Nebraska State Radio System

System Name: Nebraska State Radio System
Location: Statewide, NE
County: Statewide
System Type: Project 25 Phase II
System Voice: APCO-25 Common Air Interface Exclusive
System IDs: Sysid: 144 WACN: BEE00
Sysid: B8F WACN: BEE00
Last Updated: June 19, 2024, 22:54 pm UTC   [Deleted 1 talkgroup(s) from Department of Transportation]
System Notes

Some local agencies have acquired surplus radios and have access to the statewide system. Few agencies will use these radios on their own talkgroups for various reasons, and may be referred to as "statewide" on the talkgroup. This nomenclature is only to distinguish between the state radio system and their own county or local radio system and is not a talkgroup name. Any submissions for such talkgroups should state the agency and use. In addition, most, if not all counties have a "Countywide LE" channel (known locally as county number and dispatch - ie: 15 DISP 1 for Lincoln County Dispatch 1). If the sheriff uses this for dispatch or used for all/multiple county law enforcement agencies, that is on a county by county basis. As much counties are small in population, all LE agencies is common. In addtion to that, each sheriff has a "Sheriff" talkgroup and a "Sheriff Secure" talkgroup. These are normally displayed as "15 SOP x" or "15 SOP SEC" for 'Sheriff Operations' or 'Sheriff Secure'. How they are used is county dependant.


Trunking Table

LoChan HiChan Offset Base Freq Step
0 4095 0 851.00625 6.25
4096 8191 4096 762.00625 6.25
0 0 0 0.00000 0
0 0 0 0.00000 0
16384 20479 16384 150.57500 2.5
20480 24575 20480 149.00000 2.5
24576 28671 24576 161.00000 12.5

Band Plan for Uniden scanners

Table ID, Base Freq, Spacing, Offset
1-851.00625, 6.25, -45.0
2-762.00625, 6.25, 30.0
3-851.00625, 12.5, -45.0
4-762.00625, 12.5, 30.0
5-150.57500, 2.5, -21.9125
6-149.00000, 2.5, 0
7-161.00000, 12.5, 0

Sites and Frequencies

Red (c) are control channel capable frequencies
Sysid RFSS Site Name County Freqs
B8F 1 (1) 020 (14) Scottsbluff Scotts Bluff 856.2625856.4875856.7625857.0375c  
B8F 1 (1) 021 (15) Gering Scotts Bluff 857.2625857.4875857.7625858.0375c  
B8F 1 (1) 022 (16) Minitare Scotts Bluff 858.2625858.4875c858.7625c858.9875c  
B8F 1 (1) 023 (17) Mitchell 800 Scotts Bluff 859.2125859.4375c859.7125c859.9875c  
B8F 1 (1) 024 (18) Kearney-Buffalo County Simulcast Buffalo 851.975852.700c852.950c853.1625c853.4125c 
B8F 1 (1) 025 (19) Buffalo County Buffalo 859.9625c     
B8F 1 (1) 026 (1A) Sartoria Buffalo 858.7625c     
B8F 1 (1) 027 (1B) Pleasanton 800 Buffalo 856.0125c856.2625c856.4875c   
B8F 1 (1) 028 (1C) Ravenna Buffalo 854.9875c855.2375c855.4875c   
B8F 1 (1) 029 (1D) Gibbon Buffalo 857.2625c857.4875c857.7625c   
B8F 1 (1) 030 (1E) Angora Morrill 154.680155.3625155.7975c156.2175c  
B8F 1 (1) 031 (1F) Chadron Dawes 154.3325154.845155.145c155.505c  
B8F 1 (1) 032 (20) Cresent Lake Garden 154.785155.5425155.7225c156.1275c  
B8F 1 (1) 033 (21) Harrison Sioux 154.1825155.400155.6625c156.1425c  
B8F 1 (1) 034 (22) Sidney Cheyenne 154.400154.710155.115c155.610c  
B8F 1 (1) 035 (23) Mitchell Scotts Bluff 154.2875154.695155.190c155.6925c  
B8F 1 (1) 036 (24) Ogallala Keith 155.190155.4075155.6625c155.9625c  
B8F 1 (1) 037 (25) Oshkosh Garden 154.725154.9425155.6325c155.875c  
B8F 1 (1) 038 (26) Rushville Sheridan 154.8075155.0925155.565c155.865c  
B8F 1 (1) 039 (27) Whiteclay Sheridan 154.3625154.6725c155.0325155.4375c  
B8F 1 (1) 040 (28) Merna Custer 155.010155.2425155.535c155.955c  
B8F 1 (1) 041 (29) Arthur Arthur 154.875155.580155.820c156.240c  
B8F 1 (1) 042 (2A) Holdrege Phelps 154.220154.935155.505c156.1275c  
B8F 1 (1) 043 (2B) Bassett Rock 154.190154.8225155.100c155.445c  
B8F 1 (1) 044 (2C) Beaver City Furnas 154.430154.845155.445c155.790c  
B8F 1 (1) 045 (2D) Cozad Dawson 154.2725154.6575155.355c155.6775c  
B8F 1 (1) 046 (2E) Crookston Cherry 154.340154.725155.1075c155.415c  
B8F 1 (1) 047 (2F) Thedford Thomas 155.0625155.3625155.700c156.210c  
B8F 1 (1) 048 (30) Hayes Center Hayes 154.785155.070155.370c155.655c  
B8F 1 (1) 049 (31) Imperial Chase 155.250155.505155.805156.120c  
B8F 1 (1) 050 (32) McCook Red Willow 154.085154.340154.680155.010c  
B8F 1 (1) 051 (33) Merriman Cherry 154.4075154.8675155.130155.520c  
B8F 1 (1) 052 (34) Norden Keya Paha 154.9575155.250155.6025155.880c  
B8F 1 (1) 053 (35) North Platte Lincoln 155.100155.430155.640155.895c156.135c 
B8F 1 (1) 054 (36) Whitman Grant 154.2125154.6575154.9125155.1675c  
B8F 1 (1) 055 (37) Lincoln (North) Lancaster 154.2125154.6875c154.935c155.130155.580 
B8F 1 (1) 056 (38) Pleasanton Buffalo 154.175154.370154.965c155.4375c  
B8F 1 (1) 057 (39) Sargent Custer 154.295154.905155.520c155.730c  
B8F 1 (1) 058 (3A) Wolbach Greeley 154.845155.190155.460c155.640c  
B8F 1 (1) 059 (3B) Giltner Hamilton 154.325154.695154.9125155.310c155.5275c 
B8F 1 (1) 060 (3C) Naper Boyd 154.130154.680155.190c155.460c  
B8F 1 (1) 061 (3D) Niobrara Knox 154.695155.370155.6025156.1275c  
B8F 1 (1) 062 (3E) O'Neil Holt 155.430155.6925155.8725c156.2325c  
B8F 1 (1) 063 (3F) Elgin Antelope 154.7625154.9425155.3175c155.505c  
B8F 1 (1) 064 (40) Hartington Cedar 154.010154.680155.310c155.565c  
B8F 1 (1) 065 (41) Jones Creek Dakota 169.775172.575172.750c173.7625c  
B8F 1 (1) 066 (42) Norfolk Madison 154.325154.905155.250c155.5875c  
B8F 1 (1) 067 (43) Cedar Bluffs Saunders 169.7875171.2625172.625c173.9125c  
B8F 1 (1) 068 (44) Beatrice Gage 154.310154.965155.190c155.655c  
B8F 1 (1) 069 (45) Milford Seward 154.160154.860155.565c156.210c  
B8F 1 (1) 070 (46) Omaha (108th and I St) Douglas 171.4375172.2875c172.600c173.7625c  
B8F 1 (1) 071 (47) Franklin Franklin 154.160154.355154.710c154.980c  
B8F 1 (1) 072 (48) Superior Nuckolls 154.1825154.400154.665c154.875c  
B8F 1 (1) 073 (49) Osceola Polk 154.6575155.355155.625c155.970c  
B8F 1 (1) 074 (4A) Humphrey Platte 155.1375155.535155.910c156.150c  
B8F 1 (1) 075 (4B) Craig Burt 169.8125172.5875172.775c173.825c  
B8F 1 (1) 076 (4C) Plattsmouth Cass 169.775172.575172.750c173.825c  
B8F 1 (1) 077 (4D) Nebraska City Otoe 154.785155.085155.460c155.700c  
B8F 1 (1) 078 (4E) Falls City Richardson 169.7875171.775172.5875c172.775c  
B8F 1 (1) 079 (4F) Sterling Johnson 169.8125171.750173.450c173.8125c  
B8F 1 (1) 080 (50) Kimball Kimball 155.145155.460c155.505c155.730c156.090c161.200
B8F 1 (1) 081 (51) York York 154.4225154.7775c155.5125c156.1425c  
B8F 1 (1) 082 (52) Lincoln (South) Lancaster 152.780155.0325155.4225c155.6325c155.7225c 
B8F 1 (1) 083 (53) Omaha (Hummel Park) Douglas 154.1225154.680c154.950c155.8725c156.1425c 
B8F 1 (1) 084 (54) Benkelman Dundy 154.235154.4375c154.665c154.920c  
B8F 1 (1) 085 (55) Statewide Mobile Itinerant 155.4075c     
B8F 1 (1) 086 (56) Pawnee City Pawnee 154.1675155.3775155.5725c155.8875c  
B8F 1 (1) 087 (57) Rattlesnake Creek Cuming 154.7025155.460155.6475c156.240c  
B8F 1 (1) 088 (58) Big Springs Deuel 155.0025155.2575155.4375c155.7375c  
B8F 1 (1) 089 (59) Ayr Adams 152.030152.180152.510c152.690c  
B8F 1 (1) 090 (5A) Lynch Boyd 154.385c155.055155.625   
B8F 1 (1) 091 (5B) Hebron Thayer 154.1975154.680154.9425c155.460c  
B8F 1 (1) 092 (5C) Albion Boone 154.6875155.025155.5725c155.880c  
B8F 1 (1) 093 (5D) Sutherland Lincoln 154.3025154.980155.520c155.8725c  
B8F 1 (1) 094 (5E) Ponca Dixon 154.1975154.7475155.4375c155.925c  
B8F 1 (1) 095 (5F) Norfolk 800 Madison 854.0125854.1625c854.3125c854.4625c  
B8F 1 (1) 096 (60) York 800 York 855.2125c855.4875c855.7125c   
B8F 1 (1) 098 (62) Lincoln Capitol Lancaster 774.05625c774.30625c774.55625c774.80625c  
B8F 1 (1) 100 (64) Nebraska Penitentiary Lancaster 774.09375c774.34375c774.59375c774.84375c  
B8F 1 (1) 113 (71) Newman Grove Madison 851.375851.6875853.625853.875c  
B8F 1 (1) 200 (C8) Tryon McPherson 154.2875155.115155.925156.615  


