Interstate Repeater System

System Name: Interstate Repeater System
Location: Various, DE MD NJ PA VA
County: 25 Counties
System Type: DMR Conventional Networked
System Voice: DMR
Last Updated: April 13, 2024, 20:11 pm UTC   [Changed Site # 313550 (Hamburg Mountain (CB)) to 313550 (Hamburg Mountain (CB))]
System Notes

This is a multi-state hybrid DMR amateur radio repeater system with some of the repeaters on the WR3IRS C-Bridge & the others on the BrandMeister network.

CB - C-Bridge Repeater
BM - BrandMeister Repeater

Sites and Frequencies

Red (c) are control channel capable frequencies
Site Name County Freqs
310047 (4BB1F) Havre de Grace (CB) Harford, MD 443.650 (CC 1)
310270 (4BBFE) Vienna (CB) Fairfax, VA 927.675 (CC 1)
310300 (4BC1C) Camelback Mountain (CB) Monroe, PA 441.550 (CC 1)
310547 (4BD13) Mount Weather (CB) Loudoun, VA 449.925 (CC 1)
310751 (4BDDF) Trenton (CB) Mercer, NJ 443.650 (CC 2)
311001 (4BED9) Wilmington (CB) New Castle, DE 448.425 (CC 1)
311017 (4BEE9) Herndon (CB) Fairfax, VA 927.6625 (CC 1)
311094 (4BF36) Warren (CB) Somerset, NJ 440.2875 (CC 1)
311400 (4C068) Eagle (CB) Chester, PA 441.300 (CC 1)
311618 (4C142) Mechanicsville (CB) St. Mary's, MD 441.7875 (CC 1)
311663 (4C16F) Sunderland (CB) Calvert, MD 441.6375 (CC 1)
311897 (4C259) Fenwick Island (CB) Sussex, DE 441.650 (CC 2)
312400 (4C450) Upper Marlboro (CB) Prince George's, MD 444.650 (CC 6)
312423 (4C467) Towson (CB) Baltimore, MD 441.400 (CC 1)
312457 (4C489) Tysons Corner (CB) Fairfax, VA 443.0625 (CC 1)
313402 (4C83A) Atlantic City (CB) Atlantic, NJ 445.23125 (CC 1)
313411 (4C843) Waterford (CB) Camden, NJ 443.300 (CC 1)
313431 (4C857) Corbin City (CB) Atlantic, NJ 440.400 (CC 1)
313550 (4C8CE) Hamburg Mountain (CB) Sussex, NJ 440.350 (CC 1)
314038 (4CAB6) Montclair (CB) Essex, NJ 445.475 (CC 1)
314209 (4CB61) Charlestown (CB) Chester, PA 440.200 (CC 1)
314212 (4CB64) Philadelphia (CB) Philadelphia, PA 440.650 (CC 1)
314216 (4CB68) Valley Forge (BM) Montgomery, PA 441.300 (CC 1)
314236 (4CB7C) Newton Square (BM) Delaware, PA 441.200 (CC 1)
314247 (4CB87) Forkston Mountain (CB) Wyoming, PA 440.100 (CC 1)
314254 (4CB8E) Wilkes-Barre (CB) Luzerne, PA 441.750 (CC 1)
314258 (4CB92) Chambersburg (CB) Franklin, PA 441.900 (CC 1)
315121 (4CEF1) Herndon (CB) Fairfax, VA 442.4375 (CC 1)
315122 (4CEF2) Tysons Corner (CB) Fairfax, VA 441.3375 (CC 1)
315130 (4CEFA) Vienna (CB) Fairfax, VA 145.17625 (CC 13)
315144 (4CF08) Herndon (CB) Fairfax, VA 145.16375 (CC 13)
315199 (4CF3F) Alexandria City (CB) Alexandria, VA 443.100 (CC 1)


Talkgroups with the wildcard ' * ' setting in the slot entry area are found on either slot via certain specific repeaters on the network. This info should be used by scanner listeners only.

Please see the talkgroup listings published by the system admins for exact info on what talkgroups are carried by what repeaters:

