System Name: New Jersey Transit
Location: Regional, NJ NY PA
County: 7 Counties
System Type: TETRA Standard
System Voice: Tetra Digital
Last Updated: June 29, 2023, 15:50 pm UTC   [Changed Site # 069 (Point Pleasant) to 69 (Point Pleasant)]
System Notes

There are no scanners on the market currently that can copy TETRA systems. Visit this link for more information.

MCC: 310
MNC: 1

This is a standard 4:1 TDMA TETRA system that can be monitored via SDR devices using the software mentioned in this thread:

The system is not simulcast - sites will only carry traffic when users are affiliated to that specific site.

Sites and Frequencies

Red (c) are control channel capable frequencies
Site Name County Freqs
001 (1) Easton Northampton, PA 854.6125857.2375  
002 (2) Newark 1 Essex, NJ 859.4875c858.2375  
003 (3) Newark 2 Essex, NJ 855.8375c858.6125  
004 (4) Kearny Hudson, NJ 854.8375c857.5375  
005 (5) Stockton Hunterdon, NJ 858.9125859.9125  
006 (6) West Orange Essex, NJ 854.1125c858.0125  
007 (7) Cranford Union, NJ 856.1875c857.1875  
008 (8) Paterson Passaic, NJ 854.6125c857.2375  
009 (9) Randolph Morris, NJ 854.8375857.5375  
010 (A) Ringwood Passaic, NJ 854.2375859.2375  
011 (B) Bayonne Hudson, NJ 856.5375c859.5125  
012 (C) Warren Somerset, NJ 856.5125c859.1875  
013 (D) Cherryville Hunterdon, NJ 856.2375854.5625  
014 (E) South Amboy Middlesex, NJ 857.6875854.0125  
015 (F) Plainsboro Middlesex, NJ 859.4875c858.2375  
016 (10) Holmdel Monmouth, NJ 859.2375854.2375c  
017 (11) Neptune Monmouth, NJ 856.5375c859.5125  
018 (12) Millstone Monmouth, NJ 855.0125858.6125c  
019 (13) Allenwood Monmouth, NJ 854.5625c856.2375  
020 (14) Toms River Ocean, NJ 854.8375c857.5375  
021 (15) Bordentown Burlington, NJ 856.3875c857.3875  
022 (16) Mount Laurel Burlington, NJ 857.6875859.0125c  
023 (17) Camden Camden, NJ 855.0375c859.8625  
024 (18) Rockaway Morris, NJ 859.5125856.5375  
025 (19) Barnegat Ocean, NJ 856.3875857.3875  
026 (1A) Turnersville Gloucester, NJ 858.3875c860.3875  
027 (1B) Waterford Works Camden, NJ 854.2375c854.6125  
028 (1C) Pilesgrove Salem, NJ 854.3375c858.0125  
029 (1D) Galloway Atlantic, NJ 855.5625857.2625  
030 (1E) Franklinville Gloucester, NJ 856.3875857.3875  
031 (1F) Mays Landing Atlantic, NJ 855.4125c858.4125  
032 (20) Bridgeton Cumberland, NJ 859.3875857.6875  
033 (21) Millville Cumberland, NJ 854.7625857.8125  
034 (22) Atlantic City Atlantic, NJ 858.2875859.8375  
035 (23) Woodbine Cape May, NJ 854.3375858.0125  
036 (24) Cape May Cape May, NJ 857.6875859.0125  
037 (25) Hardyston Sussex, NJ 859.4875858.2375  
038 (26) Warwick Orange, NY 854.5625856.2375  
039 (27) Hoboken 1 Hudson, NJ 856.1625c   
040 (28) Manhattan 1 New York City, NY 854.6625c   
041 (29) Atlantic Highlands Monmouth, NJ 859.4875858.2375  
042 (2A) Northfield Atlantic, NJ 854.0375854.5875  
043 (2B) East Brunswick Middlesex, NJ 854.6125c857.2375  
044 (2C) Dover Morris, NJ 854.0125857.6875  
045 (2D) Fort Lee 1 Bergen, NJ 855.8375858.6125  
046 (2E) Whitehouse Station Hunterdon, NJ 855.8375858.6125  
047 (2F) Fort Lee 2 Bergen, NJ 854.5625c856.2375  
048 (30) Bethlehem 1 Lehigh, PA 858.7875c   
049 (31) Bethlehem 2 Lehigh, PA 854.6375c   
050 (32) Irvington Essex, NJ 857.4125c859.9125  
051 (33) Browns Mills Burlington, NJ 858.0125c854.3375  
052 (34) Ewing Mercer, NJ 854.8375857.5375  
053 (35) Bridgewater Somerset, NJ 856.5375859.5125  
054 (36) Middlesex Middlesex, NJ 854.6875c   
055 (37) Little Egg Harbor Ocean, NJ 858.3875860.3875  
056 (38) Maplewood Essex, NJ 860.9125c   
057 (39) Wayne Passaic, NJ 859.4875c   
058 (3A) Newark 3 Essex, NJ 854.2375c   
059 (3B) Penn Station NY 1 New York City, NY 858.7125c   
061 (3D) Port Authority Bus Terminal New York City, NY 854.0125857.6875857.0375857.8875c
062 (3E) Hoboken 2 Hudson, NJ 856.5125c   
063 (3F) Penn Station NY 2 New York City, NY 856.0875c   
064 (40) Secaucus Hudson, NJ 856.0875c   
065 (41) Mount Royal Gloucester, NJ 856.6125857.1125  
066 (42) 1515 Broadway New York City, NY 857.4875859.0125c  
067 (43) Frenchtown Hunterdon, NJ 854.2375c   
068 (44) Murray Hill Union, NJ 856.0875c   
069 (45) Point Pleasant Bucks, PA 856.5375c   


