Ohio MARCS - Multi-Agency Radio Communications

System Name: Ohio MARCS - Multi-Agency Radio Communications
Location: Statewide, OH
County: Statewide
System Type: Motorola Type II SmartZone Omnilink
System Voice: APCO-25 Common Air Interface Exclusive
System IDs: Sysid: 6F0F Connect Tone: 83.72
Sysid: 6F10 Connect Tone: 97.3
Sysid: 6F16 Connect Tone: 90.0
Sysid: 712D Connect Tone: 128.57
Sysid: 9112 Connect Tone: 128.57
Last Updated: August 10, 2016, 8:27 am CDT   [Added a new news entry]
System Notes

Sites above x75 are those with unconfirmed site ID

Most county-specific statewide interop talkgroups can now be found in the talkgroup category for that county.

Montgomery Education and Pre-Release Center was merged with Dayton Correctional Institution and DCI has taken over as the controlling center.




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Sites and Frequencies

Red (c) are control channel capable frequencies
Sysid Site Name County Freqs
6F0F 022 (16) Norwalk Huron 851.475852.3875c852.6625c852.925c
6F0F 038 (26) Wooster Wayne 851.8875852.175c852.6125c 
6F0F 039 (27) Aukerman Wayne 851.6875853.225c853.775c854.8625


Department of Administrative Services
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
1734443c0DHELPDESKOffice of Information Technology (OIT) technical supportOther
376489310DMARCS 01Demonstration/temporary useOther
376649320DMARCS 02Demonstration/temporary useOther
376809330DMARCS 03Demonstration/temporary useOther
376969340DMARCS 04Demonstration/temporary useOther
377129350DMARCS 05Demonstration/temporary useOther
377289360DMARCS 06Demonstration/temporary useOther
377449370DMARCS 07Demonstration/temporary useOther
377609380DMARCS 08Demonstration/temporary useOther
377769390DMARCS 09Demonstration/temporary useOther
3779293a0DMARCS 10Demonstration/temporary useOther
3780893b0DMARCS 11Demonstration/temporary useOther
3782493c0DMARCS 12Demonstration/temporary useOther
3784093d0DMARCS 13Demonstration/temporary useOther
3785693e0DMARCS 14Demonstration/temporary useOther
3787293f0DMARCS 15Demonstration/temporary useOther
378889400DMARCS 16Demonstration/temporary useOther
64608fc60DDAS EVENT-1Statewide special eventsOther
64624fc70DDAS EVENT-2Statewide special eventsOther
64640fc80DDAS EVENT-3Statewide special eventsOther
64656fc90DDAS EVENT-4Statewide special eventsOther
64672fca0DDAS EVENT-5Statewide special eventsOther
64688fcb0DDAS EVENT-6Statewide special eventsOther
64704fcc0DDAS EVENT-7Statewide special eventsOther
64720fcd0DDAS EVENT-8Statewide special eventsOther
65184fea0DMARCS-1DAS transmitter site maintenanceOther
65200feb0DMARCS-2DAS transmitter site maintenanceOther
65216fec0DMARCS-3DAS transmitter site maintenanceOther
65232fed0DMARCS-4?DAS transmitter site maintenanceOther
65440ffa0DMARCS CALL-1DAS radio serviceOther
65456ffb0DMARCS CALL-2DAS radio serviceOther
65472ffc0DMARCS CALL-3DAS radio serviceOther
65488ffd0DMARCS CALL-4DAS radio serviceOther
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
336808390DLHD ADAMSODH mutual aid-Adams County health departmentInterop
341128540DHOS-0101Adams County Hospital (West Union)Hospital
360648ce0DFD01-?Adams County Fire- ?Fire-Talk
397129b20DSO01 TAC 1Adams County Sheriff - TacticalLaw Tac
397289b30DSO01 TAC 2Adams County Sheriff - TacticalLaw Tac
397449b40DSO01 TAC 3Adams County Sheriff - TacticalLaw Tac
44320ad20DFD01-01 OPS1Peebles Fire - Operations 1Fire-Tac
44336ad30DFD01-01 OPS2Peebles Fire - Operations 2Fire-Tac
44352ad40DFD01-01 DISPPeebles Fire DispatchFire Dispatch
57616e110DCOEMA-01Adams County EMAInterop
62592f480DSO-01Adams County statewide interopInterop

DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
284646f30DLHD ALLENODH mutual aid-Allen County health departmentInterop
294567310DHOS-0201St. Rita's Medical Center (Lima)Hospital
294727320DHOS-0202Lima Memorial Hospital (Lima)Hospital
294887330DHOS-0203Blanchard Valley Regional Health Center (Bluffton)Hospital
3838495f0DSO-02 DISPAllen County Sheriff - DispatchLaw Dispatch
384009600DSO-02 TAC1Allen County Sheriff - Tactical 1Law Tac
384329620DESO-02 TAC2Allen County Sheriff - Tactical 2Law Tac
384489630D02-EASTAllen County Fire East - Dispatch/OperationsFire Dispatch
384649640D02-WESTAllen County Fire West - Dispatch/OperationsFire Dispatch
384809650D02-OPS 1Allen County Common - OperationsInterop
384969660D02-OPS 2Allen County Common - OperationsInterop
385129670D02-OPS 3Allen County Common - OperationsInterop
385289680D02-OPS 5Allen County Common - OperationsFire-Tac
385449690D02-OPS 4Allen County Common - OperationsFire-Tac
3856096a0DDELPH PDDelphos Police Dept.Law Dispatch
3857696b0DDELPH FIREDelphos Fire Dept.Fire-Tac
3859296c0DLIMA PDLima Police Dept.Law Dispatch
3860896d0DLPD JAILLima PD CorrectionsCorrections
3864096f0DLIMA TACLima PD/FD tactical commonMulti-Tac
386569700DLIMA FIRELima Fire Dept.Fire-Tac
386729710DFD02-???Probable Allen County FireFire-Tac
386889720D02-SHAW FDShawnee Township FDFire-Tac
387049730D02-SHAW PDShawnee Township PDLaw Tac
50288c470DLACP AMBLima-Allen County ParamedicsEMS-Tac
50304c480DLACP CMDLima-Allen County ParamedicsEMS-Tac
50320c490DLACP COMLima-Allen County ParamedicsEMS-Tac
50336c4a0DLACP SUPLima-Allen County ParamedicsEMS-Tac
57632e120DCOEMA-02Allen County EMAInterop
62608f490DSO-02Allen County statewide interopInterop
Ashland County (03)
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
189924a30DFD03-001Ashland Fire DepartmentFire-Tac
284806f40DLHD ASHLDCOODH mutual aid-Ashland County health departmentInterop
284966f50DLHD ASHLCTYODH mutual aid-Ashland City health departmentInterop
295367360DHOS-0301Samaritan Hospital (Ashland)Hospital
57648e130DCOEMA-03Ashland County EMAInterop
62624f4a0DSO-03Ashland County statewide interopInterop
Ashtabula County (04)

The following talkgroups are in use but not known:

AD04E008 - Pymatuning Ambulance Service Admin

DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
215525430DJERD ETACJefferson Emergency Rescue DistrictEMS-Tac
218245540DNWAD ETACNorthwest Ambulance DistrictEMS-Tac
2243257a0DPIERPT FDPierpont Fire DepartmentFire-Tac
2244857b0DPIERPT FTACPeirpont Fire Deparatment - FiregroundFire-Tac
226725890DNWAD ADMINNorthwest Ambulance DistrictEMS-Talk
231205a50DPD04-DSPVillage Police - DispatchLaw Dispatch
231365a60DPD04-TACVillage Police - TACLaw Tac
235845c20DJERD ADMINJefferson Emergency Rescue DistrictEMS-Talk
236005c30DSCAD ADMINSouth Central Ambulance DistrictEMS-Talk
240485df0DSCAD ETACSouth Central Ambulance DistrictEMS-Tac
241445e50DFD04-TAC 1Ashtabula Co Fire - TAC 1Fire-Tac
241605e60DFD04-TAC 2Ashtabula Co Fire - TAC 2Fire-Tac
241765e70DFD04-TAC 3Ashtabula Co Fire - TAC 3Fire-Tac
241925e80DFD04 AC WRTAshtabula Co Water Rescue TeamInterop
2654467b0DASHTABULA PDAshtabula PoliceLaw Dispatch
266246800DFD04 DISPAshtabula Co Fire DIspatchFire Dispatch
273126ab0DSO04 CARAshtabula County Sheriff - Car to CarLaw Tac
276166be0DSO04 DISPAshtabula County Sheriff - DispatchLaw Dispatch
285126f60DLHD ASHTCOODH mutual aid-Ashtabula County health departmentInterop
285286f70DLDH CONNEAUTODH mutual aid-Conneaut health departmentInterop
295527370DHOS-0401Ashtabula County Medical Center (Ashtabula)Hospital
295687380DHOS-0402Brown Memorial Hospital (Conneaut)Hospital
295847390DHOS-0403UHHS Geneva Medical Center (Geneva)Hospital
2960073a0DHOS-0404St Joe's Andover (Andover)Hospital
319687ce0DSO04 TAC 1Ashtabula County Sheriff - TacticalLaw Tac
319847cf0DSO04 TAC 2Ashtabula County Sheriff - TacticalLaw Tac
3710490f0DEM04E008Pymatuning Ambulance ServiceEMS-Tac
57664e140DCOEMA-04Ashtabula County EMAInterop
62640f4b0DSO-04Ashtabula County statewide interopInterop
Athens County (05)
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
398409ba0DEMS05 DSPAthens County EMS - DispatchEMS Dispatch
49200c030DLHD ATHENSODH mutual aid-Athens County health departmentInterop
49520c170DHOS-0501Doctor's Hospital (Nelsonville)Hospital
49536c180DHOS-0502O'Bleness Memorial Hospital (Athens)Hospital
54208d3c0DSO05 DSPAthens County Sheriff - DispatchLaw Dispatch
54224d3d0DSO05 TACAthens County Sheriff - TacticalLaw Tac
54912d680DATHENS FD1Athens (City) Fire Department - DispatchFire Dispatch
54928d690DATHENS FD2Athens (City) Fire Department - TacFire-Tac
57680e150DCOEMA-05Athens County EMAInterop
62656f4c0DSO-05Athens County statewide interopInterop
Auglaize County (06)
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
80961fa0DLHD AUGLAIZEODH mutual aid-Auglaize County health departmentInterop
85282150DHOS-0601Joint Township District Memorial Hospital (St. Mary's)Hospital
128483230DFG06-013St. Marys Fire DepartmentFire-Tac
150083aa0DSO06 DISPAuglaize County Sheriff - DispatchLaw Dispatch
150243ab0DPD06 OPSAuglaize County Rural Police - OperationsLaw Talk
150403ac0ASO06 OPS2Auglaize County Sheriff - Operations 2Law Tac
150723ae0DSO06 ADMINAuglaize County Sheriff - Admin / DetectivesLaw Talk
151203b10DPD06 DISPAuglaize County Rural Police DispatchLaw Dispatch
57696e160DCOEMA-06Auglaize County EMAInterop
62672f4d0DSO-06Auglaize County statewide interopInterop
Belmont County (07)
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
384169610D07 INTEROPBelmont County InteropInterop
49216c040DLHD BELMONTODH mutual aid-Belmont County health departmentInterop
49552c190DHOS-0701Barnesville Hospital (Barnesville)Hospital
49568c1a0DHOS-0702Belmont Community Hospital (Bellaire)Hospital
49584c1b0DHOS-0703East Ohio Regional Hospital (Martin's Ferry)Hospital
57712e170DCOEMA-07Belmont County EMAInterop
62688f4e0DSO-07Belmont County statewide interopInterop
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
3369683a0DLHD BROWNODH mutual aid-Brown County health departmentInterop
341288550DHOS-0801Brown County Hospital (Georgetown)Hospital
392969980DCO08 OPSCounty OperationsMulti-Talk
396489ae0DCO08 COMCounty CommunicationsEmergency Ops
399369c00DFPD CITYFayetteville Police City BandLaw Talk
399529c10DMOP CITYMt Orab Police City BandLaw Talk
399689c20DGPD CITYGeorgetown Police City BandLaw Talk
400489c70DSPD CITYSardinia Police City BandLaw Talk
57728e180DCOEMA-08Brown County EMAInterop
62704f4f0DSO-08Brown County statewide interopInterop
Butler County (09)
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
3371283b0DLHD BUTLERODH mutual aid-Butler County health departmentInterop
3374483d0DLHD HAMILTONODH mutual aid-Hamilton health departmentInterop
3376083e0DLHD MIDTWNODH mutual aid-Middletown health departmentInterop
57744e190DCOEMA-09Butler County EMAInterop
62720f500DSO-09Butler County statewide interopInterop
Carroll County (10)
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
49232c050DLHD CARROLLODH mutual aid-Carroll County health departmentInterop
57760e1a0DCOEMA-10Carroll County EMAInterop
62736f510DSO-10Carroll County statewide interopInterop
Champaign County (11)
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
81121fb0DLHD CHAMPAIGODH mutual aid-Champaign County health departmentInterop
85442160DHOS-1101Mercy Memorial Hospital (Urbana) Hospital
57776e1b0DCOEMA-11Champaign County EMAInterop
62752f520DSO-11Champaign County statewide interopInterop
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
85602170DHOS-1201Community Hospital (Springfield)Hospital
85762180DHOS-1202Mercy Medical Center (Springfield)Hospital
92642430DLHD CLARKODH mutual aid-Clark County health departmentInterop
92802440DLHD NCARLSLEODH mutual aid-New Carlisle health departmentInterop
57792e1c0DCOEMA-12Clark County EMAInterop
62768f530DSO-12Clark County statewide interopInterop
Clermont County (13)
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
3377683f0DLHD CLERMONTODH mutual aid-Clermont County health departmentInterop
3420885a0DHOS-1301Mercy Hospital (Clermont)Hospital
57808e1d0DCOEMA-13Clermont County EMAInterop
62784f540DSO-13Clermont County statewide interopInterop
Clinton County (14)
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
337928400DLHD CLINTONODH mutual aid-Clinton County health departmentInterop
3422485b0DHOS-1401Clinton Memorial Hospital (Wilmington) Hospital
57824e1e0DCOEMA-14Clinton County EMAInterop
62800f550DSO-14Clinton County statewide interopInterop
Columbiana County (15)
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
2094451d0DTRI EMSTri County Ambulance (Columbiana County)EMS Dispatch
2096051e0DTRI EMS 2Tri County Ambulance (Columbiana Co)EMS-Talk
2961673b0DHOS-1501East Liverpool City Hospital (East Liverpool) Hospital
2963273c0DHOS-1502Salem Community Hospital (Salem) Hospital
57840e1f0DCOEMA-15Columbiana County EMAInterop
Coshocton County (16)
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
49248c060DLHD CSHCTNCOODH mutual aid-Coshocton County health departmentInterop
49264c070DLHD CSHCTNCYODH mutual aid-Coshocton City health departmentInterop
49632c1e0DHOS-1601Coshocton County Memorial Hospital (Coshocton)Hospital
53744d1f0DEM16E730Coshocton County EMS PrimaryEMS Dispatch
53760d200DAD16E730Coshocton County EMS OpsEMS-Talk
53808d230DFD16 DISPCity Fire PrimaryFire Dispatch
53824d240DFG16 OPSCity Fire OpsFire-Talk
57856e200DCOEMA-16Coshocton County EMAInterop
