Middle Tennessee Regional Trunked Radio System

System Name: Middle Tennessee Regional Trunked Radio System
Location: Multiple, TN
County: 5 Counties
System Type: Project 25 Phase II
System Voice: APCO-25 Common Air Interface Exclusive
System ID: Sysid: 44B WACN: BEE00
Last Updated: January 5, 2024, 6:18 pm CST   [Updated 10 talkgroups for Davidson County Sheriff Office]
System Notes

This new Project 25 digital simulcast network, will replace the old legacy trunked system used by many public safety agencies in and around the Nashville Metro area.

5/4/2018 Phase II data verified by DSD+

All Williamson County Public Safety Talkgroups are full time encrypted.

April 2022, new Davidson County Services simulcast site number 4 added.  This site will expand and eventually replace all remaining users on Motorola Legacy System "B".

Sites and Frequencies

Red (c) are control channel capable frequencies
RFSS Site Name County Freqs
3 (3) 003 (3) Davidson County Simulcast Davidson 851.550852.075853.3125853.6125854.0125854.5875856.2125
3 (3) 004 (4) Davidson County Services Davidson 851.9625852.125853.850855.9125c856.4625c856.7625c856.9375
3 (3) 011 (B) Mount Juliet Wilson 851.1375c851.3875c852.550c853.125c853.550  
3 (3) 016 (10) Goodlettsville Davidson 851.7375c852.4625c853.4875c853.925c   
3 (3) 020 (14) Williamson County Simulcast Williamson 769.11875771.10625771.48125771.83125772.13125772.38125772.58125
3 (3) 021 (15) Franklin Williamson 769.23125769.38125769.73125769.88125774.51875774.86875c 


Davidson County Office of Emergency Management
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
1943797D01 OEMPOffice of Emergency Management PrimaryEmergency Ops
19597a7D02 ESU-TOC1Emergency Situation Unit Tactical 1Emergency Ops
194779bD03 ESU-TOC2Emergency Situation Unit Tactical 2Emergency Ops
194979dD04 ESC-NWSEmergency Situation Command/NWSEmergency Ops
19637abD05 USARUrban Search & RescueEmergency Ops
1945799D06 MAYOROffice of Emergency Management Mayor OfficeEmergency Ops
10604296cDDavidsn OEM DispDispatchEmergency Ops
Davidson County Emergency Communication Center
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
2911b5fDEECC PRI PrimaryEmergency Ops
2915b63DEECCT1Training 1Emergency Ops
2917b65DEECCT2Training 2Emergency Ops
1017527bfDEECC1Ops 1Emergency Ops
1017627c0DEECC2Ops 2Emergency Ops
1017727c1DEECC3Ops 3Emergency Ops
1017827c2DEECC4Ops 4Emergency Ops
1017927c3DeECC5Ops 5Emergency Ops
1018027c4DeECC6Ops 6Emergency Ops
1018127c5DeECC7Ops 7Emergency Ops
1018227c6DeECC8Ops 8Emergency Ops
Davidson County System Unified Command
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
3001bb9DA1 UNI 1Unified Command 1Interop
3003bbbDA2 UNI 2Unified Command 2Interop
3005bbdDA3 UNI 3Unified Command 3Interop
3007bbfDA4 UNI 4Unified Command 4Interop
3009bc1DA5 UNI 5Unified Command 5Interop
3011bc3DA6 JOPS 6Joint Operations 6Interop
3013bc5DA7 JOPS 7Joint Operations 7Interop
3015bc7DA8 JOPS 8Joint Operations 8Interop
3017bc9DA9 JOPS 9Joint Operations 9Interop
3019bcbDA10 OEM HAILHailing for OEMEmergency Ops
10011271bDEA11 SEC 11Secure Operations 11Interop
10012271cDEA12 SEC 12Secure Operations 12Interop
10013271dDEA13 SEC 13Secure Operations 13Interop
10014271eDEA14 SEC 14Secure Operations 14Interop
10015271fDEA15 SEC 15Secure Operations 15Interop
100162720DEA16 SEC 16Secure Operations 16Interop
Davidson County System Unified Command Reserve
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
3029bd5DPSRES01Unified Command Reserve Pool 1Interop
3031bd7DPSRES02Unified Command Reserve Pool 2Interop
3033bd9DPSRES03Unified Command Reserve Pool 3Interop
3035bdbDPSRES04Unified Command Reserve Pool 4Interop
3037bddDPSRES05Unified Command Reserve Pool 5Interop
3039bdfDPSRES06Unified Command Reserve Pool 6Interop
3041be1DPSRES07Unified Command Reserve Pool 7Interop
3043be3DPSRES08Unified Command Reserve Pool 8Interop
3045be5DPSRES09Unified Command Reserve Pool 9Interop
3047be7DPSRES10Unified Command Reserve Pool 10Interop
3049be9DPSRES11Unified Command Reserve Pool 11Interop
3051bebDPSRES12Unified Command Reserve Pool 12Interop
3053bedDPSRES13Unified Command Reserve Pool 13Interop
