System Name: Brevard County
Location: Brevard County, FL
County: Brevard
System Type: EDACS Networked Standard
System Voice: ProVoice and Analog
Last Updated: May 20, 2023, 22:35 pm UTC   [Updated 1 talkgroups for Patch]
System Notes

1 Sept 2021:  West Melbourne PD now uses 01-043 (163) as their primary dispatch channel.  KMLB Airport Police are now dispatched by Melbourne PD Primary 08-012 (1034).

29 May 2021:  Description and History of the Brevard EDACS system: 

The Brevard County 800 MHz Public Safety Radio System was built in 1990 as a four multisite Enhanced Digital Access Communication System (EDACS). As technology evolved and the urban surface boundary expanded, enhancement of the radio system was imperative. In 2013, Emergency Management received funding to expand and improve the radio system. The current system includes nine sites in a three-cell simulcast configuration, two Integrated Multisite Console Controllers (IMC) sustaining wide-area communication, as well as a Voice, Interoperability, Data and Access (VIDA) core for future migration to the Project 25 standards. It utilizes Harris Corporation technology, supports county and local agencies, and provides interoperability with the State of Florida Law Enforcement Radio System (SLERS) and Florida Region 5.


November 2020:  Some of the "tactical" talkgroups on Palm Bay, Titusville, Melbourne and for the Brevard Sheriff's Office are PROVOICE.  Some are encrypted PROVOICE.  Note that First Flight Dispatch TG 04-156 is Provoice (unencrypted).


Sites and Frequencies

Red (c) are control channel capable frequencies
Site Name Freqs
012 (C) North Simulcast 01 851.22502 851.5625c03 851.750c04 852.262505 852.887506 853.35007 853.687508 851.250
  09 851.587510 851.825c11 852.75012 853.162513 853.412514 853.900  
013 (D) South Simulcast 01 851.150c02 851.5375c03 852.1375c04 852.5375c05 852.787506 853.1375c07 853.5875c08 851.175
  09 851.90010 852.312511 852.587512 852.812513 853.537514 853.812515 851.40016 852.0375
  17 852.362518 852.612519 853.112520 853.5625    
014 (E) Beach Simulcast 01 851.0375c02 851.8625c03 852.1125c04 852.65005 853.37506 853.65007 851.12508 852.0875
  09 852.287510 853.07511 853.62512 853.8625    


Brevard County Fire / EMS
DEC AFS Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
51204-000ABCFR Fire 2BCFR Fire 2 - Fleet*Multi-Talk
39303-011ABCFR Dispatch 1Dispatch 1 - District 20 Fire Dispatch
39403-012ABCFR Dispatch 2Dispatch 2 - District 40 Fire Dispatch
39503-013ABCFR Dispatch 3Dispatch 3 - District 60 Fire Dispatch
39703-015ABCFR Dispatch 5Dispatch 5 Fire Dispatch
40703-027ABCFR Dispatch 4Dispatch 4 - District 80 Fire Dispatch
40903-031ABCFR Tac 1TAC 1Fire-Tac
41003-032ABCFR Tac 3TAC 3Fire-Tac
41103-033ABCFR Tac 5TAC 5Fire-Tac
41403-036ABCFR Tac 7TAC 7Fire-Tac
42503-051ABCFR Tac 2TAC 2Fire-Tac
42603-052ABCFR Tac 4TAC 4Fire-Tac
42703-053ABCFR Tac 6TAC 6Fire-Tac
43803-066ABCFR StagingStagingFire Dispatch
39903-017ABCFR Paging 80Paging 80Fire-Tac
46503-101ABCFR Paging 20Paging 20 Multi-Talk
46603-102ABCFR Paging 40Paging 40 Multi-Talk
46703-103ABCFR Paging 60Paging 60 Multi-Talk
48703-127ABCFR Admin AdministrationFire-Talk
43503-063ABCFR Tac 57TAC 57 - Indialantic FD Fire-Tac
43603-064ABCFR Tac 99TAC 99 - Malabar VFD Fire-Tac
44103-071ABCFR Tac 55TAC 55 - Satellite Beach FD Fire-Tac
44203-072ABCFR Tac 56TAC 56 - Indian Harbour Beach FDFire-Tac
44903-081AAir OPS FireAir OPS Fire Multi-Talk
45103-083AAir Ops Medical Air Ops Medical Multi-Talk
40003-020ABCFR EMS FltBCFR EMS - Fleet*EMS-Talk
40103-021ABCFR Med NBCFR North MedEMS Dispatch
