Atlanta Public Safety P25

System Name: Atlanta Public Safety P25
Location: Atlanta, GA
County: Fulton
System Type: Project 25 Phase II
System Voice: APCO-25 Common Air Interface Exclusive
System ID: Sysid: 293 WACN: BEE00
Last Updated: October 25, 2023, 10:33 am UTC   [Updated 9 talkgroups for Grady EMS]
System Notes

Many talk groups use Dynamic Dual Mode, which allows the talk group to automatically switch to TDMA (Phase II) when only TDMA-capable subscriber radios are active on the talk group but revert to Phase I when older radios are active on the talk group. As a result, many talk groups below shown as "D" Mode (Phase I) may intermittently become T (TDMA, Phase II) and only be monitored on a Phase II capable scanner at any time.

Sites and Frequencies

Red (c) are control channel capable frequencies
RFSS Site Name Freqs
4 (4) 001 (1) Simulcast 851.6125851.7875851.8625852.1875852.3125854.2375854.4875854.6875


Atlanta Fire Department
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
196574cc9DAFD DispAFD DispatchFire Dispatch
196324cb0DAFD Tac 2AFD Tac 2 - Non Emergency ResponseFire-Tac
196314cafDAFD Tac 3AFD Tac 3 - FiregroundFire-Tac
196304caeDAFD Tac 4AFD Tac 4 - FiregroundFire-Tac
196294cadDAFD Tac 5AFD Tac 5 - FiregroundFire-Tac
196284cacDAFD Tac 6AFD Tac 6 - Training & Secondary FiregroundFire-Tac
196614ccdDAFD Tac 7AFD Tac 7 - AdminFire-Tac
196624cceDAFD TalkAFD TalkaroundFire-Talk
196634ccfDAFD EmergAFD Emergency ChannelFire-Tac
196544cc6DAFD Med 1AFD Med 1 - Medical ResponseFire-Tac
196534cc5DAFD Med 2AFD Med 2 - Medical TacticalFire-Tac
196554cc7DAFD Med 3AFD Med 3 - Medical TacticalFire-Tac
196564cc8DAFD AltAFD AlternateFire-Talk
196604cccDAFD ArsonAFD Arson InvestigationsFire-Tac
196164ca0DAFD DspTrainAFD Dispatcher TrainingFire-Tac
196274cabDAFD TrainingAFD TrainingFire-Tac
Atlanta Police - Field Operations Division

Zone 1: West
Zone 2: North
Zone 3: Southeast
Zone 4: Southwest
Zone 5: Midtown
Zone 6: East

DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
197594d2fDAPD Z1 DispZone 1 - DispatchLaw Dispatch
197564d2cDAPD Z1 SurvZone 1 - Surveillance 1Law Tac
197574d2dDAPD Z1 FITZone 1 - FIT (Field Investigation Team)Law Tac
197554d2bDAPD Z1 SupvZone 1 - SupervisorsLaw Talk
197584d2eDAPD Z1 EmergZone 1 - Emergency TriggerLaw Tac
197534d29DAPD Z2 DispZone 2 - DispatchLaw Dispatch
197504d26DAPD Z2 SurvZone 2 - Surveillance 1Law Tac
197494d25DAPD Z2 SupvZone 2 - SupervisorsLaw Talk
197514d27DAPD Z2 FITZone 2 - FIT (Field Investigation Team)Law Tac
197524d28DAPD Z2 EmergZone 2 - Emergency TriggerLaw Tac
197434d1fDAPD Z3 DispZone 3 - DispatchLaw Dispatch
197454d21DAPD Z3 SurvZone 3 - Surveillance 1Law Tac
197464d22DAPD Z3 FITZone 3 - FIT (Field Investigation Team)Law Tac
197444d20DAPD Z3 SupvZone 3 - SupervisorsLaw Talk
197474d23DAPD Z3 EmergZone 3 - Emergency TriggerLaw Tac
197414d1dDAPD Z4 DispZone 4 - DispatchLaw Dispatch
197384d1aDAPD Z4 SurvZone 4 - Surveillance 1Law Tac
197394d1bDAPD Z4 FITZone 4 - FIT (Field Investigation Team)Law Tac
197374d19DAPD Z4 SupvZone 4 - SupervisorsLaw Talk
197344d16DAPD Z4 EmergZone 4 - Emergency TriggerLaw Tac
197354d17DAPD Z5 DispZone 5 - DispatchLaw Dispatch
197334d15DAPD Z5 FITZone 5 - FIT (Field Investigation Team)Law Tac
197324d14DAPD Z5 Surv1Zone 5 - Surveillance 1Law Tac
197314d13DAPD Z5 Surv2Zone 5 - Surveillance 2Law Tac
197304d12DAPD Z5 SupvZone 5 - SupervisorsLaw Talk
197404d1cDAPD Z5 EmergZone 5 - Emergency TriggerLaw Tac
197274d0fDAPD Z6 DispZone 6 - DispatchLaw Dispatch
197244d0cDAPD Z6 SurvZone 6 - Surveillance 1Law Tac
197254d0dDAPD Z6 FITZone 6 - FIT (Field Investigation Team)Law Tac
197284d10DAPD Z6 SupvZone 6 - SupervisorsLaw Talk
197264d0eDAPD Z6 EmergZone 6 - Emergency TriggerLaw Tac
199004dbcDAPD ACIC 1ACIC 1Law Tac
198994dbbDAPD ACIC 2ACIC 2Law Tac
198984dbaDAPD ACIC 3ACIC 3Law Tac
197804d44DAPD Tac 1TAC 1 Patrol Units to Detective TalkaroundLaw Tac
197794d43DAPD Tac 2TAC 2 CitywideLaw Tac
197994d57DAPD APEXAtlanta Proactive Enforcement InterdictionLaw Tac
198494d89DAPD CourtsAtlanta Municipal Court SecurityLaw Tac
198434d83DAPD CommCommunications UnitLaw Tac
197174d05DAPD APEX 1APEX 1 Proactive EnforcementLaw Tac
197234d0bDCity Hall 2City Hall 2 Police AlternateLaw Tac
198914db3DAPD 7700 UnitsUnknown division (7700 units)Law Tac
198464d86DAPD HEROLink to HERO (Highway Emergency Response Operator)Law Tac
197144d02DAPD ComNetCOMNET (UHF patch)Interop
197704d3aDAPD EMERGEmergency Button (zone/user)Emergency Ops
Atlanta Police - Community Services Division
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
197864d4aDAPD SOS DispSOS Dispatch (+Detective Patch)Law Talk
197874d4bDAPD SOS Srv1SOS Surveillance 1Law Tac
197694d39DAPD SOS Srv2SOS Surveillance 2Law Talk
197854d49DAPD SOS SupSOS SupervisorLaw Tac
198564d90DAPD AutoThftAuto Theft Task ForceLaw Tac
197814d45DEAPD SWATAPD SWAT TeamLaw Tac
198094d61DM/A SWAT 1Mutual Aid - SWAT 1Interop
198084d60DM/A SWAT 2Mutual Aid - SWAT 2Interop
197954d53DM/A SWAT 3Mutual Aid - SWAT 3Law Tac
198324d78DEAPD HostageHostage SurveillanceLaw Tac
Atlanta Police - Contingency Operations Division & Interop
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
193074b6bTeAPD MutAid 6Mutual Aid 6Interop