3055befDPSRES14Unified Command Reserve Pool 14Interop
3057bf1DPSRES15Unified Command Reserve Pool 15Interop
3059bf3DPSRES16Unified Command Reserve Pool 16Interop
Davidson County/Metro Nashville System Wide Mutual Aid
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
100172721DSYSMA01System Wide Mutual Aid 01Interop
100182722DSYSMA02System Wide Mutual Aid 02Interop
100192723DSYSMA03System Wide Mutual Aid 03Interop
100202724DSYSMA04System Wide Mutual Aid 04Interop
100212725DSYSMA05System Wide Mutual Aid 05Interop
100222726DSYSMA06System Wide Mutual Aid 06Interop
100232727DSYSMA07System Wide Mutual Aid 07Interop
100242728DSYSMA08System Wide Mutual Aid 08Interop
100252729DSYSMA09System Wide Mutual Aid 09Interop
10026272aDSYSMA10System Wide Mutual Aid 10Interop
10027272bDSYSMA11System Wide Mutual Aid 11Interop
10028272cDSYSMA12System Wide Mutual Aid 12Interop
10029272dDSYSMA13System Wide Mutual Aid 13Interop
10030272eDSYSMA14System Wide Mutual Aid 14Interop
10031272fDSYSMA15System Wide Mutual Aid 15Interop
100322730DSYSMA16System Wide Mutual Aid 16Interop
Davidson County/Metro Nashville Special Event
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
100492741DSPEV D01Special Event 01 Nissan Stadium AdminMulti-Tac
100502742DSPEV D02Special Event 02 Nissan Stadium TrafficMulti-Tac
100512743DSPEV D03Special Event 03 Nissan Stadium SecurityMulti-Tac
100522744DSPEV D04Special Event 04 Nissan Stadium Special OpsMulti-Tac
100532745DSPEV D05Special Event 05 Vanderbilt UniversityMulti-Tac
100542746DSPEV D06Special Event 06 TN State UniversityMulti-Tac
100552747DSPEV D07Special Event 07 Bridgestone ArenaMulti-Tac
100562748DSPEV D08Special Event 08 First Horizon ParkMulti-Tac
100572749DSPEV D09Special Event 09 Ascend AmpitheaterMulti-Tac
10058274aDSPEV D10Special Event 10 New MLS StadiumMulti-Tac
10059274bDSPEV D11Special Event 11Multi-Tac
10060274cDSPEV D12Special Event 12Multi-Tac
10061274dDSPEV D13Special Event 13Multi-Tac
10062274eDSPEV D14Special Event 14Multi-Tac
10063274fDSPEV D15Special Event 15Multi-Tac
Nashville Fire/EMS Zone B
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
12514e3DF B1DISPNFD Main Dispatch B1Fire Dispatch
12534e5DF B2SOCNFD Special Operations B2Fire-Tac
12554e7DF B3ADMNFD Administration B3Fire-Tac
103522870DEF B3ADMNFD Fire Admin Secure B3Fire-Tac
1313521DF B4SOCNFD Special Operations B4Fire-Tac
1315523DF B5MEDNFD EMS Operations B5Fire-Tac
103542872DEF B5ADMNFD EMS Admin Secure B5Fire-Tac
12594ebDF B6TOCNFD Tactical Operations B6Fire-Tac
12614edDF B7TOCNFD Tactical Operations B7Fire-Tac
12634efDF B8TOCNFD Tactical Operations B8Fire-Tac
12654f1DF B9TOCNFD Tactical Operations B9Fire-Tac
12674f3DF B10TOCNFD Tactical Operations B10Fire-Tac
12694f5DF B11TOCNFD Tactical Operations B11Fire-Tac
12714f7DF B12TOCNFD Tactical Operations B12Fire-Tac
12734f9DF B13TOCNFD Tactical Operations B13Fire-Tac
12754fbDF B14TOCNFD Tactical Operations B14Fire-Tac
12774fdDF B15TOCNFD Tactical Operations B15Fire-Tac
12794ffDF B16VLFNFD Tactical Operations B16 Vandy LifeflightEMS Dispatch
Nashville Fire/EMS Zone B (Encrypted)
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
10350286eDENFD B1 DispMain Dispatch B1Fire Dispatch
10351286fDENFD B2 SOCSpecial Operations B2Fire-Tac
103532871DENFD B4 SOCSpecial Operations B4Fire-Tac
103552873DENFD B6 TOCTactical Operations B6Fire-Tac
103562874DENFD B7 TOCTactical Operations B7Fire-Tac
103572875DENFD B8 TOCTactical Operations B8Fire-Tac
103582876DENFD B9 TOCTactical Operations B9Fire-Tac
103592877DENFD B10 TOCTactical Operations B10Fire-Tac
103602878DENFD B11 TOCTactical Operations B11Fire-Tac
103612879DENFD B12 TOCTactical Operations B12Fire-Tac
10362287aDENFD B13 TOCTactical Operations B13Fire-Tac
10363287bDENFD B14 TOCTactical Operations B14Fire-Tac
10364287cDENFD B15 TOCTactical Operations B15Fire-Tac
Nashville Fire/EMS Zone C
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
10365287dDNFD C2NFD Tactical Operations C2Fire-Tac
10366287eDNFD C3NFD Tactical Operations C3Fire-Tac
10367287fDNFD C4NFD Tactical Operations C4Fire-Tac
103682880DNFD C5NFD Tactical Operations C5Fire-Tac
103692881DNFD C6NFD Tactical Operations C6Fire-Tac
