Jacksonville City - First Coast Radio

Site: Jacksonville Sheriff's Office

Unique DB ID: 16653
County: Duval

Talkgroup Category Location Data

Latitude: 30.3569 Longitude: -81.6315 Range: 40 Type: Defined Coverage


DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
1145479DEJSO A-1 D-1 DISPDistrict 1 DispatchLaw Dispatch
114747bDEJSO A-2 D-2 DISPDistrict 2 DispatchLaw Dispatch
114947dDEJSO A-3 D-3 DISPDistrict 3 DispatchLaw Dispatch
115147fDEJSO A-4 D-4 DISPDistrict 4 DispatchLaw Dispatch
1153481DEJSO A5 D-5 DISPDistrict 5 DispatchLaw Dispatch
1155483DEJSO A-6 D-6 DISPDistrict 6 DispatchLaw Dispatch
1157485DEJSO A-7 PSD DISPPublic Services Division DispatchLaw Dispatch
1159487DEJSO A-8 IDIdentificationLaw Dispatch
1161489DEJSO A9 DET-1Detective DispatchLaw Dispatch
116348bDEJSO B-9 DET-2 Detective Car to CarLaw Talk
116548dDEJSO A11 SP/EV-1Special Events-1Law Tac
116748fDEJSO A12 SP/EV-2Special Events-2Law Tac
1169491DEJSO A13 SP/EV-3Special Events-3Law Tac
1171493DEJSO A14 SP/EV-4Special Events-1Law Tac
1173495DEJSO A15 TAC2Tactical-2Law Tac
1175497DEJSO A16 TAC1Tactical-1Law Tac
1177499DEJSO B-1 D-1 C2C District-1 Car2CarLaw Talk
117949bDEJSO B-2 D-2 C2CDistrict-2 Car2CarLaw Talk
118149dDEJSO B-3 D-3 C2CDistrict-3 Car2CarLaw Talk
118349fDEJSO B-4 D-4 C2CDistrict-4 Car2CarLaw Talk
11854a1DEJSO B-5 D-5 C2CDistrict-5 Car2CarLaw Talk
11874a3DEJSO B-6 D-6 C2CDistrict-6 Car2CarLaw Talk
11894a5DEJSO CW C2C/TFFirst used as CityWide Car to Car mostly Task Force now.Still could be CW C2C use.Law Tac
11934a9DEJSO B-13 P-MAINPrison MainLaw Dispatch
11954abDEJSO B-14 CTCCommunity Transition CenterLaw Dispatch
11974adDEJSO B-15 MCCMontgomery Correctional CenterLaw Dispatch
12054b5DEJSP B-16 PDFPre-Trial Detention CenterLaw Dispatch
12234c7DEJSO B-10 COURTCourtLaw Talk
12434dbDEJSO A10 MAROPMarine OperationsLaw Talk