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US > Pennsylvania > Multiple Counties > Lancaster County-Wide Communications (LCWC)

Lancaster County-Wide Communications (LCWC)

System Name:Lancaster County-Wide Communications (LCWC)
Location:Lancaster County, PA
County:2 counties
System Type:Project 25 Phase I
System Voice:APCO-25 Common Air Interface Exclusive
Last Updated:January 6, 2021, 12:43 pm ((1) Talkgroups Updated (Fire / EMS))

System ID List

System ID   WACN  
HEX: D66   92763  

Misc System Information

This system is coming online in late 2014 and early 2015.  Please click the link for -->this thread<-- for more information.

System Frequencies
Red (c) are primary control channels | Blue (a) are alternate control channels | Site Map(s): FCC Callsigns RR Locations

RFSS SiteNameCounty Freqs      
1 (1) 001 (1) Central SimulcastLancaster 476.0125a 476.0875a 476.275a 476.350a 476.5375a 476.6125a 476.800a
        476.875a 477.0625a 477.2125c 477.475c      
1 (1) 002 (2) Northeast SimulcastLancaster 476.1625a 476.425a 476.6875a 477.1375a 477.2875a 477.400a 477.550c
1 (1) 003 (3) Northwest SimulcastLancaster 478.075a 478.150a 478.3375a 478.4125a 478.600a 478.7875c 478.8625c
1 (1) 004 (4) South SimulcastLancaster 476.4625a 476.725c 477.3625c 477.6625a 477.8125a 477.925a  
1 (1) 005 (5) COW (Portable site)Lancaster 476.050a 476.575a 477.100a 477.625a      
1 (1) 006 (6) AtglenChester 453.275a 453.8375c 460.300a 460.550a      

System Talkgroups
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Law Enforcement Talkgroups

DEC HEX Mode  Alpha TagDescriptionTag  
1000 3e8 D Constable NW Constables NW  Law Talk 
1001 3e9 D Constable NE Constables NE  Law Talk 
1002 3ea D Constab Central Constables Central  Law Talk 
1003 3eb D Constab South Constables South  Law Talk 
1010 3f2 D Coroner 1 Coroner 1  Law Tac 
1011 3f3 D Coroner 2 Coroner 2  Law Tac 
1012 3f4 DE Coroner Priv Coroner Private  Law Tac 
1120 460 D Prob/Par 1 Adult Probation and Parole 1   Law Tac 
1121 461 D Prob/Par 2 Adult Probation and Parole 2  Law Tac 
1122 462 D Prob/Par Prv Adult Probation and Parole private  Law Tac 
3001 bb9 DE PD South Dsp South Police Dispatch  Law Dispatch 
3002 bba DE PD NW Disp Northwest Police Dispatch  Law Dispatch 
3003 bbb DE PD NE Disp Northeast Police Dispatch  Law Dispatch 
3004 bbc DE PD Metro Dis Metro Police Dispatch  Law Dispatch 
3005 bbd DE PD City 1 Lancaster City PD 1  Law Dispatch 
3006 bbe DE PD City 2 Lancaster City PD 2  Law Tac 
3007 bbf DE PD Tac 7 Police Tac 7  Law Tac 
3008 bc0 DE PD Tac 8 Police Tac 8  Law Tac 
3009 bc1 DE PD Tac 9 Police Tac 9  Law Tac 
3010 bc2 DE PD Tac 10 Police Tac 10  Law Tac 
3011 bc3 DE PD Tac 11 Police Tac 11  Law Tac 
3053 bed DE Co Detective County Detectives Private  Law Talk 
3060 bf4 DE NW Private Northwest Police Private  Law Talk 
3061 bf5 DE NE Private Northeast Police Private  Law Talk 
3062 bf6 DE Central Priv Central Police Private  Law Talk 
3063 bf7 DE South Privat South Police Private  Law Talk 
3070 bfe DE PD12 private PD12 private - Lancaster County Sheriffs  Law Talk 
3075 c03 DE PD14 private PD14 private - County Parks Department Rangers  Law Talk 
3080 c08 DE PD16 private PD16 private - Manor Twp PD  Law Talk 
3085 c0d DE PD17 private PD17 private - Millersville Boro PD  Law Talk 
3090 c12 DE PD19 private PD19 private - E Hempfield Twp PD  Law Talk 
3095 c17 DE PD21 private PD21 private - Strasburg Borough PD  Law Talk 
3100 c1c DE PD23 private PD23 private - Southern Regional PD  Law Talk 
3105 c21 DE PD24 private PD24 private - Elizabethtown Borough PD  Law Talk 
3110 c26 DE PD25 private PD25 private - Lititz Borough PD  Law Talk 
3115 c2b DE PD26 private PD26 private - West Lampeter Township PD  Law Talk 
3120 c30 DE PD27 private PD27 private - Susquehanna Regional PD  Law Talk 
3125 c35 DE PD28 private PD28 private - Quarryville Borough PD  Law Talk 
3130 c3a DE PD33 private PD33 private - Mount Joy Borough PD  Law Talk 
3135 c3f DE PD34 private PD34 private - Manheim Borough PD  Law Talk 
3140 c44 DE PD35 private PD35 private - Northwest Regional PD  Law Talk 
3145 c49 DE PD39 private PD39 private - West Hempfield Township PD  Law Talk 
3150 c4e DE PD42 private PD42 private - Lancaster City PD  Law Talk 
3155 c53 DE PD43 private PD43 private - Christiana Borough PD  Law Talk 
3160 c58 DE PD48 private PD48 private - East Lampeter Township PD  Law Talk 
3165 c5d DE PD51 private PD51 private - Manheim Township PD  Law Talk 
3170 c62 DE PD62 private PD62 private - Columbia Borough PD  Law Talk 
3175 c67 DE PD72 private PD72 private - Akron Borough PD  Law Talk 
3180 c6c DE PD78 private PD78 private - East Cocalico Twp PD  Law Talk 
3185 c71 DE PD79 private PD79 private - East Earl Twp PD  Law Talk 
3190 c76 DE PD82 private PD82 private - Ephrata Borough PD (also covers Ephrata Twp)  Law Talk 
3195 c7b DE PD84 private PD84 private - New Holland Borough PD (also covers Earl Twp)  Law Talk 
3200 c80 DE PD86 private PD86 private - Northern Lancaster Co Regional Police  Law Talk 
3205 c85 DE PD88 private PD88 private - W Earl Twp PD  Law Talk 
3210 c8a DE PD93 private PD93 private - Millersville University Police  Law Talk 
3211 c8b D Mlrsvle U PD Millersville University Public Safety  Law Dispatch 
3215 c8f DE PD94 private PD94 private - Franklin & Marshal College Public Safety  Law Talk 
3216 c90 D F&M Colg PD Franklin & Marshal College Public Safety  Law Dispatch 

