Texas Wide Area Radio Network (TxWARN)

System Name: Texas Wide Area Radio Network (TxWARN)
Location: Various, TX
County: 37 Counties
System Type: Project 25 Phase II
System Voice: APCO-25 Common Air Interface Exclusive
System ID: Sysid: 1A7 WACN: BEE00
Last Updated: March 6, 2023, 8:09 pm CST   [Imported talkgroups (2 Added, 0 Updated) for Texas Search and Rescue]
System Notes
This system replaced the Motorola Smartzone system 2318, which has been decommissioned.

Sites and Frequencies

Red (c) are control channel capable frequencies
RFSS Site Name County Freqs
1 (1) 001 (1) Bay City Matagorda 851.250851.675852.175852.825853.575c853.7125c 
1 (1) 002 (2) Palacios Matagorda 769.59375770.11875771.84375772.01875772.19375c772.51875c 
1 (1) 003 (3) Friendswood Galveston 851.150c851.175851.300851.400c851.650851.700852.050
1 (1) 004 (4) Glidden Colorado 771.54375771.83125772.20625773.68125c774.69375c  
1 (1) 005 (5) Humble Harris 851.225851.450851.600851.725852.5875852.7375c852.925
1 (1) 006 (6) Bush Intercontinental Airport Harris 856.2875856.3125857.2875857.3125858.2875858.3125859.2875c
1 (1) 007 (7) Hobby Airport Harris 856.2625856.9375858.7375859.7375c860.7375c  
1 (1) 008 (8) Madisonville Madison 769.84375770.55625771.84375772.20625772.83125773.38125c 
1 (1) 009 (9) Midway Madison 770.10625771.39375772.41875773.23125773.65625c774.48125c 
1 (1) 010 (A) League City Galveston 856.9875c857.9875858.9875859.9875c860.9875  
1 (1) 011 (B) Moss Hill Liberty 851.875852.8375853.2125853.4625c853.6625c  
1 (1) 012 (C) Harris County East Simulcast Harris 769.21875769.40625769.68125769.96875770.46875770.68125770.90625
1 (1) 013 (D) Harris County Northwest Simulcast Harris 771.71875772.49375772.64375772.86875773.69375c774.45625c851.975
1 (1) 014 (E) Harris County Northeast Simulcast Harris 770.23125771.23125771.98125773.21875774.15625c774.43125c851.450
1 (1) 016 (10) Pierce Wharton 770.31875771.19375772.39375773.14375773.44375c773.93125c 
1 (1) 017 (11) Texas City Galveston 851.3375851.4125851.625851.8125851.9625852.3375852.5625c
1 (1) 018 (12) Ames Liberty 770.20625771.16875771.70625771.95625772.73125c774.90625c 
1 (1) 019 (13) San Felipe Austin 851.3375851.5875852.0875853.0625853.300c853.5875c 
1 (1) 020 (14) Bleiblerville Austin 851.125851.4125851.8125852.3375853.3375c853.800c 
1 (1) 021 (15) Bryan Brazos 769.31875769.86875770.51875770.85625771.89375772.80625773.14375c
1 (1) 022 (16) College Station Brazos 769.09375769.51875770.46875770.81875771.64375c772.16875772.43125
1 (1) 023 (17) Millican Brazos 770.01875770.60625771.04375771.46875c772.66875c  
1 (1) 024 (18) Brenham Washington 770.54375771.70625772.31875772.70625c774.44375c  
1 (1) 025 (19) Burton Washington 770.35625771.01875771.91875772.54375c772.96875c  
1 (1) 026 (1A) Washington Washington 770.26875770.93125771.23125771.96875772.49375c773.19375c 
1 (1) 027 (1B) Hensel Park/TAMU Brazos 769.76875770.31875771.19375771.55625772.34375772.95625c773.41875
1 (1) 028 (1C) Anahuac Chambers 769.33125769.60625771.31875772.04375772.44375c772.70625c 
1 (1) 029 (1D) Pasadena Harris 851.1125851.3625851.6125851.8625852.1125852.3625852.6125
1 (1) 030 (1E) Reed Road Harris 769.19375770.65625773.30625773.53125773.78125c774.05625c 
1 (1) 031 (1F) Hempstead Waller 770.04375770.56875770.81875771.39375771.56875c772.94375c 
1 (1) 032 (20) High Island Galveston 769.28125769.78125770.03125770.28125771.09375c771.51875c 
1 (1) 033 (21) Houston Transtar Harris 851.300851.700852.150853.1375853.675c857.7125c 
1 (1) 034 (22) Clodine Fort Bend 851.050851.4875852.075852.550853.0875c853.925c 
1 (1) 035 (23) Wade Road Harris 851.100c851.550851.925851.950852.350852.375852.600
1 (1) 036 (24) Galveston Galveston 851.1625851.4375851.875852.3125852.8375853.4625c853.600c
1 (1) 037 (25) Santa Fe Galveston 851.5625852.750856.2125857.2125858.2125859.7125c860.7125c
1 (1) 038 (26) Huffman Harris 851.375851.9375852.4625853.0375c853.975c  
1 (1) 039 (27) Tomball Harris 851.575852.650c852.9875c853.950c858.4875860.4625 
1 (1) 040 (28) North Brazos Brazos 769.11875c771.24375c771.76875772.24375772.85625774.14375 
1 (1) 041 (29) Fort Bend Fort Bend 851.0125851.3125851.5125851.7625852.0125852.2375852.5125
1 (1) 042 (2A) Anderson Grimes 769.56875c769.61875c770.78125771.26875771.30625772.30625 
1 (1) 043 (2B) Bedias Grimes 769.54375770.36875c771.15625771.68125771.99375774.23125c 
1 (1) 044 (2C) Caldwell Burleson 769.60625770.76875771.16875771.94375772.40625c773.64375c 
1 (1) 051 (33) Montgomery County Simulcast Montgomery 851.325851.775851.825851.9625852.300852.325852.775
1 (1) 052 (34) Harris County Central Simulcast Harris 769.26875769.70625769.85625770.08125770.25625770.53125771.75625
1 (1) 053 (35) Fort Bend County Simulcast Fort Bend 769.34375769.76875770.01875770.29375771.30625c772.38125c851.0875
1 (1) 054 (36) Galveston County Simulcast Galveston 769.44375770.18125770.78125770.94375771.89375772.68125773.18125
1 (1) 058 (3A) Brazoria County Simulcast Brazoria 769.46875769.93125770.96875c771.24375c772.03125c772.85625c853.2875
1 (1) 094 (5E) Barbours Cut Terminal Harris 769.45625770.43125770.69375773.05625773.31875c774.53125c 
1 (1) 095 (5F) Bayport Terminal Harris 769.43125769.91875770.16875770.41875770.70625c770.95625c 
1 (1) 096 (60) Cedar Park Williamson 769.43125769.71875770.93125773.54375774.06875c774.29375c 
1 (1) 097 (61) Mobile Site Itinerant 774.53125c      
2 (2) 001 (1) Beaumont Jefferson 769.19375c770.94375c     
2 (2) 012 (C) Lufkin Angelina 771.93125c772.68125c773.88125    
2 (2) 014 (E) Nacogdoches Nacogdoches 770.04375770.34375c771.14375772.75625c774.18125c774.43125 
2 (2) 030 (1E) Kilgore Gregg 856.0375856.9625857.2375c857.7375c858.0625c858.4875c 
2 (2) 031 (1F) Gilmer Upshur 770.11875771.38125771.73125771.98125c772.45625c  
2 (2) 032 (20) Kaufman Kaufman 769.86875770.55625770.84375c771.20625c771.60625c772.13125c 
2 (2) 033 (21) Lindale Smith 851.075851.4125851.825852.075852.4875852.975853.250c
2 (2) 034 (22) Rusk Cherokee 855.4875855.7125c855.9625856.4625856.9875857.4875c 
2 (2) 035 (23) Groveton Trinity 770.28125771.08125772.18125772.50625772.91875c774.73125c 
2 (2) 036 (24) Crockett Houston 770.08125770.50625771.25625771.53125771.80625c772.25625c 
2 (2) 037 (25) Winona Smith 851.1375851.450851.6875851.950852.550852.9875c853.9875c
2 (2) 038 (26) Carthage Panola 769.59375771.00625771.45625771.85625772.28125c772.53125c 
2 (2) 039 (27) Arp Smith 769.28125769.53125769.78125770.08125770.50625770.78125771.03125c
2 (2) 040 (28) Bullard Smith 851.2625851.550851.975852.2625852.600853.050853.325c
2 (2) 041 (29) Tyler Simulcast Smith 851.050851.375851.575851.775852.0375852.450852.900
2 (2) 042 (2A) Longview Gregg 854.2875854.7125855.2125856.7625857.7625857.9375858.7625c
2 (2) 043 (2B) Athens Henderson 855.7375856.4375857.4375c858.1375859.4375c860.4375 
2 (2) 044 (2C) East Walker County Walker 851.7875852.8125853.2875853.525c853.900c  
2 (2) 045 (2D) West Walker County Walker 851.400851.650851.700852.050852.150c852.400c 
2 (2) 046 (2E) Henderson Rusk 856.7375856.9375c857.2125c858.2625859.2375859.9625 
2 (2) 047 (2F) Mount Pleasant Titus 769.26875770.03125770.51875c770.80625c771.05625  
3 (3) 001 (1) Houston Public Safety Northeast Simulcast Harris 769.08125769.29375769.50625770.50625770.80625771.38125771.55625c
3 (3) 002 (2) Houston Public Safety Northwest Simulcast Harris 771.10625771.33125771.91875772.08125772.26875772.43125772.80625c
3 (3) 003 (3) Houston Public Safety Southeast Simulcast Harris 769.80625770.05625770.33125770.58125770.83125771.05625771.40625c
3 (3) 004 (4) Houston Public Safety Southwest Simulcast Harris 769.55625770.60625770.75625771.08125771.28125771.43125771.84375c
3 (3) 005 (5) Houston General Government Services Simulcast Harris 853.725854.0125854.3875854.4625856.4375856.7375856.7625
3 (3) 011 (B) Houston Public Safety West Alvin Brazoria 769.31875769.61875769.90625c770.21875c770.40625c771.00625c 
3 (3) 012 (C) Houston Public Safety Iowa Colony Brazoria 771.18125c771.65625c771.81875c771.96875c772.15625c  
3 (3) 013 (D) Houston Public Safety Spring Montgomery 769.59375771.25625c771.86875c772.01875c772.19375c  
3 (3) 014 (E) Houston Public Safety Alvin Brazoria 771.15625771.35625771.50625c771.73125c772.40625c772.65625c 
3 (3) 015 (F) Houston Public Safety Arcola Fort Bend 772.05625c772.24375c772.45625c773.88125c   
3 (3) 016 (10) Houston Public Safety Santa Fe Galveston 769.58125772.00625c772.18125c772.35625c772.50625c  
3 (3) 017 (11) Houston Public Safety Downtown Tunnel System Harris 769.54375c769.75625c770.00625c770.30625c   


