Jacksonville City - First Coast Radio

System Name: Jacksonville City - First Coast Radio
Location: Jacksonville, FL
County: Duval
System Type: Project 25 Phase I
System Voice: APCO-25 Common Air Interface Exclusive
System ID: Sysid: 3BD WACN: BEE00
Last Updated: February 8, 2024, 02:37 am UTC   [Updated 1 talkgroups for Jacksonville Electric Authority]
System Notes

 This system is a 2019.2 version.They also will add 5 additional sites to the simulcast system by 2029 pushed back from 2027.This will make it a 15 site simulcast system with one stand alone site for the Port.Back-up Radio System is supposed to be installed by the end of 2022. Radio upgrades are also in progress and should be be completed by 2026 also. JSO will be using the APX 6500 mobile and APX 6000 portable.JFRD will use the APX 4500 Mobiles and the APX 6000 Portable. APX NEXT and APX 8000 probably for High Ranking PD and FD.City Government will use APX 900 Portables.





Sites and Frequencies

Red (c) are control channel capable frequencies
RFSS Site Name Freqs
1 (1) 001 (1) Simulcast 854.9625855.2125c855.4875c855.9625c855.9875c856.2125856.2625856.4625
1 (1) 003 (3) Jaxport 851.0375851.350851.675c852.1125c852.3375c852.7625c  


DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
12574e9DEABPD-1 DispatchLaw Dispatch
12734f9DEABPD-2 C2CCar to CarLaw Talk
12754fbDEABPD-3 DETDetectiveLaw Talk
12774fdDA/B OCEAN RESCUELifeguardsEMS-Tac
12794ffDA/B PUB WORKS-1Public Works-1Public Works
130951dDA/B PUB WORKS-2Public Works-2Public Works
131151fDA/B UTILITY-1Utility-1Utilities
1313521DA/B UTILITY-2Utility-2Utilities
1315523DA/B PU/PW ADMINPublic Utilities/Public Works AdministrationUtilities
1317525DA/B STORMStorm Water ControlUtilities
1319527DA/B PARKS-1Parks-1Other
1321529DA/B PARKS-2Parks-2Other
132552dDA/B FLEETWIDEFleetwideInterop
132752fDA/B METERSMetersUtilities
1329531DA/B ADMIN-2Administration-2Other
1331533DA/B CITY HALLCity HallOther
City Of Jacksonville
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
1001DSTS-WESTSanitation-WestPublic Works
3003DSTS-N NORTHSanitation-NorthPublic Works
5005DADMIN-2Administration-2Public Works
7007DSAN-DISPSanitation DispatchPublic Works
1100bDSIGNALSSignals BureauPublic Works
23017DFLEET MNTFleet MaintenancePublic Works
25019DADULT SRVCAdult ServicesPublic Works
2701bDPARK-MNTParks MaintenancePublic Works
2901dDPARKS HANNAParks - HannaPublic Works
35023DSTS-SOUTHSanitation-SouthPublic Works
39027DRECYCLERecyclingPublic Works
41029DSOLID WASTESolid wastePublic Works
4302bDSTS-NORTHSanitation-NorthPublic Works
5903bDLANDSCAPELandscapePublic Works
6103dDPARKS-HUGUENOTParks - HuguenotPublic Works
65041DRED CROSSRed CrossInterop
101065DAQUATICSAquaticsPublic Works
1601641DPARKNG ENFRCEParking EnforcementOther
25279dfD COJ MNTCity MaintenancePublic Works
2567a07DPUBLIC LIBRARYPublic LibrariesOther
2581a15DEDIVCOMJacksonville Division of CommunicationsOther
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
81051DEOC-1Emergency Operations Center-1Interop
83053DEOC-2Emergency Operations Center-2 Interop
85055DMAYORMayors NetInterop
1793701DC-7 NIMS-SNIMS-SouthInterop
1795703DC-9 NIMS-WNIMS-WestInterop
1797705DC-6 NIMS-NNIMS-NorthInterop
1799707DC-8 NIMS-ENIMS-EastInterop
Duval County Health Department
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