103702882DNFD C7NFD Tactical Operations C7Fire-Tac
103712883DNFD C8NFD Tactical Operations C8Fire-Tac
103722884DNFD C9NFD Tactical Operations C9Fire-Tac
103732885DNFD C10NFD Tactical Operations C10Fire-Tac
103742886DNFD C11NFD Tactical Operations C11Fire-Tac
103752887DNFD C12NFD Tactical Operations C12Fire-Tac
103762888DNFD C13NFD Tactical Operations C13Fire-Tac
103772889DNFD C14NFD Tactical Operations C14Fire-Tac
10378288aDNFD C15NFD Tactical Operations C15Fire-Tac
1070129cdDENFD C2 ENCNFD Tactical Operations C2Fire-Tac
1070229ceDENFD C3 ENCNFD Tactical Operations C3Fire-Tac
1070329cfDENFD C4 ENCNFD Tactical Operations C4Fire-Tac
1070429d0DENFD C5 ENCNFD Tactical Operations C5Fire-Tac
1070529d1DENFD C6 ENCNFD Tactical Operations C6Fire-Tac
1070629d2DENFD C7 ENCNFD Tactical Operations C7Fire-Tac
1070729d3DENFD C8 ENCNFD Tactical Operations C8Fire-Tac
1070829d4DENFD C9 ENCNFD Tactical Operations C9Fire-Tac
1070929d5DENFD C10 ENCNFD Tactical Operations C10Fire-Tac
1071029d6DENFD C11 ENCNFD Tactical Operations C11Fire-Tac
1071129d7DENFD C12 ENCNFD Tactical Operations C12Fire-Tac
1071229d8DENFD C13 ENCNFD Tactical Operations C13Fire-Tac
1071329d9DENFD C14 ENCNFD Tactical Operations C14Fire-Tac
1071429daDENFD C15 ENCNFD Tactical Operations C15Fire-Tac
1071529dbDENFD C16 ENCNFD Tactical Operations C16Fire-Tac
Nashville Fire/EMS Zone D
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
134353fDEF D2DIRNFD Unit-to-Unit D2Fire-Tac
1345541DEF D3ADMNFD Administration D3Fire-Tac
1413585DEF D4PIONFD Public Information Officer D4Fire-Tac
1415587DEF D5ADMNFD Administration D5Fire-Tac
135554bDEF D6TA1NFD Training 1 D6Fire-Tac
135754dDEF D7TA2NFD Training 2 D7Fire-Tac
142158dDEF D8TA3NFD Training 3 D8Fire-Tac
135954fDEF D9FMO-1NFD Fire Marshall 1 D9Fire-Tac
1361551DEF D10FM0-2NFD Fire Marshall 2 D10Fire-Tac
1411583DEF D11FM0-3NFD Fire Safety D11Fire-Tac
1347543DEF D12FMO-4NFD Fire Arson D12Fire-Tac
1417589DEF D13ADMNFD Administration D13Fire-Tac
139156fDEF D14REBNFD Fire Buff Rehab D14Fire-Tac
Nashville Fire/EMS Zone E
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
1363553DEE1 BAPTNFD Baptist HospitalHospital
1365555DEE2 VANDYNFD Vandy HospitalHospital
1367557DEE3 VPEDNFD Vandy Pediatric HospitalHospital
1369559DEE4 MEDCTNFD Medical ControlHospital
137155bDEE5 GENERNFD General HospitalHospital
137355dDEE6 STTOMNFD St Thomas HospitalHospital
137555fDEE7 CMDNFD Centennial Medical CenterHospital
1377561DEE8 SUMMTNFD Summit HospitalHospital
1379563DEE9 SKYLNNFD Sky Line HospitalHospital
1381565DEE10 SHILNFD Southern Hills HospitalHospital
1385569DEE11 VANFD Veterans Administration HospitalHospital
138756bDEE12 HOS1NFD Hospital to Hospital 1Hospital
138956dDEE13 HOS2NFD Hospital to Hospital 2Hospital
1040628a6DEE14 CCHNFD Centennial Childrens HospitalHospital
Davidson County Board of Health
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
2321911DME 1Medical Examiners OfficeLaw Tac
25019c5DHEA 1MACAnimal Control ServicesLaw Tac
25039c7DHEA 2 BTBio Terrorism OperationsEmergency Ops
25059c9DHEA 3EMTExecutive ManagementEmergency Ops
25079cbDHEA 4LOGLogisticsEmergency Ops
25099cdDHEA 5OPSOperationsEmergency Ops
25119cfDHEA6ICBTICBT ManagementEmergency Ops
Nashville Police Zone 1 (Encrypted)
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
1020427dcDE* P104CNTD ECentral DispatchLaw Dispatch
1021227e4DE* P112PCMD ECommand 2 DispatchLaw Tac
1021327e5DE* P113PCMD ECommand 3 DispatchLaw Tac
1021427e6DE* P114PCMD ECommand 4 DispatchLaw Tac
1021527e7DE* P115PCMD ECommand 5 DispatchLaw Tac
1021027e2DE* P110CWID ECountywide DispatchLaw Dispatch
1020227daDE* P102ESTD EEast DispatchLaw Dispatch
1020527ddDE* P105HRMD EHermitage DispatchLaw Dispatch
1020727dfDE* P107MADD EMadison DispatchLaw Dispatch
1020827e0DENPD Midtown H EMidtown Hills DispatchLaw Dispatch
1020627deDE* P106NRTD ENorth DispatchLaw Dispatch
1021127e3DE* P108RW ENPD Records/WarrantsLaw Dispatch
1020927e1DE* P109MHD ERecords WarrantsLaw Tac
1020327dbDE* P103STHD ESouth DispatchLaw Dispatch
1020127d9DE* P101WSTD EWest DispatchLaw Dispatch
Nashville Police Zone 1

Police precinct primary dispatch is on the encrypted zone 1 talkgroups.

DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
625271DNPD CntywideDispCountywide DispatchLaw Dispatch
Nashville Police Zone 2
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
659293DEP201WSTANPD West AdministrativeLaw Tac
66729bDEP202ESTANPD East AdministrativeLaw Tac
66929dDEP203STHANPD South AdministrativeLaw Tac
67129fDEP204CNTANPD Central AdministrativeLaw Tac
6732a1DEP205HRMANPD Hermitage AdministrativeLaw Tac
661295DEP206NRTANPD North AdministrativeLaw Tac
665299DEP207MADANPD Madison Sector AdministrativeLaw Tac
6752a3DEP208ALA1NPD Common AdministrativeLaw Tac
663297DEP209ALA2NPD All Sector AdministrativeLaw Tac
657291DEP210CWIANPD Countywide AdministrativeLaw Tac
6772a5DEP211TAC1NPD Tactical Pool 1Law Tac
6792a7DEP212TAC2NPD Tactical Pool 2Law Tac
6812a9DEP213TAC3NPD Tactical Pool 3Law Tac
6832abDEP214TAC4NPD Tactical Pool 4Law Tac
6852adDEP215TAC5NPD Tactical Pool 5Law Tac
6872afDEP216TAC6NPD Tactical Pool 6Law Tac
Nashville Police Zone 3
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
7392e3DEP302BOMBNPD Bomb SquadLaw Tac
6972b9DEP304YTHSNPD YouthSchool ServicesLaw Tac
7632fbDEP305SCHLNPD School ServicesLaw Tac
7372e1DEP306AVK9NPD K9 OfficersLaw Tac
6892b1DEP307SRV1NPD Investigative Services 1Law Tac
6912b3DEP308SRV2NPD Investigative Services 2Law Tac
6932b5DEP309SRV3NPD Investigative Services 3Law Tac
6952b7DEP310SRV4NPD Investigative Services 4Law Tac
Nashville Police Zone 4
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
7332ddDEP401TRN1Training 1Law Tac
7572f5DEP402TRN2Training 2Law Tac
7672ffDEP403TRN3Training 3Law Tac
769301DEP404TRN4Training 4Law Tac
7452e9DEP405TRN5Training 5Law Tac
7152cbDEP406FACSFacilities SecurityLaw Tac
7472ebDEP407FLETFleet MaintenanceLaw Tac
7492edDEP408VIMPVehicle ImpoundLaw Tac
7512efDEP409 R4Reserve 4Law Tac
7532f1DEP410 R5Reserve 5Law Tac
7552f3DEP411 R6Reserve 6Law Tac
7652fdDEP412 R7Reserve 7Law Tac
7112c7DEP413 R8Reserve 8Law Tac
643283DEP414 R9Reserve 9Law Tac
771303DEP415R10Reserve 10Law Tac
775307DEP416R11Reserve 11Law Tac
Nashville Police Zone 5
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
7072c3DEP502SIDPIntelligence PrimaryLaw Tac
7432e7DEP503SIDAIntelligence AlternateLaw Tac
6992bbDEP504VIC1Vice Operations 1Law Tac
7012bdDEP505VIC2Vice Operations 2Law Tac
7032bfDEP506VIC3Vice Operations 3Law Tac
7052c1DEP507VIC4 Vice Operations 4Law Tac
7092c5DEP508VIC5Vice Operations 5Law Tac
777309DEP509TF20Task Force 20Law Tac
77930bDEP511WCSUND West Crime Suppression UnitLaw Tac
78130dDEP512ECSUEast Crime Suppression UnitLaw Tac
78330fDEP513SCSUSouth Crime Suppression UnitLaw Tac
785311DEP514CCSUCentral Crime Suppression UnitLaw Tac
787313DEP515HCSUHermitage Crime Suppression UnitLaw Tac
789315DEP516NCSUNorth Crime Suppression UnitLaw Tac
791317DEP MAD-CSUMadison Crime Suppression UnitLaw Tac
793319DEP MID-CSUMidtown Hills Crime Suppression UnitLaw Tac
Nashville Police Zone 6
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
7232d3DEP602SRT1NPD SWAT Negotiation 1Law Tac
7252d5DEP603SRT2NPD SWAT Negotiation 2Law Tac
7412e5DEP604SWT3NPD SWAT Negotiation 3Law Tac
7172cdDEP605SWT4NPD SWAT Operations 4Law Tac
7192cfDEP606SWT5NPD SWAT Operations 5Law Tac
7212d1DEP607SWT6NPD SWAT Operations 6Law Tac
7312dbDEP608SWT7NPD SWAT Operations 7Law Tac
7352dfDEP609SWT8NPD SWAT Operations 8Law Tac
7272d7DEP610NEG1NPD Negotiators 1Law Tac
7292d9DEP611NEG2NPD Negotiators 2Law Tac
Nashville Police Zone 7
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
7592f7DEP701OPA1Office of Accountability 1Law Tac
7612f9DEP702OPA2Office of Accountability 2Law Tac
Davidson County Sheriff Office
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
1875753DSO 1DISPSheriff DispatchLaw Dispatch
1877755DSO 2WARSheriff WarrantsLaw Tac
1879757DSO 3TRANSheriff TransportationLaw Tac
1881759DSO 4INVSheriff InvestigationLaw Tac
188375bDSO 5SOR1Sheriff Special Operations Response Team 1Law Tac
188575dDSO 6SOR2Sheriff Special Operations Response Team 2Law Tac
188775fDSO 7 ADMSheriff AdministrativeLaw Tac
1889761DSO 8SCSSheriff Community ServiceLaw Tac
1897769DSO 9CJCSheriff Facility Criminal Justice Center (CJC)Corrections
