Georgia FleetTalk (NXDN)

System Name: Georgia FleetTalk (NXDN)
Location: Various, GA SC
County: 39 Counties
System Type: NXDN NEXEDGE 4800
System Voice: NXDN Digital
System ID: HEX: f DEC: 15
Last Updated: April 20, 2024, 12:58 pm UTC   [Updated 2 talkgroups for Business Users]
System Notes

This is a NEXEDGE48 system operated by several radio companies.
More info can be found at the FleetTalk Website. Also see the Coverage Map

Since this system has more than 30 sites, there is duplication of site numbers. 
We need to get this divided into zones by area. I believe NXDN systems are divided into unnumbered zones.  

Sites and Frequencies

Red (c) are control channel capable frequencies
Site Name County Freqs
001 (1) Atlanta Fulton, GA 452.375c452.025461.300462.325462.375451.375451.200
002 (2) Wauka Mountain White, GA 463.2625463.900452.46875c452.4625452.500461.4875463.8375
002 (2) Elberton Elbert, GA 452.73125c451.84375452.35625    
003 (3) Jasper Pickens, GA 451.78125452.20625c452.33125461.9625463.9375464.9125 
003 (3) Ila Madison, GA 451.91825452.21875452.36875451.16875c   
004 (4) Covington Newton, GA 463.6875464.5875464.8125461.5875c   
004 (4) Siloam Greene, GA 461.91875c464.34375     
005 (5) Rome Floyd, GA 452.775461.8125463.4625452.4375c463.7875  
005 (5) Crawford Oglethorpe, GA 463.7875463.88125464.0875464.26875c   
006 (6) Stone Mountain DeKalb, GA 452.825c451.175451.500451.600451.925452.750461.400
006 (6) Maxeys Oglethorpe, GA 464.8375461.4375c462.5375c463.9375464.4375  
007 (7) Sweat Mountain Cobb, GA 452.775c461.800463.475462.000463.800464.050 
008 (8) Neese Madison, GA 452.675461.3875463.9625461.9875c463.4125c  
008 (8) Thomson *MCDUFFIE McDuffie, GA 462.08125463.20625c463.46875463.80625   
009 (9) Cumming Forsyth, GA 452.675464.550451.700461.5375462.53125464.7125c464.8625
010 (A) Cartersville Bartow, GA 452.24375452.74375464.64375464.90625c   
011 (B) Locust Grove Henry, GA 452.20625452.33125c452.36875452.38125   
012 (C) Douglasville Douglas, GA 464.68125461.54375462.09375462.11875462.53125c  
013 (D) Tallapoosa Haralson, GA 461.48125461.68125c461.94375    
014 (E) Lincolnton Lincoln, GA 461.075c461.66875463.6875460.6625c   
015 (F) Currahee Mtn Stephens, GA 464.900461.075461.125c461.55625462.050463.300463.63125
015 (F) Newnan Coweta, GA 451.0375452.24375c453.00625    
016 (10) Glassy Mountain Rabun, GA 452.325462.175463.875464.925461.950c  
017 (11) Long Mountain Oconee, SC 462.125463.275463.9625461.4125c   
017 (11) Xpress Forest Park Coweta, GA 451.8125c464.550     
018 (12) Dug Gap Mountain Whitfield, GA 461.5875463.2875c463.7125464.600   
018 (12) Cleveland White, GA 451.88125452.35625c461.40625464.6375   
018 (12) Monroe Walton, GA 451.050451.075c451.250451.325   
019 (13) Chatsworth South Murray Murray, GA 461.750461.975c464.100464.9625   
020 (14) Calhoun North Gordon, GA 461.6125463.8125463.950464.3625c464.625  
021 (15) Calhoun Gordon, GA 461.675c      
022 (16) North Augusta Aiken, SC 451.0375c463.225c     
022 (16) Ellijay Gilmer, GA 451.550451.95625c461.85625463.83125   
022 (16) Sonoraville Gordon, GA 462.100463.3875463.58125464.4375c464.825  
023 (17) Fairmount Gordon, GA 461.550463.2125463.975c464.250464.750  
024 (18) Resaca Gordon, GA 461.90625c463.33125463.60625464.79375   
026 (1A) Calhoun South Gordon, GA 463.4875463.66875464.050464.525464.68125c  
027 (1B) Anderson Anderson, SC 451.2125463.7125464.3625464.5875c   
028 (1C) Little Mountain Newberry, SC 452.3875c      
029 (1D) Eatonton Putnam, GA 461.79375c462.09375462.500464.750   


