System Name: Ottawa
Location: Ottawa, ON
County: Ottawa
System Type: Project 25 Phase II
System Voice: APCO-25 Common Air Interface Exclusive
System ID: Sysid: 02E WACN: 16B7E
Last Updated: May 30, 2024, 14:53 pm UTC   [Updated 1 talkgroups for Paramedic Services]
System Notes

All Ottawa Emergency Services are encrypted. Listings are at the bottom of the page for reference only.

Sites and Frequencies

Red (c) are control channel capable frequencies
RFSS Site Name Freqs
1 (1) 001 (1) Site 1 866.1375c866.3875c866.6375c866.8875c867.1375867.3875867.5375867.6375
1 (1) 002 (2) Site 2 866.0875866.2125866.3375c866.4625866.5875866.7125866.8375c866.9625


Municipal Services
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
20297edD311 City Service311 - City Service ResponseBusiness
20317efD311 City Service311 - City Service ResponseBusiness
20337f1D311 Spare311 - SpareBusiness
20327f0D311/Waste Link311 - Waste LinkBusiness
20397f7DBylaw/Parking 1Bylaw and Parking Control Law Talk
20377f5DBylaw/ParkingEnfBylaw EnforcementLaw Talk
20417f9DBylaw InteropBylaw InteropInterop
20347f2DBylaw SpareBylaw SpareLaw Talk
20367f4DBylaw/ParkingBylaw/ParkingLaw Talk
205880aDCity Facilities City Facilities - Property ServicesPublic Works
2073819DCity Hall SecCity Hall - SecuritySecurity
2002DCity IT ServiceCity of Ottawa - Communication/IT Installation ServicesBusiness
2812afcDCity Conf RoomCity of Ottawa - Conference Room StaffBusiness
20437fbDCity ParkingCity of Ottawa - Parking LotsPublic Works
3003DCity CommsCity of Ottawa - Radio TechniciansBusiness
6006DCity CommsCity of Ottawa - Radio TechniciansBusiness
20427faDCity SecurityCity of Ottawa - SecuritySecurity
20407f8DCity ParksCity ParksLaw Talk
2048800DCity ParksCity ParksPublic Works
2050802DCity ParksCity ParksPublic Works
206180dDCity ParksCity ParksPublic Works
206280eDCity ParksCity ParksPublic Works
206080cDCity Parks City Parks - CleaningPublic Works
20237e7DCity Plant OpsCity Waste Plant OperationsPublic Works
207481aDSecurity BFP/MPCCorporate Security - Ben Franklin Place and the Mary Pitt CenterSecurity
20387f6DEvent OpsEvent OperationsBusiness
20197e3DG/R Landfil Ops1Garbage/Recycling - Landfill Operations 1Public Works
20207e4DG/R Landfil Ops2Garbage/Recycling - Landfill Operations 2Public Works
2069815DOPH EmergencyOttawa Public Health - EmergencyPublic Works
2068814DOPH Vacc CoordOttawa Public Health - Vaccine CoordinationPublic Works
2057809DPW CulvertsPublic Works - CulvertsPublic Works
2054806DRoads CleaningRoads - CleaningPublic Works
20047d4DRoads-East MainRoads - East MainPublic Works
2056808DRoads OC/CityI/ORoads - OC Property/City InteropPublic Works
2055807DRoads-West MainRoads - West MainPublic Works
205980bDRoads WinterOps Roads - Winter Operations - SparePublic Works
20077d7DRoads/BylawRoads/Bylaw Patch/LinkPublic Works
20067d6DRoads/WasteLinkRoads/Waste LinkPublic Works
206380fDRoads 12Roads12Public Works
20177e1DWaste 1Waste 1Public Works
20187e2DWaste 2Waste 2Public Works
20217e5DWaste SpareWaste SparePublic Works
20227e6DWaste SpareWaste SparePublic Works
20247e8DWaste SpareWaste SparePublic Works
20257e9DWaste SpareWaste SparePublic Works
20357f3DWaterWaterPublic Works
20087d8DWater - EastWater - EastPublic Works
20097d9DWater - HydrantsWater - HydrantsPublic Works
20107daDWater - HydroWater - Hydro Public Works
20167e0DWater - Lemieux Water - Lemieux Island Purification PlantPublic Works
2053805DWater - SewerWater - Sewer SystemPublic Works
20137ddDWater - SpareWater - Spare- Mobile OperationPublic Works
20057d5DWater - WestWater - West Public Works

