Metrolinx Rail Traffic Control / GO Trains

Subcategory: Toronto East

Unique DB ID: 87186

Stouffville Line to Old Elm - GO7 to Scarborough - GO5 to Old Elm

 Lakeshore East Line to Oshawa

Subcategory Location Data

No Location Data Available


FrequencyLicenseTypeToneAlpha TagDescriptionModeTag
160.440 BM 0 RAN GO5 SL MFD SB GO5 Stouffville Line - Middlefield Standby NXDN Railroad
160.920 BM 0 RAN GO6 SL MFD RTC GO6 Stouffville Line - Middlefield RTC NXDN Railroad
160.320 BM 0 RAN GO7 LEL DY SB GO7 Lakeshore East Line - Don Yard Standby NXDN Railroad
160.830 BM 0 RAN GO8 LRL DY RTC GO8 Lakeshore East Line - Don Yard RTC NXDN Railroad
160.710 BM 9 RAN GO9 Don GO9 Don Yard NXDN Railroad
161.190 BM 10 RAN GO10 Don GO10 Don Yard NXDN Railroad