State of West Virginia

Last Updated: June 23, 2022, 6:20 am
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State Entity Entity Type
Aviation TRACON Aircraft / Airport
Cleveland (ZOB) Air Route Traffic Control Center ARTCC
Department of Highways Public Safety
Division of Forestry Public Safety
Division of Natural Resources Public Safety
Federal Agencies Federal
Indianapolis (ZID) Air Route Traffic Control Center ARTCC
Other Statewide Agencies Public Safety
SKYWARN/Severe Weather Business Group
State Police Public Safety
State Prisons Public Safety
Statewide EMS Public Safety
Statewide/Common Public Safety
Washington (ZDC) Air Route Traffic Control Center ARTCC
West Virginia Railroads Business Group
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Areawide Trunking Systems in West Virginia
System Name Type
West Virginia Statewide Interoperability Radio Network (SIRN) Project 25 Phase I