189976bDSO 10HDCHill Detention Center (HDC)Law Tac
190176dDSO11CDMCorrectional Development Center – Male (CCDCM)Corrections
1046928e5DSO11CDCMCorrectional Development Center – Male (CCDCM)Corrections
190376fDSO12CDCFCorrectional Development Center – Female (CCDCF)Corrections
1905771DSO 13ORCOffender Reentry Center (ORC)Corrections
1907773DSO14CRTSSheriff Facility Courthouse SecurityCorrections
1909775DSO15TRAINSheriff TrainingLaw Tac
1043928c7DSO DDC MCDowntown Detention Center: Master Control (DDC)Corrections
1046728e3DSO DDC INTDowntown Detention Center: Internal (DDC)Corrections
1046828e4DSO DDC SECDowntown Detention Center: Secondary (DDC)Corrections
Davidson County Metro Park Rangers
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
210783bDEPRPL 1Park Rangers Operations 1Law Tac
210983dDEPRPL 2Park Rangers Operations 2Law Tac
211183fDEPRPL 3Park Rangers Operations 3Law Tac
Davidson County Juvenile Courts
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
2305901DJUV 1Juvenile Court Operations 1Law Tac
2307903DJUV 2Juvenile Court Operations 2Law Tac
2309905DJUV 3Juvenile Court Operations 3Law Tac
State and Federal Law Enforcement
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
2165875DUSM01US Marshal ServiceLaw Tac
2329919DTWRATennessee Wildlife Resource AgencyLaw Tac
Metro Nashville Airport
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
3067bfbDOFFSITE 1Airport Authority Ops 1 (offsite)Emergency Ops
3069bfdDOFFSITE 2Airport Authority Ops 2 (offsite)Emergency Ops
Nashville Electric Zone B
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
3003DNB1OHCCentral Emergency Line DispatchUtilities
5005DNB2OHC1Central Field 1 Storm Dispatch 1Utilities
7007DNB3OHC2Central Field 1 Storm Dispatch 2Utilities
9009DNB4OHC3Central Field 1 Storm Dispatch 3Utilities
1100bDNB5OHC4Central Field 1 Storm Dispatch 4Utilities
1300dDNB6OWWest DispatchUtilities
1500fDNB7OH1West Field 1Utilities
17011DNB8OH2West Field 2Utilities
19013DNB9OH3West Field 3Utilities
21015DNB10ODDonelson DispatchUtilities
23017DNB11OD1Donelson Field 1Utilities
25019DNB12OD2Donelson Field 2Utilities
2701bDNB13OD3Donelson Field 3Utilities
2901dDNB14LD3Load Dispatch 3Utilities
3101fDNB15LD2Load Dispatch 2Utilities
33021DNB16LD1Load Dispatch 1Utilities
1014927a5DLOAD DISP 1Load Dispatch 1 (P25)Utilities
Nashville Electric Zone C
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
35023DNC1USU S DispatchUtilities
37025DNC2US1U S Field 1Utilities
39027DNC3US2U S Field 2Utilities
41029DNC4US3U S Field 3Utilities
4302bDNC5TST1Test Field 1Utilities
4502dDNC6TST2Test Field 2Utilities
4702fDNC7MTRMeter DispatchUtilities
49031DNC8MTR1Meter Field 2Utilities
51033DNC9REMeter Reconnect DispatchUtilities
53035DNC10RE1Meter Reconnect Field 1Utilities
55037DNC11EG1Engineering 1Utilities
57039DNC12EG2Engineering 2Utilities
99063DNC13SFTSafety OperationsUtilities
6103dDNC14GSGeneral ServicesUtilities
6303fDNC15FLTFleet MaintenanceUtilities
65041DNC16SECFacilities SecurityUtilities
Nashville Electric Zone D
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
67043DND1TELTelecommunications 1Utilities
5903bDND2SPRSecurity PrivateUtilities
13908bDND3TEL2Telecommunications 2Utilities
137089DND4LFLost Radio LocationUtilities
101065DND5911Mutual Aid To E911 CenterMulti-Dispatch
Nashville Electric Zone E
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
69045DNES3NES Spare 3Utilities
71047DNES4NES Spare 4Utilities
73049DNES5NES Spare 5Utilities
7504bDNES6NES Spare 6Utilities
7704dDNES7NES Spare 7Utilities
7904fDNES8NES Spare 8Utilities
81051DNES9NES Spare 9Utilities
83053DNES10NES Spare 10Utilities
85055DNES11NES Spare 11Utilities
87057DNES12NES Spare 12Utilities
89059DNES13NES Spare 13Utilities
9105bDNES14NES Spare 14Utilities
9305dDNES15NES Spare 15Utilities
9505fDNES16NES Spare 16Utilities
97061DNES17NES Spare 17Utilities
Davidson County Codes Enforcement
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
3701e75DCOD 1DADispatch and AdministrationPublic Works
3703e77DCOD 2BUBuilding InspectionsPublic Works
3705e79DCOD 3ELElectrical InspectionsPublic Works
