DMADEIRA PDMadiera PD?Law Talk
257101DMADEIRA PD2Madiera PD 2Law Talk
259103DMARIEMONT PDMariemont PDLaw Talk
275113DMILFORD PDMilford PoliceLaw Talk
278116DMONT POLMontgomery PDLaw Talk
280118DMNTGMRY PD 2Montgomery PD 2Law Talk
28511dDNEWTOWN PDNewtown PDLaw Talk
36416cDSYCAMORE PDSycamore PD?Law Talk
371173DTERRACEPK PDTerrace Park PDLaw Talk
Local Government - East Sector
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
12407cDANDERSN SVCAnderson Township ServicePublic Works
12507dDANDRSN PK 1Anderson Twp Parks 1Public Works
12607eDANDRSN PK 2Anderson Twp Parks 2Public Works
12707fDANDRSN PK 3Anderson Twp Parks 3Public Works
36716fDSYCAMORE SVCSycamore ServicePublic Works
Suburban Fire - Valley Sector
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
117075DAMBERLY FDAmberley Village FDFire-Talk
1800b4DDEERPK/SILFDDeer Park / Silverton FD1Fire-Talk
258102DMAD/IND FDMadiera/Indian Hill FDFire-Talk
313139DReading FDReadingFire-Talk
31413aDReading FDReadingFire-Talk
377179DVALLEY FIREValley Fire dispatchFire-Talk
Suburban Police - Valley Sector
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
116074DAMBR POLAmberley Village PDLaw Talk
1810b5DDEER PK PD1Deer Park PoliceLaw Talk
1820b6DDEER PK PD2Deer Park PoliceLaw Talk
312138DREAD POLReading PoliceLaw Talk
343157DSLVT POLSilverton PoliceLaw Talk
37817aDVAL POLValley Police - DispatchLaw Talk
Local Government - Valley Sector
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
118076DAmberly2Amberley Village 2Public Works
345159DSLVT SVCSilverton ServicePublic Works
Suburban Fire - West Sector
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
129081DARLN FDArlington Heights FDFire-Talk
147093DCHEVOIT FDCheviot FDFire-Talk
1600a0DCLEVES FDCleves FDFire-Talk
1630a3DCOLERAIN FDColerain FDFire-Talk
1770b1DCROSBY FDCrosby FireFire-Talk
1840b8DDELHI FDDelhi FireFire-Talk
1900beDElmwd Pl FDElmwood Place FDFire-Talk
2150d7DFORESTPK FDForest Park FDFire-Talk
2270e3DGREEN TWP FDGreen Twp FDFire-Talk
2300e6DGREENHILLSFDGreenhills FDFire-Talk
2330e9DHARRISON FDHarrison FDFire-Talk
272110DMIAMI T FD1Miami Twp FD ch1Fire-Talk
273111DMIAMI T FD2Miami Twp FD ch2Fire-Talk
274112DMIAMI T ADMMiami Twp AdministrationFire-Talk
28311bDMtHEALTHY FDMt. Healthy FireFire-Talk
28411cDMtHEALTHY 2Mt. Healthy FireFire-Talk
292124DNCOLLHILL FDNorth College Hill FDFire-Talk
356164DSprngfldTwpFSpringfield Twp FDFire-Talk
359167DStBernard FDSt Bernard FD 1Fire-Talk
38017cDWHTWTR FD1Whitewater Twp. FD1Fire-Talk
38117dDWHTWTR FD2Whitewater Twp. FD2Fire-Talk
38217eDWHTWTR FD3Whitewater Twp. FD3Fire-Talk
Suburban Police - West Sector
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
10706bDAddyson PDAddyson PoliceLaw Talk
146092DCHEVIOT PDCheviot PoliceLaw Talk
15909fDCLEVES PDCleves PoliceLaw Talk
1610a1DCLEVES SVCCleves Service (used by Police)Law Talk
1620a2DCOLERAIN PDColerain PoliceLaw Talk
1830b7DDELHI PDDelhi PoliceLaw Talk
2260e2DGREEN TWP PDGreen Twp. PoliceLaw Talk
2320e8DHARRISON PDHarrison PoliceLaw Talk
28211aDMtHEALTHY PDMt. Healthy PoliceLaw Talk
291123DNCOLLHILL PDNorth College Hill PoliceLaw Talk
293125DNCOLLHILL C3North College Hill PoliceLaw Talk
Local Government - West Sector
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
148094DCHEVOIT SVCCheviot ServicePublic Works
1640a4DCOLERAIN 2Colerain 2Public Works
1780b2DCROSBY ALLCrosby AllPublic Works
1850b9DDELHI SVCDelhi Service (Police Primary)Public Works
2280e4DGREEN TWP 2Green Twp 2Public Works
2340eaDHARRISON 2Harrison 2Public Works
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
330758133DNORWOOD FDNorwood Fire DispatchFire Dispatch
330778135DNORWOOD FGNorwood Fire - FiregroundFire-Tac
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
