Mobile Relay Associates SoCal NEXEDGE Digital Network

System Name: Mobile Relay Associates SoCal NEXEDGE Digital Network
Location: Multiple, CA
County: 9 Counties
System Type: NXDN NEXEDGE 4800
System Voice: NXDN Digital
System ID: HEX: 1f DEC: 31
Last Updated: November 10, 2023, 5:57 pm CST   [Added Talkgroup to: All Talkgroups (658 Cement Trucks)]

Sites and Frequencies

Red (c) are control channel capable frequencies
Site Name County Freqs
029 (1D) Crestline San Bernardino 451.475462.7375c464.450    
052 (34) Cuyamaca Peak San Diego 454.209375c      
006 (6) Heaps Peak San Bernardino 452.3375454.0125c454.140625454.15625461.075461.4875461.8125
011 (B) Hollywood Los Angeles 471.48125472.250471.47125471.49375507.375508.325c508.600
030 (1E) Hyatt Manchester (Downtown San Diego) San Diego 451.00625451.450452.000452.650454.190625c462.7375 
008 (8) La Habra Los Angeles 451.175452.175454.153125454.15625471.800472.275507.43125
013 (D) Lake Elsinore Riverside 451.350452.850454.03125454.5875454.590625  
012 (C) Mid City Los Angeles 451.009375451.0125451.015625451.950452.675454.175454.17875
015 (F) Mt Woodson San Diego 451.950452.150452.850454.065625454.440625c  
002 (2) Mt. Lukens Los Angeles 454.11875454.125454.4875454.121875454.490625454.49375454.5875c
045 (2D) Mt. Lukens 2 Los Angeles 451.0125454.0125c454.1625454.20625462.7375463.425 
010 (A) Oat Mtn. Los Angeles 454.1625454.16875471.200471.58125471.59375471.850472.225
016 (10) Otay Mtn San Diego 452.050452.800454.290625c454.309375   
014 (E) Palomar Mountain San Diego 451.0125c454.07185454.075462.5375   
003 (3) Palos Verdes Los Angeles 454.13125454.600c471.475472.350472.375507.83125507.93125
017 (11) Paramount Los Angeles 451.350451.575451.9125452.050452.575452.800454.03125c
026 (1A) Rancho Cucamonga San Bernardino 471.3125471.375c471.250472.9875   
005 (5) Saddle Peak Los Angeles 454.3125454.51875451.9875454.0125454.13125454.134375454.290625
048 (30) Saddle Peak 2 Los Angeles 471.6875471.69375472.23125c472.800   
027 (1B) Santa Barbara Santa Barbara 454.01575c472.23125c     
028 (1C) Santa Ynez Santa Barbara 454.30325c      
001 (1) Santiago Peak Orange 451.8625452.000454.450454.49375454.50625454.6125454.61875
007 (7) Sierra Peak Riverside 471.450471.6125471.675472.875507.4375507.8375c507.84375
022 (16) Site 22 Imperial 454.290625c      
036 (24) Site 36 - Riverside? Riverside 452.700c      
037 (25) Site 37 - Riversde Riverside 451.650c      
046 (2E) Site 46 - Imperial? Imperial 462.5375c      
065 (41) Site 65 Los Angeles 460.925c      
009 (9) South Mountain Ventura 472.9875      
004 (4) Sunset Ridge Los Angeles 451.400454.1125454.115625472.74375470.975471.175471.400
047 (2F) Toro Peak Riverside 451.09375452.700454.403125c    