Interoperability - Zone 75
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
4060fdcDWARN 1WARN 1Interop
4061fddDWARN 2WARN 2Interop
4062fdeTWARN 3WARN 3Interop
4063fdfDWARN 4WARN 4Interop
4064fe0DWARN 5WARN 5Interop
4065fe1DWARN 6WARN 6Interop
4066fe2DWARN 7WARN 7Interop
4067fe3DWARN 8WARN 8Interop
4068fe4DWARN 9WARN 9Interop
4069fe5DWARN 10WARN 10Interop
4070fe6DWARN 11WARN 11Interop
4071fe7DWARN 12WARN 12Interop
4072fe8DWARN 13WARN 13Interop
4073fe9DWARN 14WARN 14Interop
4074feaDWARN 15WARN 15Interop
20277ebDDPS Air OpsDepartment of Public Safety (DPS) Air OperationsInterop
Interoperability - Zone 76
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
2387953DET PS DispEast Texas Public Safety DispatchInterop
2388954DET PS TacEast Texas Public Safety TacticalInterop
535217DHC MA 1Harris County Mutual Aid 1Interop
537219DHC MA 2Harris County Mutual Aid 2 Interop
889379DHC MA 3Harris County Mutual Aid 3Interop
1159487DHC MA 4Harris County Mutual Aid 4Interop
1161489DHC MA 5Harris County Mutual Aid 5Interop
116348bDHC MA 6Harris County Mutual Aid 6Interop
3624e28DHC MA 7Harris County Mutual Aid 7Interop
3626e2aDHC MA 8Harris County Mutual Aid 8Interop
3628e2cDHC MA 9Harris County Mutual Aid 9Interop
3630e2eDHC MA 10Harris County Mutual Aid 10Interop
4086ff6DHC MA 11Harris County Mutual Aid 11Interop
4087ff7DHC MA 12Harris County Mutual Aid 12Interop
4088ff8DHC MA 13Harris County Mutual Aid 13Interop
4089ff9DHC MA 14Harris County Mutual Aid 14Interop
Interoperability - Zone 77 Inter-RF Subsystem Interface (ISSI)
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
22108a2DGCI 1Gulf Coast Interoperability (GCI) 1Interop
22118a3DGCI 2Gulf Coast Interoperability (GCI) 2Interop
22128a4DGCI 3Gulf Coast Interoperability (GCI) 3Interop
22138a5DGCI 4Gulf Coast Interoperability (GCI) 4Interop
22148a6DGCI 5Gulf Coast Interoperability (GCI) 5Interop
22158a7DGCI 6Gulf Coast Interoperability (GCI) 6Interop
22168a8DGCI 7Gulf Coast Interoperability (GCI) 7Interop
22178a9DGCI 8Gulf Coast Interoperability (GCI) 8Interop
22188aaDGCI 9Gulf Coast Interoperability (GCI) 9Interop
22198abDGCI 10Gulf Coast Interoperability (GCI) 10Interop
22208acDGCI 11Gulf Coast Interoperability (GCI) 11Interop
22218adDGCI 12Gulf Coast Interoperability (GCI) 12Interop
22228aeDGCI 13Gulf Coast Interoperability (GCI) 13Interop
22238afDGCI 14Gulf Coast Interoperability (GCI) 14Interop
22248b0DGCI 15Gulf Coast Interoperability (GCI) 15Interop
22258b1DGCI 16Gulf Coast Interoperability (GCI) 16Interop
Interoperability - Zone 78
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
3003DPublicHealthPublic HealthInterop
5005DCMOC 1Houston Catastrophic Medical Operations Center (CMOC) 1Interop
1100bDCMOC 2Houston Catastrophic Medical Operations Center (CMOC) 2Interop
1500fDCMOC 3Houston Catastrophic Medical Operations Center (CMOC) 3Interop
17011DCMOC 4Houston Catastrophic Medical Operations Center (CMOC) 4 Interop
19013DCMOC 5Houston Catastrophic Medical Operations Center (CMOC) 5Interop
21015DCMOC 6Houston Catastrophic Medical Operations Center (CMOC) 6Interop
12004b0DCMOC CommandHouston Catastrophic Medical Operations Center (CMOC) CommandEmergency Ops
2389955DCIMA 1Channel Industries Mutual Aid (CIMA) 1Interop
2390956DCIMA 2Channel Industries Mutual Aid (CIMA) 2Interop
2391957DCIMA 3Channel Industries Mutual Aid (CIMA) 3Interop
2392958DCIMA 4Channel Industries Mutual Aid (CIMA) 4Interop
2393959DCIMA 5Channel Industries Mutual Aid (CIMA) 5Interop
Interoperability - Law Enforcement
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
117949bDHPD FoxHouston Police "Fox" Helicopters (used for ground surveillance)Interop
114947dDPursuit 1Pursuit 1Interop
115147fDPursuit 2Pursuit 2Interop
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
3650e42DHCA Air AltHCA Air AlternateEMS-Tac
3649e41DHCA Air PrimaryHCA Air PrimaryEMS Dispatch
1300dDLifeFlt CtrlHermann Life Flight ControlEMS-Tac
1369559DLifeFlt DispHermann Life Flight DispatchEMS Dispatch
34815cDPHI Med 12 BryanPHI Med 12 Dispatch (Bryan Base)EMS Dispatch
3990f96DWash Co Air 1Washington Co. Medevac DispatchEMS Dispatch
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
2200dcDSP WARN 1SP WARN 1Interop
2360ecDSP WARN 2SP WARN 2Interop
2380eeDSP WARN 3SP WARN 3Interop
2400f0DSP WARN 4SP WARN 4Interop
2460f6DSP WARN 5SP WARN 5Interop
2500faDSP WARN 6SP WARN 6Interop
256100DSP WARN 7SP WARN 7Interop
260104DSP WARN 8SP WARN 8Interop
262106DSP WARN 9SP WARN 9Interop
264108DSP WARN 10SP WARN 10Interop
26810cDSP WARN 11SP WARN 11Interop
272110DSP WARN 12SP WARN 12Interop
276114DSP WARN 13SP WARN 13Interop
28411cDSP WARN 14SP WARN 14Interop
Texas Search and Rescue
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
342156DTexSAR 1TexSAR 1EMS-Tac
344158DTexSAR 2TexSAR 2EMS-Tac
Harris County Mutual Aid
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
3632e30DHC Event 1Event 1Interop
3634e32DHC Event 2Event 2Interop
3636e34DHC Event 3Event 3Interop
3638e36DHC Event 4Event 4 (Radio Cache)Interop
Harris County Sheriff
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
117849aDHCSO 1200 Main 11200 Baker Street Jail - Main 1Corrections
1170492DHCSO 1200 Main 21200 Baker Street Jail - Main 2Corrections
116448cDHCSO 1200 Main 31200 Baker Street Jail - Main 3Corrections
1030406DHCSO 1200 Sup1200 Baker Street Jail - SupervisorCorrections
4911ebDHCSO 1200 SupTac1200 Baker Street Jail - Supervisor TacticalCorrections
1172494DHCSO 1200 Tac 11200 Baker Street Jail - Tactical 1Corrections
1168490DHCSO 1200 Tac 21200 Baker Street Jail - Tactical 2Corrections
116248aDHCSO 1200 Tac 31200 Baker Street Jail - Tactical 3Corrections
1174496DHCSO 701 Main 1701 North San Jacinto Street Jail - Main 1Corrections
2129851DHCSO 701 Main 2701 North San Jacinto Street Jail - Main 2Corrections
12024b2DHCSO 701 Main 3701 North San Jacinto Street Jail - Main 3Corrections
118249eDHCSO 701 Sup701 North San Jacinto Street Jail - SupervisorCorrections
9305dDHCSO 701 Sup Tac701 North San Jacinto Street Jail - Supervisor TacticalCorrections
1176498DHCSO 701 Tac 1701 North San Jacinto Street Jail - Tactical 1Corrections
12044b4DHCSO 701 Tac 2701 North San Jacinto Street Jail - Tactical 2Corrections
11884a4DHCSO 701 Tac 3701 North San Jacinto Street Jail - Tactical 3Corrections
593251DHCSO AdminAdministrationLaw Talk
809329DHCSO AdmSupvAdministration SupervisorsLaw Talk
60725fDHCSO AutoThftAuto TheftLaw Tac
11934a9DHCSO CanineCanine Division (K-9)Law Tac
12714f7DHCSO Courts1Courts 1Law Tac
12734f9DHCSO Courts2Courts 2Law Tac
12307bDEHCSO CIUCrime Investigations UnitLaw Tac
205980bDHCSO CSUCrime Scene Unit (CSU)Law Tac
577241DHCSO CJ 7Criminal Justice 7Law Tac
807327DHCSO Det SupDetective SupervisorLaw Talk
569239DHCSO Detec 5Detectives Investigators 5Law Tac
345159DHCSO Disp 1Dispatch 1 - District 1 (North)Law Dispatch
531213DHCSO Disp 2Dispatch 2 - District 2 (East)Law Dispatch
561231DHCSO Disp 3Dispatch 3 - District 3 (South)Law Dispatch
563233DHCSO Disp 4Dispatch 4 - District 4 (West)Law Dispatch
1155483THCSO Disp 5Dispatch 5 - District 5 (Northwest)Law Dispatch
11954abDHCSO Disp 6Dispatch 6Law Dispatch
6812a9DHCSO EDC OpsEmergency Dispatch Center OperationsLaw Talk
58724bDHCSO ERT CmdEmergency Response Team CommandLaw Tac
58924dDHCSO ERT OpsEmergency Response Team OperationsLaw Tac
1153481DHCSO ERT SupEmergency Response Team SupvervisorLaw Talk
241396dDEHCSO HROUHigh Risk Operations Unit (HROU)Law Tac
22328b8DEHCSO HROU MMHigh Risk Operations Unit (HROU) MarksmanLaw Tac
22338b9DEHCSO HROU P1High Risk Operations Unit (HROU) Perimeter 1Law Tac
22368bcDHCSO HROU SuHigh Risk Operations Unit (HROU) SupervisorLaw Talk
22308b6DHCSO HROUTacHigh Risk Operations Unit (HROU) TacticalLaw Tac
22318b7DHCSO HROU T1High Risk Operations Unit (HROU) Tactical 1Law Tac
2385951DEHCSO HS 1Homeland Security 1Law Tac
14855cdDEHCSO HS 2Homeland Security 2Law Tac
401191DEHCSO HS 3Homeland Security 3Law Tac
22348baDEHCSO HNTHostage Negotiation TeamLaw Tac
62326fTHCSO HotSpotHot SpotLaw Tac
38117dDHCSO HotSpot1Hot Spot Tactical 1Law Tac
612264DHCSO HotSpot2Hot Spot Tactical 2Law Tac
2386952DHCSO HS GangHS GangsLaw Tac
103640cDHCSO HTRAHuman Trafficking Rescue AllianceLaw Tac
36024DHCSO Info WInformation WestLaw Tac
81332dDHCSO Int AffInternal AffairsLaw Tac
614266DEHCSO Interop 1Interoperability 1Interop
616268DEHCSO Interop 2Interoperability 2Interop
61826aDEHCSO Interop 3Interoperability 3Interop
62026cDEHCSO Interop 4Interoperability 4Interop
22358bbDHCSO MarineMarineLaw Tac
22378bdDEHCSO MobilCPMobile Command PostLaw Tac
54121dDHCSO MAPMotorist Assistance Patrol (MAP)Law Talk
17126b0DHCSO MAP IMMotorist Assistance Patrol (MAP) Incident ManagementLaw Tac
103840eDEHCSO NarcNarcoticsLaw Tac
769301DHCSO OCD 1Organized Crime 1 DispatchLaw Tac
583247DHCSO Supv 9Patrol Supervisors 9Law Talk
110344fDHCSO ReserveReserve DivisionLaw Tac
791317DHCSO Tac 1Tactical 1Law Tac
793319DHCSO Tac 2Tactical 2Law Tac
801321DHCSO Tac 3Tactical 3Law Tac
803323DHCSO Tac 4Tactical 4Law Tac
1157485DHCSO Tac 5Tactical 5Law Tac
11994afDHCSO Tac 6Tactical 6Law Tac
9313a3DHCSO Cent ATactical Central ALaw Tac
92539dDHCSO East ATactical East ALaw Tac
92339bDHCSO North ATactical North ALaw Tac
1175497DHCSO NWest ATactical Northwest ALaw Tac
92739fDHCSO South ATactical South ALaw Talk
11974adDHCSO Tac SWTactical SouthwestLaw Tac
9293a1THCSO TacWestTactical WestLaw Tac
7332ddDHCSO TrafficTrafficLaw Tac
1040410DEHCSO ViceViceLaw Tac
641281DHCSO VicNarcVice/Narcotics 8 Law Tac
236393bDEHCSO Warrant2Warrants 2Law Tac
631277DHCSO War6PriWarrants 6 PrimaryLaw Tac
12014b1DHCSO WarrTacWarrants TacticalLaw Tac
Harris County Constables
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
5903bDHCCO1 AdminPrecinct 1 - AdministrationLaw Talk
9009DHCCO1 AnnounPrecinct 1 - AnnouncementLaw Tac
6992bbDHCCO1 CivilPrecinct 1 - CivilLaw Tac
6972b9DHCCO1 Disp 1Precinct 1 - Dispatch 1Law Dispatch
2657a61DHCCO1 Envir1Precinct 1 - Environmental 1Law Tac
12694f5DHCCO1 Envir2Precinct 1 - Environmental 2Law Tac
73049DHCCO1 MentalPrecinct 1 - MentalLaw Tac
1031407DHCCO1 SupervPrecinct 1 - SupervisorsLaw Talk
7012bdDHCCO1 WarrntPrecinct 1 - WarrantsLaw Tac
1033409DHCCO1 WritsPrecinct 1 - WritsLaw Tac
6103dDHCCO2 AdminPrecinct 2 - AdministrationLaw Talk
7052c1DHCCO2 CivilPrecinct 2 - CivilLaw Tac
7032bfDHCCO2 Disp1Precinct 2 - Dispatch 1Law Dispatch
7072c3DHCCO2 SupervPrecinct 2 - SupervisorsLaw Talk
6303fTHCCO3 AdminPrecinct 3 - AdministrationLaw Talk
116548dTHCCO3 Civil Precinct 3 - CivilLaw Tac
7092c5THCCO3 Disp 1Precinct 3 - Dispatch 1Law Dispatch
839347THCCO3 SupervPrecinct 3 - SupervisorsLaw Talk
7112c7DHCCO4 Disp 1Precinct 4 - Dispatch 1Law Dispatch
7132c9DHCCO4 Disp 2Precinct 4 - Dispatch 2 EastLaw Dispatch
1156484DHCCO4 Disp 3Precinct 4 - Dispatch 3Law Dispatch
7152cbDHCCO4 EastPrecinct 4 - EastLaw Talk
105069DHCCO4 SupervPrecinct 4 - SupervisorsLaw Talk
7172cdDHCCO4 WarrntPrecinct 4 - WarrantsLaw Tac
613265DHCCO4 WestPrecinct 4 - WestLaw Talk
1047417DHCCO5 CivilPrecinct 5 - CivilLaw Tac
7212d1DHCCO5 CrminlPrecinct 5 - CriminalLaw Tac
7192cfDHCCO5 Disp 1Precinct 5 - Dispatch 1Law Dispatch
1045415DHCCO5 Disp 2Precinct 5 - Dispatch 2Law Tac
625271DHCCO5 Disp 3Precinct 5 - Dispatch 3Law Tac
113071DHCCO5 SupervPrecinct 5 - SupervisorsLaw Talk
7504bDHCCO6 AdminPrecinct 6 - Ch. B AdministrationLaw Talk
819333DHCCO6 CivilPrecinct 6 - CivilLaw Tac
7232d3DHCCO6 Disp 1Precinct 6 - Dispatch 1Law Dispatch
119077DHCCO6 SupervPrecinct 6 - SupervisorsLaw Talk
7704dDHCCO7 AdminPrecinct 7 - AdministrationLaw Talk
33021DHCCO7 AnnounPrecinct 7 - AnnouncementLaw Tac
7272d7DHCCO7 CivilPrecinct 7 - CivilLaw Tac
7252d5DHCCO7 Disp 1Precinct 7 - Dispatch 1Law Dispatch
627273DHCCO7 SupervPrecinct 7 - SupervisorsLaw Talk
7904fTHCCO8 AdminPrecinct 8 - AdministrationLaw Talk
7292d9THCCO8 Disp 1Precinct 8 - Dispatch 1Law Dispatch
629275THCCO8 SupervPrecinct 8 - SupervisorsLaw Talk
7312dbTHCCO8 TACPrecinct 8 - TacticalLaw Talk
Harris County District Attorney
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
2053805DHCDA 13 Red13-REDLaw Tac
14935d5DHCDA BM 1BM 1Law Tac
14955d7DHCDA BM 2BM 2Law Tac
3771ebbDHCDA 5-PGDD-5-PGLaw Tac
3767eb7DHCDA DDA-1DDA-1Law Tac
3776ec0DHCDA DDA10TTDDA-10-TTLaw Tac
3777ec1DHCDA DDA-11DDA-11Law Tac
3778ec2DHCDA DDA-12SDDA-12-SLaw Tac
3779ec3DHCDA DDA-13DDA-13Law Tac
3768eb8DHCDA DDA-2DDA-2Law Tac
3769eb9DHCDA DDA-3DDA-3Law Tac
3770ebaDHCDA DDA4SCDDA-4-SCLaw Tac
3772ebcDHCDA DDA-6-CDDA-6-CLaw Tac
3773ebdDHCDA DDA-7DDA-7Law Tac
3774ebeDHCDA DDA8DADDA-8-DALaw Tac
3775ebfDHCDA DDA9TTDDA-9-TTLaw Tac
9393abDHCDA DispDispatchLaw Tac
529211DHCDA IntakeIntakeLaw Tac
9413adDHCDA OpsOperationsLaw Talk
2049801DEHCDA PID 1PID 1Law Tac
9433afDHCDA PID 2PID 2Law Tac
9493b5DHCDA SC1SC 1Law Tac
14915d3DHCDA SC 2SC 2Law Tac
9453b1DHCDA Tac 1Tactical 1Law Tac
9473b3DEHCDA Tac 2Tactical 2Law Tac
Harris County Commissioner
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
7572f5DHC Pct 1 ParkPrecinct 1 ParksPublic Works
545221DHC Pct 1 DispPrecinct 1 DispatchPublic Works
825339DHC Pct 1 SupvPrecinct 1 SupervisorsPublic Works
52520dDHC Pct 1 TransPrecinct 1 TransportationPublic Works
547223DHC Pct 2 DispPrecinct 2 DispatchPublic Works
1104450DHC Pct 2 RoadPrecinct 2 Road and BridgePublic Works
833341DHC Pct 2 SupvPrecinct 2 SupervisorsPublic Works
836344DHC Pct 2 TransPrecinct 2 TransportationPublic Works
834342DHC Pct 2 TunnelPrecinct 2 Tunnel LightsPublic Works
549225DHC Pct 3 DispPrecinct 3 DispatchPublic Works
821335DHC Pct 3 RoadPrecinct 3 Road CrewPublic Works
835343DHC Pct 3 SupvPrecinct 3 SupervisorsPublic Works
551227DHC Pct 4 DispPrecinct 4 DispatchPublic Works
105541fDHC Pct 4 ParksPrecinct 4 Parks/AdminPublic Works
1059423DHC Pct 4 RoadPrecinct 4 Road-BridgePublic Works
837345DHC Pct 4 SupvPrecinct 4 SupervisorsPublic Works
Harris County Public Infrastructure
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
2192890DHCPI ConstructConstructionPublic Works
337151DHCPI Dispatch 1Dispatch 1Public Works
2194892DHCPI ExecutiveExecutivePublic Works
2184888DHCPI Ops 1Operations 1Public Works
218688aDHCPI Ops 2Operations 2Public Works
218888cDHCPI Ops 3Operations 3Public Works
817331DHCPI PermitsPermitsPublic Works
2182886DHCPI PlanningPlanningPublic Works
657291DHCPI TrafficTrafficPublic Works
219088eDHCPI WatershedPGWatershed Protection GroupPublic Works
Harris County Miscellaneous
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
609261DHC CommuSvcsCommunity Services Department - Dispatch 1Public Works
129550fDHC DeptOfEduDepartment of EducationSchools
615267DHC FleetSvcsFleet Services Dispatch 1Public Works
567237DHC HARTHolistic Assistance Response TeamPublic Works
105341dDHC JuveProb BBRCJuvenile Probation Ch. H Burnett-Bayland Rehabilitation CenterCorrections
Harris County Hospital District
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
388184DHCHD Ambulance 1Ambulance 1EMS Dispatch
883373DHCHD Amb 883Ambulance TransportationEMS Dispatch
52720fTHCHD Sec 1Security Dispatch 1Security
54321fTHCHD Sec 2Security Dispatch 2Security
53921bDHC HD SupervSecurity SupervisorsSecurity
Harris County - Other Public Safety
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
7532f1DHC Attorney1Attorney Ch. 1Law Tac
81532fDHC Attorney2Attorney Ch. 2Law Tac
6852adDHC CntywdEMSCountywide EMS (patient reports to San Jacinto Methodist Hospital; HFD Ch. CA2)Hospital
6872afDHC Cntywd FDCountywide FireFire-Talk
521209DHarrisCo EM1Emergency Management 1 (HFD Ch. CA15)Emergency Ops
1171493DHarrisCo EM2Emergency Management 2Emergency Ops
1173495TeHarrisCo EM3Emergency Management 3Emergency Ops
25399ebDHC EOC-EOCEmergency Operations Center (EOC) to Emergency Operations Center (EOC)Emergency Ops
407197DHC FM 1Fire Marshal 1Fire-Tac
12574e9DHC FM 4 HMFire Marshal 4 Hazmat "HM 4" (HFD Ch. CA4/DC9)Fire-Tac
20377f5DEHC FM 5 HMFire Marshal 5 HazmatFire-Tac
1041411DHC FM 2 AdmFire Marshal FM 2 AdministrationFire-Talk
1177499DHC FM 3 Tac3Fire Marshal FM 3 Tactical 3Law Tac
3762eb2DHC FM Tac 6Fire Marshal Tactical 6Law Tac
22098a1DHC FM Tac 7Fire Marshal Tactical 7Law Tac
1367557DHC ISD MAIndependent School District Mutual AidSchools
805325DHC ISD PD TacIndependent School District Police TaticalInterop
643283DHC ME BackupMedical Examiner - Back-upPublic Works
533215THC ME Disp 1Medical Examiner - Dispatch 1Public Works
121079DHC AnmlCtrl1Public Health and Environmental Services - Animal Control Dispatch 1Public Works
11874a3DHC AnmlCtrl2Public Health and Environmental Services - Animal Control Dispatch 2Public Works
1281501DHC PHES 1Public Health and Environmental Services 1Public Works
12144beDHC PHES 2Public Health and Environmental Services 2Public Works
38026DHC PHES 3Public Health and Environmental Services 3Public Works
19627aaDHarris Co PSAPPublic Safety Answering Points (inter-dispatch center coordination)Interop
Harris County - Central Technology Center
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
4075febDEITC FieldOpsField OperationsPublic Works
9105bDRadio Test 1Harris County Regional Radio Center Test 1 Public Works
12507dDRadio Test 2Harris County Regional Radio Center Test 2 Public Works
1109455TRadio Test 3Harris County Regional Radio Center Test 3Public Works
343157DHCCTC ITDataInformation Technology DataPublic Works
1349545DHCCTCLoaner1Loaner 1Public Works
63727dDHCCTC NetwrkNetworkingPublic Works
785311DHCCTC OperatOperatorPublic Works
133953bDHCCTC QAQuality AssurancePublic Works
353161DRadio ShopRadio ShopPublic Works
114847cDHC DAS TestRadio Shop DAS TestPublic Works
408198THC Radio 408Radio TechniciansPublic Works
1285505DHCCTC FieldRadio TechniciansPublic Works
45554b1f2THC Radio 45554Radio TechniciansPublic Works
81051DHCCTC SystemSystem MaintenancePublic Works
355163DHCCTC TelephTelephone SystemsPublic Works
Harris County - Baytown
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
10133f5DBaytown PD 1Ch. A1 Police 1 PrimaryLaw Dispatch
10153f7DBaytown PD 2Ch. A2 Police 2 SecondaryLaw Tac
10173f9DBaytown PD DetCh. A3 Police DetectivesLaw Tac
10213fdDBaytown City4Ch. A6 City 4Public Works
103540bDBaytown PD Tac1Ch. A7 Police Tactical 1Law Tac
103740dDBaytown PD Tac2Ch. A8 Police Tactical 2Law Tac
103940fDBaytown PD Tac3Ch. A9 Police Tactical 3 SWATLaw Tac
1043413DBaytown PD Tac4Ch. A10 Police Tactical 4Law Tac
1049419DBaytown PD Tac5Ch. A11 Police Tactical 5Law Tac
1057421DBaytown PD Tac6Ch. A12 Police Tactical 6Law Tac
10233ffDBaytown FD 3Ch. A14 Fire 3Fire-Tac
1029405DBaytown FD 2Ch. A15 Fire 2 SecondaryFire-Tac
1027403DBaytown FD 1Ch. A16 Fire 1 PrimaryFire Dispatch
10193fbDBaytown PD EventPolice Special EventLaw Tac
1289509DBaytown City1City 1 Animal ControlPublic Works
129150bDBaytown City2City 2Public Works
1025401DBaytown City3City 3Public Works
238394fDBaytown City5City 5Public Works
2384950DBaytown City6City 6Public Works
241296cDBaytown OEMOffice of Emergency ManagementEmergency Ops
Harris County - Bellaire
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
305507756TEBellaire PD1Police 1Law Dispatch
305517757TEBellaire PD2Police 2Law Tac
335528310TEBellaireSpEvSpecial EventsInterop
335538311TEBellaiPD CIDPolice CIDLaw Tac
335548312TEBellPD JointPolice Joint OperationsLaw Tac
335558313TEBellaire FDFireFire Dispatch
335568314TEBellaireFD 2Fire 2Fire-Tac
335578315TEBellFD JointFire Joint OperationsFire-Tac
Harris County - Deer Park
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
43000a7f8TDeer Park PD 1Police DispatchLaw Dispatch
43001a7f9TDeer Park PD 2Police Ch 2Law Tac
42998a7f6TDeer Park PD 3Police Ch 3Law Tac
42999a7f7TDeer Park PD TacPolice Tac 5Law Tac
42997a7f5TEDeer Park PD DetPolice DetectivesLaw Tac
42996a7f4TDeer Park PD BacPolice BackupLaw Tac
42995a7f3TDeer Park PD AllPolice All CityLaw Tac
43002a7faTEDeer Park PD SWAPolice SWATLaw Tac
43003a7fbTDeer Park Fire 1Fire 1Fire Dispatch
43004a7fcTDeer Park Fire 2Fire 2Fire-Tac
43005a7fdTDeer Park Fire 3Fire 3Fire-Tac
43008a800TDeer Park FD FMOFire FMOFire-Tac
43006a7feTDeer Park EMS 1 EMS 1EMS-Tac
43007a7ffTDeer Park EMS 2EMS 2EMS-Tac
43009a801TDeer Park OEMOEMEmergency Ops
42990a7eeTDeer Park EOC 1EOC 1Emergency Ops
42989a7edTDeer Park EOC 2EOC 2Emergency Ops
42991a7efTDeer Park UtilitUtilitiesPublic Works
42992a7f0TDeer Park EngineEngineersPublic Works
42993a7f1TDeer Park ParksParksPublic Works
42994a7f2TDeer Park PublicPublic WorksPublic Works
Harris County - Galena Park
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
581245DGal Prk CommCommonInterop
57523fTGalPrk Fire1Fire 1Fire Dispatch
579243TGalPrk Fire2Fire 2Fire-Tac
55722dTGal Prk PD 1Police 1Law Dispatch
55922fTGal Prk PD 2Police 2Law Tac
57323dTGalPrkPD SupPolice SupervisorLaw Talk
Harris County - Hedwig Village
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
310017919THedwigVilPD1Police 1Law Dispatch
31002791aTEHedwigVilPD2Police 2Law Tac
Harris County - Humble
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
2724aa4TEHumble CitywideCitywideInterop
2722aa2TEHumble Civic CtrCivic CenterPublic Works
2692a84THumble Fire 1Fire 1Fire Dispatch
2698a8aTHumble Fire 2Fire 2Fire-Tac
2726aa6TEHumble FiregrndFiregroundFire-Tac
2707a93THumble Police 1Police 1Law Dispatch
2714a9aTEHumble Police 2Police 2Law Tac
2728aa8TEHumble PD SupvPolice SupervisorLaw Talk
2732aacTEHumble PD TacPolice TacticalLaw Tac
2716a9cTHumble PubWrks1 Public Works 1Public Works
2718a9eTHumble PubWrks2Public Works 2Public Works
2782adeTHumble PubWrkSupPublic Works SupervisorPublic Works
Harris County - La Porte
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
310147926TLa Porte EMS 1EMS 1EMS Dispatch
310157927TLaPorte EMS Tac1EMS Tactical 1EMS-Tac
43010a802TLaPorte PD 1Police 1Law Dispatch
43011a803TLaPorte PD 2Police 2Law Tac
43012a804TELaPoPD SupvrPolice SupervisorLaw Talk
43013a805TELaPoPD Tac 1Police Tactical 1Law Tac
43016a808TELaPo PD CIDPolice CIDLaw Tac
43017a809TELaPo PD SWATPolice SWATLaw Tac
Harris County - Memorial Village Police Department
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
31003791bTMemVill PD 1Ch. 1Law Dispatch
31004791cTEMemVill PD 2Ch. 2Law Tac
Harris County - Memorial Villages Fire Department
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
310097921TMemVill FD 1Ch. 1Fire Dispatch
310107922TEMemVill FD 2Ch. 2Fire-Tac
310117923TEMemVill FD 3Ch. 3Fire-Tac
Harris County - Nassau Bay
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
913391DNassau Bay FDTacFire Department - Tactical (dispatched by Webster)Fire-Tac
2055807DNassau Bay PWPublic WorksPublic Works
Harris County - Pasadena - Fire/EMS
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
387269746TPasa Amb 1AMB 1 (Acadian Ambulance)EMS Dispatch
38731974bTPasa Amb 2AMB 2 (Acadian Ambulance)EMS-Tac
4791dfDPasa Amb 3AMB 3 (Acadian Ambulance)EMS-Tac
4811e1DPasa Amb 4AMB 4 (Acadian Ambulance)EMS-Tac
387079733TPasadenaFD 1Fire 1Fire Dispatch
4451bdDPasadFD1DispFire 1 (backup)Fire Dispatch
387119737TPasaFD 2Fire 2Fire-Tac
4571c9DPasadenaFD 2Fire 2 (backup)Fire-Tac
4591cbTPasadFD 3Fire 3 (backup)Fire-Tac
387389752TPasaFDArson1Fire Arson 1Fire-Tac
387399753TEPasaFDArson2Fire Arson 2Fire-Tac
4691d5DPasaFD CIMAFire CIMA Patch (backup)Fire-Talk
387129738TPasaFD Com 1Fire Com 1Fire-Tac
387139739TPasaFD Com 2Fire Com 2Fire-Tac
387369750TPasaFD Com 3Fire Com 3Fire-Tac
387379751TPasaFD Com 4Fire Com 4Fire-Tac
210983dDPasaFD Sta10Fire Station 10 (backup)Fire-Tac
209382dDPasadFD Sta2Fire Station 2 (backup)Fire-Tac
209582fDPasadFD Sta3Fire Station 3 (backup)Fire-Tac
2097831DPasadFD Sta4Fire Station 4 (backup)Fire-Tac
2099833DPasadFD Sta5Fire Station 5 (backup)Fire-Tac
2101835DPasadFD Sta6Fire Station 6 (backup)Fire-Tac
2103837DPasadFD Sta7Fire Station 7 (backup)Fire-Tac
2105839DPasadFD Sta8Fire Station 8 (backup)Fire-Tac
210783bDPasadFD Sta9Fire Station 9 (backup)Fire-Tac
38714973aTPasaFD Tac 1Fire Tactical 1Fire-Tac
207781dDPasaFD Tac 1Fire Tactical 1 (backup)Fire-Tac
38715973bTPasaFD Tac 2Fire Tactical 2Fire-Tac
207981fDPasaFD Tac 2Fire Tactical 2 (backup)Fire-Tac
2081821DPasaFD Tac 3Fire Tactical 3 (backup)Fire-Tac
2083823DPasaFD Tac 4Fire Tactical 4 (backup)Fire-Tac
2653a5dDPasaFD Trn 1Fire Training 1 (backup)Fire-Talk
2655a5fDPasaFD Trn 2Fire Training 2 (backup)Fire-Talk
Harris County - Pasadena - Police
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
38719973fTPasaPD AutoTheftPolice Auto TheftLaw Tac
387289748TPasaPD CDUPolice Community Defense Unit (CDU)Law Tac
38734974eTPasaPD CVEPolice CVELaw Tac
387209740TPasaPD DetecPolice DetectiveLaw Tac
38735974fTPasaPD DARTPolice Direct Action Response Team (DART)Law Tac
387229742TPasaPD EastPolice EastLaw Tac
4231a7DPasaPD Gang 1Police Gang 1 (backup)Law Tac
387279747TEPasaPD Gang 3Police Gang 3Law Tac
17256bdDPasaPD JailPolice Jail (backup)Corrections
2073819DPasaPD Motor 2Police Motorcycles 2 (backup)Law Tac
4351b3DPasaPD Narc 1Police Narcotics 1 (backup)Law Tac
38732974cTEPasaPD Narc 4Police Narcotics 4Law Tac
387219741TPasaPD NorthPolice NorthLaw Tac
38716973cTPasaPD Patrol 1Police Patrol 1Law Dispatch
41119bDPasaPD Patrol 1Police Patrol 1 (backup)Law Dispatch
38717973dTPasaPD Patrol 2Police Patrol 2Law Tac
41319dDPasaPD Patrol 2Police Patrol 2 (backup)Law Tac
41519fDPasaPD Patrol 3Police Patrol 3 (backup)Law Tac
387249744TPasaPD SouthPolice SouthLaw Talk
4291adDPasaPD SWAT 1Police SWAT 1 (backup)Law Tac
387299749TPasaPD SWAT 2Police SWAT 2Law Talk
38730974aTEPasaPD SWAT 3Police SWAT 3Law Talk
38718973eTEPasaPD Tac 4Police Tactical 4Law Talk
4251a9DPasaPD Tac 5Police Tactical 5 (backup)Law Tac
2089829DPasaPD Train 1Police Training 1 (backup)Law Talk
209182bDPasaPD Train 2Police Training 2 (backup)Law Talk
1799707DPasaPD WarrantPolice Warrant Officers (backup)Law Tac
387239743TPasaPD WestPolice WestLaw Tac
Harris County - Pasadena - Services
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
1797705DPasa Anml CtrlAnimal ControlPublic Works
387429756TPasa Anml CtrlAnimal ControlPublic Works
180370bDPasaCleanStreetsClean StreetsPublic Works
387089734TPasadena EM 1Emergency Management 1Emergency Ops
387099735TPasadena EM 2Emergency Management 2Emergency Ops
1841731DPasadena EM 3Emergency Management 3Emergency Ops
5071fbDPasadena ParksParks and RecreationPublic Works
1921781DPasadena PermitsPermitsPublic Works
5031f7DPasadena PW 1Public Works 1 (backup)Public Works
17836f7DPasa SanitationSanitationPublic Works
387409754TPasadena Event 1Special Events 1Multi-Tac
387419755TPasadena Event 2Special Events 2Multi-Tac
19947caDPasadena Event 3Special Events 3Multi-Tac
Harris County - Seabrook
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
1680a8DSeabrk City1City 1Interop
1660a6DSeabrook EMSEMSEMS Dispatch
134353fDSeabrookFD 1Fire Ch. 1Fire Dispatch
1345541DSeabrookFD 2Fire Ch. 2Fire-Tac
1297511DSeabrk PD 1Police Ch. 1Law Dispatch
1299513DSeabrk PD 2Police Ch. 2Law Tac
134153dDESeabrkPD3SecPolice Ch. 3 SecureLaw Tac
1301515DESeabrkPD CIDPolice CIDLaw Tac
1303517DSeabrk PD SEPolice Special EventLaw Tac
1347543DSeabrook PWPublic WorksPublic Works
Harris County - South Houston
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
3637e35TSoHouEMSDispEMS DispatchEMS Dispatch
3629e2dTSoHouFD1DispFire 1 DispatchFire Dispatch
3633e31TSoHou FD 2Fire 2Fire-Talk
3631e2fTSoHouFD Tac1Fire Tactical 1Fire-Tac
3635e33TSoHouFD Tac2Fire Tactical 2Fire-Tac
181971bTSoHouPDAnnouPolice AnnouncementLaw Tac
180570dTSoHouPD1 DispPolice Ch. 1 DispatchLaw Dispatch
180770fTSoHouPD2 SecPolice Ch. 2 SecondaryLaw Tac
1809711TSoHouPD3 C-CPolice Ch. 3 Car-to-CarLaw Talk
1813715TSoHouPD5 NarcPolice Ch. 5 NarcoticsLaw Tac
1815717TSoHouPD6 DetPolice Ch. 6 DetectivesLaw Tac
1817719TSoHouPD7 SupvPolice Ch. 7 SupervisorsLaw Talk
182171dTSoHouPD GangPolice GangsLaw Tac
Harris County - Southside Place
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
335708322TSouthside PDPoliceLaw Dispatch
335718323TESouthsidePD2Police 2Law Tac
335758327TSouthside FDFireFire Dispatch
335768328TESouthsideFD2Fire 2Fire-Tac
Harris County - Spring Valley
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
31005791dTSpringValPD1Police 1Law Dispatch
31006791eTESpringValPD2Police 2Law Tac
Harris County - Tomball
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
111645cDTomballCity1City 1Fire-Tac
111445aDTomball FDFire DispatchFire Dispatch
1112458DTmbll FD TacFire TacticalFire-Tac
3600e10DNwEMS DispatchNorthwest EMS DispatchEMS Dispatch
3614e1eDNwEMS Tac 1Northwest EMS Tactical 1EMS-Tac
3612e1cDNwEMS Tac 2Northwest EMS Tactical 2 (and EMS to Tomball Regional Hospital ER)EMS-Tac
1108454DTomball PD 1Police 1 DispatchLaw Dispatch
1110456DTomball PD 2Police 2 TacticalLaw Tac
111845eDTomball PWPublic WorksPublic Works
Harris County - Webster
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
91138fTWbstr CitywdCitywideInterop
22298b5TWebster EMSEMS Dispatch (includes Acadian EMS and Nassau Bay EMS)EMS Dispatch
905389TEWbstr FD TacFire TacticalFire-Tac
903387TWebs FD DispFire/EMS Dispatch (includes Nassau Bay)Fire Dispatch
867363DWebster PDPolice Primary (includes Nassau Bay Police 73xx units and Lakeview Police 1xx units)Law Dispatch
90938dDEWbstrPDSecurPolice SecureLaw Tac
897381DWbstrPD Tac2Police Tactical 2Law Tac
899383DWbstrPD Tac3Police Tactical 3Law Tac
901385DWbstrPD Tac4Police Tactical 4Law Tac
90738bTWbstrPubWrksPublic WorksPublic Works
Harris County - West University
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
33565831dTeWest U FD 1Fire 1Fire Dispatch
33566831eTEWest U FD 2Fire 2Fire-Tac
33567831fTEWest U OEMOffice of Emergency ManagementEmergency Ops
33564831cTWest U ParksParks and RecreationPublic Works
335608318TeWest U PD 1Police 1Law Dispatch
335618319TEWest U PD 2Police 2Law Tac
33562831aTEWestU PD DetPolice DetectivesLaw Tac
33563831bTWestU PubWrkPublic WorksPublic Works
Harris County - Other Communities
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
241096aDLakeview PDLakeview Police (includes El Lago and Taylor Lake Village)Law Tac
241196bDLakeview PD TacLakeview Police TacticalLaw Tac
Harris County - East Harris County Communications Center

East Harris County Emergency Communications dispatches for the following agencies on TxWARN: Channelview FD, Cloverleaf FD, Crosby FD, ESD 5 EMS, Highlands FD, Huffman FD, North Channel EMS, Sheldon FD, and South Lake Houston EMS.

DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
231490aDECOM East DispECOM East Fire/EMS DispatchFire Dispatch
2323913DECOM West DispECOM West Fire/EMS DispatchFire Dispatch
2312908DECOM Tac 3ECOM Tactical 3Fire-Tac
2322912DECOM Tac 2ECOM Tactical 2Fire-Tac
231890eDECOM Tac 4ECOM Tactical 4Fire-Tac
2313909DECOM Tac 5ECOM Tactical 5Fire-Tac
2320910DECOM Tac 6ECOM Tactical 6Fire-Tac
12414d9DECOM Tac 7ECOM Tactical 7Fire-Tac
2321911DECOM Tac 8ECOM Tactical 8Fire-Tac
231990fDECOM Tac 9ECOM Tactical 9Fire-Tac
12434dbDECOM Tac 10ECOM Tactical 10Fire-Tac
231590bDECOM Tac 11 ECOM Tactical 11Fire-Tac
Harris County - HC Emergency Corps Communications Center
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
150096DEastex FD TacEastex Fire Department TacticalFire-Tac
4054fd6DHCEC EMS 3HCEC EMS 3Fire-Tac
28611eDHCEC Event 1HCEC Event 1EMS-Tac
288120DHCEC Event 2HCEC Event 2EMS-Tac
4050fd2DHCEC Fire 6HCEC Fire 6 (Aldine, Eastex, Westfield) Dispatch (patched with 453.625)Fire Dispatch
4051fd3DHCEC Fire 7HCEC Fire 7Fire-Tac
4053fd5DHCEC Fire 8HCEC Fire 8Fire-Tac
3750ea6DHCEC Med Tac 1HCEC Medical Tactical 1EMS-Tac
231690cDHuffman FireHuffman Fire DepartmentFire Dispatch
2619a3bDHuffman FD AdminHuffman Fire Department AdministrationFire-Talk
70046DHCEC NE Tac 1Northeast Tactical 1Fire-Tac
72048DHCEC NE Tac 2Northeast Tactical 2Fire-Tac
7404aDHCEC NE Tac 3Northeast Tactical 3Fire-Tac
31513bDNorthwest VFDNorthwest Volunteer Fire DepartmentFire-Tac
Harris County - Westcom Communications Center

Harris County ESD 48 and Westlake Fire Department are combined on the West talkgroups.

DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
3862096dcTCommunityVFDCommunity Volunteer Fire DepartmentFire Dispatch
3862196ddTeCommunityVFD Ch2Community Volunteer Fire Dept - Fire 2Fire-Tac
3862296deTECommunityVFDTac1Community Volunteer Fire Dept. - Tactical 1Fire-Tac
3862396dfTECommunityVFDTac2Community Volunteer Fire Dept. - Tactical 2Fire-Tac
9833d7DWest DispWest Fire DispatchFire Dispatch
50000c350DWest Ops 1West Fire Operations 1Fire-Tac
9853d9DWest Ops 2West Fire Operations 2Fire-Tac
1588634DWest Tac 1West Fire Tactical 1Fire-Tac
1590636DWest Tac 2West Fire Tactical 2Fire-Tac
2889b49DWest Tac 3West Fire Tactical 3Fire-Tac
2887b47DWest Tac 4West Fire Tactical 4Fire-Tac
50001c351DWest Tac 5West Fire Tactical 5Fire-Tac
Harris County - Emergency Services District 11
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
1798706THCESD 11-1Ch. 1EMS-Tac
1800708THCESD 11-2Ch. 2EMS-Tac
1826722THCESD 11-3Ch. 3EMS-Tac
1830726THCESD 11-4Ch. 4EMS-Tac
50029c36dTHCESD 11-5Ch. 5EMS-Tac
50030c36eTHCESD 11-6Ch. 6EMS-Tac
50031c36fTHCESD 11-7Ch. 7EMS-Tac
50032c370THCESD 11-8Ch. 8EMS-Tac
Harris County Volunteer Fire/EMS
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
1061425DFBVFD TacForest Bend Volunteer Fire Department - Tactical (dispatched on Friendswood Primary)Fire-Tac
231790dDJacintoCtyFDJacinto City Fire DispatchFire Dispatch
3611e1bDSoutheastVFDSoutheast Volunteer Fire DepartmentFire Dispatch
3613e1dDSE VFD Tac 2Southeast Volunteer Fire Department - Tactical 2Fire-Tac
10003e8DSE VFD Tac 3Southeast Volunteer Fire Department - Tactical 3Fire-Tac
Harris County - Schools
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
61926bTAldISDPDDispAldine Independent School District Police - PrimaryLaw Dispatch
62126dTAldISDPDTac1Aldine Independent School District Police - Tactical 1Law Tac
335858331TAliefISD PD1Alief Independent School District Police 1Law Dispatch
335868332TEAliefISD PD2Alief Independent School District Police 2Law Tac
3416d58DCCISD AdminClear Creek Independent School District AdministrationSchools
118349fDCCISD BusesClear Creek Independent School District BusesSchools
1283503DCCISD EmergClear Creek Independent School District EmergencySchools
118149dDCCISD SLOClear Creek Independent School District School Liaison Officers (SLO)Law Tac
104068DGalena Pk ISD PDGalena Park Independent School District PoliceLaw Dispatch
33214cTGCCISD PD DispGoose Creek Consolidated Independent School District Police PrimaryLaw Dispatch
33414eTGCCISD PD TacGoose Creek Consolidated Independent School District Police TacticalLaw Tac
2734aaeTHumble ISD PD 1Humble Independent School District Police 1Law Dispatch
2736ab0THumbleISD PD CarHumble Independent School District Police Car-CarLaw Talk
2738ab2TEHumbleISD PD TacHumble Independent School District Police TacticalLaw Tac
148094DKaty ISD LiasisKaty Independent School District LiaisonSchools
71047DKatyISD PD 1Katy Independent School District Police 1Law Dispatch
919397DKatyISD PD 2Katy Independent School District Police 2 Special EventsLaw Tac
117075DKatyISD PD 3Katy Independent School District Police 3 Patrol Law Tac
87736dTKlein ISD PDKlein Independent School District PoliceLaw Dispatch
129350dTKleinISDPDSuKlein Independent School District Police SupervisorLaw Talk
115047eDKleinISDPDT1Klein Independent School District Police Tactical 1Law Tac
1152480DKleinISDPDT2Klein Independent School District Police Tactical 2Law Tac
38700972cTPISD PD 1Pasadena Independent School District Police 1Law Dispatch
38701972dTPISD PD 2Pasadena Independent School District Police 2Law Tac
2368940DSealy ISD PDSealy Independent School District PoliceLaw Dispatch
12707fDSheld ISD PDSheldon Independent School District PoliceLaw Dispatch
31007791fTSBISD PD 1Spring Branch Independent School District Police 1Law Dispatch
310087920TESBISD PD 2Spring Branch Independent School District Police 2Law Tac
3864196f1TSprISD PD 2Spring Independent School District Police 2Law Tac
3864296f2TSprISD PD AdminSpring Independent School District Police AdministrationLaw Talk
3864396f3TSprISD PD GangsSpring Independent School District Police GangsLaw Tac
3864096f0TSprISD PD 1Spring Independent School District Police PrimaryLaw Dispatch
Harris County Toll Road Authority
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
65128bDHCTRA Disp 1Law Enforcement DispatchLaw Dispatch
647287THCTRA Disp 2Law Enforcement Dispatch 2 SupervisorsLaw Talk
220289aDHCTRA Disp 3Law Enforcement Dispatch 3Law Talk
648288DHCTRA Disp 4Law Enforcement Dispatch 4Law Talk
65028aDHCTRA Disp 5Law Enforcement Dispatch 5Law Talk
65228cDHCTRA Disp 6Law Enforcement Dispatch 6Law Talk
553229DHCTRA Ops N Operations North (includes Hardy Toll Road and Airport Connector)Public Works
63927fDHCTRA Ops E Operations East (includes Toll Bridge) Public Works
645285DHCTRA Ops WOperations West (includes Central and South)Public Works
649289DHCTRA Maint MaintenancePublic Works
Metropolitan Transit Authority of Harris County
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
2356934DMetro BlankBlankTransportation
236693eDMetro BrdcstBroadcastTransportation
12607eDMetroComCon1Comm Conn 1Transportation
128080DMetroComCon2Comm Conn 2Transportation
26610aDMetroComCon3Comm Conn 3Transportation
2623a3fDMetFallback1Fallback 1Transportation
2625a41DMetFallback2Fallback 2Transportation
2633a49DMetFallback3Fallback 3Transportation
4056fd8DMetFallback4Fallback 4Transportation
4057fd9DMetFallback5Fallback 5Transportation
4058fdaDMetFallback6Fallback 6Transportation
9573bdDMetro HOVHigh Occupancy Vehicles (HOV) Lanes Public Works
2639a4fDMetro ITInformation TechnologyPublic Works
2377949DMetBusBridgeMetro Bus BridgeTransportation
236793fDMetroBusEmerMetro Bus EmergencyTransportation
238094cDMetBus Evac1Metro Bus Evacuation 1Transportation
238194dDMetBus Evac2Metro Bus Evacuation 2Transportation
2375947DMetroBusFallMetro Bus FallbrookTransportation
2374946DMetroBusHiraMetro Bus Hiram ClarkeTransportation
2373945DMetroBusKashMetro Bus KashmereTransportation
2376948DMetroBusNortMetro Bus NorthwestTransportation
2371943DMetroBusPolkMetro Bus PolkTransportation
4076fecDMetro Bus Sp EvtMetro Bus Special EventTransportation
403193DMetroBusSupvMetro Bus SupervisorsTransportation
2372944DMetroBusWestMetro Bus WestTransportation
237894aDMetroPrkRideMetro Park and Ride Lots (HLSR 2012)Public Works
12094b9DMetroLift 1MetroLift 1Transportation
12274cbDMetroLift 10MetroLift 10Transportation
4861e6DMetroLift 11MetroLift 11Transportation
4881e8DMetroLift 12MetroLift 12Transportation
4901eaDMetroLift 13MetroLift 13Transportation
4921ecDMetroLift 14MetroLift 14Transportation
4941eeDMetroLift 15MetroLift 15Transportation
4961f0DMetroLift 16MetroLift 16Transportation
12114bbDMetroLift 2MetroLift 2Transportation
12134bdDMetroLift 3MetroLift 3Transportation
12154bfDMetroLift 4MetroLift 4Transportation
12174c1DMetroLift 5MetroLift 5Transportation
12194c3DMetroLift 6MetroLift 6Transportation
12214c5DMetroLift 7MetroLift 7Transportation
12234c7DMetroLift 8MetroLift 8Transportation
12254c9DMetroLift 9MetroLift 9Transportation
12294cdDMetroLiftEvtMetroLift Special EventsTransportation
2353931DMetRailAdminMetroRail AdministrationTransportation
234792bDMetRail1 OpsMetroRail Ch. 1 Red Line Operations Control PrimaryTransportation
234892cDMetRail2 OpsMetroRail Ch. 2 Red Line Operations Control AlternateTransportation
234992dDMetRail3YardMetroRail Ch. 3 YardTransportation
235092eDMetRail4TalkMetroRail Ch. 4 Talk-AroundTransportation
235192fDMetRail5 MntMetroRail Ch. 5 MaintenanceTransportation
2352930DMetroRail 6MetroRail Ch. 6Transportation
375177DMetroRailDivMetroRail DivisionTransportation
19827beDMetroRailGr1MetroRail Green Line 1Transportation
19787baDMetroRailGr2MetroRail Green Line 2Transportation
19527a0DMetroRailHrsMetroRail HarrisburgTransportation
19907c6DMetroRailLRVMetroRail Light Rail Vehicle MaintenanceTransportation
9463b2DMetroRailMWPMetroRail Maintenance of Way - Purple LineTransportation
19807bcDMetroRailMWRMetroRail Maintenance of Way - Red LineTransportation
19767b8DMetroRailPu1MetroRail Purple Line 1Transportation
19847c0DMetroRailPu2MetroRail Purple Line 2Transportation
19867c2DMetroRailTraMetroRail TrafficTransportation
90838cDMETRORapid 1METRORapid Silver Line 1Transportation
91038eDMETRORapid 2METRORapid Silver Line 2Transportation
912390DMETRORapid 3METRORapid Silver Line 3Transportation
9353a7DMetroPD1DispPolice 1 DispatchLaw Dispatch
4048fd0DEMetroPD2 SecPolice 2 SecureLaw Tac
9373a9DMetro PD 3Police 3Law Tac
22268b2DMetro PD AdminPolice AdministrationLaw Talk
565235DEMetro PD ATUPolice Anti-Terrorism Unit (ATU)Law Tac
7552f3DEMetroPDInvesPolice InvestigatorsLaw Tac
9593bfDMetroPD SpEvPolice Special EventsLaw Tac
393189DEMetroPD SORTPolice Special Operations Response Team (SORT)Law Tac
9633c3DMetroPD SupvPolice SupervisorsLaw Talk
9513b7DMetroPD Tac1Police Tactical 1Law Tac
2694a86DMetro PD Tac 12Police Tactical 12Law Tac
2696a88DMetro PD Tac 13Police Tactical 13Law Tac
9533b9DMetroPD Tac2Police Tactical 2Law Tac
2688a80DMetroPD Tac3Police Tactical 3Law Tac
14735c1DMetroSecurtySecurity (Metro Facilities)Security
9553bbDMetro SpareSpareTransportation
2689a81DMetro Tac 4Tactical 4Transportation
2690a82DMetro Tac 5Tactical 5Transportation
9613c1DMetroTrnStarTranStarPublic Works
237994bDMetro WideWideTransportation
Port of Houston Authority
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
108243aTBCCT Maint 1Barbours Cut Container Terminal Maintenance 1Public Works
108443cTBCCT Maint 2Barbours Cut Container Terminal Maintenance 2Public Works
140657eTBCCT Maint 3Barbours Cut Container Terminal Maintenance 3Public Works
1408580TBCCT Maint 4Barbours Cut Container Terminal Maintenance 4Public Works
1410582TBCCT Maint 5Barbours Cut Container Terminal Maintenance 5Public Works
1412584TBCCT Maint 6Barbours Cut Container Terminal Maintenance 6Public Works
1414586TBCCT Maint 7Barbours Cut Container Terminal Maintenance 7Public Works
1416588TBCCT Maint 8Barbours Cut Container Terminal Maintenance 8Public Works
105241cTBCCT Ops 1Barbours Cut Container Terminal Operations 1Public Works
135654cTBCCT Ops 10Barbours Cut Container Terminal Operations 10Public Works
135854eTBCCT Ops 11Barbours Cut Container Terminal Operations 11Public Works
1360550TBCCT Ops 12Barbours Cut Container Terminal Operations 12Public Works
1362552TBCCT Ops 13Barbours Cut Container Terminal Operations 13Public Works
1364554TBCCT Ops 14Barbours Cut Container Terminal Operations 14Public Works
1366556TBCCT Ops 15Barbours Cut Container Terminal Operations 15Public Works
105441eTBCCT Ops 2Barbours Cut Container Terminal Operations 2Public Works
1056420TBCCT Ops 3Barbours Cut Container Terminal Operations 3Public Works
1344540TBCCT Ops 4Barbours Cut Container Terminal Operations 4Public Works
1346542TBCCT Ops 5Barbours Cut Container Terminal Operations 5Public Works
1348544TBCCT Ops 6Barbours Cut Container Terminal Operations 6Public Works
1350546TBCCT Ops 7Barbours Cut Container Terminal Operations 7Public Works
1352548TBCCT Ops 8Barbours Cut Container Terminal Operations 8Public Works
135454aTBCCT Ops 9Barbours Cut Container Terminal Operations 9Public Works
1400578TBCCT Out MntBarbours Cut Container Terminal Outside MaintenancePublic Works
140457cTBCCT WharfBarbours Cut Container Terminal WharfPublic Works
140257aTBCCT YardBarbours Cut Container Terminal YardPublic Works
107042eTBpCCT Maint1Bayport Container and Cruise Terminal Maintenance 1Public Works
1072430TBpCCT Maint2Bayport Container and Cruise Terminal Maintenance 2Public Works
1074432TBpCCT Maint3Bayport Container and Cruise Terminal Maintenance 3Public Works
1076434TBpCCT Maint4Bayport Container and Cruise Terminal Maintenance 4Public Works
1078436TBpCCT Maint5Bayport Container and Cruise Terminal Maintenance 5Public Works
1394572TBpCCT Maint6Bayport Container and Cruise Terminal Maintenance 6Public Works
1396574TBpCCT Maint7Bayport Container and Cruise Terminal Maintenance 7Public Works
1398576TBpCCT Maint8Bayport Container and Cruise Terminal Maintenance 8Public Works
1058422TBpCCT Maint1Bayport Container and Cruise Terminal Operations 1Public Works
1376560TBpCCTMaint10Bayport Container and Cruise Terminal Operations 10Public Works
1378562TBpCCTMaint11Bayport Container and Cruise Terminal Operations 11Public Works
1380564TBpCCTMaint12Bayport Container and Cruise Terminal Operations 12Public Works
1382566TBpCCTMaint13Bayport Container and Cruise Terminal Operations 13Public Works
1384568TBpCCT Ops 14Bayport Container and Cruise Terminal Operations 14Public Works
138656aTBpCCT Ops 15Bayport Container and Cruise Terminal Operations 15Public Works
1060424TBpCCT Ops 2Bayport Container and Cruise Terminal Operations 2Public Works
1062426TBpCCT Ops 3Bayport Container and Cruise Terminal Operations 3Public Works
1064428TBpCCT Ops 4Bayport Container and Cruise Terminal Operations 4Public Works
106642aTBpCCT Ops 5Bayport Container and Cruise Terminal Operations 5Public Works
1368558TBpCCT Ops 6Bayport Container and Cruise Terminal Operations 6Public Works
137055aTBpCCT Ops 7Bayport Container and Cruise Terminal Operations 7Public Works
137255cTBpCCT Ops 8Bayport Container and Cruise Terminal Operations 8Public Works
137455eTBpCCT Ops 9Bayport Container and Cruise Terminal Operations 9Public Works
138856cTBpCCT OutMntBayport Container and Cruise Terminal Outside MaintenancePublic Works
1392570TBpCCT WharfBayport Container and Cruise Terminal Wharf BayPublic Works
139056eTBpCCT YardBayport Container and Cruise Terminal Yard BayPublic Works
1876754DPHA EmergMgtEmergency ManagementEmergency Ops
105041aTPHA Fire DispFire Dispatch/OperationsFire Dispatch
1046416TPHA Fire Tac 1Fire Tactical 1Law Tac
12534e5TPHA PD1 DispPolice 1 Dispatch (includes fire boats)Law Dispatch
12554e7TPHA PD2 SupvPolice 2 SupervisorsLaw Talk
1105451TPHA PD Tac 1Police Ch. O Tactical 1Law Tac
1048418TPHA SecuritySecuritySecurity
1872750DPHA SecurityTac3Security Tactical 3Security
1874752DPHA SecurityTac4Security Tactical 4Security
Texas Medical Center (Houston)
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
113146bDTMC Mnt DispCh. A Maintenance Dispatch 1Public Works
1137471DTMC Securty1Ch. B Security 1Security
113546fDTMC Police 1Ch. C Police 1Security
113346dDTMC D Sec 2Ch. D Security 2Security
1141475DTMC TechSvcsCh. E Technical ServicesPublic Works
1145479DTMC CommonCh. F Member Institution Common/Talk-AroundEmergency Ops
1143477DTMC ParkingCh. G ParkingPublic Works
1139473DTMC Maint 1Ch. H Maintenance 1Public Works
114747bDTMC Maint 2Ch. I Maintenance 2Public Works
12774fdDTMC Police 2Police 2Security
12794ffDTMC Power 1Power 1Public Works
Houston High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area (HIDTA)
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
2669a6dDEHIDTA HMLI 1Houston Money Laundering Initiative 1Law Tac
2671a6fDEHIDTA HMLI 2Houston Money Laundering Initiative 2Law Tac
2673a71DEHIDTA HMLI 3Houston Money Laundering Initiative 3Law Tac
2675a73DEHIDTA HMLI 4Houston Money Laundering Initiative 4Law Tac
2677a75DEHIDTA HMLI 5Houston Money Laundering Initiative 5Law Tac
2679a77DEHIDTA HMLI 6Houston Money Laundering Initiative 6Law Tac
823337DEHIDTA MDS 1Major Drug Squad 1Law Tac
1111457DEHIDTA MDS 2Major Drug Squad 2Law Tac
1113459DEHIDTA MDS 3Major Drug Squad 3Law Tac
111545bDEHIDTA MDS 4Major Drug Squad 4Law Tac
111745dDEHIDTA MDS 5Major Drug Squad 5Law Tac
111945fDEHIDTA MDS 6Major Drug Squad 6Law Tac
1121461DEHIDTA MDS 7Major Drug Squad 7Law Tac
1123463DEHIDTA MDS Tac 1Major Drug Squad Tactical 1Law Tac
1125465DEHIDTA MDS Tac 2Major Drug Squad Tactical 2Law Tac
1127467DEHIDTA MDS Tac 3Major Drug Squad Tactical 3Law Tac
97061DEHIDTA MDS TARP 1Major Drug Squad Truck, Air, Rail and Port (TARP) 1Law Tac
99063DEHIDTA MDS TARP 2Major Drug Squad Truck, Air, Rail and Port (TARP) 2Law Tac
103067DEHIDTA MDS TARP 3Major Drug Squad Truck, Air, Rail and Port (TARP) 3Law Tac
23017DEHIDTA Gang 1Narcotics Intelligence/Gang Violence Tracking Unit 1Law Tac
25019DEHIDTA Gang 2Narcotics Intelligence/Gang Violence Tracking Unit 2Law Tac
3101fDEHIDTA Gang 3Narcotics Intelligence/Gang Violence Tracking Unit 3Law Tac
3796ed4DEHIDTA Tac 1Tactical 1Law Tac
3797ed5DEHIDTA Tac 2Tactical 2Law Tac
3798ed6DEHIDTA Tac 3Tactical 3Law Tac
115073DEHIDTA TNET 1Targeted Narcotics Enforcement Team (TNET) 1Law Tac
28511dDEHIDTA TNET 2Targeted Narcotics Enforcement Team (TNET) 2Law Tac
38317fDEHIDTA TNET 3Targeted Narcotics Enforcement Team (TNET) 3Law Tac
597255DEHIDTA TF 1Task Force 1Law Tac
665299DEHIDTA TF 2Task Force 2Law Tac
787313DEHIDTA TF 3Task Force 3Law Tac
Houston - Special Events
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
45144b058TCoH SE 1City of Houston 1Interop
45341b11dTCoH SE 2City of Houston 2 (HFD Ch. BB2)Interop
45342b11eTCoH SE 3City of Houston 3 (HFD Ch. BB3)Interop
45343b11fTCoH SE 4City of Houston 4 (HFD Ch. BB4)Interop
45344b120TCoH SE 5City of Houston 5 (HFD Ch. BB5)Interop
45345b121TCoH SE 6City of Houston 6 (HFD Ch. BB6)Interop
45346b122TCoH SE 7City of Houston 7 (HFD Ch. BB7)Interop
45347b123TCoH SE 8City of Houston 8 (HFD Ch. BB8)Interop
45348b124TCoH SE 9City of Houston 9F Fire/EMS (HFD Ch. BB9)Interop
45349b125TCoH SE 10City of Houston 10F Fire/EMS (HFD Ch. BB10)Interop
45350b126TCoH SE 11City of Houston 11F Fire/EMS (HFD Ch. BB11)Interop
45351b127TCoH SE 12City of Houston 12F Fire/EMS (HFD Ch. BB12)Interop
45352b128TCoH SE 13City of Houston 13P Police (HFD Ch. BB13)Interop
45353b129TCoH SE 14City of Houston 14P Police (HFD Ch. BB14)Interop
45354b12aTCoH SE 15City of Houston 15P Police (HFD Ch. BB15)Interop
45355b12bTCoH SE 16City of Houston 16P Police (HFD Ch. BB16)Interop
45145b059TCoH 9GCity of Houston 9G GeneralInterop
45146b05aTCoH 10GCity of Houston 10G GeneralInterop
45147b05bTCoH 11GCity of Houston 11G GeneralInterop
45148b05cTCoH 12GCity of Houston 12G GeneralInterop
45149b05dTCoH 13GCity of Houston 13G GeneralInterop
45150b05eTCoH 14GCity of Houston 14G GeneralInterop
45151b05fTCoH 15GCity of Houston 15G GeneralInterop
45143b057TCoH 16GCity of Houston 16G GeneralInterop
Houston - Incident Command System
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
45301b0f5DHou X-ICS 3X-ICS 3 (HFD Ch. BC3)Interop
45302b0f6DHou X-ICS 4X-ICS 4 (HFD Ch. BC4)Interop
45303b0f7DHou X-ICS 5X-ICS 5 (HFD Ch. BC5)Interop
45304b0f8DHou X-ICS 6X-ICS 6 (HFD Ch. BC6)Interop
45305b0f9DHou X-ICS 7X-ICS 7 (HFD Ch. BC7)Interop
45306b0faDHou X-ICS 8X-ICS 8 (HFD Ch. BC8)Interop
45307b0fbDHou X-ICS 9X-ICS 9 (HFD Ch. BC9)Interop
45308b0fcDHou X-ICS 10X-ICS 10 (HFD Ch. BC10)Interop
45309b0fdDHou X-ICS 11X-ICS 11 (HFD Ch. BC11)Interop
45310b0feDHou X-ICS 12X-ICS 12 (HFD Ch. BC12)Interop
45311b0ffDHou X-ICS 13X-ICS 13 (HFD Ch. BC13)Interop
45312b100DHou X-ICS 14X-ICS 14 (HFD Ch. BC14)Interop
45313b101DHou X-ICS 15X-ICS 15 (HFD Ch. BC15)Interop
45314b102DHou X-ICS 16X-ICS 16 (HFD Ch. BC16)Interop
45315b103THou Y-ICS 3Y-ICS 3 (HFD Ch. EA3)Interop
45316b104THou Y-ICS 4Y-ICS 4 (HFD Ch. EA4)Interop
45317b105THou Y-ICS 5Y-ICS 5 (HFD Ch. EA5)Interop
45318b106THou Y-ICS 6Y-ICS 6 (HFD Ch. EA6)Interop
45319b107THou Y-ICS 7Y-ICS 7 (HFD Ch. EA7)Interop
45320b108THou Y-ICS 8Y-ICS 8 (HFD Ch. EA8)Interop
45321b109THou Y-ICS 9Y-ICS 9 (HFD Ch. EA9)Interop
45322b10aTHou Y-ICS 10Y-ICS 10 (HFD Ch. EA10)Interop
45323b10bTHou Y-ICS 11Y-ICS 11 (HFD Ch. EA11)Interop
45324b10cTHou Y-ICS 12Y-ICS 12 (HFD Ch. EA12)Interop
45325b10dTHou Y-ICS 13Y-ICS 13 (HFD Ch. EA13)Interop
45326b10eTHou Y-ICS 14Y-ICS 14 (HFD Ch. EA14)Interop
45327b10fTHou Y-ICS 15Y-ICS 15 (HFD Ch. EA15)Interop
45328b110THou Y-ICS 16Y-ICS 16 (HFD Ch. EA16)Interop
Houston - Police - Field Operations
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
300407558THPD Central DispCentral DispatchLaw Dispatch
3018475e8DHPD Central MACentral Dispatch Mutual Aid (General Government Services Layer)Law Dispatch
300417559TEHPD Cent Tac 1Central Tactical 1Law Tac
30042755aTEHPD Cent Tac 2Central Tactical 2Law Tac
30043755bTEHPD Cent Tac 3Central Tactical 3Law Tac
30044755cTEHPD Cent Tac 4Central Tactical 4Law Tac
301007594THPD CitywideCitywide Dispatch (HFD Ch. AC16/BA12)Law Dispatch
3019075eeDHPD Ctywide MACitywide Dispatch Mutual Aid (General Government Services Layer)Law Dispatch
301017595TEHPD Citywd Tac 1Citywide Tactical 1 (HFD Ch. DC10)Law Tac
301027596TEHPD Citywd Tac 2Citywide Tactical 2 (HFD Ch. DC11)Law Tac
301037597TEHPD Citywd Tac 3Citywide Tactical 3Law Tac
301047598TEHPD Citywd Tac 4Citywide Tactical 4Law Tac
300007530THPD North DispNorth ("North Shepherd") DispatchLaw Dispatch
3018075e4DHPD North MANorth ("North Shepherd") Dispatch Mutual Aid (General Government Services Layer)Law Dispatch
300017531TEHPD North Tac 1North Tactical 1Law Tac
300027532TEHPD North Tac 2North Tactical 2Law Tac
300037533TEHPD North Tac 3North Tactical 3Law Tac
300047534TEHPD North Tac 4North Tactical 4Law Tac
30010753aTHPD NE DispNortheast DispatchLaw Dispatch
3018175e5DHPD NE MANortheast Dispatch Mutual Aid (General Government Services Layer)Law Dispatch
30011753bTEHPD NE Tac 1Northeast Tactical 1Law Tac
30012753cTEHPD NE Tac 2Northeast Tactical 2Law Tac
30013753dTEHPD NE Tac 3Northeast Tactical 3Law Tac
30014753eTEHPD NE Tac 4Northeast Tactical 4Law Tac
30060756cTHPD NW DispNorthwest DispatchLaw Dispatch
3018675eaDHPD NW MANorthwest Dispatch Mutual Aid (General Government Services Layer)Law Dispatch
30061756dTEHPD NW Tac 1Northwest Tactical 1Law Tac
30062756eTEHPD NW Tac 2Northwest Tactical 2Law Tac
30063756fTEHPD NW Tac 3Northwest Tactical 3Law Tac
300647570TEHPD NW Tac 4Northwest Tactical 4Law Tac
300507562THPD SouCen DispSouth Central DispatchLaw Dispatch
3018575e9DHPD SouCen MASouth Central Dispatch Mutual Aid (General Government Services Layer)Law Dispatch
300517563TEHPD SouCen Tac 1South Central Tactical 1Law Tac
300527564TEHPD SouCen Tac 2South Central Tactical 2Law Tac
300537565TEHPD SouCen Tac 3South Central Tactical 3Law Tac
300547566TEHPD SouCen Tac 4South Central Tactical 4Law Tac
300207544THPD SE DispSoutheast DispatchLaw Dispatch
3018275e6DHPD SE MASoutheast Dispatch Mutual Aid (General Government Services Layer)Law Dispatch
300217545TEHPD SE Tac 1Southeast Tactical 1Law Tac
300227546TEHPD SE Tac 2Southeast Tactical 2Law Tac
300237547TEHPD SE Tac 3Southeast Tactical 3Law Tac
300247548TEHPD SE Tac 4Southeast Tactical 4Law Tac
30030754eTHPD SW DispSouthwest ("Beechnut") DispatchLaw Dispatch
3018375e7DHPD SW MASouthwest ("Beechnut") Dispatch Mutual Aid (General Government Services Layer)Law Dispatch
30031754fTEHPD SW Tac 1Southwest Tactical 1Law Tac
300327550TEHPD SW Tac 2Southwest Tactical 2Law Tac
300337551TEHPD SW Tac 3Southwest Tactical 3Law Tac
300347552TEHPD SW Tac 4Southwest Tactical 4Law Tac
300707576THPD West DispWestside DispatchLaw Dispatch
3018775ebDHPD West MAWestside Dispatch Mutual Aid (General Government Services Layer)Law Dispatch
300717577TEHPD West Tac1Westside Tactical 1Law Tac
300727578TEHPD West Tac2Westside Tactical 2Law Tac
300737579TEHPD West Tac3Westside Tactical 3Law Tac
30074757aTEHPD West Tac4Westside Tactical 4Law Tac
Houston - Police - Homeland Security Command
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
30110759eTHPD AirportAirports DispatchLaw Dispatch
3019175efDHPD AirprtMAAirports Dispatch Mutual Aid (General Government Services Layer)Law Dispatch
30111759fTEHPD HOU Tac1Airports Hobby Tactical 1Law Tac
3011275a0TEHPD HOU Tac2Airports Hobby Tactical 2Law Tac
3015675ccTEHPD CID 1Criminal Intelligence Division (CID) 1Law Tac
3015775cdTEHPD CID 2Criminal Intelligence Division (CID) 2Law Tac
3014275beTEHPD MayorSecMayor SecurityLaw Tac
300807580THPD SpOpDispSpecial Operations DispatchLaw Dispatch
3018875ecDHPD Sp Op MASpecial Operations Dispatch Mutual Aid (General Government Services Layer)Law Dispatch
300817581TEHPD SpOpTac1Special Operations Tactical 1 (Ch. 9B)Law Tac
300827582TEHPD SpOpTac2Special Operations Tactical 2Law Tac
300837583TEHPD SpOpTac3Special Operations Tactical 3Law Tac
300847584TEHPD SpOpTac4Special Operations Tactical 4Law Tac
3013975bbTEHPD SWAT 1SWAT 1Law Tac
3014075bcTEHPD SWAT 2SWAT 2Law Tac
Houston - Police - Investigative Operations
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
3013375b5TEHPD AutoTh 1Auto Theft 1Law Tac
3013475b6TEHPD AutoTh 2Auto Theft 2Law Tac
3013575b7TEHPD Burglry1Burglary 1Law Tac
3013675b8TEHPD Burglry2Burglary 2Law Tac
3013075b2TEHPD Crim InvCriminal InvestigatorsLaw Tac
30090758aTHPD Det DispDetectives DispatchLaw Dispatch
3018975edDHPD Detec MADetectives Dispatch Mutual Aid (General Government Services Layer)Law Dispatch
30091758bTEHPD Det Tac1Detectives Tactical 1Law Tac
30092758cTEHPD Det Tac2Detectives Tactical 2Law Tac
30093758dTEHPD Det Tac3Detectives Tactical 3Law Tac
30094758eTEHPD Det Tac4Detectives Tactical 4Law Tac
3015875ceTEHPD GangGangLaw Tac
3013275b4TEHPD HomicideHomicideLaw Tac
3016075d0TEHPD MajOff 1Major Offenders 1Law Tac
3016175d1TEHPD MajOff 2Major Offenders 2Law Tac
3015175c7TEHPD Narc CwNarcotics CitywideLaw Tac
3015475caTEHPD Narc SENarcotics SoutheastLaw Tac
3015575cbTEHPD Narc SWNarcotics SouthwestLaw Tac
3013175b3TEHPD RobberyRobberyLaw Tac
3013775b9TEHPD SCI 1SCI 1Law Tac
3013875baTEHPD SCI 2SCI 2Law Tac
3015075c6TEHPD Sp InvstSpecial InvestigatorsLaw Tac
3015975cfTEHPD ViceViceLaw Tac
Houston - Police - Interoperability
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
3014375bfTEHPD Encrypted 1Encrypted 1Interop
3014475c0TEHPD Encrypted 2Encrypted 2Interop
3014575c1TEHPD Encrypted 3Encrypted 3Interop
3014675c2TEHPD Encrypted 4Encrypted 4Interop
3020175f9TEHPD Encrypted 5Encrypted 5Interop
3020275faTEHPD Encrypted 6Encrypted 6Interop
3020375fbTEHPD Encrypted 7Encrypted 7Interop
3020475fcTEHPD Encrypted 8Encrypted 8Interop
3020575fdTEHPD Encrypted 9Encrypted 9Interop
3020675feTEHPD Encrypted 10Encrypted 10Interop
3020775ffTEHPD Encrypted 11Encrypted 11Interop
302087600TEHPD Encrypted 12Encrypted 12Interop
302097601TEHPD Encrypted 13Encrypted 13Interop
302107602TEHPD Encrypted 14Encrypted 14Interop
302117603TEHPD Encrypted 15Encrypted 15Interop
302127604TEHPD Encrypted 16Encrypted 16Interop
Houston - Fire/EMS - Dispatch/Operations
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
400029c42DHFD Disp MADispatch Citywide Mutual Aid (General Government Services Layer)Fire Dispatch
400189c52DHFD NE RO MANortheast Regional Operator 3 Mutual Aid (General Government Services Layer)Fire-Tac
400389c66DHFD SE RO MASoutheast Regional Operator 10 Mutual Aid (General Government Services Layer)Fire-Tac
400589c7aDHFD NW RO MANorthwest Regional Operator 3 Mutual Aid (General Government Services Layer)Fire-Tac
400789c8eDHFD SW RO MASouthwest Regional Operator 10 Mutual Aid (General Government Services Layer)Fire-Tac
400009c40THFD OEC 1Ch. AA1/AB1/AC1/BA1/BB1/BC1/DC1/EA1 OEC 1Fire-Tac
400019c41THFD DispCitywideCh. AA2/AB2/BA2/BC2/EA2 Dispatch CitywideFire Dispatch
400109c4aTHFD NE RO 3Ch. AA3 Northeast Regional Operator 3Fire-Tac
400119c4bTEHFD NE Tac 4Ch. AA4 Northeast Tactical 4Fire-Tac
400129c4cTEHFD NE Tac 5Ch. AA5 Northeast Tactical 5Fire-Tac
400139c4dTEHFD NE Tac 6Ch. AA6 Northeast Tactical 6Fire-Tac
400149c4eTEHFD NE Tac 7Ch. AA7 Northeast Tactical 7Fire-Tac
400159c4fTEHFD NE Tac 8Ch. AA8 Northeast Tactical 8Fire-Tac
400169c50TEHFD NE Tac 9Ch. AA9 Northeast Tactical 9Fire-Tac
400309c5eTHFD SE RO 10Ch. AA10 Southeast Regional Operator 10Fire-Tac
400319c5fTEHFD SE Tac11Ch. AA11 Southeast Tactical 11Fire-Tac
400329c60TEHFD SE Tac12Ch. AA12 Southeast Tactical 12Fire-Tac
400339c61TEHFD SE Tac13Ch. AA13 Southeast Tactical 13Fire-Tac
400349c62TEHFD SE Tac14Ch. AA14 Southeast Tactical 14Fire-Tac
400359c63TEHFD SE Tac15Ch. AA15 Southeast Tactical 15Fire-Tac
400369c64TEHFD SE Tac16Ch. AA16 Southeast Tactical 16Fire-Tac
400509c72THFD NW RO 3Ch. AB3 Northwest Regional Operator 3Fire-Tac
400519c73TEHFD NW Tac 4Ch. AB4 Northwest Tactical 4Fire-Tac
400529c74TEHFD NW Tac 5Ch. AB5 Northwest Tactical 5Fire-Tac
400539c75TEHFD NW Tac 6Ch. AB6 Northwest Tactical 6Fire-Tac
400549c76TEHFD NW Tac 7Ch. AB7 Northwest Tactical 7Fire-Tac
400559c77TEHFD NW Tac 8Ch. AB8 Northwest Tactical 8Fire-Tac
400569c78TEHFD NW Tac 9Ch. AB9 Northwest Tactical 9Fire-Tac
400709c86THFD SW RO 10Ch. AB10 Southwest Regional Operator 10Fire-Tac
400719c87TEHFD SW Tac11Ch. AB11 Southwest Tactical 11Fire-Tac
400729c88TEHFD SW Tac12Ch. AB12 Southwest Tactical 12Fire-Tac
400739c89TEHFD SW Tac13Ch. AB13 Southwest Tactical 13Fire-Tac
400749c8aTEHFD SW Tac14Ch. AB14 Southwest Tactical 14Fire-Tac
400759c8bTEHFD SW Tac15Ch. AB15 Southwest Tactical 15Fire-Tac
400769c8cTEHFD SW Tac16Ch. AB16 Southwest Tactical 16Fire-Tac
Houston - Fire/EMS - Hospital
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
401009ca4THFD Med OpCh. AC2 Medical Operator (hospital status and channel assignments)EMS-Tac
401019ca5TEHFD Med 3Ch. AC3 Med 3 (hospital consultation)Hospital
401029ca6TEHFD Med 4Ch. AC4 Med 4 (hospital consultation)Hospital
401039ca7TEHFD Med 5Ch. AC5 Med 5 (hospital consultation)Hospital
401049ca8TEHFD Med 6Ch. AC6 Med 6 (hospital consultation)Hospital
401059ca9TEHFD Med 7Ch. AC7 Med 7 (hospital consultation)Hospital
401069caaTEHFD Med 8Ch. AC8 Med 8 (hospital consultation)Hospital
401079cabTEHFD Med 9Ch. AC9 Med 9 (hospital consultation)Hospital
Houston - Fire/EMS - Special Operations
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
45026afe2TEHFD DC3 Hazmat 1Ch. DC2 Hazmat 1/Houston Medical Strike Team 1Fire-Tac
45027afe3TEHFD DC4 Hazmat 2Ch. DC3 Hazmat 2/Houston Medical Strike Team 2Fire-Tac
400179c51TEHFD DC4 Sp Op NECh. DC4 Special Operations NortheastFire-Tac
400379c65TEHFD DC5 Sp Op SECh. DC5 Special Operations SoutheastFire-Tac
400579c79TEHFD DC6 Sp Op NWCh. DC6 Special Operations NorthwestFire-Tac
400779c8dTEHFD DC7 Sp Op SWCh. DC7 Special Operations SouthwestFire-Tac
45028afe4TEHFD DC12 Rescue3Ch. DC12 Rescue 3Fire-Tac
45029afe5TEHFD DC13 Rescue4Ch. DC13 Rescue 4Fire-Tac
Houston - Fire/EMS - Investigations/Inspections
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
401209cb8TEHFD ArsonCtywd 3Ch. BA3 Arson Citywide 3Law Tac
401249cbcTEHFD Arson SW 7Ch. BA7 Arson Southwest 7Law Tac
401259cbdTEHFD Inspect NE 8Ch. BA8 Inspectors Northeast 8Law Tac
401269cbeTEHFD Inspect SE 9Ch. BA9 Inspectors Southeast 9Law Tac
401279cbfTEHFD InspectNW 10Ch. BA10 Inspectors Northwest 10Law Tac
401289cc0TEHFD InspectSW 11Ch. BA11 Inspectors Southwest 11Law Tac
Houston - Fire/EMS - Training
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
45262b0ceTHFD VJTF 14Ch. BA14 Val Janke Training Facility 14Fire-Talk
45263b0cfTHFD VJTF 15Ch. BA15 Val Janke Training Facility 15Fire-Talk
45264b0d0THFD VJTF 16Ch. BA16 Val Janke Training Facility 16Fire-Talk
Houston Airport System - Bush Intercontinental Airport
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
143959fDIAH AirChinaAir ChinaBusiness
14415a1DIAH AlamoAlamo/NationalBusiness
1431597DIAH Rent CarConsolidated Rental Car FacilityPublic Works
141958bDIAH CrashCrashFire-Tac
1399577DIAH FISFederal Inspection Station (FIS)Public Works
1415587DIAH GrdTransGround TransportationPublic Works
3601e11DIAH InfoTechInformation TechnologyPublic Works
3605e15DEIAH GroundsMaintenance - Airfield and GroundsPublic Works
1401579DIAH BldgSvcsMaintenance - Building Services (Housekeeping)Public Works
3609e19DIAH ElectricMaintenance - ElectricalPublic Works
3607e17DIAH PhysPlntMaintenance - Physical PlantPublic Works
140557dDIAH SystemsMaintenance - SystemsPublic Works
1429595DIAH Tech SysMaintenance - Technical SystemsPublic Works
1411583DIAH 1 MgmtManagement (Ch. 1)Public Works
140757fDIAH OpsOperations (Airport Fire/EMS Response)Public Works
142158dDIAH SecuritySecuritySecurity
1409581DIAH SecDrillSecurity (emergency drill)Security
143759dDIAH SupplySupply ServicePublic Works
3603e13DIAH SurveyorSurveyors Public Works
1337539DIAH TermLinkTerminaLink Trains Maintenance (Bombardier Transportation)Public Works
Houston Airport System - Hobby Airport
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
1397575DHOU AdminSvcAdministrative ServicesPublic Works
22958f7DHOU CrashCrashPublic Works
139156fDHOUGrndTransGround TransportationPublic Works
138956dDHOU IMBEIMBEPublic Works
1385569DHOU GroundsMaintenance - Airfield and GroundsPublic Works
1383567DHOU BldgSvcsMaintenance - Building Services (Housekeeping)Public Works
1377561DHOU ElectricMaintenance - ElectricalPublic Works
1381565DHOU PhysPlntMaintenance - Physical PlantPublic Works
1379563DHOU SystemsMaintenance - SystemsPublic Works
143559bDHOU Tech SysMaintenance - Technical SystemsPublic Works
138756bDHOU MgmtManagementPublic Works
137355dDHOU OpsOperationsPublic Works
137555fDHOU 3 Ops FEOperations FE (Ch. 3)Public Works
1393571DHOU PubSaftyPublic SafetyPublic Works
137155bDHOU RACOMRACOM (Airport Fire/EMS Response)Public Works
1433599DHOU SecuritySecuritySecurity
Houston Airport System - Ellington Airport
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
142358fDEFD FireDispFire Dispatch 1Fire Dispatch
1425591DEFD FireTac1Fire Tactical 1Fire-Tac
1427593DEFD FireTac2Fire Tactical 2Fire-Tac
Houston - Administration and Regulatory Affairs
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
45163b06bTHou BARCBureau of Animal Regulation and Care (BARC)Public Works
45164b06cTHou BARC AdmBureau of Animal Regulation and Care (BARC) Administration (OEM Ch. 4)Public Works
45193b089THou ParkingWrckrParking Enforcement Wrecker RequestsPublic Works
45191b087THou Parking1Parking Management Ch. 1 EnforcementPublic Works
45192b088THou Parking2Parking Management Ch. 2 Meter ShopPublic Works
45142b056THou TaxiInspTaxi InspectorsPublic Works
Houston - Emergency Management
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
27010eDHouston PIESPublic Information Emergency System (PIES; radio checks Wednesdays at 9:00 AM)Emergency Ops
45021afddTHou EOC OpsEmergency Operations Center - OperationsEmergency Ops
45022afdeTHou EOC MntEmergency Operations Center - MaintenancePublic Works
45023afdfTHou OEMOffice of Emergency ManagementEmergency Ops
45211b09bTHou EM Cmd 1Command 1Emergency Ops
45212b09cTHou EM Cmd 2Command 2Emergency Ops
45213b09dTHou EM HPD 1Houston Police Department 1Emergency Ops
45214b09eTHou EM HPD 2Houston Police Department 2Emergency Ops
45215b09fTHou EM HFD 1Houston Fire Department 1Emergency Ops
45216b0a0THou EM HFD 2Houston Fire Department 2Emergency Ops
Houston - General Services
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
45011afd3THouGSD NorthNorthPublic Works
45012afd4THouGSD FleetFleet ManagementPublic Works
45015afd7THouGSD SouthSouthPublic Works
Houston - Health and Human Services
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
45162b06aTHouHHS Div ADivision APublic Works
45165b06dTHouHHS Div BDivision BPublic Works
45166b06eTHouHHS Div CDivision CPublic Works
45171b073THouHHS Div DDivision DPublic Works
45172b074THouHHS Div EDivision EPublic Works
45173b075THouHHS Div FDivision FPublic Works
45174b076THouHHSDivG/HDivision G/HPublic Works
45161b069THouHHSIncCmdIncident CommandPublic Works
Houston - Information Technology
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
45087b01fTHouGrandPrixGrand Prix (used by Radio Communications Division)Public Works
45553b1f1THou Emerg Ctr ITHouston Emergency Center - Information TechnologyPublic Works
45004afccTHou IT DeptInformation Technology DepartmentPublic Works
45228b0acDEHouLostRadioLost RadioPublic Works
45153b061THou Net CommNetwork CommunicationsPublic Works
45007afcfTHou IT PilotPilotPublic Works
45003afcbTHou RCS BusRadio Communications BusinessPublic Works
45002afcaTHou RCS MntRadio Communications MaintenancePublic Works
44441ad99THou CovTest1Radio Coverage Test 1Public Works
45556b1f4THouRadioDemoRadio DemoPublic Works
49997c34dTHouDemoGGSLCRadio Demo General Government Services Layer 1 ClearPublic Works
49996c34cDEHouDemoGGSLSRadio Demo General Government Services Layer SecurePublic Works
49998c34eTHouDemoPSClrRadio Demo Public Safety Layer ClearPublic Works
49999c34fDEHouDemoPSSecRadio Demo Public Safety Layer SecurePublic Works
49995c34bTHouDemoPS SWRadio Demo Public Safety Southwest SimulcastPublic Works
45001afc9THouRadioShopRadio ShopPublic Works
4052fd4DHou Radio 5Radio Shop Ch. 5Public Works
45555b1f3THou RCS TechRadio Technicians (Network Operations Center)Public Works
45006afceTHouITSrStaffSenior StaffPublic Works
45005afcdTHou TestTestPublic Works
Houston - Mayor's Office
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
45025afe1THou MayorOfcMayor's OfficePublic Works
Houston - Municipal Courts
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
43700aab4THou Muni CourtsMunicipal CourtsPublic Works
Houston - Parks and Recreation
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
45121b041THouPR RangerPark RangersSecurity
45122b042THouPR ResourResourcePublic Works
45123b043THouPR PermitPermitsPublic Works
45124b044THouPR Field1Field Operations 1Public Works
45125b045THouPR SecSecuritySecurity
45126b046THouPR GolfGolfPublic Works
45127b047THouPR MillerMiller Outdoor Theatre - SecuritySecurity
45128b048THouPR Field2Field Operations 2Public Works
Houston - Public Works and Engineering
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
45084b01cTHouBridgeMntBridge MaintenancePublic Works
45141b055THou Cap ProjCapital ProjectsPublic Works
45014afd6THou Cont ProContract ProcurementPublic Works
45086b01eTHou LanierPWLanier Public Works Building - SecuritySecurity
45024afe0THou PWMgtSupManagement SupportPublic Works
45013afd5THou MMB 1Materials Management Branch 1Public Works
45085b01dTHou ROW MntRight-of-Way MaintenancePublic Works
45083b01bTHouStreetMntStreet MaintenancePublic Works
45081b019THouTrfcSignlTraffic SignalsPublic Works
45082b01aTHouTrfcSignsTraffic SignsPublic Works
Houston - Public Works and Engineering - Public Utilities
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
45061b005THou WwProcOpWastewater - Process OperationsUtilities
45062b006THou Ww EquipWastewater - Equipment MaintenanceUtilities
45063b007THou Ww WstldWastewater - Wasteload ControlUtilities
45064b008THou Ww TreatWastewater - Treatment PlantsUtilities
45071b00fTHou DWO ProdDrinking Water Operations - Water ProductionUtilities
45072b010THou DWO UCS1Drinking Water Operations - Utility Customer Service 1Utilities
45073b011THou DWO SWPPDrinking Water Operations - Southeast Water Purification PlantUtilities
45074b012THou DWO QualDrinking Water Operations - Water QualityUtilities
45075b013THou DWO ConsDrinking Water Operations - Water Conservation BranchUtilities
45101b02dTHou UM NWUtility Maintenance - NorthwestUtilities
45102b02eTHou UM NEUtility Maintenance - NortheastUtilities
45103b02fTHou UM StopEUtility Maintenance - Stoppage EastUtilities
45104b030THou UM SecUtility Maintenance - SecuritySecurity
45105b031THou UM StopWUtility Maintenance - Stoppage WestUtilities
45111b037THou UM SWUtility Maintenance - SouthwestUtilities
45112b038THou UM SEUtility Maintenance - SoutheastUtilities
45113b039THou UM LndscUtility Maintenance - LandscapeUtilities
45114b03aTHou UM SEMgrUtility Maintenance - Southeast ManagerUtilities
Houston - Solid Waste Management
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
45041aff1THou SW AdminAdministrationPublic Works
45042aff2THouSW Heavy1Heavy Trash 1Public Works
45043aff3THouSW Heavy2Heavy Trash 2Public Works
45044aff4THouSW Col SECollection SoutheastPublic Works
45045aff5THouSW Col NECollection NortheastPublic Works
45046aff6THouSW Col NWCollection NorthwestPublic Works
45047aff7THouSW Col SWCollection SouthwestPublic Works
45048aff8THouSW Recyc1Recycling 1Public Works
45049aff9THouSW Recyc2Recycling 2Public Works
45270b0d6THou SW FleetFleet MaintenancePublic Works
45271b0d7THouSWYdWstNWYard Waste NorthwestPublic Works
45272b0d8THouSWYdWstNEYard Waste NortheastPublic Works
Houston Independent School District
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
388059795THISD PD Ad/WPolice Administration/WarrantsLaw Talk
388069796THISD PD CamEPolice Campus EastLaw Tac
388079797THISD PD CamWPolice Campus WestLaw Tac
388009790THISD PD 1Police Ch. 1Law Dispatch
388019791THISD PD 2Police Ch. 2Law Tac
388089798THISD PD CmdPolice CommandLaw Talk
388049794THISD PD DetPolice DetectivesLaw Tac
388099799THISD PD GangPolice Gang Intervention UnitLaw Tac
38810979aTHISD PD LFPolice LF FLTCONLaw Tac
38811979bTHISD PD SRTPolice Special Response Team (SRT)Law Tac
338128414THISD PD SupvPolice SupervisorsLaw Talk
388029792THISD PD Tac1Police Tactical 1Law Tac
388039793THISD PD Tac2Police Tactical 2Law Tac
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
23018fdDBellville PD 1Bellville Police PrimaryLaw Dispatch
23028feDBellville PD 2Bellville Police TacticalLaw Tac
23008fcDAustin Co WideCountywideMulti-Tac
2308904DAustin Co EMS 1EMS DispatchEMS Dispatch
12314cfDAustin Co EMS SvEMS SupervisorsEMS-Talk
2309905DAustin Co EMS 2EMS TacticalEMS-Tac
2305901DAustin Co Fire 1Fire DispatchFire Dispatch
2306902DAustin Co Fire 2Fire SecondaryFire-Tac
2307903DAustin Co F Tac1Fire Tactical 1Fire-Tac
22448c4DAustin Co F Tac2Fire Tactical 2Fire-Tac
22458c5DAustin CoTac3Fire Tactical 3Fire-Tac
22438c3DAust Co OEMOffice of Emergency ManagementEmergency Ops
4055fd7DESealy PD Ch 2Sealy Police 2Law Tac
1640a4DESealy PD Ch 3Sealy Police Ch. 3Law Tac
23038ffDSealy PD DispSealy Police PrimaryLaw Dispatch
2409969DESealy PD SupvSealy Police SupervisorsLaw Talk
2304900DESealy PD TacSealy Police Tactical 1Law Tac
22968f8DAustin SO 1 OpsSheriff Ch. 1 OperationsLaw Tac
22978f9DEAustin SO 2 DispSheriff Ch. 2 DispatchLaw Dispatch
1620a2DEAustin SO 3Sheriff Ch. 3Law Tac
22998fbDEAustin SO SupvSheriff SupervisorsLaw Talk
22988faDEAustin SO TacSheriff TacticalLaw Tac
2370942DWallis PD OpsWallis PoliceLaw Tac
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
1585631DBrazCo AirptAirportPublic Works
1603643DBrazoria FDBrazoria FireFire Dispatch
159963fDBrazoria PDBrazoria PoliceLaw Dispatch
15145eaDBrookside FDBrookside FireFire-Tac
1559617DBrookside PDBrookside PoliceLaw Dispatch
15185eeDColumbiaLkFDColumbia Lakes FireFire-Tac
15195efDBCComm Pct 1Commissioner Precinct 1Public Works
1571623DBCComm Pct 2Commissioner Precinct 2Public Works
1573625DBCComm Pct 3Commissioner Precinct 3Public Works
1575627DBCComm Pct 4Commissioner Precinct 4Public Works
156761fDBCCommPctPctCommissioner Precinct to PrecinctPublic Works
15205f0DCntyRd143 FDCounty Road 143 FireFire-Tac
15225f2DDamon FireDamon FireFire-Tac
15245f4DDanbury EMSDanbury EMSEMS Dispatch
15025deDDanbury FDDanbury FireFire-Tac
156361bDDanbury PDDanbury PoliceLaw Dispatch
15265f6DDemi-John FDDemi-John Fire DepartmentFire-Tac
169469eDBrazCo EmMgtEmergency ManagementEmergency Ops
163165fDBrazCo EMS 1EMS 1EMS Dispatch
1633661DBrazCo EMS 2EMS 2EMS-Tac
156461cDEMS-BrzsprtHEMS to Brazosport HospitalHospital
132084DBrazor Co Event1Events 1Multi-Tac
133085DBrazor Co Event2Events 2Multi-Tac
158162dDBrazCo Fire1Fire 1Fire Dispatch
162965dDBrazCo Fire2Fire 2Fire-Tac
1568620DBrazCoFD FldFire FieldFire-Talk
16966a0DBrazCo FFAFirefighters AssociationFire-Talk
157962bDBrazCoHealthHealth DepartmentPublic Works
159563bDHillcrestVPDHillcrest Village PoliceLaw Dispatch
1570622DHolidayLk FDHoliday Lakes Fire DepartmentFire Dispatch
15305faDIowaColonyFDIowa Colony FireFire-Tac
15325fcDJonesCrk FDJones Creek FireFire-Tac
1561619DJonesCrk PDJones Creek PoliceLaw Dispatch
1536600DLiverpool FDLiverpool FireFire-Tac
1577629DBrazCo MaintMaintenancePublic Works
161364dDBrazCo MsqtoMosquitoPublic Works
1686696DBrazCo MA 1Mutual Aid 1Interop
1688698DBrazCo MA 2Mutual Aid 2Interop
169069aDBrazCo MA 3Mutual Aid 3Interop
169269cDBrazCo MA 4Mutual Aid 4Interop
134086DBrazCo MA 5Mutual Aid 5Interop
136088DBrazCo MA 6Mutual Aid 6Interop
1540604DOld Ocean FDOld Ocean FireFire-Tac
1542606DOysterCrk FDOyster Creek FireFire-Tac
1619653DOysterCrk PDOyster Creek Police PrimaryLaw Dispatch
161564fDBrazCoParks1Parks Department 1Public Works
1625659DBrazCoParks2Parks Department 2Public Works
1544608DRichwood FDRichwood FireFire-Tac
154660aDRiversEnd FDRivers End FireFire-Tac
154860cDRosharon FDRosharon FireFire-Tac
1558616DWBEMS N DispWest Brazos EMS North DispatchEMS Dispatch
1560618DWBEMS S DispWest Brazos EMS South DispatchEMS Dispatch
1554612DWildPeach FDWild Peach Fire DepartmentFire-Tac
Brazoria County Sheriff
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
15315fbDBCSO CAERCommunity Awareness & Emergency Response (CAER)Law Talk
164766fDBC Contsbl 1Constables Ch. 1Law Tac
15095e5DBCSO Det 1Detective 1Law Talk
15115e7DBCSO Det 2Detective 2Law Talk
1641669DBCSO Det 3Detective 3Law Talk
4092ffcTBCSODetent 1Detention 1Corrections
4093ffdTBCSODetent 2Detention 2Corrections
158362fDBCSO EmgTrafEmergency TrafficLaw Tac
15055e1DBCSOIntrcty1Intercity 1Law Tac
15075e3DBCSOIntrcty2Intercity 2Law Tac
162765bDBCSO InteropInteropInterop
15275f7DBCSO Jail 1Jail 1Corrections
15295f9DBCSO Jail 2Jail 2Corrections
15175edTBCSO Jail 3Jail 3Corrections
156561dTBCSO JuvieJuvenile DivisionLaw Talk
1639667DBCSO N Ch1North Channel 1Law Talk
15015ddDBrazCoShPat1Patrol 1Law Tac
15035dfDBrazCoShPat2Patrol 2Law Tac
1681691TBrazCoShPat3Patrol 3Law Tac
13808aTBCSOPortSec1Port Security 1Law Tac
137089TBCSOPortSec2Port Security 2Law Tac
1587633DBrazCoSh CCHSheriff CCH SECLaw Tac
14975d9TBrazCoShDis1Sheriff Dispatch 1Law Dispatch
14995dbDBrazCoShDis2Sheriff Dispatch 2Law Dispatch
1572624DBrazCoShDis3Sheriff Dispatch 3Law Dispatch
1635663DBrazCoShDis4Sheriff Dispatch 4Law Dispatch
17136b1DBrazCoShERT1Sheriff Emergency Response Team 1Law Tac
17156b3DBrazCoShERT2Sheriff Emergency Response Team 2Law Tac
15135e9DBCSO Narc 1Sheriff Narcotics Ch. 1Law Tac
15155ebDBCSO Narc 2Sheriff Narcotics Ch. 2Law Tac
101065DEBCSO Narc 3Sheriff Narcotics Ch. 3Law Tac
1569621TBrazCoShTac1Tactical 1Law Tac
15215f1DBrazCoShTac2Tactical 2Law Tac
15235f3DBrazCoShTac3Tactical 3Law Tac
15255f5DBrazCoShTac4Tactical 4Law Tac
1637665TBCSO DPS InteropTexas DPS to SheriffInterop
Brazoria County - Alvin
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
39818eTAlvin Animal CtlAnimal ControlPublic Works
79531bTAlvin EMSEMS PrimaryEMS Dispatch
789315TAlvin FD PrimaryFire PrimaryFire Dispatch
79731dTAlvin FD Tac 1Fire Tactical 1Fire-Tac
7632fbTAlvin Mutual AidMutual AidInterop
78330fTEAlvin PD 2Police 2Law Tac
7672ffTAlvin PD PriPolice PrimaryLaw Dispatch
77930bTAlvin PD Sp OpsPolice Special OperationsLaw Tac
78130dTEAlvin PD Tac 1Police Tactical 1Law Tac
79931fTAlvin Pub WorksPublic WorksPublic Works
7652fdTAlvin Spec EventSpecial EventMulti-Tac
Brazoria County - Angleton
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
1609649DAgltn EMS 1EMS 1EMS Dispatch
165967bDAgltn EMS 2EMS 2EMS-Tac
156261aDAgltn HospEMS to Angleton/Danbury HospitalHospital
15125e8DAngleton FireFireFire Dispatch
1537601DAgltn PD DetectPolice DetectivesLaw Tac
15335fdDAgltn PD DispPolice DispatchLaw Dispatch
1655677TAgltn PD Event 1Police Event 1Law Tac
1657679TAgltn PD Event 2Police Event 2Law Tac
1617651DAgltnPD Patrol 1Police Patrol 1Law Talk
1539603DAgltn PD SupervPolice SupervisorsLaw Talk
15355ffDAgltn PD Tac 1Police Tactical 1Law Tac
Brazoria County - Clute
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
1651673DClute EMS 1EMS 1EMS Dispatch
15005dcDClute EMS 2EMS 2EMS-Tac
15165ecDClute FDFire 1Fire Dispatch
1689699TClute PD 1Police 1Law Dispatch
169169bDClute PD 2Police 2Law Tac
169569fDClute PD DetPolice DetectivesLaw Tac
16976a1DClute PD NarPolice NarcoticsLaw Tac
169369dDClute PD SupPolice SupervisorsLaw Talk
Brazoria County - Freeport
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
15105e6DFreeport EMSEMSEMS Dispatch
1556614DFreeport FDFireFire Dispatch
166167dDFreeport PD1Police 1Law Dispatch
166367fDFreeport PD2Police 2Law Tac
1665681DFreeptPD DetPolice DetectivesLaw Tac
1667683DFreeptPDNarcPolice NarcoticsLaw Tac
Brazoria County - Lake Jackson
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
15045e0TLk Jack EMS DispEMS 1 DispatchEMS Dispatch
15345feTLk Jack FD DispFire 1 DispatchFire Dispatch
1683693TLk Jack Mut AidMutual AidInterop
1671687TLk Jack PD 1Police 1 DispatchLaw Dispatch
3616e20TLk Jack PD 1033Police 1033Law Tac
1673689TLk Jack PD 2Police 2Law Tac
167768dTLk Jack PD CIDPolice DetectivesLaw Tac
167968fTLk Jack PD NarcPolice NarcoticsLaw Tac
167568bTLk Jack PD SuprvPolice SupervisorsLaw Talk
1685695TLk Jack PubWrksPublic WorksPublic Works
Brazoria County - Manvel
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
43300a924TManvel PD 1Police 1Law Dispatch
43301a925TManvel PD 2Police 2Law Tac
1538602DManvel Fire 1Fire 1Fire Dispatch
43303a927TManvel EMS 1EMS 1EMS Dispatch
43304a928TManvel EMS Tac 1EMS Tactical 1EMS-Tac
43302a926TManvel Pub WrksManvel Public WorksPublic Works
Brazoria County - Pearland
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
3865096faTPear PD 1Police 1Law Dispatch
3865196fbTEPear PD Disp EasPolice Dispatch EastLaw Tac
38669970dTEPear PD Disp WstPolice Dispatch WestLaw Tac
386639707TEPear PD Tac EastPolice Tactical EastLaw Tac
386659709TEPear PD Tac WestPolice Tactical WestLaw Tac
387059731TPear PD Tac 5Police Tactical 5Law Tac
3865296fcTEPrlnd PD CIDPolice CIDLaw Tac
3865596ffTEPear PD DetectPolice DetectivesLaw Tac
387069732TPear PD CNTPolice Crisis Negotiation TeamLaw Tac
3865396fdTEPear PD SWAT 1Police SWAT 1Law Tac
38670970eTPear PD SWAT 2Police SWAT 2Law Tac
3865496feTEPear PD Narc 1Police Narcotics 1Law Tac
386569700TEPear PD Narc 2Police Narcotics 2Law Tac
386609704TPear Fire DispFire DispatchFire Dispatch
386649708TPear Fire Tac 1Fire Tactical 1Fire-Tac
38666970aTPear Fire Tac 2Fire Tactical 2Fire-Tac
38667970bTPear Fire Tac 3Fire Tactical 3Fire-Tac
38668970cTPear Fire Tac 4Fire Tactical 4Fire-Tac
386619705TEPear Fire Marsh1Fire Marshal's Office 1Law Tac
386629706TPearland EOCEmergency Ops CenterEmergency Ops
386579701TPear Spec EventsSpecial EventsMulti-Tac
Brazoria County - Surfside
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
15065e2DSurfside EMSEMSEMS Dispatch
155060eDSurfside FDFireFire Dispatch
1593639DSurfside PDPoliceLaw Dispatch
Brazoria County - Sweeny
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
15085e4DSweeny EMS DispEMS DispatchEMS Dispatch
156661eDSweeny HospitalEMS to Sweeny HospitalHospital
1545609DSweeny Fire DispFire DispatchMulti-Dispatch
1541605DSweeny PD DispPolice Ch 1 DispatchLaw Dispatch
1543607DSweeny PD 2Police Ch 2Law Tac
1553611DSweeny PD MAPolice Mutual AidLaw Tac
154760bDSweeny Pub WorksPublic WorksPublic Works
Brazoria County - West Columbia
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
1840b8TWColumbia EOCEmergency Operations CenterEmergency Ops
14985daDWColumbia EMSEMSEMS Dispatch
1552610DWColumbia FDFireFire Dispatch
154960dDWColumbia PDPoliceLaw Dispatch
1591637DWColumbia PD 2Police 2Law Tac
1860baTWColumbia PubWrkPublic WorksPublic Works
Brazoria County - Colleges
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
7612f9DAlvin CC PDAlvin Community College PoliceLaw Dispatch
1820b6DACC PD SupvAlvin Community College Police SupervisorLaw Talk
2420f2TBrazosptColl PD1Brazosport College Police 1Law Dispatch
2440f4TBrazosptColl PD2Brazosport College Police 2Law Tac
Brazoria County - Schools
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
14208eDBp ISD PD 1Brazosport ISD Police 1Law Dispatch
144090DBp ISD PD 2Brazosport ISD Police 2Law Tac
2060ceDCBISD PD 1Columbia-Brazoria ISD Police 1Law Dispatch
2080d0DCBISD PD SEColumbia-Brazoria ISD Special EventsLaw Tac
155160fDAngleton ISD PD1Angleton ISD Police Ch 1Law Dispatch
159763dDAngleton ISD PD2Angleton ISD Police Ch 2Law Tac
386909722TAlvin ISD PD 1Alvin ISD Police DispatchLaw Dispatch
386919723TAlvin ISD PD TacAlvin ISD Police TacLaw Tac
386929724TEAlvin ISD PD SupAlvin ISD Police SupervisorLaw Talk
386939725TAlvin ISD PD 2Alvin ISD Police Ch. 2Law Tac
386949726TAlvin ISD PD EV1Alvin ISD Police Events 1Law Tac
386959727TAlvin ISD PD EV2Alvin ISD Police Events 2Law Tac
Brazos Valley Area Wide Area Communications System
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
239695cDBVWACS TestBTest BPublic Works
4007fa7DBV Area LAW1Mutual Aid Law 1Law Talk
4008fa8DBV Area LAW2Mutual Aid Law 2Law Talk
4009fa9DBV Area FIR1Mutual Aid Fire 1Fire-Talk
4010faaDBV Area FIR2Mutual Aid Fire 2Fire-Talk
4011fabDBV Area EMS1Mutual Aid EMS 1EMS-Talk
4012facDBV Area EMS2Mutual Aid EMS 2EMS-Talk
4013fadDBV Area EMG1Mutual Aid Emergency Management 1Emergency Ops
4014faeDBV Area EMG2Mutual Aid Emergency Management 2Emergency Ops
Brazos Valley - St. Joseph EMS

