System Name: S and P Communications
Location: Various, AL
County: 6 Counties
System Type: NXDN NEXEDGE 9600
System Voice: NXDN Digital
System ID: HEX: L151 DEC: L337
Last Updated: May 22, 2024, 23:07 pm UTC   [Changed Site # 023 (East Enterprise) to 23 (East Enterprise)]

Sites and Frequencies

Red (c) are control channel capable frequencies
Site Name County Freqs
001 (1) Andalusia Covington 154.755154.1525c155.0925155.955153.650c153.2975151.5875
002 (2) Opp Covington 152.885c153.125c151.550151.715153.2825153.710 
003 (3) Florala Covington 152.915153.665153.170c153.230c153.560  
004 (4) Dozier Crenshaw 151.895c153.530154.490151.655153.3425  
005 (5) Luverne Crenshaw 152.9375c153.3425151.5275151.6625151.805  
006 (6) Lapine Crenshaw 153.305c153.590152.900154.4825153.050  
007 (7) SW Covington County Covington 152.975c151.865     
008 (8) Elba Coffee 151.775c153.0125152.360153.365152.270  
009 (9) Enterprise Police Coffee 154.370c156.195154.445155.700155.625  
010 (A) Troy (Northwest) Pike 152.300c153.185153.035151.835152.4275  
011 (B) Troy (East)/TSU Pike 152.4425c153.4325c153.6575151.520151.7375153.4625 
013 (D) North Covington County Covington 153.605c153.2075152.390153.4175   
015 (F) Enterprise High School Coffee 153.050c153.260c153.485152.285152.960  
016 (10) Red Level Covington 152.375c153.7325     
017 (11) New Brockton (*) Coffee 154.430c      
021 (15) Victoria Coffee 152.4125153.4025153.4475c    
022 (16) Chancellor Coffee 153.695c154.5475153.7175    
023 (17) East Enterprise Dale 151.6475c151.5575151.925153.380153.215  
024 (18) Samson (*) Geneva 156.105c154.4575158.3775    
025 (19) Geneva Geneva 155.7975155.115c158.385    
026 (1A) Slocomb (*) Geneva 159.450c158.205160.0575    
027 (1B) Hartford East Geneva 152.2925c153.290153.0275    
028 (1C) Fadette Geneva 153.245c153.0275     
029 (1D) Troy/Antioch Pike 153.545c      
030 (1E) Troy (Northeast)/Banks Pike 152.3975153.5075     


