Harris County / Houston

Subcategory: Police

Unique DB ID: 78
Texas Wide Area Radio Network (TxWARN)
Project 25 Phase II
Houston Police operates on the RFSS 3 public safety sites and RFSS 3 stand-alone fill-in public safety sites.

Subcategory Location Data

Latitude: 29.76328 Longitude: -95.36327 Range: 16 Type: Defined Coverage


FrequencyLicenseTypeToneAlpha TagDescriptionModeTag
460.22500KKD490 M 123.0 PL HPD8 Car-Car Ch. A8/B8 Car-to-Car - Criminal Intelligence Division (CID) FM Law Tac
460.37500KDC956 M 123.0 PL HPD Tac 1 Ch. B2 Tactical 1 - City Jail FM Corrections
465.37500KKD490 M 123.0 PL HPD Tac 2 Ch. B6 Tactical 2 FM Law Tac
852.13750WPLU785 M 061 NAC HPD Simplex1 Simplex 1 P25E Law Tac
851.88750WPLU785 M 061 NAC HPD Simplex2 Simplex 2 P25E Law Tac
852.03750WPDA690 M 061 NAC HPD Simplex3 Simplex 3 P25E Law Tac
851.21250WPDA690 M 061 NAC HPD Simplex4 Simplex 4 P25E Law Tac
851.71250WPDA690 M 061 NAC HPD Simplex5 Simplex 5 P25E Law Tac