Domer Communications NE Ohio

System Name: Domer Communications NE Ohio
Location: Various, OH
County: 11 Counties
System Type: NXDN NEXEDGE 9600
System Voice: NXDN Digital
System ID: HEX: b5 DEC: 181
Last Updated: December 20, 2023, 10:41 am UTC   [Changed Site # 010 (Salem) to 10 (Salem)]

Sites and Frequencies

Red (c) are control channel capable frequencies
Site Name County Freqs
001 (1) Canton Stark 454.18125c454.23125c454.60625462.000
002 (2) Richfield Summit 454.01875c454.26875c454.59375c 
003 (3) Site 3 Portage 454.05625c454.33125c  
004 (4) Cleveland Cuyahoga 454.28125c454.60625c  
005 (5) Cadiz Harrison 454.03125c454.59375c  
006 (6) Site 6 Wayne 454.10625c454.25625c  
007 (7) Site 7 Medina 454.06875c   
008 (8) Sugarcreek Holmes 454.15625c454.48125  
009 (9) Carrollton Carroll 454.04375c454.31875  
010 (A) Salem Mahoning 454.08125c454.58125c  
012 (C) Saint Clairsville Belmont 454.60625c451.750c  


DEC Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
1DRadio TechsDomer Radio TechsBusiness
114DDiano ConcreteDiano Concrete - CantonBusiness
116DDavey Tree SvcDavey Tree Service / Plowing (Canton area)Business
122DOil-Gas Svc 122oil / gas / fracking business (Carroll Co area)Business
126DBarleys HVACBarleys Heating and ACBusiness
134DAWI-TNT IncAWI TNT Inc roll-off serviceBusiness
2003DBuckeye SweepingBuckeye Sweeping (Akron area)Business
Towing / Roadside Assistance
DEC Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
100DConleys ServiceConley's Service / General Body and TowingBusiness
118DCanton TowingCanton TowingBusiness
2001DTow 2001towing / roadside assistanceBusiness
2004DTow 2004towing (AAA subcontractor) - Copley areaBusiness
2007DTeam Towing 2007Team Towing - Akron areaBusiness
2011DTeam Towing 2011Team Towing - Akron areaBusiness
4000DNCESNorth Coast Emergency ServicesBusiness
4001DNCES SOUTHNorth Coast Emergency Services - SouthBusiness