3707e7bDCOD 4MEMechanical InspectionsPublic Works
3709e7dDCOD 5PLPlumbing InspectionsPublic Works
3711e7fDCOD 6HZHousing InspectionsPublic Works
Davidson County General Services
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
207581bDGS 1GSAAdministrationPublic Works
2097831DGS 2GSS1DCourt House SecuritySecurity
2081821DGS 3RS1Radio Shop 1Public Works
2083823DGS 4RS2Radio Shop 2Public Works
2089829DGS 5BOSS1BOSS Operations 1Public Works
2087827DGS 6BOSS2BOSS Operations 2Public Works
209382dDGS 7HAZMHazmat OperationsEmergency Ops
4091ffbDGS 8WWSWeather Warning SirensEmergency Ops
4093ffdDGS WWS P25Weather Warning Sirens (P25 system)Emergency Ops
207981fDGS 9FMPFleet Motor PoolPublic Works
2099833DGS 10 RVRiverviewPublic Works
2101835DGS 11 SECSecurity TODSecurity
2103837DGS SEC HLTHSecurity Public Health CenterSchools
2105839DGS SEC 2105Security 2105Security
100802760DGS WWS NEWWeather Warning Sirens (New)Emergency Ops
Davidson County Public Works
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
3073c01DPW 1PWADAdministrationPublic Works
3075c03DPW 2 OPSOperationsPublic Works
3077c05DPW 3TOPSTraffic OperationsPublic Works
3079c07DPW 4COM1Command 1Public Works
3081c09DPW 5COM2Command 2Public Works
Davidson County Water Services
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
3653e45DA1 ADMAdministrative 1Utilities
3617e21DA2 SERSystem ServicesUtilities
3619e23DA3 OPSOperationsUtilities
3621e25DA4 4CSCustomer ServiceUtilities
3623e27DA5 WENGEngineeringUtilities
3625e29DA6 W FMFleet MaintenanceUtilities
3627e2bDB1 WSTRSStoresUtilities
3629e2dDB2 WPRMTPermitsUtilities
3631e2fDB3 W CSOStorm Sewer Overflow ResponseUtilities
3633e31DB4 W MRMeter ReadingUtilities
3635e33DB5 OMOHOmohundroWaste Water Treatment PlantUtilities
3637e35DB6 CWWTPCentral Waste Water Treatment PlantUtilities
3639e37DB7 KRHKR Harrington Waste Water Treatment PlantUtilities
3641e39DB8DCWWTPDry Creek Waste Water Treatment PlantUtilities
3643e3bDB9WCWWTPWhite Creek Waste Water Treatment PlantUtilities
3645e3dDB10 W SMSewer MaintenanceUtilities
3647e3fDB11 W WMWater MaintenanceUtilities
3649e41DB12WTOOFService Turn Ons OffsUtilities
Davidson County Transit Authority
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
2401961DMTA1 BUSDispatchTransportation
2403963DMTA2 ACAccess RideTransportation
2405965DMTA3 MATMaintenanceTransportation
2407967DMTA4 ADMAdministrationTransportation
2409969DMTA5 SAFSafetyTransportation
241196bDMTA6 SUP1Supervisor 1Transportation
241396dDMTA7 SUP2Supervisor 2Transportation
241596fDEMRVEmergency RevertTransportation
105602940DMTA1 BUSDispatchTransportation
105612941DMTA2 ACAccess RideTransportation
105622942DMTA3 MATMaintenanceTransportation
105632943DMTA4 ADMAdministrationTransportation
Davidson County Board of Education
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
2131853DSCH1SSSchool SecuritySchools
2115843DSCH2ADMSchool AdministrationSchools
2117845DSCH3STSafety TrainingSchools
2119847DSCH4RE1Regular Education Buses 1Schools
2121849DSCH5RE2Regular Education Buses 2Schools
212384bDSCH6SESpecial Education BusesSchools
212584dDSCH7FTField TripsSchools
212784fDSCH8TMSTransportation Maintance ShopSchools
2129851DSCH9TATransportation AdministrationSchools
2137859DSCH12CL1Antioch, Glencliff ClustersSchools
213985bDSCH13CL2Hillsboro, Hillwood ClustersSchools
214185dDSCH14CL3Hunters, Lance, Maplewood ClustersSchools
214385fDSCH15CL4McGavock, Overton ClustersSchools
2145861DSCH16CL5Pearl, Cohn, Stratford, Whites Creek ClustersSchools
Davidson County Miscellaneous Agencies
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
2161871DMETRO DA 1District Attorney OfficeLaw Tac
22418c1DMETRO TV 1Traffic Violations BureauLaw Tac
2327917DMETRO ABC 1Alcohol Beverage Control BoardLaw Tac
233191bDMETRO TWRC 1Taxi and Wrecker Regulatory Control BoardLaw Tac
Davidson County - Belle Meade
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
2151867DBELMED DPolice DispatchLaw Dispatch
2153869DBELMED APolice AdministrationLaw Tac
Davidson County - Berry Hill
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
217187bDBERHL DPolice DispatchLaw Dispatch