Atlanta-Region Transit Link and Gwinnett County Transit
DEC Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
90DGCT LocalGCT Local Buses (Most traffic is SelCall and cannot be heard)Transportation
91DGCT ParatransitGCT Paratransit OperationsTransportation
92DATL/GCT N MaintATL and GCT North Maintenance (Rarely Used)Transportation
93DATL/GCT N SupvATL and GCT North Operations SupervisorsTransportation
94DGCT ExpressGCT Express Commuter Buses (Most traffic is SelCall and cannot be heard)Transportation
156DATL N DispatchATL North Operations DispatchTransportation
157DATL N FallbackATL North Operations Fallback Channel (Used when AVL on bus goes down)Transportation
6103DATL All CallATL and GCT All Call (Rarely Used)Transportation
6112DATL S MaintATL South MaintenanceTransportation
6113DATL S SupervisorATL South Operations SupervisorsTransportation
6117DATL S DispatchATL South Operations DispatchTransportation
6118DATL S FallbackATL South Operations Fallback Channel (Used when AVL on bus goes down)Transportation
6123DATL Ops 1ATL Operations StaffTransportation
6124DATL Fleet 2ATL Fleet StaffTransportation
6125DATL Facil 3ATL Facilities StaffTransportation
6126DATL ITS 4ATL IST StaffTransportation
6127DATL Private 5ATL Staff PrivateTransportation
Banks County Public Safety
DEC Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
20021DBanks Co EMAEmergency Management (EMA)Emergency Ops
20100DEBanks Co FireFire PatchFire Dispatch
20101DEBanks Co SheriffSheriff PatchLaw Dispatch
Gordon County Public Safety
DEC Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
30275DGordon Co BusCounty School BusesSchools
33000DGordon Co FireFire/Rescue Dispatch (Countywide)Fire Dispatch
33006DGordon SheriffSheriff DispatchLaw Dispatch
33021DGordon EMSAdventHealth Gordon EMS DispatchEMS Dispatch
34000DCalhoun FireCalhoun Fire DispatchFire Dispatch
34007DeCalhoun PoliceCalhoun Police DispatchLaw Dispatch
DEC Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
20778DLincolnCoSch BusSchool BusesSchools
20779DLincoln Co HSHigh SchoolSchools
20780DLincoln Co MSMiddle SchoolSchools
20781DLincoln Co ESElementary SchoolSchools
20782DLincolnCoSchCustSchool CustodiansSchools
DEC Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
20750DEOglethorpe Co SOSheriffLaw Dispatch
20753DEOglethorpe FireCounty FireFire Dispatch
20755DEOglethorpeCo EMSCounty EMS EMS Dispatch
20758DOglethorpe PubWkCounty Public WorksPublic Works
DEC Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
20793DPutnam Co BusPutnam County Schools TransportationSchools
DEC Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
30750DWhitfieldTransitWhitfield County TransitTransportation
DEC Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
11Dwaste 11wasteBusiness
20DWDC concrete 20Wayne Davis Concrete 20Business
37Ddump trucks 37dump trucks 37Business
42Dconcrete 42concrete 42Business
52DThomas ConcreteThomas Concrete 52Business
53DThomas ConcreteThomas Concrete 53Business
55DThomas ConcreteThomas Concrete 55Business
56DThomas ConcreteThomas Concrete 56Business
59Ddump trucks 59dump trucks 59Business
