Mobiletech Communications

System Name: Mobiletech Communications
Location: Various, NY
County: 26 Counties
System Type: LTR Net
System Voice: Analog
Last Updated: January 5, 2024, 19:22 pm UTC   [Changed Site # 029 (Macedon) to 29 (Macedon)]
System Notes

The LTR-NET system is being replaced by NXDN.  Many sites and Talk Groups may be deprecated.

This is an LTR-Net network that spans most of upstate New York.

Each site has a Home Status Channel that continuously transmits an idle signal.  You may encounter mobile radios occasionally using this channel for voice communications. The Home Status Channel for each site is highlighted in red on this site, as if it were a control channel.

Each site's Home Status Channel and each of the traffic channels transmit a repeating set of messages to define the Locality number, up to 6 neighboring locality numbers, site channel map, transmit frequency for each of the channels, and receive frequency for each of the channels. Roaming mobile radios use this messaging to self-configure the radio for operation on the roaming site.  Additionally, there are LTR-Net messages for addressing specific users for sending data messages and reprogramming mobile radios over the air.

You can monitor each of the sites in this system with an LTR-capable scanner, however you may not see any of the LTR-Net specific messaging/signaling.  LTR-Analyzer version 3.0 or higher displays both the LTR and the LTR-Net signalling.

Many of the subscribers are using Fleetsync 1200 for ANI during calls.  At least one (Tully site LCN9) has a dedicated Fleetsync data channel.  The system notifies individual radios to temporarily tune to the data channel by sending an LTR x-xx-253 talkgroup message, coupled with an LTR-Net 17 unique radio id message. Fleetsync GPS, selcall, short and long data messaging occur on the data channel.  Some of the fleets have each of their subscribers broadcast their GPS position on the data channel every 6 minutes, while operating.

Some site frequencies are being shared between the Mobiletech NEXEDGE 4800 and LTR-NET system. The LTR-NET CCs are remaining but other LTR-NET site frequencies are alternately used for NXDN. It appears that the active NXDN CC frequency is busied out on LTR and the voice channels alternate between the two systems. Additional new site frequencies are dedicated to NXDN. The NXDN CCs may rotate, seemingly at random times.

Sites and Frequencies

Red (c) are control channel capable frequencies
Site Name County Freqs
005 (5) Baldwinsville Onondaga 01 152.34505 151.490c  
007 (7) Philadelphia Jefferson 01 152.94503 153.185c05 151.56507 151.715
008 (8) Corning Steuben 01 150.90503 150.96509 153.455c11 152.945
009 (9) Rutland Jefferson 09 152.90011 151.55013 154.50517 154.4825c
010 (A) Potsdam St. Lawrence 03 152.30005 152.33011 151.925c 
011 (B) Gouverneur St. Lawrence 01 152.88503 153.230c09 153.395 
013 (D) Canton St. Lawrence 01 150.87505 150.935c  
016 (10) Ogdensburg St. Lawrence 01 153.38011 153.725c  
017 (11) Boonville Oneida 03 159.615c05 159.780  
018 (12) Champlain Clinton 01 153.48503 153.515c  
019 (13) Lowville Lewis 01 151.49003 152.435c  
020 (14) Malone Franklin 01 153.305c03 153.36507 153.635 
021 (15) Ithaca Tompkins 01 153.072507 153.2225c  
022 (16) Massena St. Lawrence 01 151.52003 152.360c07 151.910 
025 (19) Fulton Oswego 01 151.92507 153.725c  
027 (1B) Adams Jefferson 07 153.005c   
042 (2A) Dansville Steuben 03 151.572507 151.4975c09 151.5275 
046 (2E) Auburn Cayuga 01 151.73005 152.435c  
047 (2F) Oneonta Otsego 01 152.367503 154.505c  
048 (30) Pulaski Oswego 03 151.970c05 151.685  
052 (34) Harrisville Lewis 07 152.285c09 151.655  
055 (37) Savona Steuben 01 152.39003 153.365c05 153.545 
056 (38) Oswego Oswego 01 150.9725c   
057 (39) Canisteo Steuben 05 150.87509 150.935c  
058 (3A) Hornell Steuben 01 150.89003 150.920c05 153.320 
060 (3C) Avon Livingston 03 153.335c07 153.605  
061 (3D) Avoca Steuben 05 153.09507 153.305c  
064 (40) Olean Cattaraugus 01 151.49003 151.56505 152.270c 
066 (42) Moshier Falls Herkimer 01 152.45003 152.91505 152.990 
070 (46) Boston Erie 03 152.39005 153.38009 153.605c 