62832f570DSO-16Coshocton County statewide interopInterop
Crawford County (17)
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
285926fb0DLHD CRAWFORDODH mutual aid-Crawford County health departmentInterop
286086fc0DLHD GALIONODH mutual aid-Galion health departmentInterop
2964873d0DHOS-1701Bucyrus Community Hospital (Bucyrus)Hospital
2968073f0DHOS-1703Galion Community Hospital (Galion)Hospital
57872e210DCOEMA-17Crawford County EMAInterop
62848f580DSO-17Crawford County statewide interopInterop
Cuyahoga County (18)
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
1860848b0DFD18-019Brookpark FD (multicast with SWRCN system)Fire-Tac
1867248f0DHILLCREST FAHillcrest Fire AlertFire Dispatch
187044910D18-MTAC 1Countywide Tactical 1Multi-Tac
187204920D18-MTAC 2Countywide Tactical 2Multi-Tac
187364930D18-MTAC 3Countywide Tactical 3Multi-Tac
187524940D18-MTAC 4Countywide Tactical 4Multi-Tac
187684950D18-MTAC 5Countywide Tactical 5Multi-Tac
187844960D18-MTAC 6Countywide Tactical 6Multi-Tac
188004970D18-MTAC 7Countywide Tactical 7Multi-Tac
188164980D18-MTAC 8Countywide Tactical 8Multi-Tac
188324990D18-MTAC 9Countywide Tactical 9Multi-Tac
1884849a0D18-MTAC 10Countywide Tactical 10Multi-Tac
194244be0DHILLCREST SHillcrest Region Fire - SouthFire Dispatch
194564c00DFG18-057Mayfield Village FD - Unknown UseFire-Tac
216325480DRTA-PD DSPGreater Cleveland RTA PD DispatchLaw Dispatch
2174454f0DSH FIREADMINShaker Heights Fire Admin ChannelFire-Talk
2195255c0DRTA-PD TACGreater Cleveland RTA Police TacLaw Tac
2200055f0DFG18-061Middleburg Heights FDFire-Tac
2220856c0D18HAZMAT1County Hazmat 1Emergency Ops
2222456d0D18HAZMAT2County Hazmat 2Emergency Ops
286246fd0DLHD CYAHOGAODH mutual aid-Cuyahoga County health departmentInterop
286406fe0DLHD CLVLNDODH mutual aid-Cleveland health departmentInterop
286566ff0DLHD LKWOODODH mutual aid-Lakewood health departmentInterop
286727000DLHD SHKRHTSODH mutual aid-Shaker Heights health departmentInterop
296967400DHOS-1801Cleveland Clinic Foundation (Cleveland)Hospital
297127410DHOS-1802Euclid Hospital CCHS (Euclid)Hospital
297287420DHOS-1803Fairview Hospital CCHS (Cleveland)Hospital
297447430DHOS-1804unassigned (Cleveland)Hospital
297607440DHOS-1805Hillcrest Hospital CCHS (Mayfield Heights)Hospital
297767450DHOS-1806Huron Hospital CCHS (East Cleveland)Hospital
297927460DHOS-1807Lakewood Hospital CCHS (Lakewood)Hospital
298087470DHOS-1808Lutheran Hospital CCHS (Cleveland)Hospital
298247480DHOS-1809Marymount Hospital CCHS (Garfield Heights)Hospital
298407490DHOS-1810MetroHealth Medical Center (Cleveland)Hospital
2985674a0DHOS-1811South Pointe Hospital CCHS (Warrensville Heights)Hospital
2987274b0DHOS-1812Southwest General Health Center (Middleburg Heights)Hospital
2988874c0DHOS-1813St. John West Shore Medical Center (Westlake)Hospital
2990474d0DHOS-1814St. Vincent Charity Hospital (Cleveland)Hospital
2992074e0DHOS-1815Nursing Homes (Cleveland)Hospital
2993674f0DHOS-1816UHHS Bedford Medical Center (Bedford)Hospital
299527500DHOS-1817UHHS Case Medical Center (Cleveland)Hospital
299687510DHOS-1818unassigned (Cleveland)Hospital
299847520DHOS-1819unassigned (Cleveland)Hospital
300007530DHOS-1820Parma Community Hospital (Parma)Hospital
300167540DHOS-1821UHHS Richmond Medical Center (Richmond Heights)Hospital
368809010DEASTCOMMEastcomm Fire DispatchFire-Tac
368969020DHILLCREST NHillcrest Region Fire - NorthFire Dispatch
43472a9d0DFG18-401Highland Hills FD - Unknown UseFire-Tac
43968abc0DHILLCREST SEHillcrest Region Fire - SoutheastFire Dispatch
53936d2b0DSVC18-WESTService common - westPublic Works
53952d2c0DSVC18-EASTService common - eastPublic Works
57888e220DCOEMA-18Cuyahoga County EMAInterop
62864f590DSO-18Cuyahoga County statewide interopInterop
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
860821a0DHOS-1901Wayne Hospital (Greenville) Hospital
92962450DLHD DARKEODH mutual aid-Darke County health departmentInterop
57904e230DCOEMA-19Darke County EMAInterop
62880f5a0DSO-19Darke County statewide interopInterop
Defiance County (20)
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
286887010DLHD DEFIANCEODH mutual aid-Defiance County health departmentInterop
300807580DHOS-2001Community Memorial Hospital (Hicksville)Hospital
300967590DHOS-2002Defiance Regional Medical Center (Defiance)Hospital
365128ea0DHOS-2003Mercy Hospital of Defiance (Defiance)Hospital
57920e240DCOEMA-20Defiance County EMAInterop
62896f5b0DSO-20Defiance County statewide interopInterop
Delaware County (21)
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
862421b0DHOS-2101Grady Memorial Hospital (Delaware) Hospital
93122460DLHD DELAWAREODH mutual aid-Delaware County health departmentInterop
57936e250DCOEMA-21Delaware County EMAInterop
62912f5c0DSO-21Delaware County statewide interopInterop
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
287047020DLHD ERIEODH mutual aid-Erie County health departmentInterop
3011275a0DHOS-2201Firelands Regional Medical Center (Sandusky)Hospital
57952e260DCOEMA-22Erie County EMAInterop
62928f5d0DSO-22Erie County statewide interopInterop
Fairfield County (23)
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
81922000DLHD FAIRFIELODH mutual aid-Fairfield County health departmentInterop
864021c0DHOS-2301Fairfield Medical Center (Lancaster) Hospital
50368c4c0DCC-METROClear Creek Metro Park operationsPublic Works
50912c6e0DFD23-109Greenfield Twp FD operationsFire-Tac
50928c6f0DFG23-109Greenfield Twp FD operations/firegroundFire-Tac
57968e270DCOEMA-23Fairfield County EMAInterop
62944f5e0DSO-23Fairfield County statewide interopInterop
Fayette County (24)
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
338088410DLHD FAYETTEODH mutual aid-Fayette County health departmentInterop
3424085c0DHOS-2401Fayette Memorial Hospital (Washington CH) Hospital
57984e280DCOEMA-24Fayette County EMAInterop
62960f5f0DSO-24Fayette County statewide interopInterop
Franklin County (25)
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
865621d0DHOS-2501Children's Hospital (Columbus)Hospital
867221e0DHOS-2502Dublin Methodist Hospital (Dublin)Hospital
868821f0DHOS-2503Doctors Hospital West (Columbus)Hospital
87042200DHOS-2504Grant Medical Center (Columbus)Hospital
87202210DHOS-2505unassigned (Columbus)Hospital
87362220DHOS-2506unassigned (Columbus)Hospital
87522230DHOS-2507Mt. Carmel East/Mt. Carmel New Albany (Columbus)Hospital
87682240DHOS-2508St. Ann's Hospital (Westerville)Hospital
87842250DHOS-2509Mt. Carmel West (Columbus)Hospital
88002260DHOS-2510Riverside Methodist Hospital (Columbus)Hospital
88162270DHOS-2511Ohio State University Medical Center (Columbus)Hospital
88322280DHOS-2512Ohio State University Medical Center East (Columbus)Hospital
Fulton County (26)
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
287207030DLHD FULTONODH mutual aid-Fulton Co health departmentInterop
3014475c0DHOS-2601Fulton County Health Center (Wauseon) Hospital
317927c30DHOS-2602Archbold Hospital (Archbold)Hospital
58016e2a0DCOEMA-26Fulton County EMAInterop
62992f610DSO-26Fulton County statewide interopInterop
Gallia County (27)
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
338248420DLHD GALLIAODH mutual aid-Gallia County health departmentInterop
