Brevard County

Site: Brevard County Services

Unique DB ID: 1562
County: Brevard

Talkgroup Category Location Data

Latitude: 28.3242 Longitude: -80.6913 Range: 36.4 Type: Defined Coverage


DEC AFS Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
64005-000ABC RB A/CServices All CallPublic Works
64805-010ABC RB Fleet1Road and Bridge Fleet 1 All CallPublic Works
64905-011ABC RB W/ARoad and Bridge W/APublic Works
65005-012ABC RB Tac ARoad and Bridge Tactical APublic Works
65105-013ABC RB Tac BRoad and Bridge Tactical BPublic Works
65205-014ABC RB Tac CRoad and Bridge Tactical CPublic Works
65305-015ABC RB Tac DRoad and Bridge Tactical DPublic Works
65405-016ABC RB Tac ERoad and Bridge Tactical EPublic Works
65605-020ABC RB Fleet2Road and Bridge Fleet 2 All CallPublic Works
65705-021ABC RB AdminRoad and Bridge AdministrationPublic Works
65805-022ABC RB CTac ARoad and Bridge Construction Tactical APublic Works
65905-023ABC RB CTac BRoad and Bridge Construction Tactical BPublic Works
66005-024ABC RB CTac CRoad and Bridge Construction Tactical CPublic Works
66105-025ABC RB CTac DRoad and Bridge Construction Tactical DPublic Works
66205-026ABC RB CTac ERoad and Bridge Construction Tactical EPublic Works
66405-030ABC SCATS A/CSCATS All CallTransportation
66505-031ABC SCATS D 1SCATS Dispatch 1Transportation
66605-032ABC SCATS D 2SCATS Dispatch 2Transportation
66705-033ABC SCATS T ASCATS Tactical ATransportation
66805-034ABC SCATS T BSCATS Tactical BTransportation
66905-035ABC SCATS T CSCATS Tactical CTransportation
67005-036ABC SCATS T DSCATS Tactical DTransportation
67105-037ABC SCATS T ESCATS Tactical ETransportation
68005-050ABC Gov A/CGovernment All CallPublic Works
68105-051ABC ManagerWACounty Manager W/APublic Works
68205-052ABC Comm W/ACounty Commissioners W/APublic Works
68405-054ABC Admin 1Administration 1Public Works
68505-055ABC Admin 2Administration 2Public Works
68605-056ABC Admin 3Administration 3Public Works
68705-057ABC Admin 4Administration 4Public Works
68805-060ABC TC A/CTraffic Control All CallPublic Works
68905-061ABC TC W/ATraffic Control W/APublic Works
69005-062ABC TC Tac ATraffic Control Tactical APublic Works
69105-063ABC TC Tac BTraffic Control Tactical BPublic Works
69205-064ABC TC Tac CTraffic Control Tactical CPublic Works
69305-065ABC TC Tac DTraffic Control Tactical DPublic Works
69405-066ABC TC Tac ETraffic Control Tactical EPublic Works
69605-070ABC SWM F/CSolid Waste Management - Fleet Call (Landfill)Public Works
69705-071ABC SWM W/ASolid Waste Management - Wide Area (Dispatch)Public Works
69805-072ABC SWM Tac ASolid Waste Management Tactical APublic Works
69905-073ABC SWM Tac BSolid Waste Management Tactical BPublic Works
70005-074ABC SWM Tac CSolid Waste Management Tactical CPublic Works
70105-075ABC SWM Tac DSolid Waste Management Tactical DPublic Works
70205-076ABC SWM Tac ESolid Waste Management Tactical EPublic Works
70405-080ABC Mgmt A/CManagement Services All CallPublic Works
70505-081ABC Mgmt W/AManagement Services W/APublic Works
70605-082ABC Mgmt TacAManagement Services Tactical APublic Works
70705-083ABC Mgmt TacBManagement Services Tactical BPublic Works
70805-084ABC Mgmt TacCManagement Services Tactical CPublic Works
70905-085ABC Mgmt TacDManagement Services Tactical DPublic Works
71005-086ABC Mgmt TacEManagement Services Tactical EPublic Works
71205-090ABC Anim A/CAnimal Control All CallPublic Works
71305-091ABC Anim W/AAnimal Control W/APublic Works
71405-092ABC Anim TacAAnimal Control Tactical APublic Works
71505-093ABC Anim TacBAnimal Control Tactical BPublic Works
71605-094ABC Anim TacCAnimal Control Tactical CPublic Works
71705-095ABC Anim TacDAnimal Control Tactical DPublic Works
71805-096ABC Anim TacEAnimal Control Tactical EPublic Works
72005-100ABC Util A/CUtilities All CallUtilities
72105-101ABC Util W/AUtilities W/AUtilities
72205-102ABC Util W/SUtilities Water/Sewer W/AUtilities
72305-103ABC Util TacAUtilities Tactical AUtilities
72405-104ABC Util TacBUtilities Tactical BUtilities
72505-105ABC Util TacCUtilities Tactical CUtilities
72605-106ABC Util TacDUtilities Tactical DUtilities
72705-107ABC Util TacEUtilities Tactical EUtilities
72805-110ABC Comm A/CCommunications All CallPublic Works
72905-111ABC Comm W/ACommunications W/APublic Works
73005-112ABC Comm TacACommunications Tactical APublic Works
73105-113ABC Comm TacBCommunications Tactical BPublic Works
73205-114ABC Comm TacCCommunications Tactical CPublic Works
73305-115ABC Comm TacDCommunications Tactical DPublic Works
73405-116ABC Comm TacECommunications Tactical EPublic Works
73605-120ABC Mosq A/CMosquito Control All CallPublic Works
73705-121ABC Mosq W/AMosquito Control W/APublic Works
73805-122ABC Mosq TacAMosquito Control Tactical APublic Works
73905-123ABC Mosq TacBMosquito Control Tactical BPublic Works
74005-124ABC Mosq TacCMosquito Control Tactical CPublic Works
74105-125ABC Mosq TacDMosquito Control Tactical DPublic Works
74205-126ABC Mosq TacEMosquito Control Tactical EPublic Works
74405-130ABC CTrn A/CCoastal Transit All CallTransportation
74505-131ABC CTrn W/ACoastal Transit W/ATransportation
74605-132ABC CTrn AdmCoastal Transit Adminstration W/ATransportation
74705-133ABC CTrn TacACoastal Transit Tactical ATransportation
74805-134ABC CTrn TacBCoastal Transit Tactical BTransportation
74905-135ABC CTrn TacCCoastal Transit Tactical CTransportation
75005-136ABC CTrn TacDCoastal Transit Tactical DTransportation
75105-137ABC CTrn TacECoastal Transit Tactical ETransportation