40203-022ABCFR Med CBCFR Central MedEMS Dispatch
40303-023ABCFR Med SBCFR South MedEMS Dispatch
42803-054ABCFR Tac 8TAC 8 - TrainingEMS-Talk
40403-024ABC Lifegrd NLifeguards - NorthEMS-Talk
40503-025ABC Lifegrd SLifeguards - SouthEMS-Talk
41203-034ABC Lifegrd CLifeguards - CentralEMS-Talk
62404-140ABC HospitalHospital - Fleet*Hospital
63204-150ABC Hospital 2Hospital 2 - Fleet*Hospital
63004-146ABC Hosp W/AHospital - Wide-AreaHospital
62504-141AEMS-to-HRMCEMS-to-Hospital (Holmes Regional Medical Center)Hospital
62604-142AEMS-to-CCHEMS-to-Hospital (Cape Canaveral Hospital)Hospital
62704-143AEMS-to-PMCEMS-to-Hospital (Parrish Medical Center)Hospital
62804-144AEMS-to-RRMCEMS-to-Hospital (Rockledge Regional Medical Center)Hospital
62904-145AEMS-to-PBHEMS-to-Hospital (Palm Bay Hospital)Hospital
63304-151AEMS-to-KSCEMS-to-Hospital (Kennedy Space Center)Hospital
63504-153AEMS-to-SRMCEMS-to-Hospital (Sebastian River Medical Center)Hospital
63104-147APSFB MedicalPSFB MedicalHospital
63404-152AHRMC SecurityHRMC SecurityHospital
63604-154AEMS-to-MRMCEMS-to-Hospital (Melbourne Regional Medical Center)Hospital
63704-155AEMS-to-VMCEMS-to-Hospital (Viera Hospital)Hospital
42103-045ABCFR Tac 53TAC 53 CanaveralFire-Tac
59304-101AMalabar FireMalabar Fire - DispatchMulti-Talk
59404-102AMalaFD Tac 1Malabar Fire - Tac 1Multi-Talk
59504-103AMalaFD Tac 2Malabar Fire - Tac 2Multi-Talk
42903-055ABCFR W/ABCFR W/AFire-Tac
43003-056ACommand W/ACommand W/AFire-Tac
43703-065ABCFR Tac 58TAC 58 - Melbourne Beach VFDFire-Tac
45303-085AMarine OpsMarine OpsFire-Tac
46303-097ABCFR Paging 45Paging 45Fire-Tac
63804-156DFirst Flight First Flight - DispatchEMS Dispatch
170113-045AVMED28EMS Air Secondary Interop Console PatchEMS-Tac
Brevard County Law Enforcement
DEC AFS Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
13601-010ABCSO PatrolPatrol - FleetLaw Dispatch
13701-011ABCSO 1 North1 NorthLaw Dispatch
13801-012ABCSO 2 East2 EastLaw Dispatch
13901-013ABCSO 3 South3 SouthLaw Dispatch
23301-131ABCSO 4 West4 WestLaw Dispatch
15201-030ABCSO Tac FltTactical - Fleet 152Law Tac
17601-060ABCSO Tac FltTactical - Fleet 176Law Tac
15301-031ABCSO N-OpsNorth OperationsLaw Tac
15401-032ABCSO E-OpsEast OperationsLaw Tac
22001-114ABCSO W-OPSWest OperationsLaw Tac
15501-033ABCSO S-OpsSouth OperationsLaw Tac
14101-015ABCSO OpsPatrol TacticalLaw Tac
14001-014ABCSO TTYTeletypeLaw Tac
14201-016ABCSO SuprvsrSupervisorLaw Tac
14401-020ABCSO AgentAgent - FleetLaw Tac
14501-021ABCSO CIDCriminal Investigation DivisionLaw Tac
14601-022ABCSO HomicidHomicideLaw Tac
14701-023MBCSO SIDSIDLaw Tac
14801-024ABCSO Gee TooGee TooLaw Tac
15101-027ABCSO MAN VGMAN - Voice GuardLaw Tac
15601-034ABCSO M A NMANLaw Tac
16001-040ABCSO AOA FltAOA - FleetLaw Tac
16101-041ABCSO CntywdeCountywideLaw Talk
16801-050ABCSO SheriffSheriff - FleetLaw Talk
16901-051ABCSO CNVRLOPSCanaveral OperationsLaw Tac
17101-053ABCSO Trn TacTraining TacticalLaw Tac
17201-054ABCSO FarmOpsFarm OperationsCorrections
20501-095ABCSO CivilCivilLaw Tac
20601-096ABCSO WarrantWarrantsLaw Tac
20701-097ABCSO AG-MarAG-MarineLaw Tac
25602-000ABCSO 2BCSO 2Law Tac
15001-026ABCSO Drug TFDrug Task ForceLaw Tac
16501-045ABCSO ERT 1ERT 1Law Tac
16601-046ABCSO ERT 2ERT 2Law Tac
16701-047DBCSO GameOverGameOverLaw Tac
17301-055ABCSO SWAT 1SWAT 1Law Tac
17401-056ABCSO SWAT 2SWAT 2Law Tac
20001-090ABCSO AlertAlert - FleetMulti-Talk
20101-091ABCSO Alert 1Alert 1Law Tac
20201-092ABCSO Alert 2Alert 2Law Tac
20301-093ABCSO Alert 3Alert 3Law Tac
20401-094ABCSO Alert 4Alert 4Law Tac
24001-140ABC Police 1Police 1Law Tac
24801-150ABC Police 2Police 2Law Tac