193064b6aTeAPD MutAid 7Mutual Aid 7Interop
193054b69TeAPD MutAid 8Mutual Aid 8Interop
193044b68TeAPD MutAid 9Mutual Aid 9Interop
193034b67TEAPD MutAid 10Mutual Aid 10Interop
193024b66TEAPD MutAid 11Mutual Aid 11Interop
197844d48DAPD Events 1Special Events 1 (GaTech Football Games Stadium Ops)Law Tac
197834d47DAPD Events 2Special Events 2Law Tac
198364d7cDAPD Stadium OutMB Stadium Outside/TrafficLaw Tac
197824d46DAPD Stadium InMB Stadium InsideLaw Tac
197714d3bDAPD ArenaState Farm ArenaLaw Tac
198924db4DAPD HomelandHomeland Security UnitLaw Talk
198134d65DAPD MutAid 1Mutual Aid 1Interop
198124d64DAPD MutAid 2Mutual Aid 2Interop
198114d63DAPD MutAid 3Mutual Aid 3Interop
198104d62DAPD MutAid 4Mutual Aid 4 (GaTech Football Games Traffic)Interop
193084b6cTeAPD MutAid 5Mutual Aid 5 (Typically encrypted)Interop
197734d3dDAPD Fed IntFederal InteroperabilityInterop
193014b65DAPD MutAid 12Mutual Aid 12Interop
Atlanta Police - Criminal Investigations Division
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
198474d87DAPD DetectDetective Radio (CID Dispatch)Law Tac
198514d8bDAPD CID SurvCID SurveillanceLaw Tac
198544d8eDAPD CID SupvCID SupervisorLaw Talk
198484d88DAPD Detec EmergDetective Radio - Emergency TriggerLaw Tac
198374d7dDAPD Fug SurvFugitive UnitLaw Tac
198354d7bDAPD GangSurvGang UnitLaw Tac
198334d79DEAPD HomicideHomicide & Missing PersonsLaw Tac
198244d70DAPD WeedSeedNarcotics (Weed and Seeds Units)Law Tac
198284d74DEAPD NSurv 1Narcotics Surveillance 1Law Tac
198934db5DAPD SVUSpecial Victims Unit (sex crimes)Law Tac
198904db2DEAPD ViceVice SurveillanceLaw Tac
198004d58DAPD Surv UnkUnknown Unit SurveillanceLaw Talk
198424d82DeAPD ExecutiveExecutive Protection Unit (Mayor)Law Tac
197784d42DAPD VHF EnfVehicle-for-Hire EnforcementLaw Tac
197984d56DAPD RD SupvRed Dog Supervisor (Unit Dissolved)Law Tac
Atlanta Police - Support Services Division
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
198314d77DAPD ID UnitIdentification UnitLaw Tac
198584d92DAPD PropertyProperty UnitLaw Talk
198574d91DAPD FacMaintFacility MaintenanceLaw Talk
197744d3eDAPD TrainingTrainingLaw Talk
197754d3fDAPD DspTrainDispatcher TrainingLaw Talk
Midtown Alliance Public Safety
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
193464b92DMAPS BlueMidtown Alliance DispatchSecurity
Atlanta City Detention Center
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
196964cf0DDetntCtr PrimaryPrimaryCorrections
196744cdaDDet Ctr Alt 674AlternateCorrections
196864ce6DDet Ctr Alt 686AlternateCorrections
196874ce7DDet Ctr Alt 687AlternateCorrections
196884ce8DDet Ctr Alt 688AlternateCorrections
196894ce9DDet Ctr Alt 689AlternateCorrections
196904ceaDDet Ctr Alt 690AlternateCorrections
196934cedDDet Ctr Alt 693AlternateCorrections
197054cf9DDet Ctr Alt 705AlternateCorrections
197064cfaDDet Ctr Alt 706AlternateCorrections
196914cebDDet Ctr MaintnceMaintenanceCorrections
196754cdbTDet Ctr Alt 675AlternateCorrections
196764cdcTDet Ctr Alt 676AlternateCorrections
196774cddTDet Ctr Alt 677AlternateCorrections
196924cecTDet Ctr Alt 692AlternateCorrections
196954cefTDet Ctr HailingHailingCorrections
197034cf7TDet Ctr Alt 703AlternateCorrections
197044cf8TDet Ctr Alt 704AlternateCorrections
Atlanta Public Schools

