System Name: Baltimore County
Location: Various, MD
County: Baltimore
System Type: Project 25 Phase I
System Voice: APCO-25 Common Air Interface Exclusive
System ID: Sysid: 389 WACN: BEE00
Last Updated: August 11, 2020, 6:13 pm CDT   [Changed Site # 002 (Simulcast) to 002 (Simulcast)]

Sites and Frequencies

Red (c) are control channel capable frequencies
RFSS Site Name Freqs
1 (1) 002 (2) Simulcast 854.0125854.0375c854.5625856.0625856.2125c856.4625856.6875856.7125


DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
945024eaDBCFD MainMain DispatchFire Dispatch
945124ebDBCFD CentralCentral OpsFire-Tac
945224ecDBCFD NorthNorth OpsFire-Tac
945324edDBCFD EastEast OpsFire-Tac
945424eeDBCFD WestWest OpsFire-Tac
945524efDBCFD A3 ADOA3 ADOFire-Tac
945624f0DBCFD A8 ADMA8 ADMFire-Tac
945724f1DBCFD A4 SUPA4 SUPFire-Tac
945824f2DBCFD A2 EMSA2 EMSFire-Tac
945924f3DBCFD A5 DFMA5 DFMFire-Tac
946024f4DBCFD B12B12 AC 10Fire-Tac
946124f5DBCFD B11 T11B11 Tac 11Fire-Tac
946224f6DBCFD B3 T12B3 Tac 12Fire-Tac
946324f7DBCFD B4 T13B4 Tac 13Fire-Tac
946424f8DBCFD B5 T14B5 Tac 14Fire-Tac
946524f9DBCFD B6 T15B6 Tac 15Fire-Tac
946624faDBCFD B7 T16B7 Tac 16Fire-Tac
946724fbDBCFD B8 T17B8 Tac 17Fire-Tac
946824fcDBCFD B9 T18B9 Tac 18Fire-Tac
946924fdDBCFD B10 T19B10 Tac 19Fire-Tac
947024feDBCFD J12J12 AC 110NFire-Tac
947124ffDBCFD J11J11 BATAC 111NFire-Tac
94722500DBCFD J3J3 BATAC 112NFire-Tac
94732501DBCFD J4J4 BATAC 113NFire-Tac
94742502DBCFD J5J5 BATAC 114NFire-Tac
94752503DBCFD J6J6 BATAC 115NFire-Tac
94762504DBCFD J7J7 BATAC 116NFire-Tac
94772505DBCFD J8J8 BATAC 117NFire-Tac
94782506DBCFD J9J9 BATAC 118NFire-Tac
94792507DBCFD J10J10 BATAC 119NFire-Tac
94802508DBCFD D12D12 AC 20Fire-Tac
94812509DBCFD D11 T21D11 Tac 21Fire-Tac
9482250aDBCFD D3 T22D3 Tac 22Fire-Tac
9483250bDBCFD D4 T23D4 Tac 23Fire-Tac
9484250cDBCFD D5 T24D5 Tac 24Fire-Tac
9485250dDBCFD D6 T25D6 Tac 25Fire-Tac
9486250eDBCFD D7 T26D7 Tac 26Fire-Tac
9487250fDBCFD D8 T27D8 Tac 27Fire-Tac
94882510DBCFD D9 T28D9 Tac 28Fire-Tac
94892511DBCFD D10 T29D10 Tac 29Fire-Tac
94902512DBCFD K12K12 AC 120NFire-Tac
94912513DBCFD K11K11 Tac 121NFire-Tac
94922514DBCFD K3K3 Tac 122NFire-Tac
94932515DBCFD K4K4 Tac 123NFire-Tac
94942516DBCFD K5K5 Tac 124NFire-Tac
94952517DBCFD K6K6 Tac 125NFire-Tac
94962518DBCFD K7K7 Tac 126NFire-Tac
94972519DBCFD K8K8 Tac 127NFire-Tac
9498251aDBCFD K9K9 Tac 128NFire-Tac
9499251bDBCFD K10K10 Tac 129NFire-Tac
9500251cDBCFD F12F12 AC 30SFire-Tac
9501251dDBCFD F11F11 Tac 31SFire-Tac
9502251eDBCFD F3 T32SF3 Tac 32SFire-Tac
9503251fDBCFD F4 T33SF4 Tac 33SFire-Tac
