BearCom Canada - PushPlus Network

System Name: BearCom Canada - PushPlus Network
Location: Multiple Locations, ON QC
County: 14 Counties
System Type: DMR Motorola Connect Plus (TRBO)
System Voice: DMR
System ID: HEX: c9 DEC: 201
Last Updated: July 26, 2023, 18:10 pm UTC   [Deleted 1 talkgroup(s) from Ottawa Security]
System Notes

 Network covers Eastern Ontario and Western Quebec

Occaisionally, movie/television production companies use rental radios on this system short term.

Sites and Frequencies

Red (c) are control channel capable frequencies
Site Name County Freqs
001 (1) Place De Ville Ottawa, ON 01 463.687502 460.187503 463.287504 462.237505 454.125
002 (2) Kanata Ottawa, ON 01 423.662502 422.312503 422.625  
003 (3) Chateau Royale Ottawa, ON 01 461.587502 460.787503 451.687504 461.525 
004 (4) Crosswinds Ottawa, ON 01 461.462502 463.237503 451.52504 462.1125 
005 (5) Franktown Lanark, ON 01 422.237502 422.4125   
006 (6) Moodie Drive Ottawa, ON 01 451.587503 451.312505 461.3375  
007 (7) Rockland Ottawa, ON 01 462.412503 451.212507 467.2625  
008 (8) Packenham Lanark, ON 01 451.87502 451.325   
009 (9) Cumberland Ottawa, ON 01 452.262503 462.262505 452.275  
010 (A) Kemptville Ottawa, ON 01 422.612503 422.3875   
011 (B) Metcalfe Ottawa, ON 01 451.562502 462.8375c03 452.8375  
012 (C) Camp Fortune Ottawa, ON 01 423.112503 422.562505 422.8875  
013 (D) Brockville Leeds and Grenville, ON 01 422.287502 422.4375c   
014 (E) Kingston Frontenac, ON 01 422.2125c02 422.3125c   
016 (10) Montebello Outaouais, QC 01 423.60002 422.300   
017 (11) Uplands Ottawa, ON 01 422.250c02 423.6375   
018 (12) Burnstown Renfrew, ON 01 460.07502 460.625   
019 (13) Pembroke Renfrew, ON 01 423.850c02 424.100c   
020 (14) Foymount Renfrew, ON 01 424.3875c02 423.9875c   
021 (15) Rideau Ferry Leeds and Grenville, ON 01 422.812503 423.7375   
022 (16) Vankleek Hill Prescott, Russell, United, ON 01 452.375c02 452.8875   
023 (17) Cornwall Stormont, Dundas, Glengarry, ON 01 423.3625c02 423.575c   
024 (18) Ingleside Stormont, Dundas, Glengarry, ON 01 451.27503 452.975   
025 (19) Rigeaud Monteregie, QC 01 420.4625c02 422.525   
026 (1A) Mont St-Bruno (Off-line) Monteregie, QC 01 423.7375    
028 (1C) Calumet Laurentides, QC 01 423.6375    
031 (1F) Baltimore Northumberland, ON 01 460.4125c02 461.9125c03 463.9875  
032 (20) Stirling-Rawdon Hastings, ON 01 460.7375c02 463.2125c   


