System Name: Florida FleetTalk
Location: Various, FL
County: 28 Counties
System Type: NXDN NEXEDGE 4800
System Voice: NXDN Digital
System ID: HEX: 60 DEC: 96
Last Updated: March 11, 2024, 23:59 pm UTC   [Changed Site # 048 (Sebring) to 48 (Sebring)]
System Notes

Florida Fleettalk is a consortium of multiple companies . Highland Wireless started build out of the system in 2010.

Sites and Frequencies

Red (c) are control channel capable frequencies
Site Name County Freqs
039 (27) Gainesville Alachua 452.275c452.500452.850463.825c   
003 (3) Fort Lauderdale Broward 471.350471.600471.900c472.100472.350472.575472.675
005 (5) Coral Springs Broward 461.100c461.40625461.900    
006 (6) Hallandale Beach Broward 470.950471.300471.625472.200472.2125472.325c472.475
010 (A) Sunrise Broward 471.100471.325471.725c471.850c   
014 (E) Davie Broward 451.5375c      
016 (10) North Fort Lauderdale Broward 461.625462.00625c462.275c462.5375   
021 (15) Baldwin Duval 451.9125c463.6875c     
022 (16) Jacksonville Duval 452.500461.9375c463.5125463.7125c464.450  
048 (30) Sebring Highlands 464.4375c464.7625c     
015 (F) Tampa Hillsborough 464.6625454.25625c454.64375c    
009 (9) Vero Beach Indian River 462.175463.500463.7875464.300c464.825c  
036 (24) Clermont Lake 461.325461.650c462.525    
046 (2E) Fort Myers Lee 461.950c461.7125c462.7375c    
037 (25) Ocala Marion 461.350c463.875c     
004 (4) Palm City Martin 461.375463.900c464.8375462.475452.44375  
001 (1) Miami Miami-Dade 471.225471.550471.675472.0625472.075472.1375472.425c
011 (B) Cutler Ridge Miami-Dade 470.375471.525c471.800471.750   
018 (12) Princeton Miami-Dade 470.6125c471.150c471.450c471.900c   
025 (19) Miami Miami-Dade 462.5375c461.400461.675461.850   
032 (20) Miami International Airport Miami-Dade 472.700c      
041 (29) Miami Government Center Miami-Dade 471.40625c      
042 (2A) MPA Miami Miami-Dade 462.7375c      
017 (11) Marathon Monroe 462.500c      
038 (26) Tavernier Monroe 452.000c452.725c     
012 (C) Okeechobee Okeechobee 464.225464.600c464.9375c    
008 (8) Orlando Orange 461.475463.39375463.625c464.0625c464.400c  
026 (1A) Buena Vista Orange 461.075c463.450463.79375464.175c   
030 (1E) Orlando Orange 452.175c451.375c451.675c    
034 (22) Bithlo-2 Orange 454.55625454.26875c454.31875c454.41875c454.54375c  
033 (21) St. Cloud Osceola 454.15625454.28125454.43125c454.59375454.60625c  
002 (2) Delray Palm Beach 470.550470.800471.050c471.3625c471.4375472.0875472.650
007 (7) West Palm Palm Beach 461.475462.200c463.325c463.750464.0625464.450464.850
029 (1D) Lantana Palm Beach 454.48125c454.53125454.58125c    
040 (28) Jupiter Palm Beach 463.200c464.025c462.7375    
043 (2B) Lake Harbor Palm Beach 451.85625c452.200     
044 (2C) Dade City Pasco 463.49375c462.5375c     
045 (2D) Hudson Pasco 463.2125c463.625c462.7375c    
020 (14) St. Petersburg Pinellas 463.8875452.0125454.44375c    
013 (D) Lakeland Polk 452.800461.200461.275462.000463.575c451.0875451.13125
035 (23) North Lakeland Polk 451.10625c      
047 (2F) Frostproof Polk 454.48125c      
028 (1C) Palatka Putnam 461.750462.025463.250c464.025   
031 (1F) Sarasota (Fruitville) Sarasota 461.575c      