330748132DNORW PD1Norwood PoliceLaw Dispatch
330768134DEPF UTILNorwood Fire/Police CommonMulti-Tac
330788136DENORW PD2Norwood PoliceLaw Tac
3320181b1DACB-NORWOODAll County Broadcasts - Norwood Dispatch CenterInterop
Suburban Police - Other
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
2530fdDLOVLD PDLoveland PDLaw Talk
Colleges and Universities
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
281119DMT ST JOE PDMt. St. Joseph CollegeLaw Talk
32874806aDUC PD DISPUniversity of Cincinnati Police DispatchLaw Dispatch
32875806bDEUC C2CUniversity of Cincinnati Police Car to CarLaw Talk
32876806cDUC EVENTUniversity of Cincinnati Police Special EventsLaw Talk
32877806dDEUC CMD EUniversity of Cincinnati Police CommandLaw Talk
32878806eDUC AlarmTECHUniversity of Cincinnati Alarm System MaintenancePublic Works
330738131DXU POLXavier University PoliceLaw Dispatch
3323481d2DCINTI ST PDCincinnati State Technical and Community College Police DispatchLaw Dispatch
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
113071DPROBATION 1County probation deptPublic Works
114072DPROBATION 2County probation deptPublic Works
115073DPROBATION 3County probation deptPublic Works
1950c3DCOUNTY RD1County RoadsPublic Works
1960c4DCOUNTY RD2County RoadsPublic Works
2410f1DBLDG-MAINTBuilding MaintenancePublic Works
30012cDHC PARKS 1Hamilton County Park Rangers 1Public Works
30112dDHC PARKS 2Hamilton County Park Rangers 2Public Works
30212eDHC PARKS 3Hamilton County Park Rangers 3Public Works
389185DBLDG-SECBuilding SecurityPublic Works
392188DAUTO ALARMAutomative Alarm central parkway facilityPublic Works
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
531213DADMIN TALKAdministration car to carPublic Works
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
309135DRadioSvc1Radio Service 1Other
310136DRadioSvc2Radio Service 2Other
311137DRadioSvc3Radio Service 3Other
Systemwide Tactical

Systemwide Tactical TGs are available to any law enforcement agency that #1 has them programmed into their radios and #2 wants to use them. These are used much like the Area Wide TGs on the system, except agencies outside of Hamilton County with them programmed into their radio can access them for tactical use. Users will coordinate use via the Hamilton County Communications Center HOWEVER the HCCC cannot monitor these TGs. These are all strapped for full-time encryption.

DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
4321b0DEHC TAC 1Systemwide Law Enforcement TacticalLaw Tac
4331b1DEHC TAC 2Systemwide Law Enforcement TacticalLaw Tac
4341b2DEHC TAC 3Systemwide Law Enforcement TacticalLaw Tac
4351b3DEHC TAC 4Systemwide Law Enforcement TacticalLaw Tac
4361b4DEHC TAC 5Systemwide Law Enforcement TacticalLaw Tac
4371b5DEHC TAC 6Systemwide Law Enforcement TacticalLaw Tac
4381b6DEHC TAC 7Systemwide Law Enforcement TacticalLaw Tac
4391b7DEHC TAC 8Systemwide Law Enforcement TacticalLaw Tac
4401b8DEHC TAC 9Systemwide Law Enforcement TacticalLaw Tac
4411b9DEHC TAC 10Systemwide Law Enforcement TacticalLaw Tac
4421baDEHC TAC 11Systemwide Law Enforcement TacticalLaw Tac
4431bbDEHC TAC 12Systemwide Law Enforcement TacticalLaw Tac
4441bcDEHC TAC 13Systemwide Law Enforcement TacticalLaw Tac
4451bdDEHC TAC 14Systemwide Law Enforcement TacticalLaw Tac
4461beDEHC TAC 15Systemwide Law Enforcement TacticalLaw Tac
4471bfDEHC TAC 16Systemwide Law Enforcement TacticalLaw Tac
Metropolitan Sewer District
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
262106DMSD-1OpsPublic Works
263107DMSD-2OpsPublic Works
264108DMSD-3OpsPublic Works
265109DMSD-4OpsPublic Works
26610aDMSD-5OpsPublic Works
26710bDMSD-6OpsPublic Works
26810cDMSD-7OpsPublic Works
26910dDMSD-8OpsPublic Works
27010eDMSD-9OpsPublic Works
27110fDMSD-10OpsPublic Works