Hamilton County-Cincinnati Public Safety

Site: County Fire

Unique DB ID: 2881

Hamilton County Fire Dispatching is split into an East/West division with Interstate 75 being the dividing line. They do not dispatch for Amberley Village.

Talkgroup Category Location Data

Latitude: 39.2000 Longitude: -84.5400 Range: 17 Type: Defined Coverage


DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
1001DFD EASTEast Sector - Fire Dispatch East (mullticast on 460.500)Fire Dispatch
2002DFD WESTWest Sector - Fire Dispatch West (multicast on 460.300)Fire Dispatch
3003DFD ALLAll County Fire DispatchFire Dispatch
4004DFD VALLEYValley Sector - Fire Dispatch (patched with 158.760)Fire Dispatch
5005DFD SPARESpare - Backup DispatchFire Dispatch
6006DFG1Fireground - 1Fire-Tac
7007DFG2Fireground - 2Fire-Tac
8008DFG3Fireground - 3Fire-Tac
9009DFG4Fireground - 4Fire-Tac
1000aDFG5Fireground - 5Fire-Tac
1100bDFG6Fireground - 6Fire-Tac
1200cDFG7Fireground - 7Fire-Tac
1300dDFG8Fireground - 8Fire-Tac
1400eDFG9Fireground - 9Fire-Tac
1500fDFG10Fireground - 10Fire-Tac
16010DFG11Fireground - 11 (used as MAYDAY 1)Fire-Tac
17011DFG12Fireground - 12Fire-Tac
18012DFG13Fireground - 13Fire-Tac
19013DFG14Fireground - 14Fire-Tac
20014DFG15Fireground - 15Fire-Tac
21015DFG16Fireground - 16Fire-Tac
22016DFG17Fireground - 17Fire-Tac
23017DFG18Fireground - 18Fire-Tac
24018DFG19Fireground - 19Fire-Tac
25019DFG20Fireground - 20Fire-Tac
2601aDFG21Fireground - 21Fire-Tac
2701bDFG22Fireground - 22Fire-Tac
2801cDFG23Fireground - 23Fire-Tac
2901dDFG24Fireground - 24 Storm Plan Dispatch WestFire-Tac
3001eDFG25Fireground - 25 Storm Plan Dispatch EastFire-Tac
3101fDFG26Fireground - 26Fire-Tac
32020DFG27Fireground - 27 (used as MAYDAY 2)Fire-Tac
33021DFD ADMINFire AdministrationFire-Talk
34022DDISASTER NETDisaster Net (All Hospitals)Hospital
4171a1DDATA-FD EASTUsed to transmit data for the MDCsData
4181a2DDATA-FD WESTUsed to transmit data for the MDCsData