24701-147ABCSO PD NorthPolice - NorthLaw Tac
25401-156ABCSO PD CentralPolice - CentralLaw Tac
25501-157ABCSO PD SouthPolice - SouthLaw Tac
19301-081ABC Air Ops 1Air Ops 1Law Tac
19401-082ABC Air Ops 2Air Ops 2Law Tac
19501-083ABC Air Ops 3Air Ops 3Law Tac
19601-084ABC Air Ops 4Air Ops 4Law Tac
19701-085ABC Air M/AAir Ops - Mutual AidLaw Tac
14301-017ABCSO VieraCtViera CourthouseLaw Tac
15701-035ABCSO Melb CtMelbourne CourthouseLaw Tac
15801-036ABCSO TitusCtTitusville CourthouseLaw Tac
28802-040ABC DOC FleetDepartment of Corrections - FleetCorrections
28902-041ABC DOC W/ADepartment of Corrections - Wide AreaCorrections
29002-042ABC DOC NorthDepartment of Corrections - NorthCorrections
29102-043ABC DOC CentralDepartment of Corrections - CentralCorrections
29202-044ABC DOC SouthDepartment of Corrections - SouthCorrections
18001-064AState AttorneyState Attorney's OfficeLaw Tac
24901-151ASBPDSBPD (Vacant)Law Tac
25101-153AIHBPDIHBPD (Vacant)Law Tac
25001-152AIPDIPD (Vacant)Law Tac
25301-155AKSCKSC (Vacant)Law Tac
26602-012ANPD-NDNPD-NDLaw Tac
26702-013ANPS-SETNPS-SETLaw Tac
22101-115ABCSO TRAFFICTrafficLaw Tac
Brevard County Emergency Operations
DEC AFS Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
16401-044ABC EOCEOCEmergency Ops
19201-080AEOC RegionalEOC Regional Fleet*Emergency Ops
39603-014ABC EM NorthEmergency Management - NorthEmergency Ops
39803-016ABC EM SouthEmergency Management - SouthEmergency Ops
Brevard County Services
DEC AFS Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
64005-000ABC RB A/CServices All CallPublic Works
64805-010ABC RB Fleet1Road and Bridge Fleet 1 All CallPublic Works
64905-011ABC RB W/ARoad and Bridge W/APublic Works
65005-012ABC RB Tac ARoad and Bridge Tactical APublic Works
65105-013ABC RB Tac BRoad and Bridge Tactical BPublic Works
65205-014ABC RB Tac CRoad and Bridge Tactical CPublic Works
65305-015ABC RB Tac DRoad and Bridge Tactical DPublic Works
65405-016ABC RB Tac ERoad and Bridge Tactical EPublic Works
65605-020ABC RB Fleet2Road and Bridge Fleet 2 All CallPublic Works
65705-021ABC RB AdminRoad and Bridge AdministrationPublic Works
65805-022ABC RB CTac ARoad and Bridge Construction Tactical APublic Works
65905-023ABC RB CTac BRoad and Bridge Construction Tactical BPublic Works
66005-024ABC RB CTac CRoad and Bridge Construction Tactical CPublic Works
66105-025ABC RB CTac DRoad and Bridge Construction Tactical DPublic Works
66205-026ABC RB CTac ERoad and Bridge Construction Tactical EPublic Works
66405-030ABC SCATS A/CSCATS All CallTransportation
66505-031ABC SCATS D 1SCATS Dispatch 1Transportation
66605-032ABC SCATS D 2SCATS Dispatch 2Transportation
66705-033ABC SCATS T ASCATS Tactical ATransportation
66805-034ABC SCATS T BSCATS Tactical BTransportation
66905-035ABC SCATS T CSCATS Tactical CTransportation
67005-036ABC SCATS T DSCATS Tactical DTransportation
67105-037ABC SCATS T ESCATS Tactical ETransportation
68005-050ABC Gov A/CGovernment All CallPublic Works
68105-051ABC ManagerWACounty Manager W/APublic Works
68205-052ABC Comm W/ACounty Commissioners W/APublic Works
68405-054ABC Admin 1Administration 1Public Works
68505-055ABC Admin 2Administration 2Public Works
68605-056ABC Admin 3Administration 3Public Works
68705-057ABC Admin 4Administration 4Public Works
68805-060ABC TC A/CTraffic Control All CallPublic Works
68905-061ABC TC W/ATraffic Control W/APublic Works
69005-062ABC TC Tac ATraffic Control Tactical APublic Works
69105-063ABC TC Tac BTraffic Control Tactical BPublic Works
69205-064ABC TC Tac CTraffic Control Tactical CPublic Works
69305-065ABC TC Tac DTraffic Control Tactical DPublic Works