Air Ambulance/Medivac will be listed in this catagory as they have regional responses and transporation

DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
50050c382DAir EMS 1Air MethodsEMS Dispatch
Medical Regional Response System

Talkgroups listed here are reported to be used for medical resourses within and outside regional hospital systems during disasters or other emergencies

DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
1300032c8DRROMRSRural Region One Regional Response SystemInterop
1300132c9DSENHCCSoutheast Nebraska Healthcare CoalitionInterop
1300232caDTRIMRSTri-Cities Medical Response SystemInterop
1300332cbDNPHCCNebraska Plains Healthcare Coalition Interop
1300432ccDPRMRSPanhandle Region Medical Response SystemInterop
1300532cdDOMHCCOmaha Metropolitan Medical Response SystemInterop
Statewide Interoperbility

The Regional Operations Common “ROC’s” are shared talkgroups for use by all dispatch centers. Additionally, any local, state, or federal public safety agency may operate on the ROC’s on the Statewide Radio System with authorized equipment. The ROC talkgroups are regionalized based on State Patrol Troop areas: A through E and H for headquarters. The map of ROC coverage can be found here


DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
3060bf4DS1 StatewideS1 StatewideInterop
50000c350DH-ROC CallTroop HQ ROC CallInterop
50001c351DH-ROC 1Troop HQ ROC 1Interop
50002c352DH-ROC 2Troop HQ ROC 2Interop
50003c353DH-ROC 3Troop HQ ROC 3Interop
50004c354DH-ROC 4Troop HQ ROC 4Interop
50005c355DA-ROC CallTroop A ROC CallInterop
50006c356DA-ROC 1Troop A ROC 1Interop
50007c357DA-ROC 2Troop A ROC 2Interop
50008c358DA-ROC 3Troop A ROC 3Interop
50009c359DA-ROC 4Troop A ROC 4Interop
50010c35aDB-ROC CallTroop B ROC CallInterop
50011c35bDB-ROC 1Troop B ROC 1Interop
50012c35cDB-ROC 2Troop B ROC 2Interop
50013c35dDB-ROC 3Troop B ROC 3Interop
50014c35eDB-ROC 4Troop B ROC 4Interop
50015c35fDC-ROC CallTroop C ROC CallInterop
50016c360DC-ROC 1Troop C ROC 1Interop
50017c361DC-ROC 2Troop C ROC 2Interop
50018c362DC-ROC 3Troop C ROC 3Interop
50019c363DC-ROC 4Troop C ROC 4Interop
50020c364DD-ROC CallTroop D ROC CallInterop
50021c365DD-ROC 1Troop D ROC 1Interop
50022c366DD-ROC 2Troop D ROC 2Interop
50023c367DD-ROC 3Troop D ROC 3Interop
50024c368DD-ROC 4Troop D ROC 4Interop
50025c369DE-ROC CallTroop E ROC CallInterop
50026c36aDE-ROC 1Troop E ROC 1Interop
50027c36bDE-ROC 2Troop E ROC 2Interop
50028c36cDE-ROC 3Troop E ROC 3Interop
50029c36dDE-ROC 4Troop E ROC 4Interop
50030c36eDStatewide M1Statewide Events M1Interop
50031c36fDStatewide M2Statewide Events M2Interop
50032c370DStatewide M3Statewide Events M3Interop
50033c371DStatewide M4Statewide Events M4Interop
50034c372DStatewide M5Statewide Events M5Interop
50035c373DStatewide M6Statewide Events M6Interop
50036c374DeStatewide M7Statewide Events M7Interop
50037c375DeStatewide M8Statewide Events M8Interop
50038c376DeStatewide 9Statewide Events 9Interop
50039c377DeStatewide 10Statewide Events 10Interop
50040c378DStatewide 11Statewide Events 11Interop
50041c379DStatewide 12Statewide Events 12Interop
50042c37aDStatewide 13Statewide Events 13Interop
50043c37bDStatewide 14Statewide Events 14Interop
50044c37cDStatewide 15Statewide Events 15Interop
50045c37dDStatewide 16Statewide Events 16Interop
50047c37fDEStatewideFED/LE1Federal/Local LE 1Interop
50048c380DEStatewideFED/LE2Federal/Local LE 2Interop
State Patrol - Statewide

