Hamilton County-Cincinnati Public Safety

Site: Mutual Aid/Intersystem

Unique DB ID: 2880

Talkgroup Category Location Data

Latitude: 39.2000 Longitude: -84.5400 Range: 17 Type: Inherited (System)


DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
6303fDAW 1Area Wide - 1Interop
64040DAW 2Area Wide - 2Interop
65041DAW 3Area Wide - 3Interop
66042DAW 4Area Wide - 4Interop
67043DAW 5Area Wide - 5Interop
68044DAW 6Area Wide - 6Interop
69045DAW 7Area Wide - 7Interop
70046DAW 8Area Wide - 8Interop
71047DAW 9Area Wide - 9Interop
72048DAW 10Area Wide - 10Interop
73049DAW 11Area Wide - 11Interop
7404aDAW 12Area Wide - 12Interop
7504bDAW 13Area Wide - 13Interop
7604cDAW 14Area Wide - 14Interop
7704dDAW 15Area Wide - 15Interop
7804eDAW 16Area Wide - 16Interop
7904fDAW 17Area Wide - 17Interop
80050DAW 18Area Wide - 18Interop
81051DAW 19Area Wide - 19Interop
82052DAW 20Area Wide - 20Interop
83053DAW 21Area Wide - 21Interop
84054DAW 22Area Wide - 22Interop
85055DAW 23Area Wide - 23Interop
86056DAW 24Area Wide - 24Interop
87057DAW 25Area Wide - 25Interop
88058DAW 26Area Wide - 26Interop
119077DRED CROSS 1Cincinnati Area Chapter [Hamilton County]Interop
120078DRED CROSS 2Cincinnati Area Chapter [Hamilton County]Interop
121079DRED CROSS 3Cincinnati Area Chapter [Hamilton County]Interop
2230dfDGCHM EGreater Cincinnati Hazmat - EastInterop
2240e0DGCHM WGreater Cincinnati Hazmat - WestInterop
2250e1DGCHM ALLGreater Cincinnati Hazmat - All CallInterop
322142DSHF & FDSheriff & FireInterop
374176DUSAR 1Urban Search and RescueInterop
375177DUSAR 2Urban Search and RescueInterop
376178DUSAR 3Urban Search and RescueInterop
5001f4DMA 1Mutual Aid - 1Interop
5011f5DMA 2Mutual Aid - 2Interop
5021f6DMA 3Mutual Aid - 3Interop
5031f7DMA 4Mutual Aid - 4Interop
5041f8DMA 5Mutual Aid - 5Interop
5051f9DMA 6Mutual Aid - 6Interop
5061faDMA 7Mutual Aid - 7Interop
5071fbDMA 8Mutual Aid - 8Interop
512200DMA 9Mutual Aid - 9Interop
514202DMA 11Mutual Aid - 11Interop
515203DMA 12Mutual Aid - 12Interop
516204DMA 13Mutual Aid - 13Interop
517205DMA 14Mutual Aid - 14Interop
518206DMA 15Mutual Aid - 15Interop
519207DMA 16Mutual Aid - 16Interop
520208DMA 17Mutual Aid - 17Interop
521209DMA 18Mutual Aid - 18Interop
52220aDMA 19Mutual Aid - 19Interop
52320bDMA 20Mutual Aid - 20Interop
52420cDMA 21Mutual Aid - 21Interop
52520dDMA 22Mutual Aid - 22Interop
52620eDMA 23Mutual Aid - 23Interop
52720fDMA 24Mutual Aid - 24Interop
528210DMA 25Mutual Aid - 25Interop
529211DMA 26Mutual Aid - 26 Boone County DNR River OPSInterop
530212DCOMM CTRComm Center all county broadcasts, possibly AW-6Interop
532214DINTEROP ACBAgencies outside Hamilton County can make All County Broadcasts on the system.Interop
33115815bDCOAST GUARDU.S. Coast GuardInterop
331698191DCMA 01Cincinnati Mutual AidInterop
331708192DCMA 02Cincinnati Mutual AidInterop
331718193DCMA 03Cincinnati Mutual AidInterop
331728194DCMA 04Cincinnati Mutual AidInterop
331738195DCMA 05Cincinnati Mutual AidInterop
331748196DCMA 06Cincinnati Mutual AidInterop
331758197DCMA 07Cincinnati Mutual AidInterop
331768198DCMA 08Cincinnati Mutual AidInterop
331778199DCMA 09Cincinnati Mutual AidInterop
33178819aDCMA 10Cincinnati Mutual AidInterop
33179819bDCMA 11Cincinnati Mutual AidInterop
33180819cDCMA 12Cincinnati Mutual AidInterop
33181819dDCMA 13Cincinnati Mutual AidInterop
33182819eDCMA 14Cincinnati Mutual AidInterop
33183819fDCMA 15Cincinnati Mutual AidInterop
3318481a0DCMA 16Cincinnati Mutual AidInterop
3319681acDACB-CITYWDAll County Broadcasts to Cincinnati unitsInterop