Fleet 100 - New Jersey Transit Operations
DEC Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
10000TN TRANSNorth TransportationTransportation
10001TN TACTNorth TacticalTransportation
10002TCENT TRANSCentral TransportationTransportation
10003TCENT TACCentral TacticalTransportation
10004TSOUTH TRANSSouth TransportationTransportation
10005TSOUTH TACTSouth TacticalTransportation
10006TNORTH FACILNorth FacilitiesTransportation
10007TSOUTH FACILSouth FacilitiesTransportation
10008TVEH MAINTVehicle MaintenanceTransportation
10009TSAFETYSafety OperationsTransportation
10031TPABT 1Port Authority Bus Terminal 1Transportation
10032TPABT 2Port Authority Bus Terminal 2Transportation
10033TPABT 3Port Authority Bus Terminal 3Transportation
10034TPABT 4Port Authority Bus Terminal 4Transportation
10035TPABT 5Port Authority Bus Terminal 5Transportation
10036TPABT 6Port Authority Bus Terminal 6Transportation
10037TPABT 7Port Authority Bus Terminal 7Transportation
10038TPABT 8Port Authority Bus Terminal 8Transportation
10039TPABT 9Port Authority Bus Terminal 9Transportation
10040TPABT 10Port Authority Bus Terminal 10Transportation
10041TTECH SERVICESTechnical ServicesTransportation
10045TNYP 1Penn Station NY 1Transportation
10046TNYP 2Penn Station NY 2Transportation
10047TBLDG FAC HQBuilding Facilities HQTransportation
10048TSECURITY HQSecurity HQTransportation
10049TMAILROOM HQMailroom HQTransportation
10050TFLEET HQFleet HQTransportation
10051TBLDG FAC GOBBuilding Facilities GOBTransportation
10052TSECURITY GOBSecurity GOBTransportation
10053TMAILROOM GOBMailroom GOBTransportation
10089TPABT BROADCASTPort Authority Bus Terminal BroadcastTransportation
10091TEMERGENCYEmergency ChannelEmergency Ops
Fleet 101 - New Jersey Transit Police
DEC Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
10100TNORTH PATROLNorth PatrolLaw Dispatch
10101TNORTH PATROL AUXNorth Patrol AuxLaw Tac
10102TSOUTH PATROLSouth PatrolLaw Dispatch
10103TSOUTH PATROL AUXSouth Patrol AuxLaw Tac
10104TGateway SecGatewayLaw Tac
10105TMMC SecMMCLaw Tac
10106TLiberty SecLibertyLaw Tac
Fleet 102 - River Line Rail Operations
DEC Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
10200TMAINLINEMainline OperationsRailroad
10201TYARD OPSYard OperationsRailroad
10202TMAINTMaintenance OperationsRailroad
10203TSECURITYSecurity OperationsSecurity
Fleet 103 - Newark Light Rail Operations
DEC Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
10302TMAINTMaintenance OperationsRailroad
10303TSHOPShop OperationsRailroad
10304TLINELine OperationsRailroad
10305TTRACK Track OperationsRailroad
10306TYARD OPSYard OperationsRailroad
10391TEMERGENCYEmergency ChannelEmergency Ops
Fleet 104 - Hudson-Bergen Light Rail Operations
DEC Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
10400TMAINLINEMainline OperationsRailroad
10401TYARD OPSYard OperationsRailroad
10402TMAINTMaintenance OperationsRailroad
10403TSECURITYSecurity OperationsSecurity
10491TEMERGENCYEmergency ChannelEmergency Ops
Fleet 105 - Academy Bus Operations
DEC Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
10500TLEONARDOLeonardo OperationsTransportation
10501TTOMS RIVERToms River OperationsTransportation
10502TBERGENBergen OperationsTransportation
10503TWEST/POMONAWest/Pomona OperationsTransportation
10504THUDSONHudson OperationsTransportation
10505TPLAINFIELDPlainfield OperationsTransportation
10506TCOLUMBIAColumbia University OperationsTransportation
10507TNYUNY University OperationsTransportation
10508TCHARTER 1Charter Operations 1Transportation
10509TCHARTER 2Charter Operations 2Transportation
Fleet 106 - Trans-Bridge Lines Bus Operations
DEC Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
10600TMAINMain OperationsTransportation
10601TMAINTMaintenance OperationsTransportation
10603TCHARTERCharter OperationsTransportation
10604TDELAWARE RVRDelaware River OperationsTransportation
10605TSPEC EVENRSSpecial Events OperationsTransportation