DEC Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
316852TEvans Bus LinesEvans Bus Lines Transportation
1000TTurris TechsTurris Communications Radio TechsBusiness
DEC Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
531010TFirst StudentFirst Student TransportationTransportation
DEC Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
37005TLarryTowing Larry's CAA TowingBusiness
536955TDeal TaxiDeal Taxi Business
DEC Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
2315423THM PrescottHighway Maintenance - Prescott Region (High Road)Public Works
4315423THM CornwallHighway Maintenance - Cornwall Region (High Road)Public Works
DEC Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
3315423THM Vankleek HillHighway Maintenance - Vankleek Hill Region (Carillion) Public Works
DEC Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
336314TTopps Env SolTopps Environmental Solutions - Carleton PlaceBusiness
Ottawa MacDonald-Cartier International Airport
DEC Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
312188TCYOW AFSCanadian Fuel Consortia Business
313703TCYOW ShuttleShuttleTransportation
308179TWestJet TACWestJet Turn-Around-CrewBusiness
DEC Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
538660TBofC SecurityBank of CanadaSecurity
536058TCapital Spec OpsCapital Security - Special OpsSecurity
2503TComms Fed AssetCommissionaires - Federal Asset DetailSecurity
5348771TCommissionaires1Commissionaires Ch. 1 - Jean Edmonds BuildingSecurity
5348772TCommissionaires2Commissionaires Ch. 2 - Jean Edmonds BuildingSecurity
530618TCons Sq SecurityConstitution Square Security
3006TGeneralDynamicsGeneral DynamicsSecurity
332922TGov CanadaGovernment of Canada - 360 Laurier SecuritySecurity
5338953TRideau SecurityGovernor General Residence/Rideau Hall Security
536503TNRC CommContractNRC - Commissionaires Security ContractSecurity
312134TOCHOttawa Community HousingSecurity
1670TOCDSB SecurityOttawa-Carleton District School BoardSecurity
5397361TPaladinPaladin Security Security
5397362TPaladin 99RideauPaladin Security - 99 Rideau Contract 1Security
5397364TPaladin 99RideauPaladin Security - 99 Rideau Contract 2Security
5510TSecurity 10Security 10Security
5516TSecurity 16Security 16Security
5517TSecurity 17Security 17Security
5518TSecurity 18Security 18Security
5519TSecurity 19Security 19Security
5520TSecurity 20Security 20Security
5521TSecurity 21Security 21Security
5522TSecurity 22Security 22Business
5523TSecurity 23Security 23Security
5524TSecurity 24Security 24Security
5531TSecurity 31Security 31Security
5532TSecurity 32Security 32Security
5533TSecurity 33Security 33Security
5543TSecurity 43Security 43Security
5377201TSecurity 1Security Ch. 1Security
5377202TSecurity 2Security Ch. 2Security
317635TSecurityTrainingSecurity TrainingSecurity
308339TParking EnforceTarget Park - Parking EnforcementSecurity
65290TWEP SecurityWorld Exchange Plaza Security
DEC Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
538436TA1 RoofingA1 RoofingBusiness
539137TBeau's Beau's Sky Lounge - Dinner in the SkyBusiness
2310343TBldg MaintenanceBuilding MaintenanceBusiness
538028TCCI/PCHCanadian Conservatory Institute StaffBusiness
537672TCharter BusesCharter BusesTransportation
539254TCharter BusesCharter BusesTransportation
534904TXmasLightsCanadaChristmas Lights Across CanadaBusiness
5373092TCity StaffCity - Building StaffBusiness
5386432TCleaning StaffCleaning StaffBusiness
310317TCN Rail YardCN Walkley YardRailroad
5375291TComm FuelDepot 1Commercial Fuel Depot Ch. 1Business
5375292TComm FuelDepot 2Commercial Fuel Depot Ch. 2Business
5360581TGarden BusinessCommercial Garden BusinessBusiness
317731TCons ShuttleConstruction Worker ShuttleTransportation
532971TCSL GroupCSL GroupBusiness
539860TDND EventsDepartment of National Defense - EventsFederal
312132TGreely SandGreely Sand & GravelBusiness
