System Name: KAMO Power
Location: Various, AR MO OK
County: 33 Counties
System Type: NXDN NEXEDGE 4800
System Voice: NXDN Digital
System ID: HEX: a DEC: 10
Last Updated: May 13, 2023, 11:04 am CDT   [Changed Site # 021 (Dadeville) to 21 (Dadeville)]
System Notes

Talkgroups 0-43 appear to be Southwest Electric

Note: Some software/scanners may show R10 or A (hex).  Either way, the correct system ID is 10.

Some licenses are CP "Paging" licenses (FCC Part 22) that cover a range of frequencies.

3/21 - KAMO has now switched over to NXDN DFA. This should make it much easier to find the correct frequencies per site and not have to worry about LCNs!

Sites and Frequencies

Red (c) are control channel capable frequencies
Site Name County Freqs
001 (1) Ava (need loc) Douglas, MO 151.985c      
002 (2) Belton Cass, MO 152.8625153.455c154.555153.0725   
003 (3) Shawnee Pottawatomie, OK 153.650c153.725152.945153.110   
004 (4) Bristow Creek, OK 153.260151.4975152.285    
005 (5) Buffalo Dallas, MO 153.095c151.910152.360152.330   
006 (6) Burbank Osage, OK 153.065c153.200153.605153.2675   
007 (7) Butler Bates, MO 152.9375153.1025153.2225c153.2975153.3875153.590 
008 (8) Exeter Barry, MO 154.550153.5525154.610c    
009 (9) Tulsa Market area UNKNOWN, OK 152.14125152.5725152.6625    
010 (A) Cromwell Okfuskee, OK 153.530153.215153.665153.3125153.4475  
011 (B) Eldorado Springs Cedar, MO 153.695c151.730153.140153.0575153.2825  
012 (C) Elkton Hickory, MO 151.790c154.505152.285154.555   
013 (D) Fort Gibson Cherokee, OK 153.155c153.635153.290153.500   
014 (E) Gainesville Ozark, MO 151.6025c      
015 (F) Springfield Greene, MO 152.9825c152.8625152.3225152.2625151.5725  
016 (10) Indian Ridge Stone, MO 152.528125152.840625152.0925152.9375153.0275  
017 (11) Adair Camden, MO 151.850c153.050153.170    
018 (12) Tulsa market area UNKNOWN, OK 152.050152.56625152.640    
019 (13) Kansas Delaware, OK 153.3575c153.680154.610153.0125   
020 (14) Lamar Barton, MO 151.970153.5075154.610153.605c   
021 (15) Dadeville Dade, MO 152.83375c152.535152.640153.1175   
022 (16) Neosho Newton, MO 151.5875151.730152.3375152.4275152.6075c  
024 (18) Bartlesville Osage, OK 153.365c153.680155.555152.030   
025 (19) Preston, OK Okmulgee, OK 152.235152.3675152.8625153.4775   
026 (1A) Shawnee Mound Henry, MO 152.3525152.4425152.9525153.1775153.455c153.6875153.635
027 (1B) Arnett MO McDonald, MO 153.635c      
028 (1C) Stigler Haskell, OK 151.850153.455     
029 (1D) Stillwater Payne, OK 153.350c151.535153.4925151.6625153.1925  
031 (1F) Tulsa (*) Tulsa, OK 152.01875c152.6025152.6925152.7525   
032 (20) Monett Barry, MO 152.2625c151.9175151.850151.5575152.3225  
033 (21) Vinita OK Craig, OK 153.140c153.5525     
035 (23) Bolivar Polk, MO 150.890c      
036 (24) Pineville McDonald, MO 153.4025153.6425c153.0425c    
037 (25) Springfield Market Area UNKNOWN, MO 152.07875c152.08375152.61875152.63125   
040 (28) Sallisaw Sequoyah, OK 151.8575152.2625153.1325153.5375154.555  
041 (29) Warsaw Benton, MO 151.6775c152.300153.470153.7025   


DEC Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
19DKAMO CommonCommonUtilities
20DKAMO MO LinesMissouri Transmission Line MaintenanceUtilities
24DKAMO OpsOperationsUtilities
Electric Cooperatives
DEC Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
1DBarry County ECBarry County Electric Co-OperativeUtilities
3DBarton Co ECBarton County Electric Co-Operative DispatchUtilities
5DCanadianValleyECCanadian Valley Electric Co-OperativeUtilities
11DEast Central ECEast Central Electric Co-Operative DispatchUtilities
23DLake Region ECLake Region Electric Co-Operative DispatchUtilities
28DOsage Valley ECOsage Valley Co-Operative DispatchUtilities
30DCookson Hills ECCookson Hills Co-OperativeUtilities
32DIndian ECIndian Electric Co-Operative DispatchUtilities
38DNew-Mac ECNew-Mac Co-OperativeUtilities
43DSouthwest ECSouthwest Electric Co-OperativeUtilities
51DVerdigris Vly ECVerdigris Valley Co-OperativeUtilities
59DWhite River EC59White River Electric Co-OperativeUtilities
62DWhite River EC62White River Electric Co-OperativeUtilities