DEC Slot Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
11TWorldwideWorldwide CallingHam
2*TClusterRegional Cluster (connected clusters vary)Ham
31TNorth AmericaNorth America CallingHam
82TPA/MD LinkPA/MD Link (Local 8)Ham
9*TLocalLocal Repeater Use (not linked between slots)Ham
131TWorldwide EngWorldwide English CallingHam
113*TUA EnglishDMR-MARC UA EnglishHam
3102TTAC 310TAC 310Ham
3112TTAC 311TAC 311Ham
3122TTAC 312TAC 312Ham
3132TTAC 313TAC 313Ham
3142TTAC 314TAC 314Ham
3152TTAC 315TAC 315Ham
3162TTAC 316TAC 316Ham
3172TTAC 317TAC 317Ham
3182TTAC 318TAC 318Ham
3192TTAC 319TAC 319Ham
3110*TK4USD DelawareK4USD Delaware StateHam
31112TWashington DCWashington DC RegionalHam
31242TMD StateMD StatewideHam
3142*TPA StatePA StatewideHam
31512TVA StateVA StatewideHam
31672TAllstar LinkAllstar LinkHam
31692TMidwestMidwest US RegionalHam
3172*TNortheastNortheast US RegionalHam
31732TMid-AtlanticMid-Atlantic US RegionalHam
31742TSoutheastSoutheastern US RegionalHam
31752TSouthPlainsSouthern Plains US RegionalHam
31762TSouthwesternSouthwestern US RegionalHam
31772TMountainMountain US RegionalHam
31902TNorthern PANorthern PennsylvaniaHam
87102TCrossroadsCrossroads (Routes to Brandmeister 31189)Ham
88011TDelValDelaware ValleyHam
88041TPack RatsPack RatsHam
88052TInterstate TAC 2Interstate TAC 2Ham
99992TAudio MeterNorCal Audio MeterHam
131512TVirginia Local 2Virginia Local 2Ham
311212TFirst Coast FLFirst Coast (NE Florida)Ham
311262TWest Central FLWest Central Florida Local 2Ham
314232TSouth Central PASouth Central Pennsylvania Local 2Ham
311618*TSouthern MDSouthern MarylandHam
3151201TDC RegionalDC RegionalHam
DEC Slot Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
82TControl OpControl Operator Use OnlyHam
911TBrandmeister WWBrandmeister WorldwideHam
9072TBrandmeisterJOTABrandmeister JOTAHam
31001TBrandmeister USABrandmeister USA NationwideHam
31062TBrandmeister CABrandmeister California StatewideHam
31112TBrandmeister DCBrandmeister Washington DCHam
31122TBrandmeister FLBrandmeister Florida StatewideHam
31132TBrandmeister GABrandmeister Georgia StatewideHam
31162TBrandmeister IDBrandmeister Idaho StatewideHam
31172TBrandmeister ILBrandmeister Illinois StatewideHam
31182TBrandmeister INBrandmeister Indiana StatewideHam
31212TBrandmeister KYBrandmeister Kentucky StatewideHam
31242TBrandmeister MDBrandmeister Maryland StatewideHam
31262TBrandmeister MIBrandmeister Michigan StatewideHam
31272TBrandmeister MNBrandmeister Minnesota StatewideHam
31292TBrandmeister MOBrandmeister Missouri StatewideHam
31302TBrandmeister MTBrandmeister Montana StatewideHam
31341TBrandmeister NJBrandmeister New Jersey StateHam
31362TBrandmeister NYBrandmeister New York StatewideHam
31372TBrandmeister NCBrandmeister North Carolina StatewideHam
31392TBrandmeister OHBrandmeister Ohio StatewideHam
3142*TBrandmeister PABrandmeister Pennsylvania StatewideHam
31452TBrandmeister SCBrandmeister South Carolina StatewideHam
31472TBrandmeister TNBrandmeister Tennessee StatewideHam
31482TBrandmeister TXBrandmeister Texas StatewideHam
31492TBrandmeister UTBrandmeister Utah StatewideHam
31512TBrandmeister VABrandmeister Virginia StatewideHam
31542TBrandmeister WVBrandmeister West Virginia StatewideHam
31552TBrandmeister WIBrandmeister Wisconsin StatewideHam
311212TBrandmeister FCBrandmeister First CoastHam
313431TBrandmeister NJTBrandmeister NJ TacHam
313612TBrandmeister NYUBrandmeister Upstate New YorkHam
313912TBrandmeister OHNBrandmeister Northeast OhioHam
314222TBrandmeister PAWBrandmeister Western PennsylvaniaHam
314242TBrandmeister PANBrandmeister Northeast PennsylvaniaHam
315132TBrandmeister VASBrandmeister Southwest VirginiaHam
315142TBrandmeister SheBrandmeister Shenandoah ValleyHam
315152TBrandmeister VATBrandmeister Tidewater VirginiaHam
316232TBrandmeister PSCBrandmeister Public Safety ChatHam
3116182TBrandmeister MDSBrandmeister Southern MarylandHam
Northeast PA Specific

WR3IRS has moved the NEPA repeaters from BrandMeister to the C-Bridge. The 'NEPA Cluster' TG will remain as TG2/TS2 on those 3 repeaters.

DEC Slot Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
313602TTri-StateNJ-TRBO 'Tri-State'Ham
Maryland Statewide
DEC Slot Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
312421TMD TAC 1Maryland TAC 1Ham
312432TMD TAC 2Maryland TAC 2Ham