St. Joseph EMS responds to 911 calls in Burleson, Grimes and Madison Counties as the primary transport, and do patient transfers and backup response to Brazos and Robertson Counties.

DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
838346DSJ EMS DispDispatchEMS Dispatch
840348DSJ EMS Tac 1Tactical 1EMS-Tac
84234aDSJ EMS Tac 2Tactical 2EMS-Tac
Brazos County - Sheriff
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
2596a24DBrazos SO DispPrimaryLaw Dispatch
2597a25DBrazos SO SecSecondaryLaw Tac
2598a26DBrazos SO CarCar to CarLaw Talk
2599a27DBrazos SO Tac1Tactical 1Law Tac
3847f07DBrazos SO Tac2Tactical 2Law Tac
3848f08DEBrazos SO Tac3Tactical 3Law Tac
3849f09DEBrazos SO CIDCIDLaw Tac
3850f0aDEBrazos SO HNTHostage Negotiation TeamLaw Tac
3851f0bDEBrazos SO TrainTrainingLaw Tac
3852f0cDEBrazos SO DRTDirected Response TeamLaw Tac
3853f0dDEBrazos SO SIU1SIU 1Law Tac
3854f0eDEBrazos SO SIU2SIU 2Law Tac
Brazos County - Volunteer Fire
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
3861f15DBrazos VFD DispDispatch (Simulcast with 155.940)Fire Dispatch
3862f16DBrazos VFD Tac2Tactical 2Fire-Tac
3863f17DBrazos VFD Tac3Tactical 3Fire-Tac
3864f18DBrazos VFD Tac4Tactical 4Fire-Tac
3865f19DBrazos VFD Tac5Tactical 5Fire-Tac
3866f1aDBrazos VFD NEONon-Emergency Operations (NEO)Fire-Talk
Brazos County - Hospitals
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
1000aDScott White CSScott and White Hospital College StationHospital
3961f79DSt Joseph BryanSt. Joseph Hospital BryanHospital
3962f7aDSt Joseph Exp ERSt. Joseph Express ERHospital
3963f7bDSt Joseph CSSt. Joseph Hospital College StationHospital
3964f7cDPhys Centr BryanPhysicians Centre Hospital BryanHospital
3966f7eDBV HospitalEMS to HospitalsHospital
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
3855f0fDBrazos Co EOCEmergency Ops CenterEmergency Ops
3856f10DBrazos Co HealthHealth Dept.Public Works
3857f11DBrazos Co DADistrict AttorneyLaw Tac
3858f12DBrazos Co RoadsRoad and BridgePublic Works
3859f13DBrazos Co Event1Events 1Multi-Tac
3860f14DBrazos Co Event2Events 2Multi-Tac
3997f9dDBrazos EM Mgt1Mutual Aid Emergency Mgmt. 1Emergency Ops
3998f9eDBrazos EM Mgt2Mutual Aid Emergency Mgmt. 2Emergency Ops
4023fb7DBrazos Const 1Constables Ch. 1Law Dispatch
4024fb8DBrazos Const 2Constables Ch. 2Law Tac
Brazos County - Bryan Police
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
25429eeDBry PD PrimPrimaryLaw Dispatch
25439efDBry PD SeconSecondaryLaw Dispatch
25449f0DEBry PD CarCar to CarLaw Talk
25459f1DEBry PD Tac 1Tactical 1Law Tac
25469f2DEBry PD Tac 2Tactical 2Law Tac
25479f3DEBry PD Tac 3Tactical 3Law Tac
25489f4DEBry PD Tac 4Tactical 4Law Tac
25499f5DEBry PD CIDCID OperationsLaw Tac
25509f6DEBry PD CNTCrisis Negotiation TeamLaw Tac
25519f7DEBry PD TRT 1Tactical Resp. Team 1Law Tac
25529f8DEBry PD TRT 2Tactical Resp. Team Ch. 2Law Tac
25539f9DEBry PD SROSchool Resource OfficersLaw Tac
25549faDEBry PD TrainTrainingLaw Tac
25559fbDEBry CityMarsCity MarshalsLaw Tac
25569fcDBry Anim CtlAnimal ControlLaw Tac
Brazos County - Bryan Fire/EMS
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
25579fdDBryan Fire 1Dispatch (patched to 154.415)Fire Dispatch
2565a05DBryan FD MarFire MarshalFire-Tac
25589feDBryan Fire 2ResponseFire-Tac
25599ffDBryan Fire 3Tactical 3 Fire-Tac
2560a00DBryan Fire 4Tactical 4Fire-Tac
2561a01DBryan Fire 5Tactical 5Fire-Tac
2562a02DBryan Fire 6Tactical 6Fire-Tac
2563a03DBryan FD NEOTalkaround (Non Emergency Operations)Fire-Talk
2566a06DBryan FD Train 1Training 1Fire-Talk
2564a04DBryan FD Train 2Training 2Fire-Talk
2567a07DBryan FD Train 3Training 3Fire-Talk
2595a23DBryan FD Train 4Training 4Fire-Talk
2591a1fDBryan FD Train 5Training 5Fire-Talk
2592a20DBryan FD Train 6Training 6Fire-Talk
Brazos County - Bryan Public Works

 Bryan had many of these reserved but went with their own DMR system.  Those that are marked deprecated will remain here until used by them or another agency.

DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
2568a08DBry Util Ops 1Utilities Operations Ch. 1 (patched from DMR)Utilities
2588a1cDBry FacilityFacilitiesPublic Works
2589a1dDBry CommunicCommunicationsPublic Works
2590a1eDBryan IT SvcIT ServicesPublic Works
2593a21DBryan Event1Events 1Public Works
2594a22DBryan Event2Events 2Public Works
Brazos County - College Station Police
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
3867f1bDCSPD PrimaryPolice PrimaryLaw Dispatch
3868f1cDCSPD SecondPolice SecondaryLaw Dispatch
3869f1dDCSPD Tac 1Police Tactical 1Law Tac
3870f1eDCSPD Tac 2Police Tactical 2Law Tac
3871f1fDECSPD Tac 3Police Tactical 3Law Tac
3872f20DECSPD HostagePolice Hostage Negotiation Team (HNT)Law Tac
3873f21DECSPD DetectPolice Detectives (CID)Law Tac
3874f22DECSPD Car-CarPolice Car to CarLaw Tac
3875f23DECSPD CIUPolice CIULaw Tac
3876f24DECSPD SWAT 1Police SWAT 1Law Tac
3877f25DECSPD SWAT 2Police SWAT 2Law Tac
Brazos County - College Station Fire/EMS
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
3878f26DCSFD DispFire/EMS DispatchFire Dispatch
3879f27DCSFD Tac 2Fire/EMS Tactical 2Fire-Tac
3880f28DCSFD Tac 3Fire/EMS Tactical 3Fire-Tac
3881f29DCSFD Tac 4Fire/EMS Tactical 4Fire-Tac
3882f2aDCSFD Tac 5Fire/EMS Tactical 5Fire-Tac
3883f2bDCSFD Tac 6Fire/EMS Tactical 6Fire-Tac
3884f2cDCSFD AdminFire/EMS AdministrationFire-Talk
Brazos County - College Station Services
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
3891f33DBVSWMA LndflBrazos Valley Solid Waste Management Agency - LandfillPublic Works
3897f39DCS BuildingBuildingPublic Works
4017fb1DCS CallCallPublic Works
3905f41DCS City 1City 1Multi-Tac
3906f42DCS City 2City 2Multi-Tac
3896f38DCS CommunicationCommunicationsPublic Works
3908f44DCS Events 1Events 1Multi-Tac
3909f45DCS Events 2Events 2Multi-Tac
3902f3eDCS Kids ClubKids ClubPublic Works
3885f2dDCS Parks/RecParks and RecreationPublic Works
3900f3cDCS Pub Wrks 3900Public WorksPublic Works
3888f30DCS BldgMaintPublic Works - Building MaintenancePublic Works
3890f32DCS PW FleetPublic Works - Fleet ServicesPublic Works
3886f2eDCS PW SanitPublic Works - SanitationPublic Works
3889f31DCS SignalsPublic Works - SignalsPublic Works
3887f2fDCS PW StreetPublic Works - StreetsPublic Works
4018fb2DCS TalkTalkPublic Works
3899f3bDCSU DispatchUtilities - DispatchUtilities
3892f34DCSU ElectricUtilities - ElectricUtilities
3893f35DCSU Electric 2Utilities - Electric 2Utilities
3895f37DCSU MetersUtilities - MetersUtilities
3901f3dDCSU Wastewtr OpsUtilities - Wastewater OperationsUtilities
3894f36DCSU Water/WWUtilities - Water/WastewaterUtilities
Brazos County - Schools
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
3904f40DCollege Stat ISDCollege Station ISDSchools
3918f4eDBlinn College PDBlinn College Police - Bryan CampusLaw Dispatch

Burleson County has begun using TxWARN talkgroups as of September 2022.  EOC1 is patched to 155.535 SO 1 VHF temporarily.

DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
2845b1dDBurl Co Law DispCountywide Law DispatchLaw Dispatch
2848b20DBurl SO Tac 1Sheriff Tac 1Law Tac
2896b50DBurl SO Tac 2Sheriff Tac 2Law Tac
2944b80DBurl Co Fire 1Fire DispatchFire Dispatch
2945b81DBurl Co Fire 2Fire Ch 2Fire-Tac
2946b82DBurl Co VFD Tac1Fire Tac 1Fire-Tac
2947b83DBurl Co VFD Tac2Fire Tac 2Fire-Tac
2948b84DBurl Co VFD Tac3Fire Tac 3Fire-Tac
2949b85DBurl Co VFD Tac4Fire Tac 4Fire-Tac
2950b86DBurl Co EMS DispEMS DispatchEMS Dispatch
2951b87DBurl Co EMS TacEMS TacticalEMS-Tac
3753ea9DBurl SO JailSheriff JailCorrections
3754eaaDBurl Co Event 1Events 1Multi-Tac
3755eabDBurl St JosephBurleson St. Joseph ERHospital
4005fa5DBurl Co EOC1Emergency Mgmt. 1 (patched to 155.535 Temp)Emergency Ops
4006fa6DBurl Co EOC2Emergency Mgmt. 2Emergency Ops
Burleson County - Caldwell
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
2904b58DCaldwell PD 1Police Tac 1Law Tac
2906b5aDCaldwell PD 2Police Tac 2Law Tac
2943b7fDCaldwell Event 1Events 1Multi-Tac
3780ec4DCaldwell UtilUtilitiesUtilities
3781ec5DCaldwell VFD 1Fire Tac 1Fire-Tac
Burleson County - Somerville
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
2898b52DSomerville PD 1Police Tac 1Law Tac
2900b54DSomerville PD 2Police Tac 2Law Tac
2902b56DSomerville EventEvent 1Multi-Tac
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
3025bd1TCC Comm/ITCommunications/Information TechnologyPublic Works
3015bc7TCC CJCCriminal Justice CenterCorrections
3019bcbTCC EnvHealthDepartment of Environmental HealthPublic Works
2930b72TCC EmSvcs 1Emergency Services 1 (Fire/EMS Shared)Fire-Tac
2931b73TCC EmSvcs 2Emergency Services 2Fire-Tac
2932b74TCC EmSvcs 3Emergency Services 3Fire-Tac
2933b75TCC EmSvcs 4Emergency Services 4Fire-Tac
2934b76TCC EmSvcs 5Emergency Services 5Fire-Tac
3000bb8TCC EMS 1EMS 1EMS-Tac
3002bbaTCC EMS 2EMS 2EMS-Tac
3004bbcTCC EMS 3EMS 3EMS-Tac
2923b6bTCC Fire DispFire/EMS DispatchFire Dispatch
2907b5bTCC JailJailCorrections
2901b55TCC Law 1Law 1Law Talk
2903b57TCC Law 2Law 2Law Talk
3017bc9TCC MaintMaintenancePublic Works
3003bbbTCC Mosq CtrlMosquito ControlPublic Works
3006bbeTCC MAMB 1Mutual Aid Mont Belvieu 1Interop
3008bc0TCC MAMB 2Mutual Aid Mont Belvieu 2Interop
3011bc3TCC OEM 1Office of Emergency Management 1Emergency Ops
3027bd3TCC OEM 2Office of Emergency Management 2Emergency Ops
3007bbfTCC ParksParks DepartmentPublic Works
3001bb9TCC PubWrks 1Public Works 1Public Works
3021bcdTCC PubWrks 2Public Works 2Public Works
3005bbdTChambers R&BRoad and BridgePublic Works
2905b59TCCSO 1Sheriff Ch. 1Law Dispatch
2919b67TCCSO CIDSheriff Criminal Investigations DivisionLaw Tac
2925b6dTCCSO CIUSheriff Criminal Investigations UnitLaw Tac
2915b63TCCSO OperationsSheriff OperationsLaw Tac
2909b5dTCCSO Patrol TacSheriff Patrol TacticalLaw Tac
2917b65TCCSO SRTSheriff Special Response TeamLaw Tac
3009bc1TChambers SWSolid WastePublic Works
3023bcfTCC Sp EventSpecial Events - Used for major incident coordinationInterop
Chambers County - Mont Belvieu
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
2927b6fTMtBelv City TacCity TacticalMulti-Tac
3031bd7TMtBelv Fire/EMSFire/EMS DispatchFire Dispatch
1032408TFire/EMS TacticaFire/EMS TacticalFire-Tac
3029bd5TMtBelv PD 1Police 1Law Dispatch
2921b69TMtBelv PD 2Police 2Law Talk
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
17506d6DColo CoWideCountywideInterop
17666e6DColo CoWide LawCountywide LawLaw Tac
17726ecDColo Co EOCEmergency Operations CenterEmergency Ops
17706eaDColo Co EMS DispEMS DispatchEMS Dispatch
17086acDColo Co EMS 1stEMS First RespondersEMS-Tac
17326c4DColo Co EMS MCI1EMS MCI 1EMS-Tac
17286c0DColo Co EMS MCI2EMS MCI 2EMS-Tac
17846f8DEColo Co EMS-CCHEMS to Columbus Community HospitalHospital
17566dcDColo Co Fire DisFire DispatchFire Dispatch
17816f5DColo Co Fire EasFire EastFire-Tac
17606e0DColo Co Fire NorFire NorthFire-Tac
17826f6DColo Co Fire SouFire SouthFire-Tac
17806f4DColo Co Fire WesFire WestFire-Tac
17146b2DEColo Co Law Tac1Law Tactical 1Law Tac
17686e8DEColo Co Law Tac2Law Tactical 2Law Tac
22428c2DColo Co OEM 1Office of Emergency Management 1Emergency Ops
19887c4DColo Co OEM 2Office of Emergency Management 2Emergency Ops
17336c5DColo Co Pct 1Precinct 1Public Works
17486d4DColo Co Pct 2Precinct 2Public Works
17166b4DColo Co Pct 3Precinct 3Public Works
17106aeDColo Co Pct 4Precinct 4Public Works
17366c8DColo Co Pub WrksPublic WorksPublic Works
17556dbDColo Co SO DispSheriff DispatchLaw Dispatch
17206b8DColo Co SO PrsutSheriff PursuitLaw Tac
17626e2DEColo Co SO TacSheriff TacticalLaw Tac
17646e4DColo Co SO WarrnSheriff WarrantsLaw Tac
Colorado County - Columbus
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
17246bcDEColumbus PDTacPolice TacticalLaw Tac
17586deDColumbus CityCityPublic Works
22418c1DColumbus PWPublic WorksPublic Works
Colorado County - Eagle Lake
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
17226baDEagle Lake CityCityPublic Works
17546daDEEagle Lake PDTacPolice TacLaw Tac
22408c0DEagle Lake PubWkPublic WorksPublic Works
Colorado County - Weimar
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
17536d9DEWeimar PD TacPolice TacticalLaw Tac
17576ddDWeimar CityCityPublic Works
22398bfDWeimar Pub WorksPublic WorksPublic Works
Fort Bend County Sheriff
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
1630a3DFBSO AdminAdministrationLaw Talk
2893b4dDFBSO ArsonArson InvestigatorsLaw Tac
147093DFBSO Car-CarCar-to-CarLaw Talk
15909fDFBSO CIDCriminal Investigation Division (CID)Law Tac
14308fDFBSO EmrgncyEmergency ButtonsLaw Tac
1610a1DFBSO Fug/WarFugitives/WarrantsLaw Tac
322142DFBSO MotorcyMotorcycleLaw Talk
1750afDFBSO Narc 1Narcotics 1Law Tac
2861b2dDFBSO Narc 2Narcotics 2Law Tac
14108dDFBSO Patrol 1Patrol 1 West Side Dispatch (Districts 2, 3)Law Dispatch
149095DFBSO Patrol 2Patrol 2 East Side Dispatch (Districts 1, 5, 7, 8, 9)Law Dispatch
2430f3DFBSO Patrol 3Patrol 3 (Districts 4, 6)Law Dispatch
151097DFBSO Patrol 4Patrol 4 DispatchLaw Dispatch
2859b2bDFBSO Pat TacPatrol TacticalLaw Talk
1730adDFBSO Sp OpsSpecial OperationsLaw Tac
33114bDFBSO SuppSvcSupport ServicesLaw Talk
15509bDFBSO Tac 1Tactical 1Law Tac
15709dDFBSO Tac 2Tactical 2Law Tac
153099DFBSO Tac 3Tactical 3Law Tac
152098DFBSO Tac 4Tactical 4Law Tac
145091DFBSO WreckerWrecker CallLaw Tac
Fort Bend County EMS
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
1790b3DFB EMS DispDispatchEMS Dispatch
2877b3dDFB EMS-MHKtyEMS to Memorial Hermann Katy HospitalHospital
2330e9DFB EMS-MHSLEMS to Memorial Hermann Sugar LandHospital
2350ebDFB EMS-MetSLEMS to Methodist Sugar Land HospitalHospital
2310e7DFB EMS-OBMCEMS to Oak Bend Medical CenterHospital
324144DFB EMS-OBWWEMS to Oak Bend Williams Way Medical CenterHospital
3620e24DFB EMS-SCHEMS to St. Christopher's HospitalHospital
323143DFB EMS-SLSLHEMS to St. Luke's Sugar Land HospitalHospital
3622e26DFB EMS-TCHWEMS to Texas Children's Hospital WestHospital
2010c9TFB EMS Med Tac 1Medical Tactical 1EMS-Tac
2030cbTFB EMS Med Tac 2Medical Tactical 2EMS-Tac
2050cdTFB EMS Med Tac 3Medical Tactical 3EMS-Tac
Fort Bend County Other Public Safety
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
1910bfDFB ConstPct1Constable Precinct 1Law Tac
1930c1DFB ConstPct2Constable Precinct 2Law Tac
1950c3DFB ConstPct3Constable Precinct 3Law Tac
1970c5DFB ConstPct4Constable Precinct 4Law Tac
2070cfDFB DA InvDistrict Attorney InvestigationsLaw Tac
2510fbDFB OEM EOCEmergency Operations Center (EOC)Emergency Ops
2490f9DFB Fire DispFire DispatchFire Dispatch
792318TFB FD ERD Tac 1Fire ERD Tactical 1Fire-Tac
79431aTFB FD ERD Tac 2Fire ERD Tactical 2Fire-Tac
277115DFB Fire Mrsh 277Fire MarshalFire-Tac
1890bdDFBFireMrshl1Fire Marshal 1Fire-Tac
2370edDFBFireMrshl2Fire Marshal 2Fire-Tac
79631cTFB FD Mutual AidFire Mutual Aid CountywideInterop
784310TFB Fire ERD 1Fire/EMS ERD 1Fire-Tac
786312TFB Fire ERD 2Fire/EMS ERD 2Fire-Tac
788314TFB Fire ERD 3Fire/EMS ERD 3Fire-Tac
790316TFB Fire ERD 4Fire/EMS ERD 4Fire-Tac
2450f5DFB Firegrnd1Fireground 1Fire-Tac
2470f7DFB Firegrnd2Fireground 2Fire-Tac
1650a5DFB Jail 1Jail 1Corrections
2897b51DFB JuvenileDJuvenile DetentionCorrections
Fort Bend County Miscellaneous
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
33314dDFB Back-up 1Back-up 1Public Works
33514fDFB Back-up 2Back-up 2Public Works
34715bDFB Back-up 3Back-up 3Public Works
34915dDFB Back-up 4Back-up 4Public Works
35115fDFB Back-up 5Back-up 5Public Works
2865b31DFB Court SecCourt SecuritySecurity
2881b41DFB HealthHealth and Human ServicesPublic Works
2883b43DFB HospAdmnHospital AdministrationPublic Works
2410f1DFB RoadBridgRoad and BridgePublic Works
Fort Bend County - Katy

 Katy is divided into Harris, Fort Bend, and Waller Counties.

DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
14715bfDKaty FD DispatchFire DispatchFire Dispatch
1584630DKaty FD MarshalFire MarshalFire-Tac
1361551DKaty FD Tac 1Fire Tactical 1Fire-Tac
158262eDKaty FD Tac 2Fire Tactical 2Fire-Tac
52034DKaty FD Tac 3Fire Tactical 3Fire-Tac
54036DKaty FD Tac 4Fire Tactical 4Fire-Tac
59124fDKaty PD 1Police 1Law Dispatch
595253DKaty PD 2Police 2Law Tac
4094ffeDEKaty PD 3Police 3Law Tac
1827723DKaty PD 4Police 4Law Tac
Fort Bend County - Missouri City
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
2711a97DMC Anml CtrlAnimal ControlPublic Works
2695a87DMC CommonCommonInterop
2697a89DMC EOCEmergency Operations Center (EOC)Emergency Ops
2705a91DMC FD CommnFire CommonFire-Talk
2699a8bDMC FD DispFire DispatchFire Dispatch
2849b21DMC FD InspecFire InspectorsFire-Talk
2719a9fDMC FD InvestFire InvestigatorsLaw Tac
2701a8dDMC FD Tac 1Fire Tactical 1Fire-Tac
2703a8fDMC FD Tac 2Fire Tactical 2Fire-Tac
2809af9DMC FD Tac 3Fire Tactical 3Fire-Tac
2811afbDMC Firegrnd3Fireground 3Fire-Tac
2813afdDMC Firegrnd4Fireground 4Fire-Tac
2725aa5DMC PlanningPlanning DepartmentPublic Works
2709a95DMC PD DispPolice 1Law Dispatch
2717a9dDMC PD 5Police 5Law Talk
2713a99DMC PD CarCarPolice Car-to-CarLaw Talk
2823b07DMC PD 2Police Ch. 2Law Tac
2693a85DMC PD DetecPolice DetectivesLaw Tac
2715a9bDMC PD SecurePolice SecureLaw Tac
2721aa1DMC PD SCUPolice Special Crimes UnitLaw Tac
2789ae5DMC/Staf SWATPolice SWAT (joint with Stafford)Law Tac
2727aa7DMC Pub WrksPublic WorksPublic Works
Fort Bend County - Richmond
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
30112dDRchmd FD 1Fire DispatchFire Dispatch
29912bDRchmdFD Tac1Fire Tactical 1Fire-Tac
2230dfDRchmdFD Tac2Fire Tactical 2Fire-Tac
305131DRchmd PD 2Police 2Law Tac
325145DRchmd PD AdmPolice AdministrationLaw Talk
1850b9DRchmd PD C-CPolice Car-to-CarLaw Talk
293125DRchmd PD CIDPolice CIDLaw Tac
1810b5DRchmd PD 1Police DispatchLaw Dispatch
291123DRchmd PD SIDPolice SIDLaw Tac
327147DRchmd PD SRGPolice SRGLaw Tac
329149DRchmd PD TacPolice TacticalLaw Tac
Fort Bend County - Rosenberg
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
26710bDRsnbg CommonCommonInterop
28311bDRsnbg EOCEmergency Operations CenterEmergency Ops
26910dDRsnbg FD DisFire DispatchFire Dispatch
27110fDRsnbgFD Tac1Fire Tactical 1Fire-Tac
273111DRsnbgFD Tac2Fire Tactical 2Fire-Tac
275113DRsnbgFD Tac3Fire Tactical 3Fire-Tac
1900beDRsnbgFD Tac4Fire Tactical 4Fire-Tac
259103DRsnbg PD 2Police 2Law Talk
28711fDRsnbg PD AdmPolice AdministrationLaw Talk
261105DRsnbg PD C-CPolice Car-to-CarLaw Talk
263107DRsnbg PD CIDPolice CIDLaw Tac
1830b7DRsnbg PD DisPolice DispatchLaw Dispatch
265109DRsnbg PD SupPolice SupervisorsLaw Talk
279117DRsnbg PW 1Public Works 1Public Works
281119DRsnbg PW 2Public Works 2Public Works
289121DRsnbg PW SupPublic Works SupervisorPublic Works
Fort Bend County - Stafford
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
2769ad1DStfrd ComnCommonInterop
2759ac7DStfrd FD DspFire 1Fire Dispatch
2765acdDStfrd FD SprFire SupervisorFire-Talk
2761ac9DStfrdFD Tac1Fire Tactical 1Fire-Tac
2763acbDStfrdFD Tac2Fire Tactical 2Fire-Tac
2767acfDStfrdFD Tac3Fire Tactical 3Fire-Tac
2771ad3TStfrd PD DspPolice 1Law Dispatch
2773ad5DStfrd PD 2Police 2Law Tac
2775ad7DStfrd PD 3Police 3Law Talk
2777ad9DStfrd PD 4Police 4 SecureLaw Talk
2781addDStfrd PD CIDPolice CIDLaw Talk
2783adfDStfrd PD SprPolice SupervisorsLaw Talk
2785ae1DStfrd PDTac1Police Tactical 1Law Tac
Fort Bend County - Sugar Land
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
17186b6DSgrLndA/p MxAirport MaintenancePublic Works
17526d8DSgrLndA/p OpAirport OperationsPublic Works
2787ae3DSgrLndCommonCity CommonInterop
2847b1fDSgrLnd EOCEmergency Operations Center (EOC)Emergency Ops
2729aa9DSgrLnd FD 1Fire 1 DispatchFire Dispatch
2731aabDSgrLnd FD 2Fire 2Fire-Talk
2733aadDSgrLnd FD 3Fire 3Fire-Talk
2735aafDSgrLnd FD SuFire SupervisorsFire-Talk
2737ab1DSgrLnd FD TaFire Tactical 1Fire-Tac
2739ab3DSgrLnd PD 1Police 1Law Dispatch
2741ab5DSgrLnd PD 2Police 2Law Talk
2743ab7DSgrLnd PD 3Police 3Law Talk
2745ab9DSgrLnd PD 4Police 4 SecureLaw Talk
2747abbDSgrLnd PD 5Police 5Law Talk
2749abdDSgrLnd PD CIPolice CIDLaw Talk
2751abfDSgrLnd PD SuPolice SupervisorsLaw Talk
2755ac3DSgrLndPDSWATPolice SWATLaw Tac
2753ac1DSgrLnd PDTacPolice Tactical 1Law Tac
2730aaaDSgrLnd PD TRPolice TrainingLaw Talk
Fort Bend County - Other Communities
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
2390efDArcola PD 1Arcola PoliceLaw Dispatch
2869b35DBeasley FDBeasley FireFire Dispatch
191477aTBeasley FD Tac 1Beasley Fire Tac 1Fire-Tac
2855b27DBeasley PDBeasley PoliceLaw Tac
2867b33DFairchild FDFairchild FireFire Dispatch
191577bTFairchildFD Tac1Fairchild Fire Tac 1Fire-Tac
2795aebDFresno FD 1Fresno Fire 1Fire-Tac
2797aedDFresno FD 2Fresno Fire 2Fire-Tac
2799aefDFresno FD 3Fresno Fire 3Fire-Tac
295127DFulshr FD DispFulshear Fire DispatchFire Dispatch
297129DFulshr FD Tac 1Fulshear Fire Tactical 1Fire-Tac
31713dDFulshr PD 1Fulshear Police 1Law Dispatch
2885b45DFulshr PD 2Fulshear Police 2Law Tac
2250e1DKendleton PDKendleton PoliceLaw Dispatch
1870bbDMeadows PD1Meadows Police 1Law Dispatch
2110d3DMeadows PD2Meadows Police 2Law Talk
2130d5DMeadows PD3Meadows Police 3Law Talk
2851b23DNeedville FDNeedville FireFire Dispatch
191677cTNeedvilleFD Tac1Needville Fire Tac 1Fire-Tac
2190dbDNeedville PDNeedville PoliceLaw Dispatch
2853b25DNEFBCO FD1Northeast Fort Bend Co FireFire Dispatch
2857b29DNEFBCO FD2Northeast Fort Bend Co Fire TacticalFire-Talk
2871b37DOrchard VFDOrchard FireFire Dispatch
191777dTOrchard FD Tac 1Orchard Fire Tac 1Fire-Tac
2270e3DPcn Grove FDPecan Grove FireFire Dispatch
2290e5DPcn Grv FD TPecan Grove Fire TacticalFire-Talk
2550ffDPleak FDPleak FireFire Dispatch
191877eTPleak FD Tac 1Pleak Fire Tac 1Fire-Tac
191977fTThompson FD Tac1Thompson Fire Tac 1Fire-Tac
Fort Bend County - Schools
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
2801af1DFBISD PD DispFort Bend ISD Police DispatchLaw Dispatch
2803af3DFBISD PD 2Fort Bend ISD Police Ch. 2Law Tac
2805af5DFBISD PD 3Fort Bend ISD Police Ch. 3Law Tac
2807af7DFBISD PD SecureFort Bend ISD Police SecureLaw Tac
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
3426d62DARC GalvCo 1American Red Cross Galveston County 1Emergency Ops
3428d64DARC GalvCo 2American Red Cross Galveston County 2Emergency Ops
2161871DBayArea Tac1Bay Area Tactical 1Interop
2163873DBayArea Tac2Bay Area Tactical 2Interop
2165875DBayArea Tac3Bay Area Tactical 3Interop
2167877DBayArea Tac4Bay Area Tactical 4Interop
2169879TEBayArea Tac5Bay Area Tactical 5Interop
217187bDBayArea Tac6Bay Area Tactical 6Interop
2137859DClearLk MA 1Clear Lake Mutual Aid 1Interop
213985bDClearLk MA 2Clear Lake Mutual Aid 2Interop
214185dDClearLk MA 3Clear Lake Mutual Aid 3Interop
214385fDClearLk MA 4Clear Lake Mutual Aid 4Interop
3497da9DGC Cntywd EMSCountywide EMSInterop
3493da5DGC Cntywd FD 1Countywide Fire 1Interop
3516dbcDGC Cntywd FD 2Countywide Fire 2Interop
3495da7DGC Cntywd ISDCountywide ISDInterop
3491da3DGC Cntywd LE 1Countywide Law Enforcement 1Interop
3508db4DGC Cntywd LE 2Countywide Law Enforcement 2Interop
3329d01DGCECD 1Emergency Communications District Ch. 1Public Works
3331d03DEGCECD 2Emergency Communications District Ch. 2Public Works
3533dcdDGCECD E-911Emergency Communications District E-911Public Works
3436d6cDGCECD TestEmergency Communications District TestPublic Works
3499dabDGC Event AEvent AInterop
3501dadDGC Event BEvent BInterop
3503dafDGC Event CEvent CInterop
3505db1DGC Event DEvent DInterop
3507db3DGC Event EEvent EInterop
3104c20DGC FG WestFireground WestFire-Tac
3463d87DIMAS Ind FG1Industrial Mutual Aid System (IMAS) Industrial Fireground 1Fire-Talk
3465d89DIMAS Ind FG2Industrial Mutual Aid System (IMAS) Industrial Fireground 2Fire-Talk
3461d85DIMAS MA DispIndustrial Mutual Aid System (IMAS) Mutual Aid DispatchInterop
Galveston County Constables
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
3486d9eDGC Const 1Ch. 1Law Tac
3195c7bDGC Const 1 ACh. 1 Galveston ALaw Tac
3197c7dDGC Const 2 BCh. 2 Galveston BLaw Tac
3205c85DGC Const 2ACh. 2ALaw Tac
3199c7fDGC Const 2BCh. 2BLaw Tac
3203c83DGC Const 3Ch. 3Law Tac
3213c8dDGC Const 4Ch. 4Law Tac
Galveston County Sheriff
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
3127c37DGCSO DispatchDispatchLaw Dispatch
3129c39DGCSO AlternateAlternateLaw Talk
3131c3bDGCSO Car to CarCar-to-CarLaw Talk
3135c3fDGCSO Patrol 1Patrol 1Law Talk
3460d84DEGCSO Pat SupPatrol SupervisorLaw Talk
3163c5bDGCSO IdentifIdentificationLaw Tac
3165c5dDGCSO MHMR 1Mental Health 1Law Tac
3308cecDGCSO MHMR 2Mental Health 2Law Tac
3169c61DGCSO ACTF 1Auto Crimes Task Force 1Law Tac
3304ce8DGCSO ACTF 2Auto Crimes Task Force 2Law Tac
3478d96DGCSO ACTF 3Auto Crimes Task Force 3Law Tac
3171c63DGCSO NarcTF1Narcotics Task Force 1Law Tac
3306ceaDGCSO Narc TF2Narcotics Task Force 2Law Tac
3484d9cDEGCSO Narc TF3Narcotics Task Force 3Law Tac
3528dc8DEGCSO Narc TF4Narcotics Task Force 4Law Tac
3173c65DGCSO Warrants 1Warrants Ch. 1Law Tac
3175c67DGCSO Warrants 2Warrants Ch. 2Law Tac
3149c4dDEGCSO Warrants 3Warrants Ch. 3Law Tac
3177c69DEGCSO AdminAdministrationLaw Talk
3179c6bDGCSO Marine1Marine 1Law Tac
3181c6dDGCSO Marine2Marine 2Law Tac
3137c41DEGCSO Encrypted 1Encrypted 1Law Talk
3182c6eDEGCSO Encrypted 2Encrypted 2Law Tac
3183c6fDGCSO DiveDive TeamLaw Tac
3143c47DGCSO CID 1CID 1 (Investigations Main)Law Tac
3300ce4DGCSO CID 2CID 2Law Tac
3302ce6DEGCSO CID 3CID 3Law Tac
3145c49DGCSO SCUSpecial Crimes UnitLaw Tac
3147c4bDEGCSO Surveil 1Surveillance 1Law Tac
3191c77DGCSO ReservesReservesLaw Tac
3193c79DGCSO Reserve SupReserve SupervisorsLaw Talk
3414d56DGCSO SearchSearchLaw Tac
3167c5fDGCSO TrainingTrainingLaw Tac
3157c55DGCSO Info TechInformation TechnolgoyLaw Tac
3151c4fDGCSO SLO GCSchool Resource officers (Clear Creek ISD)Law Talk
3310ceeDEGCSO SLO EncSchool Resource Officers - EncryptedLaw Tac
3474d92DGCSO JTTFJoint Terrorism Task Force (JTTF)Law Tac
3139c43DGCSO Bailiff 1Bailiffs 1 MainLaw Tac
3141c45DGCSO Bailiff 2Bailiffs 2 TacticalLaw Tac
3153c51DGC Jail PrimaryJail PrimaryCorrections
3155c53DGC Jail SecondarJail SecondaryCorrections
3161c59DGC Jail SupvJail SupervisorsCorrections
Galveston County Health District
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
3194c7aDGCHD AdminAdministrationPublic Works
3190c76TGCHD AnmlCtlAnimal Control and Texas City ShelterPublic Works
3405d4dDGCHDEMS-UTMBEMS "AMB-COM" Patient Reports to UTMB John Sealy Hospital in GalvestonHospital
3469d8dDGCHD EMS-MMCEMS Patient Reports to Mainland Medical Center in Texas CityHospital
3188c74DGCHD 1Health District 1Public Works
Galveston County Services
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
3204c84TGC BM 1BM 1Public Works
3206c86DGC BM 2BM 2Public Works
3142c46DGC CommissioCommissionersPublic Works
3251cb3DGC DA 1District Attorney 1Law Tac
3253cb5DGC DA 2District Attorney 2Law Tac
3249cb1DGC GovtGovernmentPublic Works
3198c7eDGC Juven CtrJuvenile Justice CenterCorrections
3196c7cDGC Juven OpsJuvenile Justice Department OperationsCorrections
3202c82DGC Juven SupJuvenile Justice Department SupervisorsCorrections
3200c80TGC JuvenProbJuvenile Probation OfficersCorrections
3208c88DGC Mosquito1Mosquito Control District 1Public Works
3210c8aDGC Mosquito2Mosquito Control District 2Public Works
3231c9fDGC OEM 1Office of Emergency Management 1Emergency Ops
3243cabDGC OEM 2Office of Emergency Management 2Emergency Ops
3245cadDGC OEM 3Office of Emergency Management 3Emergency Ops
3247cafDGC OEM AdminOffice of Emergency Management AdministrationPublic Works
3186c72DGC Park TRDPark TRDPublic Works
3184c70TGC ParksParks and Senior Services Department OperationsPublic Works
3312cf0DGC Road SwllRoad and Bridge Department - SeawallPublic Works
3172c64DGC Road 1Road and Bridge Department 1Public Works
3192c78DGCSanitationSanitationPublic Works
3571df3DGCWCID 1 CNWater Control and Improvement District #1 CNPublic Works
3255cb7DGCWCID 1 OpsWater Control and Improvement District #1 General OperationsPublic Works
3257cb9DGCWCID 1 MntWater Control and Improvement District #1 MaintenancePublic Works
3259cbbTGCWCID 1 MtrWater Control and Improvement District #1 Meter TechniciansPublic Works
3575df7DGCWCID 1 MGWater Control and Improvement District #1 MGPublic Works
3569df1TGCWCID 1 PMWater Control and Improvement District #1 PMPublic Works
3212c8cDGCWCID 8 AWater Control and Improvement District #8 Ch. APublic Works
3148c4cDGCWCID 8 BWater Control and Improvement District #8 Ch. BPublic Works
Galveston County - Port of Galveston
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
3520dc0DPofG Construct 1Construction 1Public Works
3518dbeDPofG Construct 2Construction 2Public Works
3325cfdDPofG Maint 1Maintenance 1Public Works
3319cf7DPofG Maint 2Maintenance 2Public Works
3317cf5DPofG PD Cruise 1Police Cruise 1Law Tac
3524dc4TPofG PD Cruise 5Police Cruise 5Law Tac
3526dc6DPofG PD OpsPolice OperationsLaw Tac
3323cfbDPofG PD Patrol 2Police Patrol 2Law Tac
3321cf9DPofG PD Patrol 3Police Patrol 3Law Tac
3327cffTPofG AllPort AllPublic Works
Galveston County - Dickinson
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
3170c62DDcknsn AnimalAnimal ControlPublic Works
3124c34DDcknsn Bldg InšBuilding Inspection 1Public Works
3418d5aDDcknsn CourtCourtLaw Talk
3332d04DDcknsn FMFire MarshalFire-Talk
3123c33DDcknsnFDTac1Fire Tactical 1Fire-Tac
3125c35DDcknsnFDTac2Fire Tactical 2Fire-Tac
3121c31DDcknsn FDEMSFire/EMS DispatchFire Dispatch
3122c32DDcknsn Med 1Med 1Public Works
3119c2fDDcknsn OEM 1Office of Emergency Management 1Emergency Ops
3107c23DDcknsn PD 1Police Ch. 1Law Dispatch
3109c25DDcknsn PD 2Police Ch. 2Law Talk
3111c27DDcknsnPD3AdmPolice Ch. 3 AdministationLaw Talk
3113c29DDcknsn PD 4Police Ch. 4Law Talk
3115c2bDDcknsnPD5NarPolice Ch. 5 NarcoticsLaw Tac
3117c2dDDcknsnPDSpEvPolice Special EventsLaw Tac
3168c60DDcknsn PW 1Public Works 1Public Works
Galveston County - Friendswood
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
3551ddfDFrdswd EM OpsEmergency ManagementEmergency Ops
3110c26DFrdswd FM 1Fire Marshal 1Fire-Tac
12514e3DFrdswdFDDispFire/EMS Ch. 1 DispatchFire Dispatch
3114c2aDFrdswdFD2EMSFire/EMS Ch. 2 EMSEMS-Tac
3597e0dDFrdswdFD3 T1Fire/EMS Ch. 3 Tactical 1Fire-Tac
3599e0fDFrdswdFD4 T2Fire/EMS Ch. 4 Tactical 2Fire-Tac
14835cbTFrdswd PD 1 PriPolice Ch. 1 PrimaryLaw Dispatch
3589e05TFrdswd PD 2 InfoPolice Ch. 2 InformationLaw Talk
102066TEFrdswd PD 3 SWATPolice Ch. 3 SWATLaw Tac
3591e07TFrdswd PD 4 CIDPolice Ch. 4 CIDLaw Tac
3593e09TFrdswd PD 5 PtrlPolice Ch. 5 PatrolLaw Tac
3595e0bTEFrdswd PD 6 CIPolice Ch. 6 Critical IncidentLaw Tac
3506db2TEFrdswd PD 7 SurvPolice Ch. 7 SurveillanceLaw Tac
3112c28TFrdswd PD 8 EvntPolice Ch. 8 City EventMulti-Tac
Galveston County - Galveston
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
3263cbfDGalv PD1DispPolice Ch. 1 DispatchLaw Dispatch
3265cc1TGalv PD2 AltPolice Ch. 2 AlternateLaw Tac
3267cc3TGalv PD3 C-CPolice Ch. 3 Car-to-CarLaw Talk
3269cc5DEGalvPD4 Tac1Police Ch. 4 Tactical 1Law Tac
3271cc7DEGalvPD 5 AdmPolice Ch. 5 AdministrationLaw Tac
3273cc9DGalv PD 6 PSPolice Ch. 6 Public Safety (used as a mutual aid channel for all agencies on island)Law Tac
3279ccfDEGalvPD7 SWATPolice Ch. 7 SWAT TeamLaw Tac
3275ccbDGalv PD 8 EvPolice Ch. 8 Special EventsLaw Tac
3214c8eDEGalv PD SRTPolice Special Response Team (SRT)Law Tac
3281cd1DEGalv PD9DivePolice Ch. 9 Dive TeamLaw Tac
3283cd3DEGalvPDHostagPolice Hostage NegotiationLaw Tac
3285cd5DEGalvPDEscortPolice Escort Operations (Motorcycles)Law Tac
3287cd7DEGalv PD CIDPolice Criminal Investigation Division (CID)Law Tac
3289cd9DEGalv PD NarcPolice NarcoticsLaw Tac
3514dbaDEGalvPD Narc2Police Narcotics 2Law Tac
3291cdbTGalvFD1 RespFirecom 1 ResponseFire-Tac
3295cdfTGalvFD2 DispFirecom 2 DispatchFire Dispatch
3217c91DGalvFD3 RespFirecom 3 Fire/EMS ResponseFire-Tac
3299ce3DGalv FD4 FGFirecom 4 FiregroundFire-Tac
3301ce5DGalv FD5 FGFirecom 5 FiregroundFire-Tac
3297ce1DGalv FD 6Firecom 6Fire-Tac
3225c99DGalv EMS AdminEMS AdministrationEMS-Talk
3480d98DGalv Fire FMOFire Marshal OfficeFire-Talk
3221c95DGalvEMS Ops1EMS Operations 1EMS-Tac
3223c97DGalvEMS Ops2EMS Operations 2EMS-Tac
3216c90DGalv MrnRespGalveston Marine Response (GMR) - Fire/EMS/Beach Patrol Joint ResponseInterop
3185c71TGalvBchPtrl1Beach Patrol 1EMS-Tac
3187c73DGalvBchPtrl2Beach Patrol 2EMS-Tac
3189c75DGalvBchPtrlSBeach Patrol SupervisorEMS-Talk
3462d86TGalv Park 1Park Board of Trustees 1Public Works
3464d88DGalv Park 2Park Board of Trustees 2Public Works
3466d8aDGalv Park 3Park Board of Trustees 3Public Works
3133c3dDGalv Park 4 CZMPark Board of Trustees 4 - Coastal Zone ManagementPublic Works
3305ce9DGalv EOC 1Emergency Operations Center 1Emergency Ops
3535dcfDGalv EOC 2Emergency Operations Center 2Emergency Ops
3537dd1DGalv EOC 3Emergency Operations Center 3Emergency Ops
3146c4aDGalv EOC AdminEmergency Operations Center AdminEmergency Ops
3307cebDGalv EOC SpEvtEmergency Operations Center Special EventEmergency Ops
3220c94DGalvPW WaterPublic Works - Water and SewerUtilities
3222c96DGalv Pub WorksPublic WorksPublic Works
3224c98DGalv Admin 1Administration 1Public Works
3226c9aDGalv Admin 2Administration 2Public Works
3227c9bDGalv EMS SpEventEMS Special EventEMS-Tac
3286cd6DGalv MayorMayorPublic Works
3342d0eDGalvUtilBillUtility BillingUtilities
3350d16DGalv PW TrafPublic Works - Traffic DivisionPublic Works
3358d1eDGalv StreetsStreetsPublic Works
3364d24DGalv TrashTrash/RefusePublic Works
3366d26DGalv TransitTransit BusesTransportation
3368d28DGalv AirportAirport OperationsPublic Works
3388d3cDGalvCompDiv1Compliance Division 1Public Works
3392d40DGalv MarshalCity MarshalsLaw Tac
3394d42DGalvBldgIns1Building Inspectors 1 (Permits)Public Works
3408d50DGalvGarage 1Garage 1Public Works
3410d52DGalvGarage 2Garage 2Public Works
3468d8cDGalv ParksParks DepartmentPublic Works
Galveston County - Hitchcock
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
3240ca8DHtchk City 1City 1Public Works
3242caaDHtchk City 2City 2Public Works
3246caeDHtchkFD Tac1Fire Tactical 1Fire-Tac
3248cb0DHtchkFD Tac2Fire Tactical 2Fire-Tac
3345d11DHtchk PD AdmPolice AdministrationLaw Talk
3341d0dDHtchk PD 1Police Ch. 1Law Dispatch
3343d0fDHtchk PD 2Police Ch. 2Law Talk
3347d13DHtchk PD CIDPolice CIDLaw Tac
3244cacDHtchkFD DisVolunteer Fire Department DispatchFire Dispatch
Galveston County - Jamaica Beach