027 (1B) Sanford Seminole 461.500461.74375c463.31875c463.70625c   
023 (17) St. Augustine St. Johns 461.9125462.075462.1625c    
019 (13) Fort Pierce St. Lucie 462.450c461.68125c461.900    
024 (18) Daytona Beach Volusia 451.725452.025c462.350463.725   


DEC Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
4067DA ReliableTowingA Reliable Towing (Orlando)Transportation
2537DAccessLynx 1Access Lynx Dispatch 1 (Orlando)Transportation
2538DAccessLynx 2Access Lynx Dispatch 2 (Orlando)Transportation
2541DAccessLynx 5Access Lynx/NeighborLink Help Channel (Orlando)Transportation
2542DAccessLynx 6Access Lynx/NeighborLink Maintenance Channel (Orlando)Transportation
3401DAdkison Towing Adkison Towing (Jacksonville)Business
4118DAdvanced D ClayAdvanced Disposal Trash Pick-Up (Clay County)Business
4117DAdvanced D JaxAdvanced Disposal Trash Pick-Up (Jacksonville)Business
907DAG Land Agricultural Land Services (Boynton Beach)Business
277DAll County AAll County Ambulance (Fort Pierce)EMS Dispatch
767DAllied Security1Allied Universal Security (Miami-Dade County)Security
770DAllied Security2Allied Universal Security (Miami-Dade County)Security
67DAmerican 67AmericanBusiness
259DEAA ORL 2American Ambulance (Orlando) 2EMS Dispatch
258DAA ORL DISPAmerican Ambulance (Orlando) DispatchEMS Dispatch
260DAA 260American Ambulance 260EMS Dispatch
3005DArgos FlaglerArgos Ready Mix (Flagler County)Business
3001DArgos OrlandoArgos Ready Mix (Orlando)Business
3003DArgos Polk CoArgos Ready Mix (Polk County)Business
3004DArgos VolusiaArgos Ready Mix (Volusia County)Business
697DEBeach Towing Beach Towing (Miami Beach)Business
4017DBolles Bolles - Transportation (Jacksonville)Business
3501DBuddys Towing Buddys Towing (Daytona Beach)Business
1177DBus 1177Bus (South Florida Cruise Ports)Transportation
1127DCandS Towing CandS Towing (Orange City)Business
807DCavalry Chapel SCavalry Chapel - Security (Fort Lauderdale)Security
4007DDump TrucksDump Trucks (Jacksonville)Business
1077DEEmerald TowEmerald Towing (Deerfield Beach)Business
299DEEncrypted 299Encrypted 299Business
300DEEncrypted 300Encrypted 300Business
3167DFCCEnviroPolkFCC Environmental (Polk County)Business
3147DFCCEnviroVolusiaFCC Environmental (Volusia County)Business
3807DFCCEnvironmentalFCC Environmental Services (Palm Beach County)Business
3900DEFisher CommFisher Communications (Jacksonville)Business
4157DFryer's Towing Fryers Towing (Daytona Beach)Business
4127DHicks Trucking Hicks Trucking (St Augustine)Business
4147DHobbs Land DevHobbs Land Development (St Augustine)Business
427DEJ and J TowingJ and J Towing (Broward County)Business
477DJohn's PlumbJohn's PlumbingBusiness
4137DKenzie HaulingKenzie Hauling (St Augustine)Business
2657DLexus OrlandoLexus OrlandoBusiness
1200DLifeFlightLifeFlight - Dispatch (Miami-Dade County)EMS Dispatch
2539DAccessLynx 3Lynx NeighborLink Dispatch 1 (Orlando)Transportation
2540DAccessLynx 4Lynx NeighborLink Dispatch 2 (Orlando)Transportation
4057DMaddenAire ACMaddenaire Heating and Air ConditioningBusiness
897DMDX RRMiami-Dade Expressway Authority Road RangersBusiness