Fire / EMS Talkgroups

DEC HEX Mode  Alpha TagDescriptionTag  
2001 7d1 D FireEMS A NW Fire/EMS "Alpha" (Northwest Response & Command)  Fire Dispatch 
2002 7d2 D FireEMS Ops2 Fire/EMS Ops 2  Fire-Tac 
2003 7d3 D FireEMS Ops3 Fire/EMS Ops 3  Fire-Tac 
2004 7d4 D FireEMS Ops4 Fire/EMS Ops 4  Fire-Tac 
2005 7d5 D FireEMS B NE Fire/EMS "Bravo" (Northeast Response & Command)  Fire Dispatch 
2006 7d6 D FireEMS Ops6 Fire/EMS Ops 6  Fire-Tac 
2007 7d7 D FireEMS Ops7 Fire/EMS Ops 7  Fire-Tac 
2008 7d8 D FireEMS Ops8 Fire/EMS Ops 8  Fire-Tac 
2009 7d9 D FireEMS C So Fire/EMS "Charlie" (City & South, Response & Command)   Fire Dispatch 
2010 7da D FireEMS Op10 Fire/EMS Ops 10  Fire-Tac 
2011 7db D FireEMS Op11 Fire/EMS Ops 11  Fire-Tac 
2012 7dc D FireEMS Op12 Fire/EMS Ops 12  Fire-Tac 
2022 7e6 D FP Ops 2 Fire Police Ops 2  Fire-Talk 
2023 7e7 D FP Ops 3 Fire Police Ops 3  Fire-Talk 
2024 7e8 D FP Ops 4 Fire Police Ops 4  Fire-Talk 
2026 7ea D FP Ops 6 Fire Police Ops 6  Fire-Talk 
2027 7eb D FP Ops 7 Fire Police Ops 7  Fire-Talk 
2028 7ec D FP Ops 8 Fire Police Ops 8  Fire-Talk 
2030 7ee D FP Ops 10 Fire Police Ops 10  Fire-Talk 
2031 7ef D FP Ops 11 Fire Police Ops 11  Fire-Talk 
2032 7f0 D FP Ops 12 Fire Police Ops 12  Fire-Talk 
2040 7f8 D EMS Transprt EMS Transport  EMS-Talk 
2220 8ac D FD02 Hazmat FD02 Private - HazMat 2  Fire-Talk 
2221 8ad D FD03 Mrtndal FD03 Private - Martindale FC  Fire-Talk 
2222 8ae D FD05 Strasbg FD05 Private - Strasburg FC #1  Fire-Talk 
2223 8af D FD07 Mntvle FD07 Private - Mountville FC #1  Fire-Talk 
2224 8b0 DE FD10 Pioneer FD10 Private - Pioneer FC  Fire-Talk 
2225 8b1 D FD11 Adamtwn FD11 Private - Adamstown FC No 1  Fire-Talk 
2226 8b2 D FD12 Akron FD12 Private - Akron VFC  Fire-Talk 
2227 8b3 D FD13 Denver FD13 Private - Denver FC  Fire-Talk 
2228 8b4 D FD14 Durlach FD14 Private - Durlach & Mt. Airy Fire Company  Fire-Talk 
2229 8b5 D FD15 Ephrata FD15 Private - Ephrata Pioneer FC  Fire-Talk 
2230 8b6 D FD16 Lincoln FD16 Private - Lincoln FC  Fire-Talk 
2231 8b7 D FD17-1 Reams FD17-1 Private - Reamstown FC #1  Fire-Talk 
2232 8b8 D FD17-2 Smoke FD17-2 Private - Smokestown FC #1  Fire-Talk 
2233 8b9 D FD17-3 Stevn FD17-3 Private - Stevens FC  Fire-Talk 
2234 8ba D FD18 Reinhld FD18 Private - Reinholds FC  Fire-Talk 
2235 8bb D FD19 Schoen FD19 Private - Schoeneck Fire Company  Fire-Talk 
2236 8bc D FD20 Manheim FD20 Private - Manheim Township Fire & Rescue  Fire-Talk 
2237 8bd D FD21 Bricker FD21 Private - Brickerville FC  Fire-Talk 
2238 8be D FD22 Brunner FD22 Private - Brunnerville FC  Fire-Talk 
2239 8bf D FD23 E Peter FD23 Private - East Petersburg FC No 1  Fire-Talk 
2240 8c0 D FD24 Rothsvl FD24 Private - Rothsville VFC  Fire-Talk 
2241 8c1 D FD25 Lititz FD25 Private - Lititz FC No 1  Fire-Talk 
2242 8c2 D FD26 ManHope FD26 Private - Manheim Hope No 1 Hose Company  Fire-Talk 
2243 8c3 D FD27 Masters FD27 Private - Mastersonville FC  Fire-Talk 
2244 8c4 D FD28 Penryn FD28 Private - Penryn FC No 1  Fire-Talk 
2245 8c5 D FD29 W Earl FD29 Private - West Earl FC  Fire-Talk 
2246 8c6 D FD30 Weaverl FD30 Private - Weaverland Valley FD  Fire-Talk 
2247 8c7 D FD31 Barevil FD31 Private - Bareville FC  Fire-Talk 
2248 8c8 DE FD32 Fivepnt FD32 Private - Fivepointville FC  Fire-Talk 
2249 8c9 D FD33 Bwmnsvl FD33 Private - Bowmansville FC  Fire-Talk 
2250 8ca DE FD34 Caernrv FD34 Private - Caernarvon  Fire-Talk 
2251 8cb D FD35 Farmers FD35 Private - Farmersville Fire Company  Fire-Talk 
2252 8cc D FD39 GrdSpot FD39 Private - Garden Spot Fire & Rescue  Fire-Talk 
2253 8cd D FD41 BirdHnd FD41 Private - Bird-in-Hand FC  Fire-Talk 
2254 8ce D FD42 Gap FD42 Private - Gap FC  Fire-Talk 
2255 8cf D FD43 Gordonv FD43 Private - Gordonville FC  Fire-Talk 
2256 8d0 D FD44 Intrcrs FD44 Private - Intercourse FC  Fire-Talk 
2257 8d1 D FD45 Kinzer FD45 Private - Kinzer FC  Fire-Talk 
2258 8d2 D FD47 ParLeam FD47 Private - Paradise Leaman Place FC  Fire-Talk 
2259 8d3 D FD48 Ronks FD48 Private - Ronks VFC  Fire-Talk 
2260 8d4 DE FD49 W Horse FD49 Private - White Horse Salisbury Twp Fire and Ambulance  Fire-Talk 
2261 8d5 D FD50 Willow FD50 Private - Willow Street FC  Fire-Talk 
2262 8d6 D FD51 Bart FD51 Private - Bart Twp FC  Fire-Talk 
2263 8d7 D FD52 Chris FD52 Private - Christiana Fire Company  Fire-Talk 
2264 8d8 D FD53 Constga FD53 Private - Conestoga FC  Fire-Talk 
2265 8d9 D FD54 Lampetr FD54 Private - Lampeter FC  Fire-Talk 