 Police dispatched on Galveston Police talkgroup 3263. Fire dispatched by Galveston Fire on Firecom 2.

DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
3256cb8TJamBch FD 1Fire 1Fire-Tac
3258cbaTJamBch FD Tac 1Fire Tactical 1Fire-Tac
3260cbcTJamBch FD Tac 2Fire Tactical 2Fire-Tac
3252cb4DJamBch PD 1Police Ch. 1Law Tac
3250cb2DJamBch PD 2Police Ch. 2Law Tac
3254cb6TJamBch PWPublic WorksPublic Works
Galveston County - Kemah
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
3330d02DKemah EOCEmergency Operations Center (EOC)Emergency Ops
3355d1bDKemah FD 1 DispFire 1 DispatchFire Dispatch
3357d1dDKemah FD Tac 1Fire Tactical 1Fire-Tac
3359d1fDKemah FD Tac 2Fire Tactical 2Fire-Tac
3349d15DKemah PD 2Police 2Law Tac
3351d17DKemah PolicePolice DispatchLaw Dispatch
3326cfeDKemah PD TacPolice TacticalLaw Tac
3328d00DKemah PW 1Public Works 1Public Works
Galveston County - La Marque
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
3138c42TLaMarq AnnounceAnnouncementPublic Works
3567defTLa Marque CityCityPublic Works
3128c38DLaMarqueCityHallCity HallPublic Works
3369d29DLa Marque Fire 1Fire 1Fire Dispatch
3373d2dDLa Marque Fire 2Fire 2Fire-Tac
3367d27TELaMarqPD AdmPolice AdministrationLaw Talk
3136c40TLaMarquePD 2Police Ch. 2Law Tac
3365d25TELaMarqPD CIDPolice CIDLaw Tac
3361d21DLaMarquePD 1Police Dispatch 1Law Dispatch
3363d23TELaMarqPDPat1Police Patrol 1Law Tac
3262cbeDLaMarquePW 1Public Works 1Public Works
3264cc0DLaMarquePW 2Public Works 2Public Works
3134c3eDLa Marque RoadsRoadsPublic Works
Galveston County - League City
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
211183fDLC AnmlCtrl1Animal Control 1Public Works
2601a29DLC BldgInsp1Building Inspectors 1Public Works
2627a43DLC EMO 1Emergency Management Operations 1Emergency Ops
2629a45DLC EMO 2Emergency Management Operations 2Emergency Ops
217587fTLC EMS TacEMS TacticalEMS-Tac
2605a2dDLC Engineer1Engineering 1Public Works
2149865TELC Fire MarshalFire MarshalFire-Tac
2153869TLC Fire Tac 1Fire Tactical 1Fire-Tac
215586bTLC Fire Tac 2Fire Tactical 2Fire-Tac
215786dTELC Fire Tac 3Fire Tactical 3Fire-Tac
215986fTELC Fire Tac 4Fire Tactical 4Fire-Tac
2147863TLC Fire/EMS DispFire/EMS DispatchFire Dispatch
2609a31DLC ParksRec1Parks and Recreation 1Public Works
2117845DLCPD BldgEntPolice Building EntryLaw Tac
212384bDLCPD CID 1Police CID 1Law Tac
2635a4bDLCPD CID 2Police CID 2Law Tac
2119847DLCPD CARTPolice Combined Agency Response Team (CART; joint SWAT with Pearland and Alvin)Law Tac
2131853DLCPD Patrol1Police Patrol 1Law Dispatch
2133855DLCPD Patrol2Police Patrol 2Law Tac
2195893DLCPD Patrol3Police Patrol 3Law Tac
2199897DLCPD Patrol4Police Patrol 4Law Tac
2135857DLCPD SpEvntPolice Special EventsLaw Tac
2637a4dDLC PW DispPublic Works DispatchPublic Works
2613a35DLC Street 1Street Department 1Public Works
2615a37DLC TrafficTrafficPublic Works
2185889DLC Wtr Ln 1Water Line Repair 1Public Works
218788bDLC Wtr Ln 2Water Line Repair 2Public Works
2193891DLC WtrWrks 1Water Works 1Public Works
Galveston County - Santa Fe
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
3409d51DSanta Fe EMSEMSEMS Dispatch
3415d57DSF Fire AdminFire AdministrationFire-Talk
3411d53DSF Fire DispFire DispatchFire Dispatch
3413d55DSF Fire Tac 1Fire Tactical 1Fire-Tac
3423d5fDSantaFe PD AdminPolice AdministrationLaw Talk
3419d5bDSantaFe PD 1Police Ch. 1Law Dispatch
3421d5dDSantaFe PD 2Police Ch. 2Law Tac
3425d61DSantaFe PD CIDPolice CIDLaw Tac
Galveston County - Texas City
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
3458d82DTxCityAC3458Animal ControlPublic Works
3288cd8DTxC BldgInspBuilding InspectorsPublic Works
3539dd3DTxC Comm DevCommunity DevelopmentPublic Works
3314cf2DTxC DataDataData
3447d77DTxCity EOC 1Emergency Operations Center 1Emergency Ops
3545dd9DTxCity EOC 2Emergency Operations Center 2Emergency Ops
3451d7bDTxCity EMSEMSEMS Dispatch
3449d79DTxCity Fire1Fire 1Fire Dispatch
3453d7dDTxC FD AdminFire AdministrationFire-Talk
3455d7fDTxC Firegnd1Fireground 1Fire-Tac
3457d81DTxC Firegnd2Fireground 2Fire-Tac
3459d83DTxC Firegnd3Fireground 3Fire-Tac
3445d75DTxC Info SysInformation Systems & CommunicationsPublic Works
3431d67DTxC PD DispPolice 1 DispatchLaw Dispatch
3433d69DeTxC PD 2Police 2Law Tac
3441d71DTxC PD ChiefPolice ChiefLaw Talk
3435d6bDTxC PD CIDPolice CIDLaw Tac
3439d6fDTxC PD IdentPolice IdentificationLaw Tac
3443d73DTxC PD Jail1Police Jail 1Corrections
3547ddbDTxC PD Jail2Police Jail 2Corrections
3541dd5DTxC PD Narc1Police Narcotics 1Law Tac
3543dd7DTxC PD Narc2Police Narcotics 2Law Tac
3437d6dDTxC PD SupvPolice SupervisorsLaw Talk
3438d6eDTxC PD SWAT1Police SWAT 1Law Tac
3440d70DTxC PD SWAT2Police SWAT 2Law Tac
3490da2DTxC PD Tac 1Police Tactical 1Law Tac
3492da4DTxC PD Tac 2Police Tactical 2Law Tac
3587e03DTxC Pump StaPump StationsPublic Works
3276cccDTxC Recreat1Recreation and Tourism 1Public Works
3278cceDTxC Recreat2Recreation and Tourism 2Public Works
3282cd2DTxC WastewtrWastewaterPublic Works
Galveston County - Other Communities
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
3150c4eDBclifVFDTalkBacliff Volunteer Fire Department TalkFire-Talk
3156c54DBclifSLFDDisBacliff/San Leon Fire Dispatch ("Bay Fire")Fire Dispatch
3152c50DBclifSLFDFg1Bacliff/San Leon Fireground 1Fire-Tac
3154c52DBclifSLFDFg2Bacliff/San Leon Fireground 2Fire-Tac
3162c5aDBV Fire 2Bayou Vista Fire Ch. 2Fire-Tac
3160c58DBayouVistaPDBayou Vista Police (19xx Units Dispatched on Galveston County Sheriff 1)Law Tac
3397d45DBlivrFDEMS 1Bolivar Peninsula Fire/EMS 1 DispatchFire Dispatch
3387d3bDBlivrFDEMS 2Bolivar Peninsula Fire/EMS 2Fire-Tac
3422d5eDCLS Police 1Clear Lake Shores Police 1 (rarely used; dispatched on Galveston County)Law Tac
3101c1dDCLS Police 2Clear Lake Shores Police Ch. 2Law Tac
3105c21DCrystBch VFDCrystal Beach Volunteer Fire DepartmentFire Dispatch
3339d0bDHIVFD BHigh Island Volunteer Fire Department Operations ("B")Fire-Tac
3389d3dDPBV FD FG 1Port Bolivar Volunteer Fire/EMS Fireground 1Fire-Tac
3391d3fDPBV FD FG 2Port Bolivar Volunteer Fire/EMS Fireground 2Fire-Tac
3407d4fDSan Leon VFDSan Leon Volunteer Fire Department TalkFire-Talk
3293cddDTI Fire 2Tiki Island Fire 2Fire-Tac
3479d97DTI PD TacTiki Island Police Tactical (dispatched on Sheriff Ch. 1)Law Tac
3294cdeDTI/BV FD DisTiki Island/Bayou Vista Fire DispatchFire Dispatch
3296ce0DBV/TI Frgnd1Tiki Island/Bayou Vista Fireground 1Fire-Tac
3298ce2DBV/TI Frgnd2Tiki Island/Bayou Vista Fireground 2Fire-Tac
Galveston County - Schools
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
3456d80DGalvCntywISDGalveston Countywide Independent School DistrictsSchools
3309cedDGalvISD PD 1Galveston ISD Police 1Law Dispatch
3311cefDGalvISD PD 2Galveston ISD Police 2Law Tac
3313cf1DGalv ISD BusGalveston ISD Transportation/BusesSchools
3238ca6DHtchck ISD 2Hitchcock ISD 2Schools
3452d7cDLMISD LMHSLa Marque ISD La Marque High SchoolSchools
3450d7aDLMISD LMMSLa Marque ISD La Marque Middle SchoolSchools
3375d2fDLMISD PD 1La Marque ISD Police 1Law Dispatch
3563debDSFISD Buses1Santa Fe ISD Buses 1Schools
3565dedDSFISD Buses2Santa Fe ISD Buses 2Schools
3557de5DSFISD Maint1Santa Fe ISD Maintenance 1Schools
3559de7DSFISD Maint2Santa Fe ISD Maintenance 2Schools
3561de9DSFISD Maint3Santa Fe ISD Maintenance 3Schools
3333d05DSFISD PD 1Santa Fe ISD Police 1Law Dispatch
3334d06DSFISD PD 2Santa Fe ISD Police 2Law Tac
3320cf8DTCISD EmergTexas City ISD - EmergencySchools
3120c30DTCISD 1 TCHSTexas City ISD Ch. 1 - Texas City High SchoolSchools
3316cf4DTCISD 2 BMSTexas City ISD Ch. 2 - Blocker Middle School and DEAPSchools
3318cf6DTCISD 3 LFISTexas City ISD Ch. 3 - Levi Fry Intermediate School and AdministrationSchools
3324cfcDTCISD ESTexas City ISD Elementary SchoolsSchools
3322cfaDTCISD TranspTexas City ISD TransportationSchools
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
4003fa3DGrimes EOC 1Emergency Management 1Emergency Ops
4004fa4DGrimes EOC 2Emergency Management 2Emergency Ops
2575a0fDGrim Co EMS DispEMS DispatchEMS Dispatch
2577a11DGrim Co EMS 1stEMS First RespondersEMS-Tac
2573a0dDGrimes Co Fire 1Fire Dispatch (patch to 154.325 MHz)Fire Dispatch
2574a0eDGrimes Co FD TacFire TacticalFire-Tac
2572a0cDGrimes Co JailJailCorrections
2576a10DGrimes Co RoadsRoadsEMS-Tac
2569a09DGrimes Shrf DispSheriff DispatchLaw Dispatch
2570a0aDGrimes Shrf Tac1Sheriff Tactical 1Law Tac
2571a0bDEGrimes Shrf Tac2Sheriff Tactical 2Law Tac
2578a12DTodd Mission PDTodd Mission PoliceLaw Dispatch
Grimes County - Navasota
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
2580a14DNavasota PD DispPolice DispatchLaw Dispatch
2581a15DENavasota PD Tac1Police Tactical 1Law Tac
2584a18DENavasota PD Tac2Police Tactical 2Law Tac
2582a16DNavasotaFD1 DispFire Ch. 1 DispatchFire Dispatch
2583a17DNavasotaFD 2 TacFire Ch. 2 TacticalFire-Tac
2587a1bDNavasotaFD 3 TacFire Ch. 3 TacticalFire-Tac
4001fa1DNavsta EOC 1Emergency Management 1Emergency Ops
4002fa2DNavsta EOC 2Emergency Management 2Emergency Ops
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
4402cDClevelandEOCCleveland Emergency Operations CenterEmergency Ops
22016DCleveland FDCleveland FireFire Dispatch
22948f6DCleveland PDCleveland PoliceLaw Dispatch
22918f3DLibCoConstabConstableLaw Dispatch
14695bdDLibCoConPct1Constable Precinct 1Law Tac
7604cDLibCo CourthouseCourthouseLaw Tac
68044DDayton EMSDayton EMSEMS Dispatch
54221eDDayton Fire DispDayton Fire DispatchFire Dispatch
22938f5DDayton PD DispDayton PoliceLaw Dispatch
2667a6bDLiberty Co EMEmergency ManagementEmergency Ops
359167DLibCo EMS 1EMS 1EMS-Tac
360168DLibCo EMS 2EMS 2EMS-Tac
361169DLibCo EMS 3EMS 3EMS-Tac
36216aDLibCo EMS 4EMS 4EMS-Tac
356164DLibCo Fire 1Fire 1Fire Dispatch
357165DLibCo Fire 2Fire 2Fire-Tac
358166DLibCo Fire 3Fire 3Fire-Tac
22878efDLibCo Sh 2Sheriff 2Law Tac
22898f1DELibCo Sh EventSheriff EventLaw Tac
22858edDLibCo Sh PrimarySheriff PrimaryLaw Dispatch
22868eeDELibCo Sh Tac 1Sheriff Tactical 1Law Tac
22888f0DELibCo Sh Tac 2Sheriff Tactical 2Law Tac
22908f2DLibCo Sh TFSheriff Task ForceLaw Tac
Liberty County - Liberty
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
4202aDLiberty EOCEmergency Operations CenterEmergency Ops
1353549DLiberty FireFireFire Dispatch
4602eDLiberty HospLiberty HospitalHospital
1351547DLiberty PDPolice PrimaryLaw Dispatch
135754dDLibertyPDSupPolice SupervisorLaw Talk
135554bDLiberty PWPublic WorksPublic Works
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
161264cDMadison Event 1Events 1Multi-Tac
1620654DMadison OEM 1Emergency Mgmt 1Emergency Ops
1622656DMadison OEM 2Emergency Mgmt 2Emergency Ops
1845735DMadison Co SO 1Sheriff 1Law Dispatch
1849739DMadison Co SO 2Sheriff 2Law Tac
185173bDMadison Co SO 3Sheriff 3Law Tac
186974dDMadison EMS 1EMS 1EMS Dispatch
187074eDMadisonCo Fire 1Fire 1Fire Dispatch
187174fDMadisonCo Fire 2Fire 2Fire-Tac
1873751DMadisonCo Fire 3Fire 3Fire-Tac
1877755DNorth Zulch VFDNorth Zulch VFDFire-Tac
1878756DMidway VFDMidway VFDFire-Tac
Madison County - Madisonville
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
185273cDMadisonville PD1Police 1Law Dispatch
185373dDMadisonville PD2Police 2Law Tac
1875753DMadisonville VFDFire OpsFire-Tac
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
12444dcDMatag SO 1 DispSheriff 1 (simulcast with 154.74 MHz)Law Dispatch
12464deDMatag SO 2 PatrlSheriff 2 PatrolLaw Tac
12484e0DMatag SO AdminSheriff AdministrationLaw Talk
1334536DMatag SO EmergSheriff EmergencyLaw Tac
12344d2DMatag Co ConstabConstableLaw Tac
12604ecDMatag Co Fire 1Volunteer Fire DepartmentFire Dispatch
1286506DMatag Co EOCEmergency Operations Center (EOC)Emergency Ops
12324d0DMGH ER-EMSHospital District - EMS to Matagorda General HospitalHospital
12644f0DSargent VFD Sargent Volunteer Fire DepartmentFire Dispatch
1284504DMatag Co OEMOffice of Emergency ManagementEmergency Ops
1318526DMGH MaintenanceHospital District - Matagorda General Hospital MaintenancePublic Works
Matagorda County - Bay City
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
1300514DBayCityAdSupAdministration - SupervisorsPublic Works
12564e8DBayCityAnmlCAnimal ControlPublic Works
129050aDBay City EOCEmergency Command CenterEmergency Ops
12304ceDBay City EMSEMSEMS Dispatch
1312520DBay City EMS Ch2EMS Ch 2EMS-Tac
12384d6DBCVFD 1Fire Ch. 1Fire-Tac
12404d8DBCVFD 2Fire Ch. 2Fire-Tac
12744faDBCVFD ChiefFire ChiefFire-Talk
1314522DBay City ITInformation TechnologyPublic Works
130851cDBayCity MechMechanicsPublic Works
130651aDBayCityMeterMeter ReadersPublic Works
12184c2DBayCityPDDisPolice 1 DispatchLaw Dispatch
12204c4DBayCity PD 2Police 2 SecondaryLaw Tac
12224c6DBayCityPDAdmPolice AdministrationLaw Talk
1282502DBayCityPDC-CPolice Car-to-CarLaw Talk
1280500DBayCityPDDetPolice DetectiveLaw Tac
12244c8DBayCityPDPatPolice PatrolLaw Tac
12284ccDBayCtyPDSWATPolice SWATLaw Tac
12264caDBayCityPDWarPolice WarrantsLaw Tac
12424daDBayCity PW 1Public Works 1Public Works
1304518DBayCity PW 2Public Works 2Public Works
132452cDBayCity UtilUtilitiesPublic Works
1316524DBayCity WhseWarehousePublic Works
131051eDBayCity WWTPWaste Water Treatment Plant (WWTP)Public Works
Matagorda County - Other Communities
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
12764fcDPalacios FDPalacios FireFire Dispatch
2310906DPalacios PDPalacios Police DispatchLaw Dispatch
2311907DPalacios PD2Palacios Police SecondaryLaw Talk
Matagorda County - Bay City ISD
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
12364d4DBCISD PolicePolice PrimaryLaw Dispatch
129250cDBCISD Ops 1Operations 1Schools
129450eDBCISD Ops 2Operations 2Schools
1296510DBCISD MaintMaintenanceSchools
1298512DBCISD BusesBusesSchools
1302516DBCISD PrincipalsPrincipalsSchools
2201899DBCISD AdminAdministrationSchools
Montgomery County Sheriff

