Davis Electronics (Louisville Metro Area LTR)

System Name: Davis Electronics (Louisville Metro Area LTR)
Location: Louisville Metro Area, IN KY
County: 9 Counties
System Type: LTR Standard
System Voice: Analog
Last Updated: December 16, 2019, 6:32 am CST   [(1) Talkgroups Updated (Kentucky)]

Sites and Frequencies

Red (c) are control channel capable frequencies
Site Name County Freqs
101 (65) Corydon, IN Harrison, IN 01 461.77505 452.100     
102 (66) Elizabeth, IN Harrison, IN 05 452.42509 452.875     
103 (67) New Albany, IN (1) Floyd, IN 01 464.85007 463.87508 463.80009 463.65013 462.12514 462.05016 461.825
   17 452.67518 452.20019 451.70020 451.550   
104 (68) New Albany, IN (2) Floyd, IN 01 463.825      
105 (69) New Albany, IN (3) Floyd, IN 01 464.37502 464.47503 464.525    
203 (CB) Clay Village, KY Shelby, KY 01 451.57502 451.65003 451.75004 452.10005 452.25006 452.45007 462.025
204 (CC) Lexington, KY Fayette, KY 01 451.22502 451.62503 452.47504 452.87505 462.525  
205 (CD) Louisville, KY Jefferson, KY 01 461.12502 452.32516 461.325    
206 (CE) Vine Grove, KY Hardin, KY 01 451.17502 451.27503 451.37504 451.67505 452.37506 463.450 


DEC Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
0-00-005AUnkFrmSupplyUnknown Farm Supply StoreBusiness
0-01-005AUnkFrmSupplyUnknown Farm Supply StoreBusiness
0-01-014ATaxi1Taxi Company 1Business
0-01-015ATaxi2Taxi Company 2Business
0-01-033AAppRemlAppliance Removal CompanyBusiness
0-09-118APartsDelParts Delivery CompanyBusiness
0-12-074ASafeLiteSafelite Auto Glass RepairBusiness
0-12-156ACardinalCab1Cardinal Cab DispatchBusiness
0-12-157ACardinalCab2Cardinal Cab TalkaroundBusiness
0-17-001ACCREMC MntClark County REMC MaintenanceUtilities
0-17-002ACCREMC BillClark County REMC BillingUtilities
0-17-010AParatransitParatransit Company (not TARC)Business
0-17-029ABG HndyMnBluegrass Handyman Home RepairsBusiness
0-17-114AIndDisp 2Industrial Disposal Channel 2Business
0-17-117AAutoParts?Auto Parts Delivery CompanyBusiness
0-18-004AABC TowingABC Towing CompanyBusiness
0-18-066AQuarryCo MntUnknown Quarry Company MaintenanceBusiness
0-18-072ATruckCo3Unknown Trucking CompanyBusiness
0-18-084APwr Co?Unknown Power or Phone UtilityBusiness
0-18-106ATruckCo2Unknown Trucking CompanyBusiness
0-18-162AGDEstesG.D. Estes Portable Toilet ServiceBusiness
0-18-163AFlwrDelFlower DeliveriesBusiness
0-18-166ATreeTrimmersBeaver Stump Grinding (?)Business
0-18-169AMedTransMedical ParatransitBusiness
0-18-197AClkCo DOTClark County Road DepartmentPublic Works
0-18-205AFarming ?Stockyard or FarmBusiness
0-18-220AQuarryTruck Quarry Trucking 2Business
0-18-227AQuarryTruck Quarry Trucking 1Business
0-18-228AFSSchrdhn1F.S. Schardlein Plumbing and HVAC - Channel 1Business
0-18-230AFSSchrdhn2F.S. Schardlein Plumbing and HVAC - Channel 2Business
DEC Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
0-01-003ATroys WreckerTroy's Wrecker ServiceBusiness
0-01-017ALibJanitor1Jefferson County Library - Janitors 1Business
0-01-018ALibJanitor2Jefferson County Library - Janitors 2Business
0-01-119AEUnk SecurityUnknown Security Agency (VOX Inversion available)Business
0-01-800ASlbRECC RepShelby RECC RepairUtilities
0-02-021ATowing Co1Towing CompanyBusiness
0-02-027ALocksmith1Automotive LocksmithBusiness
0-02-069ABowman FBOBowman Field FBOBusiness
0-02-072AUnk HVAC Co.Unknown HVAC Co.Business
0-05-015AAllBrandAllBrand Restaurant Equipment RepairBusiness
0-05-019AGlassInstGlass Installation CompanyBusiness
0-05-022AAppRepairAppliance Repair CompanyBusiness
0-05-070AHousingRepLouisville Metro Housing - Repair ContractorBusiness
0-05-071AUnkTelemetryUnknown paging/telemetryBusiness
0-09-029AUnk TowingUnknown Towing CompanyBusiness
0-18-062AWrecker?Unknown Towing CompanyBusiness
0-18-080AEKYPwrCpHVEast Kentucky Power Co-Op High Voltage MaintenanceUtilities
0-18-081ASlbRECC BilShelby RECC BillingUtilities
DEC Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
0-05-018ARepCoUnknown Appliance Repair CompanyBusiness
0-05-025AScrapHaul 1Scrap Haulers 1Business
0-05-026AScrapHaul 2Scrap Haulers 2Business
0-05-027AScrapHaul 3Scrap Haulers 3Business
0-05-060AHallConst 1Hall Construction 1 - TalkBusiness
0-05-061AHallConst 2Hall Construction 2 - DispatchBusiness
0-05-062AHallConst 3Hall Construction 3 - OperationsBusiness
0-05-063AHallConst 4Hall Construction 4 - InfoBusiness
0-05-075AUnk TowingUnknown Towing CompanyBusiness
0-05-090ATruckCo?Unknown Trucking CompanyBusiness
0-05-105APavingCoPaving CompanyBusiness
0-09-017ACityCab FTKCity Cab of Fort KnoxBusiness
0-09-029AAsplundh1Asphundh Tree Removal 1Business
0-09-032AAsplundh2Asphundh Tree Removal 2Business
0-09-083AHsrnREMC RprHarrison County REMC - RepairUtilities
0-09-087AHsrnREMC BilHarrison County REMC - Metering & BillingUtilities
0-12-166AConcreteCoUnknown Concrete Delivery CompanyBusiness
0-12-230AFSSchrdhein F.S. Schardlein Plumbing and HVAC - Channel 2Business
0-17-113AIndDisp 1Industrial Disposal Channel 1Business
0-18-014AABC TowingABC Towing CompanyBusiness
0-18-175ACheckerCabChecker Cab CompanyBusiness