95042520DBCFD F5 T34SF5 Tac 34SFire-Tac
95052521DBCFD F6 T35SF6 Tac 35SFire-Tac
95062522DBCFD F7 T36SF7 Tac 36SFire-Tac
95072523DBCFD F8 T37SF8 Tac 37SFire-Tac
95082524DBCFD F9 T38SF9 Tac 38SFire-Tac
95092525DBCFD F10F10 Tac 39SFire-Tac
95102526DBCFD G12G12 AC 40SFire-Tac
95112527DBCFD G11G11 Tac 41SFire-Tac
95122528DBCFD G3 T42SG3 Tac 42SFire-Tac
95132529DBCFD G4 T43SG4 Tac 43SFire-Tac
9514252aDBCFD G5 T44SG5 Tac 44SFire-Tac
9515252bDBCFD G6 T45SG6 Tac 45SFire-Tac
9516252cDBCFD G7 T46SG7 Tac 46SFire-Tac
9517252dDBCFD G8 T47SG8 Tac 47SFire-Tac
9518252eDBCFD G9 T48SG9 Tac 48SFire-Tac
9519252fDBCFD G10G10 Tac 49SFire-Tac
95202530DBCFD E12E12 AC 50Fire-Tac
95212531DBCFD E11 T51E11 Tac 51Fire-Tac
95222532DBCFD E3 T52E3 Tac 52Fire-Tac
95232533DBCFD E4 T53E4 Tac 53Fire-Tac
95242534DBCFD E5 T54E5 Tac 54Fire-Tac
95252535DBCFD E6 T55E6 Tac 55Fire-Tac
95262536DBCFD E7 T56E7 Tac 56Fire-Tac
95272537DBCFD E8 T57E8 Tac 57Fire-Tac
95282538DBCFD E9 T58E9 Tac 58Fire-Tac
95292539DBCFD E10 T59E10 Tac 59Fire-Tac
9530253aDBCFD C12C12 AC 60Fire-Tac
9531253bDBCFD C11 T61C11 Tac 61Fire-Tac
9532253cDBCFD C3 T62C3 Tac 62Fire-Tac
9533253dDBCFD C4 T63C4 Tac 63Fire-Tac
9534253eDBCFD C5 T64C5 Tac 64Fire-Tac
9535253fDBCFD C6 T65C6 Tac 65Fire-Tac
95362540DBCFD C7 T66C7 Tac 66Fire-Tac
95372541DBCFD C8 T67C8 Tac 67Fire-Tac
95382542DBCFD C9 T68C9 Tac 68Fire-Tac
95392543DBCFD C10 T69C10 Tac 69Fire-Tac
95402544DBCFD H12H12 AC 70Fire-Tac
95412545DBCFD H11 T71H11 Tac 71Fire-Tac
95422546DBCFD H3 T72H3 Tac 72Fire-Tac
95432547DBCFD H4 T73H4 Tac 73Fire-Tac
95442548DBCFD H5 T74H5 Tac 74Fire-Tac
95452549DBCFD H6 T75H6 Tac 75Fire-Tac
9546254aDBCFD H7 T76H7 Tac 76Fire-Tac
9547254bDBCFD H8 T77H8 Tac 77Fire-Tac
9548254cDBCFD H9 T78H9 Tac 78Fire-Tac
9549254dDBCFD H10 T79H10 Tac 79Fire-Tac
9550254eDBCFD I12I12 AC 80Fire-Tac
9551254fDBCFD I11 T81I11 Tac 81Fire-Tac
95522550DBCFD I3 T82I3 Tac 82Fire-Tac
95532551DBCFD I4 T83I4 Tac 83Fire-Tac
95542552DBCFD I5 T84I5 Tac 84Fire-Tac
95552553DBCFD I6 T85I6 Tac 85Fire-Tac
95562554DBCFD I7 T86I7 Tac 86Fire-Tac
95572555DBCFD I8 T87I8 Tac 87Fire-Tac
95582556DBCFD I9 T88I9 Tac 88Fire-Tac
95592557DBCFD I10 T89I10 Tac 89Fire-Tac
95602558DBCFD Trng 1Training 1Fire-Tac
95612559DBCFD Trng 2STraining 2SFire-Tac
9562255aDBCFD Trng 3STraining 3SFire-Tac
9563255bDBCFD Trng 4NTraining 4NFire-Tac
9564255cDBCFD ACADACADFire-Tac
9566255eDBCFD PF97PF97Fire-Tac
9567255fDBCFD PF98PF98Fire-Tac
95682560DBCFD PF99PF99Interop
95692561DBCFD M1 191M1 191Fire-Tac
95702562DBCFD M2 192M2 192Fire-Tac
95712563DBCFD M3 193M3 193Fire-Tac