DEC Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
5246DCoffee Co CERTCommunity Emergency Response Team (County CERT)Emergency Ops
2300DCoffee SheriffSheriff: DispatchLaw Dispatch
2301DeCoffee Shrf Tac1Sheriff: Tac-1Law Tac
5300DCoffee Vol FireFire: Dispatch (County Volunteer)Fire Dispatch
4010DElba Fire DispElba Fire: DispatchFire Dispatch
4000DElba Police DispElba Police: DispatchLaw Dispatch
5249DESCC PoliceEnterprise State Community College PoliceLaw Dispatch
5309DKinston FireKinston Fire: Dispatch/OpsFire Dispatch
5301DNewBrockton FireNew Brockton Fire: Dispatch/OpsFire Dispatch
Coffee County - Enterprise
DEC Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
2401DEnterprisePolicePolice: DispatchLaw Dispatch
2402DEnterpr PD Tac 1Police: Tactical 1Law Tac
2403DEnterpr PD Tac 2Police: Tactical 2Law Tac
2421DEnterprise FireFire: DispatchFire Dispatch
2422DEntrpris FD Tac1Fire: Tac-1Fire-Tac
2481DEnterprise WaterWater DepartmentUtilities
2494DEnter Civic CtrCivic CenterPublic Works
2500DEnter Rescue/EMSRescue/EMS: DispatchEMS Dispatch
Coffee County Schools
DEC Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
5213DBrookwood ESBrookwood Elementary SchoolSchools
5220DCoppinville JHSCoppinville Junior High SchoolSchools
5219DDauphin Jr HSDauphin Junior High SchoolSchools
5203DEnterprise HS 1Enterprise High School: Bus-to-BusSchools
5211DEnterprise HS 2Enterprise High School: MaintenanceSchools
5210DEnterprise HS PrEnterprise High School: PrimarySchools
5214DHillscrest ES PrHillcrest Elementary School: PrimarySchools
5217DPinedale ESPinedale Elementary SchoolSchools
DEC Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
500DCov Co SheriffSheriff: DispatchLaw Dispatch
501DCov Co ShrfTac 1Sheriff: Tactical 1Law Tac
502DCov Co ShrfTac 2Sheriff: Tactical 2Law Tac
503DCov Co Sh InvestSheriff: InvestigatorLaw Tac
510DCov Co Drug 510Drug Task ForceLaw Tac
511DCov Co Drug 511Drug Task ForceLaw Tac
512DCov Co Drug 512Drug Task ForceLaw Tac
513DCov Co IRT Tac1 Incident Response Team: Tactical 1Law Tac
514DCov Co IRT Tac2Incident Response Team: Tactical 2Law Tac
551DCov Transit AuthCovington Area Transit AuthorityTransportation
1200DCov CountywideCountywideMulti-Tac
1500DCov MutAid AleaMutual Aid link to ALEAInterop
5116DStraughn ES Straughn Elementary School Schools
Covington County - Andalusia
DEC Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
1DAPD PrimaryPoliceLaw Dispatch
2DAPD Event 1Police: Event 1Law Tac
3DAPD Event 2Police: Event 2Law Tac
4DAPD Supervisor 4Police: SupervisorLaw Talk
5DAPD InvesigatorPolice: InvestigatorLaw Tac
6DAPD Supervisor 6Police: SupervisorLaw Talk
21DAFD PrimaryFireFire Dispatch
22DAFD Fireground 1Fireground 1Fire-Tac
23DAFD Fireground 2Fireground 2Fire-Tac
41DAnda Leisure 41Leisure ServicesPublic Works
42DAnda Leisure 42Leisure ServicesPublic Works
43DAnda Leisure 43Leisure ServicesPublic Works
44DAnda Leisure 44Leisure ServicesPublic Works
60DAnda Street 60Street DepartmentPublic Works
61DAnda Street 61Street DepartmentPublic Works
62DAnda Street 62Street DepartmentPublic Works
63DAnda Street 63Street DepartmentPublic Works
64DAnda Waste 64Waste DepartmentPublic Works
65DAnda Waste 65Waste DepartmentPublic Works
81DAnda Utilities81UtilitiesUtilities
82DAnda Utilities82UtilitiesUtilities
83DAnda Utilities83UtilitiesUtilities
84DAnda Utilities84UtilitiesUtilities
101DAnda Water 101Water WorksUtilities
102DAnda Water 102Water WorksUtilities
103DAnda Water 103Water WorksUtilities
104DAnda Water 104Water WorksUtilities
121DAnda Water 121Water WorksUtilities
123DAnda Water 123Water WorksUtilities
195DAnda Citywide 1Citywide 1Multi-Tac
196DAnda Citywide 2Citywide 2Multi-Tac
Covington County - Florala
DEC Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
1001DFloralaLh PolicePolice: Dispatch (w/ Lockhart Police)Law Dispatch
1002DFlorala PD EventPolice: EventsLaw Tac
1051DFlorala FireFireFire Dispatch
1052DFlorala Frgrnd 1Fireground 1Fire-Tac
1053DFlorala Frgrnd 2Fireground 2Fire-Tac
Covington County - Opp
DEC Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
601DOpp PolicePoliceLaw Dispatch
602DOpp PD EventsPolice EventsLaw Tac
603DOpp PD TacticalPolice TacticalLaw Tac
604DOpp PD InvestgtrPolice InvestigatorLaw Tac
651DOpp FireFireFire Dispatch
652DOpp FD Event 652Fire EventsFire-Tac
653DOpp FD Event 653Fire EventsFire-Tac
701DOpp Utilities701UtilitiesUtilities
702DOpp Utilities702UtilitiesUtilities
703DOpp Utilities703UtilitiesUtilities
704DOpp Utilities704UtilitiesUtilities
705DOpp Utilities705UtilitiesUtilities
706DOpp Utilities706UtilitiesUtilities
Covington County - Sanford
DEC Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
3010DSanford FireFireFire Dispatch
3011DSanford FD FG 1Fireground 1Fire-Tac
3012DSanford FD FG 2Fireground 2Fire-Tac
DEC Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
2000DCren Co SheriffSheriffLaw Dispatch
2001DCrenCo Shrf Tac1Sheriff: Tactical 1Law Tac
2002DCrenCo Shrf Tac2Sheriff: Tactical 2Law Tac
2003DCren Co Shrf InvSheriff: InvestigatorLaw Tac
2050DCren Co Hwy 1Highway Department: Ops 1Public Works
2051DCrnshw Hwy DmpTkHighway Department: Dump TrucksPublic Works
2052DCren Co Hwy 2Highway Department: Ops 2Public Works
2100DLuverne PoliceLuverne PoliceLaw Dispatch
2150DBrantley PoliceBrantley PoliceLaw Dispatch
5358DCrenshaw Sch BusCrenshaw County School BusSchools
DEC Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
3400DGenevaCo SheriffCounty Sheriff: DispatchLaw Dispatch
3407DSamson PoliceSamson Police: Dispatch (DB Sheriff:)Law Dispatch
3414DGeneva PoliceGeneva Police: DispatchLaw Dispatch
3422DHartford PoliceHartford Police: DispatchLaw Dispatch
3431DSlocomb PoliceSlocomb Police: DispatchLaw Dispatch
3439DGenevaCo FireCounty Fire: DispatchFire Dispatch
DEC Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
6001DTroy Police DispTroy Police: DispatchLaw Dispatch
6021DTroy Fire DispTroy Fire: DispatchFire Dispatch
6050DPike Sheriff LawCounty Law: DispatchLaw Dispatch
6056DPike SheriffSheriff: DispatchLaw Dispatch
DEC Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
3000DDCNR Game WardenGame Warden (Dept Natural Resources)Law Dispatch
3001DALEA Dothan PostALEA Dothan Post 38 Patch (Conservation)Law Dispatch
Private EMS Providers
DEC Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
801DPridemark EMSHaynes EMS DispatchEMS Dispatch
802DPridemark EMS EvHaynes EMS EventsEMS-Talk
DEC Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
3050DfarmerCoOp 3050Farmers Co-OpBusiness
3051DfarmerCoOp 3051Farmers Co-OpBusiness
3053DWiregrass TransiWiregrass Transit Authority (Houston Co)Transportation
5179Dschool 5179SchoolSchools
5251DRegency RealtyRegency Realty of EnterpriseBusiness