69405-066ABC TC Tac ETraffic Control Tactical EPublic Works
69605-070ABC SWM F/CSolid Waste Management - Fleet Call (Landfill)Public Works
69705-071ABC SWM W/ASolid Waste Management - Wide Area (Dispatch)Public Works
69805-072ABC SWM Tac ASolid Waste Management Tactical APublic Works
69905-073ABC SWM Tac BSolid Waste Management Tactical BPublic Works
70005-074ABC SWM Tac CSolid Waste Management Tactical CPublic Works
70105-075ABC SWM Tac DSolid Waste Management Tactical DPublic Works
70205-076ABC SWM Tac ESolid Waste Management Tactical EPublic Works
70405-080ABC Mgmt A/CManagement Services All CallPublic Works
70505-081ABC Mgmt W/AManagement Services W/APublic Works
70605-082ABC Mgmt TacAManagement Services Tactical APublic Works
70705-083ABC Mgmt TacBManagement Services Tactical BPublic Works
70805-084ABC Mgmt TacCManagement Services Tactical CPublic Works
70905-085ABC Mgmt TacDManagement Services Tactical DPublic Works
71005-086ABC Mgmt TacEManagement Services Tactical EPublic Works
71205-090ABC Anim A/CAnimal Control All CallPublic Works
71305-091ABC Anim W/AAnimal Control W/APublic Works
71405-092ABC Anim TacAAnimal Control Tactical APublic Works
71505-093ABC Anim TacBAnimal Control Tactical BPublic Works
71605-094ABC Anim TacCAnimal Control Tactical CPublic Works
71705-095ABC Anim TacDAnimal Control Tactical DPublic Works
71805-096ABC Anim TacEAnimal Control Tactical EPublic Works
72005-100ABC Util A/CUtilities All CallUtilities
72105-101ABC Util W/AUtilities W/AUtilities
72205-102ABC Util W/SUtilities Water/Sewer W/AUtilities
72305-103ABC Util TacAUtilities Tactical AUtilities
72405-104ABC Util TacBUtilities Tactical BUtilities
72505-105ABC Util TacCUtilities Tactical CUtilities
72605-106ABC Util TacDUtilities Tactical DUtilities
72705-107ABC Util TacEUtilities Tactical EUtilities
72805-110ABC Comm A/CCommunications All CallPublic Works
72905-111ABC Comm W/ACommunications W/APublic Works
73005-112ABC Comm TacACommunications Tactical APublic Works
73105-113ABC Comm TacBCommunications Tactical BPublic Works
73205-114ABC Comm TacCCommunications Tactical CPublic Works
73305-115ABC Comm TacDCommunications Tactical DPublic Works
73405-116ABC Comm TacECommunications Tactical EPublic Works
73605-120ABC Mosq A/CMosquito Control All CallPublic Works
73705-121ABC Mosq W/AMosquito Control W/APublic Works
73805-122ABC Mosq TacAMosquito Control Tactical APublic Works
73905-123ABC Mosq TacBMosquito Control Tactical BPublic Works
74005-124ABC Mosq TacCMosquito Control Tactical CPublic Works
74105-125ABC Mosq TacDMosquito Control Tactical DPublic Works
74205-126ABC Mosq TacEMosquito Control Tactical EPublic Works
74405-130ABC CTrn A/CCoastal Transit All CallTransportation
74505-131ABC CTrn W/ACoastal Transit W/ATransportation
74605-132ABC CTrn AdmCoastal Transit Adminstration W/ATransportation
74705-133ABC CTrn TacACoastal Transit Tactical ATransportation
74805-134ABC CTrn TacBCoastal Transit Tactical BTransportation
74905-135ABC CTrn TacCCoastal Transit Tactical CTransportation
75005-136ABC CTrn TacDCoastal Transit Tactical DTransportation
75105-137ABC CTrn TacECoastal Transit Tactical ETransportation
Brevard County Miscellaneous
DEC AFS Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
20801-100ABC Sch BoardSchool Board Fleet*Other
20901-101ABC Cnty SchlCounty School BoardOther
22401-120ACII FleetCII - Fleet* (VacantOther
22501-121ACII Test 1CII Test 1 (Vacant)Other
22601-122ACII Test 2CII Test 2 (Vacant)Other
24501-145AMelb Vlg PWMelbourne Village - Public WorksMulti-Talk
26402-010APark ServicePark Service Fleet*Multi-Talk
26502-011ABC Parks W/AParks W/AMulti-Talk