2266 8da D FD55 N Danv FD55 Private - New Danville FC  Fire-Talk 
2267 8db D FD57 Qville FD57 Private - Quarryville FC  Fire-Talk 
2268 8dc D FD58 Rawlins FD58 Private - Rawlinsville VFC  Fire-Talk 
2269 8dd D FD59 Refton FD59 Private - Refton FC  Fire-Talk 
2270 8de D FD60 W Willo FD60 Private - West Willow FC  Fire-Talk 
2271 8df D FD61 U Leack FD61 Private - Upper Leacock FC  Fire-Talk 
2272 8e0 D FD62 Witmer FD62 Private - Witmer Fire Protective Association  Fire-Talk 
2273 8e1 D FD63 Lafayet FD63 Private - Lafayette Fire Company  Fire-Talk 
2274 8e2 D FD64 LanCity FD64 Private - Lancaster City FD  Fire-Talk 
2275 8e3 D FD66 LancTwp FD66 Private - Lancaster Township VFD  Fire-Talk 
2276 8e4 D FD67 Roherst FD67 Private - Rohrerstown Fire Company  Fire-Talk 
2277 8e5 D FD69 Hmpfld FD69 Private - Hempfield FC  Fire-Talk 
2278 8e6 D FD70 Rheems FD70 Private - Rheems Fire Department  Fire-Talk 
2279 8e7 D FD71 Bainbrg FD71 Private - Bainbridge FC  Fire-Talk 
2280 8e8 D FD74 Etown FD74 Private - Elizabethtown FD  Fire-Talk 
2281 8e9 DE FD75 Mt Joy FD75 Private - Mount Joy FD  Fire-Talk 
2282 8ea D FD76 W Hemp FD76 Private - West Hempfield Fire & Rescue  Fire-Talk 
2283 8eb D FD79 Maytown FD79 Private - Maytown East Donegal Twp FD  Fire-Talk 
2284 8ec D FD80 Columbi FD80 Private - Columbia Borough Fire Department  Fire-Talk 
2285 8ed D FD89 Fulton FD89 Private - Robert Fulton Volunteer Fire Company  Fire-Talk 
2286 8ee D FD90 BluRock FD90 Private - Blue Rock Fire & Rescue  Fire-Talk 
2287 8ef D FD93 MtJ FFC FD93 Private - Mount Joy Township Forest Fire Crew  Fire-Talk 
2288 8f0 D FD94 MC SAR FD94 Private - Middle Creek Search & Rescue  Fire-Talk 
2289 8f1 D FD95 KeyWild FD95 Private - Keystone Wildfire Crew  Fire-Talk 
2290 8f2 D FD96 WEST FD96 Private - Wilderness Emergency Search Team (WEST)  Fire-Talk 
2291 8f3 D FD97 LanARFF FD97 Private - Lancaster Airport FC (ACRFF)  Fire-Talk 
2293 8f5 DE EMS01 EC BLS EMS01 Private - Ephrata Community Ambulance (BLS)  EMS-Talk 
2294 8f6 D EMS04 EC ALS EMS04 Private - Ephrata Community Hospital Medic Units (ALS)  EMS-Talk 
2295 8f7 DE EMS06 LEMSA EMS06 Private - Lancaster EMS (LEMSA)  EMS-Talk 
2296 8f8 D EMS09 Reinhd EMS09 Private - Reinholds Ambulance  EMS-Talk 
2297 8f9 D EMS17 Reamtn EMS17 Private - Reamstown Ambulance  EMS-Talk 
2298 8fa D EMS21 Brickr EMS21 Private - Brickerville Ambulance  EMS-Talk 
2299 8fb D EMS24 Roths EMS24 Private - Rothsville Ambulance  EMS-Talk 
2300 8fc D EMS36 5Pnts EMS36 Private - Fivepointville Ambulance  EMS-Talk 
2301 8fd D EMS37 NewHol EMS37 Private - New Holland Ambulance  EMS-Talk 
2302 8fe D EMS38 Leola EMS38 Private - Leola Ambulance  EMS-Talk 
2303 8ff D EMS43 Gordnv EMS43 Private - Gordonville Ambulance  EMS-Talk 
2304 900 D EMS46 Chrstn EMS46 Private - Christiana Ambulance  EMS-Talk 
2305 901 D EMS49 WH EMS EMS49 Private - White Horse Salisbury Twp Fire & Ambulance (EMS side)  EMS-Talk 
2306 902 D EMS53 Constg EMS53 Private - Conestoga Ambulance  EMS-Talk 
2307 903 D EMS77 SVEMS EMS77 Private - Susquehanna Valley EMS  EMS-Talk 
2308 904 D EMS82 Manhm EMS82 Private - Manheim Twp Ambulance  EMS-Talk 
2309 905 D EMS85 Warwic EMS85 Private - Warwick Ambulance  EMS-Talk 
2310 906 D EMS86 NWEMS EMS86 Private - Northwest EMS  EMS-Talk 
2311 907 D EMS88 Wakefl EMS88 Private - Wakefield Ambulance  EMS-Talk 
2312 908 D QRS08 Columb QRS08 Private - Columbia QRS 8  EMS-Talk 
2313 909 D QRS73 FMColg QRS73 Private - Franklin and Marshall QRS 73  EMS-Talk 
2900 b54 DE Inter-Hosp Inter-Hospital  Hospital 
2901 b55 DE Medical Cmnd Medical Command  EMS-Talk 
2905 b59 DE ECH ER 1 Ephrata Community Hospital ER 1  Hospital 
2906 b5a DE ECH ER 2 Ephrata Community Hospital ER 2   Hospital 
2907 b5b D ECH Private Ephrata Community Hospital Private  Hospital 
2915 b63 DE HLH ER Heart of Lancaster Hospital ER  Hospital 
2916 b64 D HLH Private Heart of Lancaster Hospital Private  Hospital 
2925 b6d DE LGH ER 1 Lancaster General Hospital ER 1  Hospital 
2926 b6e DE LGH ER 2 Lancaster General Hospital ER 2  Hospital 
2927 b6f D LGH Private Lancaster General Hospital Private  Hospital 
2930 b72 DE LRMC ER Lancaster Regional Medical Center ER 1  Hospital 
2931 b73 D LRMC Private Lancaster Regional Medical Center Private  Hospital 
2935 b77 DE WBH ER Womens & Babies Hospital ER  Hospital 
2936 b78 D WBH Private Womens & Babies Hospital Private  Hospital 
4701 125d D Dispatch P25 Tone/Voice Paging  Fire Dispatch 