1337539DDCHD ESF-8ESF-8 Shelter OperationsInterop
134153dDDCHD MCI NETMass Casualties Incident NetInterop
15095e5DT-1 N/HD UFH-ICTrauma One North Dispatch/UF Health Incident CommandEMS Dispatch
Duval County School District
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
12634efDEDCSDPD SSO1 DISP School Security Officers-1 Dispatch (Police)Law Dispatch
12654f1DDCSDPD SSO-2 TACSchool Security Officers-2 Tactical (Police)Law Tac
12674f3DDCSDPD ADMINAdministrationLaw Talk
12694f5DDCSD-DECONInterop with Schools & School Police DepartmentInterop
25479f3DDCSDPD SSA1 DISPSchool Security Assistant-1 Dispatch (Armed Staff)Security
25499f5DDCSDPD SSA-2 TACSchool Security Assistant-2 Tactical (Armed Staff)Security
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
25259ddDENPS-1National Park Service-1Federal
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
25039c7DMETRO JAXComm Center to Comm Center for Jacksonville Metro AreaInterop
25059c9DISSI TG 2505ISSI Tg 2505Interop
25379e9DISSI TG 2537ISSI Tg 2537 St.Johns CountyInterop
Jacksonville Airport Authority
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
12714f7DEJAAPD-1Police-1 DispatchLaw Dispatch
1297511DEJAAPD-2Police-2Law Tac
1299513DEJAAPD-3Police-3Law Tac
15235f3DJIA EVENTS/CRASHEvents/ JFRD Station16 Crash UnitsFire-Tac
15255f5DCECIL OPSCecil Field OperationsAircraft
156361bDJIA OPSJIA OperationsAircraft
25359e7DCECIL EVNT/CRASHCecil Field Events-JFRD Station 56/Cecil Crash UnitsFire-Tac
Jacksonville Animal Control
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
12274cbDCOJ ANIMAL-1DispatchPublic Works
140557dDCOJ ANIMAL-2 Animal-2Public Works
140757fDCOJ ANIMAL -3Animal-3Public Works
Jacksonville Beach Backup
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
89059DJ/B ELECTRIC B/UElectric Backup DispatchUtilities
97061DJ/B PW B/UPublic Works Backup DispatchPublic Works
99063DJ/B JBOR B/U Ocean Rescue Backup OpsMulti-Talk
119077DJBPD DISP B/UPolice Backup DispatchLaw Dispatch
121079DJ/B FLEET B/UFleetwide BackupInterop
Jacksonville Electric Authority
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
87057DJEA PATCHPatch TgUtilities
1025401DJEA DISP-EDispatch-ElectricUtilities
1027403DJEA DISTDistributionUtilities
1029405DJEA SSIDESouthsideUtilities
1031407DJEA WSIDEWestsideUtilities
1033409DJEA E-METERSElectric MetersUtilities
103540bDJEA C&DCollections & DisconnectsUtilities
103740dDJEA SECSecurityUtilities
103940fDJEA ADMINAdministrationUtilities
1041411DJEA ENGEngineersUtilities
1043413DJEA PRJCT-1Projects-1Utilities
1045415DJEA PMNT-2Payment-2Utilities
1047417DJEA PMNT-1Payment-1Utilities
1049419DJEA OPER-3Operations-3Utilities
105141bDJEA OPER-2Operations-2Utilities
105341dDJEA OPER-1Operations-1Utilities
105541fDJEA DISP-WDispatch-WaterUtilities
1057421DJEA WPLTOMWestside Plant Op'sUtilities
1059423DJEA SPLTOMSouthside Plant Op'sUtilities
1061425DJEA L&IL&I Utilities
1063427DJEA WSPMWestside Plant MaintenanceUtilities
106742bDJEA WMAINTWater MaintenanceUtilities
106942dDJEA WSCONSWater ConnectionsUtilities
107142fDJEA WMTRSWater MetersUtilities
1073431DJEA WMVUPWestside Move UpUtilities
1077435DJEA SJASHSt Johns AshUtilities
1079437DJEA SJBMSt Johns Bulk MaintenanceUtilities
1081439DJEA SJAQSt Johns Air QualityUtilities
108343bDJEA SJOPSSt Johns OperationsUtilities
