Mountain Communications and Electronics (DMR Tier III)

System Name: Mountain Communications and Electronics (DMR Tier III)
Location: North Central CO, CO
County: 14 Counties
System Type: DMR Tier 3 Standard
System Voice: DMR
System ID: HEX: H3 DEC: 3
Last Updated: September 14, 2022, 11:43 am CDT   [Changed Site # 001 (Beaver Creek Mountain) to 001 (Beaver Creek Mountain)]
System Notes

For Uniden radio users, you will need an HP or SDS radio to
monitor the 5-digit TGIDs.  A Uniden P2 radio will not
recognize/process the 5-digit (and greater) TGIDs.

Sites and Frequencies

Red (c) are control channel capable frequencies
Region Site Name County Freqs
0 001 (1) Beaver Creek Mountain Eagle 461.6375463.4375463.4625463.6125c464.150464.4125 
0 002 (2) Vail Mountain Eagle 451.8625452.0125c452.4375461.225461.6125461.9875462.1375
0 003 (3) Vail Ski Resort Eagle 451.9375c452.4625461.375461.6625462.0125463.550 
0 004 (4) Holy Cross Elec Site Eagle 461.5625461.8375462.0625463.5875463.850c  
0 005 (5) Avon Eagle 451.9625452.2625452.3625452.6875461.4375c461.5625461.9125
0 006 (6) Beaver Creek Village Eagle 461.450461.7875c461.9625463.3875463.7125463.9625464.400
0 007 (7) Castle Peak Eagle 451.9875452.2125452.3375452.3875c452.7375461.425462.175
0 008 (8) Vail Lift 8 Tower Eagle 452.2375c452.650461.800462.150464.450  
0 010 (A) Glenwood Springs Garfield 451.950451.975452.225452.350452.625452.750c 
0 011 (B) Sunlight Peak Garfield 451.6625461.9125c462.4625463.2125463.8875  
0 012 (C) Aspen Mountain Pitkin 451.9125c453.0125461.4125461.8125463.2375  
0 013 (D) St Regis Aspen Pitkin 461.5875463.3625463.7125463.9125c   
0 014 (E) Rifle Garfield 461.4875461.7375462.0625463.2875463.6625c  
0 017 (11) Copper Mountain Eagle 454.225c454.350     
0 018 (12) Lake Hill Summit 461.4875463.3625463.5375c    
0 019 (13) Breckenridge Summit 454.050454.100c454.150454.200454.250454.300 
0 020 (14) Loveland Ski Area Clear Creek 454.025c454.275     
0 021 (15) Bellevue Mountain Clear Creek 454.225c454.350     
0 022 (16) Lookout Mountain Jefferson 454.100c454.150454.275454.300   
0 023 (17) Erie Weld 454.025454.050c454.175454.250   
0 024 (18) Denver Denver 454.225454.350c     
0 027 (1B) Buckhorn Mountain Larimer 463.725463.975464.7625c    
0 028 (1C) Keystone Resort Summit 461.875463.4375463.6125464.150464.4125c  
0 029 (1D) Keystone Summit Summit 452.700452.850454.175454.375c463.350  