Interoperability Talkgroups

DEC HEX Mode  Alpha TagDescriptionTag  
1030 406 D CoWide Comnd Countywide Command  Interop 
1031 407 D CoWide PubSf Countywide Public Safety  Interop 
1032 408 D CoWide PubWk Countywide Public Works  Interop 
1033 409 D CoWide Ops 7 Countywide Ops 7  Interop 
1034 40a D CoWide Ops 8 Countywide Ops 8  Interop 
1035 40b D CoWide Ops 9 Countywide Ops 9  Interop 
1036 40c D CoWide Ops10 Countywide Ops 10  Interop 
1037 40d D CoWide Ops11 Countywide Ops 11  Interop 
1038 40e D CoWide Ops12 Countywide Ops 12  Interop 
1039 40f D CoWide Ops13 Countywide Ops 13  Interop 
1040 410 D CoWide Ops14 Countywide Ops 14  Interop 
1041 411 D CoWide Ops15 Countywide Ops 15  Interop 
1057 421 D Event 7A Event 7A  Interop 
1058 422 D Event 8A Event 8A  Interop 
1059 423 D Event 9B Event 9B  Interop 
1060 424 D Event 10B Event 10B  Interop 
1061 425 D Event 11C Event 11C  Interop 
1062 426 D Event 12C Event 12C  Interop 
3050 bea DE Co Encrypt 1 Encrypt 1 (Multiagency)  Multi-Tac 
3051 beb DE Co Encrypt 2 Encrypt 2 (Multiagency)  Multi-Tac 

County Services Talkgroups

DEC HEX Mode  Alpha TagDescriptionTag  
1020 3fc D Facilities County Facilities  Public Works 
1070 42e D Facilities 1 Facilities Management 1  Public Works 
1071 42f D Facilities 2 Facilities Management 2  Public Works 
1072 430 D Facilities P Facilities Management Private  Public Works 
1080 438 D Parks 1 Parks 1  Public Works 
1081 439 D Parks 2 Parks 2 - Fac Management  Public Works 
1082 43a D Parks Privat Parks Private  Public Works 
1140 474 D Training 1 Training 1  Public Works 
1141 475 D Training 2 Training 2  Public Works 
1142 476 D Training 3 Training 3  Public Works 
1143 477 D Training 4 Training 4  Public Works 