5373751TLRT ElectricalLRT Electrical ContractorBusiness
505611TGarageMaintenance GarageBusiness
309522TNRCNational Research CouncilFederal
537792TPCH NLPH WinterNorthern Lights Parliament Hill - Winter VersionBusiness
5360781THill Tour CoordParliament Hill Tour CoordinationBusiness
538953TPT ServicePrivate Patient Transfer ServiceTransportation
539933TRentalRental for Frosh WeekBusiness
326126TResidential PlowResidential Snow PlowingBusiness
331172TScaffold-Fast OpScaffold-Fast Main OperationsBusiness
323996TSchool BusSchool BusTransportation
539756TSchool BusSchool Bus Transportation
307117TSharkey's TowingSharkey's TowingBusiness
370TThe WestinThe Westin OttawaBusiness
533569TTomlinsonTomlinson ConstructionBusiness
320402TUnited B PUnited Building ProductsBusiness
534584TWorry Free Worry Free SnowblowingBusiness
Ottawa Roads Contractors
DEC Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
331962TBeaconLite -YardBeacon Lite - Yard OperationsBusiness
312862TCity Cont SnowCity Contract - Snow RemovalBusiness
538340TCity Cont SnowCity Contract - Snow RemovalBusiness
1110TMunroMunro - John's SweepingBusiness
1120TMunroMunro - John's SweepingBusiness
325475TSnow RemovalSnow RemovalBusiness
538317TSnow RemovalSnow RemovalBusiness
5383651TSnow RemovalSnow Removal - BobcatBusiness
535806TSnow RemovalSnow Removal - Dump TrucksBusiness
538480TSnow RemovalSnow Removal - PrivateBusiness
5301901TSnow Removal 1Snow Removal 1Business
5301904TSnow Removal 4Snow Removal 4Business
College La Cite - 911 Training Center
DEC Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
66296TMaintenanceMaintenance/Staff Errands Schools
4319062TPolice TrainingSecurity/Police TrainingSchools
5319062T911 Training CtrTraining Centre 531Schools
6319062TSecurityTrainingSecurity TrainingSchools
7319062TCall Taker911 Call Taker Training Schools
11319062TEmergency DrillEmergency Training DrillSchools
13319062TMass CasualtyMass Casualty Simulations Schools
Ottawa Waste and Recycling
DEC Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
536232TMiller WasteMiller Waste City ContractBusiness
307881TMiller Waste Miller Waste SystemsBusiness
307880TMiller WasteMiller Waste Systems - CommercialBusiness
5342161TTomlinson 1Tomlinson Commerical Waste Ch. 1 Business
5342162TTomlinson 2Tomlinson Commerical Waste Ch. 2Business
2308178TWaste MgmtWaste ManagementBusiness
2312134TWaste Mgmt AptWaste Management - Apartment Complexes Business
1308178TWaste Mgmt ResWaste Management - Residential Recycling City Contract Business
308260TWM ResidentialWaste Management - South Ottawa Business
309003TWilly's/McKeownWilly's Bin Roll-Offs/McKeown ContractingBusiness
DEC Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
313686TBuffet DeliveryAsian BuffetBusiness
308742TAuto Parts DelAuto Parts DeliveryBusiness
538463TTrucking ON/PQCamionnage - ON / PQ transfrontalierBusiness
537906TCARSTAR Ott EastCARSTAR Ottawa East (Surgenor)-Parts DeliveryBusiness
338403TLetter CourierLetter CourierBusiness
5373091TMed DeliveriesMedical DeliveriesBusiness
534108TMorellTrucking 3Morell Trucking Ch. 3Business
2335470TParts DeliveryParts DeliveryBusiness
53005TSpeedy CourierSpeedy Courier Service Business
DEC Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
314425TMed Supplies DelMulvihill Drug Mart - Delivery Business
317539TEastway ContrEastway ContractingBusiness
329003TMiller WasteMiller Waste SystemBusiness
DEC Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
5345952TC-R By-lawCite Clarence-Rockland By-lawLaw Talk
5345951TC-R RoadsCite Clarence-Rockland RoadsPublic Works
DEC Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
66434TCB CementCampbell's Bay CementBusiness
531008TUS Embassy SecUS Embassy External Contract Security OpsSecurity
536775TNCC ParkingNCC Parking Control - Gatineau ParkSecurity