3425685d0DHOS-2701Holzer Medical Center (Gallipolis) Hospital
367848fb0DCO27-911911 OperationsMulti-Tac
368168fd0DGALLIA2911 SecondaryMulti-Tac
381609510DEM27E002County EMSEMS Dispatch
381769520DAD27E002County EMSEMS-Talk
3936099c0DSO27 DSPCounty sheriff dispatchLaw Dispatch
3937699d0DSO27 TAC1County sheriff tacLaw Tac
3939299e0DSO27 EVNTCounty sheriff eventsLaw Talk
58032e2b0DCOEMA-27Gallia County EMAInterop
63008f620DSO-27Gallia County statewide interopInterop
Geauga County (28)
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
287367040DLHD GEAUGAODH mutual aid-Geauga County health departmentInterop
3016075d0DHOS-2801Geauga Regional Hospital (Chardon)Hospital
58048e2c0DCOEMA-28Geauga County EMAInterop
63024f630DSO-28Geauga County statewide interopInterop
Greene County (29)
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
338408430DLHD GREENEODH mutual aid-Greene County health departmentInterop
3427285e0DHOS-2901Greene Memorial Hospital (Xenia)Hospital
58064e2d0DCOEMA-29Greene County EMAInterop
63040f640DSO-29Greene County statewide interopInterop
Guernsey County (30)
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
49280c080DLHD GUERNSEYODH mutual aid-Guernsey County health departmentInterop
49648c1f0DHOS-3001SE Ohio Regional Medical Center (Cambridge) Hospital
58080e2e0DCOEMA-30Guernsey County EMAInterop
63056f650DSO-30Guernsey County statewide interopInterop
Hamilton County (31)
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
3372883c0DLHD SHARVILODH mutual aid-Sharonville health departmentInterop
338568440DLHD HAMTNCOODH mutual aid-Hamilton County health departmentInterop
338728450DLHD CINCIODH mutual aid-Cincinnati health departmentInterop
338888460DLHD INDHILLODH mutual aid-Indian Hill health departmentInterop
339048470DLHD NORWOODODH mutual aid-Norwood health departmentInterop
339208480DLHD SPRNGDLODH mutual aid-Springdale health departmentInterop
339368490DLHD STBRNRDODH mutual aid-St. Bernard health departmentInterop
3428885f0DHOS-3101Bethesda North Hospital (Cincinnati)Hospital
343048600DHOS-3102Cincinnati Childrens Hospital Medical Center (Cincinnati)Hospital
343208610DHOS-3103Deaconess Hospital (Cincinnati)Hospital
343368620DHOS-3104Good Samaritan Hospital (Cincinnati)Hospital
343528630DHOS-3105Mercy Franciscan Hospital Mt. Airy (Cincinnati)Hospital
343688640DHOS-3106Mercy Franciscan Hospital Western Hills (Cincinnati)Hospital
343848650DHOS-3107Mercy Hospital Anderson (Anderson)Hospital
344008660DHOS-3108The Christ Hospital (Cincinnati)Hospital
344168670DHOS-3109The Jewish Hospital (Cincinnati)Hospital
344328680DHOS-3110The University Hospital (Cincinnati)Hospital
344488690DHOS-3111Mercy Harrison 24H CareHospital
58096e2f0DCOEMA-31Hamilton County EMAInterop
63072f660DSO-31Hamilton County statewide interopInterop
Hancock County (32)
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
212965330DHANCO EMSCounty EMS DispatchEMS Dispatch
232965b00DFND ENGFindlay Engineering DeptPublic Works
233285b20DE HANCOCKHancock County mutual aid opsInterop
234085b70DFINDLAY FDFindlay FD DispatchFire Dispatch
234245b80DFINFD OP1Findlay FD Operations 1Fire-Tac
234405b90DFINFD OP2Findlay FD Operations 2Fire-Tac
234565ba0DEFINDLAY PDFindlay PD DispatchLaw Dispatch
236805c80DFND ANM CTRLFindlay Animal ControlPublic Works
236965c90DFND WATERFindlay Water DeptPublic Works
237125ca0DFND DPWFindlay Street DepartmentPublic Works
237445cc0DFND WATER 1Findlay Water Dept operations 1Public Works
237605cd0DFND WATERFindlay Water DeptPublic Works
237765ce0DFND WATER 2Findlay Water Dept operations 2Public Works
287527050DLHD HANCOCKODH mutual aid-Hancock County health departmentInterop
287687060DLHD FINDLAYODH mutual aid-Findlay health departmentInterop
3019275f0DHOS-3201Blanchard Valley Hospital (Findlay) Hospital
382569570DFD32 DSPCounty Fire Dispatch (multicast w/154.250)Fire Dispatch
56336dc10DSO32 DSPCounty Sheriff DispatchLaw Dispatch
56352dc20DSO32 TAC 1County Sheriff tacticalLaw Tac
56384dc40DFD32 OPS 1County Fire Operations 1Fire-Tac
56400dc50DFD32 OPS 2County Fire Operations 2Fire-Tac
58112e300DCOEMA-32Hancock County EMAInterop
63088f670DSO-32Hancock County statewide interopInterop
Hardin County (33)
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
215205410DAD33E010County EMS administrationEMS-Talk
258566500DCO33 EMSCounty EMS DispatchEMS Dispatch
258726510DCO33 ENGCounty EngineerPublic Works
2601665a0DESO33 DSPCounty Sheriff DispatchLaw Dispatch
2603265b0DESO33 TACCounty Sheriff tacticalLaw Tac
2606465d0DCO33OPS1County Fire/EMS operationsFire-Tac
2608065e0DCO33OPS2County Fire/EMS operationsFire-Tac
2609665f0DFD33 DSPCounty Fire dispatchFire Dispatch
287847070DLHD HARDINODH mutual aid-Hardin County health departmentInterop
302247610DHOS-3301Hardin Memorial Hospital (Kenton)Hospital
58128e310DCOEMA-33Hardin County EMAInterop
63104f680DSO-33Hardin County statewide interopInterop
Harrison County (34)
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
49296c090DLHD HARRISONODH mutual aid-Harrison County health departmentInterop
58144e320DCOEMA-34Harrison County EMAInterop
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
288007080DLHD HENRYODH mutual aid-Henry County health departmentInterop
302407620DHOS-3501Henry County Hospital (Napoleon) Hospital
58160e330DCOEMA-35Henry County EMAInterop
63136f6a0DSO-35Henry County statewide interopInterop
Highland County (36)
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
3395284a0DLHD HIGHLANDODH mutual aid-Highland County health departmentInterop
3449686c0DHOS-3601Greenfield Hospital (Greenfield) Hospital
3451286d0DHOS-3602Highland Hospital (Hillsboro) Hospital
3758492d0DSO36DISPCounty Sheriff DispatchLaw Dispatch
3760092e0DSO36TACCounty Sheriff tacticalLaw Tac
397769b60DGPD DISPGreenfield PoliceLaw Dispatch
58176e340DCOEMA-36Highland County EMAInterop
63152f6b0DSO-36Highland County statewide interopInterop
Hocking County (37)
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
141923770DLOGANPD DISPLogan Police DepartmentLaw Dispatch
49312c0a0DLHD HOCKINGODH mutual aid-Hocking County health departmentInterop
49680c210DHOS-3701Hocking Valley Community Hospital (Logan)Hospital
54032d310DSO37-TAC 1Hocking County Sheriff - TacticalLaw Tac
54064d330DSO37-TAC 3Hocking County Sheriff - TacticalLaw Tac
54640d570DSO37-TAC 2Hocking County Sheriff - TacticalLaw Tac
54768d5f0DSO37-DISPHocking County Sheriff DispatchLaw Dispatch
58192e350DCOEMA-37Hocking County EMAInterop
63168f6c0DSO-37Hocking County statewide interopInterop
Holmes County (38)
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
288167090DLHD HOLMESODH mutual aid-Holmes County health departmentInterop
302567630DHOS-3801Pomerene Hospital (Millersburg)Hospital
58208e360DCOEMA-38Holmes County EMAInterop
63184f6d0DSO-38Holmes County statewide interopInterop
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
2883270a0DLHD HURONODH mutual aid-Huron County health departmentInterop
2884870b0DLHD BELLEVUEODH mutual aid-Bellevue health departmentInterop
302727640DHOS-3901Fisher-Titus Medical Center (Norwalk)Hospital
302887650DHOS-3902Mercy Hospital (Willard)Hospital
58224e370DCOEMA-39Huron County EMAInterop
63200f6e0DSO-39Huron County statewide interopInterop
Jackson County (40)

