Atlanta Public Safety P25

Site: Grady EMS

Unique DB ID: 15403
County: Fulton

Grady EMS ambulances that handle EMS transports in the City of Atlanta, College Park, East Point and Hapeville are dispatched directly by Grady EMS on the Grady EMS channels below. Grady EMS ambulances that handle EMS transports in South Fulton county, the City of South Fulton, Fairburn, Palmetto, Union City, and Chattahoochee Hills are dispatched by Fulton County Fire Dispatch on the Fulton County Fire & EMS Dispatch channel on the Fulton County P25 trunked radio system.

Talkgroup Category Location Data

Latitude: 33.7506 Longitude: -84.4629 Range: 16 Type: Defined Coverage


DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
196334cb1DGrady EventsEvents 19633EMS-Tac
196344cb2DGrady EventsEvents 19634EMS-Tac
196354cb3DGrady EventsEvents 19635EMS-Tac
196364cb4DGrady EventsEvents 19636EMS-Tac
196374cb5DGrady EventsEvents 19637EMS-Tac
196474cbfDGrady TalkCh 4 Talk AroundEMS-Talk
196484cc0DGrady ECCCh 3 EMS to HospitalHospital
196494cc1DGrady ResponseCh 2 ResponseEMS Dispatch
196504cc2DGrady DispatchCh 1 DispatchEMS Dispatch