Indiana Convention Center and Lucas Oil Stadium (ICCLOS)

System Name: Indiana Convention Center and Lucas Oil Stadium (ICCLOS)
Location: Indianapolis, IN
County: Marion
System Type: DMR Motorola Capacity Plus Single Site (TRBO)
System Voice: DMR
Last Updated: December 6, 2023, 14:56 pm UTC   [Updated 5 talkgroups for Temporary]
System Notes

This is the new Motorola MotoTRBO Capacity Plus system for the Lucas Oil Stadium Indiana Convention Center Complex, converted from an aging E. F. Johnson LTR system.

ESG Security covers the ICC and CSC Security covers Lucas Oil Stadium

Sites and Frequencies

Red (c) are control channel capable frequencies
Site Name Freqs
001 (1) Stadium Repeater *Confirmed LCN* 00 462.162500 464.862501 461.387502 461.687503 463.237504 463.637505 463.912506 464.5875


Safety and Security
DEC Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
1TLOS SEC INHLOS Security Inhouse (Main)Security
2TLOS SEC 1LOS Security Ops (Ch 1)Security
3TLOS SEC 2LOS Security Ops (Ch 2)Security
4TLOS SEC 3LOS Security Ops (Ch 3)Security
5TLOS SEC 4LOS Security Ops (Ch 4)Security
12TICC INH BKPICC Security Inhouse BackupSecurity
13TICC SEC 1 BKPICC Security-Backup (Ch 1)Security
14T!CC SEC 2 BKPICC Security-Backup (Ch 2)Security
15TICC SEC 3 BKPICC Security-Backup (Ch 3)Security
16TICC SEC 4 BKPICC Security-Backup (Ch 4)Security
23TICC SEC INHICC Security Inhouse (Main)Security
24TICC SEC 1ICC Security Ops (Ch 1)Security
25TICC SEC 2ICC Security Ops (Ch 2)Security
26TICC SEC 3ICC Security Ops (Ch 3)Security
27TICC SEC 4ICC Security Ops (Ch 4)Security
60TLOS SEC INH BLOS Security Inhouse BackupSecurity
61TLOS SEC 1 BKPLOS Security-Backup (Ch 1)Security
62TLOS SEC 2 BKPLOS Security-Backup (Ch 2)Security
63TLOS SEC 3 BKPLOS Security-Backup (Ch 3)Security
64TLOS SEC 4 BKPLOS Security-Backup (Ch 4)Security
DEC Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
29TPERIMETERPerimeter MaintenanceBusiness
40TPIPEFITTERSPipefitters OperationsBusiness
41TCARPENTERSCarpenters OperationsBusiness
42TElectricians OpeElectricians OperationsBusiness
255TALL CALLAll Call TalkgroupBusiness
Indiana Convention Center
DEC Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
25TOPS 25Operations 25Deprecated
26TOPS 26Operations 26Deprecated
35TOPS 35Operations 35Deprecated
37TOPS 37Operations 37Deprecated
38TESG SECURITYESG Security - Convention CenterSecurity
45TICC HOUSEKEEPINGHousekeeping - Convention CenterBusiness
DEC Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
11TOPS 11Operations 11 (Cleaning Crews @ LOS)Deprecated
30TAUDIO ENGAudio EngineersBusiness
32TGUEST SVCGuest ServicesBusiness
46TFOOD SERVICECatering/Food ServiceBusiness
48TSUITES CATERINGSuites CateringBusiness
49TFREIGHT ELEVFreight ElevatorBusiness
61TOPS 61Operations 61Deprecated
62TOPS 62Operations 62Deprecated
63TOPS 63Operations 63Deprecated
64TVEHICLE ESCORTVehicle EscortsBusiness
66TPRESS BOX / PAPress box/PA AnnouncerBusiness
77TOPS 77 Operations 77Deprecated
81TOPS 81Operations 81Deprecated
89TONFIELDOn-Field StaffBusiness
90TOPS 90Operations 90Business
92TOPS 92Operations 92Business
248TOPS 248Operations 248Business
DEC Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
29TLOS EVT CORDLOS Event CoordinationBusiness
30TLOS EVT S/LLOS Event Sound & LightingBusiness
31TLOS EVT TIXLOS Event Ticket BoothsBusiness
33TLOS EVT SETUPLOS Event Setup/TeardownBusiness
34TEVT GROUP T-1Event Group Talk - 1Business
35TICC EVT CORDICC Event CoordinationBusiness
36TICC EVT SETUPICC Event Setup/TeardownBusiness
37TICC EVT S/LICC Event Sound & LightingBusiness
49TLOS CP EVE 1LOS Events (Ch 1)Business
50TLOS CP EVE 2LOS Events (Ch 2)Business
51TLOS CP EVE 3LOS Events (Ch 3)Business
52TEVENTS 1Events (Ch 1) (Possibly Deprecated)Business
53TEVENTS 2Events (Ch 2) (Possibly Deprecated)Business
54TEVENTS 3Events (Ch 3) (Possibly Deprecated)Business
55TEVENTS 4Events (Ch 4) (Possibly Deprecated)Business
56TEVENTS 5Events (Ch 5) (Possibly Deprecated)Business
57TEVENTS 6Events (Ch 6) (Possibly Deprecated)Business
66TLOS EVT COR BKLOS Event Coordination BackupBusiness
67TLOS EVT S/L BKLOS Events Sound & Lighting BackupBusiness
68TLOS EVT TIX BKLOS Events Ticket Booths BackupBusiness
70TLOS SETUP BKLOS Event Setup/Teardown BackupBusiness
71TEVENT GP T-1 BEvents Group Talk (Ch 1) BackupBusiness
72TICC EVT COR BKICC Event Coordination BackupBusiness
73TICC EVT SET BKICC Event Setup/Teardown BackupBusiness
74TICC EVT S/L BKICC Event Sound & Lighting BackupBusiness
86TLOS CP EVE1 BKLOS Events-Backup (Ch 1)Business
87TLOS CP EVE2 BKLOS Events-Backup (Ch 2)Business
88TLOS CP EVE3 BKLOS Events-Backup (Ch 3)Business