60DThomas Conc CantThomas Concrete, CantonBusiness
65Dmedical transpormedical transport serviceBusiness
96DThomas Conc AtlaThomas Concrete, AtlantaBusiness
105DThomas Conc JeffThomas Concrete, JeffersonBusiness
126Dconcrete 126Concrete Delivery ServiceBusiness
127DThomas Conc CherThomas Concrete, CherokeeBusiness
130DThomas Conc DawsThomas Concrete, DawsonvilleBusiness
131DThomas Conc DuluThomas Concrete, DuluthBusiness
132DThomas ConcreteThomas Concrete 132Business
133DThomas Conc GrayThomas Concrete, GraysonBusiness
134DThomas Conc KennThomas Concrete, KennesawBusiness
135DThomas ConcreteThomas Concrete 135Business
136DThomas Conc TuckThomas Concrete, TuckerBusiness
145DThomas ConcreteThomas Concrete 145Business
149DErnst Conc ColPkErnst Concrete, College ParkBusiness
158DThomas ConcreteThomas Concrete 158Business
159DErnst ConcreteErnst Concrete 159Business
180DWDC concrete 180Wayne Davis Concrete 180Business
181DWDC concrete 181Wayne Davis Concrete 181Business
182DWDC concrete 182Wayne Davis Concrete 182Business
183DWDC DouglasvilleWayne Davis Concrete, DouglasvilleBusiness
184DWDC concrete 184Wayne Davis Concrete 184Business
185DWDC HiramWayne Davis Concrete, HiramBusiness
186DWDC concrete 186Wayne Davis Concrete 186Business
188DWDC concrete 188Wayne Davis Concrete 188Business
190DWDC concrete 190Wayne Davis Concrete 190Business
191DWDC concrete 191Wayne Davis Concrete 191Business
192DWDC AtlantaWayne Davis Concrete, AtlantaBusiness
270DThomas ConcreteThomas Concrete 270Business
271DThomas Conc AlphThomas Concrete, AlpharettaBusiness
272DThomas Conc BenHThomas Concrete, Ben HillBusiness
273DThomas Conc BuckThomas Concrete, BuckheadBusiness
274DThomas ConcreteThomas Concrete 274Business
275DThomas Conc DoraThomas Concrete, DoravilleBusiness
276DThomas ConcreteThomas Concrete 276Business
277DThomas Conc HiraThomas Concrete, HiramBusiness
278DThomas Conc LithThomas Concrete, LithoniaBusiness
279DThomas Conc StocThomas Concrete, StockbridgeBusiness
280DThomas Conc SuwaThomas Concrete, SuwaneeBusiness
281DThomas Conc CummThomas Concrete, CummingBusiness
285DThomas Conc DahlThomas Concrete, DahlonegaBusiness
286DThomas ConcreteThomas Concrete 286Business
287DThomas Conc LawrThomas Concrete, LawrencevilleBusiness
288DThomas ConcreteThomas Concrete 288Business
600DErnstConcrete600Ernst Concrete, LawrencevilleBusiness
601DErnst Conc LithErnst Concrete 601Business
602DErnstConcrete602Ernst Concrete, JeffersonBusiness
603DErnstConcrete603Ernst Concrete, MonroeBusiness
604DErnstConcrete604Ernst Concrete 604Business
605DErnstConcrete605Ernst Concrete Mobile PlantBusiness
606DErnstConcrete606Ernst Concrete, Ball GroundBusiness
607DErnstConcrete607Ernst Concrete, DawsonvilleBusiness
830Ddump trucks 830dump trucks 830Business
7600Ddump trucks 7600dump trucks 7600Business
9700DAmicalola EMCAmicalola EMCUtilities
20009DRock CommRock CommunicationsBusiness
20017DHabersham EMC 1Habersham EMC 1Utilities
20018DHabersham EMC 2Habersham EMC 2Utilities
20769Dpropane gas20769propane gas coBusiness
20776Droll off waste roll off waste disposalBusiness
30100DBrian'sAutoSalesBrian's Auto SalesBusiness