System Name: Consumers Energy
Location: Various, MI
County: 66 Counties
System Type: EDACS Networked Standard
System Voice: ProVoice and Analog
Last Updated: December 23, 2021, 11:01 pm CST   [(1) Talkgroups Updated (Special Incidents - Central Zone)]
System Notes

This system makes extensive use of the i-call feature and it would be advisable to enable the i-call function on your radios, if you wish to listen to these radio-to-radio communications.

***Many system updates are taking place as a result of rebanding; please submit known LCN numbers and associated frequencies where possible***

Sites and Frequencies

Red (c) are control channel capable frequencies
Site Name County Freqs
001 (1) Jackson Jackson 01 855.3625c02 856.237503 857.337504 858.337505 859.337506 860.3375 
003 (3) Haslett Ingham 01 855.312502 856.412503 857.4125c04 858.4125c05 859.462506 860.3625 
005 (5) Flint Genesee 08 861.4625c09 861.1625c10 862.012511 862.387512 862.7125  
008 (8) Manitou Beach Lenawee 13 861.1375c14 861.8875c15 862.2125c16 862.6125c   
009 (9) Hillsdale Hillsdale 01 856.3125c02 859.3125c03 860.3125c    
010 (A) Howell Livingston 01 856.3875c02 857.3875c03 859.412505 860.3125c06 861.9625  
011 (B) Manchester Washtenaw 17 861.4375c18 862.037519 862.5375c20 862.9125   
012 (C) Armada St. Clair 01 861.8875c02 862.362503 862.812504 860.9875   
015 (F) Onondaga Jackson 01 856.3625c02 857.312503 858.312505 857.187506 860.1875  
017 (11) Dundee Monroe 05 861.6625c06 862.0125c07 862.3125    
019 (13) Clarkston Oakland 01 861.2375c02 861.6375c03 862.6875c04 N/A 05 859.337506 857.337507 N/A 
   08 862.2375      
023 (17) Mount Clemens Macomb 09 861.2875c10 861.737511 862.162512 862.537513 862.8875  
024 (18) Royal Oak Oakland 01 861.0125c03 861.4875c05 861.987507 862.487509 862.7875  
008 (8) Owosso Shiawassee 05 856.4625c17 860.612518 854.562519 859.562520 860.0875  
009 (9) Stanton Montcalm 01 856.312502 859.3125c03 860.3125    
011 (B) Ionia Ionia 10 855.662511 856.3375c12 860.5875    
016 (10) Grand Ledge Eaton 13 860.5625c14 856.2875c15 857.287516 855.6125   
017 (11) Alma Gratiot 01 N/A 02 N/A 03 N/A 04 N/A 05 N/A 06 N/A 07 N/A 
   08 N/A 09 859.262510 860.9125c11 855.6375c12 855.2125  
018 (12) Northville Washtenaw 01 856.3125c02 862.8625c03 859.3125c04 861.2625c13 857.312514 858.312515 862.4375
003 (3) Kalamazoo Kalamazoo 01 855.3125c02 856.4125c03 857.4125c04 858.412505 859.462506 860.3625 
008 (8) Allegan Allegan 08 856.8125c09 858.812510 859.8125c11 860.812512 855.6375  
010 (A) Colon St. Joseph 09 860.1625c10 860.5875c12 856.3375c    
013 (D) Delton Barry 01 855.1625c02 859.4125c03 860.412504 854.7625   
015 (F) Covert Van Buren 01 856.3625c02 857.3125c03 858.3125c    
017 (11) Marshall Calhoun 12 860.037513 855.5875c14 855.212515 857.187516 860.6625  
001 (1) Saginaw Saginaw 01 855.3625c02 856.2375c03 857.337504 858.337505 859.337506 860.3375 
006 (6) Ubly Huron 05 861.2375c06 861.7375c07 862.3125c    
011 (B) Caro Tuscola 13 861.0625c14 861.437516 862.0375c    
014 (E) Attica Lapeer 13 857.862514 861.387515 862.4125c16 861.9125   
002 (2) Vanderbilt Kalkaska 01 861.287502 859.4625c03 860.5875    
003 (3) Farwell Clare 01 855.3125c02 856.4125c03 857.4125c    
010 (A) Fife Lake Grand Traverse 10 855.2625c11 856.7875c12 855.7875c    
011 (B) Gladwin Gladwin 06 856.8375c07 857.8375c08 855.9375c    
