Metrolinx Rail Traffic Control / GO Trains

Subcategory: Union Station Rail Corridor

Unique DB ID: 87187

Toronto Terminal Railway

 USRC is 6.4km long and consists of  four control towers at Cherry Street, Scott Street, John Street and Bathurst Street

Metrolinx - GO Transit
Project 25 Phase II
Network Operations Centre also overseeing GO Train supplementary operations.

Subcategory Location Data

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FrequencyLicenseTypeToneAlpha TagDescriptionModeTag
160.560 BM 0 RAN USRC CN Tower CN Tower NXDN Railroad
161.415 BM CSQ USRC CN01 CN01 Standby FM Railroad
161.445 BM 0 RAN USTC CN42 CN42 Standby NXDN Railroad
160.935 BM CSQ USRC CN03 S/B CN03 Standby West FM Railroad
160.260 BM CSQ USRC CN146 CN146 FMN Railroad