System Name: Eli Lilly (IN)
Location: Various, IN
County: 2 Counties
System Type: DMR Motorola Connect Plus (TRBO)
System Voice: DMR
System ID: HEX: 8c DEC: 140
Last Updated: April 24, 2024, 11:25 am UTC   [Changed Site # 001 (Corporate HQ Downtown) to 1 (Corporate HQ Downtown)]
System Notes

World HQ/Corportate HQ/Executive Offices - 307 EMcCarty Str
LTC - Lilly Technology Center South - 1555 S. Harding St (1 m S of LTC. North)
LTC - Lilly Technology Center North - 1223 W Morris St
Distribution Center - 2222 Stanley Rd, Plainfield

It appears talkgroups can be on any/all towers.  Plainfield site is using only a single frequency at this time.

Sites and Frequencies

Red (c) are control channel capable frequencies
Site Name County Freqs
001 (1) Corporate HQ Downtown Marion 01 935.200c04 937.92505 938.900    
002 (2) LTC Campus Harding St Marion 01 935.175c03 935.675     
103 (67) Distribution Center-Plainfield Hendricks 01 935.17502 935.187503 935.212504 938.95005 939.90006 939.912507 939.925
   08 939.937509 935.200c10 937.887511 937.92512 937.937513 938.887514 938.900
   15 939.8875      


DEC Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
101T1A SECURITYSecurity HomeSecurity
102T1B SECURITYSecurity 1BSecurity
103T1C ALARM 1Alarm Maint 1Security
104T1D ALARM 2Alarm Maint 2Security
107T1G SEC WRKGSecurity WorkingSecurity
DEC Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
151T2A LFR LFR1HomeFire Dispatch
152T2B LFR LFR2SecondaryFire Dispatch
153T2C LFR WRKG 1Working 1Fire-Tac
154T2D LFR HAZMATHazMatFire-Tac
155T2E LFR WRKG 2Working 2Fire-Tac
156T2F LFR TALKTalkFire-Talk
157T2G LFR ADMINAdminFire-Talk
158T2H LFR TRAINTrainingFire-Talk
DEC Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
1T10A PDC 1PDC 1Business
2T10B PDC 2PDC 2Business
201T3A 130 OPS130 OperationsBusiness
202T3B 130 MAINT130 MaintenanceBusiness
203T3C 130 FIRST130 FirstBusiness
204T3D 132 OPS132 OperationsBusiness
205T3E 132 MAINT132 MaintenanceBusiness
206T3F FERMEMT HMEFermentation HomeBusiness
207T3G 358 HOME358 HomeBusiness
208T3H API WRKG 1API Working 1Business
209T3I API WRKG 2API Working 2Business
250T4A 100 OPS100 OperationsBusiness
251T4B 100 MAINT100 MaintenanceBusiness
252T4C 150 HOME150 HomeBusiness
253T4D DRY WRKG 1Dry Working 1Business
254T4E DRY WRKG 2Dry Working 2Business
301T5A 103 OPS103 OperationsBusiness
302T5B 105 OPS105 OperationsBusiness
303T5C 150 IC229 OPS150 Operations IC229Business
304T5D DDAODDAOBusiness
305T5E PARETN MAINTParental MaintBusiness
306T5F PARETN WRK1Parental Working 1Business
307T5G PARETN WRK2Parental Working 2Business
401T6A C1A HOMEC1A HomeBusiness
402T6B C1A LTC1C1A LTC 1Business
403T6C C1A LTC2C1A LTC 2Business
404T6D C1A LTC3C1A LTC 3Business
405T6E C1A LTC4C1A LTC 4Business
406T6F C1A LCC1C1A LCC 1Business
407T6G C1A LCC2C1A LCC 2Business
408T6H C1A LCC3C1A LCC 3Business
409T6I C1A LCC4C1A LCC 4Business
451T7A LCC ADMINLCC AdminBusiness
452T7B LCC DISC NLCC Discvry NBusiness
453T7C LCC DISC SLCC Discvry SBusiness
454T7D LCC UTIL OPSLCC Util OpsBusiness
455T7E LCC UTIL MAINLCC Util MaintBusiness
456T7F LCC HOUSEKEEPLCC HousekeepingBusiness
457TEG LCC DOCKSLCC DocksBusiness
458T7H SHUTTLE BUSShuttle BusTransportation
459T7I FERMENT WRK1LCC Ferment Wrk1Business
460T7J FERMENT WRK2LCC Ferment Wrk2Business
501T8A 312 SHOPS312 ShopsBusiness
502T8B 360/362 SHOPS360/362 ShopsBusiness
503T8C 360 OPS360 OperationsBusiness
504T8D 360/362 MAINT360/362 MaintBusiness
505T8E 110 OPS110 OperationsBusiness
506T8F 110 MAINT110 MaintenanceBusiness
507T8G LTC S ADMLTC South AdminBusiness
508T8H LTC S UTIL OPLTC South Util OpsBusiness
509T8I LTC S UTIL MALTC South Util MaintBusiness
510T8J LTC S HSEKEEPLTC South Util HousekeepBusiness
511T8K LTC S DOCKSLTC South DocksBusiness
512T8L MATERIAL CTRMaterial Handlng CtrBusiness
513T8M FERMENT 1LTC Ferment Work 1Business
514T8N FERMENT 2LTC Ferment Work 2Business
1000TAnnouncement/WxAnnouncement / Weather MessagesMulti-Dispatch
DEC Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
551T9A SPECIAL 1Special 1Business
552T9B SPECIAL 2Special 2Business
553T9C SPECIAL 3Special 3Business
554T9D SPECIAL 4Special 4Business
556T9E SPECIAL 5Special 5Business
DEC Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
3T11A TALKARNDTalkaroundBusiness
4T11B TALKARNDTalkaroundBusiness
5T11C TALKARNDTalkaroundBusiness
6T11D TALKARNDTalkaroundBusiness