46803-104APMC SecurityPMC SecuritySecurity
48503-125ACity Tac 1City Tac 1 (Vacant)Multi-Talk
48603-126ACity Tac 2City Tac 2 (Vacant)Multi-Talk
75505-143ASSAFE-CentralSSAFE - CentralSchools
DEC AFS Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
128010-000ABch All-CallAll CallLaw Talk
128810-010ABch Fleet 1Fleet 1 All CallLaw Talk
128910-011ABch PD 1 IHBPolice Ch. 1 Indian Harbour Beach DispatchLaw Dispatch
129010-012ABch PD 2 SatPolice Ch. 2 Satellite Beach DispatchLaw Dispatch
129110-013ABch PD 3 IndPolice Ch. 3 Indialantic DispatchLaw Dispatch
129210-014ABch PD 4Police Ch. 4 Beachside Police Depts (All) - IntercityLaw Talk
129610-020ABch Fleet 2Fleet 2 All CallLaw Talk
129710-021ABch PD 5 IHBPolice Ch. 5 Indian Harbour Tactical Law Talk
129810-022ABch PD 6 SatPolice Ch. 6 Satellite Beach TacticalLaw Talk
129910-023ABch PD 7 IndPolice Ch. 7 Indiatlantic Tactical Law Talk
130310-027ABch PD LocalMelbourne Beach Police Law Tac
130410-030ABch Fleet 3Fleet 3 All CallFire-Talk
130510-031ABch FD 1 IHBFire Ch. 1 Indian Harbour BeachFire-Talk
130610-032ABch FD 2 SatFire Ch. 2 Satellite BeachFire-Talk
130710-033ABch FD 3 IndFire Ch. 3 IndialanticFire-Talk
130810-034ABch FD 4Fire Ch. 4Fire-Talk
131410-042ABch FD TrnFire TrainingFire-Talk
131510-043AMB-EOCMelbourne Beach EOCEmergency Ops
DEC AFS Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
140811-000ACocoa All-CallAll CallLaw Talk
142411-020ACocoa PD FleetPolice Patrol Fleet All CallLaw Talk
142511-021APD DispatchPolice DispatchLaw Dispatch
142611-022ACocoa PD TTYPolice TeletypeLaw Tac
142711-023ACocoa PD Tac 1Police Tactical 1Law Tac
142811-024ACocoa PD Tac 2Police Tactical 2Law Tac
142911-025ACocoa PD W/APolice W/ALaw Talk
143011-026ACocoa PD M/APolice Mutual Aid with RockledgeLaw Talk
143111-027ACocoa PD DispPolice DispatchLaw Dispatch
143211-030ACocoa PD CISPolice CIS Fleet All CallLaw Talk
143311-031ACocoa PD CIDPolice CIDLaw Talk
143411-032ACocoa PD SIDPolice SIDLaw Talk
144011-040ACocoa PD AdmACPolice Administration Fleet All CallLaw Talk
144111-041ACocoa PD AdminPolice AdministrationLaw Talk
144211-042ACocoa PD SuperPolice SupervisorsLaw Talk
144311-043ACocoa PD SRT LPolice SRT-L (LIMA)Law Talk
144411-044ACocoa PD SRT WPolice SRT WLaw Talk
144811-050ACocoa FD A/CFire All CallFire-Talk
144911-051ACocoa FD PrimaryFire Dispatch Fire Dispatch
145011-052ACocoa FD Tac30Fire Tactical 30Fire-Tac
145111-053ACocoa FD Tac 2Fire Tactical 2Fire-Tac
145211-054ACocoa FD BckupFire Back-upFire-Talk
145611-060ACocoa FD CmdFire Command Fleet All CallFire-Talk
145711-061ACocoa FD M/AFire Mutual AidFire-Talk
145811-062ACocoa FD AdminFire AdministrationFire-Talk
DEC AFS Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
153612-000ACB All-CallAll CallInterop
153712-001ACB CitywideCTYInterop
154412-010ACB FD Fleet1Fire Fleet 1 All CallFire-Tac
154512-011ACB FD PrimaryFire Dispatch Fire Dispatch
154612-012ACB FD Tac 50Fire Tactical 50Fire-Tac
154712-013ACB FD Tac 3Fire Tactical 3Fire-Tac
154812-014ACB FD SupervFire SupervisorsFire-Talk
155212-020ACB FD Fleet2Fire Fleet 2 All CallFire-Talk
155312-021ACB City TacCity TacticalPublic Works
155412-022ACB FD W/AFire W/AFire-Tac
155512-023ACB PD W/APolice W/ALaw Tac
155612-024ACB PD EOCPolice Emergency Operations Center (EOC)Law Tac
156012-030ACB PD Fleet1Police Fleet 1 All CallLaw Tac
156112-031ACB PD DispPolice Dispatch PrimaryLaw Dispatch
156212-032ACB PD Tac 1Police Tactical 1Law Tac
156312-033ACB PD Tac 2Police Tactical 2Law Tac
156412-034ACB PD SupervPolice SupervisorsLaw Talk
156512-035ACB PD TelePolice TeletypeLaw Tac