013 (D) Midland Midland 01 855.1625c02 859.4125c03 860.4125c    
014 (E) Roscommon Roscommon 09 855.3375c10 855.562511 859.8625c    
016 (10) Grayling Crawford 09 854.8375c10 855.5875c11 857.8875c    
001 (1) Grand Rapids Kent 01 855.3625c02 856.237503 857.337504 858.337505 859.337506 860.3375 
003 (3) Muskegon / Twin Lake Muskegon 01 855.362502 856.237503 857.3375c04 858.337505 860.3375  
008 (8) Big Rapids / Norwich Newaygo 09 858.8125c10 859.812511 860.8125    
009 (9) Ludington Mason 06 855.0125c07 855.137508 856.2375    
011 (B) Bear Lake Manistee 01 855.837502 856.8375c03 857.8375    
012 (C) Nunica Ottawa 05 858.837506 859.8375c07 860.837508 855.9125   
013 (D) Baldwin Lake 05 857.7875c06 858.787507 859.7875    
014 (E) Oceana Oceana 05 857.862506 858.8625c07 859.8625    
015 (F) Sand Lake Kent 01 856.3625c02 857.312503 858.3125    
016 (10) Fremont Newaygo 05 855.5625c06 857.812507 860.7875    
020 (14) Remus Mecosta 01 856.9125c02 857.912503 859.9125    
002 (2) Cadillac Wexford 05 860.6875c07 855.0875c08 855.5375c    
004 (4) Marion Osceola 05 858.8875c06 859.8875c07 860.8875    
012 (C) Leroy Osceola 05 858.8375c06 859.837507 860.8375    
013 (D) Mancelona Antrim 09 854.8125c10 855.8125c11 856.8125c    
015 (F) Lake City Missaukee 01 856.3625c02 857.3125c03 858.3125c    
021 (15) Lake Ann Benzie 01 854.7625c02 855.7625c03 857.8125c    
004 (4) Cheboygan Cheboygan 13 861.037514 861.437515 862.0375c    
005 (5) Rogers City / Hawk Presque Isle 06 862.2625c07 862.912508 861.4625    
008 (8) Leland Leelanau 09 858.8125c10 859.812511 860.8125    
015 (F) Petoskey Emmet 01 856.362502 857.312503 858.3125c    
018 (12) East Jordan Charlevoix 05 859.3125c06 856.237508 860.5625c    
020 (14) Traverse City Grand Traverse 05 855.0375c06 855.662507 856.887508 857.412509 860.3125  
021 (15) Indian River Cheboygan 05 861.3625c06 862.362508 860.9625    
004 (4) Hale Iosco 01 861.0125c      
006 (6) Fairview Oscoda 01 856.4125c02 858.1125c03 859.1125c    
007 (7) Mio Oscoda 17 861.0375c18 859.6875c19 858.8375c21 N/A 22 N/A   
008 (8) West Branch Ogemaw 09 858.8125c10 859.8125c12 855.6375c    
009 (9) Prescott Ogemaw 01 856.3125c02 859.3125c03 860.3125c    
020 (14) Barton City Alcona 10 860.9625c11 861.4375c12 862.0375c    
169 (A9) Tawas City Iosco 01 856.137502 861.3375c03 862.387504 861.7625   


Emergency All Call
DEC AFS Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
8000-100APC NWESTNorthern ZoneUtilities
25602-000ASOUTHERNSouthern ZoneUtilities
76806-000ACENTRALCentral ZoneUtilities
115209-000AMETROMetro Detroit ZoneUtilities
128010-000ASPARESSpecial Incidents - All CallUtilities
DEC AFS Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
10300-127ASC STATEStatewideUtilities
Special Incidents - Central Zone
DEC AFS Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
137610-120ASP CENTRAll CallUtilities
137710-121ASP SAG 1Saginaw - 1Utilities
137810-122ASP SAG 2Saginaw - 2 [Maybe re-templated as "SPELE1"]Utilities
137910-123ASP SAG 3Saginaw - 3Utilities
138010-124ASP SAG 4Saginaw - 4Utilities
138110-125ASP SAG 5Saginaw - 5Utilities
138210-126ASP SAG 6Saginaw - 6Utilities
138310-127ASP SAG 7Saginaw - 7Utilities
138410-130ASP SAG 8Saginaw - 8Utilities
138510-131ASP SAG 9Saginaw - 9Utilities
138610-132ASP CN 10Saginaw - 10Utilities
138710-133ASP E/G 2Dynamic RegroupUtilities
Special Incidents - South Zone