County Public Safety Dept Talkgroups

DEC HEX Mode  Alpha TagDescriptionTag  
1100 44c D PSTC 1 Public Safety Training Center 1  Public Works 
1101 44d D PSTC 2 Public Safety Training Center 2 - Facilities Management  Public Works 
1102 44e D PSTC Private Public Safety Training Center Private  Public Works 
1130 46a D LCWC 1 LCWC 1  Public Works 
1131 46b D LCWC 2 LCWC 2  Public Works 
1132 46c DE LCWC Private LCWC Private  Public Works 
1150 47e D LCEMA 1 LCEMA 1  Emergency Ops 
1151 47f D LCEMA 2 LCEMA 2  Emergency Ops 
1152 480 DE LCEMA Privat LCEMA Private  Emergency Ops 
1153 481 D EMA/PW NW EMA Northwest  Emergency Ops 
1154 482 D EMA/PW NE EMA Northeast  Emergency Ops 
1155 483 D EMA/PW South EMA South  Emergency Ops 
1156 484 D EMA/PW Cent EMA Central  Emergency Ops 
3900 f3c D Peach Bottom Peach Bottom  Emergency Ops 
3901 f3d D Three Mile I Three Mile Island  Emergency Ops 

County Corrections Talkgroups

DEC HEX Mode  Alpha TagDescriptionTag  
1090 442 D Prison 1 Ops Prison 1 - Operations  Corrections 
1091 443 D Prison 2 Mnt Prison 2 - Facilities Management  Corrections 
1092 444 DE Prison Priv Prison Private  Corrections 
1093 445 D Prison Trans Prison Transport  Corrections 
1110 456 D YIC 1 Ops Youth Intervention Center 1  Corrections 
1111 457 D YIC 2 Maint Youth Intervention Center 2 - Facilities Management  Corrections 
1112 458 D YIC Private Youth Intervention Center Private  Corrections 
1113 459 D YIC Transprt Youth Intervention Center Transport  Corrections 