217387dDBERHL APolice AdministrationLaw Tac
Davidson County - Goodlettsville
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
3301ce5DGDLVL PD 1Police - DispatchLaw Dispatch
3303ce7DGDLVL PD 2Police - SecondaryLaw Tac
3311cefDGDLVL PD 11Police - 3311Law Tac
3319cf7DGDLVL FD 1Fire - DispatchFire Dispatch
3321cf9DGDLVL FD 2Fire - SecondaryFire-Tac
Vanderbilt University
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
3201c81DVLF Ops 1LifeFlight Operations 1EMS-Tac
3203c83DVLF Ops 2LifeFlight Operations 2EMS-Tac
3205c85DVLF GroundLifeFlight Ground Transport - DispatchEMS Dispatch
3207c87DVUPD Disp 1Police DispatchLaw Dispatch
3209c89DVUPD Tac 1Police Tactical 1Law Dispatch
3211c8bDVUPD Tac 2Police Tactical 2Law Tac
3213c8dDVU Event 1Special Event 1Multi-Tac
3215c8fDVU Event 2Special Event 2Multi-Tac
3217c91DVUPD Ops 6Police Operations 6Law Talk
3219c93DVUPD Ops 7Police Operations 7Law Talk
3221c95DVUPD Ops 8Police Operations 8Law Talk
3223c97DVUPD Ops 9Police Operations 9Law Talk
3225c99DVUPD Ops 10Police Operations 10Law Talk
14203377bDVULF Ops 4LifeFlight Operations 4EMS-Tac
14204377cDVULF Ops 5LifeFlight Operations 5EMS-Tac
Rutherford County - Smyrna Airport
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
19677afDSMYAPT TACAirport TacticalEmergency Ops
19697b1DESMYAPT OPSAirport OperationsEmergency Ops
Williamson County - Emergency Services Zone 1
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
201004e84DWCESTAC1Tactical 1 (Franklin Fire)Multi-Tac
201014e85DWCESTAC2Tactical 2 (Franklin Fire)Multi-Tac
201024e86DWCESTAC3Tactical 3 (Franklin Fire)Multi-Tac
201034e87DWCESTAC4Tactical 4 (Franklin Fire)Multi-Tac
201044e88DEWCESTAC5Tactical 5 (Franklin Fire)Multi-Tac
201054e89DEWCESTAC6Tactical 6 (Brentwood Fire)Multi-Tac
201064e8aDEWCESTAC7Tactical 7 (Brentwood Fire)Multi-Tac
201074e8bDEWCESTAC8Tactical 8 (Brentwood Fire)Multi-Tac
201084e8cDEWCESTAC9Tactical 9 (County FD/EMS)Multi-Tac
201094e8dDEWCESTAC10Tactical 10 (County FD/EMS)Multi-Tac
201104e8eDEWCESTAC11Tactical 11 (County FD/EMS)Multi-Tac
201114e8fDEWCESTAC12Tactical 12 (County FD/EMS)Multi-Tac
201124e90DEWCESTAC13Tactical 13Multi-Tac
201134e91DEWCESTAC14Tactical 14Multi-Tac
201144e92DEWCESTAC15Tactical 15Multi-Tac
201154e93DEWCESTAC16Tactical 16Multi-Tac
Williamson County - Emergency Services Zone 2
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
201164e94DEWCESTAC17Tactical 17 (Spring Hill Fire)Multi-Tac
201174e95DEWCESTAC18Tactical 18 (Spring Hill Fire)Multi-Tac
201184e96DEWCESTAC19Tactical 19 (Spring Hill Fire)Multi-Tac
201194e97DEWCESTAC20Tactical 20 (Spring Hill Fire)Multi-Tac
201204e98DEWCESTAC21Tactical 21 (WOPS 1)Interop
201214e99DEWCESTAC22Tactical 22 (WOPS 1)Interop
201224e9aDEWCESTAC23Tactical 23 (WOPS 1)Interop
201234e9bDEWCESTAC24Tactical 24 (WOPS 1)Interop
201244e9cDEWCESTAC25Tactical 25 (WOPS 5)Interop
201254e9dDEWCESTAC26Tactical 26 (WOPS 6)Interop
201264e9eDEWCESTAC27Tactical 27 (WOPS 7)Interop
201274e9fDEWCESTAC28Tactical 28Multi-Tac
201284ea0DEWCESTAC29Tactical 29Multi-Tac
201294ea1DEWCESTAC30Tactical 30Multi-Tac
201304ea2DEWCESTAC31Tactical 31Multi-Tac
201314ea3DEWCESTAC32Tactical 32Multi-Tac
Williamson County - Fire
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
200804e70DEWCFD DISPFire DispatchFire Dispatch
205325034DEWCFD ALERTFire Station AlertingFire Dispatch
Williamson County - EMS
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
201904edeDEWCEMS DISPWilliamson County EMS DispatchEMS Dispatch
205335035DEWCEMS ALERTWilliamson County EMS Station AlertingEMS Dispatch
Williamson County - Sheriff
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
202304f06DEWCSO-DISPSheriff DispatchLaw Dispatch
Williamson County - Brentwood
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
200404e48DEBWPD-DISP1Police - PrimaryLaw Dispatch
200414e49DEBWPD-TAC-2Police - Tactical 2Law Tac
200464e4eDEBWFD-DISPFire - DispatchFire Dispatch
205315033DEBWFD-TONESFire - Station AlertingFire Dispatch
Williamson County - Fairview
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
203904fa6DEFVFD-DISPATCHFire DispatchFire Dispatch
203924fa8DEFVPD-DISPATCHPolice DispatchLaw Dispatch