156812-040ACB PD Fleet2Police Fleet 2 All CallLaw Tac
156912-041ACB PD EventsPolice EventsLaw Tac
157612-050ACB Util A/CUtility Fleet All CallPublic Works
157812-052ACB Pub WorksPublic WorksPublic Works
157912-053ACB Water RecWater RecreationPublic Works
DEC AFS Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
102408-000AMel All-CallAll CallLaw Dispatch
103208-010AMel PD A/CPolice All CallLaw Dispatch
103308-011AMel PD TelePolice TeletypeLaw Tac
103408-012AMel PD DispPolice PrimaryLaw Dispatch
103508-013AMel PD T/APolice Talk-AroundLaw Talk
103608-014DEMel PD SWATSWATLaw Talk
103708-015AMel PD InvesPolice InvestigationsLaw Talk
103908-017AMel PD SouthPolice SouthLaw Talk
104008-020AMel PD SPCPolice SPCLaw Talk
104108-021AMel PD CmdPolice CommandLaw Talk
104208-022AMel PD W/APolice Wide AreaLaw Talk
104308-023AMel PD SpOp 1Police Special Operations 1Law Tac
104408-024DEMel PD NARCNarcoticsLaw Tac
104908-031AMel PD MDTsPolice MD2-D (MDTs)Data
105108-033AMel PD EventPolice EventsLaw Tac
106408-050AMel FD A/CFire All CallFire Dispatch
106508-051AMel FD DispFire PrimaryFire Dispatch
106608-052AMel FD Tac 71Fire Tactical 71Fire-Tac
106708-053AMel FD Tac 72Fire Tactical 72Fire-Tac
106808-054AMel FD/PDFire/Police SharedMulti-Talk
106908-055AMel FD TrainFire TrainingFire-Talk
107008-056AMel FD AdminFire AdministrationFire-Talk
107108-057AMel FD W/AFire Wide AreaFire-Talk
107308-061AMel FD TrainFire TrainingFire-Talk
107508-063AMel AP PD 1Airport Police Ch. 1Law Tac
107708-065AMel AP PD 2Airport Police Ch. 2Law Tac
107808-066AMel AP AuthAirport AuthorityPublic Works

Note:  In December 2022/January 2023 - Palm Bay has transitioned back to using Brevard County for Fire dispatch services.

DEC AFS Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
115209-000APB All-CallPolice All CallLaw Dispatch
116009-010APB PAT-FPolice Patrol Fleet All CallLaw Dispatch
116109-011APB-PAT-1Police Patrol 1 NorthLaw Dispatch
116209-012APB-PAT-2Police Patrol 2 SouthLaw Dispatch
116309-013DPB-PAT-3Police Patrol 3Law Dispatch
116409-014APB-TELEPolice TeletypeLaw Tac
116509-015DPB-SPECPolice Special EventsLaw Tac
116609-016DPB-SUPERPolice SupervisorLaw Tac
116709-017APB-POLFRPolice POLFRLaw Tac
116809-020DPB-INV-FPolice INV-FLaw Tac
116909-021DPB-CW-1Police Citywide 1Law Tac
117009-022DePB-SID2Police SID2Law Tac
117109-023DPB-TRN-1Police Training 1Law Tac
117209-024DPB-TRN-2Police Training 2Law Tac
117309-025DPB-CIDPolice CIDLaw Tac
117409-026DEPB-SIDPolice SIDLaw Tac
117509-027DPB-INVPolice INVLaw Tac
117609-030APB-ADM-FPolice ADM-FLaw Tac
117709-031DEPB-TAC-ZPolice Tactical ZLaw Tac
117809-032APB-TAC-YPolice Tactical YLaw Tac
117909-033APB-CW-2Police Citywide 2Law Tac
118009-034APB-LOGPolice LOGLaw Tac
118109-035APB-SROPolice SROLaw Tac
118209-036APB-ADMPolice AdministrationLaw Tac
118309-037APB PD VCOPPolice Volunteer Citizens on PatrolLaw Talk
118409-040DPB-TAC-FPolice Tactical FLaw Tac
118509-041DEPB-STAFFPolice StaffLaw Tac
118609-042DPB-TAC-XPolice Tactical XLaw Tac
118709-043DEPB-ERT-1Police Emergency Response Team 1Law Tac
118809-044DEPB-ERT-2Police Emergency Response Team 2Law Tac
118909-045DPB-HOSTPolice HostLaw Tac
119009-046DPB-CMNDPolice CommandLaw Tac
119109-047DEPB-K9Police K9Law Tac
120009-060APB FD Fleet1Fire Fleet 1 All CallFire-Tac
120109-061AFire PrimaryFire PrimaryFire Dispatch
120209-062APB FD Tac 91Fire Tactical 91Fire-Tac
120309-063APB FD Tac 92Fire Tactical 92Fire-Tac
120409-064APB FD TrainingFire TrainingFire-Tac
120509-065APB FD Tac 5Fire Tactical 5Fire-Tac
120609-066AFire Tac 6Fire Tactical 6Fire Dispatch
120709-067APB FD Tac 7Fire Tactical 7Fire-Tac
