Site: Municipal Services

Unique DB ID: 21423
County: Ottawa

Talkgroup Category Location Data

Latitude: 45.4023 Longitude: -75.6958 Range: 26.598415244752 Type: Defined Coverage


DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
2002DCity IT ServiceCity of Ottawa - Communication/IT Installation ServicesBusiness
3003DCity CommsCity of Ottawa - Radio TechniciansBusiness
6006DCity CommsCity of Ottawa - Radio TechniciansBusiness
20047d4DRoads-East MainRoads - East MainPublic Works
20057d5DWater - WestWater - West Public Works
20067d6DRoads/WasteLinkRoads/Waste LinkPublic Works
20077d7DRoads/BylawRoads/Bylaw Patch/LinkPublic Works
20087d8DWater - EastWater - EastPublic Works
20097d9DWater - HydrantsWater - HydrantsPublic Works
20107daDWater - HydroWater - Hydro Public Works
20137ddDWater - SpareWater - Spare- Mobile OperationPublic Works
20167e0DWater - Lemieux Water - Lemieux Island Purification PlantPublic Works
20177e1DWaste 1Waste 1Public Works
20187e2DWaste 2Waste 2Public Works
20197e3DG/R Landfil Ops1Garbage/Recycling - Landfill Operations 1Public Works
20207e4DG/R Landfil Ops2Garbage/Recycling - Landfill Operations 2Public Works
20217e5DWaste SpareWaste SparePublic Works
20227e6DWaste SpareWaste SparePublic Works
20237e7DCity Plant OpsCity Waste Plant OperationsPublic Works
20247e8DWaste SpareWaste SparePublic Works
20257e9DWaste SpareWaste SparePublic Works
20297edD311 City Service311 - City Service ResponseBusiness
20317efD311 City Service311 - City Service ResponseBusiness
20327f0D311/Waste Link311 - Waste LinkBusiness
20337f1D311 Spare311 - SpareBusiness
20347f2DBylaw SpareBylaw SpareLaw Talk
20357f3DWaterWaterPublic Works
20367f4DBylaw/ParkingBylaw/ParkingLaw Talk
20377f5DBylaw/ParkingEnfBylaw EnforcementLaw Talk
20387f6DEvent OpsEvent OperationsBusiness
20397f7DBylaw/Parking 1Bylaw and Parking Control Law Talk
20407f8DCity ParksCity ParksLaw Talk
20417f9DBylaw InteropBylaw InteropInterop
20427faDCity SecurityCity of Ottawa - SecuritySecurity
20437fbDCity ParkingCity of Ottawa - Parking LotsPublic Works
2048800DCity ParksCity ParksPublic Works
2050802DCity ParksCity ParksPublic Works
2053805DWater - SewerWater - Sewer SystemPublic Works
2054806DRoads CleaningRoads - CleaningPublic Works
2055807DRoads-West MainRoads - West MainPublic Works
2056808DRoads OC/CityI/ORoads - OC Property/City InteropPublic Works
2057809DPW CulvertsPublic Works - CulvertsPublic Works
205880aDCity Facilities City Facilities - Property ServicesPublic Works
205980bDRoads WinterOps Roads - Winter Operations - SparePublic Works
206080cDCity Parks City Parks - CleaningPublic Works
206180dDCity ParksCity ParksPublic Works
206280eDCity ParksCity ParksPublic Works
206380fDRoads 12Roads12Public Works
2068814DOPH Vacc CoordOttawa Public Health - Vaccine CoordinationPublic Works
2069815DOPH EmergencyOttawa Public Health - EmergencyPublic Works
2073819DCity Hall SecCity Hall - SecuritySecurity
207481aDSecurity BFP/MPCCorporate Security - Ben Franklin Place and the Mary Pitt CenterSecurity
2812afcDCity Conf RoomCity of Ottawa - Conference Room StaffBusiness