DEC AFS Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
134410-080ASP SOUTHAll CallUtilities
134510-081ASP LAN 1Lansing - 1Utilities
134610-082ASP LAN 2Lansing - 2Utilities
134710-083ASP LAN 3Lansing - 3Utilities
134810-084ASP LAN 4Lansing - 4Utilities
134910-085ASP LAN 5Lansing - 5Utilities
135010-086ASP LAN 6Lansing - 6Utilities
135110-087ASP LAN 7Lansing - 7Utilities
135210-090ASP LAN 8Lansing - 8Utilities
135310-091ASP LAN 9Lansing - 9Utilities
135410-092ASP SO 10Lansing - 10Utilities
135510-093ASP E/G 1Dynamic RegroupUtilities
Special Incidents - West Zone
DEC AFS Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
131210-040ASP NWESTAll CallUtilities
131310-041ASP GRP 1Grand Rapids - 1Utilities
131410-042ASP GRP 2Grand Rapids - 2Utilities
131510-043ASP GRP 3Grand Rapids - 3Utilities
131610-044ASP GRP 4Grand Rapids - 4Utilities
131710-045ASP GRP 5Grand Rapids - 5Utilities
131810-046ASP GRP 6Grand Rapids - 6Utilities
131910-047ASP GRP 7Grand Rapids - 7Utilities
132010-050ASP GRP 8Grand Rapids - 8Utilities
132110-051ASP GRP 9Grand Rapids - 9Utilities
132210-052ASP NW 10Grand Rapids - 10Utilities
132310-053ASP E/G 3Dynamic RegroupUtilities
DEC AFS Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
51204-000DNO NWESTOperationsUtilities
51304-001DRS MSRRadio ServiceUtilities
120309-063DRadio Techs.Radio Techs.Utilities
184114-061DDATA_MTMobile Data Terminals (MDTs)Data
184214-062DDATA_LAMobile Data Terminals (MDTs)Data
184314-063DDATA_SAMobile Data Terminals (MDTs)Data
184414-064DDATA_GRMobile Data Terminals (MDTs)Data
184514-065DDATA_STMobile Data Terminals (MDTs)Data
Electrical Distribution
DEC AFS Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
28802-040AED SOUTHSouthern ZoneUtilities
28902-041AED LANSILansingUtilities
29002-042AED OWOSSOwossoUtilities
29102-043AED KALAMKalamazooUtilities
29202-044AED BCREEBattle CreekUtilities
29302-045AED BRONSBronsonUtilities
29402-046AED JACKSJacksonUtilities
29502-047AED JONESJonesvilleUtilities
29602-050AED ADRIAAdrianUtilities
29702-051AED TEMPETemperanceUtilities
29802-052AED SO SVSupervisorsUtilities
30802-064AED CHARLCharlotteUtilities
Electrical Distribution - Central Zone
DEC AFS Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
80006-040AED CENTRCentral ZoneUtilities
80106-041AED FLINTFlintUtilities
80206-042AED FENTOFentonUtilities
80306-043AED SAGINSaginawUtilities
80406-044AED BAY CBay CityUtilities
80506-045AED MIDLAMidlandUtilities
80606-046AED ALMAAlmaUtilities
80706-047AED CLAREClare CountyUtilities
80806-050AED GLADWGladwinUtilities
80906-051AED PRUDEPrudenvilleUtilities
81006-052AED STANDStandishUtilities
81106-053AED TAWASTawasUtilities
81206-054AED HARRIHarrisonUtilities
81306-055AED ROSECRose CityUtilities
81406-056AED LSUPVSupervisorsUtilities
81506-057AED OSUPVSupervisorsUtilities
81606-060AED SAG ESaginaw EastUtilities
81706-061AED FLI EFlint EastUtilities
81806-062AED FLI SFlint SouthUtilities
Electrical Distribution - North Zone
DEC AFS Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
54404-040AED NWESTNorthwest ZoneUtilities
54504-041AED CHEYBCheboyganUtilities
54604-042AED BOYNEBoyne CityUtilities
54704-043AED TRAVETraverse CityUtilities
54804-044AED MANISManisteeUtilities
54904-045AED CADILCadillacUtilities
55004-046AED LUDINLudingtonUtilities
55104-047AED B RAPBig RapidsUtilities
55204-050AED GREENGreenvilleUtilities
