Metrolinx Rail Traffic Control (Ontario)

Last Updated: March 30, 2022, 12:35 pm


GO Trains

Union Station Rail Corridor

Toronto Terminal Railway

 USRC is 6.4km long and consists of  four control towers at Cherry Street, Scott Street, John Street and Bathurst Street

Metrolinx - GO Transit
Project 25 Phase II
Network Operations Centre also overseeing GO Train supplementary operations.
FrequencyLicenseTypeToneAlpha TagDescriptionModeTag
160.56000 BM 0 RAN USRC CN Tower CN Tower NXDN Railroad
161.41500 BM CSQ USRC CN01 CN01 Standby FM Railroad
161.44500 BM 0 RAN USTC CN42 CN42 Standby NXDN Railroad
160.93500 BM CSQ USRC CN03 S/B CN03 Standby West FM Railroad
160.26000 BM CSQ USRC CN146 CN146 FMN Railroad
Toronto North

Barrie Line to Allandale Waterfront - Richmond Hill Line to Bloomington


FrequencyLicenseTypeToneAlpha TagDescriptionModeTag
160.89000 BM 0 RAN GO1 BL V SB GO1 Barrie Line - Vaughan Standby NXDN Railroad
161.55000 BM 0 RAN GO2 BL V RTC GO2 Barrie Line - Vaughan RTC NXDN Railroad
160.38000 BM 0 RAN GO3 RHL FL SB GO3 Richmond Hill Line - Forest Laneway Standby NXDN Railroad
160.74000 BM 0 RAN GO4 RHL FL RTC GO4 Richmond Hill Line - Forest Laneway RTC NXDN Railroad
Toronto East

Stouffville Line to Old Elm - GO7 to Scarborough - GO5 to Old Elm

 Lakeshore East Line to Oshawa

FrequencyLicenseTypeToneAlpha TagDescriptionModeTag
160.44000 BM 0 RAN GO5 SL MFD SB GO5 Stouffville Line - Middlefield Standby NXDN Railroad
160.92000 BM 0 RAN GO6 SL MFD RTC GO6 Stouffville Line - Middlefield RTC NXDN Railroad
160.32000 BM 0 RAN GO7 LEL DY SB GO7 Lakeshore East Line - Don Yard Standby NXDN Railroad
160.83000 BM 0 RAN GO8 LRL DY RTC GO8 Lakeshore East Line - Don Yard RTC NXDN Railroad
160.71000 BM 9 RAN GO9 Don GO9 Don Yard NXDN Railroad
161.19000 BM 10 RAN GO10 Don GO10 Don Yard NXDN Railroad
Toronto West

Lakeshore West Line to Niagara Falls - GO13 Union to Burlington - CN01 from Burlington to Niagara Falls - CP82 form Burlington to Hamilton

Kitchener Line to London

Milton Line to Milton


FrequencyLicenseTypeToneAlpha TagDescriptionModeTag
160.35000 BM 0 RAN GO13 LWL WB SB GO13 Lakeshore West Line - Willowbrook Standby NXDN Railroad
161.43750 BM 0 RAN GO14 LWL WB RTC GO14 Lakeshore West Line - Willowbrook RTC NXDN Railroad
160.77000 BM 0 RAN GO15 KL BRM SB GO15 Kitchener Line - Brampton Standby NXDN Railroad
161.52000 BM 0 RAN GO16 KL BRM RTC GO16 Kitchener Line - Brampton RTC NXDN Railroad
160.30500 BM CSQ GO KL GEXR G/K GO Kitchener Line - GEXR Georgetown - Kitchener FMN Railroad
161.41500 BM CSQ GO KL CN01 K/L GO Kitchener Line - CN 01 Kitchener - London FM Railroad
161.22000 BM 0 RAN GO20 LWL HAM RTC GO20 Lakeshore West Line - Hamilton RTC NXDN Railroad
160.81500 BM CSQ GO CP82 LWL H SB GO Lakeshore West Line - CP 82 Hamilton Standby FM Railroad
161.47500 BM CSQ GO CP01 ML GO Milton Line - CP01 FM Railroad
161.02500 BM CSQ CN08 RTC CN08 RTC FM Railroad