Municipal Talkgroups

DEC HEX Mode  Alpha TagDescriptionTag  
4220 107c D Adamstown Adamstown Boro  Public Works 
4221 107d D Adamstown PS Adamstown Boro PS  Interop 
4222 107e D AdamstownPW1 Adamstown Boro PW1  Public Works 
4223 107f D AdamstownPW2 Adamstown Boro PW2  Public Works 
4230 1086 D Akron Boro Akron Boro  Public Works 
4231 1087 D Akron PS Akron Boro PS  Interop 
4232 1088 D Akron PW1 Akron Boro PW1  Public Works 
4233 1089 D Akron PW2 Akron Boro PW2  Public Works 
4000 fa0 D Bart Twp Bart Twp  Public Works 
4001 fa1 D Bart Twp PS Bart Twp PS  Interop 
4002 fa2 D Bart Twp PW1 Bart Twp PW1  Public Works 
4003 fa3 D Bart Twp PW2 Bart Twp PW2  Public Works 
4240 1090 D Brecknock Brecknock Twp  Public Works 
4241 1091 D Brecknock PS Brecknock Twp PS  Interop 
4242 1092 D BrecknockPW1 Brecknock Twp PW1  Public Works 
4243 1093 D BrecknockPW2 Brecknock Twp PW2  Public Works 
4250 109a D Caernarvon Caernarvon Twp  Public Works 
4251 109b D CaernarvonPS Caernarvon Twp PS  Interop 
4252 109c D Caernarv PW1 Caernarvon Twp PW1  Public Works 
4253 109d D Caernarv PW2 Caernarvon Twp PW2  Public Works 
4260 10a4 D Christiana Christiana Boro  Public Works 
4261 10a5 D ChristianaPS Christiana Boro PS  Interop 
4262 10a6 D ChrstianaPW1 Christiana Boro PW1  Public Works 
4263 10a7 D ChrstianaPW2 Christiana Boro PW2  Public Works 
4270 10ae D Clay Twp Clay Twp  Public Works 
4271 10af D Clay Twp PS Clay Twp PS  Interop 
4272 10b0 D Clay Twp PW1 Clay Twp PW1  Public Works 
4273 10b1 D Clay Twp PW2 Clay Twp PW2  Public Works 
4280 10b8 D Colerain Twp Colerain Twp  Public Works 
4281 10b9 D Colerain PS Colerain Twp PS  Interop 
4282 10ba D Colerain PW1 Colerain Twp PW1  Public Works 
4283 10bb D Colerain PW2 Colerain Twp PW2  Public Works 
4010 faa D Columbia Bor Columbia Boro  Public Works 
4011 fab D Columbia PS Columbia Boro PS  Interop 
4012 fac D Columbia PW1 Columbia Boro PW1  Public Works 
4013 fad D Columbia PW2 Columbia Boro PW2  Public Works 
4290 10c2 D Conestoga Conestoga Twp  Public Works 
4291 10c3 D Conestoga PS Conestoga Twp PS  Interop 
4292 10c4 D ConestogaPW1 Conestoga Twp PW1  Public Works 
4293 10c5 D ConestogaPW2 Conestoga Twp PW2  Public Works 
4020 fb4 D Conoy Twp Conoy Twp  Public Works 
4021 fb5 D Conoy Twp PS Conoy Twp PS  Interop 
4022 fb6 D Conoy PW1 Conoy Twp PW1  Public Works 
4023 fb7 D Conoy PW2 Conoy Twp PW2  Public Works 
4300 10cc D Denver Boro Denver Boro  Public Works 
4301 10cd D Denver PS Denver Boro PS  Interop 
4302 10ce D Denver PW1 Denver Boro PW1  Public Works 
4303 10cf D Denver PW2 Denver Boro PW2  Public Works 
4030 fbe D Drumore Twp Drumore Twp  Public Works 
4031 fbf D Drumore PS Drumore Twp PS  Interop 
4032 fc0 D Drumore PW1 Drumore Twp PW1  Public Works 
4033 fc1 D Drumore PW2 Drumore Twp PW2  Public Works 
4320 10e0 D E Cocalico E Cocalico Twp  Public Works 
4321 10e1 D E CocalicoPS E Cocalico Twp PS  Interop 
4322 10e2 D ECocalicoPW1 E Cocalico Twp PW1  Public Works 
4323 10e3 D ECocalicoPW2 E Cocalico Twp PW2  Public Works 
4040 fc8 D E Donegal Tw E Donegal Twp  Public Works 
4041 fc9 D E Donegal PS E Donegal Twp PS  Interop 
4042 fca D EDonegal PW1 E Donegal Twp PW1  Public Works 
4043 fcb D EDonegal PW2 E Donegal Twp PW2  Public Works 
4330 10ea D E Drumore E Drumore Twp  Public Works 
4331 10eb D E Drumore PS E Drumore Twp PS  Interop 
4332 10ec D E DrumorePW1 E Drumore Twp PW1  Public Works 
4333 10ed D E DrumorePW2 E Drumore Twp PW2  Public Works 
4050 fd2 D E Earl Twp E Earl Twp  Public Works 
4051 fd3 D E Earl PS E Earl Twp PS  Interop 
4052 fd4 D E Earl PW1 E Earl Twp PW1  Public Works 
4053 fd5 D E Earl PW2 E Earl Twp PW2  Public Works 
4340 10f4 D E Hemp Twp E Hempfield Twp  Public Works 
4341 10f5 D E Hemp PS E Hempfield Twp PS  Interop 
4342 10f6 D E Hemp PW1 E Hempfield Twp PW1  Public Works 
4343 10f7 D E Hemp PW2 E Hempfield Twp PW2  Public Works 
4350 10fe D E Lamp Twp E Lampeter Twp  Public Works 
4351 10ff D E Lamp PS E Lampeter Twp PS  Interop 
4352 1100 D E Lamp PW1 E Lampeter Twp PW1  Public Works 
4353 1101 D E Lamp PW2 E Lampeter Twp PW2  Public Works 
4360 1108 D E Pete Boro E Petersburg Boro  Public Works 
4361 1109 D E Pete Boro E Petersburg Boro PS  Interop 
4362 110a D E Pete PW1 E Petersburg Boro PW1  Public Works 
4363 110b D E Pete PW2 E Petersburg Boro PW2  Public Works 
4310 10d6 D Earl Twp Earl Twp  Public Works 
4311 10d7 D Earl Twp PS Earl Twp PS  Interop 
4312 10d8 D Earl Twp PW1 Earl Twp PW1  Public Works 
4313 10d9 D Earl Twp PW2 Earl Twp PW2  Public Works 
4370 1112 D Eden Twp Eden Twp  Public Works 
4371 1113 D Eden Twp PS Eden Twp PS  Interop 
4372 1114 D Eden Twp PW1 Eden Twp PW1  Public Works 
4373 1115 D Eden Twp PW2 Eden Twp PW2  Public Works 
4380 111c D ElizabethTwp Elizabeth Twp  Public Works 
4381 111d D Elizabeth PS Elizabeth Twp PS  Interop 
4382 111e D ElizabethPW1 Elizabeth Twp PW1  Public Works 
4383 111f D ElizabethPW2 Elizabeth Twp PW2  Public Works 
4060 fdc D Etown Boro Elizabethtown Boro  Public Works 
4061 fdd D Etown PS Elizabethtown Boro PS  Interop 
4062 fde D Etown PW1 Elizabethtown Boro PW1  Public Works 
4063 fdf D Etown PW2 Elizabethtown Boro PW2  Public Works 
4390 1126 D Ephrata Boro Ephrata Boro  Public Works 
4391 1127 D EphrataB PS Ephrata Boro PS  Interop 
4392 1128 D EphrataB PW1 Ephrata Boro PW1  Public Works 
4393 1129 D EphrataB PW2 Ephrata Boro PW2  Public Works 
4070 fe6 D Ephrata Twp Ephrata Twp  Public Works 
4071 fe7 D Ephrata T PS Ephrata Twp PS  Interop 
4072 fe8 D EphrataT PW1 Ephrata Twp PW1  Public Works 
4073 fe9 D EphrataT PW2 Ephrata Twp PW2  Public Works 
4080 ff0 D Fulton Twp Fulton Twp  Public Works 
4081 ff1 D Fulton PS Fulton Twp PS  Interop 
4082 ff2 D Fulton PW1 Fulton Twp PW1  Public Works 
4083 ff3 D Fulton PW2 Fulton Twp PW2  Public Works 
4400 1130 D LancsterCity Lancaster City  Public Works 
4401 1131 D Lanc City PS Lancaster City PS  Interop 
4402 1132 D LancCity PW1 Lancaster City PW1  Public Works 
4403 1133 D LancCity PW2 Lancaster City PW2  Public Works 
4410 113a D Lancster Twp Lancaster Twp  Public Works 
4411 113b D Lanc Twp PS Lancaster Twp PS  Interop 
4412 113c D Lanc Twp PW1 Lancaster Twp PW1  Public Works 
4413 113d D Lanc Twp PW2 Lancaster Twp PW2  Public Works 
4420 1144 D Leacock Twp Leacock Twp  Public Works 
4421 1145 D Leacock PS Leacock Twp PS  Interop 
4422 1146 D Leacock PW1 Leacock Twp PW1  Public Works 
4423 1147 D Leacock PW2 Leacock Twp PW2  Public Works 
4090 ffa D Lititz Boro Lititz Boro  Public Works 