55304-051AED HASTIHastingsUtilities
55404-052AED ALLEGAlleganUtilities
55504-053AED ZEELAZeelandUtilities
55604-054AED MUSKEMuskegonUtilities
55804-056AED FREMOFremontUtilities
55904-057AED G RAPGrand RapidsUtilities
56004-060AED NKENTNorthern Kent CountyUtilities
56104-061AED EKENTEastern Kent County (Airport area)Utilities
56504-065AED NW SVNorthern Zone - Supervisors ?Utilities
56904-071AED BNZBenzie CountyUtilities
Gas Distribution - Central Zone
DEC AFS Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
83206-080AGD CENTRCentral ZoneUtilities
83306-081AGD LAPERLapeerUtilities
83406-082AGD FLINTFlintUtilities
83506-083AGD SAGINSaginawUtilities
83606-084AGD BAY CBay CityUtilities
83706-085AGD MIDLAMidlandUtilities
83806-086AGD BADAXBad AxeUtilities
83906-087AGD ALMAAlmaUtilities
84006-090AGD CN SVSupervisorsUtilities
84106-091AGD GLADWGladwinUtilities
84206-092AGD STANDStandishUtilities
84306-093AGD CAROCaroUtilities
Gas Distribution - Southern Zone
DEC AFS Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
32002-080AGD SOUTHSouthern ZoneUtilities
32102-081AGD LANSLansingUtilities
32202-082AGD JACKSJacksonUtilities
32302-083AGD KALAMKalamazooUtilities
32402-084AGD HASTIHastingsUtilities
32502-085AGD OWOSSOwossoUtilities
32602-086AGD ADRIAAdrianUtilities
32702-087AGD GREENGreenvilleUtilities
32802-090AGD HOWELHowellUtilities
Gas Service - Central Zone
DEC AFS Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
86406-120AGS CENTRCentral ZoneUtilities
86506-121AGS LAPERLapeerUtilities
86606-122AGS FLINTFlintUtilities
86706-123AGS SAGINSaginawUtilities
86806-124AGS BAY CBay CityUtilities
86906-125AGS MIDLAMidlandUtilities
87006-126AGS BADAXBad AxeUtilities
87106-127AGS ALMAAlmaUtilities
87206-130AGS CN SVSupervisorsUtilities
87306-131AGS CADILCadillacUtilities
87406-132AGS GLADWGladwinUtilities
87506-133AGS STANDStandishUtilities
87606-134AGS CAROCaroUtilities
Gas Service - Southern Zone
DEC AFS Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
35202-120AGS SOUTHSouth ZoneUtilities
35302-121AGS LANSLansingUtilities
35402-122AGS JACKSJacksonUtilities
35502-123AGS KALAMKalamazooUtilities
35602-124AGS MARSHMarshallUtilities
35702-125AGS SCNT2South Central?Utilities
35802-126AGS OWOSSOwossoUtilities
35902-127AGS SEST2Southeastern ?Utilities
36002-130AGS GREENGreenvilleUtilities
36102-131AGS SWST2Southwest ?Utilities
36202-132AGS PAWPAPaw PawUtilities
36302-133AGS HOWELHowellUtilities
36402-134AGS HASTIHastingsUtilities
36502-135AGS ADRIAAdrianUtilities
DEC AFS Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
4000-050AGT STORAStorageUtilities
4100-051AGT MARIOMarioUtilities
4200-052AGT NRTHVNorthvilleUtilities
4300-053AGT OVERIOveriselUtilities
4400-054AGT STCL1St. ClairUtilities
4500-055AGT WPIGEWhite PigeonUtilities
5600-070AGT M AIDMutual AidUtilities
5700-071AGT CENTRCentral ZoneUtilities
5800-072AGT METROMetro ZoneUtilities
5900-073AGT NWESTNorthwest ZoneUtilities
6000-074AGT SOUTHSouthern ZoneUtilities
6100-075AGT STATEStatewideUtilities
6200-076AGT JACKSJacksonUtilities
11200-140AGT MRP?Utilities
11300-141AGT KALAMKalamazooUtilities
11400-142AGT SAGINSaginawUtilities
11500-143AGT WILLIWilliamstonUtilities
11600-144AGT STCL2St. Clair - 2Utilities
11700-145AGT KALKAKalkaskaUtilities
11800-146AGT PONTIPontiacUtilities
12000-150AGT COMPR?Utilities
Gas Transmission Special Incidents