14455a5DJEA NS GS M&SNorthside Generation Station Maintance & ?????Utilities
14495a9DJEA NS GS INSTRNorthside Generation Station IncineratorUtilities
14515abDJEA NS GS ASHNorthside Generation Station AshUtilities
14535adDJEA NS GS BULKNorthside Generation Station BulkUtilities
14555afDJEA NS GS ANNCNorthside Generating Station AnnouncementsUtilities
14575b1DJEA BRANDY GSBrandy Branch Generation StationUtilities
1537601DJEA H2O NGWater North GroupUtilities
1539603DJEA H20-SGWater South GroupUtilities
1557615DJEA TELCOMIT/Radio Shop Utilities
25439efDJEA 2543Unknown JEA TgUtilities
25459f1DJEA 2545Unknown JEA TgUtilities
Jacksonville Fire/Rescue Department
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
149095DJFRD A4 SUPPRESSuppressionFire-Tac
151097DEJFRD A-6 SP/EV-2Special Events-2EMS-Tac
153099DEJFRD A-5 SP/EV-1Special Events-1 EMS-Tac
108543dDJFRD A1 EMS EASTEMS EastEMS Dispatch
108743fDJFRD A2 DISPDispatchFire Dispatch
1089441DJFRD A3 EMS WESTEMS WestEMS Dispatch
1093445DJFRD A-15 ATUAir Transport Unit Landing Zone coordination. EMS-Tac
109944bDJFRD A8 SUPPORTSupportFire-Talk
110144dDJFRD A-16 TRNINGTraining Fire-Talk
110344fDJFRD A10 MAROPSMarine OperationsFire-Talk
1111457DEJFRD C10 JSO OPSJFRD/JSO Joint OperationsFire-Talk
1113459DJFRD B1 FGB1Fire Ground B-1Fire-Tac
111545bDJFRD B2 FGB2Fire Ground B-2Fire-Tac
111745dDJFRD B3 FGB3Fire Ground B-3Fire-Tac
111945fDJFRD B4 FGB1-AFire Ground B-4 Announcement for B-1/3Fire-Tac
1121461DJFRD B5 FGB5Fire Ground B-5Fire-Tac
1123463DJFRD B6 FGB6Fire Ground B-6Fire-Tac
1125465DJFRD B7 FGB7Fire Ground-B-7Fire-Tac
1127467DJFRD B8 FGB5-AFire Ground B-8 Announcement for B-5/7Fire-Tac
1129469DJFRD B9 FGC-1Fire Ground B-9Fire-Tac
113146bDJFRD B10 FGC-2Fire Ground B-10Fire-Tac
113346dDJFRD B11 FGC-3Fire Ground B-11Fire-Tac
113546fDJFRD B12 FGC1-AFire Ground B-12 Announcement for B-9/11Fire-Tac
1137471DJFRD B13 FGC-5Fire Ground B-13Fire-Tac
1139473DJFRD B14 FGC-6Fire Ground B-14Fire-Tac
1141475DJFRD B15 FGC-7Fire Ground B-15Fire-Tac
1143477DJFRD B16 FGC5-AFire Ground B-16 Announcement for B-13/15Fire-Tac
14755c3DED-1 BMC-MBaptist Medical Center-MainHospital
14775c5DE D-3 BMC-BBaptist Medical Center-BeachesHospital
14795c7DED-4 BMC-SBaptist Medical Center-SouthHospital
14815c9DED-17 OPMCOrange Park Medical CenterHospital
14835cbDED-10 MEM-MAINMemorial HospitalHospital
14855cdDED-16 NAS-JAXJax NAS HospitalHospital
14875cfDED14 UF HLTH MAINUF Health-Jax DowntownHospital
14895d1DED-22 ST.V-SSSt Vincents Southside HospitalHospital
14915d3DED-21 ST.V-RSSt Vincents Riverside HospitalHospital
14955d7DED-2 BMC-M PEDSBaptist Medical Center-Main PedsHospital
2055807DED-20 MAYOMayo HospitalHospital
2065811DED-11 MEM-RTRMemorial Hospital- Race Track Rd.Hospital
2067813DED-23 ST V-CLAYSt. Vincents Clay CountyHospital
2069815DED-15 UF HEALTH-NUF Health NorthHospital
2071817DED-8 BMC-CLAYBaptist Medical Center-Clay Hospital
2073819DED-13 MEM-ATLMemorial Hospital ER-Atlantic BlvdHospital
207581bDED-19 OPMC NRMNDYOrange Park Medical Center-Normandy ParkHospital
207781dDED-9 BMC OAKLEAFBaptist Medical Center-OakleafHospital
25079cbDED-6 BMC-NORTHBaptist Medical Center-NorthHospital
25099cdDED-7 BMC-TWN CNTRBaptist Medical Center-Town CenterHospital
25119cfDED-18 OP PRK WESTOrange Park Medical Center-Park WestHospital
