Brevard County

Site: Brevard County Law Enforcement

Unique DB ID: 16536
County: Brevard

Talkgroup Category Location Data

Latitude: 28.3242 Longitude: -80.6913 Range: 36.4 Type: Defined Coverage


DEC AFS Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
12801-000ABCSO AgencyAgency - FleetLaw Dispatch
13601-010ABCSO PatrolPatrol - FleetLaw Dispatch
13701-011ABCSO 1 North1 NorthLaw Dispatch
13801-012ABCSO 2 East2 EastLaw Dispatch
13901-013ABCSO 3 South3 SouthLaw Dispatch
14001-014ABCSO TTYTeletypeLaw Tac
14101-015ABCSO OpsPatrol TacticalLaw Tac
14201-016ABCSO SuprvsrSupervisorLaw Tac
14301-017ABCSO VieraCtViera CourthouseLaw Tac
14401-020ABCSO AgentAgent - FleetLaw Tac
14501-021ABCSO CIDCriminal Investigation DivisionLaw Tac
14601-022ABCSO HomicidHomicideLaw Tac
14701-023MBCSO SIDSIDLaw Tac
14801-024ABCSO Gee TooGee TooLaw Tac
15001-026ABCSO Drug TFDrug Task ForceLaw Tac
15101-027ABCSO MAN VGMAN - Voice GuardLaw Tac
15201-030ABCSO Tac FltTactical - Fleet 152Law Tac
15301-031ABCSO N-OpsNorth OperationsLaw Tac
15401-032ABCSO E-OpsEast OperationsLaw Tac
15501-033ABCSO S-OpsSouth OperationsLaw Tac
15601-034ABCSO M A NMANLaw Tac
15701-035ABCSO Melb CtMelbourne CourthouseLaw Tac
15801-036ABCSO TitusCtTitusville CourthouseLaw Tac
16001-040ABCSO AOA FltAOA - FleetLaw Tac
16101-041ABCSO CntywdeCountywideLaw Talk
16501-045ABCSO ERT 1ERT 1Law Tac
16601-046ABCSO ERT 2ERT 2Law Tac
16701-047DBCSO GameOverGameOverLaw Tac
16801-050ABCSO SheriffSheriff - FleetLaw Talk
16901-051ABCSO CNVRLOPSCanaveral OperationsLaw Tac
17101-053ABCSO Trn TacTraining TacticalLaw Tac
17201-054ABCSO FarmOpsFarm OperationsCorrections
17301-055ABCSO SWAT 1SWAT 1Law Tac
17401-056ABCSO SWAT 2SWAT 2Law Tac
17601-060ABCSO Tac FltTactical - Fleet 176Law Tac
18001-064AState AttorneyState Attorney's OfficeLaw Tac
19301-081ABC Air Ops 1Air Ops 1Law Tac
19401-082ABC Air Ops 2Air Ops 2Law Tac
19501-083ABC Air Ops 3Air Ops 3Law Tac
19601-084ABC Air Ops 4Air Ops 4Law Tac
19701-085ABC Air M/AAir Ops - Mutual AidLaw Tac
20001-090ABCSO AlertAlert - FleetMulti-Talk
20101-091ABCSO Alert 1Alert 1Law Tac
20201-092ABCSO Alert 2Alert 2Law Tac
20301-093ABCSO Alert 3Alert 3Law Tac
20401-094ABCSO Alert 4Alert 4Law Tac
20501-095ABCSO CivilCivilLaw Tac
20601-096ABCSO WarrantWarrantsLaw Tac
20701-097ABCSO AG-MarAG-MarineLaw Tac
22001-114ABCSO W-OPSWest OperationsLaw Tac
22101-115ABCSO TRAFFICTrafficLaw Tac
23301-131ABCSO 4 West4 WestLaw Dispatch
24001-140ABC Police 1Police 1Law Tac
24701-147ABCSO PD NorthPolice - NorthLaw Tac
24801-150ABC Police 2Police 2Law Tac
24901-151ASBPDSBPD (Vacant)Law Tac
25001-152AIPDIPD (Vacant)Law Tac
25101-153AIHBPDIHBPD (Vacant)Law Tac
25301-155AKSCKSC (Vacant)Law Tac
25401-156ABCSO PD CentralPolice - CentralLaw Tac
25501-157ABCSO PD SouthPolice - SouthLaw Tac
25602-000ABCSO 2BCSO 2Law Tac
26602-012ANPD-NDNPD-NDLaw Tac
26702-013ANPS-SETNPS-SETLaw Tac
28802-040ABC DOC FleetDepartment of Corrections - FleetCorrections
28902-041ABC DOC W/ADepartment of Corrections - Wide AreaCorrections
29002-042ABC DOC NorthDepartment of Corrections - NorthCorrections
29102-043ABC DOC CentralDepartment of Corrections - CentralCorrections
29202-044ABC DOC SouthDepartment of Corrections - SouthCorrections