Williamson County - Franklin
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
200004e20DEFPD-DISPPolice DispatchLaw Dispatch
200014e21DEFPD-TAC-2Police TAC 2Law Tac
200104e2aDEFPD-TAC-1Police TAC 1Law Tac
200144e2eDCSM-SECURITYCool Springs Mall SecuritySecurity
200154e2fDFFD-DISPFire DispatchFire Dispatch
200164e30DEFFD-TAC-1FIre Training TacticalFire-Tac
200174e31DFFD-PREVENTFire Fire PreventionFire-Talk
200284e3cDFPW-C-WASTEDPW Commercial WastePublic Works
200294e3dDFPW-R-WASTEDPW Residential WastePublic Works
200304e3eDFPW-FLEETDPW FleetPublic Works
200314e3fDFPW-TRAFFICDPW TrafficPublic Works
200334e41DF911-Event-1Special Event 1Multi-Tac
200344e42DF911-Event-2Special Event 2Multi-Tac
200354e43DF911-Event-3Special Event 3Multi-Tac
200364e44DF911-Event-4Special Event 4Multi-Tac
200374e45DF911-Event-5Special Event 5Multi-Tac
200384e46DFKTMA1Transit 1 (Transit On Demand)Transportation
200394e47DFKTMA2Transit 2 (Fixed Routes)Transportation
205305032DFFD-ALERTFire Station AlertingFire Dispatch
20541503dDFFD-ATGFire AnnouncementFire Dispatch
Williamson County - Nolensville
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
204094fb9DENPD-DISPPolice DispatchLaw Dispatch
Williamson and Maury Counties - Spring Hill
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
204214fc5DESHFD-DISPFire DispatchFire Dispatch
204244fc8DESHPD-DISPPolice DispatchLaw Dispatch
205345036DESHFD-ALERTFire Station AlertingFire Dispatch
Williamson County Special Events
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
203314f6bDWCSE1Special Event 1Multi-Tac
203324f6cDWCSE2Special Event 2Multi-Tac
203334f6dDWCSE3Special Event 3Multi-Tac
203344f6eDWCSE4Special Event 4Multi-Tac
203354f6fDWCSE5Special Event 5Multi-Tac
203364f70DWCSE6Special Event 6Multi-Tac
203374f71DWCSE7Special Event 7Multi-Tac
203384f72DWCSE8Special Event 8Multi-Tac
203394f73DWCSE9Special Event 9Multi-Tac
205485044DWCSE-ATGSpecial Event AnnouncementMulti-Dispatch
Wilson County - Mount Juliet
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
25499f5DMJFD-DISPFire DispatchFire Dispatch
25519f7DMJFD-ADMINFire AdminFire-Talk
25539f9DEMJFD-EMS OP1EMS Operations 1EMS-Tac
25559fbDEMJFD-OPS1Fire Operations 1Fire-Tac
25579fdDEMJFD-OPS2Fire Operations 2Fire-Tac
25599ffDEMJFD-OPS3Fire Operations 3Fire-Tac
2561a01DEMJFD-OPS4Fire Operations 4Fire-Tac
2563a03DEMJFD-OPS5Fire Operations 5Fire-Tac
2565a05DEMJFD-OPS6Fire Operations 6Fire-Tac
25159d3DEMJPD-DISP1Police PrimaryLaw Dispatch
25179d5DEMJPD-DISP2Police SecondaryLaw Dispatch
25199d7DEMJPD-OPS 1Police Operations 1Law Tac
25219d9DEMJPD-OPS 2Police Operations 2Law Tac
25239dbDEMJPD-TLK1Police Talkaround 1Law Talk
25259ddDEMJPD-TLK2Police Talkaround 2Law Talk
25279dfDMJPD-JNCPolice JunctionInterop
25299e1DEMJPD-CMNDPolice CommandLaw Tac
25319e3DEMJPD-NEG Police NegotiationsLaw Tac
25339e5DEMJPD-CSU 1Police Crime Suppression Unit 1Law Tac
25359e7DEMJPD-CSU 2Police Crime Suppression Unit 2Law Tac
25379e9DEMJPD-CID OPSPolice Criminal Investigative DivisionLaw Tac
25399ebDEMJPD-SRT 1Police - Strategic Response Team 1Law Tac
25419edDEMJPD-SRT 2Police - Strategic Response Team 2Law Tac
25439efDMJPD-EVENT1Police - Events 1Law Tac
25459f1DMJPD-EVENT2Police - Events 2Law Tac
25479f3DMJPD-ACPolice - Animal ControlLaw Tac
2567a07DEMJ-ADMIN 1City Administration 1Public Works
2569a09DEMJ CITY OPS1City Operations 1Public Works
2571a0bDMJ-DPW 1Public Works 1Public Works
2573a0dDMJ-DPW 2Public Works 2Public Works
2575a0fDMJPW-BLDGSCity Buildings DepartmentPublic Works
2577a11DMJ-PARKS 1Parks Department - Operations 1 Public Works
2579a13DMJ-PARKS 2Parks Department - Operations 2Public Works
2581a15DMJ-ITS OPSCity Information Technology ServicesPublic Works
41033a049DEMJPD DISP1Police Dispatch 1Law Dispatch
41034a04aDEMJPD DISP2Police Dispatch 2Law Dispatch
41035a04bDEMJPD SEC1Police Secure 1Law Tac
41036a04cDEMJPD SEC2Police Secure 2Law Tac
41037a04dDEMJPD EmergPolice EmergencyLaw Dispatch
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
1425591DNFDLFNashville Fire Lost Radio LocationFire-Tac
773305DNPDLFNashville Police Lost Radio LocationLaw Tac