Hilltop Communications / ESItalk

System Name: Hilltop Communications / ESItalk
Location: Red Wing, MN, IA MN WI
County: 19 Counties
System Type: NXDN NEXEDGE 4800
System Voice: NXDN Digital
System ID: HEX: 3a DEC: 58
Last Updated: March 5, 2023, 12:47 pm CST   [Changed Site # 029 (Mankato, MN) to 29 (Mankato, MN)]

Sites and Frequencies

Red (c) are control channel capable frequencies
Site Name County Freqs
001 (1) Prescott, WI Pierce, WI 451.83125c461.65625462.100  
002 (2) Owatonna, MN Steele, MN 451.5625c452.0625452.7375462.075462.125
003 (3) Wabasha, MN Wabasha, MN 451.2875c451.5125460.925  
004 (4) Northfield, MN Rice, MN 452.20625461.41875c   
005 (5) Rochester, MN Olmsted, MN 462.0625c463.200   
006 (6) Lake City, MN Wabasha, MN 451.18125c    
007 (7) Cannon Falls, MN Goodhue, MN 451.875461.64375c   
008 (8) Hager City, WI Pierce, WI 464.73125461.750461.95625c  
011 (B) Winona, MN Winona, MN 451.1875c451.475463.375  
012 (C) Rochester. MN Olmsted, MN 460.950c    
015 (F) Storm Lake, IA Buena Vista, IA 461.275c    
016 (10) Site 16 Trempealeau, WI 454.26875c    
017 (11) Mondovi, WI Trempealeau, WI 454.28125c    
018 (12) Osseo, WI Trempealeau, WI 454.29375c    
019 (13) Arcadia, WI Trempealeau, WI 454.30625c    
021 (15) Belmond, IA Wright, IA 464.75625c462.025   
022 (16) Estherville, IA Emmet, IA 462.1875c463.575   
023 (17) Fort Dodge, IA Webster, IA 461.875c    
024 (18) Algona, IA Kossuth, IA 462.1625c463.475   
025 (19) Kensett, IA Worth, IA 464.40625c    
026 (1A) Worthington, MN Nobles, MN 461.93125c    
027 (1B) Jackson, MN Jackson, MN 452.2125c    
028 (1C) Blue Earth, MN Faribault, MN 462.94375c    
029 (1D) Mankato, MN Blue Earth, MN 462.11875c462.94375   


DEC Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
12Dwastewaste haul, RochesterBusiness
13DBluff CountryBluff Country School Bus, Lake CityTransportation
14Dwastewaste haul, RochesterBusiness
16Dpetropetro deliveryBusiness
29DDean's TowingDean's Westside Towing, Owatonna/FaribaultBusiness
52Dbusschool bus, RochesterTransportation
101Dfuelfuel delivery, WinonaBusiness
110DKohner WabashaKohner Materials - WabashaBusiness
111DKohner WinonaKohner Materials - WinonaBusiness
112DKohner WisconsinKohner Materials - WisconsinBusiness
113DKohner HastingsKohner Materials - HastingsBusiness
116DHiawathalandHiawathaland TransitBusiness
117DHiawathalandHiawathaland TransitBusiness
310DCemstone MNCemstone 310Business
311DCemstone MNCemstone 311Business
312DCemstone MNCemstone 312 SW MN areaBusiness
315DCemstone MNCemstone 315 SW MN areaBusiness
316DCemstone IACemstone Fort Dodge Dispatch AreaBusiness
318DCemstone IACemstone 318Business