Ohio MARCS - Multi-Agency Radio Communications

Site: Muskingum County (60)

Unique DB ID: 5120

Muskingum Co Sheriff Dispatch migrated to MARCS-IP P25 in March 2014.     At present, it is unclear if they have any access to the old MARCS talkgroups.   Since Sheriff Dispatch is the only confirmed new talkgroup that they are using thus far on MARCS-IP, that talkgroup has been marked deprecated here.   When TAC / detective talkgroups are confirmed to have been active on MARCS-IP, those talkgroups will be deprecated here as well.

Talkgroup Category Location Data

Latitude: 39.9640 Longitude: -81.9320 Range: 19.615 Type: Defined Coverage


DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
193924bc0DSO60 DETMuskingum Co SO detectivesLaw Tac
49408c100DLHD ZNSVLLEODH mutual aid-Zanesville health departmentInterop
49776c270DHOS-6001Bethesda Hospital (Zanesville)Hospital
49792c280DHOS-6002Good Samaritan Hospital (Zanesville)Hospital
50864c6b0DFD60-111Falls Township VFDFire-Talk
50880c6c0DFG60-111Falls Township VFD (can be patched to 33.98)Fire-Tac
50976c720DEM60E204Community Ambulance, ZanesvilleEMS Dispatch
52064cb60DFD60 DSPMuskingum Co Fire dispatchFire Dispatch
52080cb70DFD60 NW?Muskingum Co Fire northwest opsFire-Tac
52096cb80DFD60 NE?Muskingum Co Fire northeast opsFire-Tac
52112cb90DFD60 SW?Muskingum Co Fire southwest opsFire-Tac
52128cba0DFD60 SE?Muskingum Co Fire southeast opsFire-Tac
52144cbb0DSO60 DSPMuskingum Co SO dispatch (backup in case of IP issues)Law Dispatch
52176cbd0DSO60 TAC 1Muskingum Co SO tactical 1Law Tac
52192cbe0DSO60 TAC 2Muskingum Co SO tactical 2Law Tac
58560e4c0DCOEMA-60Muskingum County EMAInterop
63536f830DSO-60Muskingum County statewide interopInterop