DEC AFS Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
12100-151AGT SP 01Incident 1Utilities
12200-152AGT SP 02Incident 2Utilities
12300-153AGT SP 03Incident 3Utilities
12400-154AGT SP 04Incident 4Utilities
12500-155AGT SP 05Incident 5Utilities
12600-156AGT SP 06Incident 6Utilities
12700-157AGT SP 07Incident 7Utilities
General Office (Jackson)
DEC AFS Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
3300-041AGO MAILMail OperationsUtilities
3400-042AGO METERMeteringUtilities
3500-043AGO AUTOAutoUtilities
3600-044AGO ISMISMUtilities
3700-045AGO DATADataUtilities
3800-046AGR CONTConstructionUtilities
Material Distribution
DEC AFS Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
19201-080AMD STATEStatewideUtilities
19301-081AMD JACKSJacksonUtilities
19401-082AMD PONTIPontiacUtilities
19501-083AMD GDRAPGrand RapidsUtilities
19601-084AMD SAGINSaginawUtilities
19701-085AMD LANSILansingUtilities
DEC AFS Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
30302-057AMS KALAMKalamazooUtilities
30402-060AMS LANSILansingUtilities
30502-061AMS JACKSJacksonUtilities
30602-062AMS BCREEBattle CreekUtilities
30702-063ASP KALAMKalamazooUtilities
56204-062AMS MUSKEMuskegonUtilities
56804-070AMS GREENGreenvilleUtilities
57004-072AMS TRAVETraverse CityUtilities
57104-073AMS G RAPGrand RapidsUtilities
82306-067AMS MIDLAMidlandUtilities
82406-070AMS FLINTFlintUtilities
82506-071AMS STANDStandishUtilities
82606-072AMS ALMAAlmaUtilities
82706-073AMS TAWASTawasUtilities
82806-074AMS PRUDEPrudenvilleUtilities
DEC AFS Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
200215-102AGSLIVINGSTONLivingston County Gas OperationsUtilities
200315-103AGS NOVI REGISW Oakland County / NE Washtenaw County Gas OperationsBusiness
200515-105AGS UNIT-UNITUnit-to-UnitUtilities
200715-107AGS WAYNEWayne County Gas OperationsUtilities
200815-110AGS E OAKLANDE. Oakland County Gas CrewsUtilities
200915-111AGS OAKLANDOakland County Gas CrewsUtilities
201015-112AGS MACOMB SMacomb County SouthUtilities
201115-113AGS MACOMBMacomb County Gas OperationsUtilities
Metro Detroit Gas - Distribution
DEC AFS Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
115509-003AGD OAKLAOakland CountyUtilities
115709-005AGD WAYNEWayne CountyUtilities
115909-007AGS MACOMMacomb CountyUtilities
116109-011AGS OAKL1Oakland CountyUtilities
116309-013AGS WAYNEWayne CountyUtilities
Metro Detroit Gas - Service
DEC AFS Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
116609-016DGS OAKL2Oakland CountyUtilities
Metro Detroit Gas - Special Events
DEC AFS Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
115409-002ASP MACO2Macomb County - 2Utilities
115609-004ASP OAKLAOakland CountyUtilities
115809-006ASP WAYN2Wayne CountyUtilities
116009-010ASP MACO1Macomb CountyUtilities
116209-012ASP OALK1Oakland CountyUtilities
116409-014ASP WAYN1Wayne CountyUtilities
116509-015ASP GAS 3Unit-to-UnitUtilities
116709-017ASP OAKL2Oakland CountyUtilities
200415-104ASP GAS 4Oakland County - Car-to-CarUtilities
Metro Detroit Gas Distribution
DEC AFS Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
115309-001AGD MACOMMacomb County - 1Utilities
DEC AFS Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
100-001APC PLANTPlant - All Call ?Utilities
200-002APC STATEStatewideUtilities
300-003APC WESTHWestern ZoneUtilities
400-004APC EASTHEastern ZoneUtilities