All Jackson Co agencies that were using this system [except for ODH / Holzer Medical / EMA] are now on the MARCS-IP P25 trunked system as of the end of July 2014.

DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
3396884b0DLHD JACKSONODH mutual aid-Jackson County health departmentInterop
3454486f0DHOS-4001Holzer Medical Center (Jackson)Hospital
58240e380DCOEMA-40Jackson County EMAInterop
Jefferson County (41)
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
49328c0b0DLHD JEFFRSNODH mutual aid-Jefferson County health departmentInterop
49344c0c0DLHD TORONTOODH mutual aid-Toronto health departmentInterop
49360c0d0DLHD STBVILLEODH mutual aid-Steubenville health departmentInterop
49712c230DHOS-4101Trinity Medical Center East (Steubenville)Hospital
49728c240DHOS-4102Trinity Medical Center West (Steubenville) Hospital
58256e390DCOEMA-41Jefferson County EMAInterop
63232f700DSO-41Jefferson County statewide interopInterop
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
82562040DLHD KNOXODH mutual aid-Knox County health departmentInterop
88482290DHOS-4201Knox County Comm Hospital (Mt Vernon) Hospital
58272e3a0DCOEMA-42Knox County EMAInterop
63248f710DSO-42Knox County statewide interopInterop
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
2886470c0DLHD LAKEODH mutual aid-Lake County health departmentInterop
303207670DHOS-4301Lake East Hospital (Painesville) Hospital
303367680DHOS-4302Lake West Hospital (Willoughby)Hospital
58288e3b0DCOEMA-43Lake County EMAInterop
63264f720DSO-43Lake County statewide interopInterop
Lawrence County (44)
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
3398484c0DLHD LAWRENCEODH mutual aid-Lawrence County health departmentInterop
3400084d0DLHD IRONTONODH mutual aid-Ironton health departmentInterop
400969ca0DFD44DISPLawrence Co Fire DispatchFire Dispatch
401129cb0DFD44TAC1Lawrence Co Fire TAC 1Fire-Tac
401289cc0DFD44TAC2Lawrence Co Fire TAC 2Fire-Tac
401449cd0D44EMSDSPLawrence Co EMS DispatchEMS Dispatch
401609ce0D44EMSTACLawrence Co EMS TacEMS-Tac
402249d20D44EOCEMALawrence Co EMA - EOC OpsEmergency Ops
54704d5b0DSO44 DSPLawrence Co Sheriff DispatchLaw Dispatch
58304e3c0DCOEMA-44Lawrence Co EMAInterop
63280f730DSO-44Lawrence Co statewide interopInterop
Licking County (45)
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
82722050DLHD LICKINGODH mutual aid-Licking County health departmentInterop
82882060DLHD NEWARKODH mutual aid-Newark health departmentInterop
886422a0DHOS-4501Licking Memorial Health Systems (Newark) Hospital
1352034d0D45 FE DISPLicking County Fire/EMS DispatchMulti-Dispatch
1353634e0D45 FE OPS 1Licking County Fire/EMS Ops 1Multi-Tac
136163530D45 EMSLicking County EMSEMS-Talk
146083910DPATASKALA PDPataskala PD - Tac / Car-to-carLaw Tac
58320e3d0DCOEMA-45Licking County EMAInterop
63296f740DSO-45Licking County statewide interopInterop
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
2096830DFD46-003Bellefontaine Fire BackupFire-Talk
2352930DFD46-001Logan County Fire BackupFire-Talk
83042070DLHD LOGANODH Mutual Aid - Logan County Health DepartmentInterop
889622c0DHOS-4601Mary Rutan Hospital (Bellefontaine)Hospital
58336e3e0DCOEMA-46Logan County EMAInterop
63312f750DSO-46Logan County Statewide InteropInterop
Lorain County (47)
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
2198455e0DEM47E730Lifecare EMS (Elyria)EMS Dispatch
2299259d0DFG47-025Oberlin Fire FiregroundFire-Tac
245605ff0DFG47-025Oberlin FireFire-Tac
2888070d0DLHD LORAINCOODH mutual aid-Lorain County health departmentInterop
2889670e0DLHD ELYRIAODH mutual aid-Elyria health departmentInterop
2891270f0DLHD LORAINCYODH mutual aid-Lorain City health departmentInterop
3036876a0DHOS-4701Elyria Memorial Hospital (Elyria)Hospital
3038476b0DHOS-4702Mercy Regional Medical Center (Lorain)Hospital
3040076c0DHOS-4703Amherst Hospital (Amherst)Hospital
3043276e0DHOS-4704Allen Medical Care (Oberlin)Hospital
365288eb0DHOS-4705Avon Emergency Care Center (Avon)Hospital
58352e3f0DCOEMA-47Lorain County EMAInterop
63328f760DSO-47Lorain County statewide interopInterop
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
2120052d0DFG48-011Oregon FDFire-Tac
2121652e0DFG48-021Whitehouse FDFire-Tac
212645310DFG48-113Springfield Twp FDFire-Tac
2529662d0DLCS-TPD I/OLucas Co SO/Toledo PD interop patchLaw Tac
289287100DLHD LUCASODH mutual aid-Lucas County health departmentInterop
3044876f0DHOS-4801Flower Hospital (Sylvania)Hospital
304647700DHOS-4802Medical University of Ohio (Toledo)Hospital
304807710DHOS-4803St. Charles Mercy Hospital (Toledo)Hospital
304967720DHOS-4804St. Lukes Hospital (Maumee)Hospital
305127730DHOS-4805St. Vincent Mercy Hospital (Toledo)Hospital
305287740DHOS-4806Toledo Hospital (Toledo)Hospital
305447750DHOS-4807St. Anne Mercy Hospital (Toledo)Hospital
305607760DHOS-4808Bay Park Community Hospital (Oregon)Hospital
305767770DHOS-4809Toledo Children's Hospital (Toledo)Hospital
319207cb0DSO-48TACCounty Sheriff tacticalLaw Tac
58368e400DCOEMA-48Lucas County EMAInterop
63344f770DSO-48Lucas County statewide interopInterop
Madison County (49)
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
83202080DLHD MADISONODH mutual aid-Madison County health departmentInterop
891222d0DHOS-4901Madison County HospitalHospital
58384e410DCOEMA-49Madison County EMAInterop
63360f780DSO-49Madison County statewide interopInterop
Mahoning County (50)
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