Fleet 107 - Coach One Bus Operations
DEC Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
10700TOLYMPIAOlympia OperationsTransportation
10701TINDEPENDENTIndependent OperationsTransportation
10702TONE 44One 44 OperationsTransportation
10703TONE 24One 24 OperationsTransportation
Fleet 108 - Coach Community Bus Operations
DEC Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
10800T77 LINE77 Line OperationsTransportation
10801TPB LINEPB Line OperationsTransportation
Fleet 109 - Coach Suburban Bus Operations
DEC Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
10900TPORT AUTHPort Authority Bus Termal OperationsTransportation
10901TCROSSTOWNCross-Town OperationsTransportation
10902TWALL STWall Street OperationsTransportation
10903TWHEELS/OTHERWheels/Other OperationsTransportation
Fleet 110 - Transcend Operations
DEC Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
11000TMAINMain OperationsTransportation
11001TTAC 1Tactical 1Transportation
Fleet 112 - Veolia Transportation Operations
DEC Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
11200TMAINMain OperationsTransportation
Fleet 113 - Customer Service Operations
DEC Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
11300TSPEC EVENT 1Special Event 1Transportation
11301TSPEC EVENT 2Special Event 2Transportation
11302TSPEC EVENT 3Special Event 3Transportation
11303TSPEC EVENT 4Special Event 4Transportation
11304TSPEC EVENT 5Special Event 5Transportation
11305TSPEC EVENT 6Special Event 6Transportation
11306TSPEC EVENT 7Special Event 7Transportation
11307TSPEC EVENT 8Special Event 8Transportation
11308TSPEC EVENT 9Special Event 9Transportation
11309TSPEC EVENT 10Special Event 10Transportation
11310TSPEC EVENT 11Special Event 11Transportation
11311TSPEC EVENT 12Special Event 12Transportation
11312TSPEC EVENT 13Special Event 13Transportation
11313TSPEC EVENT 14Special Event 14Transportation
11314TSPEC EVENT 15Special Event 15Transportation
11315TSPEC EVENT 16Special Event 16Transportation
11316TSPEC EVENT 17Special Event 17Transportation
11317TSPEC EVENT 18Special Event 18Transportation
11318TSPEC EVENT 19Special Event 19Transportation
11319TSPEC EVENT 20Special Event 20Transportation
11399TSPEC EVENT ANNSpecial Event AnnouncementTransportation
Fleet 120 - Revenue Bus Operations
DEC Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
901TREV BUS 1Revenue Bus Operations 1Transportation
902TREV BUS 2Revenue Bus Operations 2Transportation
903TREV BUS 3Revenue Bus Operations 3Transportation
904TREV BUS 4Revenue Bus Operations 4Transportation
905TREV BUS 5Revenue Bus Operations 5Transportation
906TREV BUS 6Revenue Bus Operations 6Transportation
907TREV BUS 7Revenue Bus Operations 7Transportation
908TREV BUS 8Revenue Bus Operations 8Transportation
909TREV BUS 9Revenue Bus Operations 9Transportation
910TREV BUS 10Revenue Bus Operations 10Transportation
911TREV BUS 11Revenue Bus Operations 11Transportation
912TREV BUS 12Revenue Bus Operations 12Transportation
913TREV BUS 13Revenue Bus Operations 13Transportation
914TREV BUS 14Revenue Bus Operations 14Transportation
915TREV BUS 15Revenue Bus Operations 15Transportation
916TREV BUS 16Revenue Bus Operations 16Transportation
917TEA 1EA 1Transportation
918TEA 2EA 2Transportation
919TEA 3EA 3Transportation
920TEA 4EA 4Transportation
921TEA 5EA 5Transportation
922TEA 6EA 6Transportation
923TEA 7EA 7Transportation
924TFB HOW/IRONHowell/Ironbound Garage FallbackTransportation
925TFB BIG/HILTONBig Tree/Hilton Garage FallbackTransportation
926TFB ORNG/DOVEROrange/Dover Garage FallbackTransportation
927TFB MEADOW/GREENMeadowlands/Greenville Garage FallbackTransportation
928TFB ORA/FAIROradell/Fairview Garage FallbackTransportation
929TFB WAYNE/MARKETWayne/Market St Garage FallbackTransportation
930TFB NEWTON/WTFNewton/Washington Twp Garage FallbackTransportation
931TFB EGG HBR/HAMTNEgg Harbor/Hamilton Garage FallbackTransportation