Silke Communications FleetNet

System Name: Silke Communications FleetNet
Location: Northern California, CA
County: 24 Counties
System Type: NXDN NEXEDGE 4800
System Voice: NXDN Digital
System ID: HEX: 50 DEC: 80
Last Updated: November 26, 2021, 6:12 pm CST   [(1) Talkgroups Updated (All)]
System Notes


Sites 44 noted off the air August 2019.

Sites and Frequencies

Red (c) are control channel capable frequencies
Site Name County Freqs
038 (26) Bear Mountain Fresno 451.79375c      
009 (9) Big Rock Bridge Marin 462.100462.475460.900460.950483.3375c451.775 
044 (2C) Central Valley Stanislaus 454.375c461.6625c     
014 (E) Cobb Mountain Lake 461.550461.750461.850460.800c   
026 (1A) Cohasset Ridge Butte 464.80625464.7625452.48125c452.83125   
015 (F) Copperopolis Calaveras 461.250461.9625c462.1375462.16875463.5875c463.8375464.8625
021 (15) Cuesta Peak San Luis Obispo 462.225463.475463.750c    
011 (B) Devil's Peak San Francisco 461.44375464.05625483.075c483.875484.575489.225 
024 (18) Downtown Sacramento Sacramento 461.075461.650461.800461.925462.025462.050463.5625
041 (29) El Dorado Hill El Dorado 461.39375461.76875462.08125462.7375c463.3625463.775 
039 (27) Fairview - Hayward Santa Clara 462.7375c463.250463.4875464.225464.875  
007 (7) Folsom High School Sacramento 451.1625c451.84375452.45625452.74375   
002 (2) Fremont Peak Monterey 454.21875c454.23125461.700454.21875462.825464.325 
010 (A) Grizzly Peak San Francisco 464.04375464.46875483.225c484.075c484.900489.800490.300
048 (30) Hiho Ridge Alameda 482.575483.525484.950c490.675   
004 (4) Huckleberry Hill Monterey 454.025c454.275461.275462.050   
012 (C) Loma Ridge Santa Clara 483.200c483.600484.400484.700484.800488.975489.200
023 (17) Monument Peak Alameda 462.11875464.31875483.3625484.275484.4375c489.3875 
020 (14) Mt Bullion Mariposa 461.050462.0125451.6875451.875452.0875c452.4875451.10625
003 (3) Mt Chual Santa Clara 454.325454.33125c461.80625462.16875463.23125451.78125451.26875
042 (2A) Mt Diablo Contra Costa 484.550c489.625484.3125489.9375c   
017 (11) Mt Jackson Sonoma 462.5375462.7375463.950460.675460.825c  
019 (13) Mt Oso Stanislaus 461.125461.475462.175462.5375c462.7375463.2875463.8625
016 (10) Mt St Helena Napa 464.900460.650c460.725460.875   
001 (1) Mt Toro Monterey 454.06875c454.14375454.15625454.350451.775  
008 (8) Mt Vaca Solano 483.350c483.700484.125484.525484.775484.975482.550
045 (2D) Near Vallejo Solano 484.100c      
031 (1F) Portnoff Peak San Luis Obispo 463.4625c      
037 (25) San Luis Obispo San Luis Obispo 463.35625c      
040 (28) Sanel Mountain Mendocino 460.66875c      
006 (6) Soledad Peak Monterey 454.31875c461.525462.075464.350   
033 (21) South Central Valley Fresno 461.9875c      
043 (2B) Sugar Pine Placer 462.250464.325451.950451.26875c452.33125  
025 (19) Sutter Buttes Sutter 461.91875c463.5625463.725464.425464.675464.7625 
018 (12) Twin Peaks San Francisco 464.36875482.400c484.550489.475490.550  
029 (1D) Twin Peaks San Francisco 482.900c      
027 (1B) Wiedemann Hill Contra Costa 461.650461.6625461.7375462.5375c464.1375464.250 
013 (D) Wild Horse Napa 461.425462.7375464.3375488.450c451.79375451.9875c 
030 (1E) Williams Hill? Monterey 452.600c      


DEC Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
24050DAA ConcreteAA Concrete SupplyBusiness
34000D34000 TowingTowingBusiness
42100DFlood ControlFlood Control or Water DistrictPublic Works
42101DFlood ControlFlood Control or Water DistrictPublic Works
50065DWUSD BusesWashington Unified School District BusesSchools
50900DGilroy USDGilroy Unified School District BusesSchools
51900DUpper Vly Disp 1Upper Valley Disposal 1Business
51901DUpper Vly Disp 2Upper Valley Disposal 2Business
51902DUpper Vly Disp 3Upper Valley Disposal 3Business
52550DMedic Ambul 1Medic Ambulance Ch. 1EMS Dispatch
52551DMedic Ambul 2Medic Ambulance Ch. 2EMS-Tac
52552DMedic Ambul 3Medic Ambulance Ch. 3EMS-Tac
52700DFCUSD BusesFolsom Cordova Unified School District BusesSchools
53100DLake BusesLake County School BusesSchools
55150D55150 TowingTowingTransportation
55170DExtreme TowExtreme Tow - San JoseTransportation
55171DF&M TowF&M Towing - San JoseTransportation
55220D55220 SpanishSpanishBusiness
55420D55420 TowingTowing in San Joaquin CountyTransportation
55426DMatos TowMatos Towing - San JoseTransportation
55430D55430 TowingTowingTransportation
55435DMorris TowingMorris and Sons Towing - Newark/San JoseTransportation
55450DAirport ShuttleHotel Airport Shuttle - Near SFOTransportation
55700D55700 TowingTowingTransportation
55720DDicks AutoDicks Automotive TransportTransportation
55721DDicks AutoDicks Automotive TransportTransportation
55723D55723 TowingTowingTransportation
56200DBAW KSJCBritish Airways Gate Agents SJCBusiness
56201DACA KSJCAir Canada Gate Agents SJCBusiness
56203DCHH KSJCHainan Airlines Gate Agents SJCBusiness
56204DCCA KSJCAir China Gate Agents SJCBusiness
56210DCourtesty TowCourtesy Tow - San JoseTransportation
56254D56254 TruckingTruckingBusiness
56501DSLUSD BusesSan Lorenzo Unified School District BusesTransportation
57002DAG Trucks 2Agricultural Trucks Ch 2Transportation
57004DAG Trucks 4Agricultural Trucks Ch 4 Talk AroundTransportation
57800DTaxi CompanyTaxi CompanyTransportation
59801DSchool Buses SFSchool Buses San FranciscoSchools