DEC Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
1DRadio TechRadio TechsBusiness
3DAmbulance 3Ambulance - LA BasinEMS Dispatch
5DAmbulance 5Ambulance ALS - Hawthorne areaEMS Dispatch
15DTOW 15Towing Business
19DTow 19Towing - Central LABusiness
23DSecuritySecurity Patrols - Wilmington areaSecurity
31DSP TRANSPORTSP TransportationBusiness
32DTow 32TowingBusiness
34DTow 34TowingBusiness
40DWHITTIER UNION 1Whittier Union School District Transportation DeptTransportation
41DWHITTIER UNION 2Whittier Union School District Transportation DeptSchools
42DTransit BusTransit Bus - LA BasinTransportation
46DTowTowing - OCBusiness
47DMEDIAMedia ProductionBusiness
50DGTransGardena Municipal Bus LinesTransportation
51DGTransGardena Municipal Bus LinesTransportation
54DFirstmed AmbFirstmed AmbulanceEMS Dispatch
58DDTSDiversified Transportation Services TruckingTransportation
64DEDDIES TOWEddie's Towing - Thousand Oaks areaBusiness
64DTow AAATowing - Simi Valley / OxnardBusiness
67DTow OPGTowing - LAPD OPG Swanney McDonald TowBusiness
73DTow 73TowingBusiness
74DTow 74TowingBusiness
75DAlarm Co.Alarm Company - LA metroSecurity
76DPremier AmbPremier Medical TransportEMS Dispatch
77DSchool BusSchool Bus - Pasadena areaTransportation
85DHatzalah EMSHatzalah of Los AngelesEMS Dispatch
86DTow 86Towing - LA basinBusiness
87DNORWALK TRANSNorwark Transit SystemTransportation
92DNORWALK TRANSNorwark Transit SystemTransportation
97DTowing Towing - MidCity LABusiness
98DAmb BLSAmbulance BLS - LA BasinEMS Dispatch
104DCONCRETEConcrete DeliveryBusiness
107DLiberty AmbLiberty AmbulanceEMS Dispatch
114DGARBAGEGarbage Truck - Long Beach areaBusiness
126DSCHOOL BUSSchool BusTransportation
128DSecurity 128Guard serviceSecurity
129DSecurity 129Guard service - Gardena areaSecurity
141DSD MTSSan Diego Metropolitan Transit SystemTransportation
144DAMB 144Ambulance - BLSEMS Dispatch
149DSPRAGUSSpragues Ready Mix - IrwindaleBusiness
150DSPRAGUSSpragues Ready Mix - Simi ValleyBusiness
155DSD MTSSan Diego Metropolitan Transit SystemTransportation
156DSD MTSSan Diego Metropolitan Transit SystemTransportation
157DSD MTSSan Diego Metropolitan Transit SystemTransportation
161DCatalina CartsCatalina Island Golf Cart Rentals PatrolBusiness
168DTruckingTrucking delivery company - LA basinBusiness
173DTow 173TowingBusiness
176DTC Transit BusTransportation Concepts - South Bay.Transportation
181DSCHOOLBUS 181School BusTransportation
183DTow 183Towing - San BernardinoBusiness
185DTow 185Towing - East LABusiness
187DFoothill TransitFoothill Transit Transportation
190DFoothill TransitFoothill TransitTransportation
196DTow 196TowingBusiness
201DMedia StringersMedia StringersBusiness
209DACSACS Security Patrol Security
226DTrashTrash Trucks - Arrowhead / Crestline areaBusiness
235DTow 235Towing - Huntington Beach areaBusiness
243DSBCo FSP 1San Bernardino - Freeway Service Patrol 1Public Works
244DSBCo FSP 2San Bernardino - Freeway Service Patrol 2Public Works
245DTow AAATowing - PalmdaleBusiness
271DTow 271Towing - Lakewood areaBusiness
274DTow 274Towing - Pasadena areaBusiness
276DFREEWAY SVCFreeway Service Patrol - truck to truckBusiness
277DTow 277Towing - Gardena/Hawthorne areaBusiness
282DCW TOWCW Towing - Lancaster areaBusiness
284DTowTowing - Fontana / Riverside areaBusiness
289DLA SEC PATROLDowntown L.A. Security PatrolsSecurity
303DPadres PedalPadres Pedal Cycling Event - San DiegoBusiness
304DPadres PedalPadres Pedal Cycling Event - San DiegoBusiness
305DPadres PedalPadres Pedal Cycling Event - San DiegoBusiness
340DCEMEXCement - Simi Valley Oxnard Rito Vegas Santa Barbara Business
341DCEMEX LACement Trucks - LATransportation
342DCEMEX OCCement Trucks - OCBusiness
343DCEMEX RIVCement Trucks - RiversideBusiness
344DCEMEX SDCement Trucks - San DiegoBusiness
350DWOODBRIDGEWoodbridge Village Assn Irvine SecuritySecurity
356DFREEWAY SVC 3Freeway Service Patrol 3Business
357DTow 357TowingBusiness
361DTow 361Towing - Granada Hills areaBusiness
364DMEDIC 1Medic 1 Ambulance - Los Angeles basinEMS Dispatch
367DTow Towing - Ontario areaBusiness
400DTow 400Towing - Woodland Hills areaBusiness
440DSECURITYSecurity - Oceanside areaSecurity
452DDUSDDowney Unified School DistSchools
453DDUSD PRICEDowney Unified School Dist - Price ElementarySchools
454DDUSD DOTTYDowney Unified School Dist - Dotty Middle SchoolSchools
455DDUSD GRIFFITHSDowney Unified School Dist - Griffiths Middle SchoolSchools
456DDUSD STAUFFERDowney Unified School Dist - Stauffer Middle School Schools
457DDUSD SUSSMANDowney Unified School Dist - Sussman Middle School Schools
458DDUSU COLUMBUS Downey Unified School Dist - Columbus High SchoolSchools
459DDUSD DOWNEYDowney Unified School Dist - Downey High SchoolSchools
460DDUSD WARRENDowney Unified School Dist - Warren High SchoolSchools
462DDUSD MAINT1Downey Unified School Dist - MaintenanceSchools
463DDUSD MAINT2Downey Unified School Dist - MaintenanceSchools
464DDUSD TRANSPDowney Unified School Dist - TransportationSchools
465DDUSDDowney Unified School DistSchools
466DDUSDDowney Unified School Dist Schools
473DTOWTowing - San DiegoBusiness
650DCEMENTCement TrucksBusiness
651DCEMENTCement TrucksBusiness
652DCEMENTCement TrucksBusiness
654DCEMENTCement TruckBusiness
658DCEMENTCement TrucksBusiness
659DCEMENTCement Trucks - West LABusiness
1121DSecuritySecurity - Norwalk Security
2170DBusTransit BusTransportation