289447110DLHD MAHONINGODH mutual aid-Mahoning County health departmentInterop
289607120DLHD YNGSTNODH mutual aid-Youngstown health departmentInterop
289767130DLHD STRTHRSODH mutual aid-Struthers health departmentInterop
3062477a0DHOS-5001St. Elizabeth Medical Center (Youngstown) Hospital
3064077b0DHOS-5002Northside Medical Center (Youngstown) Hospital
3065677c0DHOS-5003Tod Children's Hospital (Youngstown) Hospital
3067277d0DHOS-5004St. Elizabeth Health Center (Youngstown)Hospital
58400e420DCOEMA-50Mahoning County EMAInterop
63376f790DSO-50Mahoning County statewide interopInterop
Marion County (51)
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
43681110DEMARIONPD TACMarion PD - Tac (encrypted)Law Tac
243045ef0DSO51 DISPMarion Co Sheriff - DispatchLaw Dispatch
243205f00DSO51 TACMarion Co Sheriff - TacLaw Tac
289927140DLHD MARIONCOODH mutual aid-Marion County health departmentInterop
290087150DLHD MARIONCYODH mutual aid-Marion City health departmentInterop
307527820DHOS-5101Marion General Hospital (Marion)Hospital
58416e430DCOEMA-51Marion County EMAInterop
63392f7a0DSO-51Marion County statewide interopInterop
Medina County (52)
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
290247160DLHD MEDINAODH mutual aid-Medina County health departmentInterop
307847840DHOS-5201Medina General Hospital (Medina)Hospital
308007850DHOS-5202Wadsworth-Rittman Hospital (Wadsworth)Hospital
308167860DHOS-5203Lodi Community Hospital (Lodi)Hospital
58432e440DCOEMA-52Medina County EMAInterop
63408f7b0DSO-52Medina County statewide interopInterop
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
3401684e0DLHD MEIGSODH mutual aid-Meigs County health departmentInterop
359528c70DCO53 EMSMeigs Co EMS/Fire alternateFire-Talk
41184a0e0DMIDDLEPRT PDMiddleport PD DispatchLaw Dispatch
47840bae0DSO53 DSPMeigs Co Sheriff - DispatchLaw Dispatch
47856baf0DSO53 TAC1Meigs Co Sheriff - Tac 1Law Tac
56048daf0DPOMEROY PDPomeroy PD - DispatchLaw Dispatch
58448e450DCOEMA-53Meigs County EMAInterop
63424f7c0DSO-53Meigs Co statewide interopInterop
Mercer County (54)
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
83362090DLHD MERCERODH mutual aid-Mercer County health departmentInterop
892822e0DHOS-5401Mercer Health (Coldwater)Hospital
2294459a0DCELINAPD DSPCelina PDLaw Dispatch
2300859e0DSO54County SheriffLaw Tac
232005aa0DEM54 DSPCounty EMS DispatchEMS Dispatch
232165ab0DLE54 OPS 1County Law - Operations 1Law Tac
232325ac0DSO54 CH10County Sheriff channel 10Law Talk
3881697a0DSO54 DSPCounty Sheriff DispatchLaw Dispatch
3883297b0DSO54 TAC 1County Sheriff TacticalLaw Tac
58464e460DCOEMA-54Mercer County EMAInterop
63440f7d0DSO-54Mercer County statewide interopInterop
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
835220a0DLHD MIAMIODH mutual aid-Miami County health departmentInterop
836820b0DLHD PIQUAODH mutual aid-Piqua health departmentInterop
894422f0DHOS-5501Upper Valley Medical Center (Troy) Hospital
58480e470DCOEMA-55Miami County EMAInterop
63456f7e0DSO-55Miami County statewide interopInterop
Monroe County (56)
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
49376c0e0DLHD MONROEODH mutual aid-Monroe County health departmentInterop
53008cf10DFD56DSPFire DispatchFire Dispatch
54816d620DLE56DSPLaw Dispatch (Sheriff and Woodsfield PD)Law Dispatch
55184d790DEMS56DSPEMS DispatchEMS Dispatch
58496e480DCOEMA56Monroe County EMAInterop
63472f7f0DSO-56Monroe County statewide interopInterop
Montgomery County (57)
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
838420c0DLHD MNTGMRYODH Mutual Aid-Montgomery County Health DepartmentInterop
840020d0DLHD OAKWOODODH Mutual Aid-Oakwood Health DepartmentInterop
89602300DHOS-5701Dayton Heart Hospital (Dayton)Hospital
89762310DHOS-5702Good Samaritan Hospital & Health Center (Dayton)Hospital
89922320DHOS-5703Grandview Hospital / Medical Center (Dayton)Hospital
90082330DHOS-5704Kettering Medical Center (Kettering)Hospital
90242340DHOS-5705Miami Valley Hospital (Dayton)Hospital
90402350DHOS-5706Southview Hospital & Family Health Center (Dayton)Hospital
90562360DHOS-5707Sycamore Hospital (Miamisburg)Hospital
90722370DHOS-5708The Children's Medical Center (Dayton)Hospital
365448ec0DHOS-5709Veterans Hospital (Dayton)Hospital
365608ed0DHOS-5710Wright Patterson Air Force Base Medical Center (Fairborn)Hospital
58512e490DCOEMA-57Montgomery County EMAInterop
63488f800DSO-57Montgomery County Statewide InteropInterop
Morgan County (58)
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
365768ee0DFD58 MA-1Morgan Co Fire/EMS - Mutual Aid 1Interop
365928ef0DFD58 MA-2Morgan Co Fire/EMS - Mutual Aid 2Interop
49392c0f0DLHD MORGANODH mutual aid-Morgan Co Health DeptInterop
50064c390DFD58 DSPMorgan Co Fire/EMS DispatchFire Dispatch
50176c400DSO58 DSPMorgan Co Sheriff DispatchLaw Dispatch
50192c410DFD58 OPSMorgan Co Fire/EMS OpsFire-Tac
50208c420DCO58 OPSMorgan Co OperationsMulti-Tac
50224c430DLE-58Morgan Co Common/Local EventsInterop
50240c440DSO58 TACMorgan Co Sheriff TACLaw Tac
58528e4a0DCOEMA-58Morgan Co EMAInterop
63504f810DSO-58Morgan Co Statewide InteropInterop
Morrow County (59)
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
841620e0DLHD MORROWODH mutual aid-Morrow County health departmentInterop
912023a0DHOS-5901Morrow County Hospital (Mt. Gilead)Hospital
58544e4b0DCOEMA-59Morrow County EMAInterop
63520f820DSO-59Morrow County statewide interopInterop
Muskingum County (60)

