Palmetto TRBO/Capital City TRBO

System Name: Palmetto TRBO/Capital City TRBO
Location: Columbia, SC
County: 5 Counties
System Type: DMR Motorola Connect Plus (TRBO)
System Voice: DMR
System ID: HEX: 169 DEC: 361
Last Updated: December 31, 2021, 4:01 pm CST   [Changed Site # 001 (Mount Pleasant) to 001 (Mount Pleasant)]
System Notes

Charleston area coverage map

Columbia area coverage map

Sites and Frequencies

Red (c) are control channel capable frequencies
Site Name County Freqs
001 (1) Mount Pleasant Charleston 01 461.25002 463.250c03 462.1375c04 463.82505 464.57506 464.950
003 (3) St Stephens Berkeley 01 464.750c02 464.8625    
004 (4) Summerville Dorchester 01 461.7875c02 463.437503 464.587504 463.7375  
005 (5) Mount Pleasant Charleston 01 860.7125c02 859.712503 857.262504 856.5125  
021 (15) Columbia Richland 01 451.937502 464.662503 463.82504 464.17505 461.462506 454.5625c


DEC Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
27TRescue 1 SaludaRescue 1 SaludaEMS-Tac
DEC Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
1500000TRich 1 BusesRichland Co. School District 1 SecuritySchools
1500002TRich Co BusesRIchland Co. School Buses (Elementary)Schools
1500008TCrossRds MSCrossroads Middle School Teacher Talk-aroundSchools
1500009TSchool OpsSchool OpsSchools
1500013TSchool OpsSchool OpsSchools
1500014TIrmo HSIrmo High SchoolSchools
1500015TSchool OpsSchool OpsSchools
1500016TRich Co BusesRIchland Co. School BusesSchools
1500017TBus MaintRichland Co.. School Bus MaintenanceSchools
1500019TMiddle Schl OpsMiddle Scool OpsSchools
1500020TIrmo HSIrmo High SchoolSchools
1500021TChapin ESChapin Elementary SchoolSchools
1500022TBus to BaseSchool Bus to BaseSchools
1500023TSchool OpsSchool OpsSchools
1500025TBus MaintRichland Co. School Bus MaintenanceSchools
1500026TSchool OpsSchool OpsSchools
1500027TMiddle SchooUnknown Middle School OperationsSchools
1500031TSchool OpsUnknown School OperationsSchools
1500032TBus MaintSchool Bus MaintenanceSchools
1500035TBus DIspatchRichland Co. School Bus DispatchSchools
1500036TSchool OpsSchool OpsSchools
1500037TSchool OpsSchool OpsSchools
1500040TSchool OpsUnknown School OperationsSchools
1500046TIrmo HS OpsIrmo High School OpsSchools
1500047TElem School OpsElementary School OpsSchools
1500050TSchool OpsSchool OpsSchools
1500054TElem School OpsElementary School OpsSchools
1500058TSchool OpsSchool OpsSchools
1500064TSchool OpsSchool OpsSchools
DEC Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
1500018TTaxiTaxi ServiceTransportation
1500024TUSC ShuttleUSC Shuttle Buses (Secondary?)Transportation
1500044TTaxi DispTAXI DISPATCHTransportation
1500053TTransit BuseTransit Buses (Comet Buses?)Transportation