DEC Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
20901TBase MtceBase MaintBusiness
20501TBeaver Creek 501Beaver Creek (20501)Business
20503TBeaver Creek 503Beaver Creek (20503)Business
21601TBeaver Creek1601Beaver Creek (21601)Business
21603TBeaver Creek 603Beaver Creek (603)Business
20701TBeaver Creek 701Beaver Creek (701)Business
20903TBeaver Creek 903Beaver Creek (903)Business
20TBC All-CallBeaver Creek All-Call AnnouncementsBusiness
20602TBC Ops 2Beaver Creek Operations 2Business
21501TBC Race Crew 1Beaver Creek Race Crew VolunteersBusiness
21510TBC Race Crew 2Beaver Creek Race Crew VolunteersBusiness
20405TBC Ski Race 5Beaver Creek Ski Racing 5Business
20801TBC Ski ResortBeaver Creek Ski ResortBusiness
20601TOperations 601Operations (601)Business
20904TOperationsOperations (904)Business
20201TSki PatrolSki PatrolBusiness
20401TSki RacingSki RacingBusiness
21001TSki SchoolSki School (001)Business
21005TSki SchoolSki School (005)Business
20403TSlope MxSlope MaintBusiness
DEC Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
941TAMR DenverAmerican Medical ResponseEMS Dispatch
961TStadium MedicalStadium MedicalEMS Dispatch
Eagle County Business
DEC Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
911TAvon TaxiAvon TaxiBusiness
931THigh Mtn TaxiHigh Mountain TaxiBusiness
905TMountain RecrvyMountain RecoveryBusiness
Epic Mountain Express
DEC Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
1001TCME BeaverBeaver Creek OperationsTransportation
1002TCME Gfld/GlnwdGarfield County/Glenwood SpringsTransportation
1003TCME SummitSummit County OperationsTransportation
1004TCME AspenAspen OperationsTransportation
1005TCME DIADenver International Airport StagingTransportation
1007TCME VailVail OperationsTransportation
1008TCME Trvl EastTravel Channel EastTransportation
1009TCME Trvl WestTravel Channel WestTransportation
1010TCME DenverDenver OperationsTransportation
1011TCME VailVail OperationsTransportation
DEC Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
831TConcreteConcrete CompanyBusiness
832TAmerican Mtn AshAmerican Mountain AshBusiness
Keystone Ski Resort
DEC Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
401TSki PatrolrSki PatrolBusiness
402TMtn OpsMountain OperationsBusiness
403TSnow Machine MXSnow Making MaintenanceBusiness
404TRace CourseRacing CourseBusiness
405TLift OperationsLift OperationsBusiness
406TOps 406Keystone OpsBusiness
407TSki and Ride SchSki and Ride SchoolBusiness
408TFac MXFacilities MaintenanceBusiness
409TMtn SafetyMountain SafetyBusiness
414TGolf CourseGolf CourseBusiness
420TLift MaintLift MaintenanceBusiness
433TGuest SvcsGuest ServicesBusiness
436TShuttle BusShuttle BusBusiness
437TOps 437Keystone OpsBusiness
Pitkin County Talkgroups
DEC Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
817TStRegis ShuttleSt Regis Aspen ShuttleBusiness
932TAspen TaxiAspen TaxiBusiness
DEC Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
30TAll-CallAll-Call AnnouncementsBusiness
30101TSki ResortSki ResortBusiness
30102TSnow PlowsSnow PlowsBusiness
30103TSlope GroomingSlope GroomingBusiness
30104TSki ResortSki ResortBusiness
30106TSki ResortSki ResortBusiness
30107TSnow MakingSnow MakingBusiness
30201TSki Patrol 1Ski Patrol 1Transportation
30202TSki Patrol 2Ski Patrol 2Business
30203TSki Patrol AccesSki Patrol AccessBusiness
30204TSki Patrol 4Ski Patrol 4Business
30208TShuttleShuttle BusTransportation
30209TOps CmdOperations CommandBusiness
30301TSki ResortSki ResortBusiness
30401TSki SchoolSki SchoolBusiness
30402TSki School Ski School 1Business
30403TSki School Ski School 2Business
30404TSki School Ski School 3Business
30405TSki ParkingSki ParkingBusiness
30501TSki Racing1Ski Racing 1Business
30502TSki Racing2Ski Racing 2Business
30503TSki Racing3Ski Racing 3Business
30504TSki Racing4Ski Racing 4Business
30505TSki Racing5Ski Racing 5Business
30601T Lift Maint1Lift Maint 1Business
30602T Lift Maint2Lift Maint 2Business
30802TSki ResortSki ResortBusiness
30901TBase MXBase MaintenanceBusiness
31001TVail Gst Svc 1Guest Services 1Business
31002TVail Gst Svc 2Guest Services 2Business
31003TVail Gst Svc 3Guest ServicesBusiness
31004TVail Gst Svc 4Guest Services 4Business
31006TVail ResortResortBusiness
31101TVail Ski PatrolSki PatrolBusiness
31102TVail Lift MaintLift MaintBusiness
31103TVail SummerSummerBusiness
31104TVail Base MaintBase MaintBusiness
31201TVail Ski PatrolSki PatrolBusiness
31504TVail OperationsOperationsBusiness
31505TVail Ski RentalsSki RentalsBusiness