As of 8:22 May 3rd 2021, Montgomery County Sheriff's switched to new and fully encrypted talk groups.

DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
2908b5cDEMCSO 1 DispDispatch 1Law Dispatch
2914b62DEMCSO 2 DispDispatch 2Law Dispatch
2920b68DEMCSO 3 DispDispatch 3Law Dispatch
2926b6eDEMCSO 4 DispDispatch 4Law Dispatch
2935b77DEMCSO 5 DIspDispatch 5Law Dispatch
2937b79DEMCSO 6 DispDispatch 6Law Dispatch
2939b7bDEMCSO 7 DispDispatch 7Law Dispatch
2910b5eTEMCSO E-1 TACE-1 TACLaw Tac
2912b60TEMCSO E-1 TLKE-1 TLKLaw Talk
2916b64TEMCSO E-2 TACE-2 TACLaw Tac
2918b66TEMCSO E-2 TLKE-2 TLKLaw Talk
2936b78TEMCSO S-1S-1Law Dispatch
2938b7aTEMCSO S-1 TLKS-1 TLKLaw Talk
2940b7cTEMCSO S-2 TACS-2 TACLaw Tac
2941b7dTEMCSO S-2 TLKS-2 TLKLaw Talk
2922b6aTEMCSO W-1 TACW-1 TACLaw Tac
2924b6cTEMCSO W-1 TLKW-1 TLKLaw Talk
2928b70TEMCSO W-2 TACW-2 TACLaw Tac
20267eaDMCSO MultiMulti Inter-Agency Wrecker CallsLaw Dispatch
20427faTMCSO Ops 1Operations 1Law Tac
20447fcTMCSO Ops 2Operations 2Law Tac
20467feTMCSO Ops 3Operations 3Law Tac
2048800TEMCSO Ops 4Operations 4Law Tac
2050802TEMCSO Ops 5Operations 5Law Tac
2052804TEMCSO Ops 6Operations 6Law Tac
4481c0TEMCSO Ops 7Operations 7Law Tac
4501c2TEMCSO Ops 8Operations 8Law Tac
4511c3TEMCSO Ops 9Operations 9Law Tac
4521c4TEMCSO Ops 10Operations 10Law Tac
4601ccTEMCSO Ops 11Operations 11Law Tac
4621ceTEMCSO Ops 12Operations 12Law Tac
2056808TEMCSO Tac 1Tactical 1Law Tac
205880aTEMCSO Tac 2Tactical 2Law Tac
206080cTEMCSO Tac 3Tactical 3Law Tac
206280eTEMCSO Tac 4Tactical 4Law Tac
2064810TEMCSO Tac 5Tactical 5Law Tac
2066812TEMCSO Talk 1Talk 1Law Talk
2068814TEMCSO Talk 2Talk 2Law Talk
2070816TEMCSO Talk 3Talk 3Law Talk
2072818TEMCSO Talk 4Talk 4Law Talk
207481aTEMCSO Talk 5Talk 5Law Talk
1094446TEMCSO Talk 6Talk 6Law Talk
35023TEMCSO Talk 7Talk 7Law Tac
207881eTEMCSO SIU 1Special Investigations Unit (SIU) 1Law Tac
2080820TEMCSO SIU 2Special Investigations Unit (SIU) 2Law Tac
2082822TEMCSO SIU 3Special Investigations Unit (SIU) 3Law Tac
2084824TEMCSO SIU 4Special Investigations Unit (SIU) 4Law Tac
209082aTEMCSO Detec 1Detectives 1Law Tac
209282cTEMCSO Detec 2Detectives 2Law Tac
20067d6TEMCSO SWAT 1SWAT 1Law Tac
20087d8TEMCSO SWAT 2SWAT 2Law Tac
209482eTEMCSO SWAT MuSWAT MultiLaw Tac
2086826TEMCSO ATTF 1Auto Theft Task Force (ATTF) 1Law Tac
2088828TEMCSO ATTF 2Auto Theft Task Force (ATTF) 2Law Tac
2196894TEMCSO CNT 1Crisis Negotiation Team (CNT) 1Law Tac
2198896TEMCSO CNT 2Crisis Negotiation Team (CNT) 2Law Tac
4531c5TEMCSO GangsGangsLaw Tac
20367f4TEMCSO AdminAdministrationLaw Talk
2054806TEMCSO SupervSupervisorsLaw Talk
20387f6DMCSO EOC 1Emergency Operations Center (EOC) 1Emergency Ops
20407f8DEMCSO EOC 2Emergency Operations Center (EOC) 2Emergency Ops
207681cTEMCSO TrafficTrafficLaw Tac
7082c4TMCSO InterEvent1Interagency Event 1Interop
7222d2TeMCSO InterEvent2Interagency Event 2Interop
2180884DMCSO AnnouncAnnouncementLaw Tac
2942b7eTEMC CommonCommonMulti-Tac
20187e2TEMCSO JailJail (Base 700)Corrections
20107daTEMCSO Court 1Court 1Law Tac
20127dcTEMCSO Court 2Court 2Law Tac
20147deTEMCSO Court 3Court 3Law Tac
2358936DEMC InteropInteroperabilityInterop
Montgomery County Constable
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
14665baTMC Constbl 1Precinct 1 DispatchLaw Tac
14685bcTEMC Const1SupPrecinct 1 SupervisorsLaw Talk
14705beTEMC Const1TacPrecinct 1 TacticalLaw Tac
14725c0TMC Constbl 2Precinct 2 DispatchLaw Tac
14745c2TEMC Const2SupPrecinct 2 SupervisorsLaw Talk
14765c4TEMC Const2TacPrecinct 2 TacticalLaw Tac
14785c6TMC Constbl 3Precinct 3 DispatchLaw Tac
14805c8TEMC Const3SupPrecinct 3 SupervisorsLaw Talk
14825caTEMC Const3TacPrecinct 3 TacticalLaw Tac
14845ccTMC Constbl 4Precinct 4 DispatchLaw Tac
14865ceTEMC Const4SupPrecinct 4 SupervisorsLaw Talk
14885d0TEMC Const4TacPrecinct 4 TacticalLaw Tac
14905d2TMC Constbl 5Precinct 5 DispatchLaw Tac
14925d4TEMC Const5SupPrecinct 5 SupervisorsLaw Talk
14945d6TEMC Const5TacPrecinct 5 TacticalLaw Tac
Montgomery County Services
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
14965d8TEMC Air 1Air 1Interop
20007d0DEMC Air 2Air 2Interop
20027d2DMC Air 3Air 3Interop
20207e4DEMC AnimalCtlAnimal ControlPublic Works
20047d4DMC AttorneyAttorneyLaw Tac
20167e0DMC DistAtrnyDistrict AttorneyLaw Tac
14625b6DMC EnvHealthEnvironmental Health ServicesPublic Works
14645b8DEMC HealthDptHealth Department (UTMB)Public Works
24018DEMC Net 1Net 1Interop
2601aDEMC Net 2Net 2Interop
2801cDEMC Net 3Net 3Interop
3652e44DMC Radio TacRadio TacticalPublic Works
Montgomery County Commissioner
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
1426592TMC Comm P1 MainPrecinct 1Public Works
14525acTMC Comm P1 FlagPrecinct 1 FlaggersPublic Works
14465a6TMC Comm P1 MowPrecinct 1 MowingPublic Works
1432598TEMC Comm P1 TacPrecinct 1 TacticalPublic Works
14445a4TMC Comm P1 SigPrecinct 1 Traffic SignalsPublic Works
14545aeTMC Comm P2 FlagPrecinct 2 FlaggersPublic Works
143459aTMC Comm P2 RoadPrecinct 2 Road CrewsPublic Works
14405a0TEMC Comm P2 TacPrecinct 2 TacticalPublic Works
14425a2TMC Comm P3 MainPrecinct 3Public Works
143859eTMC Comm P3 FlagPrecinct 3 FlaggersPublic Works
143659cTMC Comm P3 MowPrecinct 3 MowingPublic Works
14485a8TEMC Comm P3 TacPrecinct 3 TacticalPublic Works
1430596TMC Comm P3 SigPrecinct 3 Traffic SignalsPublic Works
14505aaTMC Comm P4 MainPrecinct 4Public Works
14585b2TMC Comm P4 AllPrecinct 4 Comm AllPublic Works
14565b0TEMC Comm P4 TacPrecinct 4 TacticalPublic Works
1428594TEMC TrafficTranstar (Traffic)Public Works
Montgomery County - Fire/EMS
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
4037fc5DEMCF Admin 10Administration 10Fire-Talk
4038fc6DEMCF Admin 11Administration 11Fire-Talk
4039fc7DEMCF Admin 12Administration 12Fire-Talk
4040fc8DEMCF Admin 14Administration 14Fire-Talk
4041fc9DEMCF Admin 15Administration 15Fire-Talk
4042fcaDEMCF Admin 16Administration 16Fire-Talk
4043fcbDEMCF Admin 17Administration 17Fire-Talk
4044fccDEMCF Admin 18Administration 18Fire-Talk
20397f7DEMCF Admin 2Administration 2Fire-Talk
20417f9DEMCF Admin 3Administration 3Fire-Talk
20437fbDEMCF Admin 5Administration 5Fire-Talk
20457fdDEMCF Admin 6Administration 6Fire-Talk
20477ffDEMCF Admin 8Administration 8Fire-Talk
3751ea7DEMCF Admin 9Administration 9Fire-Talk
20247e8DMCFD EOCEmergency Operations Center (EOC)Emergency Ops
3640e38DMCF EVNT1Event 1Fire-Tac
3642e3aDMCF EVNT2Event 2Fire-Tac
3644e3cDMCF EVNT3Event 3Fire-Tac
3646e3eDMCF EVNT4Event 4Fire-Tac
3648e40DMCF EVNT5Event 5Fire-Tac
3639e37DMCFD 1Fire 1 Dispatch (patched with 158.82 MHz)Fire Dispatch
3641e39DMCFD 2Fire 2 Fire Response(patched with 158.79 MHz)Fire-Tac
3643e3bDMCFD 3Fire 3 EMS Response (patched with 154.965 MHz)Fire-Tac
3645e3dDMCFD 4Fire 4 Fire ResponseFire-Tac
3647e3fDMCFD 5Fire 5 Fire ResponseFire-Tac
3592e08DMCFD 6Fire 6 Fire ResponseFire-Tac
3594e0aDMCFD 7Fire 7 Fire ResponseFire-Tac
3596e0cDMCFD 8Fire 8 Fire ResponseFire-Tac
20227e6DEMC FireMarshFire Marshal's Office (FMO)Law Tac
39027DEMC FMO OpsFire Marshal's Office OperationsFire-Tac
3618e22DMC HazmatHazmatFire-Tac
4502dDEMC Hazmat OpsHazmat OperationsFire-Tac
4046fceDMC LakeResc1Lake Rescue 1Fire-Tac
4047fcfDMC LakeResc2Lake Rescue 2Fire-Tac
2100834DMCFD MultiMulti OperationsFire-Tac
220589dDMCFD Train ETraining EastFire-Talk
220389bDMCFD Train NTraining NorthFire-Talk
220489cDMCFD Train STraining SouthFire-Talk
220689eDMCFD Train WTraining WestFire-Talk
Montgomery County - Communities
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
2096830DConroe FD 1Conroe Fire Dispatch (patch to MCHD EDACS System)Fire Dispatch
2098832DConroe PD 1Conroe Police "Multi" (patch to MCHD EDACS System)Law Tac
2116844DCutNShoot PDCut N Shoot PoliceLaw Dispatch
2118846DMagn PD DispMagnolia Police Dispatch ( night dispatch on SO 4)Law Dispatch
2120848DMagn PD TacMagnolia Police TacticalLaw Tac
212284aDMontgomeryPDMontgomery Police (dispatched on SO 1)Law Tac
212484cDEMontgomPDSupMontgomery Police SupervisorsLaw Talk
212684eDMontgomPDTacMontgomery Police TacticalLaw Tac
2132854DORN PD Prim Oak Ridge North Police (dispatched on MCSO 2)Law Tac
2134856DORN PD TacOak Ridge North Police TacticalLaw Tac
214085cDPattonVillPDPatton Village PoliceLaw Tac
4081ff1DPatVilPDNarcPatton Village Police NarcoticsLaw Tac
2144860DPatVilPD TacPatton Village Police TacticalLaw Tac
214285eDEPatVilPubWrkPatton Village Public WorksPublic Works
2146862DRomanForstPDRoman Forest PoliceLaw Tac
2148864DRomFrstPDSupRoman Forest Police SupervisorsLaw Talk
3654e46DRomFrstPDTacRoman Forest Police TacticalLaw Tac
2150866DShenandoahPDShenandoah Police (dispatched on MCSO 2)Law Tac
215486aDShen PD SupvShenandoah Police SupervisorsLaw Talk
2152868DEShenanPubWrkShenandoah Public WorksPublic Works
2160870DSpldraPD TacSplendora Police Tactical (dispatched on MCSO 3)Law Tac
5803aDWdlndsEvent1The Woodlands Event 1Public Works
6003cDWdlndsEvent2The Woodlands Event 2Public Works
6203eDWdlndsParks1The Woodlands Parks and Recreation 1Public Works
64040DWdlndsParks2The Woodlands Parks and Recreation 2Public Works
2166876DWillis PDWillis PoliceLaw Dispatch
217087aDWillisPD TacWillis Police Tactical (dispatched on SO 1)Law Tac
2168878DEWillisPubWrkWillis Public WorksPublic Works
217287cDWoodbranchPDWoodbranch PoliceLaw Dispatch
217487eDWoodbrPD TacWoodbranch Police TacticalLaw Tac
Montgomery County - Schools

Conroe ISD is testing new talkgroups for school administration usage

DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
2854b26TECISD CTC 1Conroe Independent School District CTC PrimarySchools
2856b28TECISD CTC 2Conroe Independent School District CTC SecondarySchools
2862b2eTECISD ETC 1Conroe Independent School District ETC PrimarySchools
2864b30TECISD ETC 2Conroe Independent School District ETC SecondarySchools
2850b22TECISD OTC 1Conroe Independent School District OTC PrimarySchools
2852b24TECISD OTC 2Conroe Independent School District OTC SecondarySchools
2104838DECISD PD AdmnConroe Independent School District Police AdministrationLaw Talk
2102836DECISD PD 1Conroe Independent School District Police Ch. 1 DispatchLaw Dispatch
210683aDECISD PD CommConroe Independent School District Police CommLaw Tac
210883cDCISD PD OpsNConroe Independent School District Police Operations NorthLaw Tac
211083eDCISD PD OpsSConroe Independent School District Police Operations SouthLaw Tac
2112840DECISD PD TacNConroe Independent School District Police Tactical NorthLaw Tac
2114842DECISD PD TacSConroe Independent School District Police Tactical SouthLaw Tac
2888b48TECISD Trans AllConroe Independent School District Transportation All CallSchools
2890b4aTECISD Trans FieldConroe Independent School District Transportation Field TripSchools
2858b2aTECISD WTC 1Conroe Independent School District WTC PrimarySchools
2860b2cTECISD WTC 2Conroe Independent School District WTC SecondarySchools
2357935DEMagISD PDTacMagnolia Independent School District Police TacticalLaw Tac
2128850DNCISD PD DisNew Caney Independent School District Police DispatchLaw Dispatch
2130852DNCISD PD TacNew Caney Independent School District Police TacticalLaw Tac
215686cDSplenISD PD1Splendora Independent School District Police Ch. 1Law Dispatch
215886eDSplenISD PD2Splendora Independent School District Police Ch. 2Law Tac
San Jacinto County (FUTURE USE)
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
22388beDSJCSO 1Sheriff 1Law Dispatch
1794702DSJCSO 2Sheriff 2Law Tac
17306c2DSJCSO Admin1Sheriff Administration 1Law Talk
17266beDSJCSO Admin2Sheriff Administration 2Law Talk
17386caDSJCSO DetectSheriff DetectiveLaw Tac
17346c6DSJCSO Jail 1Sheriff Jail 1Corrections
17446d0DSJCSO Ops 1Sheriff Operations 1Law Tac
1828724DSJCSO Ops 2Sheriff Operations 2Law Tac
17866faDSJCSO PTUSheriff PTULaw Tac
17396cbDSJCSO SIUSheriff SIULaw Tac
17466d2DSJCSO TacSheriff TacticalLaw Tac
1792700DSJCSO Talk 1Sheriff Talk 1Law Talk
1796704DSJCSO Talk 2Sheriff Talk 2Law Talk
Walker County - Law Enforcement
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
113446eDWalkCo ConstConstable Precinct 1Law Tac
3625e29DeWalkCo JailJailCorrections
3627e2bDWalkCo OEMOffice of Emergency ManagementEmergency Ops
14755c3DeWalkCoSh1PriSheriff Ch. 1 PrimaryLaw Dispatch
3615e1fDWalkCo Sh 2Sheriff Ch. 2Law Tac
1092444DWCShrfCntywdSheriff CountywideLaw Tac
3621e25DWC Sh SWAT 1Sheriff SWAT 1Law Tac
3623e27DEWC Sh SWAT 2Sheriff SWAT 2Law Tac
3617e21DWalkCoShTac1Sheriff Tactical 1Law Tac
3619e23DEWalkCoShTac2Sheriff Tactical 2Law Tac
Walker County - Fire/EMS
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
1120460DWalker Co EMS 1EMS Ch. 1 Primary (patched with 155.265 MHz)EMS Dispatch
1122462DWalker Co EMS 2EMS Ch. 2EMS-Tac
1124464DWalker Co Fire 1Fire 1 OperationsFire Dispatch
1126466DWalker Co Fire 2Fire Tactical 2 Fireground, possibly linked to Texas Fire 1Fire-Tac
Walker County - Huntsville
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
9923e0DHuntsv City1City 1Public Works
9943e2DHuntsv City2City 2Public Works
9963e4DHuntsv City3City 3Public Works
1128468DHuntsvPD 1Police 1Law Dispatch
113046aDHuntsvPD 2Police 2Law Tac
113246cDHuntsvPD TacPolice TacticalLaw Tac
Walker County - Sam Houston State University
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
114647aDSHSU PD DispPolice DispatchLaw Dispatch
134253eDSHSU PD EmergPolice Emergency RevertLaw Tac
1586632DSHSU PD 2Police Ch 2Law Tac
Waller County - Law Enforcement
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
9363a8DWaller Const 1Constable 1Law Tac
9383aaDWaller Const 2Constable 2Law Tac
9403acDWaller Const 3Constable 3Law Tac
9423aeDWaller Const 4Constable 4Law Tac
14575b1DWaller LE MutAidLaw Enforcement Mutual AidLaw Tac
14515abDEWaller Co NTFNarcotics Task ForceLaw Tac
14475a7DWaller SO DispSheriff 1 Dispatch (12xx Units)Law Dispatch
14555afDWaller SO CrmScnSheriff Crime SceneLaw Tac
14535adDWaller SO InvestSheriff Detectives/InvestigationsLaw Tac
34615aDEWaller SO Ops 1Sheriff Operations 1Law Tac
14495a9DWaller SO TacSheriff TacticalLaw Tac
2720aa0DEWaller SO ViceSheriff ViceLaw Tac
14655b9DWaller PoliceWaller PoliceLaw Tac
Waller County - Fire/EMS
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
9443b0DWaller Fire Tac1Fire Tactical 1Fire-Tac
9503b6DWaller Fire Tac2Fire Tactical 2Fire-Tac
9523b8DWaller Fire Tac3Fire Tactical 3Fire-Tac
9543baDWaller Fire Tac4Fire Tactical 4Fire-Tac
10043ecDWaller Fire DispFire DispatchFire Dispatch
10063eeDWaller EMS DispEMS DispatchEMS Dispatch
10083f0DWaller EMS TacEMS Tactical ("MED")EMS-Tac
Waller County - Brookshire
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
14635b7DBrookshirePD DisPolice DispatchLaw Dispatch
92639eDBrookshirePD TacPolice TacticalLaw Tac
Waller County - Hempstead
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
14595b3DHempstead PD DisPolice DispatchLaw Dispatch
14615b5DHempstead PD TacPolice TacticalLaw Tac
Waller County - Prairie View A&M University
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
14675bbDPVAMU Police DisPolice DispatchLaw Dispatch
9283a0DPVAMU Police 2Police 2Law Tac
9303a2DPVAMU Police 3Police 3Law Tac
9323a4DPVAMU Police 4Police 4Law Tac
9343a6DPVAMU Police 5Police 5Law Tac