System Name: Avista Utilities
Location: Various, ID MT OR WA
County: 21 Counties
System Type: MPT-1327 Standard
System Voice: Analog
Last Updated: October 6, 2022, 9:17 am CDT   [Changed Site # 16585 (Mt Spokane) to 16585 (Mt Spokane)]
System Notes

See Wiki for unknown site information.

26 Site TaitNet MPT1327

Channels 0XX use a Base of 216.99375
Channels 1XX use a Base of 215.74375
Channels 2XX use a Base of 214.49375
Transmitters are on 6.25 KHz centers.
Custom Bandplan uses 12.5 KHz Steps

Sites and Frequencies

Red (c) are control channel capable frequencies
Site Name County Freqs
16521 (4089) Ritzville Adams, WA 217.00625c217.13125217.25625 
16529 (4091) Creston Lincoln, WA 217.03125c217.15625217.28125 
16537 (4099) Three Springs Grant, WA 217.06875c217.19375217.31875 
16553 (40A9) Devils Gap Lincoln, WA 217.05625c217.18125217.30625 
16561 (40B1) Flagstaff Stevens, WA 217.01875c217.14375217.26875 
16569 (40B9) Colville Mt Stevens, WA 217.04375c217.16875217.29375 
16577 (40C1) Monumental Mtn Stevens, WA 217.09375c217.21875217.34375 
16585 (40C9) Mt Spokane Spokane, WA 217.24375217.36875217.61875c 
16593 (40D1) Mica Peak Kootenai, ID 217.08125217.20625c217.33125217.71875
16649 (4109) Goose Peak Shoshone, ID 217.06875c217.19375217.31875 
16657 (4111) St Joe Baldy Benewah, ID 217.04375c217.16875217.29375 
16665 (4119) Black Mt Boundary, ID 217.00625c217.13125217.25625 
16681 (4129) Sandpoint Bonner, ID 217.03125c217.15625217.28125 
16817 (41B1) Steptoe Butte Whitman, WA 217.23125c217.35625  


DEC Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
7100ASouthAllCallSouth Zone All CallUtilities
7101ALineStringerLine StringerUtilities
7110ALinemen DispLineman DispatchUtilities
7120APullmanPullman DispatchUtilities
7130AGrangevilleGrangeville DispatchUtilities
7140AOrofinoOrofino DispatchUtilities
7150ATelcom ShopTelcom ShopUtilities
7160ASysOpAllCallSystem Operator All CallUtilities
7170ASouth WhiteSouth WhiteUtilities
7180ASouth BlueSouth BlueUtilities
DEC Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
7200AWestAllCallWest Zone All CallUtilities
7201ALineStringerLine StringerUtilities
7210AOthelloOthello DispatchUtilities
7220ADavenportDavenport DispatchUtilities
7230ALongLk LFallLong Lake Little Falls DispatchUtilities
7250ATelcom ShopTelcom ShopUtilities
7260ASysOpAllCallSystem Operator All CallUtilities
7270AWest WhiteWest WhiteUtilities
7280AWest BlueWest BlueUtilities
DEC Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
7300AEastAllCallEast Zone All CallUtilities
7301ALineStringerLine StringerUtilities
7310ACDA ElectricCoeur d'Alene Electric DispatchUtilities
7320ACDA GasCoeur d'Alene Gas DispatchUtilities
7330AKellogg DispKellogg DispatchUtilities
7340ASt MariesSt Maries DispatchUtilities
7350ATelcom ShopTelcom ShopUtilities
7360ASysOpAllCallSystem Operator All CallUtilities
7370AEast WhiteEast WhiteUtilities
7380AEast BlueEast BlueUtilities
DEC Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
7400ANWZ AllCallNorthwest Zone All CallUtilities
7401ALineStringerLine StringerUtilities
7410AColvilleColville DispatchUtilities
7420AKettle FallsKettle Falls DispatchUtilities
7450ATelcom ShopTelcom ShopUtilities
7460ASysOpAllCallSystem Operator All CallUtilities
7470ANW WhiteNorthwest WhiteUtilities
7480ANW BlueNorthwest BlueUtilities
North Central Zone
DEC Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
7500ANCZ AllCallNorth Central Zone All CallUtilities
7501ALineStringerLine StringerUtilities
7510ASandpointSandpoint DispatchUtilities
7550ATelcom ShopTelcom ShopUtilities
7560ASysOpAllCallSystem Operator All CallUtilities
7570ANCZ WhiteNorth Central WhiteUtilities
7580ANCZ BlueNorth Central BlueUtilities
DEC Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
7600ANEZ AllCallNortheast Zone All CallUtilities
7601ALineStringerLine StringerUtilities
7620ACabinetCabinet DispatchUtilities
7630AClark ForkClark Fork DispatchUtilities
7640ANoxonNoxon DispatchUtilities
7650ATelcom ShopTelcom ShopUtilities
7660ASysOpAllCallSystem Operator All CallUtilities
7670ANEZ WhiteNortheast WhiteUtilities
7680ANEZ BlueNortheast BlueUtilities
DEC Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
7700ACZ AllCallCentral Zone All CallUtilities
7710ASpokane ElecSpokane Electric DispatchUtilities
7720ASpokane GasSpokane Gas DispatchUtilities
7740AUndergroundUnderground NetUtilities
7750ATelcom ShopTelcom ShopUtilities
7760ASysOpAllCallSystem Operator All CallUtilities
7770ACZ WhiteCentral WhiteUtilities
7780ACZ BlueCentral BlueUtilities
7820ARelay ShopCentral Relay ShopUtilities
7830AMeter ShopCentral Meter ShopUtilities