These talkgroups are mostly encrypted and believed to be statewide. Talkgroup names are beliveved to be accurate. Corrections requested

DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
3019bcbDNSP SWAT 1SWAT 1Law Tac
3020bccDNSP SWAT 2SWAT 2Law Tac
3007bbfDENSP Brk ArwBroken ArrowLaw Talk
3047be7DENSP Exec ProtExecutive ProtectionLaw Talk
State Patrol Troop A - Omaha

Troop A is located in Omaha and covers Dodge, Douglas, northern Cass, Sarpy and Washington counties

DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
3075c03DTroop A Disp 1Dispatch 1Law Dispatch
3076c04DETroop A Disp 2Dispatch 2Law Tac
3077c05DTroop A Disp 3Dispatch 3Law Dispatch
3078c06DETroop A Disp 4Dispatch 4Law Tac
3002bbaDETroop A SEC 5Secure 5Law Tac
3003bbbDETroop A SEC 6Secure 6Law Tac
3004bbcDETroop A SEC 7Secure 7Law Tac
3005bbdDTroop A LE 1LE 1Law Tac
3006bbeDTroop A LE 2LE 2Law Tac
3008bc0DeTroop A LE 3 SECLE 3 SecureLaw Tac
3001bb9DETroop A ISO SECISO SecureLaw Tac
3045be5DETroop A Captl ScCapital SecurityLaw Tac
State Patrol Troop B - Norfolk

Troop B is located in Norfolk and covers Antelope, Boone, Boyd, Brown, Burt, Cedar, Cherry, Colfax, Dakota, Dixon, Dodge, Holt, Keya Paha, Knox, Madison, Rock, Pierce, Platte, Stanton, Thurston, Washington and Wheeler counties. Dispatch 1&2 are used east of Norfolk and 3&4 west of Norfolk

DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
3079c07DTroop B Disp 1Dispatch 1Law Dispatch
3010bc2DETroop B Disp 2Dispatch 2Law Tac
3087c0fDTroop B Disp 3Dispatch 3Law Dispatch
3034bdaDETroop B Disp 4Dispatch 4Law Tac
3012bc4DETroop B Sec 5Secure 5Law Tac
3013bc5DETroop B Sec 6Secure 6Law Tac
3014bc6DETroop B Sec 7Secure 7Law Tac
3015bc7DTroop B LE 1LE 1Law Tac
3016bc8DTroop B LE 2LE 2Law Tac
3018bcaDeTroop B LE 3LE 3Law Tac
3011bc3DTroop B ISOISOLaw Dispatch
State Patrol Troop C - Grand Island

Troop C is located in Grand Island and covers Adams, Buffalo, Clay, Franklin, Garfield, Greely, Hall, Hamilton, Howards, Kearney, Merrick, Nuckolls, Sherman, Valley, Webster and York counties

DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
3092c14DTroop C Disp 1Dispatch 1Law Dispatch
3080c08DETroop C Disp 2Dispatch 2Law Dispatch
3081c09DTroop C Disp 3Dispatch 3Law Dispatch
3082c0aDETroop C Disp 4Dispatch 4Law Dispatch
3028bd4DTroop C LE 1LE 1Law Tac
3029bd5DTroop C LE 2LE 2Law Tac
3030bd6DETroop C LE SECLE SECLaw Tac
3031bd7DETroop C LE SEC3LE Secure 3Law Tac
3025bd1DETroop C LE 5LE 5Law Tac
3026bd2DETroop C LE 6LE 6Law Tac
3027bd3DETroop C LE 7LE 7Law Tac
State Patrol Troop D - North Platte

Troop D is located in North Platte and covers Arthur, Blaine, Chase, Custer, Dawson, Dundy, Frontier, Furnas, Grant, Gosper, Harlan, Hayes, Hitchcock, Hooker, Keith, Lincoln, Logan, Loup, McPherson, Perkins, Phelps, Red Willow and counties


DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
3083c0bDTroop D Disp 1Dispatch 1Law Dispatch
3084c0cDETroop D Disp 2Dispatch 2Law Dispatch
3085c0dDTroop D Disp 3Dispatch 3Law Dispatch
3086c0eDETroop D Disp 4Dispatch 4Law Dispatch
3039bdfDTroop D LE 1LE 1Law Tac
3040be0DTroop D LE 2LE 2Law Tac
3042be2DETroop D LE SEC3LE Secure 3Law Tac
3036bdcDETroop D ISOISOLaw Tac
State Patrol Troop E - Scottsbluff

Troop E is located in Scottsbluff and covers Kimball, Banner, Scotts Bluff, Sioux, Dawes, Sheridan, Garden, Box Butte, Morrill, Cheyenne and Deuel counties

DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
3022bceDTroop E Disp 1Dispatch 1Law Dispatch
3088c10DETroop E Disp 2Dispatch 2Law Dispatch
3089c11DTroop E Disp 3Dispatch 3Law Dispatch
3090c12DeTroop E Disp 4Dispatch 4Law Dispatch
3055befDTroop E LE 1LE 1Law Tac
3056bf0DTroop E LE 2LE 2Law Tac
3058bf2DTroop E LE 3LE 3 SecureLaw Tac
3052becDETroop E Sec 5Secure 5Law Tac
3053bedDTroop E Sec 6Secure 6Law Tac
3054beeDTroop E Sec 7Secure 7Law Tac
3051bebDeTroop E ISO SecISO SecureLaw Tac
State Patrol Troop H - Lincoln

Troop H is located in Lincoln and is comprised of 14 counties in southeastern Nebraska along the Iowa, Kansas and Missouri

DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
3071bffDTroop HQ Disp 1Dispatch 1Law Dispatch
3072c00DETroop HQ Disp 2Dispatch 2Law Dispatch
3073c01DTroop HQ Disp 3Dispatch 3Law Dispatch
3074c02DETroop HQ Disp 4Dispatch 4Law Dispatch
3094c16DETroop HQ Sec 5Secure 5Law Tac
3095c17DETroop HQ Sec 6Secure 6Law Tac
3096c18DETroop HQ Sec 7Secure 7Law Tac
3097c19DTroop HQ LE 1LE 1Law Tac
3098c1aDTroop HQ LE 2LE 2Law Tac
3099c1bDETroop HQ LE SEC3LE Secure 3Law Tac
3093c15DETroop HQ ISO SecISOLaw Tac
State Fire Marshal
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
60001ea61DSFM Fire 1Fire 1Fire-Tac
60002ea62DSFM Fire 2Fire 2Fire-Tac
60003ea63DSFM Fire 3 ENCFire 3 SecureFire-Tac
60006ea66DeSFM Fire 4Fire 4Fire-Tac
60004ea64DSFM District ADistrict AFire-Tac
60005ea65DSFM District B/CDistrict B/CFire-Tac
60007ea67DSFM InvestInvestigationsFire-Tac
60008ea68DSFM TRNTrainingFire-Talk
60009ea69DSFM FuelFuelFire-Talk
60010ea6aDSFM CallCallingFire Dispatch
Emergency Management

Talkgroup 60301 appears to be NEMA 1 or possibly and EOC calling talkgroup. Please monitor and submit updates for any corrections

DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
60301eb8dDNEMA 1NEMA 1Emergency Ops
60302eb8eDeNEMA 2 ENCNEMA 2 SecureEmergency Ops
60303eb8fDNEMA 3NEMA 3Emergency Ops
60304eb90DeNEMA 4 ENCNEMA 4 SecureEmergency Ops
Department of Correctional Services
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
60125eaddDeNDCS TransferInmate TransfersCorrections
60126eadeDNDCS OCCOmaha Correctional Center/Nebraska Correctional Youth Facility TransportationCorrections
60127eadfDNDCS NCYFNebraska Correctional Youth FacilityCorrections
60128eae0DNDCS CCCOCommunity Corrections Center - OmahaCorrections
60129eae1DNDCS NSPNebraska State Penitentiary - LincolnCorrections
60130eae2DNDCS DECDiagnostic and Evaluation Center - LincolnCorrections
60131eae3DNDCS LCCLincoln Correctional CenterCorrections
60132eae4DNDCS CCCL Community Corrections Center - LincolnCorrections
60133eae5DNDCS TSCITecumseh State Correctional Institution Corrections
60134eae6DNDCS NCCWNebraska Correctional Center for Women - YorkPublic Works
60135eae7DNDCS WEC Work Ethic Camp - McCookCorrections
Department of Heath Human Services
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
60626ecd2DYRTC 1Youth Rehabilitation & Treatment Center - Geneva 1Hospital
60627ecd3DeYRTC 2Youth Rehabilitation & Treatment Center - Geneva 2Hospital
Department of Revenue
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
60601ecb9DDepart of RevenuDepartment of RevenuePublic Works
Department of Transportation

District 1 - Butler, Cass, Gage, Jefferson, Johnson, Lancaster, Nemaha, Otoe, Pawnee, Richardson, Saline, Saunders, Seward

District 2 - Cass, Dodge, Douglas, Sarpy, Washington

District 3 - Antelope, Boone, Burt, Cedar, Colfax, Cuming, Dakota, Dixon, Knox, Madison, Pierce, Platte, Stanton, Thurston, Wayne

District 4 - Adams, Buffalo, Clay, Fillmore, Greeley, Hall, Hamilton, Howard, Merrick, Nance, Nuckolls, Polk, Sherman, Thayer, York, Valley, Webster

District 5 - Banner, Box Butte, Cheyenne, Dawes, Deuel, Garden, Kimball, Morrill, Scotts Bluff, Sheridan, Sioux

District 6 - Arthur, Blaine, Custer, Dawson, Grant, Hooker, Keith, Lincoln, Logan, McPherson, Thomas

District 7 - Chase, Dundy, Franklin, Frontier, Furnas, Gosper, Harlan, Hayes, Hitchcock, Kearney, Perkins, Phelps, Red Willow

District 8 - Blaine (partial), Boyd, Brown, Cherry, Garfield, Holt, Keya Paha, Loup, Rock, Wheeler

Talkgroup descriptions are based on montoring of which shop/garage they are primarly used with. Talkgroups are also designated by radio channel which denotes the district (Xxx) and then sub area (xXX)

DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
60546ec82DNDOT OperationsOperationsPublic Works
60401ebf1DNDOT 1 DistrictDistrict 1 - District WidePublic Works
60402ebf2DNDOT 1 ConstructDistrict 1 - ConstructionPublic Works
60403ebf3DNDOT 1 MtceDistrict 1 - MaintenancePublic Works
60404ebf4DNDOT 1 (110)District 1 - (110)Public Works
60405ebf5DNDOT 1 Linc SupDistrict 1 - Lincoln Superior Street (111)Public Works
60406ebf6DNDOT 1 SewardDistrict 1 - Seward (112)Public Works
60407ebf7DNDOT 1 DavidCityDistrict 1 - David City (113)Public Works
60408ebf8DNDOT 1 WahooDistrict 1 - Wahoo (114)Public Works
60409ebf9DNDOT 1 GreenwoodDistrict 1 - Greenwood (115)Public Works
60410ebfaDNDOT 1 (120)District 1 - (120)Public Works
60411ebfbDNDOT 1 (121)District 1 - (121)Public Works
60412ebfcDNDOT 1 DorchsterDistrict 1 - Dorchester (122)Public Works
60413ebfdDNDOT 1 (123)District 1 - (123)Public Works
60414ebfeDNDOT 1 (124)District 1 - (124)Public Works
60415ebffDNDOT 1 Linc 125District 1 - Lincoln Salt Valley (125)Public Works
60416ec00DNDOT 1 (130)District 1 - (130)Public Works
60417ec01DNDOT 1 PalmyraDistrict 1 - Palmyra (131)Public Works
60418ec02DNDOT 1 Neb CityDistrict 1 - Nebraska City (132)Public Works
60419ec03DNDOT 1 TecumsehDistrict 1 - Tecumseh (133)Public Works
60420ec04DNDOT 1 AuburnDistrict 1 - Auburn (134)Public Works
60421ec05DNDOT 1 PawneeCtyDistrict 1 - Pawnee City (135)Public Works
60422ec06DNDOT 2 DistrictDistrict 2 - District WidePublic Works
60423ec07DNDOT 2 ConstructDistrict 2 - ConstructionPublic Works
60424ec08DNDOT 2 MtceDistrict 2 - MaintenancePublic Works
60425ec09DNDOT 2 (210)District 2 - (210)Public Works
60426ec0aDNDOT 2 Omaha 108District 2 - Omaha 108 (211)Public Works
60427ec0bDNDOT 2 Omaha NDistrict 2 - Omaha Mormon Bridge (212)Public Works
60428ec0cDNDOT 2 Omaha SDistrict 2 - Omaha South (213)Public Works
60429ec0dDNDOT 2 (220)District 2 - (220)Public Works
60430ec0eDNDOT 2 BlairDistrict 2 - Blair (221)Public Works
60431ec0fDNDOT 2 FremontDistrict 2 - Fremont (222)Public Works
60432ec10DNDOT 2 (230)District 2 - (230)Public Works
60433ec11DNDOT 2 Road MrkDistrict 2 - Road Marking (231)Public Works
60434ec12DNDOT 2 ElkhornDistrict 2 - Elkhorn (232)Public Works
60435ec13DNDOT 2 GretnaDistrict 2 - Gretna (234)Public Works
60436ec14DNDOT 2 OmahaDistrict 2 - Plattsmouth (236)Public Works
60437ec15DNDOT 3 DistrictDistrict 3 - District WidePublic Works
60438ec16DNDOT 3 ConstructDistrict 3 - ConstructionPublic Works
60439ec17DNDOT 3 MtceDistrict 3 - MaintenancePublic Works
60440ec18DNDOT 3 (310)District 3 - (310)Public Works
60441ec19DNDOT 3 ColumbusDistrict 3 - Columbus (311)Public Works
60442ec1aDNDOT 3 (313)District 3 - (313)Public Works
60443ec1bDNDOT 3 Hump/ClrkDistrict 3 - Humphrey/Clarkson (314)Public Works
60444ec1cDNDOT 3 PlainviewDistrict 3 - Plainview (320)Public Works
60445ec1dDNDOT 3 (321)District 3 - (321)Public Works
60446ec1eDNDOT 3 (322)District 3 - (322)Public Works
60447ec1fDNDOT 3 (324)District 3 - (324)Public Works
60448ec20DNDOT 3 (325)District 3 - (325)Public Works
60449ec21DNDOT 3 (330)District 3 - (330)Public Works
60450ec22DNDOT 3 Norfolk SDistrict 3 - Norfolk (331)Public Works
60451ec23DNDOT 3 (332)District 3 - (332)Public Works
60452ec24DNDOT 3 W PointDistrict 3 - West Point (333)Public Works
60453ec25DNDOT 3 (340)District 3 - 340 Areawide (341, 342, 343)Public Works
60454ec26DNDOT 3 S SiouxDistrict 3 - South Sioux City (341)Public Works
60455ec27DNDOT 3 LyonsDistrict 3 - Lyons (342)Public Works
60456ec28DNDOT 3 (350)District 3 - (350)Public Works
60457ec29DNDOT 3 WayneDistrict 3 - Wayne (351)Public Works
60458ec2aDNDOT 3 CroftonDistrict 3 - Crofton/Hartington (352)Public Works
60459ec2bDNDOT 3 Larl/NewCDistrict 3 - Laurel/New Castle (353)Public Works
60460ec2cDNDOT 4 DistrictDistrict 4 - District WidePublic Works
60461ec2dDNDOT 4 ConstructDistrict 4 - ConstructionPublic Works
60462ec2eDNDOT 4 MtceDistrict 4 - MaintenancePublic Works
60463ec2fDNDOT 4 (410)District 4 - (410)Public Works
60464ec30DNDOT 4 (411)District 4 - (411)Public Works
60465ec31DNDOT 4 (412)District 4 - (412)Public Works
60466ec32DNDOT 4 (413)District 4 - (413)Public Works
60467ec33DNDOT 4 GreeleyDistrict 4 - Greeley (414)Public Works
60468ec34DNDOT 4 (415)District 4 - (415)Public Works
60469ec35DNDOT 4 BoelusDistrict 4 - Boelus (416)Public Works
60470ec36DNDOT 4 (430)District 4 - (430)Public Works
60471ec37DNDOT 4 (431)District 4 - (431)Public Works
60472ec38DNDOT 4 (432)District 4 - (432)Public Works
60473ec39DNDOT 4 (433)District 4 - (433)Public Works
60474ec3aDNDOT 4 OsceolaDistrict 4 - Osceloa (435)Public Works
60475ec3bDNDOT 4 (440)District 4 - (440)Public Works
60476ec3cDNDOT 4 Hwy 30ADistrict 4 - Highway 30(A) (441)Public Works
60477ec3dDNDOT 4 Grand IsDistrict 4 - Grand Island (442)Public Works
60478ec3eDNDOT 4 Loup CityDistrict 4 - Loup City (443)Public Works
60479ec3fDNDOT 4 (444)District 4 - (444)Public Works
60480ec40DNDOT 4 Hwy 30BDistrict 4 - Highway 30(B) (445)Public Works
60481ec41DNDOT 4 HastingsDistrict 4 - Hastings (450)Public Works
60482ec42DNDOT 4 (451)District 4 - (451)Public Works
60483ec43DNDOT 4 (452)District 4 - (452)Public Works
60484ec44DNDOT 4 (453)District 4 - (453)Public Works
60485ec45DNDOT 4 AuroraDistrict 4 - Aurora (454)Public Works
60486ec46DNDOT 5 DistrictDistrict 5 - District WidePublic Works
60487ec47DNDOT 5 ConstructDistrict 5 - ConstructionPublic Works
60488ec48DNDOT 5 MtceDistrict 5 - MaintenancePublic Works
60489ec49DNDOT 5 (510)District 5 - (510)Public Works
60490ec4aDNDOT 5 (511)District 5 - (511)Public Works
60491ec4bDNDOT 5 (512)District 5 - (512)Public Works
60492ec4cDNDOT 5 (513)District 5 - (513)Public Works
60493ec4dDNDOT 5 (514)District 5 - (514)Public Works
60494ec4eDNDOT 5 (520)District 5 - (520)Public Works
60495ec4fDNDOT 5 (522)District 5 - (522)Public Works
60496ec50DNDOT 5 (523)District 5 - (523)Public Works
60497ec51DNDOT 5 GeringDistrict 5 - Gering (524)Public Works
60498ec52DNDOT 5 I80District 5 - I80 (530)Public Works
60499ec53DNDOT 5 (531)District 5 - (531)Public Works
60500ec54DNDOT 5 KimballDistrict 5 - Kimball (532)Public Works
60501ec55DNDOT 5 SidneyDistrict 5 - Sidney (533)Public Works
60502ec56DNDOT 6 DistrictDistrict 6 - District WidePublic Works
60503ec57DNDOT 6 ConstructDistrict 6 - ConstructionPublic Works
60504ec58DNDOT 6 MtceDistrict 6 - MaintenancePublic Works
60505ec59DNDOT 6 LexingtonDistrict 6 - Lexington (610)Public Works
60506ec5aDNDOT 6 (611)District 6 - (611)Public Works
60507ec5bDNDOT6 GothenburgDistrict 6 - Gothenburg (612)Public Works
60508ec5cDNDOT 6 (620)District 6 - (620)Public Works
60509ec5dDNDOT 6 (621)District 6 - (621)Public Works
60510ec5eDNDOT 6 (622)District 6 - (622)Public Works
60511ec5fDNDOT 6 (630)District 6 - (630)Public Works
60512ec60DNDOT 6 (631)District 6 - (631)Public Works
60513ec61DNDOT 6 (632)District 6 - (632)Public Works
60514ec62DNDOT 6 BrokenBowDistrict 6 - Broken Bow (640)Public Works
60515ec63DNDOT 6 (641)District 6 - (641)Public Works
60516ec64DNDOT 6 (642)District 6 - (642)Public Works
60517ec65DNDOT 6 (650)District 6 - (650)Public Works
60518ec66DNDOT 6 (651)District 6 - (651)Public Works
60519ec67DNDOT 6 (652)District 6 - (652)Public Works
60520ec68DNDOT 7 DistrictDistrict 7 - District WidePublic Works
60521ec69DNDOT 7 ConstructDistrict 7 - ConstructionPublic Works
60522ec6aDNDOT 7 MtceDistrict 7 - MaintenancePublic Works
60523ec6bDNDOT 7 (710)District 7 - (710)Public Works
60524ec6cDNDOT 7 (711)District 7 - (711)Public Works
60525ec6dDNDOT 7 HoldregeDistrict 7 - Holdrege (714)Public Works
60526ec6eDNDOT 7 MindenDistrict 7 - Minden (715)Public Works
60527ec6fDNDOT 7 (720)District 7 - (720)Public Works
60528ec70DNDOT 7 LexingtonDistrict 7 - Lexington (721)Public Works
60529ec71DNDOT 7 (722)District 7 - (722)Public Works
60530ec72DNDOT 7 (723)District 7 - (723)Public Works
60531ec73DNDOT 7 (730)District 7 - (730)Public Works
60532ec74DNDOT 7 (731)District 7 - (731)Public Works
60533ec75DNDOt 7 (732)District 7 - (732)Public Works
60534ec76DNDOT 8 DistrictNDOR 8 - District WidePublic Works
60535ec77DNDOT 8 ConstructDistrict 8 - ConstructionPublic Works
60536ec78DNDOT 8 MtceDistrict 8 - MaintenancePublic Works
60537ec79DNDOT 8 (810)District 8 - (810)Public Works
60538ec7aDNDOT 8 (811)District 8 - (811)Public Works
60539ec7bDNDOT 8 (820)District 8 - (820)Public Works
60540ec7cDNDOT 8 (821)District 8 - (821)Public Works
60541ec7dDNDOT 8 (822)District 8 - (822)Public Works
60542ec7eDNDOT 8 BurwellDistrict 8 - Burwell (823)Public Works
60543ec7fDNDOT 8 (830)District 8 - (830)Public Works
60544ec80DNDOT 8 (831)District 8 - (831)Public Works
60545ec81DNDOT 8 (832)District 8 - (832)Public Works
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
202654f29DGP N SENorth / SoutheastLaw Tac
60251eb5bDGP NW CommonNorthwest CommonLaw Dispatch
60252eb5cDGP NW TacticalNorthwest TacticalLaw Tac
60253eb5dDGP N NWNorth NorthwestLaw Dispatch
60254eb5eDGP S NWS NWLaw Dispatch
60255eb5fDGP NE CommonNortheast CommonLaw Dispatch
60256eb60DGP NE TacticalNortheast TacticalLaw Tac
60259eb63DGP SW CommonSouthwest CommonLaw Dispatch
60260eb64DGP SW TacticalSouthwest TacticalLaw Tac
60261eb65DGP E SWEast / SouthwestLaw Dispatch
60262eb66DGP W SWWest / SouthwestLaw Tac
60263eb67DGP SE CommonSoutheast CommonLaw Dispatch
60264eb68DeGP SE TacSoutheast TacLaw Talk
60266eb6aDGP S SESouth / SoutheastLaw Tac
Nebraska State Electrical Division