800-010APC CENTRCentral ZoneUtilities
900-011APC FLINTFlintUtilities
1000-012APC SAGNISaginawUtilities
1100-013APC BAY CBay CityUtilities
1200-014APC C AIDCommon Aid (all zones)Utilities
1700-021APAL COMMPalisades Nuclear PlantUtilities
2400-030APC SOUTHSouthern ZoneUtilities
2500-031APC KALAMKalamazooUtilities
2600-032APC LANSILansingUtilities
2700-033APC JACKSJacksonUtilities
2800-034APC S AIDSouthern Zone AidUtilities
7800-096APC TRAVTraverse CityUtilities
8100-101APC G RAPGrand RapidsUtilities
8200-102APC MUSKEMuskegonUtilities
8300-103APC TRAVETraverse CityUtilities
8400-104APC N AIDNorth Zone AidUtilities
8500-105APC LKANNLake Ann - DispatchUtilities
Special Operations
DEC AFS Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
32902-091ASP MARSHMarshallUtilities
33002-092ASP OWOSSOwossoUtilities
33102-093ASP HOWELHowellUtilities
33202-094ASP LANS1Lansing - 1Utilities
33302-095ASP LANS2Lansing - 2Utilities
33402-096ASP GREENGreenvilleUtilities
33502-097ASP HASTIHastingsUtilities
33602-100ASP KALA1Kalamazoo - 1Utilities
33702-101ASP KALA2Kalamazoo - 2Utilities
33802-102ASP JACK1Jackson - 1Utilities
33902-103ASP JACK2Jackson - 2Utilities
34002-104ASP ADRIAAdrianUtilities
34102-105ASP GAS 1GasUtilities
Special Operations - Central Zone
DEC AFS Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
84406-094ASP SAGINSaginawUtilities
84506-095ASP ALMAAlmaUtilities
84606-096ASP BADAXBad AxeUtilities
84706-097ASP BAY CBay CityUtilities
84806-100ASP CAROCaroUtilities
84906-101ASP GLADWGladwinUtilities
85006-102ASP MIDLAMidlandUtilities
85106-103ASP STANDStandishUtilities
85206-104ASP FLINTFlintUtilities
85306-105ASP GAS 2Gas 2Utilities
Substation Construction
DEC AFS Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
56604-066ASC WESTWestern ZoneUtilities
82906-075ASC EASTEastern ZoneUtilities
DEC AFS Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
29902-053ASM LANSILansingUtilities
30002-054ASM JACKSJacksonUtilities
30102-055ASM BCREEBattle CreekUtilities
30202-056ASM KALAMKalamazooUtilities
56304-063ASM TRAVETraverse CityUtilities
56404-064ASM G RAPGrand RapidsUtilities
56704-067ASM MUSKEMuskegonUtilities
81906-063ASM FLINTFlintUtilities
82006-064ASM SAGINSaginawUtilities
82106-065ASM BAY CBay CityUtilities
82206-066ASM PRUDEPrudenvilleUtilities
DEC AFS Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
10400-130ATR TRAINTrainingUtilities
10500-131ATR MARSHMarshallUtilities
10600-132ATR FLINTFlintUtilities
Transmission Lines
DEC AFS Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
22001-114ATL STATEStatewideUtilities
22101-115ATL NORTHNorth ZoneUtilities
22201-116ATL SOUTHSouthern ZoneUtilities
22301-117ATL EASTEastern ZoneUtilities
22401-120ATL WESTWestern ZoneUtilities
DEC AFS Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
102508-001ATT JACKSJacksonUtilities
102608-002ATT BCREEBattle CreekUtilities
102708-003ATT KALAMKalamazooUtilities
102808-004ATT LANSILansingUtilities
102908-005ATT EKENTEastern Kent CountyUtilities
103008-006ATT GRAPGrand RapidsUtilities
103108-007ATT MUSKEMuskegonUtilities
103208-010ATT LUDINLudingtonUtilities
103308-011ATT ALMAAlmaUtilities
103408-012ATT FLINTFlintUtilities
103508-013ATT SAGINSaginawUtilities
103608-014ATT PRUDEPrudenvilleUtilities
103708-015ATT STANDStandishUtilities
103808-016ATT TRAVETraverse CityUtilities
103908-017ATT CHEYBCheboyganUtilities