95722564DBCFD M4 194M4 194Fire-Tac
95732565DBCFD M5 195M5 195Fire-Tac
95742566DBCFD M6 196M6 196Fire-Tac
95752567DBCFD M7 197M7 197Fire-Tac
95762568DBCFD M8 198M8 198Fire-Tac
95772569DBCFD VOLVOLFire-Tac
9578256aDBCFD FIDFIDFire-Tac
9579256bDEMRC Call221EMRC Call 221Hospital
9580256cDEMRC 224EMRC 224Hospital
9581256dDEMRC 228EMRC 228Hospital
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
96002580DBCPD WilkOpsWilkens OpsLaw Dispatch
96012581DBCPD WoodOpsWoodlawn OpsLaw Dispatch
96022582DBCPD FrnkOpsFranklin OpsLaw Dispatch
96032583DBCPD PikeOpsPikesville OpsLaw Dispatch
96042584DBCPD TowOpsTowson OpsLaw Dispatch
96052585DBCPD CocOpsCockeysville OpsLaw Dispatch
96062586DBCPD PrkvOpsParkville OpsLaw Dispatch
96072587DBCPD WhitOpsWhite Marsh OpsLaw Dispatch
96082588DBCPD EssxOpsEssex OpsLaw Dispatch
96092589DBCPD NrthOpsNorthpoint OpsLaw Dispatch
9612258cDBCPD CID 1Criminal Investigations Division 1Law Tac
9613258dDEBCPD CID 2Criminal Investigations Division 2Law Tac
96172591DEBCPD IntelIntelligenceLaw Tac
96182592DBCPD TraingTrainingLaw Tac
96192593DBCPD AcadTrnAcademy - TrainingLaw Tac
96222596DBCPD WarrTFWarrant Task ForceLaw Tac
96242598DBCPD RATTRegional Auto Theft Taskforce (RATT)Law Tac
9628259cDEBCPD CIDNrc2Criminal Investigations Division - Narcotics 2Law Tac
9629259dDBCPD CIDNarcCriminal Investigations Division - NarcoticsLaw Tac
963425a2DBCPD WilkTacWilkens TacLaw Tac
963525a3DBCPD WoodTacWoodlawn TacLaw Tac
963625a4DBCPD FrnkTacFranklin TacLaw Tac
963725a5DBCPD PikeTacPikesville TacLaw Tac
963825a6DBCPD TowTacTowson TacLaw Tac
963925a7DBCPD CocTacCockeysville TacLaw Tac
964025a8DBCPD CocTacNCockeysville Tac NorthLaw Tac
964125a9DBCPD PrkvTacParkville TacLaw Tac
964225aaDBCPD WhitTacWhite Marsh TacLaw Tac
964325abDBCPD EssxTacEssex TacLaw Tac
964425acDBCPD NrthTacNorthpoint TacLaw Tac
965025b2DEBCPD HNT Hostage Negotiation TeamLaw Tac
965125b3DBCPD HNT 2Hostage Negotiation Team 2Law Tac
965225b4DBCPD WilkISUWilkens ISU (301)Law Tac
965325b5DBCPD WoodISUWoodlawn ISU (302)Law Tac
965425b6DBCPD FrnkISUFranklin ISU (303)Law Tac
965525b7DBCPD PikeISUPikesville ISU (304)Law Tac
965625b8DBCPD TowISUTowson ISU (306)Law Tac
965725b9DBCPD CocISUCockeysville ISU (307)Law Tac
965825baDBCPD CocISUNCockeysville ISU NorthLaw Tac
965925bbDBCPD PrkvISUParkville ISU (308)Law Tac
966025bcDBCPD WhitISUWhitemarsh ISU (309)Law Tac
966125bdDBCPD EssxISUEssex ISU (311)Law Tac
966225beDBCPD NrthISUNorthpoint ISU (312)Law Tac
966525c1DBCPD WilkEvtWilkens EventLaw Tac
966625c2DBCPD WoodEvtWoodlawn EventLaw Tac