Dedicated to Public Protection by Ensuring Electrical Safety for Nebraska Citizens The State Electrical Division's mission is achieved through licensing and inspection of electrical systems, to ensure their mechanical integrity and electrical safety in accordance with the National Electrical Code

DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
60376ebd8DNE Elec DivisionNebraska State Electrical DivisionPublic Works

The Nebraska Office of the Chief Information Officer is the lead agency for the statewide radio system. Talkgroups that are part of this are contained here

DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
10013e9DMotorola 1Motorola 1Public Works
10023eaDMotorola 2Motorola 2Public Works
10033ebDMotorola 3Motorola 3Public Works
10043ecDMotorola 4Motorola 4Public Works
10053edDMotorola 5Motorola 5Public Works
319517ccfDComms Demo 1Communications Demonstration 1Public Works
319527cd0DComms Demo 2Communications Demonstration 2Public Works
319537cd1DComms Demo 3Communications Demonstration 3Public Works
319547cd2DComms Demo 4Communications Demonstration 4Public Works
319617cd9DMotorola Demo 1Motorola Demonstration 1Public Works
319627cdaDMotorola Demo 2Motorola Demonstration 2Public Works
319637cdbDMotorola Demo 3Motorola Demonstration 3Public Works
319647cdcDMotorola Demo 4Motorola Demonstration 4Public Works
319657cddDMotorola Demo 5Motorola Demonstration 5Public Works
319667cdeDEFJ DemoEF Johnson Demonstration Public Works
319817cedDKenwood DemoKenwood DemonstrationPublic Works
319917cf7DBK Relm DemoBK Relm DemonstrationPublic Works
Drug Enforcement Agency
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
30251762bDeDEA Omaha 1Omaha 1Federal
30252762cDeDEA Omaha 2Omaha 2Federal
30253762dDeDEA Omaha 3Omaha 3Federal
30254762eDeDEA Omaha 4Omaha 4Federal
30255762fDeDEA Omaha 5Omaha 5Federal
302567630DeDEA Omaha 6Omaha 6Federal
302577631DeDEA Sioux City 1Sioux City 1Federal
302587632DeDEA Sioux City 2Sioux City 2Federal
302597633DeDEA Sioux City 3Sioux City 3Federal
302607634DeDEA Sioux City 4Sioux City 4Federal
302617635DeDEA TravelTravel ChannelFederal
Federal Bureau of Investigation

These are reported to be FBI talkgroups, and generally encrypted

DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
3020175f9DeFBI CommonCommonFederal
3020275faDeFBI AirAir OperationsFederal
3020375fbDeFBI North PlatteNorth Platte AreaFederal
3020475fcDeFBI Grand IslandGrand Island AreaFederal
3020575fdDeFBI LincolnLincoln AreaFederal
3020675feDeFBI OmahaOmaha AreaFederal
3020775ffDeFBI Sioux CitySioux City AreaFederal
United States Marshals Service

Talkgroups are believed to be Federal Agencies and appear to be mostly encypted. Please monitor and submit corrections to the database

DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
300517563DeUSMS OpsOperationsFederal
300527564DeUSMS WarrantWarrant ServiceFederal
300537565DeUSMS Special OpsSpecial OperationsFederal
US Fish & Wildlife Service
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
301017595DFWS SecureSecureFederal
301027596DFWS Crescent Lk1Crescent Lake 1Federal
301037597DFWS Crescent Lk2Crescent Lake 2Federal
301047598DFWS Fort Niob 1Fort Niobrara 1Federal
301057599DFWS Fort Niob 2Fort Niobrara 2Federal
30108759cDFWS RBWMDRainwater Basin Wetland Management DistrictFederal
Air National Guard - Lincoln
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
1253530f7DANG Fire 1Fire 1Fire Dispatch
Army National Guard

The 72nd Civil Support Team is based in Lincoln and supports civilian agencies during disasters and other emergencies

DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
3067677d4DNENG CallCallingMilitary
3067777d5DNENG Tac 1Tactical 1Military
60678ed06DNENG Tac 2Tactical 2Military
3067977d7DeNENG 3Secure 3Military
3068077d8DNENG 4Air 4Military
3045176f3De72nd Civil Spt 172nd Civil Support Team 1Military
3045276f4De72nd Civil Spt 272nd Civil Support Team 2Military
3045376f5De72nd Civil Spt 372nd Civil Support Team 3Military
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
52600cd78DAntelope SOSheriffLaw Dispatch
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
52300cc4cDBoone Co LECounty Law EnforcementLaw Dispatch
52301cc4dDBoone SOSheriffLaw Dispatch
52302cc4eDBoone SO ENCSheriff SecureLaw Talk
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
56300dbecDBoyd Co LECounty Law EnforcementLaw Dispatch
56301dbedDBoyd SOSheriffLaw Tac
56302dbeeDeBoyd SO ENCSheriff SecureLaw Talk
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
409009fc4DBuffalo CorrectCounty CorrectionsCorrections
50900c6d4DBuffalo SOSheriffLaw Dispatch
50902c6d6DKearney PDKearney Police DepartmentLaw Talk
50903c6d7DKearney PD DispKearney Police Department DispatchLaw Dispatch
50905c6d9DKearney PDKearney Police DepartmentLaw Talk
50914c6e2DKearney FD DispKearney Fire & Rescue DispatchFire Dispatch
50915c6e3DKearney FD Tac 1Kearney Fire & Rescue Tac 1Fire-Tac
50916c6e4DKearney FD Tac 2Kearney Fire & Rescue Tac 2Fire-Tac
50919c6e7DBuffalo FDFireFire Dispatch
50923c6ebDGoodSam EMS DispGood Sam EMS DispatchEMS Dispatch
50924c6ecDGoodSam EMS DispGood Sam EMS DispatchEMS Dispatch
50937c6f9DBuffalo RoadsHighway DepartmentPublic Works
50950c706DBuffalo FD/EMSFire/EMS Paging (Old Med 9)Multi-Dispatch
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
53100cf6cDBurt Co Disp 1Dispatch 1Law Dispatch
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
52500cd14DButler CO LECounty Law EnforcementLaw Dispatch
52501cd15DButler SOSheriffLaw Tac
52502cd16DeButler SO ENCSheriff SecureLaw Talk
52503cd17DeButler SO AdminSheriff AdministrationLaw Talk
52504cd18DButler Co FireFireFire Dispatch
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
52000cb20DCass Co LECounty Law EnforcementLaw Dispatch
52001cb21DCass Co FireCounty FireFire Dispatch
52002cb22DCass Co 911911 CenterEmergency Ops
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
51300c864DCedar Co SOSheriff DispatchLaw Dispatch
51303c867DCedar Co EMEmergency ManagementEmergency Ops
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
57203df73DImperial PolicePoliceLaw Dispatch
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
56600dd18DCherry Co LECounty Law EnforcementLaw Dispatch
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
53900d28cDCheyenne SOSheriffLaw Dispatch
53902d28eDeCheyenne SO ENCSheriff SecureLaw Talk
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
54300d41cDColfax SO 1Sheriff 1Law Dispatch
54301d41dDColfax SO 2Sheriff 2Law Tac
54302d41eDColfax SO ENCSheriff SecureLaw Talk
54305d421DColfax Co FDCounty FireFire Dispatch
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
54303d41fDSchuyler PD DispPoliceLaw Dispatch
54304d420DeSchuyler PD ENCPolice SecureLaw Talk
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
52400ccb0DCuming DispCounty Dispatch 1Multi-Dispatch
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
56900de44DDawes Co LECounty Law EnforcementLaw Dispatch
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
51800ca58DDawson LawLawLaw Dispatch
51801ca59DDawson SO DispSheriff DispatchLaw Dispatch
51802ca5aDEDawson SO TacSheriff TacticalLaw Tac
51803ca5bDGothenburg PDGothenburg PoliceLaw Dispatch
51805ca5dDCozad PDCozad PoliceLaw Dispatch
51806ca5eDeCozad PD SecureCozad Police SecureLaw Tac
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
57801e1c9DDeuel SOSheriffLaw Dispatch
57802e1caDeDeuel SO ENCSheriff SecureLaw Talk
57803e1cbDDeuel Co FireCounty FireFire Dispatch
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
53500d0fcDDixon Co. Disp 1County Dispatch 1Multi-Dispatch
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
50300c47cDGage Co LECounty Law EnforcementLaw Dispatch
50303c47fDGage Co SWATSWATLaw Tac
50304c480DeGage Co SWAT ENCSWAT SecureLaw Talk
50301c47dDGage SOSheriffLaw Dispatch
50302c47eDeGage SO ENCSheriff SecureLaw Talk
50307c483DGage SO AdminSheriff AdministrationLaw Talk
50305c481DGage SO CourtSheriff Court SecuritySecurity
50306c482DGage Co EMAEmergency ManagementEmergency Ops
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
58302e3beDeGarfield SO ENCSheriff SecureLaw Talk
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
59201e741DGrant SOSheriffLaw Tac
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
56201db89DGreeley SOSheriffLaw Dispatch
56202db8aDeGreeley SO ENCSheriff SecureLaw Talk
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
53600d160DHolt Co LECounty Law EnforcementLaw Dispatch
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
59301e7a5DHooker SOSheriffLaw Tac
59302e7a6DHooker SO ENCSheriff SecureLaw Talk
59303e7a7DHooker Co PSCounty Public SafetyMulti-Dispatch
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
54900d674DHoward Co LECounty Law EnforcementLaw Dispatch
54901d675DHoward SOSheriffLaw Tac
54902d676DHoward SO ENCSheriff SecureLaw Talk
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
55700d994DJohnson Co LECounty Law EnforcementLaw Dispatch
55701d995DJohnson SOSheriffLaw Tac
55702d996DeJohnson SO ENCSheriff SecureLaw Talk
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
56800dde0DKeith Co LECounty Law EnforcementLaw Dispatch
56801dde1DKeith SOSheriffLaw Tac
56802dde2DKeith SO ENCSheriff SecureLaw Talk
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
56803dde3DOgallala PDPoliceLaw Dispatch
56804dde4DOgallala FDFireFire Dispatch
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
57100df0cDKimball SO 1Sheriff 1Law Dispatch
57101df0dDKimball SO 2Sheriff 2Law Dispatch
57102df0eDeKimball SO 3Sheriff 3 SecureLaw Talk