25139d1DED-?? OPMC-MDLBRGOrange Park Medical Center-MiddleburgHospital
25179d5DED-12 MEM-MNDRNMemorial Medical Center-MandarinHospital
25339e5DJFRD STDIUM CMNDStadium CmndInterop
25419edDED-5 BMC-S PEDSBMC's Wolfsons Children's Hospital ER-SouthHospital
25579fdDED-24 ST V ARLGNSt Vincents ArlingtonHospital
25599ffDED-25 ST V WESTSt Vincents WestsideHospital
2561a01DEE-4 UF BYMDWSUF Health Baymeadows ERHospital
2563a03DEE-5 UF LANEUF Health Lane ERHospital
2565a05DEE-6 UF N.KINGSUF Health New Kings ERHospital
Jacksonville Marine Authority
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
2329919DJMA SEC SOCSecurity Operations CenterSecurity
233191bDJMA SEC-BLNTSecurity-Blount IslandSecurity
233391dDJMA SEC-TALLYSecurity-TallyrandSecurity
233591fDJMA SEC-TRAPACSecurity-TraPacSecurity
2337921DJMA SEC - ESCORTSecurity-Escorts Security
2339923DJMA CRUISE OPSCruise Ship OperationsTransportation
2341925DJMA CRUISE PARKCruise Ship ParkingTransportation
2343927DJMA 2343Unknown Tg 2343Transportation
2345929DJMA TAC-1 Unverified Tac-1 Transportation
234792bDJMA TAC-2 Unverified Tac-2 Transportation
234992dDJMA TAC-3Unverified Tac-3 Transportation
235192fDJMA TAC-4Tac-4Transportation
2353931DJMA TAC-5Unverified Tac-5Transportation
2355933DJMA 2355Unknown Tg 2355Transportation
2357935DJMA 2357Unknown Tg 2357Transportation
2359937DJMA 2359Unknown Tg 2359Transportation
2361939DJMA 2361Unknown Tg 2361Transportation
236393bDJMA 2363Unknown Tg 2363Transportation
236593dDJMA 2365Unknown Tg 2365Transportation
236793fDJMA 2367Unknown Tg 2367Transportation
2369941DJMA 2369Unknown Tg 2369Transportation
2371943DJMA 2371Unknown Tg 2371Transportation
2373945DJMA 2373Unknown Tg 2373Transportation
2375947DJMA 2375Unknown Tg 2375Transportation
2377949DJMA 2377Unknown Tg 2377Transportation
237994bDJMA 2379Unknown Tg 2379Transportation
238194dDJMA 2381Unknown Tg 2381Transportation
238394fDJMA 2383Unknown Tg 2383Transportation
2385951DJMA 2385Unknown Tg 2385Transportation
2387953DJMA 2387Unknown Tg 2389Transportation
2389955DJMA 2389Unknown Tg 2389Transportation
2391957DJMA EOC/FERRYEOC Ops/Ferry OpsTransportation
2393959DJMA 2393Unknown Tg 2393Transportation
239595bDJMA 2395Unknown Tg 2395Transportation
239795dDJMA 2397Unknown Tg 2397Transportation
239995fDJMA 2399Unknown Tg 2399Transportation
Jacksonville Sheriff's Office
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
1145479DEJSO A-1 D-1 DISPDistrict 1 DispatchLaw Dispatch
114747bDEJSO A-2 D-2 DISPDistrict 2 DispatchLaw Dispatch
114947dDEJSO A-3 D-3 DISPDistrict 3 DispatchLaw Dispatch
115147fDEJSO A-4 D-4 DISPDistrict 4 DispatchLaw Dispatch
1153481DEJSO A5 D-5 DISPDistrict 5 DispatchLaw Dispatch
1155483DEJSO A-6 D-6 DISPDistrict 6 DispatchLaw Dispatch
1157485DEJSO A-7 PSD DISPPublic Services Division DispatchLaw Dispatch
1159487DEJSO A-8 IDIdentificationLaw Dispatch
1161489DEJSO A9 DET-1Detective DispatchLaw Dispatch
116348bDEJSO B-9 DET-2 Detective Car to CarLaw Talk
116548dDEJSO A11 SP/EV-1Special Events-1Law Tac
116748fDEJSO A12 SP/EV-2Special Events-2Law Tac
1169491DEJSO A13 SP/EV-3Special Events-3Law Tac
1171493DEJSO A14 SP/EV-4Special Events-1Law Tac
1173495DEJSO A15 TAC2Tactical-2Law Tac
1175497DEJSO A16 TAC1Tactical-1Law Tac
1177499DEJSO B-1 D-1 C2C District-1 Car2CarLaw Talk