 AES used on encrypted talkgroups

DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
15055e1DTranspo ALLCALLALLCALL Transportation
1561619DOC Trans ControlControlTransportation
156361bDOC Trans ControlControlTransportation
159563bDOC Trans ControlControlTransportation
159863eDOC Trans ControlControlTransportation
15165ecDETranspo SecuritySecuritySecurity
15355ffDETranspo SecuritySecuritySecurity
15195efDETransitConstableTransit ConstablesLaw Talk
15035dfDSupervisor 1Supervisor - Channel 1Transportation
15045e0DSupervisor 2Supervisor - Channel 2Transportation
15025deDSupervisor 3 Supervisor - Channel 3 - ControlTransportation
15145eaDSupervisor 4Supervisor - Channel 4Transportation
15155ebDSupervisor 5Supervisor - Channel 5Transportation
15065e2DOperators Ch. 2Operators Ch. 2Transportation
15075e3DOperators Ch. 3Operators Ch. 3Transportation
15085e4DOperators Ch. 4Operators Ch. 4Transportation
15095e5DOperators Ch. 5Operators Ch. 5Transportation
15105e6DOperators Ch. 6Operators Ch. 6Transportation
15115e7DOperators Ch. 7Operators Ch. 7 - ControlTransportation
15125e8DOperators Ch. 8Operators Ch. 8Transportation
15135e9DOC TranspoAdmin9Scheduling / Administration Ch. 9Transportation
15205f0DServiceMechanicsService Mechanics Transportation
15215f1DServiceMechanicsService MechanicsTransportation
15235f3DServiceMechanicsService Mechanics Transportation
15285f8DParaTranspo 1 ParaTranspo 1 - General ChatTransportation
4791dfDParaTranspo 2ParaTranspo 2 - Main OperationsTransportation
15305faDParaTranspo 3ParaTranspo 3Transportation
15315fbDParaTranspo 4ParaTranspo 4 - ServiceTransportation
15295f9DParaTranspo MechParaTranspo MechanicsTransportation
15015ddDTranspo 1 RptChannel 1 RepeaterTransportation
15255f5DOC Property MgmtOC Property MaintenancePublic Works
1537601DEConfed1 MainlineLRT 1 Mainline Control Zones 1-4Transportation
1538602DEConfed2 AltLRT 2 Alternate - Maintenance of WayTransportation
1539603DEConfed3 Belfast LRT 3 Belfast Yard Zone 5Transportation
1540604DEConfed4 AlarmsLRT 4 Intrusion AlarmsTransportation
1541605DEConfed5 ShuttlesLRT 5 Employee Transportation - ShuttlesTransportation
154860cDELRT OperationsLRT OperationsTransportation
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
20017d1DInterop 1Interoperational 1Interop
20027d2DInterop 2Interoperational 2Interop
20037d3DInterop 3Interoperational 3Interop
20457fdDeInterop 4Interoperational 4Interop
20467feDEInterop 5Interoperational 5Interop
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
2872b38DCommissionairesCommissionaires Law Talk
2873b39DCommissionairesCommissionairesLaw Talk
2874b3aDECommissionaires Commissionaires OPS LinkLaw Talk
2875b3bDECommissionairesCommissionairesLaw Talk
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
25029c6DECYOW Fire 1Fire - Ch. 1Fire-Tac
25039c7DCYOW Fire 2Fire - Ch. 2 TrainingFire-Tac
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