Kimball Police primarly operates on the analog system

DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
57103df0fDeKimball PolicePoliceLaw Tac
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
51200c800DKnox Co SheriffSheriffLaw Dispatch
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
51500c92cDLincoln Co LECounty Law EnforcementLaw Dispatch
51501c92dDLincoln SOSheriffLaw Dispatch
51502c92eDLincoln SO ENCSheriff SecureLaw Talk
51511c937DLincoln Co EMAEmergency ManagementEmergency Ops
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
58701e54dDLogan SOSheriffLaw Tac
58702e54eDeLogan SO ENCSheriff SecureLaw Talk
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
58800e5b0DLoup Co LECounty Law EnforcementLaw Dispatch
58803e5b3DLoup Co EMAEmergency ManagementEmergency Ops
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
50700c60cDeMadison Co SO 1Sheriff 1Law Dispatch
50701c60dDMadison Co SO 2Sheriff 2Law Dispatch
50702c60eDEMadison SO ENCSheriff SecureLaw Talk
50703c60fDmadison FD DispFire DispatchFire Dispatch
50716c61cDeMadison Co TRTTactical Rescue TeamLaw Tac
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
50710c616DNorfolk PD 1Police 1 DispatchLaw Dispatch
50711c617DNorfolk PD 2Police 2Law Tac
50712c618DNorfolk PD 3Police 3Law Tac
50713c619DNorfolk PD 4Police 4Law Tac
50714c61aDeNorfolk PD Sec 1Police Secure 1Law Talk
50715c61bDeNorfolk PD Sec 2Police Secure 2Law Talk
50720c620DNorfolk FD 1Fire 1Fire Dispatch
50721c621DNorfolk FD 2Fire 2Fire-Tac
50722c622DNorfolk FD HAZMTFire HazmatFire-Tac
50723c623DNorfolk FD LifeFire LifenetFire-Tac
50740c634DNorfolk All CallCitywide All Call/InteropMulti-Dispatch
50741c635DNorfolk Event 1Event 1Multi-Tac
50743c637DNorfolk Event 3Event 3Multi-Tac
50730c62aDNorfolk StreetsStreetsPublic Works
50731c62bDNorfolk WaterWaterPublic Works
50732c62cDNorfolk ParksParksPublic Works
50733c62dDNorfolk EngEngineeringPublic Works
50734c62eDNorfolk WPCWater Pollution ControlPublic Works
50735c62fDNorfolk SewerSewerPublic Works
50736c630DNorfolk SldWasteSolid WastePublic Works
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
54600d548DMerrick Co LECounty Law EnforcementLaw Dispatch
54602d54aDMerrick SO ENCSheriff SecureLaw Talk
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
55800d9f8DNance Co LECounty Law EnforcementLaw Dispatch
55801d9f9DNance SOSheriffLaw Tac
55802d9faDeNance SO ENCSheriff SecureLaw Talk
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
54400d480DNemaha CO LECounty Law EnforcementLaw Dispatch
54401d481DNemaha SOSheriffLaw Tac
54402d482DNemaha SO ENCSheriff SecureLaw Talk
54403d483DNemaha SO AdminSheriff AdministrationLaw Talk
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
51100c79cDOtoe Co LECounty Law EnforcementLaw Dispatch
51101c79dDOtoe SOSheriffLaw Dispatch
51102c79eDeOtoe SO ENCSheriff SecureLaw Talk
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
51103c79fDNebraska City PDPoliceLaw Dispatch
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
55400d868DPawnee Co LECounty Law EnforcementLaw Dispatch
55401d869DPawnee SOSheriffLaw Tac
55042d702DePawnee SO ENCSheriff SecureLaw Talk
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
57400e038DPerkins Co LECounty Law EnforcementLaw Dispatch
57401e039DPerkins SOSheriffLaw Tac
57402e03aDePerkins SO ENCSheriff SecureLaw Talk
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
54000d2f0DPierce SOSheriffLaw Dispatch
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
51000c738DPlatte Co LECounty Law EnforcementLaw Dispatch
51001c739DPlatte SOSheriffLaw Talk
51002c73aDePlatte SO ENCSheriff SecureLaw Talk
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
54100d354DPolk SO 1Sheriff 1Law Dispatch
54101d355DPolk SO 2Sheriff 2Law Tac
54102d356DePolk SO ENCSheriff SecureLaw Talk
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
54803d613DRed Willow FDCounty FireFire Dispatch
54804d614DMcCook PDMcCook PoliceLaw Dispatch
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
51900cabcDRichardson SO 1Sheriff 1Law Dispatch
51901cabdDRichardson SO 2Sheriff 2Law Tac
51902cabeDRichardson SO ENSheriff SecureLaw Talk
Scotts Bluff County
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
52105cb89TEScottsBluff SOSheriff DispatchLaw Dispatch
52106cb8aTEGering PDGering Police DispatchLaw Dispatch
52107cb8bTEScottsbluff PDScottsbluff Police DispatchLaw Dispatch
52117cb95TEScottsBluff FDFire DispatchFire Dispatch
52135cba7TScottsBluffRadioRadio MaintenancePublic Works
52143cbafTScottsBluff PW 1Public Works 1Public Works
52147cbb3TScottsBluff PW 2Public Works 2Public Works
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
51600c990DSeward Co LECounty Law EnforcementLaw Dispatch
51601c991DSeward SOSheriffLaw Dispatch
51602c992DSeward SO ENCSheriff SecureLaw Talk
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
51604c994DMilford PolicePoliceLaw Dispatch
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
51603c993DSeward PolicePoliceLaw Dispatch
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
56100db24DSheridan Co LECounty Law EnforcementLaw Dispatch
56101db25DSheridan SOSheriffLaw Tac
56102db26DeSheridan SO ENCSheriff SecureLaw Talk
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
56103db27DGordon PolicePoliceLaw Dispatch
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
55601d931DSherman SOSheriffLaw Dispatch
55062d716DeSherman SO ENCSheriff SecureLaw Talk
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
58001e291DSioux SOSheriffLaw Tac
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
55300d804DStanton SheriffSheriffLaw Dispatch
55301d805DStanton SOP 1SOP 1Law Tac
55302d806DEStanton SO SECSheriff SecureLaw Tac
55303d807DStanton FD DispFire DispatchFire Dispatch
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
55500d8ccDThurston Co DispLaw Dispatch 1Law Dispatch
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
51700c9f4DYork SO 1Sheriff 1Law Dispatch
51701c9f5DYork SO 2Sheriff 2Law Dispatch
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
51703c9f7DYork PolicePoliceLaw Dispatch
Burt County Public Power District

Burt County Public Power provides electricity to all of Burt County and portions of Cumming, Dodge, Thurston, and Washington Countys including the cities of Uehling, Rosalie, and Macy. Burt County Public Power provides wholesale electricity to the Village of Decatur, NE

DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
460011f8DBCPPD 4600Operations (4600)Utilities
60001770DBCPPD 6000Operations (6000)Utilities
Lincoln Electric Systems
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
45011195DLES TransmissionTransmissionUtilities
45021196DLES Control 1Control 1Utilities
45031197DLES Control 2Control 2Utilities
45041198DLES Control 3Control 3Utilities
45051199DLES MTM/TUtilities
4507119bDLES SubstationSubstationUtilities
4508119cDLES MeterMeter ServiceUtilities
4510119eDLES TransportTransportUtilities
4511119fDLES StoreroomStoreroomUtilities
451211a0DLES ToolroomToolroomUtilities
451311a1DLES CMC/MUtilities
451411a2DLES COOPCo-opUtilities
451511a3DLES EDElectrical DistrubutionUtilities
451711a5DLES GenerationGenerationUtilities
451811a6DLES CorpCorpUtilities
451911a7DLES CommonCommonUtilities
452011a8DLES CreditCreditUtilities
452111a9DLES 1Channel 1Utilities
452211aaDLES 2Channel 2Utilities
452411acDLES 4Channel 4Utilities
Nebraska Public Power District
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
3530dcaDNPPD NrfolkDNorfolk DispatchUtilities
3522dc2DNPPD LexingtLexington ServiceUtilities
3534dceDNPPD PlattsmPlattsmouth ServiceUtilities
3535dcfDNPPD YorkYork ServiceUtilities
3540dd4DNPPD McCookMcCook ServiceUtilities
3541dd5DNPPD DoniphaDoniphan ServiceUtilities
3543dd7DNPPD NorfolkNorfolk ServiceUtilities
3545dd9DNPPD S SiouxSouth Sioux City ServiceUtilities
3524dc4DNPPD KrnyTraKearney Tranmission CrewUtilities
3547ddbDNPPD Nrk TraNorfolk Transmission CrewUtilities
3552de0DNPPD NP TranNorth Platte Transmission CrewUtilities
3526dc6DNPPD Swtch 1Switching 1Utilities
3527dc7DNPPD Swtch 2Switching 2Utilities
3252cb4DNPPD Swtch 3Switching 3Utilities
3532dccDNPPD KrnCon1Kearney Control 1Utilities
3529dc9DNPPD KrnCon2Kearney Control 2Utilities
3549dddDNPPD ChadConChadron ControlUtilities
3538dd2DNPPD Work 1Work 1Utilities
3539dd3DNPPD Work 2Work 2Utilities
3544dd8DNPPD Work 3Work 3Utilities
3551ddfDNPPD Work 4Work 4Utilities
3558de6DNPPD Work 5Work 5Utilities
3546ddaDNPPP NrflkTOCNorfolk TOCUtilities
3550ddeDNPPD OgallalaOgallalaUtilities
3559de7DNPPD Veh MntVehicle MaintenanceUtilities
3563debDNPPD Veh MtcVehicle MaintenanceUtilities
3564decDNPPD TechTechnical Ops TOCUtilities

BNSF Police heard testing in the Lincoln area

DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
12830321eDBNSF PolicePoliceLaw Dispatch
Union Pacific Railroad

UPRR Police heard testing in the spring of 2020 on these talkgroups and has limited activity. Common RR Police channels can be found in the conventional database

DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
60352ebc0DUP Police 1Police 1Law Dispatch
60353ebc1DUP Police 2Police 2Law Dispatch
60355ebc3DUP Police T2Police Tac 2Law Tac
60351ebbfDUP CommonCommonRailroad