This category is in place to migrate the new talkgroups into more appropriate categories.

DEC Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
6TLOS PPI/MEDLOS Property Safety & Medical OpsBusiness
7TICC CP BQT BKICC Banquets BackupBusiness
8TICC CP BAR BKICC Bar Ops BackupBusiness
9TICC CP CU/ST BICC Culinary & Wine Stewards BackupBusiness
10TICC CP WH/CO BICC Warehouse & Concessions BackupBusiness
11TICC CP OPEN BKICC Open Dining Areas BackupBusiness
17TICC PPI/MED BICC Property Safety & Medical BackupMulti-Dispatch
18TICC CP BANQICC Banquet OpsBusiness
19TICC CP BARSICC Bar OpsBusiness
20TICC CP CUL/STEWICC Culinary & Wine StewardsBusiness
21TICC WAR/CONCICC Warehouse & ConcessionsBusiness
22TICC CP OPENICC Open Dining AreasBusiness
28TICC PPI/MEDICC Property Safety & Medical OpsBusiness
32TLOS GUEST SVLOS Guest ServicesBusiness
38TFAC DISPATCHFacilities Maintenance DispatchBusiness
39TFAC LOS HK-1LOS Housekeeping (Ch 1)Business
40TFAC PIPEFITTERSPipefitters (Plumbers)Business
41TFAC CARP/PAINTCarpenters & PaintersBusiness
43TFAC IT/TELECOMIT & TelecommunicationsBusiness
44TFAC LGRD-1Landscaping & Groundskeepers (Ch 1)Business
45TFAC ICC HK-1ICC Housekeeping (Ch 1)Business
46TLOS CP STE/KITLOS Wine Stewards & KitchensBusiness
47TLOS CP STA OPSLOS (Sodexo Live!) Stadium OpsBusiness
48TLOS CP BARSLOS Bar OpsBusiness
65TLOS PPI/MED BKLOS Property Safety & Medical BackupBusiness
69TLOS GST SV BKLOS Guest Services BackupBusiness
75TFAC DISP BKPFacilities Dispatch BackupBusiness
76TFAC LOS HKP1 BLOS Housekeeping-Backup (Ch 1)Business
77TFAC PIPE BKPFacilities Pipefitters BackupBusiness
78TFAC CAR/PNT BKFacilities Carpenters & Painters BackupBusiness
79TFAC ELEC BKPFacilities Electricians BackupBusiness
80TFAC LGND1 BKPFacilities Landscaping & Groundskeepers-Backup (Ch 1)Business
82TFAC IT/TELE BKIT & Telecommunications BackupBusiness
83TLOS CP STKIT BLOS Wine Stewards & Kitchens BackupBusiness
84TLOS STA OPS BLOS Stadium Ops (Sodexo Live!) BackupBusiness
85TLOS BARS BKLOS Bar Ops BackupBusiness