1207DMontes Tree SvcMontes Tree Services (Palm City)Business
3137DMVTransportationMV TransportationTransportation
1202DNicklaus Eng Nicklaus Childrens Hospital - Engineering (Miami-Dade County)Business
1201DNicklaus SecNicklaus Childrens Hospital - Security (Miami-Dade County)Security
49DPalm Beach Polo Palm Beach Polo Golf and Country Club (Wellington)Security
3187DPutnam SchoolsPutnam County Schools - BusesTransportation
1047DReliable TowReliable Towing (Port Saint Lucie)Business
3307DSchool BusesSchool Buses (unknown location)Business
786DSecurity 786Security (Miami-Dade County) Security
4097DShappels Shappels (Duval and St Johns)Business
4027DSims Trucking Sims Trucking (St. Augustine)Business
1DSE FLTLKSouthEast Wide AllCall (Bridged) Business
87DSuperiorMixMiamiSuperior Mix, MiamiBusiness
447DESuperior TowingSuperior Towing (Davie)Business
677DSupermixConcreteSupermix ConcreteBusiness
627DSupermixSupermix Concrete (Broward County)Business
637DSupermix DFLDSupermix Concrete (Deerfield Beach)Business
657DSupermix FPSupermix Concrete (Fort Pierce)Business
57DTaxi 57Taxi (Miami-Dade County)Transportation
129DTTN Tampa 1Total Traffic Network - Tampa 1Business
130DTTN Tampa 2Total Traffic Network - Tampa 2Business
127DTTN MiamiTotal Traffic Network - MiamiBusiness
128DTTN OrlandoTotal Traffic Network - OrlandoBusiness
317DTricountyTowTri-County Automotive and Towing (Fort Pierce)Business
1187DUniform SecUniform SecuritySecurity
4077DUNF Osprey University of North Florida Shuttle (Osprey Connector) JacksonvilleTransportation
4000DVolusia Towing Volusia Towing (Holly Hill)Business
1171DWaste Conn 1171Waste ConnectionsBusiness
1175DWaste Conn 1175Waste Connections (Highlands County)Business
1143DWaste ConnectionWaste Connections (Miami-Dade County)Business
1145DWaste ConnectionWaste Connections (Miami-Dade County)Business
1147DWaste Conn 1147Waste Connections ApopkaBusiness
1139DWaste Conn 1139Waste Connections BrowardBusiness
1137DWaste Conn 1137Waste Connections Miami/DadeBusiness
1138DWaste Conn 1138Waste Connections Miami/DadeBusiness
1140DWaste Conn 1140Waste Connections Miami/DadeBusiness
1141DWaste Conn 1141Waste Connections Miami/DadeBusiness
1142DWaste Conn 1142Waste Connections Miami/DadeBusiness
1144DWaste Conn 1144Waste Connections Miami/DadeBusiness
1148DWaste Conn 1148Waste Connections OrlandoBusiness
1151DWaste Conn 1151Waste Connections Orlando areaBusiness
1152DWaste Conn 1152Waste Connections Orlando areaBusiness
1153DWaste Conn 1153Waste Connections Orlando areaBusiness
1157DWaste Conn 1157Waste Connections Tampa areaBusiness
1158DWaste Conn 1158Waste Connections Tampa areaBusiness
1159DWaste Conn 1159Waste Connections Tampa areaBusiness
1161DWaste Conn 1161Waste Connections Tampa areaBusiness
1162DWaste Conn 1162Waste Connections Tampa areaBusiness
1163DWaste Conn 1163Waste Connections Tampa areaBusiness
1166DWaste Connx EastWaste Connx East PascoBusiness
1165DWaste Connx WestWaste Connx Pasco WestBusiness
347DWatson Security Watson Pharmaceuticals -Security (Davie)Security
357DWestbrookTowWestbrook Towing (Miami)Business
157DEWestway TowingWestway Towing (Fort Lauderdale)Transportation