DEC Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
0-01-015ABC MasonryBarnes and Cone Masonry DeliveryBusiness
0-05-015ABC MasonryBarnes and Cone Masonry DeliveryBusiness
1-01-015ABC MasonryBarnes and Cone Masonry DeliveryBusiness
1-15-015ABC MasonryBarnes and Cone Masonry DeliveryBusiness
0-07-103ABurnwell GasBurnwell Gas - Red CreekBusiness
0-03-038AConstructionConstruction Soil and Gravel DeliveryBusiness
0-01-064AEV EnergyEV Energy Fuel DeliveryBusiness
1-01-064AEV EnergyEV Energy Fuel DeliveryBusiness
1-03-064AEV EnergyEV Energy Fuel DeliveryBusiness
0-01-038AFuel DeliverFuel DeliveryBusiness
0-05-032AFuelDeliveryFuel DeliveryBusiness
0-05-038AFuelDeliveryFuel DeliveryBusiness
1-01-057AFuel DeliverFuel DeliveryBusiness
0-01-057AFuelDeliveryFuel Delivery - Seneca areaBusiness
0-03-040AGravel DeliveryGravel Delivery (Dansville area)Business
0-07-102AGriffith EnyGriffith Energy - PalmyraBusiness
0-01-104APropanePropane DeliveryBusiness
0-05-104APropanePropane DeliveryBusiness
1-01-104APropanePropane DeliveryBusiness
0-01-030ASupPlusEnrgySuperior Plus EnergyBusiness
0-05-030ASupPlusEnrgySuperior Plus EnergyBusiness
1-01-030ASupPlusEnrgySuperior Plus EnergyBusiness
0-03-012ATimeWarnerTime Warner CableBusiness
0-05-012ATimeWarnerTime Warner CableBusiness
DEC Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
0-07-037ABH Bath BaseBH Bath Base (link)Railroad
0-07-039ABH Cotn BaseBH Cohocton Base (link)Railroad
0-09-039ABH Cotn BaseBH Cohocton Base (link)Railroad
0-07-034ABH Crng BaseBH Corning Base (link)Railroad
0-07-035ALAL Avon BaseLAL Avon Base (link)Railroad
0-07-032ALAL Lkvl YardLAL Lakeville Yard operations (link)Railroad
0-09-032ALAL Lkvl YardLAL Lakeville Yard operations (link)Railroad
1-03-032ALAL Lkvl YardLAL Lakeville Yard operations (link)Railroad
0-07-036ALAL Roch BaseLAL Rochester Base (AAR48 link)Railroad
0-03-031ALAL/BH DispRailTerm Rutland Dispatcher (entire LAL and BH lines)Railroad
0-05-031ALAL/BH DispRailTerm Rutland Dispatcher (entire LAL and BH lines)Railroad
0-07-031ALAL/BH DispRailTerm Rutland Dispatcher (entire LAL and BH lines)Railroad
0-09-031ALAL/BH DispRailTerm Rutland Dispatcher (entire LAL and BH lines)Railroad
1-01-031ALAL/BH DispRailTerm Rutland Dispatcher (entire LAL and BH lines)Railroad
1-03-031ALAL/BH DispRailTerm Rutland Dispatcher (entire LAL and BH lines)Railroad
DEC Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
0-05-014AHFLCSD BusesHoneoye Falls-Lima CSD BusesSchools
0-09-014AHFLCSD BusesHoneoye Falls-Lima CSD BusesSchools
1-01-025ATCSD BusesTrumansburg Central School BusesSchools
System Maintenance and Data
DEC Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
0-09-001AFleetsyncGPSFleetsync 1200 GPS and DataData
1-01-001AFleetsyncGPSFleetsync 1200 GPS and DataData
1-15-019AMobtech NTMobiletech Network TechnicianBusiness
0-05-019AMobtech NTMobiletech Network TechniciansBusiness
0-07-019AMobtech NTMobiletech Network TechniciansBusiness
1-01-019AMobtech NTMobiletech Network TechniciansBusiness
DEC Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
0-03-093ATaxi ServiceTaxi ServiceTransportation
DEC Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
0-01-005AHydroControlBrookfield Power Hydro-Electric - ControlUtilities
0-03-005AHydroControlBrookfield Power Hydro-Electric - ControlUtilities
0-05-005AHydroControlBrookfield Power Hydro-Electric - ControlUtilities
1-01-005AHydroControlBrookfield Power Hydro-Electric - ControlUtilities
0-05-007AHydroSecurtyBrookfield Power Hydro-Electric - SecuritySecurity
1-01-007AHydroSecurtyBrookfield Power Hydro-Electric - SecuritySecurity
0-05-004AElectric UtlElectric UtilityUtilities