120809-070APB FD Fleet2Fire Fleet 2 All CallFire-Tac
120909-071APB FD Tac 8Fire Tactical 8Fire-Tac
121009-072APB FD Tac 9Fire Tactical 9Fire-Tac
121109-073APB FD Tac 10Fire Tactical 10Fire-Tac
121209-074APB FD Tac 11Fire Tactical 11Fire-Tac
121309-075APB FD Train1Fire Training 1Fire-Tac
121409-076APB FD Train2Fire Training 2Fire-Tac
121509-077APB FD Maint1Fire Fleet Maintenance 1Fire-Tac
121609-080APB FD Fleet3Fire Fleet 3 All CallFire-Tac
121709-081APB FD Maint2Fire Fleet Maintenance 2Fire-Tac
121809-082APB FD ChiefFire ChiefFire-Talk
121909-083APB WideWideOther
124009-110APB Util A/CUtilities Fleet All CallOther
124109-111APB T&D 1T&D 1Other
124209-112APB T&D 2T&D 2Other
DEC AFS Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
108108-071APC Sec/PDPort Canaveral Security/PoliceMulti-Dispatch
108208-072APC OpsPort Canveral OperationsPublic Works
108408-074APC Tug BoatsPort Canaveral Tug Boat Operations (Marine VHF Ch. 12 Simulcast)Other
108508-075ABCSO to USCGBCSO Patch to Coast GuardInterop
DEC AFS Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
76806-000ARck All-CallAll CallMulti-Dispatch
80306-043ARck PD CIIT2CII Test 2 (Vacant)Law Talk
81706-061ARck FD 817FireFire-Talk
82306-067ARck FD AdminFire AdministrationFire-Talk
81606-060ARck FD A/CFire All CallFire-Talk
78106-015ARck FD PrimaryFire PrimaryFire-Talk
82206-066ARck FD SpOpsFire Special OperationsFire-Talk
81906-063ARck FD Tac 1Fire Tactical 1Fire-Tac
82006-064ARck FD Tac 2Fire Tactical 2Fire-Tac
82106-065ARck FD Tac 3Fire Tactical 3Fire-Tac
78906-025ARck PD AdminPolice AdministrationLaw Talk
77806-012ARck PD Alt 1Police Alternate 1Law Talk
77906-013ARck PD Alt 2Police Alternate 2Law Talk
78506-021ARck PD CIDPolice CID GeneralLaw Talk
78606-022ARck PD CID PPolice CID PrivateLaw Talk
78206-016ARck PD CourtPolice CourtLaw Talk
79006-026ARck PD EmergPolice EmergencyLaw Talk
77706-011ARck PD PatrolPolice Road PatrolLaw Dispatch
77606-010ARck PD FleetPolice Road Patrol Fleet All CallLaw Talk
78006-014ARck PD SuprPolice SupervisorsLaw Talk
78706-023ARck PD Tac 1Police Tactical 1Law Tac
78806-024ARck PD TrainPolice TrainingLaw Talk
80106-041ARck PD RTst1R Test 1 (Vacant)Law Talk
80206-042ARck PD RadioRadio (Vacant)Law Talk
78406-020ARck PD SPCRMSPCRM Fleet All CallLaw Talk
DEC AFS Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
90407-010ATitusFD A/CFire Tactical Fleet All CallFire-Tac
90507-011ATitusFD Tac 11Fire Tactical 11Fire-Tac
90607-012ATitusFD Tac 12Fire Tactical 12Fire-Tac
90707-013ATitusFD Tac 13Fire Tactical 13Fire-Tac
90807-014ATitusFD TacDFire Tactical DFire-Tac
90907-015ATitusFD TacEFire Tactical EFire-Tac
91007-016ATitusFD TacFFire Tactical FFire-Tac
91107-017ATitusFD TacGFire Tactical GFire-Tac
91207-020ATitusFD AdmFire Administration Fleet All CallFire-Talk
91307-021ATitusFD AdminFire AdministrationFire-Talk
91407-022ATitusFD PrevFire PreventionFire-Talk
91507-023ATitusFD TrainingFire TrainingFire-Talk
91607-024ATitusFD C/CFire Car-to-CarFire-Tac
92007-030ATitusFD StatFire Station All CallFire-Talk
92107-031ATitusFD Stn10Fire Station 10Fire Dispatch
92207-032ATitusFD Stn 11Fire Station 11Fire-Talk
92307-033ATitusFD Stn12Fire Station 12Fire-Talk
92407-034ATitusFD Stn 14Fire Station 14Fire-Talk
92507-035ATitusFD PrimaryFire Dispatch Fire Dispatch
92907-041ATitusPD Ch 1Police Ch 1Law Dispatch
93007-042ATitusPD Ch 2Police Ch 2Law Talk
93107-043ATitusPD TelePolice TeletypeLaw Tac
93207-044ATitusPD ERTPolice ERTLaw Talk
93307-045ATitusPD Tac3Police Tactical 3Law Tac
93407-046ATitusPD AdmPolice AdministrationLaw Talk
93707-051ATitusPD CISPolice CISLaw Talk