4091 ffb D Lititz PS Lititz Boro PS  Interop 
4092 ffc D Lititz PW1 Lititz Boro PW1  Public Works 
4093 ffd D LititzPW2 Lititz Boro PW2  Public Works 
4100 1004 D Little Brit Little Britain Twp  Public Works 
4101 1005 D Lit Brit PS Little Britain Twp PS  Interop 
4102 1006 D Lit Brit PW1 Little Britain Twp PW1  Public Works 
4103 1007 D Lit Brit PW2 Little Britain Twp PW2  Public Works 
4430 114e D Manheim Boro Manheim Boro  Public Works 
4431 114f D Manheim B PS Manheim Boro PS  Interop 
4432 1150 D ManheimB PW1 Manheim Boro PW1  Public Works 
4433 1151 D ManheimB PW2 Manheim Boro PW2  Public Works 
4440 1158 D Manheim Twp Manheim Twp  Public Works 
4441 1159 D Manheim T PS Manheim Twp PS  Interop 
4442 115a D ManheimT PW1 Manheim Twp PW1  Public Works 
4443 115b D ManheimT PW2 Manheim Twp PW2  Public Works 
4450 1162 D Manor Twp Manor Twp  Public Works 
4451 1163 D Manor Twp PS Manor Twp PS  Interop 
4452 1164 D ManorTwp PW1 Manor Twp PW1  Public Works 
4453 1165 D ManorTwp PW2 Manor Twp PW2  Public Works 
4460 116c D Marietta Bor Marietta Boro  Public Works 
4461 116d D MariettaB PS Marietta Boro PS  Interop 
4462 116e D MariettaBPW1 Marietta Boro PW1  Public Works 
4463 116f D MariettaBPW2 Marietta Boro PW2  Public Works 
4120 1018 D Martic Twp Martic Twp  Public Works 
4121 1019 D Martic PS Martic Twp PS  Interop 
4122 101a D Martic PW1 Martic Twp PW1  Public Works 
4123 101b D Martic PW2 Martic Twp PW2  Public Works 
4470 1176 D M-ville Boro Millersville Boro  Public Works 
4471 1177 D M-ville PS Millersville Boro PS  Interop 
4472 1178 D M-ville PW1 Millersville Boro PW1  Public Works 
4473 1179 D M-ville PW2 Millersville Boro PW2  Public Works 
4480 1180 D Mtville Boro Mountville Boro  Public Works 
4481 1181 D Mtville B PS Mountville Boro PS  Interop 
4482 1182 D MtvilleB PW1 Mountville Boro PW1  Public Works 
4483 1183 D MtvilleB PW2 Mountville Boro PW2  Public Works 
4130 1022 D Mt Joy Boro Mt Joy Boro  Public Works 
4131 1023 D Mt Joy B PS Mt Joy Boro PS  Interop 
4132 1024 D Mt Joy B PW1 Mt Joy Boro PW1  Public Works 
4133 1025 D Mt Joy B PW2 Mt Joy Boro PW2  Public Works 
4140 102c D Mt Joy Twp Mt Joy Twp  Public Works 
4141 102d D Mt Joy T PS Mt Joy Twp PS  Interop 
4142 102e D Mt Joy T PW1 Mt Joy Twp PW1  Public Works 
4143 102f D Mt Joy T PW2 Mt Joy Twp PW2  Public Works 
4490 118a D New Holland New Holland Boro  Public Works 
4491 118b D New Holnd PS New Holland Boro PS  Interop 
4492 118c D NewHolnd PW1 New Holland Boro PW1  Public Works 
4493 118d D NewHolnd PW2 New Holland Boro PW2  Public Works 
4500 1194 D Paradise Twp Paradise Twp  Public Works 
4501 1195 D Paradise PS Paradise Twp PS  Interop 
4502 1196 D Paradise PW1 Paradise Twp PW1  Public Works 
4503 1197 D Paradise PW2 Paradise Twp PW2  Public Works 
4510 119e D Penn Twp Penn Twp  Public Works 
4511 119f D Penn Twp PS Penn Twp PS  Interop 
4512 11a0 D Penn Twp PW1 Penn Twp PW1  Public Works 
4513 11a1 D Penn Twp PW2 Penn Twp PW2  Public Works 
4520 11a8 D Pequea Twp Pequea Twp  Public Works 
4521 11a9 D Pequea T PS Pequea Twp PS  Interop 
4522 11aa D Pequea T PW1 Pequea Twp PW1  Public Works 
4523 11ab D Pequea T PW2 Pequea Twp PW2  Public Works 
4531 11b3 D ProvidencePS Providence PS  Interop 
4532 11b4 D Providnc PW1 Providence PW1  Public Works 
4533 11b5 D ProvidncPW2 Providence PW2  Public Works 
4530 11b2 D Providence T Providence Twp  Public Works 
4150 1036 D Qville Boro Quarryville Boro  Public Works 
4151 1037 D Qville PS Quarryville Boro PS  Interop 
4152 1038 D Qville PW1 Quarryville Boro PW1  Public Works 
4153 1039 D Qville PW2 Quarryville Boro PW2  Public Works 
4160 1040 D Rapho Twp Rapho Twp  Public Works 
4161 1041 D Rapho Twp PS Rapho Twp PS  Interop 
4162 1042 D Rapho PW1 Rapho Twp PW1  Public Works 
4163 1043 D Rapho PW2 Rapho Twp PW2  Public Works 
4540 11bc D Sadsbury Twp Sadsbury Twp  Public Works 
4541 11bd D Sadsbury PS Sadsbury Twp PS  Interop 
4542 11be D Sadsbury PW1 Sadsbury Twp PW1  Public Works 
4543 11bf D Sadsbury PW2 Sadsbury Twp PW2  Public Works 
4170 104a D Salisbury T Salisbury Twp  Public Works 
4171 104b D Salisbury PS Salisbury Twp PS  Interop 
4172 104c D SalisburyPW1 Salisbury Twp PW1  Public Works 
4173 104d D SalisburyPW2 SalisburyTwp PW2  Public Works 
4180 1054 D Strasburg Strasburg Boro  Public Works 
4181 1055 D Strasburg PS Strasburg Boro PS  Interop 
4182 1056 D StrasburgPW1 Strasburg Boro PW1  Public Works 
4183 1057 D StrasburgPW2 Strasburg Boro PW2  Public Works 
4550 11c6 D StrasburgTwP Strasburg Twp  Public Works 
4551 11c7 D StrasbrgT PS Strasburg Twp PS  Interop 
4552 11c8 D StrasbrgTPW1 Strasburg Twp PW1  Public Works 
4553 11c9 D StrasbrgTPW2 Strasburg Twp PW2  Public Works 
4560 11d0 D Terre Hill B Terre Hill Boro  Public Works 
4561 11d1 D TerreHill PS Terre Hill Boro PS  Interop 
4562 11d2 D TerreHillPW1 Terre Hill Boro PW1  Public Works 
4563 11d3 D TerreHillPW2 Terre Hill Boro PW2  Public Works 
4570 11da D Up Leacock Upper Leacock Twp  Public Works 
4571 11db D Up LeacockPS Upper Leacock Twp PS  Interop 
4572 11dc D UpLeacockPW1 Upper Leacock Twp PW1  Public Works 
4573 11dd D UpLeacockPW2 Upper Leacock Twp PW2  Public Works 
4590 11ee D W Cocalico T W Cocalico Twp  Public Works 
4591 11ef D W Cocal PS W Cocalico Twp PS  Interop 
4592 11f0 D W Cocal PW1 W Cocalico Twp PW1  Public Works 
4593 11f1 D W Cocal PW2 W Cocalico Twp PW2  Public Works 
4600 11f8 D W Donegal Tw W Donegal Twp  Public Works 
4601 11f9 D W Donegal PS W Donegal Twp PS  Interop 
4602 11fa D WDonegal PW1 W Donegal Twp PW1  Public Works 
4603 11fb D WDonegal PW2 W Donegal Twp PW2  Public Works 
4610 1202 D W Earl Twp W Earl Twp  Public Works 
4611 1203 D WEarl Twp PS W Earl Twp PS  Interop 
4612 1204 D WEarlTwpPW1 W Earl Twp PW1  Public Works 
4613 1205 D WEarlTwpPW2 W Earl Twp PW2  Public Works 
4620 120c D W Hempfield W Hempfield Twp  Public Works 
4621 120d D W HempTwp PS W Hempfield Twp PS  Interop 
4622 120e D W HempTwpPW1 W Hempfield Twp PW1  Public Works 
4623 120f D W HempTwpPW2 W Hempfield Twp PW2  Public Works 
4630 1216 D W Lampeter T W Lampeter Twp  Public Works 
4631 1217 D W LampTwp PS W Lampeter Twp PS  Interop 
4632 1218 D W LampTwpPW1 W Lampeter Twp PW1  Public Works 
4633 1219 D W LampTwpPW2 W Lampeter Twp PW2  Public Works 
4580 11e4 D Warwick Twp Warwick Twp  Public Works 
4581 11e5 D Warwick PS Warwick Twp PS  Interop 
4582 11e6 D WarwickPW1 Warwick Twp PW1  Public Works 
4583 11e7 D WarwickPW2 Warwick Twp PW2  Public Works 