Muskingum Co Sheriff Dispatch migrated to MARCS-IP P25 in March 2014.     At present, it is unclear if they have any access to the old MARCS talkgroups.   Since Sheriff Dispatch is the only confirmed new talkgroup that they are using thus far on MARCS-IP, that talkgroup has been marked deprecated here.   When TAC / detective talkgroups are confirmed to have been active on MARCS-IP, those talkgroups will be deprecated here as well.

DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
193924bc0DSO60 DETMuskingum Co SO detectivesLaw Tac
49408c100DLHD ZNSVLLEODH mutual aid-Zanesville health departmentInterop
49776c270DHOS-6001Bethesda Hospital (Zanesville)Hospital
49792c280DHOS-6002Good Samaritan Hospital (Zanesville)Hospital
50864c6b0DFD60-111Falls Township VFDFire-Talk
50880c6c0DFG60-111Falls Township VFD (can be patched to 33.98)Fire-Tac
50976c720DEM60E204Community Ambulance, ZanesvilleEMS Dispatch
52064cb60DFD60 DSPMuskingum Co Fire dispatchFire Dispatch
52080cb70DFD60 NW?Muskingum Co Fire northwest opsFire-Tac
52096cb80DFD60 NE?Muskingum Co Fire northeast opsFire-Tac
52112cb90DFD60 SW?Muskingum Co Fire southwest opsFire-Tac
52128cba0DFD60 SE?Muskingum Co Fire southeast opsFire-Tac
52144cbb0DSO60 DSPMuskingum Co SO dispatch (backup in case of IP issues)Law Dispatch
52176cbd0DSO60 TAC 1Muskingum Co SO tactical 1Law Tac
52192cbe0DSO60 TAC 2Muskingum Co SO tactical 2Law Tac
58560e4c0DCOEMA-60Muskingum County EMAInterop
63536f830DSO-60Muskingum County statewide interopInterop
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
49424c110DLHD NOBLEODH mutual aid-Noble County health departmentInterop
56080db10DSO61-DISPCounty Sherif dispatchLaw Dispatch
58576e4d0DCOEMA-61Noble County EMAInterop
63552f840DSO-61Noble County statewide interopInterop
Ottawa County (62)
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
290407170DLHD OTTAWAODH mutual aid-Ottawa County health departmentInterop
308327870DHOS-6201H. B. Magruder Memorial Hospital (Port Clinton) Hospital
363368df0DSO62 DSPCounty Sheriff dispatchLaw Dispatch
363528e00DSO62 TACCounty Sheriff tacticalLaw Tac
58592e4e0DCOEMA-62Ottawa County EMAInterop
63568f850DSO-62Ottawa County statewide interopInterop
Paulding County (63)
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
290567180DLHD PAULDINGODH mutual aid-Paulding County health departmentInterop
308487880DHOS-6301Paulding County Hospital (Paulding) Hospital
58608e4f0DCOEMA-63Paulding County EMAInterop
63584f860DSO-63Paulding County statewide interopInterop
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
843220f0DLHD PERRYODH mutual aid-Perry County health departmentInterop
1376035c0DFD64-008Thornville/Thorn Twp FDFire-Talk
52224cc00DSO64 DSPCounty Sheriff dispatchLaw Dispatch
58624e500DCOEMA-64Perry County EMAInterop
62368f3a0DFD64DISPPerry County Fire DispatchFire Dispatch
63600f870DSO-64Perry County statewide interopInterop
Pickaway County (65)
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
84482100DLHD PICKAWAYODH mutual aid-Pickaway County health departmentInterop
915223c0DHOS-6501Berger Hospital (Circleville)Hospital
58640e510DCOEMA-65Pickaway County EMAInterop
63616f880DSO-65Pickaway County statewide interopInterop
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
3403284f0DLHD PIKEODH mutual aid-Pike County health departmentInterop
345928720DHOS-6601Pike Community Hospital (Waverly) Hospital
391689900DSO66DISPCounty Sheriff DispatchLaw Dispatch
58656e520DCOEMA-66Pike County EMAInterop
63632f890DSO-66Pike County statewide interopInterop
Portage County (67)

Portage Co Sheriff (at least dispatch) has migrated from this system to the new Ohio MARCS-IP P25 system on 12-09-2013

DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
262086660DSO67TAC4County Sheriff tacticalLaw Tac
290727190DLHD PORTAGEODH mutual aid-Portage County health departmentInterop
2908871a0DLHD KENTODH mutual aid-Kent health departmentInterop
2910471b0DLHD RAVENNAODH mutual aid-Ravenna health departmentInterop
308647890DHOS-6701Robinson Memorial Hospital (Ravenna) Hospital
52912ceb0DSO67TAC1County Sheriff tacticalLaw Tac
52960cee0DSO67TAC2County Sheriff tacticalLaw Tac
53104cf70D67 FIRECOMCounty FireCom (operations)Fire-Tac
58672e530DCOEMA-67Portage County EMAInterop
63648f8a0DSO-67Portage County statewide interop / alternate dispatchInterop
Preble County (68)
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
84642110DLHD PREBLEODH mutual aid-Preble County health departmentInterop
913623b0DHOS-6801No HospitalHospital
364168e40DSO68DISPPreble County Sheriff - Dispatch (A-Channel simulcast of 155.6100)Law Dispatch
364328e50DESO68TACPreble County Sheriff - Tac 1Law Tac
58688e540DCOEMA-68Preble County EMAInterop
63664f8b0DSO-68Preble County Statewide InteropInterop
Putnam County (69)
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
46561230DSO69DISPCounty Law Enforcement dispatchLaw Dispatch
47041260DCO69 ENGCounty EngineerPublic Works
222725700DCO69 FIRECounty Fire DispatchFire Dispatch
222885710DCO69 EMSCounty EMS operationsEMS-Tac
223045720DCO69 OPS 1County Operations commonMulti-Tac
223205730DCO69 OPS 2County Operations commonMulti-Tac
2912071c0DLHD PUTNAMODH mutual aid-Putnam County health departmentInterop
58704e550DCOEMA-69Putnam County EMAInterop
63680f8c0DSO-69Putnam County statewide interop/pagingInterop
Richland County (70)
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
210565240DEM70E208Mansfield Ambulance (Richland Co)EMS Dispatch
210725250DAD70E208Mansfield Ambulance (Richland Co)EMS-Tac
2913671d0DLHD RICHLANDODH mutual aid-Richland County health departmentInterop
2915271e0DLHD SHELBYODH mutual aid-Shelby health departmentInterop
307367810DHOS-7003MedCentral Health System (Mansfield and Shelby)Hospital
3089678b0DHOS-7001Shelby Hospital (Shelby) Hospital
3091278c0DHOS-7002Mansfield Hospital (Mansfield) Hospital
58720e560DCOEMA-70Richland County EMAInterop
63696f8d0DSO-70Richland County statewide interopInterop

As of 10/2014 Chillicothe PD is now using TG 42552 on the new Ohio MARCS-IP system

DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
49121330DFD71-007Chillicothe FDFire Dispatch
84802120DLHD ROSSODH mutual aid-Ross County health departmentInterop
918423e0DHOS-7101Adena Health System (Chillicothe) Hospital
58736e570DCOEMA-71Ross County EMAInterop
63712f8e0DSO-71Ross County statewide interopInterop
Sandusky County (72)

Sandusky Co EMS has moved to the Ohio MARCS-IP P25 system as of 3/2014.

DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
2916871f0DLHD SANDUSKYODH mutual aid-Sandusky County health departmentInterop
3096078f0DHOS-7201Memorial Hospital (Fremont)Hospital
309767900DHOS-7202St. Francis Hospital (Green Springs) Hospital
309927910DHOS-7203Bellevue Hospital (Bellevue) Hospital
58752e580DCOEMA-72Sandusky County EMAInterop
63728f8f0DSO-72Sandusky County statewide interopInterop
Scioto County (73)
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
340488500DLHD SCIOTOODH mutual aid-Scioto County health departmentInterop
340648510DLHD PRTSMTHODH mutual aid-Portsmouth health departmentInterop
346088730DHOS-7301Southern Ohio Medical Center (Portsmouth) Hospital
348968850DCO73 EOCScioto County EOCEmergency Ops
349608890DPORTS PDPatch to Portsmouth PDLaw Dispatch
58768e590DCOEMA-73Scioto County EMAInterop
63744f900DSO-73Scioto County statewide interopInterop
Seneca County (74)
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
291847200DLHD SENECAODH mutual aid-Seneca County health departmentInterop
310087920DHOS-7401Mercy Hospital (Tiffin) Hospital
310247930DHOS-7402Fostoria Community Hospital (Fostoria) Hospital
58784e5a0DCOEMA-74Seneca County EMAInterop
63760f910DSO-74Seneca County statewide interopInterop
Shelby County (75)
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
84962130DLHD SHELBYCOODH Mutual Aid-Shelby County Health DepartmentInterop
920023f0DHOS-7501Wilson Memorial Hospital (Sidney)Hospital
158243dd0DSO75TACShelby County Sheriff - TacticalLaw Tac
58800e5b0DCOEMA-75Shelby County EMAInterop
63776f920DSO-75Shelby County Statewide InteropInterop
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
292007210DLHD STARKODH mutual aid-Stark County health departmentInterop
292167220DLHD CANTONODH mutual aid-Canton heatlh departmentInterop
292327230DLHD ALLIANCEODH mutual aid-Alliance health departmentInterop
292487240DLHD MASSILLOODH mutual aid-Massillon health departmentInterop
310567950DHOS-7601Aultman Hospital (Canton)Hospital
310727960DHOS-7602Alliance Hospital (Alliance)Hospital
310887970DHOS-7603Affinity Medical Center (Massillon)Hospital
311047980DHOS-7604Mercy Medical Center (Canton)Hospital
311207990DHOS-7605Affinity Medical Center - Massillon Campus (Massillon)Hospital
58816e5c0DCOEMA-76Stark County EMAInterop
63792f930DSO-76Stark County statewide interopInterop
Summit County (77)
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
292647250DLHD SUMMITODH mutual aid-Summit County health departmentInterop
292807260DLHD AKRONODH mutual aid-Akron health departmentInterop
292967270DLHD BARBRTNODH mutual aid-Barberton health departmentInterop
3113679a0DHOS-7701Akron General Hospital (Akron)Hospital
3116879c0DHOS-7703Summa Western Reserve Hospital (Cuyahoga Falls)Hospital
3118479d0DHOS-7704St Thomas Hospital (Akron)Hospital
3120079e0DHOS-7705Akron City Hospital (Akron)Hospital
3121679f0DHOS-7706Barberton Citizens Hospital (Barberton)Hospital
58832e5d0DCOEMA-77Summit County EMAInterop
63808f940DSO-77Summit County statewide interopInterop
Trumbull County (78)
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
2091251b0DFG78-121Howland FD tacticalFire-Tac
2296059b0DEMTAMB WAR1EMT Ambulance (Warren) - Dispatch (old Action Ambulance)EMS Dispatch
2297659c0DEMTAMB WAR2EMT Ambulance (Warren) - Ch.2 - wheelchair transport (old Action Ambulance)EMS-Tac
293127280DLHD TRUMBULLODH mutual aid-Trumbull County health departmentInterop
293287290DLHD GIRARDODH mutual aid-Girard health departmentInterop
2934472a0DLHD NILESODH mutual aid-Niles health departmentInterop
2936072b0DLHD WARRENODH mutual aid-Warren health departmentInterop
313127a50DHOS-7801St Joseph Medical Center (Warren) Hospital
313287a60DHOS-7802Trumbull Memorial (Warren) Hospital
58848e5e0DCOEMA-78Trumbull County EMAInterop
63824f950DSO-78Trumbull County statewide interopInterop
Tuscarawas County (79)
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
49440c120DLHD TSCARWASODH mutual aid-Tuscarawas County health departmentInterop
49456c130DLHD NPHILYODH mutual aid-New Philadelphia health departmentInterop
49840c2b0DHOS-7901Twin City Hospital (Dennison) Hospital
49856c2c0DHOS-7902Union Hospital (Dover) Hospital
58864e5f0DCOEMA-79Tuscarawas County EMAInterop
63840f960DSO-79Tuscarawas County statewide interopInterop
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
657619b0DUNI FIREDISPCounty Fire - Dispatch (patched to 154.250)Fire Dispatch
659219c0DUNI OPS-2County Fire - OperationsFire-Tac
660819d0DUNI OPS-3County Fire - Operations (patched to 154.175)Fire-Tac
662419e0DUNI OPS-4County Fire - OperationsFire-Tac
664019f0DUNI ADM-5County Fire - admin/trainingFire-Tac
66561a00DUNI ADM-6County Fire - admin/trainingFire-Tac
66721a10DUNI EMSCounty Fire - EMS to UCMHHospital
66881a20DUNI EMACounty EMAEmergency Ops
67041a30DUNI F-PCounty Fire-Police commonInterop
67201a40DSO80 DSPCounty Sheriff dispatchLaw Dispatch
67361a50DSO80 TACCounty Sheriff tacticalLaw Tac
67521a60DMPD DSPMarysville PD dispatchLaw Dispatch
67681a70DMPD TACMarysville Police tacticalLaw Tac
67841a80DPCPDPlain City Police local tacLaw Tac
68001a90DRWPDRichwood Police local tacLaw Tac
68161aa0DINVESTLaw enforcement commonLaw Talk
85122140DLHD UNIONODH mutual aid-Union County health departmentInterop
92482420DHOS-8001Union County Memorial Hospital (Marysville)Hospital
58880e600DCOEMA-80Union County EMAInterop
63856f970DSO-80Union County statewide interopInterop
Van Wert County (81)
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
2500861b0D81-OPS1Van Wert County fire opsFire-Tac
2502461c0D81-OPS2Van Wert County fire opsFire-Tac
2504061d0D81FD/EMSVan Wert County fire/EMS opsFire-Tac
2505661e0D81-EMSVan Wert County EMS opsEMS-Tac
2507261f0DVWFDVan Wert FDFire Dispatch
251046210DVWPD CITYVan Wert City Police - DispatchLaw Dispatch
251206220DEVWPD TACVan Wert City Police - Tac (Ch. 2)Law Tac
2937672c0DLHD VANWERTODH mutual aid-Van Wert county health departmentInterop
313767a90DHOS-8101Van Wert County Hospital (Van Wert) Hospital
58896e610DCOEMA-81Van Wert County EMAInterop
63872f980DSO-81Van Wert County statewide interopInterop
Vinton County (82)
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
340808520DLHD VINTONODH mutual aid-Vinton County health departmentInterop
55328d820DSO-82 DSPVinton County Sheriff DispatchLaw Dispatch
58912e620DCOEMA-82Vinton County EMAInterop
63888f990DSO-82Vinton County statewide interopInterop
Warren County (83)
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
340968530DLHD WARRENODH mutual aid-Warren County health departmentInterop
58928e630DCOEMA-83Warren County EMAInterop
63904f9a0DSO-83Warren County statewide interopInterop
Washington County (84)
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
49472c140DLHD WSHNGTNODH mutual aid-Washington County health departmentInterop
49488c150DLHD BELPREODH mutual aid-Belpre health departmentInterop
49504c160DLHD MARIETTAODH mutual aid-Marietta health departmentInterop
49872c2d0DHOS-8401Marietta Memorial Hospital (Marietta) Hospital
49888c2e0DHOS-8402Selby General Hospital (Marietta) Hospital
53216cfe0DSO84DISPWashington Co SO dispatchLaw Dispatch
54000d2f0D84 ENGINEERWashington Co EngineerPublic Works
54096d350DFD84DISPWashington Co Fire DispatchFire Dispatch
54112d360DFD84TAC1Washington Co Fire TACFire-Tac
54544d510DMARIETTA FD1Marietta FD DispatchFire Dispatch
54560d520DMARIETTA FD2Marietta FD TACFire-Tac
58944e640DCOEMA-84Washington County EMAInterop
63920f9b0DSO-84Washington County statewide interopInterop
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
2939272d0DLHD WAYNEODH mutual aid-Wayne County health departmentInterop
313927aa0DHOS-8501Aultman Orrville HospitalHospital
314087ab0DHOS-8502Wooster Community Hospital (Wooster)Hospital
58960e650DCOEMA-85Wayne County EMAInterop
63936f9c0DSO-85Wayne County statewide interopInterop
Williams County (86)
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
2940872e0DLHD WILLIAMSODH mutual aid-Williams County health departmentInterop
314247ac0DHOS-8601Community Hospital (Bryan) Hospital
314407ad0DHOS-8602Community Hospital (Montpelier)Hospital
58976e660DCOEMA-86Williams County EMAInterop
63952f9d0DSO-86Williams County statewide interopInterop
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
215685440DEM87E131Troy Twp EMS 1 tacticalEMS-Tac
2172854e0DFG87-117Middleton FireFire-Tac
2193655b0DFG87-117Middleton FiregroundFire-Tac
220165600DFD87-007ABradner Fire/EMS 1Fire-Tac
220805640DFG87-007BBradner Fire/EMS 2Fire-Tac
229125980DAD87E131Troy Twp EMS 2 adminEMS-Tac
2942472f0DLHD WOODODH mutual aid-Wood County health departmentInterop
314727af0DHOS-8701Wood County Hospital (Bowling Green) Hospital
3729691b0DCO87-PSAPWood County Comm CenterEmergency Ops
3731291c0DCO87-EMAWood County EMAEmergency Ops
58992e670DCOEMA-87Wood County EMAInterop
63968f9e0DSO-87Wood County statewide interopInterop
Wyandot County (88)
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
294407300DLHD WYANDOTODH mutual aid-Wyandot County health departmentInterop
314887b00DHOS-8801Wyandot Memorial Hospital (Upper Sandusky) Hospital
59008e680DCOEMA-88Wyandot County EMAInterop
63984f9f0DSO-88Wyandot County statewide interopInterop