Interstate Repeater System

Site: C-Bridge

Unique DB ID: 28552
County: Systemwide

Talkgroups with the wildcard ' * ' setting in the slot entry area are useable on both slots on this system.

Talkgroup Category Location Data

Latitude: 38.8334 Longitude: -76.8497 Range: 23 Type: Defined Coverage


DEC Slot Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
11TWouldwideWorldwide CallingHam
2*TClusterRegional Cluster (connected clusters vary)Ham
31TNorth AmericaNorth America CallingHam
82TPA/MD LinkPA/MD Link (Local 8)Ham
9*TLocalLocal Repeater UseHam
131TWorldwide EngWorldwide English CallingHam
3102TTAC 310TAC 310Ham
3112TTAC 311TAC 311Ham
3122TTAC 312TAC 312Ham
3132TTAC 313TAC 313Ham
3142TTAC 314TAC 314Ham
3152TTAC 315TAC 315Ham
3162TTAC 316TAC 316Ham
3172TTAC 317TAC 317Ham
3182TTAC 318TAC 318Ham
3192TTAC 319TAC 319Ham
31112TWashington DCWashington DC RegionalHam
31242TMD StateMD StatewideHam
3142*TPA StatePA StatewideHam
31512TVA StateVA StatewideHam
31692TMidwestMidwest US RegionalHam
3172*TNortheastNortheast US RegionalHam
31732TMid-AtlanticMid-Atlantic US RegionalHam
31742TSoutheastSoutheastern US RegionalHam
31752TSouthPlainsSouthern Plains US RegionalHam
31762TSouthwesternSouthwestern US RegionalHam
31772TMountainMountain US RegionalHam
88011TDelValDelaware ValleyHam
99982TParrotDMRX Echo TestHam
99992TAudio MeterNorCal Audio MeterHam
311212TFirst Coast FLFirst Coast (NE Florida)Ham
311618*TSouthern MDSouthern MarylandHam