966725c3DBCPD FrnkEvtFranklin EventLaw Tac
966825c4DBCPD PikeEvtPikesville EventLaw Tac
966925c5DBCPD TowEvtTowson EventLaw Tac
967025c6DBCPD CocEvtCockeysville EventLaw Tac
967125c7DBCPD CocEvtNCockeysville Event NorthLaw Tac
967225c8DBCPD PrkvEvtParkville EventLaw Tac
967325c9DBCPD WhitEvtWhite Marsh EventLaw Tac
967425caDBCPD EssxEvtEssex EventLaw Tac
967525cbDBCPD NrthEvtNorthpoint EventLaw Tac
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
941024c2DBCSO MainMainLaw Dispatch
941124c3DBCSO Ct SecCourt SecurityLaw Tac
942024ccDBC DetCntr ADetention Center ACorrections
942124cdDBC DetCntr BDetention Center BCorrections
942224ceDBC DetCtrMntDetention Center MaintenanceCorrections
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
940124b9DBCo RadTrng 9401Radio TrainingPublic Works
940224baDBCo RadTrng 9402Radio TrainingPublic Works
940324bbDBCo RadTrng 9403Radio TrainingPublic Works
943024d6DBCo ElSv218SElectronic Services 218SPublic Works
943324d9DBCo ElSv222Electronic Services 222Public Works
9582256eDBCo OEM 1Office of Emergency Management 1Emergency Ops
9583256fDBCo OEM 2Office of Emergency Management 2Emergency Ops
968325d3DBCo Hghwy1-2Highways 1-2Public Works
968725d7DBCo Hwy 9687HighwaysPublic Works
969125dbDBCo HghwySpvHighways - SupervisorsPublic Works
969225dcDBCo Hwy 9692HighwaysPublic Works
969425deDBCo Hwy 9694HighwaysPublic Works
969525dfDBCo UtilSupvUtilities - SupervisorsPublic Works
969825e2DBCo WastSupvSolid Waste - SupervisorsPublic Works
970025e4DBCo UtilSafeUtilities - SafetyPublic Works
970125e5DBCo CountRidCountyrideTransportation
970725ebDBCo BldgSupvBuilding Maintenance SupervisorsPublic Works
970825ecDBCo AnimCntlAnimal ControlPublic Works
971025eeDBCo RecParksRecreation and ParksPublic Works
971225f0DBCo Bd ElectBoard of ElectionsPublic Works
9850267aDBCo V1 CoopV1 County CoopInterop
9851267bDBCo V2 Ev2V2 Event 2Interop
9852267cDBCo V3 Ev3V3 Event 3Interop
9853267dDBCo V4 Ev4V4 Event 4Interop
9854267eDBCo V5 Ev5V5 Event 5Interop
9855267fDBCo V6 Ev6V6 Event 6Interop
98562680DBCo V7 Ev7V7 Event 7Interop
98572681DBCo V8 Ev8V8 Event 8Interop
98582682DBCo V9 Ev9V9 Event 9Interop
98592683DBCo V10 Ev10V10 Event 10Interop
98602684DBCo V11 Ev11V11 Event 11Interop
98612685DBCo V12 Ev12V12 Event 12Interop
98622686DBCo V13 Ev13V13 Event 13Interop
98632687DBCo V14 Ev14V14 Event 14Interop
98642688DBCo V15 E15NV15 Event15NInterop
98652689DBCo V16 E16NV16 Event16NInterop
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
944024e0DBCo Sch SecSecuritySecurity
944124e1DBCo SchTransTransportationSchools