3001bb9DEOPS EastEastLaw Dispatch
3002bbaDEOPS CentralCentralLaw Dispatch
3003bbbDEOPS WestWestLaw Dispatch
3021bcdDEOPS TS 1Traffic Services 1Law Dispatch
3022bceDEOPS TS 2Traffic Services 2Law Dispatch
3023bcfDEOPS YOWAirportLaw Dispatch
3050beaDEOPS West 2West 2Law Tac
3004bbcDEOPS Sp Ops 1Special Operations 1Law Tac
3005bbdDEOPS Sp Ops 2Special Operations 2Law Tac
3006bbeDEOPS Sp Ops 3Special Operations 3Law Tac
3038bdeDEOPS POU 1Public Order Unit 1Law Tac
3039bdfDEOPS POU 2Public Order Unit 2Law Tac
3007bbfDEOPS Event 1Event 1Law Talk
3008bc0DEOPS Event 2Event 2Law Talk
3009bc1DEOPS Event 3Event 3Law Talk
3010bc2DEOPS Event 4Event 4Law Talk
3011bc3DEOPS Event 5Event 5Law Talk
3078c06DEOPS Marine UnitMarine UnitLaw Tac
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
3502daeDEOFS DispatchDispatchFire Dispatch
3509db5DEOFS-D1_1District 1 - Central 1Fire-Tac
3510db6DEOFS D-1_2District 1 - Central 2Fire-Tac
3512db8DEOFS-D1_4District 1 - Central 4Fire-Tac
3514dbaDEOFS-D2_1District 2 - Western 1 Fire-Tac
3515dbbDEOFS-D2_2District 2 - Western 2Fire-Tac
3519dbfDEOFS-D3_1 District 3 - Southern 1Fire-Tac
3520dc0DEOFS-D3_2District 3 - Southern 2Fire-Tac
3522dc2DEOFS-D3_4District 3 - Southern 4Fire-Tac
3524dc4DEOFS-D4_1District 4 - Deep West 1Fire-Tac
3525dc5DEOFS-D4_2District 4 - Deep West 2Fire-Tac
3526dc6DEOFS-D4_3District 4 - Deep West 3Fire-Tac
3527dc7DEOFS-D4_4District 4 - Deep West 4Fire-Tac
3528dc8DEOFS-D4_5District 4 - Deep West 5Fire-Tac
3529dc9DEOFS-D5_1District 5 - Eastern 1Fire-Tac
3530dcaDEOFS-D5_2District 5 - Eastern 2Fire-Tac
3531dcbDEOFS-D5_3District 5 - Eastern 3Fire-Tac
3534dceDEOFS-D6_1 I/ODistrict 6 - Western Sector 1 - Interop with other DistrictsInterop
3536dd0DEOFS-D6_3District 6 - Western Sector 3Fire-Tac
3538dd2DEOFS-D6_5District 6 - Western Sector 5Fire-Tac
3539dd3DEOFS-D7_1District 7 - Eastern Sector Volunteers 1Fire-Tac
3540dd4DEOFS-D7_2District 7 - Eastern Sector Volunteers 2Fire-Tac
3544dd8DEOFS-D8_1District 8 - Southwest Sector 1Fire-Tac
3545dd9DEOFS-D8_2District 8 - Southwest Sector 2Fire-Tac
3546ddaDEOFS-D8_3District 8 - Southwest Sector 3Fire-Tac
3549dddDEOFS-D9_1District 9 - Southeast Sector Volunteers 1Fire-Tac
3550ddeDEOFS_D9_2District 9 - Southeast Sector Volunteers 2Fire-Tac
3552de0DEOFS-D9_4District 9 - Southeast Sector Volunteers 4Fire-Tac
3503dafDEOFS Emergency 1Emergency Channel 1Fire-Tac
3504db0DEOFS Emergency 2Emergency Channel 2Fire-Tac
3554de2DEOFS Training 1Training 1Fire-Talk
3555de3DEOFS Training 2Training 2Fire-Talk
3556de4DEOFS Training 3Training 3Fire-Talk
3557de5DEOFS Training 4Training 4Fire-Talk
Paramedic Services
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
2721aa1DEOPS Medic 1Medic 1EMS-Talk
2722aa2DEOPS Medic 2Medic 2EMS-Talk
2723aa3DEOPS Medic 3Medic 3 Special EventsEMS-Tac
2724aa4DEOPS Medic 4Medic 4EMS-Talk
2725aa5DEOPS Medic 5Medic 5EMS-Talk