93807-052ATitusPD SISPolice SISLaw Talk
93907-053ATitusPD Tac4Police Tactical 4Law Tac
94007-054ATitusPD Tac5Police Tactical 5Law Tac
94107-055ATitusPD Tac6Police Tactical 6Law Tac
94207-056ATitusPD VGPolice Voice GuardLaw Talk
94307-057ATitusPD AdmPolice AdministrationLaw Talk
Titusville-Cocoa Airport Authority
DEC AFS Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
96107-081ATICO ARFF DispAircraft Rescue and Firefighting - DispatchFire Dispatch
96207-082ATICO ARFF TacAircraft Rescue and Firefighting - TacticalFire-Tac
DEC AFS Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
14901-025AWMPD SID 149Police SID 149Law Tac
16301-043AW Melbourne PDWest Melbourne PDLaw Dispatch
17001-052AWMPD TACTacticalLaw Tac
18101-065AWMPD SID 181Police SID 181Law Tac
18701-073APD TrainingPD Training TacLaw Tac
25902-003APD DispatchWest Melbourne PD Primary DispatchLaw Dispatch
Communications International, Inc. (CII)
DEC AFS Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
192015-000AAll CallAll CallOther
192815-010ARadio MainteRadio Maintenance Fleet All CallOther
192915-011ATest 1Test 1Other
193015-012AAEGIS 1AEGIS 1Other
193115-013ATest 2Test 2Other
193215-014AData 2-LData 2-LOther
193315-015AData 3-WData 3-WOther
193415-016AEncrypted TeEncrypted TestOther
193515-017ARadio MainteRadio MaintenanceOther
193715-021ARadio MainteRadio Maintenance TestOther
193815-022ASheriff RadioSheriff RadioOther
193915-023AWide AreaWide AreaOther
194015-024AConsole TestConsole TestOther
DEC AFS Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
67205-040ACoastal A/CCoastal Ambulance All CallEMS Dispatch
67305-041ACoastal NorthCoastal Ambulance NorthEMS Dispatch
67405-042ACoastal CentralCoastal Ambulance CentralEMS Dispatch
67505-043ACoastal SouthCoastal Ambulance SouthEMS Dispatch
67605-044ACoastal PrimaryCoastal Ambulance PrimaryEMS Dispatch
67705-045ACoastal CocoaBchCoastal Ambulance Cocoa BeachEMS Dispatch
67805-046ACoastal MelbCoastal Ambulance MelbourneEMS Dispatch
L3Harris Corporation
DEC AFS Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
27302-021DEL3Harris 1L3Harris Corporation GSCD - SecurityBusiness
27402-022DEL3Harris 2L3Harris Corporation GCSD - FacilitiesBusiness
27502-023DEL3Harris 3L3Harris Corporation GCSD - FireBusiness
27602-024DEL3Harris 4L3Harris - Corporate HQ SecurityBusiness
27702-025DEL3Harris 5L3Harris - Corporate HQ FacilitiesBusiness
27802-026DEL3Harris 6L3Harris EmergenciesBusiness
27902-027DEInterCelInterCel SecurityBusiness
DEC AFS Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
76405-154APSIC 4Public Safety Interoperable Communications Network 4Interop
76505-155APSIC 1Public Safety Interoperable Communications Network 1Interop
76605-156APSIC 2Public Safety Interoperable Communications Network 2Interop
76705-157APSIC 3Public Safety Interoperable Communications Network 3Interop
196015-050APatch Patch Interop
196115-051APatch Patch Interop
196215-052APatch Patch Interop
196315-053APatch PatchInterop
196615-056APatch PatchInterop
198215-076APatch PatchInterop
198815-084APatch PatchInterop
199815-096APatch PatchInterop
199915-097APatch PatchInterop
200615-106APatch PatchInterop
202915-135APatch PatchInterop
203115-137APatch PatchInterop
203315-141APatch PatchInterop
203415-142APatch PatchInterop
203515-143APatch PatchInterop
203615-144APatch PatchInterop
203715-145APatch PatchInterop
204015-150APatch PatchInterop
204115-151APatch PatchInterop
204215-152APatch PatchInterop
204315-153APatch PatchInterop
204415-154APatch PatchInterop
204515-155APatch PatchInterop
204615-156APatch PatchInterop
204715-157APatch PatchInterop