APS School Buses are now on the Fulton County Services DMR trunking system (not the Fulton County Public Safety P25 system). APS School Police remain on the City of Atlanta P25 system.

DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
198944db6DSchools PoliceSchool Police DispatchLaw Dispatch
196044c94DSch Police Tac-1Schools Police Tac-1Law Tac
196054c95DSch Police Tac-2Schools Police Tac-2Law Tac
195974c8dDBOE EmergencyAtlanta Schools Roll Call (Emergencies)Schools
195964c8cDBOE SupplySchools Warehouse / SupplySchools
195894c85DBOE Bus Supv(OLD) Bus SupervisorsSchools
195904c86DBOE Bus 590(OLD) BusesSchools
195914c87DBOE Bus 591(OLD) BusesSchools
195924c88DBOE Bus 592(OLD) BusesSchools
195934c89DBOE Bus 593(OLD) BusesSchools
195944c8aDBOE Bus 594(OLD) BusesSchools
195994c8fDBOE Bus 599(OLD) BusesSchools
196004c90DBOE Bus 600(OLD) BusesSchools
Atlanta City Services
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
1001DRadio Shop 1Radio Shop 1Public Works
2002DRadio Shop 2Radio Shop 2Public Works
194504bfaDStreetcarAtlanta StreetcarTransportation
197114cffDH2O-SewerWatershed - SewerPublic Works
194634c07DStreetcar YdStreetcar Yard OpsTransportation
194514bfbDH2O ConnectWatershed - Turn OnsPublic Works
194574c01DH2O Rec FacWatershed - Reclamation FacilityPublic Works
194584c02DH2O LeaksWatershed - LeaksPublic Works
194594c03DH2O-SecurityWatershed - Security UnitsPublic Works
194804c18DH20-SecurityWatershed - Safety & SecurityPublic Works
194624c06DH2O On-OffWatershed - Turn On/OffPublic Works
195424c56DH2O On-OffWatershed - Connect / DisconnectPublic Works
195114c37DH2O Pump StaWatershed - Pump Station MaintenancePublic Works
194854c1dDH2O-SewerWatershed - SewerPublic Works
194774c15DH2O-Sewer 1Watershed - Sewer 1Public Works
194784c16DH2O-Sewer 2Watershed - Sewer 2Public Works
194754c13DH2O-IntreCrkWatershed - Entrenchment Creek CSOPublic Works
194994c2bDParks DeptParks DepartmentPublic Works
195024c2eDRoad MaintRoad MaintenancePublic Works
195064c32DAuto ShopAuto Repair ShopPublic Works
195084c34DSanitationSanitationPublic Works
195104c36DLakewoodSanitation - LakewoodPublic Works
195484c5cDChester OpsSanitation - Chester OpsPublic Works
195314c4bDArboristForestryPublic Works
195324c4cDCityHall 1City Hall Maintenance / SecurityPublic Works
195534c61DBldg MtceAtlanta Building MaintenancePublic Works
195434c57DPublic WorksAtlanta Public WorksPublic Works
195444c58DPublic WorksAtlanta Public WorksPublic Works
195474c5bDVeh MaintAtlanta Vehicle MaintenancePublic Works
197134d01DAmbassadorDowntown Ambassador ForceMulti-Tac
198074d5fDOTG1OTG 1 - EventsInterop
198064d5eDOTG2OTG 2 - EventsInterop
198054d5dDOTG3OTG 3 - EventsInterop
198044d5cDOTG4OTG 4 - EventsInterop
198034d5bDOTG5OTG 5 - EventsInterop
198024d5aDOTG6OTG 6 - EventsInterop
198014d59DOTG7OTG 7 - EventsInterop
194614c05DTraffic EngTraffic EngineeringPublic Works
195094c35TSanitationSanitationPublic Works
197104cfeDWater 19710Watershed - Unknown usePublic Works
Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
195674c6fDFAA CrashFAA Tower - Crash PhoneMulti-Dispatch
195694c71DATL Ops 1Airport Ops 1 MaintenanceTransportation
195764c78DATL Ops 2Airport Ops Alternate 2Public Works
195774c79DATL Ops 3Airport Ops Alternate 3Public Works
195714c73DATL EnforcementAirport Traffic ControlPublic Works
195724c74DATL Sec LinesAirport Security Line ManagementPublic Works
195734c75DATL Key CtrlAirport Keycard ControlPublic Works
195754c77DATL Shared GatesAirport Shared Gate ManagementPublic Works
195744c76DATL Ops TacAirport Ops TacPublic Works
196144c9eDATL FD DispAirport Fire - DispatchFire Dispatch
196124c9cDATL FD Tac 1Airport Fire - Tac 1Fire-Tac
196134c9dDATL FD Med 1Airport Fire - MedicalFire-Tac
196174ca1DATL FD AdminAirport Fire - Admin (also Training)Fire-Talk
196154c9fDATL FD EmergAirport Fire - Emergency TriggerFire-Tac
198754da3DATL PD DispAirport Police - DispatchLaw Dispatch
198714d9fDATL PD SurvAirport Police - SurveillanceLaw Tac
198744da2DATL PD InvstAirport Police - InvestigationsLaw Tac
198734da1DATL PD K9Airport Police - K9Law Tac
198764da4DATL PD EmergAirport Police - Emergency TriggerLaw Tac
195664c6eDATL EventsAirport EventsPublic Works
195684c70DATL Alt 19568Airport Alt 19568Public Works
195704c72DATL Alt 19570Airport Alt 19570Railroad
195784c7aDATL Alt 19578Airport Alternate 19578Business

Grady EMS ambulances that handle EMS transports in the City of Atlanta, College Park, East Point and Hapeville are dispatched directly by Grady EMS on the Grady EMS channels below. Grady EMS ambulances that handle EMS transports in South Fulton county, the City of South Fulton, Fairburn, Palmetto, Union City, and Chattahoochee Hills are dispatched by Fulton County Fire Dispatch on the Fulton County Fire & EMS Dispatch channel on the Fulton County P25 trunked radio system.

DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
196504cc2DGrady Dispatch 1Dispatch (Ch 1)EMS Dispatch
196494cc1DGrady Response 2Response (Ch 2)EMS Dispatch
196484cc0DGrady ECC 3Patient Reports (Ch 3)Hospital
196474cbfDGrady TalkArnd 4Talk-Around (Ch 4)EMS-Talk
196334cb1DGrady Events 633Events 19633EMS-Tac
196344cb2DGrady Events 634Events 19634EMS-Tac
196354cb3DGrady Events 635Events 19635EMS-Tac
196364cb4DGrady Events 636Events 19636EMS-Tac
196374cb5DGrady Events 637Events 19637EMS-Tac
Atlanta University Center
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
193144b72DCAU PD DispClark Atlanta University Police DispatchLaw Dispatch
193124b70TCAU Police Tac-2Clark Atlanta University Police Tac-2Law Tac
193134b71TCAU Police Tac-1Clark Atlanta University Police Tac-1Law Tac

College Park now operates on the Fulton County P25 trunked system. The below talkgroups are no longer routinely used.

DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
194064bceDCPFD DispOLD Fire DispatchFire Dispatch
194054bcdDCPFD TacOLD Fire TacFire-Tac
194074bcfDCPFD AltOLD Fire AlternateFire-Talk
194194bdbDCPPD F-1OLD Police F-1Law Dispatch
194174bd9DCPPD F-2OLD Police F-2Law Tac
194214bddDCPPD F-3OLD Police F-3Law Tac
194184bdaDCPPD F-4OLD Police F-4Law Tac
194204bdcDCPPD SurvOLD Police SurveillanceLaw Tac
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
193774bb1DE Pt Fire DispFire DispatchFire Dispatch
193764bb0DE Pt Fire Tac-1Fire Tac-1Fire-Tac
193734badDE Pt Fire Tac-2Fire Tac-2Fire-Talk
193904bbeDE Pt Police DispPolice DispatchLaw Dispatch
193874bbbDE Pt Police TacPolice TacLaw Tac
193884bbcDE Pt PD TrafficPolice TrafficLaw Tac
193894bbdDE Pt Police SWATPolice SWATLaw Tac
193924bc0DE Pt Police CIDPolice CID?Law Tac

Hapeville now operates on the Fulton County P25 trunked system. The below talkgroups are no longer routinely used.

DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
193614ba1DHFD DispatchOLD Fire DispatchFire Dispatch
193604ba0DHFD TacOLD Fire TacFire-Tac
193634ba3DHPD DispatchOLD Police DispatchLaw Dispatch
193624ba2DHPD TacOLD Police TacLaw Tac
193644ba4DHPD UnkOLD Police Unknown AlternateLaw Tac
Georgia State Patrol
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
194354bebDeGSP C DispatchTroop C DispatchLaw Dispatch
194404bf0DeGSP C Tac 1Troop C Tac 1Law Tac
194364becDeGSP C CommandTroop C CommandLaw Tac
State of Georgia (other than GSP)
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
194394befDMCCD DispDPS Motor Carrier Compliance Division DispatchLaw Dispatch
194374bedDGA Bldg SecurityState of Georgia Building SecurityLaw Tac
194414bf1DeCapitol PoliceCapitol Police DispatchLaw Dispatch
194384beeDMansion SecurityGovernor Mansion SecuritySecurity
Georgia State University
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
193554b9bDGSUPD 1 PtrlPolice 1 - PatrolLaw Dispatch
193544b9aDGSUPD 2 TrfcPolice 2 - TrafficLaw Tac
193534b99DGSUPD 3 CmdPolice 3 - CommandLaw Tac
Georgia Institute of Technology

Georgia Tech PD primarily operates on the State of Georgia P25 system. Their talk group on the City of Atlanta system is no longer routinely used.

DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
193504b96DGaTech PDOLD Georgia Tech Police DispatchLaw Dispatch
Georgia World Congress Center

The convention center has its own police force and security department that work directly with the Atlanta Police Department.

DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
193324b84TGWCC SecuritySecurity (Patch)Law Tac
193334b85TGWCC Police SupvPolice Supervisor TalkLaw Talk
193344b86TGWCC Police DispPolice Dispatch / EventsLaw Dispatch