Cell on Wheels System Talkgroups

DEC HEX Mode  Alpha TagDescriptionTag  
1201 4b1 D COW 1 SysWd COW 1 System-wide  Public Works 
1202 4b2 D COW 2 SysWd COW 2 System-wide  Public Works 
1203 4b3 D COW 3 SysWd COW 3 System-wide  Public Works 
1204 4b4 D COW 4 SysWd COW 4 System-wide  Public Works 
1205 4b5 D COW 5 SysWd COW 5 System-wide  Public Works 
1206 4b6 D COW 6 SysWd COW 6 System-wide  Public Works 
1207 4b7 D COW 7 SysWd COW 7 System-wide  Public Works 
1208 4b8 DE COW 8 SysWd COW 8 System-wide Secure  Public Works 
1211 4bb D COW 1 Local COW 1 Local  Public Works 
1212 4bc D COW 2 Local COW 2 Local  Public Works 
1213 4bd D COW 3 Local COW 3 Local  Public Works 
1214 4be D COW 4 Local COW 4 Local  Public Works 
1215 4bf D COW 5 Local COW 5 Local  Public Works 
1216 4c0 D COW 6 Local COW 6 Local  Public Works 
1217 4c1 D COW 7 Local COW 7 Local  Public Works 
1218 4c2 DE COW 8 Local COW 8 Local Secure  Public Works 

Radio Techs Talkgroups

DEC HEX Mode  Alpha TagDescriptionTag  
100 064 D Radio Test Coverage Testing Teams  Public Works 

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