117949bDEJSO B-2 D-2 C2CDistrict-2 Car2CarLaw Talk
118149dDEJSO B-3 D-3 C2CDistrict-3 Car2CarLaw Talk
118349fDEJSO B-4 D-4 C2CDistrict-4 Car2CarLaw Talk
11854a1DEJSO B-5 D-5 C2CDistrict-5 Car2CarLaw Talk
11874a3DEJSO B-6 D-6 C2CDistrict-6 Car2CarLaw Talk
11894a5DEJSO CW C2C/TFFirst used as CityWide Car to Car mostly Task Force now.Still could be CW C2C use.Law Tac
11934a9DEJSO B-13 P-MAINPrison MainLaw Dispatch
11954abDEJSO B-14 CTCCommunity Transition CenterLaw Dispatch
11974adDEJSO B-15 MCCMontgomery Correctional CenterLaw Dispatch
12054b5DEJSP B-16 PDFPre-Trial Detention CenterLaw Dispatch
12234c7DEJSO B-10 COURTCourtLaw Talk
12434dbDEJSO A10 MAROPMarine OperationsLaw Talk
Jacksonville Special Events
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
12314cfDEVENTS ANNCCity Events AnnounceOther
1417589DSP/EVENTS -1Special Events-1Other
141958bDSP/EVENTS -2Special Events-2Other
142158dDSP/EVENTS -3Special Events-3Other
142358fDSP/EVENTS -4Special Events-4Other
1425591DSP/EVENTS -5Special Events-5Other
1427593DSP/EVENTS -6Special Events-6Other
1429595DSP/EVENTS -7Special Events-7Other
1431597DSP/EVENTS -8Special Events-8Other
1433599DSP/EVENTS -9Special Events-9Other
143559bDSP/EVENT -10Special Events-10Other
143759dDSP/EVENT -11Special Events-11Other
143959fDSP/EVENT -12Special Events-12Other
14415a1DSP/EVENT -13Special Events-13Other
14435a3DCITY EVENTSCity EventsOther
Jacksonville Transportation Authority
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
103067DJTA BUS-1Bus-1 DispatchTransportation
105069DJTA BUS-2Bus-2Transportation
10706bDJTA 107Unknown Tg 107Transportation
10906dDJTA BUS C2CBus to Bus Transportation
11106fDJTA 111Unknown Tg 111Transportation
113071DJTA ALL CALLAll Call TgTransportation
115073DJTA TRANS MAINTTransportation MaintenanceTransportation
117075DJTA EMERGENCYEmergency/AdministrationTransportation
1349545DJTA BUS OPSBus OperationsTransportation
1351547DJTA BUS REVERT-1Bus Revert-1Transportation
1353549DJTA BUS REVERT-2Bus Revert-2Transportation
135554bDJTA OPS-2Operations-2Transportation
135754dDJTA OPS-3Operations-3Transportation
135954fDJTA SECURITY-1Security-1Transportation
1361551DJTA SECURITY-2Security-2Transportation
1363553DJTA MAINT-4Maintenance-4Transportation
1365555DJTA MAINT-3Maintenance-3Transportation
1367557DJTA MAINT-2Maintenance-2Transportation
1369559DJTA MAINT-1Maintenance-1Transportation
137155bDJTA SKYWAY-1Skyway Express-1Transportation
137355dDJTA SKYWAY-2Skyway Express-2Transportation
137555fDJTA SKYWAY-3Skyway Express-3Transportation
1377561DJTA SKYWAY-4Skyway Express-4Transportation
1379563DJTA SKYWAY-5Skyway Express-5Transportation
1381565DJTA SKYWAY-6Skyway Express-6Transportation
1383567DJTA SKYWAY-ANNCSkyway AnnounceTransportation
1385569DJTA C2C-3Car to Car-3Transportation
138756bDJTA C2C-2Car to Car-2Transportation
138956dDJTA C2C-1Car to Car-1Transportation
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
12594ebDENBPD-1Police-1 DispatchLaw Dispatch
1281501DENBPD-2 C2CPolice-2 Car to CarLaw Talk
1283503DENBPD-3 DET/ANIMAPolice-3/Animal ControlLaw Talk
1285505DNBPD-4 ADMIN/LGPolice-4/Lifeguard SupervisorLaw Talk
1287507DN/B PUB WORKSPublic WorksPublic Works
University of North Florida
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
12614edDEUNFPD-1 I/OUNF Interops /Old DispatchInterop